Bill Clinton: His Life
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Bill Clinton: His Life

2004, Biography  -   48 Comments
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Bill Clinton: His LifeHis Life follows Bill Clinton through his college days as a war protester, his years of purported womanizing as governor of Arkansas, his possible connections to drug trafficking and subsequent murders, 'Filegate,' the Whitewater scandal and his questionable decisions, campaign financing and practices during his two terms as President of the United States -- always in the shadow of wife Hillary.

Interspersed with interviews, His Life is a thought-provoking documentary in the narrative style which compels the viewer to take a hard look at the life of one of the most controversial American presidents of all time.

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Fairy 50
2 years ago

Do you know the book "The Hunting of the President"? Everybody, who hates the Clintons has to read it. It is the true story of personal destruction of a great,charismatic politician.
I can`t hear the boring and ridiculous commands any longer!

Jon Jonzz
3 years ago

A sexual predator in the vein of Jeffery Epstein. Its difficult to state who is worse. Bill for his "predilections", or Hillary. Both are corrupt, odious, dangerous people.

5 years ago

Properganda hits the bullseye. Such fear reigns in the hearts of blind Clintonistas that they'll stoop to new lows in defense of Bill and Hillary. Go ahead, watch it in its entirety. There are ample facts throughout. But beware, it may really PISS YOU OFF if you weren't aware or had forgotten some of the things the Clintons have done.

6 years ago

As you can see from the comments below, a well-orchestrated and no doubt well-paid propaganda campaign has been rolled out against this sober and factual documentary. What is it they don't want you to know? Will you believe the (totally unsupported) smears below, or watch and evaluate the documentary for yourself?

7 years ago

Really enjoyed it. Clinton has some serious disorders. He also has quite a bit of energy and Academic intelligence. Dangerous combo.

10 years ago

That guy is a troll.

11 years ago

I wasted 20 minutes watching this turd before concluding this is not an honest "biography" of Bill Clinton's life so much as it is low-brow coffee shop gossip.

11 years ago

Big Balls Billy and Hilary Rodbreath; 2 of the MORE crooked jerks this sorry land has ever seen

Hu Flung Poo
11 years ago

It's hard not to believe such an aged low pitch narrator, but I am suspicious of the facts put forth in this documentary. If, as the narrator contends, Clinton was the Antichrist, how did he become President of such a God-fearing nation.

11 years ago

This is just a load of c***. I would love to know what stupid ideot made this slander tape. I could make up this kind of c*** about anyone but of course I would get my *** sued. I very sad to see this website post b.s. like this.

11 years ago

Now I'm wondering who runs this site. There are certainly Clinton docs out there that can tell the story of Bill Clinton including the warts and not come off as laughable hit jobs like the two I've just tried to watch. Is this place run by Orly Taitz and a bunch of RW wacko birthers and baggers?
Looking for another site for docs. Free garbage is still garbage.

James Green
11 years ago

Fortunately, I read the comments prior to watching this screed of bovine excrement. To call this a documentary is delusional, pure propaganda and hate mongering is a much closer description. I made it to six minutes and fifteen seconds before I had to race to the bathroom and throw up!

The Repugs were scared to death of Bill Clinton; they were afraid that another long period of Democrat majority might be in the offing if he succeeded as POTUS. Consequently, the RNC went into an almost insane effort to destroy him and Hillary. He became the most maligned President in the history of the office. If you’re interested in researching further into this matter I highly recommend the book “The Hunting of the President – The Ten Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton” by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons.

11 years ago

I should have red the comments before watching, wasted 1 hour until I could not take it anymore... what a total BS and who dare call this a DOCUMENTARY, this site is called TOP DOCUMENTARY films but I start to wonder...

