Core of Corruption: In the Shadows

Core of Corruption: In the Shadows

2009, 9/11  -   93 Comments
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Core of Corruption: In the ShadowsCore of Corruption is a documentary film series which details a comprehensive investigation into clandestine intelligence operations and conspiracies. The project is surfacing exclusive whistle blowers, insiders and critical evidence for the very first time.

Over 2,000 hours of credible network news clips have been surfaced for this ground breaking event, most of which have never been seen since they aired and have never been available on the internet. Some of the video news segments for this project, when requested from the networks, were denied access to and corporate representatives would say that the information sought does not exist or has been misplaced.

Someone doesn’t want the public to see these stories, that when put together, establish a conspiracy of the magnitude that could change the way one views the world. Countless millions of people are being manipulated and lied to by a network of individuals within government that work on behalf of private interests.

The individuals were involved in the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Many of those same figures are are connected to historical events that have shaped our understanding of government crime. For instance, the Iran Contra affair involved many figures that showed up in the 9/11 attacks.

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  1. Sabra

    Hitler burned Reichtag building CIA flew planes into twin towers - pentagon to cover up their corruption dirty money & pass freedom act where the State can now surveil arrest lock up any all Americans at will! Same with Pearl Harbor & DB Cooper! It's all about MONEY POWER FAME .Men in caves where getting a cell phone was major miracle didn't attack USA on 9/11 !

  2. Jamie

    Disinformation video. This tries to show it was just a big incompetence failure. It was an inside job. There were no hijackers. Many of them were found to be alive and well after 9 11 by sources such as the BBC. Watch "The New Pearl Harbour" and forget about this terrorist nonsense.

  3. me

    the State department use these Terrorists just as an excuse to blowup the buildings so they could Build something else they wanted .

    That is why they let the plan go through and BLOW everything up

    1. Nico

      The state department couldn't have used the terrorists to blow the buildings, that's an inside job. They could have used the terrorists to fly the planes, but never to blow out the towers, nor to hit the Pentagon with a missile. And their goal was (is) to use them to "Build" wars, invade other countries, place military bases there and steal their natural resources.

  4. john

    Wow, It's like I've been asleep most of my life. I've lost faith in my species pretty much completely. I'm going to take a long walk out in the woods and watch my dogs run. Lucky dogs.

  5. john

    I have a question. Why so often do these whistle blowers wait until they retire to blow the whistle? Are they wanting a book deal to augment their retirement. I'm pretty sure they were living with this for years. That's why most of them I don't consider heros in the least.

    1. Kelly Carr

      Dr. David Graham of Shreveport, La. tried to draw attention to two of the supposed highjackers a full year before 9/11 by documenting interactions he had with the Palestinian and Saudi agents, said to be amongst the 19 highjackers. As a consequence for his knowledge concerning these three men and a book he was going to have published detailing everything he overheard from and conversations he had with the three men, his life was taken. Dr. Graham was most definitely a hero and should be honored as such.

    2. Cmack

      Because their careers and lives can be destroyed with the drop of a dime... hard to do what's right in this sinister world my friend...

  6. john

    It seems the minions of hell are running the land of the free. I'm no longer surprised.

  7. Ryan Jones

    The US government was behind 9/11, don't kid yourself. Its called a false flag.

  8. Richard Neva

    Mossad was behind the attack on 911. I do not need this film. My mind is made up. Jews now control America and there is nothing we can do about it. I am glad I am about done with life here on earth!

    1. Jeff N.

      Are you moving?

  9. Lastviewer

    Biggest crime in history...???
    Considering the number of deaths maybe?
    Since Kissinger acted againt the US law to carpet bomb Cambodia among others, am I the only one to consider that as crime(S)?
    Let's now see if this post will make it.

  10. Nothing_Is_Real

    I think the docs. that we can't view due to being block by google or others is a way of censoring what is available to the public.

