Taboo: Body Modifications

Taboo: Body Modifications

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Taboo: Body ModificationsSee what makes people radically reshape their bodies - from neck stretching in Thailand to breast ironing in Cameroon to silicone implants that enhance American male physiques.

Many examples of extreme body modification are scarification, branding, implants, and splitting tongues.

Scarification is preformed by pealing away layers of the skin, and allowing it to heal into the specific design. Some scarifications can be almost as intricate as a tattoo.

Although most people who choose to get scarification done, do not get tattooed in the process.

However, ink can be applied before the healing process begins allowing it to heal over. This does not usually become as vibrant as the tattoos you often see.

There are also the options of waiting until the scar flattens, which can often take between one to two years to complete. After which, you would be able to introduce vibrant colors into the scarred design.

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  1. The_Eh_Team

    You guys are the best! I always have a good laugh at your posts, and thank you Mr. Vlatko for all your hard work and time / effort.

  2. Charles B.

    ez: Take it EZ girl! Ouch! Breathe slowlly now . . . that's it! Oxygen is a good thing.

    I have such a bad (or perhaps good) habit of reading most of the comments before I watch the video. I have to be careful. I watched that vampire doc for an hour and my 3 year old was disturbed by that evil woman taking a bath in blood. It was more revolting than Mr. Razor suggested, so if he says you can't be squimish and watch this one! Egads!

    I've never had the desire to pierce of tatoo; just not gonna do it, and any one of my offspring that even thinks about it will be grounded for life (or longer) . . . and I'm serious about that!

  3. Kurrrt

    The video said kill babies not abortions, infliction of ink & scars etc. Did you watch it? Where's Obama -and profits come in at? Congress? Food stamps, climate change, Wha?

    There's evolving into a positive advanced culture, and then there is this video featuring a lower de-evolving society, take your choice. I simply left a comment. Have a good 2010 or 2010BC

  4. Vlatko

    I must admit that the opening sentence of the post is not quite adequate Steve.

    Taboo series has dozen of episodes and probably I'll post them all.

  5. Steve

    Did i not see some of this. What happened to the:neck stretching in Thailand to breast ironing in Cameroon to silicone implants that enhance American male physique ?. is there another part ?

  6. hellnahandbasket

    These people choose to live like this, they are following long lines of generations, and staying true to what they believe. These people have lived centuries by their survival skills and human instincts, and have perfected them in such a way, they can pass them on to their children. Not many of us can say, that we come from a long line of something. I think we could all learn something here, their loyalty, bravery, and discipline is truly admirable.

  7. ez2b12

    @ Kurrrt

    Oh, get over your self. That is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard.Tattoos and piercings have absoutedly nothing to do with evolution nor are they an attempt to do what was it, "...project fear and death to fellow man by disfigurement..." They are simply body art that some people like to display. They in no way suggest a persons intelligence or morality. I hold a four year degree in theology and am working on a second degree in particle physics and have two tattoos that i am very proud of and find beautiful. It can be taken too far and become an obsession. In this case they do make the owner a little creepy looking to me, but that's all.

    As far as killing babies, how did you get from tattoos to abortion? You must be one of these far right conservatives that protest abortion yet perpetuates practices responcible for thousands more deaths than abortion will ever claim. Religion for instance, responcible for a massive amount of deaths above and beyond abortions tally. Capitolism, probably the biggest killer that has ever been. If you can't make a profit keeping someone alive let them die. If you can make a profit from someones death, kill them. This is capitolism without the sugar coating most republicans want to throw on it, this is capitolism as it really works. Climate change will probably kill thousands maybe tens of thousands, but you never seem to be concerned with that. Why, cause it cuts into profits and goes some distance toward proving God to ba a pure sham.

    No you always want to attack the poor young girl that had to make the hardest decision she will ever make. A decision that had to be made, most of the time. Now I am aware that some young girls have abotions like they are nothing. But what is the alternative. To let these children be born into this pile of crap to other children- when we know they are not going to be cared for.

