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It is no secret that CIA is engaged in criminal activities around the world, some of which are quite deadly, some of which are quite provocative in the sense of laying the groundwork for large scale military conflict, and it's happening in a lot of countries. This is not unique to the United States. The United States learned some of this from the British who learned it in turn during the 19th century when they were a dominant imperial power around the world. They cut their teeth on this stuff.

The other major powers are definitely engaged and capable of these same types of operations, and small powers as well. Israel is an example. The CIA grew out of the OSS, which had been established during World War II. Its earliest years are interesting because the new president, Harry Truman, did not trust the OSS because he felt it was too dominated by parts of the Democratic Party that he didn't align himself with, so he abolished the OSS. Then they first created a smaller intelligence agency from the remains of the old OSS called the Central Intelligence Group. And that was focused on analyzing intelligence. It wasn't a covert operations agency.

In one inbox would come all information whether it was from intercepted communications, or satellite photography, or defector reports, or clandestine reports, embassy... it would all come to that one person, and that person would be "accountable." One person would be accountable for looking at that stuff, pouring through it, and if it were important, assuming it was a good analysis, that could end up on the president's desk the next morning, unadulterated synthesis of information.

About two years after that, many of the agents who had worked on the covert operation side, the paramilitary warfare operations, black operations, that sort of thing, were reestablished in an outfit called the Office of Policy Coordination. This "office" eventually grew to have about 5,000 agents in the early Cold War years, and the existence of this office was itself entirely top secret. It had no open existence at all, and it wasn't until some years later that the Office of Policy Coordination was folded into the CIA, and the CIA became an agency. CIA had both a clandestine black operations arm and an intelligence analysis arm.

The OPC was set up to organize propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, sabotage, demolition, subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.

What happened at the end of World War II when Truman disbanded the OSS? The covert operators were in the wilderness for a little while, and some of them had been leading Wall Street bankers and lawyers, and there's a certain logic there because prior to the war, the people engaged in international trade and international law were a relatively small number of people, and they were the specialists in international affairs for the United States; so for example, the man who was later to become chief of covert operations, black operations, for the CIA was a man named Frank Wisner, quite a prominent Wall Street lawyer.

Part 2: The Deep State


Part 3: The Strategy of Tension


Part 4: Necrophilous


Part 5: Drone Nation

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  1. Scottish Patriot

    omg another conspiracy theory,,,,, oh no wait these are real facts and if you cant see that your in denial.

    wake up.

  2. Glen

    There's your problem, right there.

  3. sonibvc

    Its not like this is something we all don't already know.

  4. Phil Dor

    Noam Chomsky hegemony or survival is really good for understanding this subject matter.

  5. Scottish Patriot

    Dont just pass this off as just another doom and gloom NWO doc. Its full of information that you may not know about.

    Ive watched enough of these documentary's over the years to fill my head full of information be it dis info or true im sure you don't know everything.

    When you say "we" whom are you referring to, every one on the net, this website or every one in general.

    Id like to be clear that I mean no offense to you in any way or form but you say the word "we" like you take these organizations for granted.

    I for one am not happy about this sort of mass control whether it be military, government, bankers or security firms.

    If you believe they poison our water or want to dominate the world one thing is for sure, Something is not right with these people that govern us and I will never take that for granted

    peace =)

  6. Revencher

    how do u know this are real facts?

    do u be leave everything u see on the internet or be leave every documentary u see?

    this documentary offers NO prof that can be verified.


    does the CIA brake the law? ya all the time.

    is some of the info in this correct? im sure some of it is.

    but there is a lot of BS in this film and if you are a sucker for conspiracy this move is for u.

    just remember Occam's razor

    this simplest answer is usually the correct one.

    so wake up and stop believe everything people tell u. research it own your own.

  7. sonibvc

    Having worked at an agency equivalent to the cia (but for my own country) I do not dismiss this documentary at all. It does portray the truth...this is how business is done in all such agencies and to my experience most of the ordinary people in my geo region at least are fully aware of the methods - westerners seem to be somewhat more oblivious to it probably due to the "democracy" and "free speech" bs they are fed from childhood. What amazes me is that even though the west boasts the best educational system in the world, they fail to realise that a country and a nation can not be held together by fairness and idealistic moral standards because this is not how the world works! Without force and clandestine measures the number 1 place occupied by the west will quickly erode and you, the everyday western citizen, will live tenfold worse than you live at the moment. Without your cia the world will very quickly become a more fair place where each degree increase in quality of life for an african will come at your expense! The cia and their tactic do make sure this does not happen :)

  8. pwndecaf

    These are not the secrets. These are the things that are known.

  9. SkepticalGoat

    As someone with some small firsthand experience of drug war ethos, there wasn't a lot here that surprised me. That isn't to say I didn't learn, just...not surprising.

  10. Durrutix

    A few quotes from website...

    "Extraordinary...Anyone who cares about democracy, good government, and the future will want to watch all five segments of this remarkable film."

    - Robert David STEELE Vivas, former CIA Officer

    "A compelling, prodigious work."

    - Kathy Christison, Former CIA Officer

    "A groundbreaking, much needed review of the structure and operational capability of America's intelligence bureaucracy."

    - Bo Filter, author of The Cause of Wars and Aggression

    "A tour de force…It's a film that should be screening across the US"

    - Mickey Huff

    Director, Project Censored

  11. Wayne Siemund

    Some interesting additional history included in this documentary. It lacks most of the rampant conspiracy voodoo seen in other documentaries and presents something a more rational mind can accept.
    If this documentary were filled out a bit more, it might qualify for recommendation as historical archive.

    Even in it's present form I do recommend watching and learning. We are all likely to see this situation expand and end up part of the machinery, if not already there.

  12. DigiWongaDude

    Yey! A brand new Scott Noble Film!? I had no idea this was coming! What's next? A new Adam Curtis? ...talking of which, @Vlatko,...why has The Century of Self left the recommended stage?? Great to see this one, many thanks!!! :-D

  13. AprilOneal

    BORING! I feel sorry for the people who spend their lives trying to control others and pretend their doing important work. What a waste of brain power. I hope some day their memories are all spontaneously erased, and or they're abducted by aliens and the rest of us can begin to live life as it was intended.. without all the mind game BS. PS. I made it through 15 minutes.. but had to take at least 3 brakes... One thing worse than manipulating the masses is watching documentaries on manipulating the masses.

  14. SkepticalGoat

    "Breaks". "Breaks" is the word you were groping for.

  15. SkepticalGoat

    Keep those Africans in check! It wasn't enough to load them on ships in chains, now we chain them with the IMF and the World Bank, while we suck every concievable resource out from under them, giving no thought to how our "standard of living" affects other strands in this tenuous web. Thanks surveillance state! Also, I'm not sure Africans (or Chileans, Iranians, Venezualeans, etc,) would agree about the CIA being so altruistic. or an instrument for the common good. Food for thought.
    P.S. If the west has the worlds best education, why are most PhD slots filled with exchange students?

  16. SkepticalGoat

    There are SO many historical points that are a google search away in this film. The Pentagon papers, the gulf of Tonkin and surrounding clusterf&%k. On and on. Also, (again) "BREAK" is the word you were trying for. Sheesh.

