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A documentary that debunks the myth of large-scale dams as clean energy and a solution to climate change.

It records the priceless cultural and natural heritage the world would lose in the Amazon and Mesopotamia if two planned large-scale dams are built, Belo Monte dam in Brazil, and Ilisu dam in Turkey.

Damocracy is a story of resistance by the thousands of people who will be displaced, and a call to world to support their struggle.

The documentary is an excellent primer on the problems posed by mega-dam projects anywhere in the world, from their environmental and social impacts (including a greater global warming impacts than coal plants) to the way they are forced through over widespread opposition by affected communities, often by means of shady legal tactics.

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  1. jesster

    Thanks for bringing these issues to the screen in a format all dummies can understand. I do believe that it is an issue that needs to be talked about and understood throughout the whole world as it is a international problem.
    I realise that all peoples have the right to electricity and modern standards of living, but at what cost.
    It seems that no mater what we as humans do to bring other remote and somewhat disadvantaged (in western terms) cultures into the modern way of life, that there is a problem created. These flip side events are obviously being demonstrated in other areas around the world. We should learn from our mistakes and look into other micro forms of power production, with less impact.
    In Australia all the damn projects have led to major environmental impacts such as extreme salination, drought, deforestation to name a few. This issue is very poignant and needs to be known about by everyone as it will, in the future affect everyone.

  2. Meredith Grey

    Overall this documentary is very effective because of the useful information used throughout the entire film. The film shows the viewers how easy it is for a community to come together and stand up for what they believe is right. Other people watching this may gain a sense of motivation to do something in their community which is very effective. The documentary really goes into detail of the effects that building the dams would have on both of the countries overall communities. By giving the statistics they gave throughout the film it added a more emotional touch to the viewers and allowed people to feel a sense of sympathy for the people who would be affected by the building of the dams. Overall I really enjoyed this and was happy to see what the Brazilian community had done.

  3. FulaniyiraSpeaks!

    We need to stop "progressing". This planet has existed for millions of years before "man-made progress". It is now on the brink of internal death by evolved humans who are ignorant and have not clue as to what they are doing to this planet and how it will affect it's inhabitants now or the future. Then we also need to give up the computer too.

  4. Marcia Everett

    Is there some way to gather people to start forming ecological communities? I mean if Disney can make their village can't we make some of our own? I'm thinking like Earth Haven in NC or the Garbage Warrior in CA?

  5. Zorocano78

    All I can say is keep it up! Keep annihilating primitive cultures (as so many here believe they have no right to be here cause their primitive) Keep polluting the oceans (fukushima has done a nice job there, soon your fish will act as illumination for your homes) Keep cutting down our trees, Keep using fossil fuels, and please keep your bigoted, ignorant and selfish attitudes.....because all of this will serve you well in the HELL you are creating. Good luck to you when your farm land is dead, your oceans are dead, and you got nothing to eat except each other! ENJOY.

  6. Nasilno Pokršten

    jeah, right, chernobyl, fuzkushima, or hiroshima are much nicer places than some mountain lake,
    Half of pacific near japan is poluted, and illegal secret nuclear dumps
    are all over the world oceans, Realy entertaining hillerious documentary...

  7. John Murgaš

    Progress is not only having a phone or driving a new car, there's progress in building a community with non of the sickness of modern cities, progress is not on dressing designer clothes or having an apartment on a dead city, cities that don't produce anything and they depend on importing everything from somewhere else, progress is not HAVING MODERN SLAVES, This Elite people don't deserve to control this world, they have made the worst decision with the? Natural Resources, they kill Honest Hard Working People, and they Control the world with Greed and Schizophrenia. Capitalism and Schizophrenia can't be good for this world!

  8. Harry Nutzack

    the whining of 1% of the population that wishes to be "willfully primitive" now trumps the desires and needs of 99%? "time and tide wait for no man". sorry, but that is the reality of life in the modern world.

    1. Ange Patrick Aka

      non sense, ridiculous and stupid

    2. Unity

      99% ?????
      Where are you getting that preposterous ratio?

      The desires and "needs" of a majority do not excuse, rationalize, nor justify taking away the land and liberties of another people.

  9. leonardobdas

    Those making this film is that they live in modern cities, like Sao Paulo or rio, with their water and electricity coming from large dam projects. They are living a modern life the people´s of the States in question want and have no idea of the processes that are needed to make stuff happen in real life. Those there want the same cars and phones and foods that everybody else want and this is really the only proper way to get it done in this country that keeps the political ball rolling.