    You guys are always attacking social programs like welfare and foodstamps, what happened to your concern for the children. Or is it o.k. to let them starve and grow up in poverty, just do not abort them right. The first thing Bush did after entering office on his last term was cut free lunches to needy children, some childrens advocate. Then he sent our young boys to die in some dessert for what, more profit and to retain global dominance.

    The last thing he did, bail out wall street. You notice the republicans and conservatives never complain about that, just the auto bail out or the housing sector bail out. In fact right now the capitol exists to get our economy moving again. The problem is this capitol sits in the hands of wall street and they are determined to see Obama fail. They do not care what they put the country through just get rid of Obama and consequently all the reforms that he pushed through that keep them from robbing us blind as they always have. Sure they say they do not know what is coming or what he may require of them, who knows he may make them be honest and pay thier workers a decent salary. The truth is these guys made record profits while the rest of us went down in flames and now they act like they are the victims. Like they are scared to invest, why cause they may have to take an honest gain insted of the insane profits they have grown used to. They have the republican congress on thier side, and a few dems as well. Together they will make Obama ineffectual and in the end our uneducated and indiffernet public will put the very people that got us here back in power. This time they will not take any chances though. Mark my words if you put them back in power they will strip all the decisions from the citizens and turn the govt. over to thier bosses, the corporations. It is practically done already, they just need one more chance. Wake up America, if you do not want to vote for Obama fine- just please do not put the putrid maggots called republicans back in power.

  8. Kurrrt

    Lowering human frequency MHz levels can be obtained through this bloody painful method.
    These acts truely keep mankind much further behind in evolution. Being thankful and allowing to project fear and death to fellow man by disfigurement has always been an unbecoming failing method. These are devolving acts against mankind by illogical controllers as just witnessed above, and has no positive outcome what so ever. So is killing babies. Not an honor, but dishonoring mankind. Lowering the evolving process, indeed providing lower levels of their planetary existence. Have a great day everyday, without pain.

  9. david

    very interesting documentary.
    i live in new zealand and i have been here for a couple of years. i do not think the documentary is really representative of the actual situation. most people in NZ, europeans and maori, will consider those who decides to get their moko tatoo as quite brave.
    I find it great that people go ahead with their culture. It is not necessarily a social problem over here as people are really open minded.

  10. Connie

    @ Canadian
    :-) thats how my DAd always talked. He had one put on the back of his hand when he was young and always sorry he did. He warned us not to do what he did. He really was so sad about it that it is probably the only thing I ever followed his wishes on LOL He was a tirant and I was stubborn.

  11. Canadian

    ohh this is mess up.


    What is seen can't be unseened.

  12. Connie

    @ Rip
    Thanks for seeing our point of view too. Tell Ma that her and I think alike but now 64 yrs old is another story ! If Ma is thinking of a tattoo tell her Connie who is dead set against them thinks that after the age of sixty one has earned the right of passage to carry out any whimsical idea imaginable.
    And by now she is safely past the age where she needs to keep herself clean and pure for her Prince charming. She now has the right to be wild, crazy and as sassy and sexy as she can be :-)
    Rip---- Just keep her away from the leather shops and bikers ok? LOL

  13. Rip

    Thanks guys, I can totally see where you're coming from....its like me getting tattoo's on my hands, face or neck, likely never to happen.

    Although you should never say never, times are changing and the range of ppl getting ink is widening all the time, and also becoming accepted by more, even tattoo's have evolved-equipment, art.
    My mother is 64, I'm sure 40 years ago she had a mind set much like your own, however, times change, and she now wants and I'm sure will get 'Est. 1946'
    You never know, so many places on the body, so many options.Peace.

  14. Achems Razor


    Connie is right, have nothing against tat's of any kind on people, I think some of them are neat, especially on women where there g-strings begin (LOL)
    But as Connie said, just my personal preference. That is all.

    Your pocket watch tat. sounds good to me.

  15. Connie

    @ Hi Rip,

    I doubt Achems meant anything derogatory.I don't think its his nature to throw derogatory statements. In fact I have only seen him stick up for others.

    However I think he was just saying that he is more of a conservative kinda guy.