  11. Jakob Isindahowz

    It just amazes me that, on Youtube in particular, there are so many who truly believe the official story and criticize everyone else as conspiracy nuts. Granted there is much unfortunate "over-the-top" theories, such as holographic planes and vicsims, that are ridiculous and do a huge disservice to those seeking the truth. Although, they do point out some very strange things involving the photos of victims published through different media that appear photoshoped for no apparent reason but to say they are plasma and were not there is stupid. Its just sad that there will never be a true thorough investigation of the largest crime in America and the fact that Bush and his cronies have put as many obstacles as possible in way of getting answers has to make anyone seriously question why would he not do the complete opposite if he has nothing to fear. Worse, it proves that mainstream media is a joke.

    1. Jeff N.

      I agree, every time the phrase 'Conspiracy Theory' is mentioned, people automatically think about psychos with tin-foil hats on. I'm not an architect, an engineer, nor do I work for the NTSB, but what I saw originally on 9/11 doesn't make sense. I watched the towers come down and I remember thinking, "aren't those steel frame buildings? The steel would be perfectly in tack just a few feet below the hit." I also use to fly, just as a private pilot, and I was always very interested in every airplane crash, along with photos, I could find. I've yet to see an airplane, any airplane, flying at any attitude and any airspeed disappear after making contact with the ground, or a building...EVER! I'm not sure if I'm more pissed over the fact that 'they' did this, or the fact that they're obviously going to get away with it.

  12. Glen Hale

    Why is no one is jumping up and down about Bin Laden killing and dumping the body at sea? Do all accept the Feds are known and proven liars therefore know the story was not true...

    1. Jeff N.

      Actually, I always wondered about that. I figured Obama would want to parade the head around on a silver platter at a party. That seemed fishy to me.

  13. LesterWise
    Socialism is run by a hierarchy the same as capitalism. The same elite ruling class to be more specific.

  14. Atle Svensen

    Ever heard of dyslexia? Pompous b*stard!

  15. keenandaniel

    so many documentaries , good work . But we now have obvious evidence , so what you going to do????? keep watching documentries and saying thats not right or what?

  16. Hodd

    Honestly, you have to be willingly ignorant to dismiss demolition without question, especially with WTC7. I've been trying to see things from the pov of those who do, but I just can't buy it.

  17. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    911 is a master piece of corruption only manageble with an ignorante population

  18. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    if every thing this video sais is true, sorry but all americans shall be considered STUPID, (almost)

    1. Rocky Racoon

      No not stupid just at a loss out of what to do about it. Socialist revolution has been taken off the table the same way the public option for health care was only much more aggressively. And I look at post on the internet as speech not text...Speech comes with dialect and what not so spelling in this context in not really that important what is important is communicating the idea that you have if a person gets the point and still feels the need to correct spelling it seems to me they can not rebutt the substance of what the person was saying and yes I am familiar with dyslexia as well. I can look up the correct spelling of a word a zillion times and still can't spell it correctly,,,certain words just won't spell correctly for me.
      Mostly when I am tired or hungry or something like that which is almost always.

    2. Jeff N.

      Actually, I believe gullible would be a better work, but we have our share of stupidity too. Actually, too much.

  19. AbdelZ

    Hi, guys :

    Amazing how these kindda videos never seem to trigger any change , the bad guys can thus go on lying to the people about major events like the 9/11 with total impunity.

    To say that you do live under 'democracies' "where the people rule " is simply lying to yourselves , i guess .

    That the US government might have had a certain rol in the 9/11 is a huge thing that should rock your world & make you demand justice & change .

    Otherwise , you would be living a big lie & those bad guys will keep on lying to you, people, manipulate you , take advantage of you, wage wars in your names ............

    Is there a way out of this insanity ?

    How can those powerful bad guys princes of darkness be stopped ?

    The very future of humanity as a whole is at stake here , to say the least .

    Outrageous .

    1. Rocky Racoon

      But it does serve to undermine authority and faith in the system. Eventually these reach a tipping point which is why they are using the nsa to spy on us dissidents and not terrorists whom they know because they fund them.

  20. wpsmithjr

    What's amazing to me is that when you mention this subject to people, their response is usually...

    "How could the government keep a secret that big? There would have to be too many people involved and someone would eventually spill the beans."

