Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick

Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick

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The assassination of President John F. Kennedy lingers as one of the most traumatic events of the twentieth century. The open and shut nature of the investigation which ensued left many global citizens unsettled and dissatisfied, and nagging questions concerning the truth behind the events of that fateful day remain to this day. Evidence of this can be found in the endless volumes of conspiracy-based materials which have attempted to unravel and capitalize on the greatest murder mystery in American history.

Now, a hugely ambitious documentary titled Everything is a Rich Man's Trick adds fuel to those embers of uncertainty, and points to many potential culprits whose possible involvement in the assassination has long been obscured by official historical record.

Authoritatively written and narrated by Francis Richard Conolly, the film begins its labyrinthine tale during the era of World War I, when the wealthiest and most powerful figures of industry discovered the immense profits to be had from a landscape of ongoing military conflict. The film presents a persuasive and exhaustively researched argument that these towering figures formed a secret society by which they could orchestrate or manipulate war-mongering policies to their advantage on a global scale, and maintain complete anonymity in their actions from an unsuspecting public. Conolly contends that these sinister puppet masters have functioned and thrived throughout history - from the formation of Nazism to the build-up and aftermath of September 11.

The election of President Kennedy in 1960 represented a formidable threat to these shadowy structures of power, including high-profile figures within the Mafia, crooked politicians, and the world's most influential and notorious war profiteers. Thus, a plot was hatched which would end Kennedy's reign prior to any chance of re-election, thereby restoring the order and freedoms of these secret societies.

At nearly three and a half hours, Everything is a Rich Man's Trick examines a defining event of our times from a perspective not often explored. While it may or may not win over viewers who remain skeptical of mass-scale conspiracy, it presents its findings in a measured and meticulous manner which demands attention and consideration.

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  1. This guy clearly has no idea of history and intentionally does not mention the same elites funded Bolshevism so as to confuse you and lead you with half truths . Trotsky visited these elites in New York with his 267 soldiers funded by these elites he conveniently chooses not address and then left directly for Russia to start this Bolshevik revolution .

  2. Every thing is a lie

  3. The next movie people should see is “The greatest story never told”. Then and only then will people realise that humanity has been deceived from the time of Adam and Eve. Every thing is a lie. It’s the deceivers that’s tricked man for eternity.

    1. Where can I find this? Is this the version titled: Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told?

    2. Yes Yeyla

    3. This site likes to delete the truth and is controlled by dubious actions. Which proves that 1st Amendment and Free Speech is NOT FREE

    4. If not all , the Bolshevik communists were and are today homosexual Marxist Jews. Jews are responsible for the spread of homosexual filth since 1920. The Hitler youth didn’t burnt books of science and technology they burnt all the filthy literature and homo porn in their bonfires. To rid Germany of its decades of extreme filth that would make a normal person vomit. Today in the US guess who owns every filthy sick twisted magazine and movies. The Jews continued to control the filthy garbage coming out of America today. 9 billion dollars is made out of sodomy porn alone and the Jews continue to control this.

    5. To enlighten ones out there. The one main cause for worlds greatest anxieties that has caused all civil wars and major wars since the time of the Baal Temple priest money lenders from Antiquity, a millennium before the time Jesus kicked the Jewish money lenders out of Places of Holy Prayer ( and was killed for it)and worship and the destruction of all major civilisation past and present was the unholy practice of USERY. If you wish to learn why all Countries Governments Systems are financially and purposely built to be broken, watch
      4 Presidents :Oval office conspiracies.
      Federal Reserve PRIVATE banking systems under Rothschild ownership will tell you that money made out of thin air and then lent to you slaves will show why the world is and always will be in kaos. banksters have killed the people and the planet. Maybe now people will understand why Hitler kicked these greedy useless assholes out of Germany and Austria and why Churchill who was a war mongering rascist went to war over. Not people but profits.

  4. For a country to continue to maintain a lie about JFK is a sick demented twisted Decaying carcass of an entity. USA is run by clever rats the best criminals yank dollars can buy. Every thing is a lie. “ It’s only by deception they we wage war.”Mossad

  5. Wow...what a great documentary!!!!
    watching how history unfolded and explained why these tragedies surfaced in citizens lives sure has answered alot of questions that I had as a kid....makes soooo much sense now, knowing what agenda was working behind the scenes...
    Taking off my rose colored glasses and no more star gazing...trust is something earned not given...
    the world is full of A**holes...

  6. If an unfriendly foreign power had carried out against the American people the actions carried out by Wall Street bankers, Oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations entrenched at the Council on Foreign Relations and its parasite organizations, we might well have considered it an act of war. Unfortunately, most Americans ignore that they are under attack. The reason is because, like Ninja assassins, the main weapon used by the conspirators who have managed to infiltrate and take control of the U.S. Government and most of American life has been their invisibility.

  7. Nothing new here. Same repeated truths and half truths mixed in. Conspiracy sells even if a couple here are actually fact.

    1. Thanks for your CIA interpretation.

  8. He say’s that Prince Phillip had a brother who was head of the German SS. That is wrong. He never had a brother only four sisters.

    1. Check out "Christoph Ernst August Prinz von Hessen" - that's the brother he refers to.

  9. Rightwing libertarian dead-end madness ftw huh?

    Marxism is the only way out of this mess.

    1. You're a true sheeple of the Rich man's tricks....or a paid propagandist. I'm leaning toward's the former. You want Marxism? Carry your azz to a communist country you Zombie.

      “Anti-Communism is anti-Semitism.”
      ~ Jewish Voice, July ~ August 1941.


      This may seem strange. What can there be in common between Communism and the largest banks? Ho-ho! The Communism of Marx seeks an enormous centralization of the state, and where such exists, there must inevitably be a central state bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, which profiteers from the labour of others, will always find a way to prevail. In reality, for the proletariat, this would be a barrack regime, under which the working men and the working women, converted into a uniform mass, would rise, fall asleep, work, and live at the beat of the drum." ~ Bakunin (1814-1876)

      Marxism, to which all branches of Socialism necessarily adhere, was originated by Jew Karl Marx, himself of rabbinical descent and has been dominated by them from the beginning. Marx did not actually originate anything; he merely “streamlined” Talmudism for Gentile consumption.

    3. Marxism ? See Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Vietnam, DR Congo, Cuba next to you...THAT is Marxism.

