World Trade Center

World Trade Center

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World Trade CenterThe World Trade Center (WTC) was a complex of seven buildings in Lower Manhattan, New York City that were destroyed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The site is currently being rebuilt with six new skyscrapers and a memorial to the casualties of the attacks.

The original World Trade Center was designed by Minoru Yamasaki in the early 1960s using a tube-frame structural design for the twin 110-story towers. In gaining approval for the project, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey agreed to take over the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad which became the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH).

Groundbreaking for the World Trade Center took place on August 5, 1966. The North Tower was completed in December 1970 and the South Tower was finished in July 1971. The construction project involved excavating a large amount of material which was used in making Battery Park City on the west side of Lower Manhattan.

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  1. titof

    This doc is a fraud. The collapse is not even shown. And the fire soldiers? No one interviewed... A shame.

  2. Todd

    I choose not to read the comments posted here. I stopped watching after the documentary stated two planes brought down the world trade complex. To give this your time is to be part of the problem. Move on and be productive with your new knowledge - we know the truth!

    1. Jamie


    2. D

      Why did you feel the need to comment then? Do you believe that you have the answers to everything? You sound like a cult leader. Cheers.

    3. Scotty Jackson

      These conspiracy theorists make me sick, smh. Your lives suck so bad you come up with this shit and say there's proof just so your unimportant voices can be heard.

  3. Jon

    Earthquake proof buildings use cables and counter weights to balance movement and keep the structure from damage. However, once the cables or the structure where it is hinged are damaged, I suppose that would be creating the cable pressure imbalance or structural instability.

    Compare this to a racket (ex. tennis or squash) that is particularly strong and balanced until it hits the floor or wall which causes the strings to pull against the weakened part that can no longer hold the tuning pressure. Notice the tendency for the string to warp or deform the frame beyond repair.

    Such destruction is quite common is suspension bridges too. A shock can damage the cables that eventually lead to the complete collapse of the whole bridge - even if the snap occurred in just one portion.


    just think if George Bush and the others were found to be the blame for this its just a few that would pay for the hurt of so many why are they afraid to find the people who did this.


    building 7 couldn't have fallen by the damaged it had, that's where the plans to cover this up went wrong the debre was shipped off as fast as it was to hide anything from being found ' where are all the video footage that was confiscated go. never in American history were put options taken out on a airline for stocks to fall, but no one clamed benefits from the fallen stocks on American airline. why were they afraid to be implicated in knowing the attacks were going to happen. and the biggest question is why isn't anything being done about this cover up are the bushes that powerful

    1. titof

      Yes tower 7 is the proof all this was staged

  6. Alv V

    0:00-12:14: Briefly repeating the official story, only even more simplistic, with graphics that are showing how the weight of the upper portion , above the damaged area, is flowing down to the lower (undamaged) portion of the center, therefore the undamaged part (with thousands of tons of steel and concrete) have to be turned into dust by the damaged part, with far less weight. AS IF a Volkswagen Beetle (upper portion) crashing into a heavy duty 6-wheel trailer, filled to the brink by a massive block of granite (lower portion) would make the beetle drive _through_ the trailer, "pancaking it" and turning it into a pyroclastic cloud of vaporized dust.

    12:15-13:10 The mayor "seek to calm fear" by presenting a blatant lie, stating that there's no danger from asbestos after having testing the air. (something that later have been proved to have caused and continue to cause maybe more victims then 911 itself, from things like lung-cancer etc.) An statement that is repeated by the former director of WTC. Then the narrator is explaining the good quality of the equipment and that "spectrographic analysis reveals normal background levels of airborne chemicals" and "downwind the investigators finds airborne irritants in excess of normal levels, but tribute them to fires at the site".

    13:10-14:19 The police say there might be victims alive inside the ruins, after they have gotten a skyscraper in their head...A good excuse to remove all the evidence from the scene. Driving it away at night, loading it on board ships and sending it to China as scrapmetal.

    Etc. etc.

    History Channel really have given me a bad taste in the mouth the last years, so many low quality documentaries, always with the typical deep voiced hollywood-ish narrator, some B-movie-ish dramatization, and various scholars that give brief, enthusiastically explanations about things while they are waving their hands, but usually don't have anything of value to say.

  7. gaboora

    This is an excellent overview of the towers before and after the infamous event known as 9/11.

  8. Highlander

    To "trumpsahead " and so many of us who are frustrated by the seeming lack of public awareness, We are not alone!..... Yes , It is sad that it is taking so long for the people who believe the mainstream news to realise that 9/11 had to be( at best ) an inside assisted job.