    A bit deeper into the social situation of these specimens protesting and teaming up with native peoples: they are all living comfortable lives and studying in state universities that are so hard to enroll that it takes a 1-2 thousand dollar private highschool monthly fee paid by daddy to give yourself a chance.

    I know a ton of these people myself folks and they are eating salmon carpaccio after the protests, hanging out with their TV star friends at Ipanema beach smoking up and listening to bossa nova. Yes, it is not like they are getting it done on one end and having a good time in their private time, NO: it is la dolce vita south america edition, with eco propaganda as a way for millenials to climb the social ladder.


    1. Unity

      If people from modern cities wouldn't do these films... who would? I don't believe you would expect the people from the amazon to organize and create a documentary that isn't in their own language.
      So what if they studied in state universities and had the opportunity of an expensive education? They are using their talents and knowledge for something worth it, instead of ignoring and passively accepting the problem.
      Yes, there are people who take advantage of situations to climb social ladders. But you can't criticize people wanting to help just because they have access and live in the "modern" cities. Just because they aren't martyrs or extreme activists. What do you want from them? To eat beans everyday? Live in the amazon? Not use the internet's information and its' communication abilities, just because those in the amazon don't have access to the web?

    2. leonardobdas

      honestly I don't really care for this, but here it goes: your answer has mostly non-sequiturs called red herrings. sorry...

      I was specifically talking about one kind of person " the haves" already living in a society fuelled by modern ammenities like running water and electricity wanting to push for legislation that slows down delevopment in other parts of the country they would never ever have the guts to live in.

      I am not talking this does not affect native populations. It does affect development in the way things go in the real world, where the zeitgeist is one of dreaming of a better life for your family... and yes that life in the current system needs quality dams that are way better than anything else we have that actually works with implementable technology at a political level.

      Plus, what is to worry, the dam in question gets its water on the outflow of the river towards a delta.... it will never dry up anything and probably will get life to flourish. It is not hoover dam because it rains a whole lot more there because it is a rain forest (it rains there therefore there is a forest, not vice versa)

      Places like Brazil would benefit way more if those people making movies would put their bodies on the line to fight corruption which gets politicians to own most TV stations, have their arms and legs in companies and in the Aaazon's case to sign papers that get the chinese to transform trees into soy plants so americans can eat meat. Seriously.

      sorry man... relax and enjoy the show.... unless if you want to blow yourself up with a few more thousand as a darned protest.... cheers.

    3. Unity

      I agree that the fight against corruption in politics and the media is a very important one, and that it affects a lot more people than this dam. But the point I'm trying to get across, is that hundreds of people living in that area near the river, have been living there for generations. These people rather have their natural habitat, than be sent to a nearby city or town. People are calling it progress, but how much progress is it to give lighting to one group of people, while completely destroying the home of another group? The poor in the cities get a little bit of electricity, and those coexisting with nature are abandoned?

    4. leonardobdas

      Well, that is a quality point, well put sir. The only possible logical answer I could give you is a proposition for them to move to another spot, right?

      Unfortunately, not possible. Traditionally native peoples live off the land. In practice choosing a 2-3km radius patch and stripping it down to the bare bones, killing all things living quite literally to survive, then moving away to a fresh patch. But that does not happen anymore: most they have normal food now, and land and pickup trucks and liquor. What they really want is the government to keep off their property, so they can continue to live the white life.

      The reality needed here is to accept they wish life was different. They wish no white people existed, so they don't have a yardstick impossible to achieve in a lifetime. They cannot flip a switch and have an entire population adapt to a lifestyle that is better: they are human and know what is more comfortable. It is like is aliens got here with immortality serum, fusion energy, ironman suits and bacon flavored apples just to flaunt it from under a force field while we struggle with oil production and horrible nonbacon flavored apples. This happens in north america too, with natives alarmingly drunk, drugged, homeless and hungry because they cannot accept reality that they life is about steps not leaps.

      Now, on to personal notes: I think they are being manipulated by activists that don't want government manhandling nature (the same sorts that would protest for gmo's in europe). These people don't care, with sorrow the only significant emotion.

  10. John Murgaš

    Capitalism and Schizophrenia, Build Green Bioarchitecture!!!