  10. By "that program," I meant "Altered History: Exposing Deceit and Deception in the JFK Assassination Evidence."

  11. I watch that program a couple of years ago. A question I then had was what information is STILL being held secret and will not be available until the 2020's . . . and WHY is it being withheld?

    1. Because they have totally bought the mainstream media, TV, Radio, Newspapers & magazines. They bought Hollywood as well to top it off. All as a controlling mechanism.

    2. Well did you find out

  12. Slender threads or glimmers of factual truth run through this rather shoddy amateurish put together video. The mispronunciation of many of the names of the principals discussed does not help its historical veracity either. Placing the most famous picture of a homeless destitute woman from America's Dust Bowl during the Great Depression in the 1930s as representing someone from post-WWI Germany in the 1920s was completely disingenuous. Who are the producers of this video trying to fool?

    All the bad guys are portrayed as belonging to one unified amorphous entity called the Rich Men, when the study of history shows the intricate, internecine conflict occurring between competing groups of power elites seeking dominance, hegemony and control.

    Google the article -- Power Elite Analysis — The Necessity To Question Authority

    Take the segment on the Plot to overthrow FDR. The video points to the involvement of the Rockefellers, Harrimans, and Prescott Bush as behind it. There is NO authoritative evidence ever produced for this assertion. These men, except for Bush, were strong allies of FDR. Bush did not like Roosevelt but he was employed by Brown Brothers Harriman. He had been a fellow Bonesman of E. Roland Harriman. The real financial Wall Street bloc behind the Plot were the House of Morgan and its adjuncts, rivals to the Rockefeller, Harriman, and Kuhn-Loeb bloc. What is also funny is that after discussing Smedley Butler and his role in exposing the Plot, there is an image of FDR shown. What unsuspecting viewers would not know is what FDR is talking about. During his administration some of his GOP opponents asserted that FDR had sent an aircraft carrier to transfer his beloved Scottie dog Fala from Hawaii to Alaska. In the original clip FDR says you can attack him or his wife, or his sons. But leave his little dog alone. It is very obvious he was extremely pissed. Again who are the producers of this video trying to fool?

    And that's only after 30 minutes. Forget this mangled mess of disinformation and duplicity.

    Probably the biggest whopper in the film -- Watergate conspirator G. Gordon Liddy, former FBI agent misidentified in the film as a CIA agent, and the murderer of Dallas policeman J. D. Tippet?


    In reality, it all came to an end on November 22, 1963, when an insidious coup d’état by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and the highest echelons of the National Security State was accomplished with the brutal murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

    For those viewers who want to know the authoritative truth of the JFK assassination, here are reliable scholarly resources:

    Douglas P. Horne served as head of the military records team on the Assassination Records Review Board, the independent federal agency established by Congress in the 1990s to secure release of long-secret official records relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Horne played an instrumental role in locating and securing the release of U.S. military records on Cuba and Vietnam policy from 1961 through 1964. He is the author of the five-volume book Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U.S. Government’s Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK (2009) and the author of the bestselling ebook JFK’s War with the National Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated. He also made a 6 1/2 hour video presentation online at YouTube entitled “Altered History: Exposing Deceit and Deception in the JFK Assassination Evidence,” which has now received 240,000 views. Horne, who served as chief analyst of military records at the Assassination Records Review Board, presents his theories of why President Kennedy was assassinated by the top echelon of the national security state

  13. I just want to say that I am glad to finally know the whole story leading up to & about the Kennedy assassination (or execution). It’s amazing that Lee Harvey Oswald was supposed to be the one who committed the shooting when neither one of his shots came close. He was the escape goat, though, even though he was a lousy shot!
    My eyes were finally opened after watching this revealing piece of work. I just hope anyone who also watched it became more intelligent about the whole affair.

    1. Scapegoat not escapegoat

  14. What an amazing film. Like, I know my sh#t n all that. But this guy really took the "how Prescot Bush funded the Nazi War Machine" thing to a whole other level. Man, it sure seems like JFK was gonna get taken out whether he was gonna take the dollar back to the gold standard OR fess up about the E.T.s. Love it! Reckon I could even show this one to my Dad, n thats sayin something ;)

  15. A LOT of the comments show a definite ignorance to the history of the Deep State. Everything under the sun is getting blamed but the people who orchestrated it all - from 1730's to now...

    As for someone's comments about flat earth, why is the shadow ROUND when the moon enters into a lunar eclipse - a slight oversight most FEers cannot reasonably nor logically explain. Having been up beyond 45,000 feet, I can attest personally the FEers are the ones with the real tin foil caps...

  16. I am thirty minutes into this and I sense a demonization of National Socialism and excuse making for Bolshevism. This guy seems to be critiquing elites' love of war, but also seems to think the pro Nazi American elite were trying to keep us out of WW2. So which is it? Can anyone provide a link to an Alt Right review of this documentary?

    1. Why?
      Who cares what nazi vermin think?
      They all belong in hospital.

    2. The rich Americans paid for Hitler to rebuild the German military why would they want to bring the us into the war and destroy that. Also there was the conspiracy for a facist take over of the us which was revealed by the us war hero and top level general Smedley Bulter.

  17. Not really a documentary, more like a monotonous narrator throwing a whole bunch of what it feels like random information at you 👎

    1. He also seems to argue that war is due to elite wishes for profit, but seems to also bemoan their attempts to keep the US out of WW2.

    2. Don't you realize of course they wanted to keep America out of the war because they wanted to drag the war on so they can keep profiting. They didnt want America to go in and end it quick. They wanted to keep profiting from everything that they were supplying for the war and what they're profiting from the concentration camps slave labor. The warmongers wanted the war to drag on that's why they didnt want America to be involved.

    3. Why is that? Because you do not believe what he is telling you? Or that you are a paid misinformationist? It never fails to bring them out on any JFK platform because they are scared that the real truth will get released. This only confirms Francis Richard Connolly is correct.

  18. superb documentary
    thanks to everyone involved in making this
    3 1/2 hours narrated brilliantly thank you.