    This realisation is a life altering event for most people.( It certainly has been for me ) I am ashamed now to admit that I called the first person who pointed out the oddities of 9/11 to me " A conspiricy nut" (That was in 2010 ). Grudgingly, I did look at what was suggested and was astounded that the BBC had not mentioned any of the many obvious anomalies and even that the so called " laws of physics" had been broken.
    Even "NIST" admitted that building 7 fell at freefall speed . That alone was worthy of a 2 min slot on Radio 4, at 3am at least ? Surely ?

    Sadly , NO . Not a word .

    I live in a tiny village in Scotland, 300 persons in total . There are about 20 of my friends/ neighbours who now also see the "conspiracy" of 9/11 in a different light. This has happened as a direct result of my asking them to look at the evidence of David Chandler or Richard Gage, for themselves. ( I mention these 2 guys well aware that hundreds of others have also put their careers on the line with well researched posts) Many , many posts are impossible to rubbish and I have seen hundreds of them myself.To everyone who contributed serious research , Thank you.

    My friends /neighbours have other friends / relations around the uk and the rest of the world . The call for a new investigation is growing. The progress must seem painfully slow to all those who saw this terrible crime for what it was in the early days.

    You must almost despair that justice will ever be done ? Please dont give up ! The truth will out ? I join the call for a new investigation of 9/11. I beg / urge president Obama to at least look at the evidence . So painstakinly gathered, by many professionals and genuinely patriotic people throughout the world.

    1. titof

      The truth will never go up, they covered all this. The commission was a joke

  9. manfruss

    I don't trust the US government and it's conflicts of interest. They US can't do without war, it needs it to maintain it's military-industrial complex. They even say in this Doc (made before 9/11) that it was designed to withstand planes. Question everything, the truth will withstand question. It seems that whenever there is too much peace, something comes up to mobilize the military. Sad, sad, sad.

  10. abner holtiton

    9/11 again ...
    Is this top-doc sites main purpose to release nine eleven docs till someone get bored to death of nine elevens :)

    Thres good and bad thisngs happeneng all the time in other countries why not relase docs from other countries too.

  11. Teaslo

    Who cares if it was dropped by terrorist or someone else...The outcome of advents that came after 9/11 are atrocious to the lives lost on 9/11 and the lives lost afterwards in other countries. Speaking from someone that has hard time walking from the aftermath. It is best to let this go and not be fooled by the next.

    1. Alv V

      I think that people should care until a real investigation have been done, to give answers to everything that don't make sense at all, and also don't let this go, but prevent something similar from ever happen again.

  12. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    The real tagedy is that there (you are) still USA city sens talking abaou a terrorist attac, blaming the arabs, when the real terrorist HAS A NAME, G. W, Bush

    1. Alv V

      And Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, those behind the 911 report and anyone else involved in this, probably the CIA.

  13. quiv240sxse

    maybe it wasn't an inside job, maybe those buildings were so wired by terrorists BEFORE the planes hit that the American government is allowing
    those stories to proliferate in order to avert disfaith in the countries ability
    to protect it's self from this kind of attack.

    1. Alv V

      The point is that the NIST report don't mention neither bombs, termite or anything else as the cause, but are certain that the fire with not sufficient temperature to melt or even weaken the steel enough to cause it to totally collapse, is the only possible explanation, without even mentioning any other theories and haven't taken any eyewitness testimonies into the equation, in addition to a lot of other "information" that only points toward a deep corruption behind the report. They hardly gave any funding at all to the research, only a 1/4 of what they used to investigate Clinton and his affair with Lewinsky... Also there's a lot of things about the terrorists that don't make sense at all, for example that some of them are still alive. So in my opinion, and many others, are that it is more likely to have been done as a mean to invade the middle east to get control over the oil in Iraq (world's second largest oil producer) and then use Afghanistan as the best route to transport it down to the Persian Gulf. Also with bases in the middle-east now, they will have a far easier job to deal with Iran (third largest oil-producer - they already have Saudi-Arabia as the nr1) as they have already threatened to do. There's just so many lies, with a lot of them already been revealed. So it's pretty naive to just accept the official theory, when so much are pointing to the US-government.

  14. Nic Petrykowski

    comment deleted

    1. cabritao

      I believe a small group inside the american government and top corporations got involved on this big project in order to maximize power and profits, mainly by unquestioning intervention in the middle east. It is very simple to draw this conclusion. Moreover, they do NOT care for this country or for its people, they only care about power and profit. In a financial crisis, the wealth does not disappear, it changes hands. And that is basically what is going on in the world on a growing level.
      All this would be ridiculous if Bush actually cared for the US, which I believe it was not the case.