    The thing is... people HAVE spilled the beans. This documentary in particular is full of whistleblowers who have talked about what they know. Many times the information is even reported on the nightly news.

    What's wrong with people that they can hear the evidence of a massive coverup on the "news", and they STILL think our government is looking out for our best interest??

    Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda chief had a saying...

    "The bigger the lie, the easier it is for people to believe it."

    9/11 is the biggest lie ever told.

  21. Nancy Ellison

    From the moment I first saw the buildings come down, I knew it was a demolition & already suspected who was behind it. I used to be so patriotic until one day, about 20 years ago I read an article about the October surprise and the Iran hostages. That was the moment I realized "there really is no Santa" and that my government was a lie (at least huge factions of it). I have always felt the Bush dynasty was anything but American and a part of something much bigger than most American's can swallow.

    Thank you for putting together such a film. In a world where there only seem to be a handful of parties controlling government, finance and the media, it's very hard for people to make sense out of such complex events as this. You have helped us do that.

  22. talashea

    why do they make these with the flippin music in the background! takes away from the documentary and is very annoying!

  23. Larry Burtts

    I can consider the theory without the need of your indignation. I have a mind of my own and served proudly for 14 years in the military. The point to examine is whether or not this tripe is presented by those who wish to destroy this country or those who wish to preserve it. It is easy enough for me to believe that certain profiteers would embrace the "eternal conflict" perspective. The problem is that the whole world at war scenario leaves no one to embellish their financial portfolio and ultimately leads to their own demise. When entire infrastructures are demolished, there is chaos, confusion, and nothing can be coordinated to maintain it. Therefore, the entire plot looses credibility as to its plausibility. This particular quip seems to be a scare tactic that is designed to keep the general public (at large) too frightened to pursue the truth. Hell, if such an organization exists within our own government and in alliance with several other world factions then the plot thickens and we are in the (what was the name of that movie where the defense computers were programed to compete in global thermo neuclear warfare? ) anyway, I am beginning to loose my perspective. Somehow, for a moment there, I was disconnected and had to reload this post. That, in itself, strikes me as odd because I've never accomplished that feat before.
    This has, however, provided me with enough "food for thought" that I am not able to come to any immediate consensus as to the validity of the show. The clever editing is despicable and destroys credibility. But I have been in construction for the majority of my life and I have seen controlled demolition. I am painfully aware of how precise the operation has to be in order to accomplish what we all have witnessed on this particular occasion. I, on the other hand, am loathe to accommodate this group with my email address because I did not appreciate the format that was proffered for our perusal. I have time to read and would prefer all of the information laid out for me to peruse at my leisure rather than go running to the source with my eyes bulging looking for sanctuary.

    1. Hawkco

      You are just full of words and scrambled ideas, no offence. Like most people, it is a state of denial and disbelief. Don't be blinded by the lies in your eyes. Watch these films to help clear things up: Loose Change - Final Cut, Ripple Effect, National Security Alert, End Game, 911 in Plane Site, 911 Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction, 911 Mysteries, 911 Coincidences. Ther are plenty more documentaries, some cover the same stuff and all presenting new info and facts. It must be hard to be an American Patriot and digest this, but that is even more reason to become engaged in bringing these criminals to justice.

    2. Stephan Babics

      This kind of news will put anyone in a spin is now time for you to burn your Congressman's Tail feathers !

    3. Steve e wonder

      War games mr. Broadwick, fairas bulier day off

    4. sadtruth


  24. Road Hammer

    theory? don't think so. this is solid fact.

    1. Larry Burtts

      This - what - is "solid fact?"

  25. Attaboyslim

    ProudinUs, you should learn the meaning of Patriotism. Only a f***ing Coward would believe it meant to blindly follow a corrupt government. This documentary provided ample evidence towards a cover up and connected enough dots to make it indisputable. It seems as though it may have gone quite deeper; according to some information recently put forth. The gold held by the Nazi's and the wealth hoarded by the Japanese; which, coincidentally, was found in the Philippines by McCarthers aid, may have been the beginning. The tune was some 2.8 billion and the song was Keep it quiet.