  19. The spiritual realm is real...evil is not an anomaly limited to only a few..

    Jesus is God..the cross was for everyone..some will seek it, some will scoff it

    1. Jesus is the sUn. The apostles are the 12 Ages of Astrology.
      Where is the “loving” god we’ve been told to revere and fear? What is he/she up to now? What is god? Why no intervention, for just the most recent horrors, against the most innocent, perp-etrated by the most evil?
      There is a creator though! Because “he” divided the waters above from the waters below. He made a firmament to hold the sun, moon and stars. And set the earth inside. 200 Bible verses declare the earth is “fixed and immovable”... The “spaced out” naZaLiArs, that we really seem to revere more, is sending NoThing into No-Space. What are they distracting us from? Are they hiding GOD??
      Research Flat Earth! The TRUE Great Awakening. If you can’t handle the truth, then hit snooze again. Good night and have more sweet fake dreams. {{200Proofs}} - {{Eric Dubay}}. The ultimate internet scrub! It’s out now and they can’t keep up...

  20. Thank you for this...NOW, we need this same level of dedication to revealing the truth about RFK and the ridiculous story about Sirhan Sirhan.

    1. Recently, RFK Jr did an investigation about his father's assassination/execution, which is worth looking at.

    2. Gets you thinking..

  21. See hear think—it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that everything printed by news movie or organized secretors are. Corrupt government liars from the first sentence of any artical whatever. It’s been the method of control always. People believe and do what ever their told. We are now waking up.hope it’s not too late! Prayers ,love and peace to everyone stay safe and have a great year! The truth is out at last , knew as a child JFK WAS A SET UP.WWG1WGA

  22. War-mongering as a revenue source was well established by the Roman Catholic Church since 300 AD. Everyone should read Vatican Holocaust and The Vatican in World Politics by the world's leading expert on the Vatican, Avro Manhattan. Search for free PDFs online and get the story behind the story.

    1. Warmonger as a source of revenue goes back a lot further then the Roman Catholic church in 300 ce. It was there main reason the Romans conquered so many lands and people. Julius Ceasar conquered more then any other man before him making him the richest man in the whole Roman empire. We don't have records but every society and race since the beginning of time waged war as a source of revenue.
      The super rich of today know the world is severely over populated and want to kill off as much of the general population at possible while getting rich of us liking each other.
      If you don't realize that you have your head so far up your ass you're doomed.

  23. Wow, just wow! I always knew there was more. Skeptical by nature. Thank you and I hope and pray our current administration will succeed in draining the swamp! #WWG1WGA

  24. This is real history and all has been proven it should not be listed as conspiracy but true history. I urge all parents to have their children watch this video after all it makes more sense than the bs the government tried to spoon feed us for centuries!

    1. I urge all children to have their parents watch this video too! I'm 35, Mum and Dad are 67 & 66, and there's cognitive dissonance evident any time I try to speak about the state of the political world and the existence of a deep state. Mum gets it to an extent, but goes and brainwashes herself with the mainstream radio she has on all day and the mainstream news she watches at night. Its heartbreaking, but I feel this doco may be the key!

  25. WOW! Thank you! So many questions are answered now. And my mind is spinning. To the Kennedy family, I am sorry for what you endured for US!

  26. Wasn't Italian mafia. Was Rothschild Khazar mafia.

    1. ❤️

  27. He should have gone further back in history to get the whole picture. England was the greatest imperial force on earth during the 19:th century. The only other big powers was TSarist Russia and the newly formed empire of germany, which both challanged England on the world stage, but mostly Germany. And England hated this. And a plan was formed to eradicate the competition. Remember the first concentrations camps was in south africa during the Boer war, made by the English. 20 years later they had moved their pieces into place and was ready to spring the trap on Germany. For the first time in hundreds of year they allied with their hated French enemys and also with Tsar-Russia to form the entente and circle in Germany. When Germany is defeated, after bringing in America into the frey, they blame everything on germany. At the same time they send their agents Lenin and Trotsky to Russia to get controll over the revolution and mayhem going on there. The wall-street bankers build up the Soviets also, ford wasn´t in Hitlers Germany only but also in Russia. The "peace" treaty of WW1 was not a peace-treaty but a 20 years long armastice, designed to change boarders, get as much money as possible to name a few.
    The great depression was also made by the banksters who wanted to eradicate smaller buissneses and buy everything for pennys on the dollars. Thousands of smaller banks went bankrupt and the money-monopoly was a fact, ever since they created the "federal" reserve central bank 20 years earlier, and started their road to absolute control of the money-supply.
    So don´t believe that they didn´t controll both sides of the WW2, they did. Russia would have lost if it wasn´t for western aid(food and war-material) during Hitlers attacks.
    And to add something else many don´t think of, most of the information on the germans after the war coming out of Poland and eastern europe, came from the communists... the people who had the greatest concentration-camp system in the world called the Gulags, which they desperately tried to divert every international looks from. It was fitting to blame everything on Germany once again, even tough they were not innocent much of the blame that was put on Germany was in fact deeds done by the communists themself. They had all the time to hide their own horrors and shift the blame over to others.

    The Balfour decleration was also formed during the period of WW1 , by the same people funding and forming the war efforts. Lord Rotschild and the Rotschilds empire where essential in the funding of war-efforts during the 19:th century and then later the world wars. They where also behind the rise of super-stars in America, people like JP morgan and the Carnegies, which they funded and controlled trough share-holding. The balfour decleration was written as a letter to Lord Rotschild, promising him the state of palestine as a free Zionist Jewish state, even tough the English had promised it to the arabs living there already. This was also one of the biggest goals with the world wars, securing palestine for the Zionist-movement. Along with the creation of UN(formerly league of nations), the world courts in haag and the world bank/IMF.


    1. Respect.

    2. Do you agree he seems to contradict himself when he claims that elites desire war, even as he bemoaned their supposed attempts to keep us out of WW2. Guy seems like a Marxist and anti Fascist to me, which is fine, but does he have thus have an agenda?

    3. Daniel, this is the 3rd time I've seen this comment, you are not thinking clearly my friend. It is no contradiction, merely your own lack of understanding.

      The industrialist billionaires who created Hitler, did so with the intention of him carrying the German war machine to world dominance and in the process creating a world super race (eradicating those who they deemed not worthy).

      Now if you're familiar with WW2 as well as the world we live in today, you will understand that Germany and Hitler did not manage to achieve this goal. This, in theory could be attributed to America's involvement and the Allied Forces.

      Now if that can be reasonably agreed upon, it gives credence to 2 points which exercise why you have misinterpreted the narrator here:

      1 - As others have pointed out, the delaying of the US entry into the war allows more time for German forces to establish their foothold, and to conquer as many armies and as much territory as possible in Europe before they are confronted by a very formidable enemy. Had the US have entered the battle at the very beginning of conflict, it undoubtedly would have concluded earlier.