  15. Yi Wen Qian

    Geez, can't you just let the buildings be beautiful? If you feel alone here there's a lot of discussion under 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out on this website.

    Let's the buildings be beautiful for the younger generation that missed it.

  16. Julius Lannutti

    this has been edited. i remember there being a part of the documentary that included that emergency management headquarters had been moved to WTC and it ended with a quote... something about how they were ready even if terrorists were to send a jet into the WTC.

  17. Joao Silvestre

    Just adding to Gough comment.
    You don't even have to Google it, you can find some documentaries here in this website with all the information you need.

  18. Gough

    911 was an act of treason, and sadly, an inside job. My heart goes out to the victims. The evidence is just overwhelming.

    The final straw for me was the vast amounts of militarized Nano-thermite explosives found in the dust. Also, lets not forget WTC7, if you have not seen this, just Google it.

    1. Tommy

      Where did you find this dust??? Oh yer, you were told on a documentary.... I googled WTC7 and saw a huge hole in it before it collapsed. No disrespect to you but these documentaries are made by anyone with an opinion, don't believe verything people tell you

    2. WTC7

      I wish you at least had an opinion...

    3. Tommy

      Hi Gough,
      If you look at the report on the link it states that a citizen of Manhatten went round collecting dust straight after the event took place! To beleive that somebody would walk round ground zero avoiding body parts and dead bodies and start picking up suspect dust is insane, it's almost as stupid as the mass media reports that a flight manual was found in one of the hijackers car! :)
      I think there is plenty of things that don't make sense with 9/11 but every event in history has a conspiracy theory attached to it. I used to follow Alex Jones and think that the US government and New World order are waiting to deal with us all but now I'm beginning to wonder....

    4. GoughLewis

      Hi Tommy,

      There where 6 separate 911 Dust samples that where used for forensic analysis. One of the sources was, for example, from a new York business woman who had her apartment windows blown in from the Pyroclastic flow created from the pulverized North Tower exploding. She kept some of the Dust from her window ledge in a large sandwich bag for her Insurance claim.

      There are 5 other histories behind the other Samples; one woman, who had the largest quantity of 911 Dust, collected it to do some patriotic Art project. She never did the art project, but she gave half of this to the Dutch Scientist's lab.

      The chain of possession protocols where conducted, strictly. For example, Professor Steven Jones was never exposed to 4 of the samples. The 911 Dust analysis was conducted as an International Research Event, with chain of control protocol. If the initial sample studies where correct, the body of scientists knew this could end up in a court of law.

      This is pretty serious stuff Tommy, if there is large quantities of Nano-Thermatic Explosives in the Dust of the world trade centre, then we have been lied too. The implications are obvious, and pretty dark....

  19. Simon MacDonald

    To all of those that believe there is a man behind the curtain... You need a history lesson. To all those who believe that the government, especially the US government, is beyond killing their own citizens.... you need a history lesson. There is no select group of individuals who control the world. Your just looking for someone to blame and that is very honest and human. To those who think questioning is bad and that government is good. You are afraid that if you question the problem will be you. And you know what? It is. The problem is us. It is not a "select few" of ultra powerful, greedy, secretive group bent on destruction and domination. (Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous)? It is us the people who believe abstract systems can stand in for reality. Capitalism is an abstract system based on individual self motivation and the profit motive. It believes in constant expansion, domination, exploitation etc. That is the system to blame. How can we justify the killing of anyone, anywhere? You simply can't but if a system allows you to justify it by arguing that you are simply acting rational and it will have the best overall outcome for the majority of people than I guess killing is good. Come on! Our leaders think they are making good decisions because they believe they are making hard decisions. By placing the blame outside ourselves not only do we not accept responsibility for the actions of our government but we also do not accept responsibility for cleaning the messes up. Iraq is a perfect example. 9/11 and the fear behind it was used to justify the war. Than we leave the entire country in shambles. All because of the people. You told Bush to go in and now you’re asking Obama to get them out. The mess is obvious, Capitalism, that is maintained by a long held belief in male dominated politics. Is it not funny that the same things we pride ourselves about in Capitalism is also the same in the male identity? Domination, strength, abstract reasoning and exploitation. Wake up this is not a game to be played and won. You are a human like me. So where the people who were brutally murdered in the world trade centre. So are the people in Iraq and Afghanistan who are being shot killed and dismembered. We are doing this to each other. The government is acting on our behalf because they want to secure resources that we are going to need because our civilization is based on a system of constant expansion and exploitation. Conflict is inevitable in a system that does not factor in reality. To those who lost someone in the world trade centre or anywhere else. What was that person’s life worth? MORE THAN ANYTHING! Simple. More than anything. Let's be grown ups and understand that human life is worth more than paper, that human life is worth more than oil, that human life is worth more than a belief in religion or a belief in a system of government. Human life. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE???? Until the system answers this question until the many become the ones who govern themselves there will be no progress there will be only brutality. We will blame the few who we allow to rule us, but if we do not take responsibility than we cannot blame those that take only what we give up. Democracy is not Capitalism, democracy is our answer to our and the creation of a monetary system that factors in reality, human life and the earth that maintains that life. Exploitation, greed, domination are a part of system that needs to disappear so the human race can reach its true potential. To all of those who lost someone I am truly sorry.

