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It is no secret that CIA is engaged in criminal activities around the world, some of which are quite deadly, some of which are quite provocative in the sense of laying the groundwork for large scale military conflict, and it's happening in a lot of countries. This is not unique to the United States. The United States learned some of this from the British who learned it in turn during the 19th century when they were a dominant imperial power around the world. They cut their teeth on this stuff.

The other major powers are definitely engaged and capable of these same types of operations, and small powers as well. Israel is an example. The CIA grew out of the OSS, which had been established during World War II. Its earliest years are interesting because the new president, Harry Truman, did not trust the OSS because he felt it was too dominated by parts of the Democratic Party that he didn't align himself with, so he abolished the OSS. Then they first created a smaller intelligence agency from the remains of the old OSS called the Central Intelligence Group. And that was focused on analyzing intelligence. It wasn't a covert operations agency.

In one inbox would come all information whether it was from intercepted communications, or satellite photography, or defector reports, or clandestine reports, embassy... it would all come to that one person, and that person would be "accountable." One person would be accountable for looking at that stuff, pouring through it, and if it were important, assuming it was a good analysis, that could end up on the president's desk the next morning, unadulterated synthesis of information.

About two years after that, many of the agents who had worked on the covert operation side, the paramilitary warfare operations, black operations, that sort of thing, were reestablished in an outfit called the Office of Policy Coordination. This "office" eventually grew to have about 5,000 agents in the early Cold War years, and the existence of this office was itself entirely top secret. It had no open existence at all, and it wasn't until some years later that the Office of Policy Coordination was folded into the CIA, and the CIA became an agency. CIA had both a clandestine black operations arm and an intelligence analysis arm.

The OPC was set up to organize propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, sabotage, demolition, subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.

What happened at the end of World War II when Truman disbanded the OSS? The covert operators were in the wilderness for a little while, and some of them had been leading Wall Street bankers and lawyers, and there's a certain logic there because prior to the war, the people engaged in international trade and international law were a relatively small number of people, and they were the specialists in international affairs for the United States; so for example, the man who was later to become chief of covert operations, black operations, for the CIA was a man named Frank Wisner, quite a prominent Wall Street lawyer.

Part 2: The Deep State
Part 3: The Strategy of Tension
Part 4: Necrophilous
Part 5: Drone Nation

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2 years ago

Ok, wait freaking second here, the majority of this has no real source material or proof. Is this even slightly a documentary at all? Or is thei just ancient aliens. Look up most of the stuff mentioned and it starts to look like allot of assumptions are made based on randomly unverified claims stemming from largely unreliable sources. If this is believed by someone? Then Howard Stern was a lizard man, lady gaga has a dungeon she keeps people with the letter J in their name to tickle to death, and cuthulu is real but a retired realtor for rural Ohio with 3 octopus kids and a dog named spot. This is littered with stuff posted on conspiracy sites, some claiming to be leaks that were verified to be fakes, some echo chamber talking points by fringe political groups of both the left and right, and some on the basis of fiction in entertainment being treated so truth. Well, i must be part of the baby eating lizard kabal who sell 1990s tvs to control the mind of old people because this was unverifiable and droll to me.

Would make a good book though.
Look up your sources people! Or just generally put an asterisk by it and remember to take it with a shot of doubt. This crop is why 1/3 of the US has gon banana crazy thinking demons, aliens, pizza gate, and elvis's secret bunker are all facts of life.

3 years ago

Wow somebody actually said something intelligent about the documentary and not just a bunch of bickering like most of these comments are.

4 years ago

not a bad documentary but they trust wikileaks and the pentagon papers way too much for people who are supposedly educated. wikileaks and the pentagon papers completely occult all CIA involvement in anything and entirely blame the military and the white house when it's obvious the main culprit is ALWAYS the CIA.