      2 - As German had time to establish themselves as per point 1, it meant that when the US did eventually engage in the conflict, that the battle would be drawn out longer due to the German war machine being so much more refined, as well as the US Allies being far more depleted.

      I hope this helps you reconcile the narrator's intended point. With this arguably being one of the more brilliant and eye-opening 208 minute documentaries one could hope to see, I find it saddening that you have become so fixated on this small matter, one which you have ultimately not understood, subsequently allowing to distort and dilute your appreciation of the remainder of the film.

      I hope you are able to revisit this and other truth-revealing films/articles/books without that lens on, it will be enriching and liberating for you I promise.

  28. It should be stated that the commuist russia ALSO was build up by the west, and not by "workers". So build up both sides and throw them against eachother, then use the survivor as a boogieman for more wars and lies.

    1. Yes, true. What many forget to take into account is that it was Rockefeller federal Reserve Bank (ie, American Standard Oil Co.) that funded the Bolsheviks. I an attempt to gain control of the Russian oilfields and thus, gain control of the European oil market, his bank invited Trotsky and Lenin to NY and funded their revolution against the Tsar, who had recently blocked Standard Oil from receiving a contract to tap and distribute the Russian oil reserves in Europe. However, Lenin double-crossed Rockefeller and communized the resources instead of relenting control to Standard Oil as promised, flouting Rockefeller's dream of monopolizing the European oil market. Just an interesting detail, but shows well how deep state works.

  29. obstruction of justice youtube....

  30. Police States of Australia, where truth is a crime. Pathetic! ps. funny that, need email and name to add comment.

  31. This video series is excellent, indeed. The only factual mistake I have noticed is where he states that Amon G. Carter was involved in the Dallas meeting, but he actually died in 1955, so this was not possible.

  32. One of the worst tricks not mentioned: The replacement of the actual 13th amendment of the usa constitution with a different one, using the civil war era as cover/distraction. Look for it on the millennium report. The cause of many of the problems of today: The corrupt judges and fraudulent lawyers, many of them politicians. They would all be put in their proper place, out of govt.

    Now we have several generations desiring, volunteering, pleading to be deceived by the rich men tricksters; and they have been ...converted from rugged individualists into cry baby marxists who scream at others to pay for whatever they want next. [Please buy my vote with free stuff that I don't deserve because someone else had to paid for it.]

    Buying your vote is as easy as trapping a wild hog. Put a little free food next to a section of fence, keep doing that while building a corral with a gate step by step. In the last step when the wild hog suspiciously looks at the corral and gate but wants the free food anyway, you close the gate. Wild hog realizes it has been captured runs around squealing checking the fence, then resides itself to the situation and goes back to eating.

    Unfortunately humans have an ego which resists being wrong. Even when someone offers a much better solution than to be so easily and cheaply bought and manipulated by the globalists(marxist communists) they still want the free stuff so volunteer themselves, their progeny, their parents and grandparents, to be trapped into the dictates of the vote buying globalist communists; The new world odor.

    And when they are trapped, no need to give them free stuff, since they are already trapped. No gun, no food, no strength, no power, just an animal led to the slaughter. And slaughtered they will be since the globalists desire a much lower population.

    Currently their method of slaughter is a bit slow with cancer causing retroviruses in most all the vaccines, chemtrails, GMO food, chlorine and fluoride in the water, etc. It seems they desire to speed that up.

    And these Collectivist whiners and screamers think they are generous and caring. More delusions. Soviet Lenin also stated that unions were the perfect training ground for communism. Simple to see. Those at the top dictate to the rest. If you complain they don't assign you to a job. You starve. The lame lazy union mentality is to extort rather than to compete with a biz of their own if they don't like working for the man. The problem with extortion is that eventually the biz moves to another country or goes out of biz.

    Much easier for the unions to strike than compete in biz. About one step up from the mafia. Much like the democrat screamers and whiners wanting someone to buy their votes with free stuff. When they could be spending that time gathering together to start a biz, that ideal workplace that pays them much more than they are worth, as much as they want, while they do whatever they want, such as play video games and porn.

    And whose fault is it for sending your kids to those institutions of indoctrination and propaganda called govt schools and universities? Sending them to their mental destruction? To those places which are filled with only partial truth, just enough to fool people into believing they know everything but everything they know isn't so.

    1. Very good comments! I can recommend Oral Roberts University. We do not teach socialism and do not worship the wealthy, such as Buffett, Gates, et al.

    2. Ditto to the above comment! To Howard Roark beneath me.....But you do worship Oral Roberts and his rich gang of rapists right? Look up Longview Baptist Temple in Longview, TX ran by Bob Gray and son who came straight from the Oral Roberts clique. They are notorious pervert rapists. God is real but people like Oral Roberts have a lot of explaining to do. That campus here in Tulsa looks dated and pathetic. Weird gold looking OZ. Man is Tulsa is weird. SFASU baby Axe' em Jack's!

    3. If you're blaming Socialism, then you don't get it.

  33. Excellent movie, and Francis has had a few interviews since!

    I highly recommend this!

  34. We must make a stand
    I distribute to the same people who incarserate me for it.
    I do their dirty work .
    I do their time

  35. whom ever thinks they are maintaining this site are sadly mistaken. I just searched ten different films in a row and all will not start. This was a very informative site before yet now is sadly not.

    1. The videos are embedded from other sites like YouTube. If they're taken down from the original site it will be removed here. Whoever created this has little control since they're just embedded from other sites. :)

    2. Order this film on Amazon you tube has disabled the link - too much truth..
      Cheep. Selling 2 for 1!

    3. This should be on television, worldwide!

  36. Herbert Walker owned slave plantations in America in the 1930s?? Wtf? Sharecroping albeit a form of serfdom was thriving at the time but it was still a far cry from the "peculiar institution"...Plantations or large self sustaining farms existed as well still into the 1930s Deep South, but cotton production for the most part was by landowners of 1000 acres or less with family's Sharecroping tracts of a hundred acres or so each.

    I would know I'm descended from both sharecroppers and slave owners in different bloodlines.