    1. GoughLewis

      The best evidence that 9-11 was an "inside job" is the physical evidence that was clearly observable to all. You compare that evidence with "the official story" of the 9-11 Commission Report and you have a giant lie and a cover-up. I agree with you Winston.

  20. joebanana

    Andy @36, The head of NIST quit over the bogus story they were feeding the public, Some of the 911 commission quit over the bogus investigation, NIST never tested for incindairies, it took a private lab to in Sweden to discover the nano thermite.And our government has NEVER lied to us, gimme a break.

    1. Winston Smith

      the 'lab' you refer to was ACTUALLY IN Denmark. It refers to the nearly 2 year study headed by Professor Niels Harrit which involved 8 other scientists from a number of different universities and resulted in the (actually) peer-reviewed paper titled ACTIVE THERMITIC MATERIAL FOUND IN THE DUST OF THE WORLD TRADE..."

      They studied 3 or 4 dust samples and all had large traces of red/gray chips which turned out to be a high tech almuminothermic explosive which have just been developed recently.

      There is a very obvious misino campaign around 9/11 (talk of no-planes, and energy weapons, and TV hoaxes.. ALL TOTAL BS DISINFO

      Disinfo works primarily by pairing compelling facts with pseudo-scientific nonsense. Reasonable people will look at it and dismiss the lot, and in the future associate 911 Truth with wacky conspiracy theories. But look at the easily verifiable facts.. not theories. and the conclusion you reach will be inescapable.

      Facts like the excessive heat (up to 2800f in the days afterward), 99 day fires, molten metal pouring from south tower, and found at all 3 sites.,,pulverized concrete, 1100 missing bodies, wtc7's implosion

  21. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Tom ... it took a long time but I found a comment that was actually about the architecture and engineering! Bravo, sir!

    The WTC was a ridiculous feat of industry, like a giant cherry on top of the worlds most successful capitalist cake :)

  22. joebanana

    In America the wind doesn't blow, it sucks. Just like the government.

  23. Tom

    Thank you Vlatko for this wonderful site. I love documentaries about building, civil engineering and architecture. If you could please ad some more of similar nature. Thank you!

  24. joebanana

    To prove anything you need evidence, the evidence was destroyed, the crime scene was destroyed, the planes were never reconstructed, and the best evidence was shipped to China for remelting.(why?)
    Our military know it was a Mossad operation, and our government was complacent. Because we had all this war stuff sitting around, and Cheney had a lot of financial interest in the war, and the buildings were worth less than the cost of asbestos abatement, and adding "terrorist attacks" to the insurance policy a month before, seem too coincidental.
    The collapse was impossible as explained by NIST, the truss's didn't "just fall away", they're attached to the floor pan of the upper floor the entire length, (example: roof sheeting isn't attached at just the ends, it's nailed the length of the sheet. Otherwise the floor would just be sitting on the truss's, no, it has to be fastened by code. And jumbo jets don't completely vaporize on impact.

  25. Dan

    Lets be honest. There are people who believe the theories and people who don't. If you think anyone on either side is going to convince the other you are wrong. The parallels to religion and the inside job debate are there. It's pointless and tiring.

    1. Winston Smith

      Is that all there is to it then Dan?