    This started a fifty year covert war by a clandestine government that was about to become public. To suggest that the killing of all "Sand Monkeys" would remedy these problems is as preposterous as suggesting that only our government is beyond criminal activity. Grow up.

    1. formermarine

      I concur, and will add to above, go read, Black Eagle Trust Fund, that will tie in who, did it, and why? We are talking treason.

  26. David

    Well all this is very interesting, but most of the documentary is made from edited news reports, that is connected by narrator . . . I wouldn't call this a documentary, and with clever editing anything is possible. I do know that the US Establishment has been faking incidents for getting public support all through it's history. I think they became experts in it, together with all the major news houses from CNN, Fox ectr, helping to cover up, and brainwashing the people. . . .

  27. Lary Nine

    I know why these documentaries don't get promoted and distributed--- they are so-oo boring.

    1. GoughLewis

      That's right. No entertainment value. Go back to sleep America.

  28. Martin

    Nice posts on here, some of them off-centre, some bob on.
    One to follow up on......The US Government did not try to cover this up, they did it in broad daylight, generally when you commit a crime you do it in the dark. You do it in the full view of the people, they will automatically believe anything you tell them about who they percieve to be the real culprits. Living in England, it is something that we don't take too seriously, because it happened over there. But, to all US citizens, even from here, frigging miles away, it is so obvious that YOUR own Goverment caused this to happen, probably with the backing of good old Tony Blair and other allies. These things never come out, Kennedy, Moon-landings, Oswald and Monroe etc are proof of this, so don't expect this to come out either. One thing is for sure, even if it did come out that the Bush family and his 'friends' were totally responsible, not one person will be charged with anything and the US will still end up raking in billions of dollars from all the oil they stole from the Middle East.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      This was part of the PNAC strategy to get the US people inflamed enough to fight decades long wars in the Middle East-Now they are saying we need a new 9/11 because people are tired of war-they are trying to start one with Russia of all countries-through that fascist coup in Ukraine. Russia has not taken the bait. They will not tell you when they are going to retaliate they will just do it and it will be all over.

  29. ProudinUS

    "Oh, for the love of cowardly monkeys in the sand"
    Another US bashing doc.Great,just great.(Peronoid f%cks)
    1) We did not kill our own people.(We just got to comfortable
    and unexceptable response time.)
    2) These sand monkies of Islam are responsible(.With in one hour US should have wiped every living thing off of every Islamic nation.)
    (I mean every dam plant,animal,building and most definatly
    3) Yep,that's about it!

    Wow,I look at some of the anti- American comments and wonder to myself how much I would like to just grab them buy their neck,turn them around and violate them in front of his whole family.Show them the same respect theyv'e shown to my country men and families of 9-11....I'm red,white and blue right to the core and when disrespectful cowards bash my country it just rages hate.These cowards would just love for this to be true and reveiled.There would probably be a very brutal civil uprising and divided gov.I f that happened good bye safety,freedom,and American life.

    Why don't you monkeys at least try to think of the ramifications that would acure if this were really true.
    ..........I bet you like your freedom though...........
    But you don't want to support the ones who provide it for you!...(F%cking cowards!)

    1. Mineseye

      Im a Canadian watching this video and seeing it unfold right before my eyes live on CNN, From my couch i called all the explosions as they happened. 3 Planes in One building couldnt bring down one tower let alone only the important ones around them as well... With this im convinced it was all planed to happen to scared you the american people to herd the crowd so to speak (it worked)

      Now ProudinUS you think killing 2500-3000 (in after-math) is ok just so you have peace? "..........I bet you like your freedom though...........But you don't want to support the ones who provide it for you!...(F%cking cowards!) " You stating that right there makes you apart of the problem as well.....Only you as Americans can change what happens next. Look at Egypt thats what has to happen in the USA, fight your goverment. It will eventually have a ripple effect on Canada but we will be right behind you 100%.