    I myself would never dream of doing tattos or other alterations I too am conservative. I do have obvious stigmas against it ,as my choice for my own person.Nor would I allow my nieces or nephews. But If a stranger wanted to do it then what Am I to say?

    I dont love my friends or any family that have tattoos any less. No matter how bad I feel for them for what they did to themselves.
    Its like hot peppers there is no middle ground. either like or hate it.

  16. Rip

    I certainly hope Achems comment isn't insinuating that some one can't have and love multiple tattoos and also love science docs and anything affiliated with?....anyhow, I'm a prime example, I'm next tat is going to be a pocket watch with the time dilation equation in place of the arms. How's that for a science lovin tattoo A. R!

    Peace fellow tattoo and doc lovers!

  17. Achems Razor

    Ha,Ha, thanks Vlatko. nice to know I have "Carte Blanche"!

  18. Vlatko

    Never mind... Achems is with TDF around 2 years so far. Virtually I can allow him anything (flirting with some of the female visitors included).

  19. Connie

    @ Atrophy

    LOL, You said it so funny. Its just in fun but it proves you can be a Documentery nut and still have a life :-)

  20. Atrophy

    lol, when did this become a dating site ? :P

  21. Achems Razor


    Yeah, am not really into body modifications, have no tatoos and stuff like that.
    Am more into science docs. and things of that nature, definitely TDF site is the best site there is. Sure as heck can learn a lot.
    Wish there where more wormhole type docs.
    Will talk to you on other docs, bad girl. (LOL)


  22. Connie

    You are right and I thought we were . There is
    all kindsof body modifications? If twisting bodies into pretzels isnt a body modification I dont know what is? :-)

    If not then I have no more to say on this Doc.
    except bring on the next one :-)

    I stopped watching hulu and other sites this one is the best !

  23. Achems Razor


    No, Randy told me all about that, bad, bad, But not to worry. Bad is hot!
    We should talk a bit about body modifications though, so Vlatko doesn't throw us off the site. (LOL)

  24. Connie

    @ Achems

    Oh I see a different clansman than I thought indeed. But no harm . Someday we must compare freckles :-)

    Ps achems, If anyone tells you I have been bad dont believe them.
    You know I would not do that I am a good girl and never get myself in any trouble. I am innocent ! of coarse you believe me?

  25. Achems Razor


    Much much more, but don't want to give everything away, women like mysterious, right?

    One thing, my father was Scottish, my mother Russian.

  26. Connie

    @ Achems

    Lets see the tally again- Paramedic, car sales. great yard saleist. ( Wheeler and Dealer)Thoughtful and protective Well educated and Versed, Sexy looking, French/ Norman Heritage and last but not least a great lover, Anything else you would like to have tallyed up upon your resume I am creating?

  27. Achems Razor


    Hi, Connie Am back... Ha,Ha, Squeamish? Well, you would not then believe some of the things that I had to deal with when was a paramedic for quite a number of years. Won't go into the stuff though, (LOL)

    Blood and guts somehow never bothered me at all. just meat after all.

  28. Connie

    @ V I am cured !

    I am one who cannot stand injurys or blood nor broken glass or meat slicers etc. I am truly one of the most squemish.
    No one who knows me will believe i watched this without closing my eye lids.

    Up till now I even have someone else take my dog to get his nails clipped.
    I do not know what has happened to me but I watched the whole thing.
    I also am questioning about beliefs and wonder of the validity and question mankinds validity for faith outside themselves. I never ever thought I would say this.I question any mans persuit of source of power and strength outside themselves. I can get a glimpse now of the anger and frustration of how some people can look down upon those who subject themselves painstakingly for an ideal of a nobel cause of an outsede Heirarchy because of a need to understand their world around them. ( spelling)? I wish this site had a spell checker LOL. I forget so much these days.

    I think I am being initiated here into thoughts I never dreamed I would.

  29. Kittybrat

    thanks for posting this one.
    It is comprehensive and sensitive to the cultures.

  30. Achems Razor

    I'm glad that blood and guts do not bother me.
    This doc. is not for the squeamish. (LOL)

  31. Jason