      The nearly 3000 murdered victims, our dead soldiers, and the million plus dead innocents in the middle east do not deserve truth and justice is what you are saying. "its just a matter of opinion" -you say/

      (not to mention the dramatic erosion of our civil liberties)
      all made possible by 9/11

      I guess that as it wasnt your only daughter who was blown to bits (1100 people that were in this towers remain unaccounted for to this day!) like it was Laura Langer's mom otherwise you might feel very differently. (What a lofty perch you have (that of complete indifference) from which to make such grandiose pronouncements over the very real lives and sufferings and struggles, of others)

      Anyone who thinks that what happened on 9/11 after the plane impacts were all natural events is not paying attention or is being willfully ignorant. (or just following the corporate media) The evidence is monumentally overwhelming and I find it more than just a little offensive that people are so apathetic about such terrible crimes when the consequences have been so catastrophic and far-reaching. There is no 'statute of limitations' on murder!

      we may entitled to our own opinions but not our own facts ! (to paraphrase patrick moynihan)
      PLEASE Get the facts. Then support Real 911 Truth./
      911 was an inside job because that is what the facts overwhelmingly reveal.

    2. GoughLewis

      I agree with you Dan.... 911 was an inside job. Don't give up on the uninformed.

  26. joebanana

    Common sense is all that's required. The core columns were like 2 feet by 3 feet 5" thick boxed columns, no friggin' way there going to come all the way down. In the NIST explanation the truss's broke away from the column support points on the ends very nicely, Problem is the floor pans are attached to the truss's, not just resting on them. And the bottom two thirds of the buildings weren't damaged, with the debris falling off to the sides, the weight of the upper floors was less as the buildings fell,so it wasn't weight that caused the "pancake" B.S. theory. Another thing, who authorized the destruction of the crime scene, and why was the steel shipped to China for melting. I'm not accusing anybody, just asking simple questions that haven't been answered satisfactorily.

  27. Mack

    Popular Mechanics huh, you convinced me.

  28. Andy

    I've never subscribed to the notion that 9/11 was an inside job, simply as a result of the research i've done on the issue myself. I've seen all sides, listened to all perspectives, and kept my mindset as skeptical and non-biased as possible. The most convincing arguments have come not from the conspiracy theorists, but those debunking the conspiracy theorist's claims. Popular mechanics wrote a very convincing book debunking the myths surrounding the issue, and i sincerely suggest you read it before you go around making such serious allegations. People supporting the status quo in a situation like this often are at a disadvantage because they are generally less enthusiastic about their views (by virtue of them), the burden of proof lies heavily on their shoulders, and it's easy to be construed as ill informed simply due to the nature of their claims. For further arguments on my behalf check out the findings from the following credible sources:

    National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster

    Popular Mechanics

    1. theodore watson

      lol@ popular well know this stands for MEDIA. most people in the U.S believe the media. as selfish as it seems i do NOT wait for the media to disclose the truth about such a horrendous act of violence... six major corporations own this so called media pipeline. and the virus laden-ed corporations are NOT working for anyone's interest currently. and im convinced that greed and political influence was and is the current motivation behind the economic instability. fear is the best motivator they have. fear of not being like the jones, fear of losing your bussiness, fear of not having enough money to buy food for your family...the list can go on. fear that we are under attack in the US. but the constitution in its state of erosion insists we get rid of our guns?? the media doesnt use words like torture involving anything our military does, its called interrogation. the people involved high up in media paint an image for America. the six o'clock news will keep you informed! lol

      i once read this, its like these people that rule over us come to your home, they lock you inside your home and set it on fire. now you and your family are running around screaming inside with no way out! then these people who started the fire calmly say to you and your's, "dont worry, as we will take care of it for you"

  29. Muhammad

    Those who play with human life should not go unpunished, it will encourage them and the others to repeat the same and those who died innocent are for sure living a better life now.
    Justice will be served in this world or hereafter.

  30. Anthony

    @JoeBobe - If you're not a "goober"ment agent then you're just thick. Notice how I made fun of your employer... er, should I say, "ruler." Where exactly are these facts that have been destroyed by proof and logic that you speak of?

    On the contrary, the only thing that's been destroyed is large air liners, several buildings of the WTC complex, a peoples trust in their gooberment, a symbolic American momument of hard labor and architecture and most importantly, some 3000+ once brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers.

    I'd encourage you and sheeple like you, to read books and study history. Not history the gooberments wants you to know but, the true history. Like, for example, The Federal Reserve, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund... Throw in a little history on David Rockefeller and people like J.P. Morgan and MAYBE you'll start to see the entire forest instead of the individual trees. While you're at it, do a bit of research on the CIA too. They are your own gooberments hired hit men. If you think the goon squad won't kill you also (or your brother, sister, mother or father) then you truly are as ignorant as you seem.