  17. sonibvc

    It does not matter how it looks to you. Big brother, not being altruistic etc. The fact is that the cia does try to promote interests. These interest may some times (or most of the times) be corporate interest or some money/resources grabbing schemes. If they are successful, eventually it trickles down to you the ordinary citizen. It may not feel that way because the benefit is indirect to most of the people (a us corp given a concession to mine resources in 3rd world country, resulting in huge profits to that corp which is then distributed to employees like ceos board of directors who then spend money back home to renovate a home which YOU maybe hired to do). If you feel that your quality of life has gone down and it aint what it used to be 20 years ago, it is because the "corporate approach" to things is not sustainable plus it becomes increasingly harder for the cia to run these schemes due to competition from other interests backup by rising economic regions. For example Africa is increasingly becoming the playground for the chinese.

  18. SkepticalGoat

    You lost me when you started quoting Regan. The only thing that "trickles down" from the power elite seems to resemble being pissed on from great height. I know my quality of life has gone down. The country I live in has degraded ten-fold in my lifetime. The biggest reason I see is pointless wars, against contrived foes/bogeymen, to further consolidate the wealth/power/ resources of the ruling cabal at the expense of THE REST OF US. No wonder you're so terrified by the thought of the "Thirld World" rising up. Because when they do, guys like you likely won't be getting much in the way of rewards. More likely, a short drop and a sudden stop, to borrow a phrase. I'll be there with popcorn when it comes. Can't. Wait.

    And no, I don't hang drywall. But thanks for the vote of confidence. Also, listening to you prattle on is like a badly dubbed audiotape of John Meynard Keys pleasuring himself. The chicago boys were wrong. Get over it.

  19. sonibvc

    I am not familiar with Meynard Keys nor do I know what Reagan said so that I can quote him. I did not mean to offend you and suggest that you are employed in a job that is beneath you - it is just figure of speech - whatever you do for a living you are part of the USA economy ( I presume you are based in the US) to which the cia is contributing with its clandestine tactics. I am not judging what the cia does. It can afford to do them so it does them. We have done the same when we could afford it. Guys like me will be fine no matter what, its the majority that will not be fine, people like you.

    I don't really want to argue. I just wanted to say that this is how the world works, states/countries and nations exist and it has been like that from the day that a group of people settled down and called it "my country/home/town".

  20. DigiWongaDude

    Yeah...well your posts are improving (thumbs up), but the substance isn't (sorry). Phil Dor suggested a Noam Chomsky doc (above), and in it, he says that the policies aren't actually that unexpected, given the history of nations in similar positions (paraphrasing). You say pretty much the same thing.

    What is not said is that when you go around 'behaving' in such a manner, it becomes inevitable that you fear the reprisals, which drives a vicious, almost merciless paranoia, of a downward spiral that we see today.

    This (in conjunction with bankruptcy) will be the downfall of the great superpower, from within. Let me use an analogy here to make my point:

    A bit like a man cheating on his wife and then getting jealous of her, because he's thinking of her in terms of what he would do. What goes around just might come around type deal.

    See my point? Well the US (and others) have behaved so badly, they must be thinking other nations, given half a chance, would do the same to them, increasing their paranoia and fear to do even more despicable acts of deviousness. In other words, the force becomes extremely counter productive.

    ...I believe Bill Gates suffered paranoia over Microsoft being gobbled up by some new IT upstart coming out of nowhere...(too).

    Anyway that's my 5c on the matter - The US Intelligence has a self inflicted, mental health disorder...oh, and it just can't handle money.

  21. SkepticalGoat

    First off, wow, if you're presumptions are any inkling of your intelligence gathering skill, you should likely find other work that suits you.

    "Guys like me will be fine no matter what.."

    I wonder if Mussolini thought that? I wonder how long being dragged through town on a meathook he kept thinking that?

    Also, for not wanting to argue, you're sure a d-bag.

    P.S. Regan coined the phrase "Trickle down economics" based on the theroies of John Meynard Keyes and the "Chicago Boys". The same m*rons that ran 1/2 of South America into the ground.

  22. SkepticalGoat

    Could not agree more Digidude. Goodonya mate.

  23. robertallen1

    And just how do you distinguish a real fact from an unreal one?

  24. robertallen1

    The CIA and all such organizations should be disbanded.

  25. megaB

    Yes, one does suppose "their" pretending to do 'important work' - and so tragic (and just darn wrong) how, in a world of such remarkable informational access, you've had to 'shout' about how darn bored you were. Weren't 3 "brakes" enough?

    One grieves over this unwarranted attack upon your 'brain power'. Might it be suggested this documentary (occasionally flawed but still some reasonable, though often recycled, at least if you've seen a few concerning such information) is essentially, for people whose memories have been, not so much "spontaneously erased", as you oddly wish (and for whom it is vague) but 'force-fed' - through a kind of intellectual laziness - such a blatantly bogus diet of 'Talking Head Revisionism' / unquestioned 'Entrainment' & infomercial BS, they've become exactly the kind of people whom can only watch something like this for 15 minutes.

    Perhaps this is due to the possibility they've become incapable of sensibly engaging with the kind of balanced and critical thought (along with an essential understanding and engagement with history) required to sift through and process, in a balanced way, alternative viewpoints: of which there are many here. Do you remember the Gulf of Tonkin 'incident', or the attack on the 'USS Liberty', or as 'SkepticalGoat' suggested, the Pentagon Papers?

    Alien abduction scenarios aside; what appears to have occurred, at least in the case of 'Shadow Governments' - along with concomitant infrastructures they possibly spawn (such as the American 'Panopticon' / prison system) - is what few (if any!) 'good people' occupying positions of power have it seems, been slowly but surely replaced with a socio-pathological element, whom, like blood fattened ticks, feed upon our freedoms, our privacy, our finances and future. In a sense 'they' (yeah, I know, the 'they' word!) are slowly undermining, even destroying our potentiality to "live life as it was intended".

    Did you fully grasp or even understand the effects of the CIA's (and MI5's) hijacking of the Australian Labour Govt. under Whitlam? - This man allowed me, though extremely poor at that time, to attend University - and also obtain treatment (under our National Health Care system) when I cut off a decent part of my finger in an encounter with a power saw. This was obviously costly surgery that (possibly under the American medical system) would have likely cost my entire finger.

    My country never truly recovered from that vicious and utterly nefarious coup; although we are obviously luckier than so many others.

    Finally, your thought's on manipulation strike me as slightly confused and somewhat illogical: Still, I wish you well and celebrate the fact you (currently) retain the freedom to choose to reject such an engaging piece of documentation. Perhaps, sooner than later, such choices as these may become something people may have to fight to regain the right to even view, and again, as you mentioned, "live life as it was intended".

  26. DigiWongaDude

    Er...ok, I'll go easy. Scott Noble has made some of the best documentaries (available free) I've seen...ever...and they are all here on TDF. Ok not some bible of irrefutable Truth, but if you research what you've seen, you'll have your 'proof' that it's not BS.

    But I would seriously like to know, if you know of something here that is BS...seriously.

    You have taken Occam's razor dangerously out of context...dangerously.

    ...Let me ask you this, is your post a psychological backlash at the possibility of such truths? If could be that you are just waking up.

    Follow the white rabbit... ;-)

  27. DigiWongaDude

    Helluva 1st post!

  28. DigiWongaDude

    There's a fresh honesty about your post...respect.

  29. megaB

    Thank you Mr DigiWongaDude: Some positive input is appreciated in a cyber-environment so prone to argy bargy, and in which few are likely to ever actually meet over a cold one... And, mainly of course for dealing with the 'Occam's Razor Incident' - which was most definitely in need of prompt attention!

  30. Earthwinger

    Indeed! In fact, to paraphrase one of satans little helpers "these are the known knowns, that we know we know" ;)

  31. Earthwinger

    I've just finished watching part three, and so far so good. I've watched all the other Scott Noble films, and whilst a lot of the content was already known to me (a point that some commentators here seem to take issue with), I think he has quite a talent for pulling together narratives in such a way that it encourages the viewer to re-examine the familiar, and reconsider it again but from a wider perspective, and I think there's a lot of value in that.