  37. Truth is excellence. Best work I have ever watched and listened to concerning the course of humanity. Additionally, I see that past historical events have lit this truth, that the protestant interpretation of the book of revelation is wrong. Future generations need to be aware that mans course is changing. Only that rooted in truth rooted in the HOLY SPIRIT will be able to withstand a 666 event. Time makes the man. Man with his knowledge does not make the time. Appointed has a meaning. Thank you so very genuinely Mr. Connelly for a work I believe HOLY GOD is well pleased with. ?

  38. I'm sorry, but Henry Ford LOOKS evil; his is the face of evil, entirely. I went to the hospital in Detroit named for him back in early 2001; I went through several departments and not one of those specialized doc's could diagnose Lyme Disease. What a joke these systems are.

    1. large amounts of Oil Of Oregano cure Lyme Disease

  39. Excellent Documentary. A must see!

  40. Do we think that Jesus Christ is a rich man's trick?
    Many things here I can't agree with which undermines the credibility of the film.

    1. Nobody gives a flying F what you agree with Bot!!!

    2. Some people cannot handle the implications to their world view they so desperately wish to be accurate; which was wrong from the beginning.

      Most everything we were taught in school was partially wrong to ensure the power and massive returns to the bankster families, the powers that be.

      I know several who simply refuse to believe that much of what we see in the sky is chemtrails that spread out into a haze rather than the much less often contrails which evaporate in place.

      They even refuse to go view the websites which document it well; one even includes the govt documents which provide for those chemtrail spewing weather modification GeoEngineering programs.

      So the real problem is with their ego, not wanting to be wrong about their view of the govt, thinking it is filled with people just trying to do good. Only true for a few. Many are globalists trying to usher in the demise of the once great usa.

    3. I thought he was a bit wrong on this one too. Tbh, observant Christians and orthodox Jews are not 'rich man's tricks' at all, which is why US media despises both. He doesn't explain why Hitler and Henry Ford despised Jews. Why would they despise Jews if Jews are just a 'rich man's trick'? But overall, the vast majority of the documentary I liked. The Vatican was on board with fascism and naziism and has had most of its history whitewashed.

  41. My mind has just been blown!

  42. I knew a large part of the broad information, however I WAS SHOCKED to be introduced to other aspects of our history and the CULPABILITY the American Government that has ruined lives for years all for Power and Money. GREAT DOCUMENTARY

  43. Nothing is forever, everything ends, everything but the cosmos.

  44. He left out the fact that the Rothschild's stole Russians gold after they funded the Bolshevik revolution and murdered the Czars family.

    1. Yes. Because the Tsar was the richest monarch in Europe and his money was coveted by the King of England. The Rothschilds smelled blood and eagerly offered a solution.
      That's when the Bolshevik hit the fan and the rest is the sad history were left to deal with.

  45. I think he missed Pearl Harbor.. America refused to get involved in another war and the attack was the perfect means to rally the country and get the money rolling in. Training exercises the days before and of.. strange witness testimony.. the most important pieces not being present.. a lot of similarities to 9/11

    1. To be fair, the main focus of the movie seems to be the JFK assasination, and the events which preceded it and proceeded it, events which can be linked back to that moment in time, from WW1, then up to 9/11 and beyond. Its a nice way to tie it all together, but yes there is much missing from the documentary. It would run for about 3 weeks 12 hours and 32 minutes if we wanted to critically analyse every sordid detail of our history!

  46. So we'll done, it leaves EXCELLENT in the dust.One thing though, psychologically
    The power elite are your most poor, decrepit and mentally fractured. Someday the Will CHOOSE HELL !!

  47. Just remember "I said it first", well I guess I'm second cause my father told me. When I had ask him if he thought Ross Perot would make a good President looking at how well he ran his company, can he turn this country back around ? He replied "Not Really", when I ask to explain he said "Ross Perot is only one man and is going to affect that farmer down the road that lives in Holiday. for a country to make change it has to be done by the people, freedom is choice by the people, for the people who NEED CHANGE it's called " The Will of the People"
    And with that statement I figured it sounded pretty much right. So you can call an Ostrich cause I don't play into the News or any of that bull it doesn't come into my house I stick my head in a hole in the ground and if it don't bite me right square on the butt, then it doesn't pertain to me. You would be shocked how nice a day can be not having to hear about bad things that happened on the other side of the world. A friend that keeps TV turned to the news all day said" with that attitude your just part of the problem". My answer to him was "if you care that much about it quite watching and do something". I don't think he heard that part of it cause he still sitting on dead butt of his bitching.

    1. The irony of your friend, who is fixated on propaganda and mainstream disinformation, telling you that you are part of the problem because you choose to free your mind of propagated fear and dogmas. Quite something.

      I always propose the following to people who consume mainstream news and believe it forms a necessary part of the human experience: Let us believe for this moment, that the journalists and corporations who produce the news media are completely neutral, non-partisan, and intent only providing the truth to the people. Even with that very nobility attached to their pursuit of best informing the public, it cannot be denied that they are invariably selecting which truth to pursue, and which truth to show to you. Whether provided by means of either a nightly bulletin, online article or newspaper, the content which you receive must at various stages of the process be the result of choices made by humans. So with that, we see that even in a world which lays claim to the most virtuous media imaginable, that mainstream news is inevitably still a form of mind control. The narratives we consume, which are chosen for us by other, are an undeniable influence on our very perceptions of the world and our place in it.

      Avoid mainstream at all costs. It is poison. Get back to nature. Train your thoughts and beliefs, avoiding negativity and the detrimental effects it has on our chemistry. Seek knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world we live in, especially the power of our mind. The capability of a human who is balanced in mind, body and spirit is unfathomable.

  48. The late Anthony Sutton while working at Standford University at the Hoover Institute wrote a series of books in the 1970's that detailed the rise of the Russian Revolution and that it was financed by American corporations and their desire to make the entire world filled with human worker bees with a few elites ruling over them. This entire video is plausible.

  49. +Fabien L'Amour,
    Re: Standard Oil and Nazi collusion. Check out a 1978 New York Times piece: "With a Branch at Auschwitz", By ROBERT SHERRILLAUG. 6, 1978. It's easy to find if you Google the title. It's a pretty good starting point for you to see how some of the points this documentary makes should not be dismissed out of hand .

  50. It's evident this documentary is incredibly accurate, as so many of the debunkers making comments, are so obviously "planted". Well done on a superb and factually accurate analysis of the route to the sorry mess we are in right now. There is no reason other than Illuninati control to explain why we are not thriving as a species in terms of health,, wellbeing and security.