    @ Frank Lee. You took an awful lot of words to say nothing but to counter you're weak argument. Will you forgive the deliverance of a bullet to your head, too? I feel sorry for weak-minded, spineless cowards. Actually, that's not true. Survival isn't mandatory nor a universal right. Your mere mention of "Christianity" leads me to think you're super brainwashed. I guess next you'd swear the earth isn't a day over 6000 years old. "L"

  31. yourboycal

    If 9/11 turns out to be an inside job it will be a big mistake. You see america prides it self in the lies it swims in. If you expose it , milllions of hearts would be shattered. But thats not the kicker. The problem with exposing 9/11 is that you have to go back and open every major event in U.S History again. If they were bold enough to pull off 9/11 as an inside job . They will have no problem with the other events in history. WHen you expose a nation based on lies . Riots , Looting , Anarchy occures . Many countries that have trusted the U.S would get together with other countries the U.S as lied to and would attack. It would be very very ugly if you opened up the box . Sometimes i feel keeping it an inside job is best for National security . But Lying and killing your own people is unacceptable and must be exposed. THey have no problem sending armys over seas to slaughter humans do people really think they care about you . I've got a few islands i'd like to sell.

  32. Frank Lee

    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him;
    The evil that men do lives after them,
    The good is oft interred with their bones,
    So let it be with Caesar...

    Many of you are not going to like this, and I know I'm throwing petrol on a smoldering ruin here but I feel the need to say it.

    9-11 was nearly ten years ago, Please try to get over it!

    The 3000 people that died on that day have been used to justify the deaths of tens, if not hundreds of thousands. Worse, those 3000 dead have been, and are being used as a kind of political Plato's cave, a universal metaphor. Used to prove whatever theory any misguided bigot or reactionary cannot defend in any other way.
    The 'attack' was hard on the USA because America had not experienced total war in two hundred years and never experienced a thing like carpet-bombing (that it worked so hard to perfect.)
    The 'attack' provoked an understandable outburst of hysterical angst but if there is one thing Americans excel at, its communicating. So my question is; how well does 300 million people's psychotic episode need communicating and more to the point (ten years on) for how long?
    The people who lost friends and loved ones or experienced injury or trauma have my sympathy, but you need to ask yourselves how long you wish your suffering to be exploited by the unscrupulous.
    The pain of that day may well be the hardest thing that your young nation has suffered. The next thing is very much harder, to forgive.
    The people of the United States has risen to, and overcome many challenges but if you cannot master this one, I fear it may be your last.
    Finally to the than three quarters of Americans that profess to be Christian, I would remind you of the Lord's prayer.

    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.

  33. mike

    wow Allan... you have no common sense what so ever. If the government asked you to jump off a bridge you'd probably do it. Why is it so hard to believe the twin towers was a set up and 2,000 people died... when the same government has killed even more of it's own in Iraq, and the people of iraq... Oh wait!!! Yeah because Osama Bin Ladin was in afghanistan, then somehow the search turned over to Iraq and then somehow they "liberated" the entire country by killing everyone, f--king their water supply. wait a minute... the search for osama continues!!! Useing oil pipelines... cause those oil pipelines are totaly going to catch all the evil terrorists and weapons of mass destruction... fu*k allan maybe you're right man!!! Makes so much sense dude.

  34. James Luckey

    Allan, you are definitely an agent, anyone can smell your stink from a hundred miles. The ones "stamping on the memories of those lost" is you and your gang of criminals. If all the obedient hyenas like you were in those towers at the moment your bosses pulled them down, we would live in a much better world today. And your smell would be gone as well... Send the message to your evil masters: WE KNOW.

  35. JoeBobe

    Despite having every one of their "theories" [and that's being very generous on my part] totally destroyed by fact and logic, these Troofers keep surfacing. None of them will ever "prove" anything except their utter disregard for reality.

  36. Rob

    your amazing, and whats even more impressive mr butt, is that a three year old can type...

  37. Mr Butt Burglar

    Hey everyone... I just pooped myself! Am I great or what?

  38. John

    Im shocked to realize that there are still sheeple who doubts the inside job fact ignoring a huge mountain of evidence and common sense.

  39. Eff

    This tragedy (regardless of who was responsible) has created much sorrow as well as hatred. The "shock and awe" tactics was only a precursor for legislation changes, leading to a loss of freedom for the beleaguered American people. Patriots and those who lost loved ones do not want to believe otherwise.

    Governments are only puppets on a string yanked around by a selfish and greedy elite of suppose-ed "Illuminated" ones, whose only concern is power and money and global control.