  32. TheTruthInLies

    ...And the only thing worse than manipulating the masses and watching documentaries about manipulating the masses is reading comments on documentaries about manipulating the masses

  33. Aleksandar Daic

    Great doc...must see. Many details that I did not know...I will go back to re-watch this one from time to time...

  34. Revencher

    excuse my spelling im extremely dyslexic

    I am sure this doc holds some truth but then jumps to conclusions that have no fact. like the oss i learned about them from learning how the vet nam war started. this doc also scews facts in a bies way.

    and lets put this plain and simple.

    if you really want to find out some thing really lern how to research something then research it your self.

    you can post anything on the internet doc are made by people and tend to be bias. plain and simple. and any 1 that takes a doc for fact is a fool.

    as for Occam's razor
    Occam's razor (also written as Ockham's razor from William of Ockham, and in Latin lex parsimoniae) is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness
    used in logic and problem-solving. It states that among competing
    hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be
    selected. In other words, the simplest explanation is usually the
    correct one.

    one of the things i would like to know is how do they know so much about a secret socity's inner workings? how did they get there info?

    then they say things in a way that it sounds like a fact without stating it as fact.

    they do have witnesses. but who are they and how can you back their statements? do you really know what jobs they held? can it be proven? why did they leave their jobs? (you cant just take their words on how this happened).

    plain and simple you cannot except things for fact with out proof.

  35. Revencher

    agent don't believe everything you read on the internet, remember 2012? i can still find pages telling me the world is going to end on 12/12.

  36. Revencher

    we have no clue who u are or what you have done so your word means jack as proof of anything but your views.

    I myself have a lot of research in to gov agencys and time spent in places i am not supposed to talk about but it means jack because no one can verify what i have done.

  37. robertallen1

    What happened with Jacob Arbentz in Guatemala is hardly a myth, the same with Allende in Chili. And let's not forget the Bay of Pigs.

  38. jackmax

    Great 1st post and welcome to TDF from a fellow Aussie

  39. AlwaysLearning

    Right On!

  40. AlwaysLearning

    Exceptional compilation of historic events. A must see for anyone with an insatiable appetite for the truth about Counter Intelligence.

  41. CapnCanard

    Scott Noble has created perhaps the best films on modern power-"The Power Principle", on public relations-"Psywar" and now on the CIA, the NSA, et al-"Counter-Intelligence" and shows us how we are duped and lead like lambs to the slaughter. It is another excellent set of films that expose the guilty interests of the wealthy and powerful. I am reminded of George Carlin's last few performances/rants and his statement was something to the effect of: " forget the politicians they're only there to give you the illusion that you have a choice..."

  42. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    #1 @ 00:08:48... ah the trappings of "the cool crew"...

  43. Revencher

    as they take advantage of the 3rd world country.

  44. Revencher

    the thing is that greed is ruling the world and every time man has gotten to the point in which a few have all the power things go horribly wrong. we have tried trickle down economics sense Raygon and it doesn't work. the so called "job creators" create jobs in China not many in the US.

    we have extremely rich people getting away with crimes just because they are rich, thing that would put poor people away for a very long time. the government is here to protect the people not corps, right now the corps own the government and all the corps care about is making money.

  45. CapnCanard

    Wayne Siemund not a bad comment, though "rampant conspiracy voodoo seen in other documentaries"? I would say that these Scott Noble films lay it all bare with stark clarity even more so than what most people may wrongly think of as wild conspiracy films. The label of "conspiracy" is all it takes for the propaganda to work to undermine our perception of reality.

  46. Earthwinger

    I've now watched all five parts, and once again Scott Noble has produced yet another piece of work that I think, should be essential viewing, especially for young people. I also think it's quite telling that such important documentaries as these, seem to be consistently ignored by the mainstream media.

    I also want to mention the narrator Mikela Jay, who's style, which is neither too sensationalist or too detached, strikes just the right balance, never gets in the way of the narrative, but instead adds a great deal to it.

    If you haven't already watched Scott Noble's other films, then I recommend that you do. Share them with your friends and family while you're at it.

  47. dewflirt

    Hands up if you feel like a chocolate teapot. If knowledge is power, we all should be invincible after watching this. Instead I find myself wondering if it might be possible to storm parliament armed with nothing but a clapped out bike and a crochet hook. The world needs more mittens!

  48. CapnCanard

    Earthwinger I too have just finished watching all 5 parts and this stuff may be the most important information yet compiled. I see it as completely unsustainable, but on positive note I believe that it will collapse under it's own weight ending badly within the next 10 to 50 years. It could be a very rough ride but I hope to hell not. The drones will be watching. If not now, then soon..

  49. oldfox

    I'll watch the video for sure, but I have to say:

    1.) "About two years later" from WHAT? Harry Truman never got any benefit from satellite imagery!

    2.) "It's no secret that the CIA is engaged in criminal activities around the world, some of which are quite deadly, some of which are quite provocative in the sense of laying the groundwork for large scale military conflict, and it’s happening in a lot of countries."

    Of COURSE it's a secret!!! Every single one of such operations is exactly that--a Secret. Activities constituting crimes in foreign jurisdictions especially are Secret. They could not be anything else or our CIA lawyers would be tied up all around the globe defending criminal cases and disclosing all their practices and methods! How can you (the writer of this drivel) make such totally contrary to the facts statements?

    I hope the video is good, but this blurb is way sub-optimal.

  50. Vlatko

    The blurb is actually an imperfect transcript of the first 5 minutes of the first video. (an interview with several people).

    Those operations are of course legally and formally SECRET, but they're not secret in the sense that EVERYONE speculates about them (interviews with politicians, former agents, whistleblowers, document leakage, etc.).

    So when one says "It is no secret that CIA is engaged in criminal activities around the world", it makes a lot of sense, and indeed it's not a secret.

  51. oldfox

    "Those operations are of course legally and formally SECRET, but they're not secret in the sense that EVERYONE speculates about them (interviews with politicians, former agents, whistleblowers, document leakage, etc.)."

    Good try, Vlatko, but by that definition, the existence of God is a "secret," as is the sex life of Lindsay Lohan, the deliberations of Congress, and the climax ending of every prime time soap opera on TV.

    It's a ridiculously inappropriate cliche in this context to the extent of becoming an oxymoron. Like a jumbo shrimp, moderate Taliban, or gay sex.

  52. jackmax

    That also where you are mistaken, the only person how can't verify on your behalf is you.
    It is everybody else that you have had contact with during that said period are the only ones the can verify your claims, as well as the paperwork trail that is involved in any government department no mater how secret you may think it is.

  53. Revencher

    one thing i would like to say i think people are miss understanding is that im saying any of this is imposable, i think just about anything is posable. i disagree with docs like this as source of information because they don't put the docs together in a way that there are a lot of holes that need to be filled

    IE: Skull & Bones 7:27
    they never state where they are getting the information from except in one part where it talks about Geronimo it says "according to internal records". who's records? and how did they get them? if you want to prove things you need to show where you are getting your facts from. and don't give me this is stuff that's already known. because it is not and more over this doc is trying to convince people that it is telling the truth. and you cant do that with how showing how you got the information.

    if you feel something is common knowledge do this test.
    go to a major mall and ask about 50 people if they know about what you think is common knowledge if over 51% do then there is a good chance it is common knowledge. otherwise it most likely is not.