      At the end of the day and the concrete dust has settled and the emergency workers and volenteers with respritory problems all die off you can ask yourself, is oil really worth killing your own people for? As a concerned Canadian i wish the USA peace, we only live to live and die and be proud of what we become on our death bed and thats all that matters, Nothing else.

      PS. This video and all other videos ive watched are all saying the samething....evidence doesnt lie but when its hidden to start with nobodies to blame.

      True Lies


    2. Richie Cahill

      This is why you're so hated America... shut these clowns up.

    3. qwony

      i bet you watch a lot of fox news

    4. David

      This is suppose to be an inteligant, answer to the posts here . . . Well your post shows how . . . . Americans are

    5. David Bruce Powers

      Ah! Your English vocabulary and grammatical skills are only exceeded by your patriotism. Oh, and by the way, since you have demonstrated what an accomplished historical scholar you are....what is your take on the Reichstag fire of 1933 or the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

    6. Adair Chaballa

      I often see people on the internet dismiss their own terrible spelling and grammar, acting as if a debate has been automatically ceded by whoever points out the errors. But they never understand how their mistakes are pretty good evidence that they don't read books (or read anything).


      reading dont help you learn how to spell words mate, learning how to spell will though, example the repetition of a word down on a page "like lines at shoool" or even memory techniques or even spell check can be used as templates, but that is just the lazy option, no reading helps with brain sharpness, the learning of facts and the input and out put of information ext, just thought I would correct you on your miss telling of a basic fact, like you was him with a word, and in my book your mistake was mutch worse then his, getting facts rong or's and kon's you understood that write, and please comment back If you notced any spelling errors teacher i get really creative with these kidish arguments ha ha ha

    8. Dean Edgington

      Ive just read this now. LOL (if only it was parody). Unfortunately this kind of non-thinking, ignorant, ranting, over-opinionated, nationalistic bigotry blinkers people from all backgrounds and nations. I see it everywhere, in governmental departments even and especially in the former Bush Administration.

      ProudinUS you aught to be ASHAMED because of the following: 1) Revealing to the world just how stupid, unreasoned and poorly educated you have allowed yourself to be. 2) Your penchant for extreme violent rhetoric just because someone has been a big big meanie and had the gall to say something disagreeable (in your "opinion") about your country. 3) Sounding like a redneck (unforgivable).

      REMEDY: 1) Go back to school. 2) Reign in your tendency to rant and lash out rather than engage in reasoned debate. 3) Resolve to become a better human being in general.

      Hope that helps you (you're welcome, no need to thank me).

    9. GoughLewis

      Jesus...SOMEBODY drank the cool aid! I was going to make a don't eat the yellow snow joke, Dick Cheney yada yada yada, but... Wow .... this guy is as dumb as a brick and wouldn't get it LMFAO! haha

    10. Vasilis Roumeliotis

      Please learn how to spell before you reply moron....peronoid???? Do you mean paranoid you monkey??

    11. Adair Chaballa

      He never will learn to spell.

    12. wpsmithjr

      You should go back to watching tv.

      You obviously believe everything they tell you.

    13. Towntotown Vipcard

      proudinus! when you say "WE" did not do this to our own people, who exactly are you referring to?

      Your are obviously so ret*rded that you tink THEY are on your side! Americans(well the majority anyway) are generally d*mbed down id**ts, this is why EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HATES AMERICA!

      God bless americaaa,

      we deserve nice things, we're american,

      and finally,

      whoops, freindly fire!

      are just some of the things that some americans would say. And that is why everybody hates your country.
      Scratch that..... The illuminaties country!!!

      Good day sir.

      "Lets bring down the governments of this so-called, developed world!"

    14. So Wren

      Excuse me "Monkey" (Yeah you're a primate too, albeit a less developed one than any other hominid I've ever encountered personally.) but if you truly believe in "American interest" and that "Americans" are somehow worth more than any other human, then... How should I put this... The planet would be a better place without you. You're clearly a Christian (An assumption I base on, among other things, your feelings towards Islam.) so perhaps it's time you started acting like one instead of doing the whole hate-monger thing.