    Look at the countless number of victims who surrendered their meaningful lives to senseless war (Vietnam, Irag, Afghanistan etc.) (victims from both sides) Fear and loathing in America... just as it was planned.

    The trick is to band together and forget indifferences and join the TEA PARTY.

    PS: People like Sarah Palin shouldn't get invites.

    GOD BLAST AMERICA...shouting: WAKE UP!

  40. Allan

    rtm HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A JEW ! Is that all the left can do now? Resort to calling people names and spreading conspiracy theories ?

  41. rtm

    allan you are clearly one og those jewish guys that lives inside a the special box made exactly for people just like you so to me and probably a lot of ppl you sound like a 7th grader lol

  42. rtm

    how ever think that it wasn't an inside job should just keep there opinions to themselves and simply be ignored because based on there opinions they cannot possibly have anything intelligent to say enough said ppl just ignore there blind stupidity

  43. Rob

    hear hear tyler!!!

  44. Pacha

    I don't care how many people I offend when I say that the US killed 3000 of it's own people in order to justify murdering, torturing, maiming and dehumanising millions of other people.

  45. fake name

    thanks for asking hard questions, tyler. Most people I have tried to talk to about this subject are very uncomfortable with it. I cant see why people are so afraid of the truth. It sets you free.

  46. anonymous

    and then you will have a true chance to shine like a star, mr durden.

  47. tyler durden

    Allan-If you disagree so much, wouldn't you want me to say something stupid, it works to your benefit if I do? Why then would you not encourage that? Opinion's aside, my critics are one anonymous person and a guy who reverts to name calling and censorship. I had my hopes up for this group, obviously the heavy hitters haven't arrived yet. I will reserve future posts for those with critical thinking skills.

  48. puluncoboy

    Beep Beep Where is the place?

  49. tyler durden

    Tyler Durden is my real name, I know that Fight Club movie seems to lend itself out to many who would use my the main characters name as a "handle" I make a point to stand up and say what I feel, use my real name and practice my in-alieble freedom of speech. I see as you have posted anonymously that you throw stones from the shadows, this says enough in itself. I have certainly not changed the documentary in any way, or forced any "well intentioned people" to not watch a documentary or form their own opinions. The "landmark event" your refering to comes off in a positive tone and connotation. I belong to the majority who feel as though we could have done without the events of 9-11 and would catagorize it as a negative. When we keep ignoring the facts and just anonymously call it nonsense we keep perpetuating history, by looking the other way every time, we do exactly that. Ask any victim of domestic violence, I see 9-11 as our own domestic abuse scandal. It's your future, you decide how you want to shape it, maintain the status quo of profit and perpetual war, or something else. Till this country makes up it's mind, Men like me will be on watch, we fight your battles because you can't, or won't or are against it in principle (which having been there, I deeply respect) and I pray for the day when we won't have to war any more. But to not question your government is un-american. To blindly go into harm's way without ever asking the questions "why are were here" and 'what do we hope to accomplish" is a fools game. Right or wrong we should only ever excercise the option of "war" based on truth, and when under direct threat from an enemy invasion.

  50. anonymous

    @tyler durden: "The Military Industrial Complex, and the mindset all Americans are programmed with from birth is itself responsible and continues to this day."

    i know that you're striving to be seen as a revolutionary - just like your handle - but you're only coming off as sensationalist to me. you're entitled to your views, and you're surely entitled to express them here - but i'll be the first to say that it is indeed a shame that you are getting well-intentioned people who simply wish to watch an interesting documentary over a now-historical landmark caught up in your nonsense.

  51. tyler durden

    Where's the offensive comments? Is it offensive because it's intellectual? Or because it's inquisitive, factual and reflective? Offensive because it hurts to look in the mirror? If it hurts maybe you should change something? Ignoring the truth or "shutting it down because it's not something you wanna think about is the equivalent of running away" I have lost 12 people and co-workers close to me in my 11 years of service to this country, all of them in the military 1 was from an accident during training, the rest all combat related. If I don't have a right to speak out or question then who does ? We owe them truth, whether it's nice to hear or not.

  52. Mark

    If this and anywhere else is not the place to let people know of this self inflicted pain, where is? The US Government certainly has prevented the truth from arising. Who benefits?

  53. BeepBeepImaJeep

    whether it was done by the government or not, this aint the place.