  54. Revencher

    you take for granted that every one watching this doc knows about who ever you are talking about. we don't. i don't have the faintest clue what you are talking about. this doc it trying to convince me of something that i don't know i really be-leave and not offering me any real way to fact check. they don't even give sources for most of what they are talking about. why should i be leave someone or a doc on just what they say? if i told you i was the president? would you be leave me?

  55. jackmax

    Even over here we see your government having senate select committees and the like on all matters that sections of the sitting members have concerns about and also for your information all classified document have a shelf life in that after a set period that material may be down graded or de-classified.
    I also think that wikileaks and the like have ensured that thing that governments where trying to keep quite and still found there way to the public domain plays a part in the knowledge the layman or punter now has access to.

  56. DigiWongaDude

    @Revencher: "I myself have a lot of research in to gov agencys and time spent in places i am not supposed to talk about"

    ...if that were even remotely true, you would clearly know what @robertallen1:disqus was talking about. (Filed under "Government Agency Research 101")

    You have shown yourself up with this one response: "i don't have the faintest clue what you are talking about".

    I have one [rhetorical] question: Why???

  57. Revencher

    i know my government if corrupt, i don't know of one that isn't and if i did id move there. that's not the problem. the world is full of it. the problem is the way the docs are put together. it is simple they teach it in English 101. and until they fill in how and where they are getting the information most people will rightfully disregard it.

    hell you guys could be right i don't know. but even if you all are right the doc still has major holes which makes most people suspicious. and would you trust something you were suspicious of?

  58. jackmax

    With a little research you may have learned something about what Robert is talking about.
    One of the best thing about watching and conversing with other over the subject matter seen in these documentaries is the chance to improve your knowledge. And by your last post that is not something your prepared to do.

  59. AprilOneal

    Quite long... (8

  60. DigiWongaDude

    Take plenty of brakes. ;-)

  61. AprilOneal

    I'm sorry what? I gave up reading long replies like this.. maybe u could paraphrase or pick an important part.. I got to the part where you were trying to figure out why I was bored.. It's cuz I started dating again, so what's the saying about when u assume? I'll fill u in on a bit of reality since your head's up the CIA's butt right about now.. Personal life is what's important.. not this BS about what goes on behind so many closed doors.. They can go on tricking you and whoever else into believing they have power over others, but at the end of the day.. They're masters of illusion, not reality. Actors.. not all-intelligent forces to be reck'nd with. They're incredibly stupid for choosing to use their influence for war instead of the betterment of the race.

  62. AprilOneal

    O craps, how imbarassing.

  63. megaB

    Touché! You make some very reasonable points, inferring - I believe - that through the seeking of and attempting to understand - and 'reside within' that, which is 'ultimately real' or transcendent (to our subjective
    inner / egoic 'narrations') can neither be sullied nor besmirched by the machinations of state / shadow sponsored actors.

    I've always kept a picture of that 'Saigon monk', immolating himself - Unmoving and so far beyond the toxic karma of those who sought to oppress him (and his order), it seems a galaxy could roll between them - and
    never touch each other. Yet he did it anyway.

    This incredible act of protest has often been in a sense, to me, something of a Zen quandary... When one has the ability to sit cross-legged and burn - horrifically - to death, while at the same time remaining to all appearances, utterly serene... What was the point?

    He was in ways (mostly inconceivable to me) 'free' and yet obviously still 'affected' by particular malicious forces of 'external reality':
    You know... 'Our world'... Could this be the interface of an obviously deep personal
    freedom, being forced to react to those whom you (dare I suggest) assume cannot, do not, never can, nor will affect you?...

    Pretending - just for a second - that I'm not actually peeking about in the rear end of 'The Agency', I agree: 'they' are, as you stated, incredibly stupid for choosing to use their influence for war etc.

    So, should we ignore it, or, 'them', and carry on regardless - or both? Through being aware of such forces, whilst at the same time attempting to seek liberation from the bondage of suffering and death?

    PS: Good for you, to be "dating again": I certainly won't assume that you're bored then... One trusts it augers
    well for the flowering of love. Then again, being a 'Company Man', or at least,
    having "my head up the CIA's butt right about now", really hammers my social life. Oh boy...
    You really gotta see what they're doing up there... All the flashlight's in the world couldn't begin to shine a light on their - sorry... 'our', Machiavellian meddling)

  64. Earthwinger

    Yep, I totally agree with you. Here in the UK, the economy is staggering along on it's knees and getting worse by the day. The EU project is also lurching from one crisis to the next. The whole thing reminds me of one of those plate spinning acts, Personally, I doubt they can keep it going for another fifty years before it all comes crashing down, and truth be told, I think it's a case of the sooner the better. That way the pain, although undoubtedly bad, probably wouldn't be quite as bad as it could be. I'm just consoling myself with the fact that I'm already at the bottom of the heap, so it won't be *that* far a fall for me.

    What I find interesting in the current climate, is how the mainstream media over here, especially the BBC, are busy spinning propaganda for the government. If I were to believe the beeb, I would no doubt think that spying on us makes us safer, and re-inflating the housing bubble with more bad debt, will save the economy. It's like hopped up Orwellian doublespeak. I give it all twenty years at most.

  65. Earthwinger

    *gives a mitten-less wave*

    Round my way we say "chocolate fire guard" I think yours is better though. :)

    I think that change is happening, and films like this are really helping. I watched Question Time last week, and it warmed my heart to see just how cynical the audience were of the politicians or that dreadful woman from The Daily Mail. We've a way to go yet, but (mittened) fingers crossed we'll get there. :)

  66. DigiWongaDude

    I saw that too! Wow that woman got heckled and then some. Quite rightly too!

  67. dewflirt

    Hey wings, glad you're back and that the cockles of your heart are snug :)
    Its true, that air of general mistrust is becoming a real pea soup fog. Did you see The Spirit of '45 last night? you might remember Dot, she spoke of the absolute responsibility of the older generations to explain the 'vision of 1945' What cradle to grave really means, and what is meant by common ownership and sharing. She has a point, but I think people are already starting to realise or remember what's important. Maybe I was wrong about the mittens, what the world needs now is glove sweet glove ;)

  68. dewflirt

    What's really shocking is Boris Johnson.... Actually I'll just leave that as it is. Need I say more?

  69. CapnCanard

    EW, yes, they always rationalize their behavior as what is best for the Citizens, the poor unwashed masses/schmucks. It is my opinion that here in 'Murica our problems are mostly due to ignorance and religion--generally you can't have one without the other, they go hand in hand. I've been seeing this NSA whistle blower dust up re Edward Snowden... This is probably gonna get ugly-er... too much garbage. Just one more sign that the USA may be in it's death throes and is starting to show some serious decay at the 'Tree of Liberty'. It looks like a dying rat has crawled under the bed to die and now the smell of that rotting flesh has become pervasive... and persistent.

  70. DigiWongaDude

    I thought Russell Brand was meant to be the token comedian? I do likes Boris tho. I know, but hey his name's Boris! :-D

  71. DigiWongaDude

    Unfortunately, SkepticalGoat was unable to respond to your comment due to his spontaneous combustion.

  72. dewflirt

    My Grandad had a labrador named Boris ;)

  73. pwndecaf

    It's on the internet. Can't trust that info.