11 years ago

Look, I'm no Clinton lover -- I never voted for the man. But I do know the difference between blind, hateful manure slinging and reasoned argument.
There is no reasoned argument, or real evidence, in this sorry excuse of a "documentary". This film is pure hate-filled, spiteful manure. I'm not at all in favor of censorship, but this film is so full of obvious mean-spirited lies and blatant propaganda that it begs to be removed from this site and thrown into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

11 years ago

Unfortunately, there is a whole cottage industry -- a very well paid industry -- of insidious anti-Clinton films and books spewing forth like foul, explosive diarrhea. There are a number of right-wing organizations that make sure that anyone willing to stoop down into the gutter and spew manure about liberals and democrats are enriched $$$$ by their lies. Plenty of people are lining up to this conservative gravy train. There are even people, or rather scum, who make a full-time living by spreading the outrageous LIES you find in this and other films and books. But, don't take my word for it. And, don't take their word for it. The lies in this film are easily debunked by a little bit of genuine research. Don't be lazy. Don't be a mindless sheep. Give a bother and get off your beeswax and do some real research and see for yourself.

11 years ago

" of the most controversial American presidents of all time." What??? Are you kidding me??? Clinton is not even in the ballpark, doesn't even come close to being "the most controversial American president." What nonsense!!! I agree we live under a government that is thoroughly corrupted and ruled by a corporate oligarchy. You can't become president of the U.S. without being part of that corruption. However, 90% percent of Bill Clinton: His Life is just mean-spirited, groundless lies -- useless, venomous lies. This kind of blind hatred doesn't solve any problems, and possibly makes things even worse because it distracts people from the real problems that we should be examining and doing something about. I'm no Clinton lover, but as presidents go, our country was far better off under Clinton than any other president since 1945. Clinton balanced the budget (which increased the quality of life for most Americans), he helped maintain a reasonable level of corporate regulation (Bush didn't, which led to our corrupted financial crisis that we are still suffering from). Clinton never dropped any bombs on women and children and innocent old men, he never instigated a war for profit to help his friends, he didn't knowingly present false, fabricated intelligence reports to justify a needless slaughter of innocents and rape of natural resources in the middle east. Of course, W. Bush DID do those things. Clinton had his flaws. He did on occasion give in to the corporate oligarchy, but Bush, Reagan and others were complete, obedient puppets of the corporate powers that be. Clinton resisted them as much as he could. So what if he got a bj from a grown, intelligent woman who clearly knew what she was doing -- and, hey, his wife didn't seem to mind, so what business is it of ours? Clinton wasn't perfect, but he was NOT a drug dealing murderer! Ridiculous! This film is full of lies and fabrications, obviously made-up by someone - or some organization - that has something to gain by spreading their false, insidious propaganda. The film did a good job playing on peoples fears and emotions. We live in a society where most people worship mythology and glorify blind belief, so I'm sure that plenty of people, sadly, will be foolish enough to buy this films nonsense. Unfortunately, our society, as a whole, has been trained to just out of hand, discount, disregard, and disrespect logic, reason and critical thinking. There are many "documentaries" on this website made by people with ulterior, and sometimes even surreptitiously sinister, motives. Be careful. Don't take anyone's word for anything. Do your own good research, check, double check and triple check the "facts", and then make up your own mind. Think for yourself.

12 years ago

Too many facts to anlyse in too little time. That make this doc a propaganda.
Many cases appear to be factual. Based on valid documentations and corroboration.

And that is exactly what I mean: Why keep shouting when the guy fall down and remain inert? Looks as a "Maniac".

In many instances, it appear that Clinton was simply "Going along".
Anyhow, a man, any man can not overview that many events.
Too bad that some lost their sanity going after Clinton(s).

Bottom line is that once the USA president is elected, all the USA laws and regulation makes him a totalitarian.
Even though there once was a revolution over there at one time.
No where else on planet earth, does democracy is that much of an illusion.

Look at past USA presidents from the mid-50's up to today with Obama.
There may be laws that could prevent that but I guess that anyone who'd want to modernise their constitution would get shot much before he could do anything.

Which situation leads leads to chaos.
What else? Evolution is a lenghty process.


12 years ago

this documentary was awful. twisted words and misquotes.

12 years ago

they're both pigs

12 years ago

BILL, GIMMIE Nonica's number. I need some good skull

12 years ago

i think clinton was an overrated so called democrat but he was more like center right republican in his policies plus he did not raise a finger when the genocide in rwanda happened. lately he aologized for his aid policies towards haiti that crippled that country. he't just an overrated ham whose only satisfaction is to be on google. having said that the film is 50 % accruate and sounds more like some right wing drivel.