  54. tyler durden

    We create the government every year we continue to allow it to exist in it's current form, there fore throwing blame around comes full circle, the CIA is directed by the White house, the FBI is as well so are 14 other "Intelligence agencies" Who either failed us that day or didn't do enough to keep each other honest. I think the consensus is here and evident that the majority of us just don't accept the official version of the story. I've noticed a funny thing happen in that anyone who contests the official story is considered un-american or one of those conspiracy theorists. However when viewed scientifically, socially or just through common sense alone the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming and points to a government conspiracy on all counts. The stigma and fear of being labled as a consp theorist or worse keeps most people silent about what the know in their heart of hearts to be untrue. America was started by those individuals who questioned authority and wanted freedom, freedom from taxation freedom from rule by an all powerful oppressive monarchy or government. It seems that we have come full circle there as well. In todays America our founding fathers would be jetted of to a secret prison as a terrorist for dumping tea into Boston Harbor or rounded up by the IRS for tax evasion, the constitution would have been laughed right outa wall street and congress, and probably shredded by the writers of the patriot act it's replacement.The issue of 9-11 is responsible for kicking off 2 wars and the destruction of our constitution. It is used by the powers that be to continually justify bombing innocent civilians and create a civil war and insurgency in a country that never had one before we came. It has been the single best recruiting tool for our stated enemies and continues to create a huge rift and distrust from the American People to their government. I won't mention all our soldiers who have paid the ultimate price or the millions of displaced, killed and or wounded Iraqi's and Afghans. The image America is left with in the eyes of the world for our actions has not been improved and we will never fully recover. The Military Industrial Complex, and the mindset all Americans are programmed with from birth is itself responsible and continues to this day. We kill the enemy for entertainment in our video games and sell guns in our "Toy" stores, we let our kids consume and continue this behavior all the while we look the other way. The world is starving, America has a child obesity epidemic, how better to illustrate how far we've come. It's time to stop before it's too late, it's time for everyone to take a good long honest look in the mirror. I see 9-11 as a catalyst that has made some people do that, some in a positive way, some in a hateful negative way. I suppose reflecting on 9-11 and looking at us today and who we are right now in this moment, with all that's happened is the single most important thing we can do. History will teach us one thing, it repeats itself for those unwilling to reflect upon it and learn from their mistakes. If we stand a chance at a future, then it's time we all reflect.

  55. esmuziq

    i was in nyc at battery park and i was looking for the towers and then i realised the usa gov took it down
    like they sayd

    they pulled it

  56. Peeroette

    We owe the people who died the truth. Their blood cries out for it. If it was carried out or aided by higher ups in government, CIA or military, the truth should come out.

    There are many family members of the dead who do not believe the "official" story at all. Are you going to try and put a guilt trip on them too?

    The memories of those killed can only be honored by the truth, wherever it may lead.

  57. tyler durden

    It's a shame we all know the truth now, or at least enough of it to prove it was staged and yet we all feel so powerless to do anything about it. When will we stand up for those people and get all these jokers out of our government, is that even possible? The Corporate world and our top positions in government seem to be a revolving door, no matter what party is the current scapegoat. How long will we continue allowing this to go on?

  58. Allan

    Sad to see so many people stamp on the memories of those lost by still claiming that it was done by the government ...

    1. GoughLewis

      Wake up, stop thinking your government are your parents. False Flag Operations are as old as Rome. Don't you dare bring in the victims as a reason not to pursue justice and truth.

  59. SoloPocono

    Wow...memories-one I'd rather forget, but never will. I moved to Long Island from Florida in July, 2001. A friend took me to the towers in Aug. The pics say Aug 11-I'd forgotten the dates because I sent all the pics to my children. On July 28th, I began working as a dispatcher at a firehouse on LI. Although I'd been a paramedic for over 15yrs, I went on few calls until I got my cert for NY. That changed at 8:58 when my beeper went off. Because I was the only person certified in ACLS, they'd put me on a medical team. Most of the next 2 days was a blur. We got to Shea Stadium, (Staging area) about 5 minutes after the first, South, tower collapsed. About 20min later the 2nd, North Tower collapsed. Our team didn't actually go to the site until very early Thurs AM. Obviously, except for re-checking nearby buildings and helping some injured fire & police, most of the day was spent wading through almost 2 feet of ash. And even 2 days later; it was mass mahem on site. The almost constant drizzle didn't help.
    No, I KNOW that I'll never forget. Thank you for the upload.

  60. Mark

    What a joke, when will the US Government own up to its' own deviousness? Most people know it was an inside job. Time to hold those truly responsible accountable for their actions.

  61. Chillyhill

    - Never forget the destructive power of an evil and greedy government...

  62. Allan

    Never forget