    1. Jen I watched the video and learned much. I actually knew some. I watched Kay Griggs 4 part interview years ago. To know all this about wars, the Holocast is heartbreaking. All the human suffering, body and men being sent off to wat to be broken, damaged and killed so evil people could meet their evil agendas. The spiritual warfare is as Juan has described. Our only hope is JESUS. The bride calls to the bridegroom "come Lord Jesus".

  51. Unfortunately the narrator is dead wrong about the events in Manhattan on 9/11. Planted charges are not what destroyed the 9 buildings of and near the WTC. The twin towers, WTC 3 and WTC 4 turned to dust, steel and all, in under 12 seconds each. Seismic signal for each tower at least 6 fold too small. Debris pile only 20 feet versus expected 160 feet. No filing cabinets found in the debris - all turned to dust. Charges don't turn steel and aluminum to dust. WTC 7 turned to dust throughout the day and finally fell down and in on its meager remnants at 5:21 pm. These facts are proved by hard evidence. Charges don't do this. A new form of weaponry never before displayed to the public was used. Does anyone really think the 1% doesn't have control of that? Meanwhile we are fed BS repeatedly from the media that anyone with a knowledge of the evidence and of basic high school physics can easily debunk.

  52. P.S He really should have linked it with the Rothschild's Zionists.

  53. No matter if you agree or disagree with this Doc. There is hell of a lot more truth in it than we are given in the main stream everything. I concur there may be some inconsistencies to it but there is also a hell of a lot of information. It's very easy to condemn a person who may or may not of covered every single base. I personally applaud a person for trying g to uncover some truths and share them. No one is right 100% of the time. Fact is, the few control the many because they are masters of division. If you are falling for that and choosing to fight each-other in a place like this where truth is sought out, What hope is there for the rest of humanity. If you continue to challenge or ridicule information because you happen to know or believe you know some of it is wrong, then surely it is down to you to make efforts to get the most complete compilation of information out there rather than sitting behind your screen calling a man for trying to connect all the secretive dots he can. This information matters, if there are inconsistencies fair enough, point them out if you must but give the guy credit for getting this kind of information out. We all know the powers that be profit from extreme cruelty, we all know there is something to this docs message, yet some try to crush it by pointing out something incorrect about it. Nobody, not him you or anyone else would be able to get this kind of doc 100% perfect. His message is still a truthful one. Please try not let yourself be divided over it.

  54. @Fabien L'Amour - Your comment to watch the documentary "The Kennedy Assassination - Beyond Conspiracy" is funny. This is because that documentary doesn't allow for comments, and literally says "The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy was originally broadcast in the UK on 23 November, 2003 on the BBC," in the publishing section for the video. It also does not address any of the eye witness testimonies brought up or the factual evidence for the other shots fired. Don't be a sheep.

  55. Fabian L'Amour claims that the congressional committee investigating the conspiracy exposed by Smedley Butler for a business coup against FDR found his claims were false. In fact, they found the exact opposite. They confirmed his claims through other witnesses and their own investigation. The Congressional committee final report said:

    "In the last few weeks of the committee's official life it received evidence showing that certain persons had made an attempt to establish a fascist organization in this country. No evidence was presented and this committee had none to show a connection between this effort and any fascist activity of any European country. There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient.

    "This committee received evidence from Maj. Gen Smedley D. Butler (retired), twice decorated by the Congress of the United States. He testified before the committee as to conversations with one Gerald C. MacGuire in which the latter is alleged to have suggested the formation of a fascist army under the leadership of General Butler.

    "MacGuire denied these allegations under oath, but your committee was able to verify all the pertinent statements made by General Butler, with the exception of the direct statement suggesting the creation of the organization. This, however, was corroborated in the correspondence of MacGuire with his principal, Robert Sterling Clark, of New York City, while MacGuire was abroad studying the various forms of veterans organizations of Fascist character."

    74th Congress House of Representatives Report, pursuant to House Resolution No. 198, 73d Congress, February 15, 1935. Quoted in: George Seldes, 1000 Americans (1947), pp. 290–292. See also Schmidt, p. 245

  56. Best documentary I have ever seen..... 3-1/2 hours and I have watched it three times.....anyone who discredits Francis R. Conolly needs to Wikipedia "Operation Northwoods" ...........

    1. Wikipedia is Illuminati/NWO - not to be trusted nor is it fully truthful.

  57. Clown show with enough real names/events sprinkled in to keep the sales of tinfoil up.

    1. Well, didn't this age well!

      Its 2020:

      - George HW Bush has been executed for treason.
      - the NWO is rolling out their agenda for complete control and surveillance of every human on earth which will be followed by mass depopulation and AI driven transhuman slaves.

      Sadly, its this very type of ignorance you so proudly own, which will consign me to the very same fate as you should they be successful. Had society have wised up to this in time, and simply refused to conform to their will, we would be living in a blissful state right now. Instead, 8-9 months into the plandemic everything is going according to script. Now we have arrived at the food shortage stage, should be fun for everyone don't you think? Hopefully tinfoil doesn't get bought up in moments of panic by the general public, right?

      I hope you have awakened since this moment of cognitive dissonance.

  58. Watched all 3+ hours of it and it was truly enlightening.

  59. jitendra s, there's never been any direct link between any so-called "Illumanies" and Hitler.
    Illumitaties (If existent indeed) are only investors owning real money (Gold) who watch how the international market goes because they don't have to go to work everyday.
    When they decide to get into action, they have their "Hired guns" like prime ministers, presidents, dictators.
    If Illumities did exist between the 1910 to somewhere in the 50's, they sure gotten overruled by the organized crime since then.
    Passed away since this era, the lead sure is in the hands of new gangs.
    Same as for the mafia, there are many street gangs left aside the Hell Angels.
    Typical organized crime as we know is on its last breath.

  60. Hey Fabien, how do you know for sure what really happened? You can't know unless you are a part of the 0.5%. Shutting everything down cause of you're "fact checking" is ignorant(who writes Wikipedia pages?). Do I believe everything I hear or see? No. But I keep an open mind. Anything is possible

  61. I viewed it once more. Over done by the author indeed.
    Alas, the over done comments of the author (And speaker) made the doc a futility.
    Everybody on planet earth already had a vague idea that the NAZI took over USA somewhere in the 50's with the "Paper clip" CIA operation.