  74. Earthwinger

    I have a spider that's been living on my kitchen window ledge for the last year or so, that I've named Boris. I'm thinking now though, that perhaps I could have picked a more appropriate name, as I recently noticed an egg sack in the web. Oh well, she'll always be Boris to me. :)

  75. Revencher

    never said that you cant trust everything on the internet. there are a lot of lies and truth on the internet. the trick is finding out what is and is not true.

    now how about you guys trying to be open minded and actual look at whats being said.
    watch the doc i posted then watch this doc and compare them. or even better do some research on how much you should trust docs. i think you will find media is media and there making the doc to make money or further a cause. in aether case it means that doc are bias and not always true. and personally i don't expect you to take my word. but take what i have said and honestly watch the doc and try figure out just from the doc how they are getting there info? then makeup your own mind.

  76. DigiWongaDude

    Well I...had that 70's/80's game called Stop Boris! Remember that? A 'huge' spider (childlike embellishment - edit: I just searched it on Youtube... it WAS huge!) with big red eyes that crawled across a mat and you had to shoot it with a zap gun. (Later, I took it to bits to see how it worked, and then it didn't)

  77. DigiWongaDude

    Having gently shown you to be closed minded (posted below), you are now calling for others to be open minded. Interesting. I watched your above link months ago.

    Let me address your real issue. The section of film you are referring to concerns the validity or proof surrounding claims over Skull & Bones. It's a secret fraternity shrouded in mystery with little known knowledge. As such, this documentary does a fair portrayal by including footage of a Kerry interview discussing (not denying) its existence. There are many other videos and interviews on Youtube too (39,500). From which you can make up your own mind about what is essentially, a mystery.

    Scott Noble's documentary does not discredit itself in any shape or form by way of its including this section (or footage), and it's place is not gratuitous, because of the subject matter being covered.

  78. robertallen1

    What bothers me most about the documentary is the way it is put together. First of all, there are long sequences with garbage in the background which do nothing. Second, there are too many long speeches. There is nothing more boring (except perhaps to a religee) than listening to someone moralizing. Third, the series could have benefitted by judicious editiing and better organization. It appears to be no more than a prolix hodge podge. Except for the events I know something about, such as the Arbenz government in Guatemala, the Allende government in Chili (both which were only glossed over although the hard evidence is overwhelming), the Viet-Nam war. I cannot pass judgment on the quality of the content.
    One question I keep asking myself is if the CIA is so secretive (and no doubt it is), how did so many former CIA personnel manage to blow the whistle? How did so many journalists manage to obtain the information they did?

  79. DigiWongaDude

    I think if you watched the others Scott Noble made, it's obvious that 90% of this movie contains previously unseen footage from those same interviews (the interviewees are wearing the same clothes, sitting in the same seats). Therefore, although this series only covers specific topics, the others will likely cover the rest. This series should be seen as a chapter of his work (imo). As for the style and editing...well you could say the narrator's voice is hypnotically sending you to sleep, it's just personal preference. I won't fault it.

    As for the exposures of secrets, there is a long, widely held belief that Washington can't keep secrets. I think that partly explains it, or at least shines light on the problem. But I like to believe that it can and does - there are just so many secrets that Washington is bursting at the seams with them and the overspill gives us the impression that it can't keep any of them.

    We are very easily deceived, and the onion has many, many layers for us to speculate over. Hence Scott Noble, Adam Curtis and the like.

  80. Revencher

    actualy if u really knew me you would find i am quite openminded and i beleave anything is posable. i just beleave in getting prof before saying it is a fact. which is i guse the main difrence betwine me and most peole in the argument.

    sound like to me you are taking this personaly and you are the one that cant keep an open mind.

    It's a secret fraternity shrouded in mystery with little known knowledge.

    so how do they know so much?

    they say a lot of things besides GW and Kerry being in S&B but offer no proof.

    ie how do they know what is in there meating place?
    how did they get the records and where are the records from?
    they imply a lot and prove little. that is my problem with this doc.

  81. Revencher

    and how can i trust a doc like this?

  82. I AM POP SLAG.

    i believe the term is not just an oxymoron- its more than that -way more than that- it is an absurd and patent untruth-
    A culturally constructed logical fallacy of fantastical and deluded proportion
    borne of a ruthless, insidious manipulation of the psyches of all mankind.
    Just think for a second....

    A widely known legal and formal secret.
    What? thats not a jumbo shrimp its black calling itself white and us accepting it.

    We do have a term for this though with a specific and better described name -
    ladies and gentlemen, I give you!
    the ever present number one enemy of all the people everywhere who still wish to communicate with actual meaningful words!
    I give you the ugly beast and product of accepting lies as truth:

    The programmed consensual terminology or in other words

    the orwellian mind programming which leads to logical fallacy being accepted as truth-
    This is the biggest secret of all- that there are two secrets- and one of them isnt secret...

    actual true double meaning for words.
    one reads "secret" and the other "SECRET" and its vey difficult to get this point across for some reason...

  83. I AM POP SLAG.

    The burning monk score reached 100 crozzled monks this year...or was it 99?
    A desperate and hideously beauteous act yet totally pointless.
    If awareness solved injustice Bono would be a loved and admired king - he isnt. hes just a total tosser.

    You want a flake with that? or just the toasted nuts?

  84. I AM POP SLAG.

    "The only thing that "trickles down" from the power elite seems to resemble being pi*sed on from great height."
    beautiful... just beautiful...
    there are some truly very good writers crawl ing about in the tdf underpages.

  85. Durrutix

    the sources are available on the website.

  86. Vinnie Chavez

    So this is what the rich people are about and the U.S. Gov wow

  87. dewflirt

    Good old Jarvis, never one to mince his words. I've been smiling all morning after reading that Ecuador has told the US to take a running jump!

    "Ecuador will not accept pressures or threats from anyone, and it does not traffic in its values or allow them to be subjugated to mercantile interests," government spokesman Fernando Alvarado said at a news conference. In a cheeky jab at the U.S. spying program that Snowden unveiled through leaks to the media, the South American nation offered $23 million per year to finance human rights training.
    The funding would be destined to help "avoid violations of privacy, torture and other actions that are denigrating to humanity," Alvarado said. He said the amount was the equivalent of what Ecuador gained each year from the trade benefits.
    "Ecuador gives up, unilaterally and irrevocably, the said customs benefits," he said.

    From Reuters.

    Tickled me pink :)

  88. Earthwinger

    LOL......I love the video of Obama at the press conference, where he talks about other countries obligations to abide by international law.! Proper made me chuckle, that. :)

  89. pwndecaf

    Oooh, that is good!

    Also watched a Utube video the other day of an Irish parliamentarian (Clare Daly) boldly stating Obama should be brought before the Hague for war crimes and scolded the present government in Northern Ireland for kowtowing to US interests for a little trade.

    She was good. Blowback is in the air.

  90. dewflirt

    Don't think I've seen that, I'm off Obama anyway. He says 'er' to often, anyone needing that much thinking time is either fibbing or making it up as he goes. Maybe he can't hear himself think over his orchestra of whistle blowers. General whatsisname Cartwright is on the naughty list now, something to do with stuxnet and Iran :)

  91. dewflirt

    I'm going to have to find that, I always did love a good blowback - almost as good as a hot bath head rush ;)
    Edit, not hard to find. Wonderful rant :)

  92. Earthwinger

    Wow....I think I love that woman! :)

  93. robertallen1

    And as a U.S. citizen, so am I. If you don't wish the embarassment, don't do the embarassing deeds.

  94. jackmax

    G'day Robert

    To answer your question about my opinion on the CIA's involvement in the Whitlam Government once again as the other has gone to the TDF graveyard......