4 years ago

It was interesting to note how many investigative TV reports and congressional investigations of CIA, NSA, etc., governmental wrongdoing and mercenary missions were conducted in the time period of the 1970s, through the 4990s, but in the years 2000 thru early 2019 there are none -- it's Trump world 24 hours a day and YouTube/Instagram/Facebook obsessions for the American public. Even with a new democratic House of Representatives, I don't hold out much hope for oversight of the military/industrial complex and its gross expenditures or for oversight of the activities of the CIA, NSA, or any of the other intelligence operations. I think we will continue the forever wars in the Middle East as long as there's oil there and we'll assassinate or topple leaders who don't fall in line with the corporate or energy rulers of the U.S. Democracy? What a joke. We're no better than any other ruthless empire in the history of the world. But we've used up the planet's natural resources, polluted the seas and the sky, and there won't be enough food for everybody pretty soon. That's when the mushroom clouds will light up the skies and maybe, someday, nature will be able to recover from our nihilistic era.

8 years ago

Good docs for the most part, except the halfwit editors who somehow believe throwing random blaring rock & roll tracks into a serious documentary is a good idea. It's not. Stop doing it. This is especially for those f--kwits who put soundtracks over top of the ones where there is only speaking the entire time. Soft music while having to read is fine, having to read while your trying to keep your sanity is not.

8 years ago

Hey Adela, I've got news for you.
I'm a 50 year old guy born in the UK and I have never had the slightest interest in either visiting or coming to live in your country.
And I've met a lot of people from various countries who think the same.
I suggest you and your country get over yourselves.

9 years ago

one small but necessary point is that there were several affiliations made between embryonic but widespread socialist and anarchist South American labor unions (under the CSLA); and the RILU (the true peoples Soviet) after WW1. The Stalin Administration shut down the socialist RILU and established the centralist VTsSPS for the CCCP just before WW2 and the links were broken. After WW2 some South American unions reformed under CTAL which affiliated with the WFTU.

This is only to say that there did exist Russian/South American socialist relationships, as indeed the RILU affiliated with groups in China, Europe, & Africa. Likewise, the CIA recruited from, and infiltrated the AFL. The AFL formed PAFL to amalgamate Central American unions, but with limited success. But the Documentary above is right, this was over post-WW2.

perhaps the CIA were acting on old data? ;-)

9 years ago

adela all i can say to you is ignorance is bliss. :)
carry on thinking your better than the rest of the world and you deserve to rule all others to achieve your national interests! arrogant americans!

9 years ago

1. Why the whole world is literally dying to come to live in the USA?
2. You think all other governments AND their people are clean, better than the USA???
3. Are you a citizen (legally) of the USA? If you are unhappy, go try to live in a Middle East country or Mexico or similar then come back and tell us how you hate your own country!
4. Are you a foreigner? DO NOT COME TO MY COUNTRY!!!

9 years ago

Excellent doc...shame on America! you will reap what you sow!!!!!

9 years ago

From the local drug dealers to the head of governments, it is clear that the world is just full of nasty b*stards.

DeJuan Martin
10 years ago

like watching a real life documentary of satan

10 years ago

That was excellent! Just one thing. There could be terrorist as there are criminals in all walks of life. They are also civilians.

10 years ago

People in the US wonder why people all around the world hate them? jealousy lmfao (sorry to the non-ignorant Americans). skynet is here!!!

Douwe Beerda
10 years ago

Just an awesome documentary, every person should see this, and maybe it's time to rewrite some history books with the light on this information.

10 years ago

The players change, but the USA's game remains the same: protection and enrichment for the American Big Business.

10 years ago

One of the best documentaries, or series of documentaries, I've ever seen on the topic of US politics, foreign and domestic, its despicable support of even more despicable autocrats worldwide and the clandestine reasons behind it, the current fascist trends in domestic and imperialistic ones in foreign policy. Presents a good introduction to historical events and the hideous role of the US with its various agencies in them for those who don't know (much) about these events but would like to explore them further. Reveals the US foreign policy as the policy working in the interest of corporate and other elites, introduces some extremely important details through interviews with people who researched particular events, or particular themes, or particular patterns of the US foreign policy in detail, interviews with people who took part in certain historical events personally or were working for the various state security agencies, frequently backed with factual evidence in the form of video and other archive materials. The series rises awareness of the US gradually but surely becoming a fascist state. I recommend it to everyone as a good introduction into research of the events in the past and a substantiated warning of the things to come.