    It's just that we didn't know the details ; details that are "Over done".
    When will the doc producers will ever learn ?
    - Don't over do it, simply give the facts.
    It's plenty anyhow.

  62. I viewed this doc twice because I wanted to find a snag regarding any so-called "Illuminati" supposedly involved (Mafia and or ultra-rich worldwide business leader) ; but there is no incoherence specifically about this within that doc.
    While there should be at least a few. (The Bush, the various gangsters, CIA under-covers, witnesses and so forth). There should have been more incoherencies !

    Concerning what this document may have a unpleasant taste ; again and again, it's the over-doing that nags the reality of the facts described in this doc.
    I guess that this is the nature of human being when disgusted at a fact ?

    - For instance ; the Vietnamese would have opted to become free and autonomous through the support of the autocratic left politic instead of the democratic pastern is a little "Off".
    We all know for a fact that this nation always been treated with low disgusting mistreatment. At the time (Post-WWII era), the Illuminaties already had their load of business.
    When the conference took place in Paris before the war, the West could have granted Ho Chi Min their support as well as the Russians or the Chinese did later on.
    The only true thing about the politics here was that the occidental world was a little fed up with war after WWII. They didn't mind much about France protecting its "Michelin" estates.
    But the US had to take over once the French goofed later on.
    The Brits (Head of illuminaties) were not concerned by a South-East Asia case.

    Sums up to a few "Over-done" comments but everything well is structured.
    - "How does a nation put its best man to death".
    En of quote.

  63. Is this man a legitimate historian?

    Much of what is presented is indeed verifiable historical fact, however there remains some representations that I am/was not aware of and have not yet researched to be able to judge, but there is one very glaring error; at 1:30:00 he not only says Klu KLux Klan, but also has it written in a graphic! How could any learned and intelligent historian possibly make such an obvious and easily proven mistake?

    So, what is the purpose of this video?

    Is it, then, intended to be yet another vehicle to ridicule the truth and those that seek it? Or is it yet another mashup of history and interpretation of events from a misinformed/ignorant wannabe?

    1. Your prepared to write-off an incredibly eye-opening and factual documentary based on a spelling error? It is a very common error to say/write Klu instead of Ku, and I imagine this man to be a very noble investigative journalist as opposed to a historian with strong understandings of the white supremacist movement. With that, I am more than happy to forgive this error.

  64. Ive watched this doc many times. I find it outstanding but beware of any entity that exposes most truth and leaves the most important 15% out. One can suspect misdirection because it fails to pinpoint that theres usually one group behind the scenes which would be of a Eastern Med Religious persuasion . You mean to tell me Connoly can do all this tedious work and not a mention of the Silversteins, 5 Dancing Israelis ,and one common trait of a large group involved in 9-11? Come on

    1. Exactly. They might be auto-censuring themselves, because they know that a documentary mentioning the Jews as guilty couldn’t be freely distributed. It may also be controlled opposition. That would explain how WW2 events are narrated. Or simply ignorance about some hidden, deeper truth.

    2. There is hardly time to go into each conspiracy in the depth that they all require. People need to do their own research, it is not acceptable to simply watch this documentary and suddenly understand everything.

      What it does brilliantly, is prove beyond any reasonable doubt that our lives are controlled by a global elite, whose finances and resources grant them a level of power that dwarfs that of the governments around the world.

      For a newcomer, its an excellent introduction to the rabbit hole they will invariably now go down.
      For someone far more seasoned like myself, beyond confirming my understanding of much of the greater narrative, I was still able to discover many events and facts I was not aware of beforehand. I also now feel I have a great resource to help awaken people who have not proven easy to wake up so far!

      10/10 for me, awarded for achieving what I deem to be a very reasonable goal for someone making such a film.

  65. President of the united states of america thus im sure they were worried little about that

  66. To cross eyed, the scrutiny of the disappearance of a dallas police officers murdered corpse is far simpler to repress than any fowl
    f the murdered corpse of the

  67. To jack fortin regardless of what credit system you have in place, a monetary based economy relies heavily on capital investment to stimulate an economy in the state of germanys at the time of hitlers rise to power.

  68. It's the old statement "Hidden in plain sight." Formidable

  69. My compliments to all reviewers for your courteous manner even when disagreeing on this almost supernatural topic of tolkeinesque human behavior. Ever since I was a teen in the Viet Nam years I found myself many times with world and national events not being able to make the elements in the equation to add up. After years of study and analysis I find that this documentary truly does balance the equation more than anything I have watched or read to date. Having studied western history all of my life makes me very familiar with all of the characters and events referred to here. And now older and more able to accept man's total and uncontrollable desire to have absolute power, sometimes even in just their own home; I feel than Mr. Conolly's conclusions are most realistic and accurate. Herman Göring said the big lies were easy to sell to the public and it was the smaller ones that were harder. This political philosophy goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. So nothing has changed here except so much of this documentary is very new history and happened in our lifetimes. This adds to the inability for most to accept that they were duped or that our nation was duped. To analyze this documentary in a fact by fact basis will distort the overall message of power, propaganda, lies, fear and violence to control a nation of over 300 million persons. Just like the most knowledgeable gentleman who stopped after 18 minutes because some date with Standard Oil was incorrect. The message was that JD Rockefeller and friends financed Hitler's rise to power in the late 20s and early 30s...not Standard Oil in a traditional customer/vendor relationship. And the reason why these Robber Barons supported Hitler was so Germany could destroy the USSR and its most powerful communist labor movement. They were very afraid it could take hold in their own factories. So this gentlemen missed the overall message of why our world really doesn't add up. Some of the facts may be wrong but I believe this documentary to be an excellent analytical presentation of the conspiratorial powers used against we everyday citizens everyday. And if you research the term "conspiracy theorist" you will find it was specifically created by the CIA as part of their defense to discredit those critical thinkers who on their own researched and reported information that debunks the accepted national answers to these horrific events. Finally I found it interesting that when I googled Francis Richard Conolly I only got the links for the movie but absolutely no links on him personally...not even Wikipedia. Sounds like the author of this movie may have had to go underground to escape the Frank Sturges's of the world. Mr Conolly may have touched on some nerves.

  70. Gratuitous assertions do not make knowledge or fact. This guy needs a tinfoil hat.

  71. This doco is propaganda. Not saying it is all crap, it just ignores the elephant in the room, the chosen ones. Everyone has biases and blind spots in areas they do not understand fully. I would like to know who financed this film.