    In my opinion the CIA involvement in the Gough Whitlam dismissal was a major contributing factor if we start looking into the reforms and policies he and his government put in place that may have appeared to be not in the USA's interest.
    During the time in office the Gough government introduced the abolishment conscription, the withdrawal of Australian Troops in Vietnam and the negotiation of diplomatic relations with China, as well as some extremely good internal reforms. eg, Medicare (a national health care system for all Australians), abolished university fees and introduced the racial discrimination act.
    With the above policies and the others that were introduced and that were in the planning and bill stage, the CIA or the US government knew that Gough had never been or ever will be another puppet to the US as most coalition PM's appeared to be before hand and now with another four changes of government and another by the end of this year puppet strings to the coalition seem to be as strong as they have ever been.

  95. robertallen1

    This is what makes me ashamed to be an American. You might want to read up on Jacob Arbenz of Guatemala and Salvador Allende of Chili, both of which the documentary glossed over for who know what reason.

  96. DigiWongaDude

    Yeah it's as I suspected, those areas are covered in more detail by Scott Noble in "The Power Principle" 'chapter' (another lengthy 3 parter, that may not be up your street).

    The documentaries I tend to cite for those atrocities, that focus heavily on The Chicago Boys, is Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine (2007)" and the PBS production of (the less emotional, counter perspective) "Commanding Heights - The Battle for the World Economy (2002)". Lots of excellent viewing there (though I appreciate you're suggesting reading).

  97. pwndecaf

    I am going to watch The Power Principle again. I did enjoy it at least once before. If the others are available, they are next.

  98. Vinnie Chavez

    I have read a book called Tragedy and Hope by Corroll Quigley it is very Good if there anybody that has too I would like hear there side of what they think?? walk in peace Bro and Sis;

  99. Vinnie Chavez

    Part 4 is sad and makes me feel real bad it is a conundrum for me.!

  100. jackmax

    I have had disdain for some of our governments decisions and policies, yet I love my country and consider myself a extremely proud Aussie.

    I have a number of friends from the US and I've "meet" some Americans I that are reasonable and intelligent.

    My opinion of the USA as a nation is extremely low, and whilst the powers to be in your country are allowed to be seen as the world police.

    I have seen the poor state of your health and education system and considering the annual budget, as an American being ashamed of the current policies, is understandable

    I know that the Australian government has a great deal of work to do to help our people achieve there maximum potential, but they are now putting the education and health system first and foremost. I'm not saying that our government is achieving the best results but they are improving and especially in the education area. To see our current government putting our children future first beyond there own personal gain of power.

    All government have there secret service and departments with in the defense force that are kept secret which I basically agree with. If it wasn't my government having the secrecy act in all honesty I may not be here today.

  101. Durrutix

    You should watch "The Power Principle", by the same director. Studies in depth both of those coups.

  102. Sieben Stern

    Part 4: 1:15:00 - religious apologist bullsh*t. She's using a modern interpretation and not what the texts meant when they were written. She's not getting those morals from the torah, bible, or koran.
    Love you neighbor. Unless they're a non believer, or god tells you it's ok to kill.

    Other than that I find these videos quite interesting; more fact than tin hat.

  103. Ben Ward

    non profit film

  104. Psych3d

    I hope much of this information gets spread within the general public. Most of us around here are already pretty much informed on how this system works... but we have to get the truth out to many many more in order to be able to revolt and change the current mindset/paradigm. Only then can we start with a clean slate and make the world a better place for ALL the people, based on TRUE values while caring for the fundamental rights of everyone: food, water, clothing, housing, freedom. The rest is merely distraction...

  105. Vinnie Chavez

    Part 4 I see at 32:11 they ad and play up the face to make it more for you to belabor.or believe.??

  106. Lastviewer

    The quotes about the past USA abuses take too long. References to the School of the Assasins in the US & Panama. I mean, who in the world doesn't know about that? Some-1 with no education. Same for the other war crimes in Vietnam, Chili, Iran etc, etc...
    It may be proper to menton these witin the goal of this docu but...
    Anyhow, the point of that docu hiding behind this profusion of references is that the USA Elile may well have figure out that the right geograhical region where money is stached and easy to grab is within their own borders. Coze in the end, those guys don't have a drop of national pride.
    The other anecdotes I took in consideration is the religious extremist (Christan or whatever of the same style) presence in the USA.
    I seen a docu B-4 but rather though that "Their Thing" was solely religious. In the end, religion is for any homosapien a pretxte for grabbing other belonging.
    Makes me wonde: What will it be when the citizens wil decide enough of all those crimes? They sure don't have the firepower their Elite have. And without civil rights or rules of law...
    Better not set a foot in that country. Stay aloof.
    Viewed once is enough.

  107. gunk wretch

    Yes your personal life is all that is important, never mind the people suffering in latin america or around the world, ignore how the military industrial complex has taken control of the country, ignore all the people in prison for drug charges so that the CIA can hike up prices on the black market... yaaaawn its all sooo boring when you are the only important thing in the whoooole world, all those peoples pain is all just an illusion. Or is it that this total lack of concern and compassion for other people is how such groups get in to power in the first place? Complacency with tyranny is demonstrably how it gets stronger, so maybe you should figure out what ass your head is up and pull it out and realize their are other things going on in REALITY, rather than your little love affairs, which are actually just escapist denial induced by your A.D.D. brainwashing.

  108. gustave courbet

    I appreciate your skepticism. Sources need to be thoroughly scrutinized and researched. That said, this documentary series gives you the jumping off point to do just that. I suggest tracking down the writings of those included and look at their scholarship. I would suggest the writings of Peter Dale Scott and Russ Baker for starters. It can be tedious and grueling work to track down sources and quality research, but I find the information gleaned to be fascinating and worth-while.

  109. Durrutix

    Sources are on the website.

  110. Nothing_Is_Real

    Don't let your intelligence predominate over your intellectual capasity

  111. Nothing_Is_Real

    I guess that means you watch" mainstream media" and trust that? Good luck with that. :)

  112. Nothing_Is_Real

    It's not education, it' indoctrination and those over indoctrinated believe what they are told without questioning anything. So if I were you I wouldn't say" no education is" is a bad thing.

  113. Nothing_Is_Real

    Oh , by the way , learn how to spell genius.

  114. Nothing_Is_Real

    Who cares what they are called. The idea is that the rich and powerful have secret meetings and groups to determine what they want to do without the consent of any world governments or any citizens. Unless you are over indoctrinated you can see it around you every day and proof of a doc. is the least of the problems.

  115. Nothing_Is_Real

    Your focus seems to be exclusively on Skull & Bones, you are either trying to disproof such things or want to join them.

  116. Nothing_Is_Real

    Then I suggest that you make a proper documentary and show us how it should be done.

  117. Nothing_Is_Real

    If you lie to most sheeple long enough they will begin to see it as the truth. The sheeple would rather be opiately happy then to risk having to fight that others will have it better. The true nature of sheeple is self-centered to the extreme.

  118. pwndecaf

    You missed a lot of deleted comments. I was being sarcastic.

  119. AprilOneal

    Says you.. don't waste your time. My love affairs are more rewarding than anything that will ever occur in most peoples lives. (8 I do what I can to reveal the disgusting acts occurring in plain sight, but if u believe it's more important to pay attention to the problems than the enjoyable events in life, u may want to talk to a professional about that. It sure did me some good.

  120. robertallen1

    I owe these people nothing and they owe me nothing. I live my life and they live theirs.