      I've read quite a few of the posts on this page, and none of them are inherently "Anti-American." Some posts are certainly more poorly articulated *cough*, but just because someone expresses anger at the US Government (The US Government does not equal the US.) they are not necessarily "Unpatriotic." Besides, you just proved to everyone who read your post how detrimental "Patriotism" can really be to one's own consciousness.

      Yes, I do enjoy my "Freedom" but "Freedom" is a relative term. Something tells me that you really believe America is the most free nation to ever exist, and nothing could be further from the truth. (I suppose you think the Germans had it pretty good around 1930-1940. Maybe not the Jewish ones though right?)

      I doubt you've read any of the multiple responses to your post, and I doubt you'll read this. Frankly I can't blame you, no one likes to be torn a verbal new one, especially when they feel like they're right.

    15. Rocky Racoon

      They you should go after the PNAC crew of neo cons that highjacked your country.

  30. jim T

    The comments so far reminds me of three old ladies standing in the intersection after a traffic accident. They all walk away talking about something else. I am glad to see that the internet is still going abroad, and letting us all see this imformation. I wonder why they have allowed these types of documentaries to spread accross the internet in this way. But I am glad that I began to watch them with new open eyes and understanding, before they are taken off by government forces.
    Does anyone wonder why tubetrash and rubish seems to go viral, but quality docs like these get very litte attention?

  31. Greg

    I didn't really notice the music to the point of it taking anything away from the doc. These types of docs are great and I have been watching them for years. What really bothers me is the sad fact that I really don't think we will ever find out how it all went down and who is to blame for which actions (or inactions) or what countries were involved. I agree with Dan about an independent investigation needing to be done, but that would be near impossible since few if any of the people that were in power or in a position of knowledge that could give us the answers ever would. So many questions, so few answers.

  32. Dan

    Wouldn't this documentary have to be something like, at least 6 hours to accomplish that?! I do, however, agree with you.
    My eyes were recently opened up to what really happened on 9/11. I have spent the last week with my mind being completely blown.. I seriously don't know what to do. I do have to say this - How could ANYONE deny the fact that, at the very LEAST, there needs to be a true INDEPENDENT investigation of what really happened leading up to and on that day with those four flights. When I say independent, I mean that the investigators need to come from FAR AWAY from Washington DC as possible. You all understand.
    Still here. Mind still blown. Second time I have watched this one.

  33. Jim

    Funny how this supposed docu-drama, trys to imply that the core of corruption began on 9/11. I think if you were serious you would go back to FDR, or at least to Lyndon Baines Johnson to start sifting through a core of deception and corruption.
    This is ready for Utube, the music is fitting for the level of research done.

  34. spaceace2012

    I forget to add though...Douglas, I certainly agree with you. The government ISN'T capable of keeping anything secret for long...

    THAT'S probably why so many of these documentaries and alternative theories are possible.

    ; )

  35. spaceace2012

    So, Douglas....

    HOW exactly DID an entire 140ft or so Boeing jet DISAPPEAR into a 15 foot hole in the Pentagon with no proof via images, or video'd or photographed of wreckage. That's no theory. THAT'S THE REALITY.

    Please do tell, take your time too, I'm looking forward to seeing your list of references which shows otherwise.


  36. douglas

    You conspiracy theorists are so emotionally attached to your various conspiracies, that you now think YOU have the truth, and there is no longer room for ANY doubt. Everyone else is misguided or a tool, and YOU have it all figured out. Forget plausible evidence, and how every shred of documentation from every credible source point to 19 hijackers who took advantage of our porous borders and lax security. Oh no, it was a grand government cover-up by a "shadow" government. You all have been watching far too many episodes of the x-files. Government isn't capable of keeping anything a secret for long. But I know this will fall on deaf ears, because you're so invested, your frail ego won't let you see anything other than what you want it to see. Good Journalism goes where the vast majority of the evidence points, it doesn't frame the story to fit any pre-conceived notion.