Anne M W
12 years ago

"His Life is a thought-provoking documentary in the narrative style which compels the viewer to take a hard look at the life of one of the most controversial American presidents of all time." I'll say it's thought provoking alright! It provoked me to think about the moron(s) who provided us with this journalistic masterpiece! Unbelievable! To 'Shorty' wtf are you even saying???

12 years ago

This pervert left out the parts where he raped women. Where he had people killed. Where he had a child with a negro prostitute. So why even read the damn thing?

12 years ago

I tried to watch this documentary, but my cat kept trying to bury it.

12 years ago

This should not be called Documentary !

12 years ago

trashiest 'documentary' i have ever seen, which part of the GOP commissioned it...

12 years ago

I love Bill Clinton getting a blowjob aint high treason.God why do u hate him so much.SURPLUS SURPLUS SURPLUS.

12 years ago

This documentary skewers common sense to the point that it doesn't deserve to be called a documentary. Its more like propaganda.

12 years ago

This was so bad.

13 years ago

Shorty and other younger commenters.
i did not watch this DOC. but read your comments and want respond to the comments.
i would recomend the viewing of the "Mayfair sets" they can be found here on this site. this will help you learn about power, ecomomic or govermental, and if they can co-exist or if they will battle for control and power. the very rich don't need money they only need power. you will see how the free market is taking control of the world not men. in fact men, communities, and countries have become very marginalized. men are now only a tool to opporate the market. the market is now in control of many countries including the US and the men are finally seeing what has been created. but they are not with the power. this will help define what has become the to big to fail. it's not one thing but many. i write this becuase there are many docs. that like to point fingers at presidents and promote propaganda rather than teach. so check out the BBC's "Mayfair sets" and learn how economics can control policies more than men. there are many other vids that are similar, "Black Money", "Iron Tiangle: the Carlyle Group","Tax me if you can", "JFK II- the Bush connection" are a few more that show how economics creates policies.
open your minds and enjoy the concepts shown.

13 years ago

Is this a documentary?? Thought there is some insight on how this individual matured from Arkansas hopelessness to a primary decision maker of the English world. Instead it's puerile chatter from those bellicose majority that have no clue.

13 years ago

This movie is so twisted and bias it's funny.

John Seals
13 years ago

P.s. Maybe if you had of attacked the actuall idea I expressed Shorty would have been more impressed? Give it another shot she is bound to come around. Read slow now, you'll get it.

John Seals
13 years ago

@ Milton

Milton stop just repeating popular opinion and form your own. I never said any president was looking out for the poor. I said Barrack Obama had already accomplished more for this country than the last five presidents together. He may or may not care about the poor, but I know he cares about his legacy and by making it a better place everyone benefits. Apparently even with my blind folds on I read better than you. By the way when you're trying to elevate yourself above someone else it helps to use correct grammar. "Wont"-Milton, can you not do better. Read a book, form a honest opinion that has some weight, then come back here and I'll knock you over again.

13 years ago

A THREATENING HISPANIC MAN AT THE PARK" of all of the scumbags in the story who kill,main and rape only one is THREATENING"
THE HISPANIC MALE. IT wasnt the 1918 plague it was THE SPANISH FLU every time these hateful anglos want to hift attention from their dirty deeds they blame it on the spanish/latinos

13 years ago

john seals; you still think a president would be looking out for the poor. Thats like saying Madonna really cares about african babies. Hahahahaha... you might be older; but you still wont take your blindfold off.

13 years ago

Okay, sounds good. You seem to know some things; id like to share what things i know; whats ur myspace

Damn Yankee
13 years ago

@Shorty...WTF are you babbling about?

John Seals
13 years ago

@tony the tiger

Amen, looks like at least some of us have thier head out of thier a#@. Well put Tony I completely agree.

John Seals
13 years ago

Bob, Bob, Bob sitting back and watching is how we got here in the first place. I totally agree that you have to work within the system, but for goodness sakes- Work man.Don't just sit back and let it happen.We can make change, we have made change, and we will make change- But don't fret it too much Bob, you can come along wether you join in or not.