  121. WTC7

    One of the best documentaries, or series of documentaries, I've ever seen on the topic of US politics, foreign and domestic, its despicable support of even more despicable autocrats worldwide and the clandestine reasons behind it, the current fascist trends in domestic and imperialistic ones in foreign policy. Presents a good introduction to historical events and the hideous role of the US with its various agencies in them for those who don't know (much) about these events but would like to explore them further. Reveals the US foreign policy as the policy working in the interest of corporate and other elites, introduces some extremely important details through interviews with people who researched particular events, or particular themes, or particular patterns of the US foreign policy in detail, interviews with people who took part in certain historical events personally or were working for the various state security agencies, frequently backed with factual evidence in the form of video and other archive materials. The series rises awareness of the US gradually but surely becoming a fascist state. I recommend it to everyone as a good introduction into research of the events in the past and a substantiated warning of the things to come.

  122. WTC7

    Of course the CIA operations are secret, at the time they are taking place. But 30 or more years later they are not a secret any more. Do you want to say that the involvement of the CIA in the overthrow of Mosaddegh or their involvement with the Contras in Nicaragua are a secret nowadays? Or the proposed false-flag Norhtwoods operation (even though it never took place)? They are historical facts and in terms of international law, they are criminal activities.

  123. fratdawgg23

    The players change, but the USA's game remains the same: protection and enrichment for the American Big Business.

  124. Douwe Beerda

    Just an awesome documentary, every person should see this, and maybe it's time to rewrite some history books with the light on this information.

  125. englishjakes

    i ask you this before seeing this documentary have u ever heard of CIA whistle blowers? i had not but when i bring this up and show people they say "its fake or the government wouldn't do that" without even researching the subject. most people dont want to question the government and they assume all is well because it scares the crap out of them to even think about government being corrupt.

  126. englishjakes

    People in the US wonder why people all around the world hate them? jealousy lmfao (sorry to the non-ignorant Americans). skynet is here!!!

  127. robertallen1

    And that hatred is deserved.

  128. Grinner Galahad Guffaw

    You hate the American people because the US intelligence community has a history of corruption? The citizenry has no function in policy making. You are aware of this, aren't you? If you hate us then you must hate us for our complacency to which I can say I understand. But what are we to do? What would you have us do? Short of violent revolution how else are we to be if not complacent? We're victims: lied to and powerless to effect real change in our society, and for this you hate us all?

  129. Judith1960

    That was excellent! Just one thing. There could be terrorist as there are criminals in all walks of life. They are also civilians.

  130. englishjakes

    i never said i personally hate Americans. people around the world hate Americans because their government does alot of messed up *hit and then claims its for the american people. Most Americans dont even care enough to find out the truth, to busy with facebook probably.

  131. Paul Jenkins

    Pretty sure Grinner partially explained why the hatred was, in fact, undeserved. Add to complacency a corporate media in bed with the government. I think the much larger problem is in fact the media and the perpetuation of the idea that the U.S. only does "bad things" if they are the lesser of evils. So Robert, you just saw movies detailing how deceptive the government and media were but you expect Plumber Joe (typical American) to a). view these movies b). believe these movies against everything Plumber Joe has seen in the corporate media? So just answer those and determine how deserved U.S. citizens are of hatred because of the actions of their government. This film doesn't even mention how the main instrument of change, the voting ballot, has been corrupted. So getting change in the U.S. means a full-on revolt. A revolt against the government, the media and the corporations. Personally, I think none of that will happen and the global banks are just going to collapse the U.S. government. Then we might see change.

  132. DeJuan Martin

    like watching a real life documentary of satan

  133. DrStrangelove

    From the local drug dealers to the head of governments, it is clear that the world is just full of nasty b*stards.

  134. james

    Excellent doc...shame on America! you will reap what you sow!!!!!

  135. DogTanian382

    I wouldn't say I hate Americans, I pity them they have been lied to there whole lives. They need to come to terms with that there country was build on Blood and founded by Freemasonry. 4th of July, Presidents day, Thanksgiving its all a bunch of Bull. If i dislike them for anything its there Government (how can you still vote on a 2 party system are your people that stupid) and they Butchered the English language, Its Colour not color, Football NOT soccer

  136. Adela

    1. Why the whole world is literally dying to come to live in the USA?
    2. You think all other governments AND their people are clean, better than the USA???
    3. Are you a citizen (legally) of the USA? If you are unhappy, go try to live in a Middle East country or Mexico or similar then come back and tell us how you hate your own country!
    4. Are you a foreigner? DO NOT COME TO MY COUNTRY!!!

  137. DogTanian382

    I realized that it was unfair of me to criticize them on that and i apologize.

  138. survivor

    adela all i can say to you is ignorance is bliss. :)
    carry on thinking your better than the rest of the world and you deserve to rule all others to achieve your national interests! arrogant americans!

  139. jsm

    one small but necessary point is that there were several affiliations made between embryonic but widespread socialist and anarchist South American labor unions (under the CSLA); and the RILU (the true peoples Soviet) after WW1. The Stalin Administration shut down the socialist RILU and established the centralist VTsSPS for the CCCP just before WW2 and the links were broken. After WW2 some South American unions reformed under CTAL which affiliated with the WFTU.

    This is only to say that there did exist Russian/South American socialist relationships, as indeed the RILU affiliated with groups in China, Europe, & Africa. Likewise, the CIA recruited from, and infiltrated the AFL. The AFL formed PAFL to amalgamate Central American unions, but with limited success. But the Documentary above is right, this was over post-WW2.

    perhaps the CIA were acting on old data? ;-)

  140. Ian Slimian Ludwick

    lol you do know you live in beautiful country that people want to see?

    As for, "do not come to my country" Are you a native american? I bet you are not. So it is not your country, is it? You stole it from a people, that welcomed you with open arms. Then you killed as many as you could, and said they started it. As they asked for it back. This is where the saying indian giver comes from. You are a foreigner in the USA. I am from the Uk and i would love to see the beautiful places in America. By the way american people had nothing to do with the landscape you live in. but as for living there, not a hope would I live in the USA.
    (sorry to the non-ignorant Americans out there i know you exist)

  141. zee788

    I wonder where these people who stole the land and killed the indians came from? Oh right...the UK. And you would have also stayed here and committed all sorts of crimes yourselves if you hadn't gotten kicked out.

  142. zee788

    Shame on everyone, whether American or not. Most of the world, about 95% is criminal one way or another.

  143. Russ Tul

    Good point, WTC7. The US/UK overthrow of Mosaddegh, the democratically elected head of Persia, marked the beginning of the conflict in the Middle East that has become a veritable mess. The world should always remember and never forget or forgive this crime.

  144. General Zé


    I would like to address, here, your wise words.

    I agree with you in most things, including the fact that black people should not become presidents, I even agree with you that a state cannot become a real state until becomes a police state, managed by decent american people, I give you all that, but...

    1- I don't agree the WHOLE world is Literally Dying to go live on the USA, but i can see, from your perspective, and those of fox news, the base for that opinion. But i do agree the whole world is dying.
    2- I don't think ALL other governments AND their people are clean, better than the USA, I am just recalling Burma, were i ve spent a few weeks last year....
    3- I am not a citizen (legally) Of the USA. But again, even not being unhappy, i did live in the middle East and Mexico and similar. You are right, very nice places... We agree on that as well.
    4- I am indeed a foreigner to the USA and I m not planning on going to your country, not because of your prohibition, but just because.
    5- I think you should be complimented on your position about the gay marriage.
    6- I do agree with you that GMO´s are one of the great gifts of the USA to the world, together with Coca~cola and MacDonald s and Black water. All great examples of the American dream to the world.
    I agree with you Adele and i stand here to support you and your vision on the beckon of freedom that the USA represents. On other hand i ca see very evidently the effects of your diet on your words.