  37. Joe

    9-11 is the day every thing changes truth came out and shows who are the big players of terrorism not the cave man, the documentry high lighted the truth what happend at the day. We have to be a fool to belive three building just polarized into a thin air by 2 planes insted should have burn atleast couple of days to bring these towers down. It's just impossiable for building to polarized in this fashion with out systematic bombs?!!! so we have to ask ourself who benifits with this war and how much money was involved...... US government is all about making money "greed" they dont care how.... Corporation have sucked every last blood of America and now collapse of America is inevitable. Isreal the best friend of America is the biggest enemy. Mossad, Blackwater,ISI do all the dirty work and work with CIA,So do Obama the two face worked for CIA.

  38. salvia

    What is most interesting...
    people here in Amerca continue to believe lies not truth.... Your Federal Government has been hijacked... the government fabricates these sutuations,
    yes they allowed these attacks and likly assisted in the planning...,
    your distraction on fabricated crisis allows the negitive element of the government to loot, sell and distort...
    then plot more confussion and distraction...

    while they use are labors for their gains...

  39. Pondlife

    @ Yupyup, call the music what you will, it's still really annoying and unnecessary. Narratives of this importance, really don't need jazzing up with ear candy. As keen as I am to understand world events, I'm finding more and more independent documentaries, rendered almost unwatchable by this incredibly cheap and lame style.

  40. 8-4

    the GID is in fact jordanian

  41. tom

    tight budget indeed

  42. Yupyup

    I wouldn't call the music on the soundtrack techno - I'd call it "truther muzak"; public domain, loyalty-free dramatic muzak for use on documentaries on a tight budget!

  43. Crusher78

    the Zionist scum planned 9/11, and we continue to give them financial support. Israel deserves to be removed from the planet.

  44. wtf in the midwest

    are u ppl kidding me about the music and style? who cares?!? get the facts out of it. nobody in hollywood is going to touch this subject so get over your critiqs of the the music and style (hell for all i know you people are part of the cover up)!!!!im from missouri the SHOW ME state so show me some critiqs of the facts or dont write an ignorat post about the music and style. thank you so much for putting this on your web site. so as us contry bumkins from the midwest say FACTS IS FACTS...........

  45. Ron

    Landless peasant

    you are clueless to the reality of what you dream of. Multi National companies and other companies provide your needs because it has grown to be the most efficient way to provide people with the comforts they provide. Watch some documentaries here on population growth, Food supplies etc. The profits to corporations or govt run utilities does provide profit but it also funds the growth to supply a growing demand from population increases, increases in affulence and demand for food.

    If we revert to how you think we all should live it would create chaos for consumption and prices for food and water would make you wish for the good old days when those you hated provided what you needed at an affordable price.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      Capitalism is the most wasteful inefficient destructive system ever unleashed upon human kind. That is why your gun boats go in before your corporations do.

  46. robyn

    i agree with landless peasant. as soon as you have to pay the bills the systems got you trapped and they know it. the answer is to live in eco-villages, form your own or join one existing. grow your own as much as possible. get solar panels and wind generators. learn old skills, learn to make things yourself. be as self-sufficient as you can. make your homes out of straw bale and render with clay.

  47. Landless Peasant

    Landless Peasant05/20/2010 at 01:16 Pls join the landless peasant party and help us take control of our land ! They aint making any more.

    The Landless Peasant Party is a new political party representing the views and aspirations of Landless Peasants in the UK.

    The UK is not our nation , we do not own it, the land of the nation is not held for our benefit nor on our behalf.
    From the day we are born we are Peasants, with no right to the very essence of our nation.
    Yet we are extolled to work, pay tax, fight and if necessary die to defend it.

    We are liable for the debts of our nation, we are the mass of people from whom business extracts its profits.
    We live in the 24 million homes on 7% of the land, unable to live by our own means.
    We have little choice but to take part in economic slavery.
    Our basic need for shelter must be provided by market forces supplying our homes to us for as much profit as the market can bear. These homes are not built for you to “live” in ,they are built for you to sleep in after work. They have no means to make energy, there is little or no facility to grow your food. Instead our food is flown in from around the world, manufactured on an industrial scale using the cheap labour of other Peasants in other lands. Our energy is suppllied by hugely profitable multinationals at great expense to us and the Earth. Even the supply of water makes vast profits. Our lives have been reduced to a collection of utility bills and what we do to earn money

  48. killuminatti

    Suck it up people the music isnt even that bad.