10 years ago

The quotes about the past USA abuses take too long. References to the School of the Assasins in the US & Panama. I mean, who in the world doesn't know about that? Some-1 with no education. Same for the other war crimes in Vietnam, Chili, Iran etc, etc...
It may be proper to menton these witin the goal of this docu but...
Anyhow, the point of that docu hiding behind this profusion of references is that the USA Elile may well have figure out that the right geograhical region where money is stached and easy to grab is within their own borders. Coze in the end, those guys don't have a drop of national pride.
The other anecdotes I took in consideration is the religious extremist (Christan or whatever of the same style) presence in the USA.
I seen a docu B-4 but rather though that "Their Thing" was solely religious. In the end, religion is for any homosapien a pretxte for grabbing other belonging.
Makes me wonde: What will it be when the citizens wil decide enough of all those crimes? They sure don't have the firepower their Elite have. And without civil rights or rules of law...
Better not set a foot in that country. Stay aloof.
Viewed once is enough.

Vinnie Chavez
10 years ago

Part 4 I see at 32:11 they ad and play up the face to make it more for you to belabor.or believe.??

10 years ago

I hope much of this information gets spread within the general public. Most of us around here are already pretty much informed on how this system works... but we have to get the truth out to many many more in order to be able to revolt and change the current mindset/paradigm. Only then can we start with a clean slate and make the world a better place for ALL the people, based on TRUE values while caring for the fundamental rights of everyone: food, water, clothing, housing, freedom. The rest is merely distraction...

Sieben Stern
10 years ago

Part 4: 1:15:00 - religious apologist bullsh*t. She's using a modern interpretation and not what the texts meant when they were written. She's not getting those morals from the torah, bible, or koran.
Love you neighbor. Unless they're a non believer, or god tells you it's ok to kill.

Other than that I find these videos quite interesting; more fact than tin hat.

Vinnie Chavez
10 years ago

Part 4 is sad and makes me feel real bad it is a conundrum for me.!

Vinnie Chavez
10 years ago

I have read a book called Tragedy and Hope by Corroll Quigley it is very Good if there anybody that has too I would like hear there side of what they think?? walk in peace Bro and Sis;

Vinnie Chavez
10 years ago

So this is what the rich people are about and the U.S. Gov wow

10 years ago

one thing i would like to say i think people are miss understanding is that im saying any of this is imposable, i think just about anything is posable. i disagree with docs like this as source of information because they don't put the docs together in a way that there are a lot of holes that need to be filled

IE: Skull & Bones 7:27
they never state where they are getting the information from except in one part where it talks about Geronimo it says "according to internal records". who's records? and how did they get them? if you want to prove things you need to show where you are getting your facts from. and don't give me this is stuff that's already known. because it is not and more over this doc is trying to convince people that it is telling the truth. and you cant do that with how showing how you got the information.

if you feel something is common knowledge do this test.
go to a major mall and ask about 50 people if they know about what you think is common knowledge if over 51% do then there is a good chance it is common knowledge. otherwise it most likely is not.

10 years ago

I'll watch the video for sure, but I have to say:

1.) "About two years later" from WHAT? Harry Truman never got any benefit from satellite imagery!

2.) "It's no secret that the CIA is engaged in criminal activities around the world, some of which are quite deadly, some of which are quite provocative in the sense of laying the groundwork for large scale military conflict, and it’s happening in a lot of countries."

Of COURSE it's a secret!!! Every single one of such operations is exactly that--a Secret. Activities constituting crimes in foreign jurisdictions especially are Secret. They could not be anything else or our CIA lawyers would be tied up all around the globe defending criminal cases and disclosing all their practices and methods! How can you (the writer of this drivel) make such totally contrary to the facts statements?