    Go get them Adele... That s ma girl!

    General Zé

  145. Vitt

    Next, check out State of Mind: The Psychology of Control... don't blame us Americans... we don't really have any control. The CIA is a totally unaccountable secret agency with absolutely no oversight. The American people are completely oblivious to their actions 99% of the time.... it isn't until years and years later we find out what they've actually been doing. We speak out quite a bit too... but it doesn't do any good. Our government (and many other governments) have gone rogue, do not care about the will of the people, and will do whatever necessary to expand their economic empire.

  146. bluetortilla

    Where are all you people coming from commenting on a documentary such as this? Are you even watching it?
    When I hear nationalists whining their ignorance I'm reminded of a less sophisticated version of Lord of the Flies; because at least there was some compassion even in that environment.
    Wake up fools of the world! You're not a 'Thisian' or a 'Thatman.' There is nothing tangible about a nation, it is not independent of its conceivers. The only things that bonds us and holds us together is our common humanity. And when nations label us as anything different we are doomed to stupidity and violence. Like the man said, "I don't want to leave this kind of world on to my grandchildren." Do you?

  147. Pacha

    Hey Adela, I've got news for you.
    I'm a 50 year old guy born in the UK and I have never had the slightest interest in either visiting or coming to live in your country.
    And I've met a lot of people from various countries who think the same.
    I suggest you and your country get over yourselves.

  148. bluetortilla

    I understand Pacha's reaction to Adela's hostile ignorance, but let's not forget either that countries are NOT people, and there are better behaved and worse behaved people everywhere.
    I'm not sure from a scientific point of view exactly what an organization is, but a nation-state definitely falls under that category, and further can be categorized as an imperial power. In any case, you have to believe in an organization to give it structure or power in the mind. It is a mental construct. You can also choose not to believe in nation-states. As a peaceful anarchist, that works pretty well for me. All things being equal (no war, etc.) I'd love to visit any place on this planet.

  149. Pacha

    bluetortilla. Although not obvious by my comment, I was also replying to dozens of other comments I've read online over the years, made by americans, claiming that their country is the greatest place on earth and we are all so desperate to get in.
    I was just pointing out that I could have gone there at any time during the last 30 years. I travel the world constantly but I'm interested in ancient history and cultures, neither of which I'm likely to find in the good ole u.s of a.

    btw, peaceful anarchist my arse.
    try practicing your peaceful anarchy when a gang of armed thugs are smashing your door down to steal your lentils

  150. Pacha

    You've got a strange understanding of history there.
    As far as I know, it was the english, french and spanish who first came over.. and then we got kicked out? By who?
    At what point did the UK immigrants (in your version of the story) become americans and kick themselves out?
    back to the drawing board zee

  151. zee788

    What does your comment have to do with mine? I said the people who stole the land came from the UK, while Ian is trumpeting some sort of difference between Americans and English people. Both those who called themselves Americans and lived here as well as those who lived in England committed crimes here, whether directly or by orchestrating it through others. But maybe that is too sophisticated a point for you.

  152. zee788

    What nationalism was I supporting? it was ian who is pretending his UK ancestors were somehow superior and different from those who decided to leave the UK and form a different country. Learn some reading comprehension will you?

  153. Pacha

    My comment was in response to this;
    'Oh right...the UK. And you would have also stayed here and committed
    all sorts of crimes yourselves if you hadn't gotten kicked out.'
    The british came to the US, and stayed. No one kicked us out you fool. Possibly it's just a coincidence that some americans have white skin and speak english but i suspect it's because they are descended from englsih speaking white people.
    or is that too complex a point to wrap your head around?

  154. zee788

    "The british came to the US, and stayed. No one kicked us out you fool. "

    Yes, I'm the fool. There certainly wasn't a war between the colonists and the British with the French on the colonists' side. All that never happened. The British govt, who were also tramping around and committing crimes in North America, could do so no longer in certain parts. All that never happened.

  155. Guest

    Bro i am irish for starters. And I know you white skinned americans came from the uk to start with. i was making A point you did not understand. Let me try again. you are not native to America so therefore it is not your country, is it? And we are all from the same place and we all get one go on this planet. So put your flag down for a min and open your arms. The only thing between you and me is a bit of water bro. so stop your patriotic s**t that kind of bs starts wars

  156. Ian Slimian Ludwick

    Bro I am irish / Sri Lankan for starters. And I know you white skinned americans came from the UK to start with i was not stating there is a difference between anyone. i was making i point you did not understand. let me try again. you are not native to America so therefore it is not your country, is it? And we are all from the same place and we all get one go on this planet. So put your flag down for a min and open your arms. The only thing between you and me is a bit of water bro. so stop your patriotic nonsense. that kind of bs starts wars

  157. zee788

    What pathetic nonsense? You completely did not understand my point at all.
    You were the one who is claiming there is some fundamental difference between Americans and the English or wherever you are from when you said " So it is not your country, is it? You stole it from a people, that
    welcomed you with open arms. Then you killed as many as you could..."

    Apart from the fact that I never actually did any of those things, they happened a long time ago, my point is that the people who did those things came from the 'old world', including where you are from. People who are called 'Americans' a hundred years ago were basically an amalgamation of people from all over the world, usually Europe. But it's popular to single out America as the epitome of evil since it is the most powerful at this point, rather than looking in the mirror. Your countrymen are just as guilty as mine.

  158. Ian Slimian Ludwick

    Lol. You are not worth bothering with. Its not hard to understand what you are saying. And still at no point did I say anything about us being different.My point is the exact opposite. Well I am nothing like you. I offer the world the one and all. You want people to get out of your country that don't share the same Ideologies as you. I give up on you. You are to blinded by your patriotic ways. Like I said put the flag down.

  159. zee788

    Patriotic ways? I have no affinity for America any more than any other arbitrarily defined geographical land mass. The fact that you read my comment and got that out of what I said confirms that I was correct, you did not understand what I said at all nor do you have any intention of trying.

  160. David Clabaugh

    @dogtanian382:disqus I commend you for apologizing, not sure what Adele said, but it seems s/he had some pretty stupid things to say. I am American, and I have traveled the world, including living in England for 5 years(loved it there, got to see Nina Simone live). What I can say about my country is this, most people, including Americans, are caught up in what they see in the news and it becomes very easy for people to judge, when they have never lived in a place or tried to understand a people. The CIA is a pretty shady outfit to say the least, but after living in 7 countries and traveling to more than fifty, the US is still the only place where someone can truly go from rags to riches(both legally and illegally). Also many things have come from both of our great countries, including the computers why write these comments on, the web pages, the servers, the smart phones, the satellites, the list goes on. many of these great inventions were developed by immigrants who came form all over the world. I see so many people with terrible comments about the US and they often forget the really great things like music and cinema. they never really understand that once you are there, you see a wide variety of people with a vast difference of beliefs. Some are not very smart, some are extremely smart, but we all have our own way and that is what truly makes America. After traveling the world, though, there is one thing I have come to understand, in the end of the day, we are all the same and more importantly, we are all in it together. So while governments play their games, lets just be people and try to understand each other. Besides, the CIA is not the only one up to some shady business, would love to see something about the FSB or Chinese foreign services, but I think it would be pretty hard to get any information like that because those journalists would be killed.

  161. Serious

    Good docs for the most part, except the halfwit editors who somehow believe throwing random blaring rock & roll tracks into a serious documentary is a good idea. It's not. Stop doing it. This is especially for those f--kwits who put soundtracks over top of the ones where there is only speaking the entire time. Soft music while having to read is fine, having to read while your trying to keep your sanity is not.

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