  49. M-files

    Less we forget uss Lucitainia/Peral Harbor.Well done considering nothing far fetched when it comes to old world isolationism. We can only hope world wide spontainious communications will change that elitest/imperialistic thinking.Nothing intellegent about spreading deceit and deception in a selfish/selfcentred psycopathic manor with anyone at anytime. As for America today she seems to show all the hallmarks of a ethicly fragmented government(s) prior to the civil war.Shouldn't be surprising when history repeats itself.

  50. tracy

    If it's got loud, annoying techno music and undulating graphics I absolutely cannot watch it, thank you for the reviews.

  51. killuminatti

    I have to say this movie is worth watching. I have seen several films involving different portions of 9/11, but I havent seen one detailing the terrorists themselves like this one does. Interesting history and context involving that.

  52. Hakima

    I agree with criticisms of the style - we see the same style in so many fiction films and documentaries these days. Guess they think they are being trendy but it its annoying to the viewer trying to hear above the loud background music. However the content is good and leaves lots of unanswered questions about bush admin etc and their cover ups incompetencies deliberate or otherwise and the strong posibility that some high ups knew 911 was going to happen and let it happen to justify war and abuse of civil liberties. The 'crazies' were in power in the US govt. Will Obama be any better?

  53. cajunbeau

    Blaring background music is distracting and unnecessary. It cheapens the doco and makes it look amateurish.

  54. just curious

    This is a "could be" type of story, it does not make proof, but certainly things don't add up about 911. It could be some inside help was necessary. Anyways, the 911 commission document I don't have in my hands. I found the idea that the American government would go to such lengths is for some at first illogical, however, because Bin Ladden was not caught and Kaied Sheik Mohammed cannot possibly have been the big mastermind to ALL of 911, the story has a point of making people aware that we've got to have inquiry that can show evidence that a terrorist group, such as Al Queda IS capable of doing such a thing. You cannot go after a RED HERRING and not be found looking foolish. But unfortunately, decisions can be made on fears of death and it can make us kill. A better documentary is one that discuses how effective non-violent social justice action is.

  55. V

    puzzled.. you are your name.

    What this documentary presents seems completely plausible. Very believable. The cinematography might be poor but I have no doubt that a shadow order exists in the US as it does in many other countries - confidentiality is just an excuse. Who ever hides the truth from you either fears you or seeks to be your secret master. Play alpha centauri.

    My theory as to why the government might have actually put their plans in The Lone Gunman scripts is to use the natural discrimination between reality and fiction the we have all developed in this digital video age to actually make anyone who says that it (the conspiracy shown in the TV show) is true look like a lunatic who thinks the X-files or it's spin off is real. Very simple trick but very powerful in this information age. Reminds me of that wormhole X-tream episode in stargate sg-1.

    Check it out if you are at all interested in truth.

  56. puzzled

    We already know the Elite's game thanks to Koran and Tradition of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but why bring in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in this awful event? They could have been persuaded by Elite to provide the 19 HJ and who could say no to Mighty Empire? Its seems some of the HJ are alive in their own country.
    There was no Pakistani involved in Mumbai carnage. That was absolutely inside job. Just as 9/11 and 7/7 and Spain.
    The Indians interview in this video were LIARS. They work for Indian Govt and Pakistanis know them.
    The conclusion take of this video makes a lot of sense and it is known by the Muslim World, that is why they, more than Christians, are anxiously waiting for Jesus (pbuh) return.

  57. Curious

    Ever wonder why these documentaries have really loud and distracting pseudo-techno music in the background?

    Since Zeitgiest, I've seen a trend in these documentaries. It's very a laugh track on a sit com.

    Are the jokes really funny, or is it the laugh track that makes us laugh?

    I haven't finished the doc, but I thought I'd comment on the style of the editing....I wish their producers would send them to film school again.