I hope the video is good, but this blurb is way sub-optimal.

10 years ago

Hands up if you feel like a chocolate teapot. If knowledge is power, we all should be invincible after watching this. Instead I find myself wondering if it might be possible to storm parliament armed with nothing but a clapped out bike and a crochet hook. The world needs more mittens!

10 years ago

I've now watched all five parts, and once again Scott Noble has produced yet another piece of work that I think, should be essential viewing, especially for young people. I also think it's quite telling that such important documentaries as these, seem to be consistently ignored by the mainstream media.

I also want to mention the narrator Mikela Jay, who's style, which is neither too sensationalist or too detached, strikes just the right balance, never gets in the way of the narrative, but instead adds a great deal to it.

If you haven't already watched Scott Noble's other films, then I recommend that you do. Share them with your friends and family while you're at it.

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
10 years ago

#1 @ 00:08:48... ah the trappings of "the cool crew"...

10 years ago

Scott Noble has created perhaps the best films on modern power-"The Power Principle", on public relations-"Psywar" and now on the CIA, the NSA, et al-"Counter-Intelligence" and shows us how we are duped and lead like lambs to the slaughter. It is another excellent set of films that expose the guilty interests of the wealthy and powerful. I am reminded of George Carlin's last few performances/rants and his statement was something to the effect of: " forget the politicians they're only there to give you the illusion that you have a choice..."

10 years ago

Exceptional compilation of historic events. A must see for anyone with an insatiable appetite for the truth about Counter Intelligence.

Aleksandar Daic
10 years ago

Great doc...must see. Many details that I did not know...I will go back to re-watch this one from time to time...

10 years ago

I've just finished watching part three, and so far so good. I've watched all the other Scott Noble films, and whilst a lot of the content was already known to me (a point that some commentators here seem to take issue with), I think he has quite a talent for pulling together narratives in such a way that it encourages the viewer to re-examine the familiar, and reconsider it again but from a wider perspective, and I think there's a lot of value in that.

10 years ago

BORING! I feel sorry for the people who spend their lives trying to control others and pretend their doing important work. What a waste of brain power. I hope some day their memories are all spontaneously erased, and or they're abducted by aliens and the rest of us can begin to live life as it was intended.. without all the mind game BS. PS. I made it through 15 minutes.. but had to take at least 3 brakes... One thing worse than manipulating the masses is watching documentaries on manipulating the masses.

10 years ago

Yey! A brand new Scott Noble Film!? I had no idea this was coming! What's next? A new Adam Curtis? ...talking of which, ,...why has The Century of Self left the recommended stage?? Great to see this one, many thanks!!! :-D

Wayne Siemund
10 years ago

Some interesting additional history included in this documentary. It lacks most of the rampant conspiracy voodoo seen in other documentaries and presents something a more rational mind can accept.
If this documentary were filled out a bit more, it might qualify for recommendation as historical archive.

Even in it's present form I do recommend watching and learning. We are all likely to see this situation expand and end up part of the machinery, if not already there.

10 years ago

A few quotes from website...

"Extraordinary...Anyone who cares about democracy, good government, and the future will want to watch all five segments of this remarkable film."

- Robert David STEELE Vivas, former CIA Officer

"A compelling, prodigious work."

- Kathy Christison, Former CIA Officer

"A groundbreaking, much needed review of the structure and operational capability of America's intelligence bureaucracy."

- Bo Filter, author of The Cause of Wars and Aggression

"A tour de force…It's a film that should be screening across the US"

- Mickey Huff

Director, Project Censored

10 years ago

As someone with some small firsthand experience of drug war ethos, there wasn't a lot here that surprised me. That isn't to say I didn't learn, just...not surprising.

Phil Dor
10 years ago

Noam Chomsky hegemony or survival is really good for understanding this subject matter.

10 years ago

Its not like this is something we all don't already know.

10 years ago

There's your problem, right there.

Scottish Patriot
10 years ago

omg another conspiracy theory,,,,, oh no wait these are real facts and if you cant see that your in denial.

wake up.