John Seals
13 years ago

Shorty that's about the the most naive statement I have ever heard- I'm referring to your whole almost incoherent post but specifically to the statement that you know about everything their is to know about these guys. All you could possibly know is what you have read and you did not even bother to mention a single source for your god like knowledge. Perhaps as you grow older you will discover that you can only believe about ten percent of what you read- these days you can't even trust news sources and I would say you could reduce that ten percent down even lower. And where do you come up with the fact that taxation is unlawful? Taxation without representation is unethical but not unlawful and taxation with representation is perfectly legal in the United States. Thank goodness that it is. If they did not tax you and me where would they get the money to provide infrastructure, schools, and defence for our country? I am the first to stand up and say that we have a lot going wrong in this country- denial of global warming, the religiouse right, racism disguised as patriotism, the public's disinterest in the political process- These are all things that in my opinion are threatening our ability to move into the 21st century- and trust you me I stay informed.
Barack Obama is not trying to keep the rich powerful and let the poor flounder. He has already done more to help the average person in this country than the last five presidents together.He has extended unemployment benifits and cobra coverage for out of work Americans, his stimulus package has turned the tide on economic decline and we now have a six point gain, unemployment though still high has at least stopped getting worse and started getting better, he cut the banks out of the student loan process and did his best to provide health care to almost every US citizen,he has tried to correct the damaage that the neocons did to America's reputation- the list could go on and on really. This does not even take into consideration the things that have been blocked and filibustered to death by the party of no. My suggestion to you is to do some more research and if you want to make a seriouse arguement against something don't just give us your opinions and general accusations give us some real proof that we can go look up ourselves. (All the things I have said Obama accomplished can be verified by going to By the way your post says that the info you study "..isn't..." legit- with that much I definetly agree with you.

tony the tiger
13 years ago

I was actually hoping to find something besides the Monica Lewinsky thing to fault Clinton for, which i don't, he was a powerful man, who could have all kinds of women, and he used it, men do that all the time and women do it too. our founding fathers had mistresses. i mean come on. who cares about that. but i wanted to see was actual documents, some proof, all this has is some people talking about him. and this narrator telling us a story, without any kind of proof. where are letters and documents that are addressed in this film.

All you have is some people that were with bill Clinton talking bad about him. but i know i can find plenty of people who will call me a complete ass and something will think im awesome. it all depends on there point of view, i don't want that. I'm really disappointed, i was completely open to finding out the evils of Bil Clinton, but all this did was tell me stupid little details that may or may not be true. A lot of people don't like cops too. so what?? a lot of people have been treated poorly by police, and a lot love police. they are entitled to there opinion.

Nothing this said he did (if it is true) is anywhere near starting a preemptive war on Iraq, based on vengeance and oil, and sending our economy into a tail spin, and that we have proof of! Don't get me wrong he was and is crooked, but who makes it all the way to being the president without being crooked. politics is too brutal to make it on actually morals and merit. jimmy carter was as close as we came, and we saw how much America like that.

13 years ago

shorty, its like when your body attacks healthy cells and disrupts normal function to fight a flew, you may get a sore throat and be weakened, but you survive to prosper. like those cells, we too are expendable. next time you kill a few dozen ants, stop and think about how much we have in common. "they" took over the world a long time ago, either you play the game within the boundaries or watch from a distance. just don't waste your time or risk your life trying to change the system. if you know your history as well as you claim, you should know this. just sit back and enjoy the show.

13 years ago

Well , I do think that there is a definite link to all the presidents and many of the questionable things that happen behind the scenes , but pop up on our radar , disguised as some foreign - related disaster . I think that is more of a relevant discussion than just one president in particular . If you notice there is a dirty trail behind each of the former first men . Seriously , it's time to talk about Barack O-Drama & compare and contrast . One of the very very few contrasts will be Obama's skin color . Talk about the corruption . Show it , so everyone can know . They are trying to rule the world , dominate & keep the rich & powerful , rich &^ powerful while the poor flounder into non-existence . Don't ignore this comment , there is in fact DEEP truth in it . Do some research . Educate yourselves . I may very well save your lives .

By the way , I`m 19 , a female & I know almost everything there is to know about these guys . You should take the time to learn why your taxes are being taken from you , when taxation is STILL illegal . I'm legit & so isn't the information I have incessantly studied . So , my suggestion to readers , is to do some SERIOUS research . Ignorance is bliss ..... but for how long my friends?