Cities of the Underworld
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Cities of the Underworld

2007, History  -   54 Comments
Ratings: 8.02/10 from 44 users.

Cities of the UnderworldIn every major metropolis, skyscrapers loom above, taxis and vendors clamor at street level, and subways rumble below. But deeper beneath the hectic surface lie other, silent worlds, each with its own mysterious and fascinating history.

Cities of the Underworld peels away the layers of time-often literally hundreds of feet thick-to expose the incredible pasts lurking beneath some of the most populous cities on earth.

Throughout the world, cities such as Paris, New York, Rome and Shanghai all harbor long-submerged networks that once served crucial functions, from eerie catacombs to clandestine hideouts and ancient aqueducts to underground societies.

Cities of the Underworld examines these mysterious realms, from the technological feats of their construction and the myths and lore that have cloaked these subterranean marvels for centuries.

Featuring rare location hi-definition footage, The History Channel shows a world filled with mysteries and secrets just below the ground we walk on.

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54 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Charleen Lenz

    Enjoy the subject matter of the doc's but the delivery by the comentator is very grating and detrimental to the subject. We are not in a Pub ! Had to stop watching!

    1. Lk

      My exact thought. Where is Don Wildman??? This guy is a not nearly as good!! I miss my Don!!! He was my favorite part of the show!!

  2. Faye Lakeman

    I watched prophecy from Israel a few weeks ago and they showed Mt. Megiddo and it showed how it was mentioned in the history of the place. How is this for a prophecy; two thousand years ago Mt. Megiddo was to be the sight for the Apocalypse - seems crazy doesn't it? Yet today Mt. Megiddo is the sight of the Jewish Nuclear Arsenal - not so crazy now is it?

  3. Don Dressel

    Great video! Thank you!

  4. sally

    Could never understand why people find it necessary to bag a show on the internet !! FFS...its not rocket science...if you dont like it, dont watch it !!!! Love the series myself...and no, im not American !!!!

    1. Don Dressel

      What is wrong with being an American?! If it was not for Americans everybody would be speaking German or being run by the Russians or shot by Hitler or Stalin!

    2. Guest

      The first major defeat of the germans in ww2 was the battle of Stalingrad where the ruskies taught the germans the importance of protecting their supply lines. The victory cost them 1.1 million soldier, but they cut off the head of the german army. All told they suffered 8-13 million casualties during the war. Compared to Americans 407,000 casualties. We Americans did play key parts in the war, but our contribution isn't diminished by acknowledging who really picked up the tab.

  5. mwthomp

    Interesting but the host needs to take a sedative.

    1. Sheree Davignon

      indeed.... i thought he was stoned

  6. Pramit guha roy

    great documentaries.. thoroughly enjoyed.. especially new york and london ones..thanks Eric

  7. Lanarepublic

    why is he yelling?

  8. Heidi-Lynn Borter

    I love the "History Channel" but the way they portrayed these documentaries on archaeology was just plain wrong but I suppose they felt that they needed to use that format to keep people interested and in-tune to it week after week.

  9. Texcoco

    This videos are great and the creativity that people had to build things is amazing.

  10. Kate Keehan

    So interesting, but I do wish he'd learned how to pronounce Edinburgh before presenting a documentary on it!

    1. Texcoco

      For a moment I thought your picture was from a Barbie doll.

  11. russ smith

    Interesting, because according to ALL linguists AMERICA perfected the english language. Think there's a doc on that here or documentaryheaven.

    1. Benny Maxwell


  12. Liam Fionescu

    i just cant watch docus when there is an american accent. i love america but i hate the presentation

    1. Neil Macdonald

      same here its too cheesy

  13. Diane Jordan

    Amazing. I never knew about cities below cities it's a real eye opener. Most of my friends have no idea about it either. Very enlightening. Thank you.

  14. Mike Ceglarski

    we should all start trying to learn about history, that way we don't repeat it!!!!

  15. EMERY9999

    still good to wacth tho thanks for the feed

  16. EMERY9999

    subtitles when not realy needed allways makes me lol stupid amaricans lol

    1. Donald Edward Goodman

      At least we know how to SPELL "Americans."

    2. EMERY9999

      ad least we know sarcasm when we see it

  17. lex lexich

    american production... for americans, what a waste of resources

  18. norazam amat

    Great docu..I really enjoyed it.I would like to THANK those involve in producing this docus.I learned alot about the cities and its under world i never new existed for some cities.It would be a dream to see a similar production produced by my own country.Thumbs up and great respects to all.

    1. Rebecca Bliss

      What country is that?

    2. norazam amat

      Hi..Rebecca.Its Malaysia.

  19. Clinton Smith

    good doc the style is different but not that bad thats what volume control and equalizers are for

  20. Rob Burgin

    i actually really like it

  21. sknb

    This is quite interesting. As someone who has visited Istanbul seven times, and has family living there, I had always sensed that the city had layers. In America we think that something is old if it is 200 years old. The Turks know what old architecture really is.

    One of the things I love about Istanbul is that you will have a modern fast food joint next to a thousand year old Mosque.

  22. Thomas Felbo

    Give me David Attenborough... American narrators are always unbearable to listen to. American narrators, chill the f*** out, everything isn't an action movie.

    1. sknb

      I am an American, and I support your statement! Excellent observation! The History Channel is always like that. LOL. Well said.

    2. Diane Jordan

      How rude are you???

  23. Alexander Heckl

    I am seven episodes in, so the style and music makes it feel very repetitive, but its very interesting. I got some more to watch :) thank you for sharing

  24. brendan bayda

    Wow amazing. Made respect to you to you Valko. Thanks for the 100+ Hours of entertainment over the years. You must be some sort of shiny metal God!

  25. Kelsall

    25 mins in - "The water was preventing me from exploring the hippodrome further - OR WAS IT?". I for one will never know - can't take this any longer.

  26. Yavanna

    Great subject . Bloody awful style. I wish there was a way to mute what I call the Hollywood panic music, Everything is drama drama drama. It's like watching a continual faux news broadcast on a terrorism attack. Does the US media know any other style? I must be 3-4 hours in and although I`m enjoying the facts insofar as they aren't completely wrong (holes all over the place) my head is pounding from the bang bang bang presentation; if it can even be called that. The US makes the worst docs. They should stick to The Simpsons and Southpark.

    1. Yavanna

      PS why do US docs always have to title themselves like a Hollywood movie too?! What the "hell" has the underworld have to do with this. It's archaeology. It's studying history. Those aren't dirty words. Case in point the recent Alien fireball doc!!!! It was bloody meteors!!!!

      I want to watch this doc more but at the same time I wish it wasn't so bloody painful.

    2. Yavanna

      PS Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    3. Razel Quizora

      haha I could not agree more. My thoughts exactly. ^_^

  27. IzirAtig

    Send email to History Channel that you don't like Eric Gellers style.

    1. Yavanna

      He has no style

  28. morsie2

    Oh Gosh, that was just too head's spinning. Too fast for me. Pity there's 20 more of them I won't be able to watch.

  29. Guest

    Got 20 mins into this doc and couldn't take any more of the presenters style/voice.

  30. Brandon Cooper

    yeah so you get all the way to almost making a discoverie and then you just stop????

  31. goldstarr

    Facinating, specially the hitlers great plans to build underground highways

  32. Earthwinger

    I only managed to watch one episode of this, the one about London. I really don't want to subject myself to another one, as the presentation style felt like being beaten about the head. :(

    1. nickdudeness

      Yeah, it's as if the only reason the guy is showing you this stuff is because he thinks you really don't want to see it. This is what school would have been like if the bullies taught the classes. Strange way to present a subject which is actually rather interesting.

    2. Diane Jordan

      Your loss Earthwinger, I have watched 22 episodes so far. I like them. Go watch Micky mouse.

    3. Earthwinger

      Lolwut? Well I guess that's me told. :D

      A word to the wise - If you're going to imply that people aren't grown up enough to watch something, by suggesting they watch cartoons instead, perhaps you should check your spelling. Silly mistakes tend to undermine your superiority complex. ;)

    4. Diane Jordan

      Could it be typing errors?

    5. Earthwinger

      Indeed it could be, and my response would remain the same. :D

      I can't help but feel that at the rate we're going at, this exchange might move along faster if we used carrier pigeons. :)