  72. I watched this at least 10 times. And researched alot of things that I was unsure of. I can't debunk anything about this great documentary. Anyone who says its just made up lies either is mentally challenged or afraid to believe it. Its amazing how much evidence supports it but I guess that doesn't matter because the government says otherwise. WOW

  73. any person who does not look at this with open minds are going to complain about conspiracy theories, fact is many conspiracie theorys have become fact, The Dreyfus Affair,The Mafia,MK-Ultra, operation mocking bird, the manhatten project, watergate,The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Operation Northwoods,1990 Testimony of Nayirah,Counter Intelligence Programs Against Activists in the 60s,The Iran-Contra Affair, The BCCI Scandal,CIA Drug Running in LA, Gulf of Tonkin Never Happened,Operation Ajax... any person who does not believe the rich is running this planet is just another sheep headed for slaughter

    1. Find me one person who doesn’t think the world is run by rich people! That is blatantly obvious. The difficult part is working out which of the elite DO truly have sinister motives; and conversely, which of the ‘poorer’ people DO have ulterior motives. Not all activists are altruistic, remember that.

    2. Correction:
      Find me one person who doesn’t think the world is run by rich people! That is blatantly obvious. The difficult part is working out which of the elite DO NOT have sinister motives; and conversely, which of the ‘poorer’ people DO have ulterior motives. Not all activists are altruistic, remember that.

  74. It is not about the assassination it is about the cover up. Why are so many documents locked up till 2037? If you believe the Warren comission then why the secrecy?

  75. I actually watched the lot. Unusual for me to bother.
    My intuition tells me it's not too different from what it accuses the CIA of, creating a story that mixes truth with lies to create misinformation. Yet there is truth buried within. Such as the fact that ordinary people are pawns in wars which benefit and enrich 1% of the top 1% wealthy people in the world who both fund and supply both sides. And it's clearly happening yet again. The ME and the stand-off between the West ( NATO) and Russia is brewing nicely for those who are profiting from the misery in Syria et al and the trade embargo of Russia. The CIA et al involvement in destabilising the Ukraine worked out perfectly and Russia responded predictably and so it all begins over again.
    Imagine the huge good for mankind if the resources utilised to enrich the 1% of1% through conflict was diverted to lifting the billions living in poverty.

    1. I completely agree with you.

  76. seems I am not allowed , what pathetic country you inhabit !!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Why do Americans, [ not all ] , still fall over and over for the Magick bullet !

  78. Regardless of this film if you cannot see that the wealthy are the ones who create and profit from war and crime then you are blind and should either get a well-rounded education or jump off a cliff. Look at Flint MI. It's disgusting what the American people will let the wealthy criminals get away with. Rise up and F I G H T!

    1. I'm from the lower peninsula in Michigan and saw while I was growing up what happened during the 70s when GM pulled out to utilize cheap labor elsewhere. And politico's are talking about getting the auto industry up and running again in that depressed ghost town? Whatever's left is automated, like everything else...we better change this up soon or we're all doomed; human history bears out that eventually the pendulum eventually begins to swing in the other direction, but we're WAY overdue. Pathetic.

  79. Anyone who discounts this doco is clearly a victim of the news we are given as fact! We are all just mice on a treadmill, labouring for the entitled in our society. It makes a lot of questions I have asked suddenly become clear, like why Iraq? They had nothing to do with the 9/11 event but the West conveniently made them the scapegoat, more reasons for war, ordinary people need to rise up and say no more, we will not be your puppets!

    1. Like Vietnam too, for that matter. What were we doing in that civil war? Essentially just helping the elite to profit in a big way again; we had no business being there, or anywhere else for that matter where we try to force our way of thinking and being onto other established cultures with their own ideology. And how do we sell the democratic way of life when only on paper are we a democracy any longer ourselves.

  80. Gave up after 20mins...The claims regarding freemasonry are preposterous.

  81. We're a f***** species and we don't die...we already are dead...once you get to the point where you realize that NOTHING MATTERS you can go on from there pretending like it does...

  82. @Fabien L'Amour, where is your documentary? As you seem to have all the answers....

  83. I just finished watching this and need to do more research. I always said that there was a shooter in a storm drain that fired that head shot. JFK was lifted up out of the seat and thrown to the left. That could only happen if the shot came from the right and up from street level. I do not believe that there were 16-shots fired. This is the first time I've every heard this theory and that doesn't make sense. However, anyone who does any shooting knows that by JKF's body movement, that head shot came from the front right, no matter what others try to tell us or unscientifically prove to us. As far as the body swap? I need time to really think about that one. Being a conspiracy theorist I'm having a hard time with that one. Needs more research.

    About 911. I said from day one that the collapse of the towers was a controlled demolition. Buildings do not fall into their own footprint and jet fuel does not get hot enough to melt steel, so they're not selling that one to me. I wish the film would have talked about the hit on the pentagon because I will never buy the story that a plane hit it. I've never seen a plane totally disintegrate, leave a nice round hole in the wall and not disturb any of the surrounding lawn.

    Anyway...there are a lot of lies occurring in this world and I do believe that there is an elite class who are running the globe. Even if 50% of this film is accurate, we are still in very bad shape. God help us.

  84. I bought the book "American Dynasty" several years ago. VERY eye-opening. Gives a well researched account of the Bush family and their involvement with the Nazis.

  85. This is heavy stuff. The people who are indifferent are like the majority of the world who shame NO responsibility in holding those responsible accountable. Its a tragic shame that so many prefer to accept the garbage that is fed to them & quite frankly spoil it for future generations. It saddens me that there is so much "greed" in the world! The Bush family are deplorable human beings & continue to enjoy sunny days on the Golf Courses of the world because NO ONE has the Chutzpah to make enough noise to hold them accountable. My goodness we honestly have made a right mess of the gift of life & an opportunity to serve & love our fellow human beings.

    1. The Elephant in the room is human Jealousy. That is why there is so much Greed. As you age you realise that there are very few people that you can trust. It’s a sad state of affairs. As for the Bush’s, their the scum of the earth. Real Evil bastards. The majority toe the line because they fear losing their jobs or worse ending up like JFK.

  86. Did you catch the part where they used the phoniness of religion to try to say the rich made up God to be a big brother in medieval times?

    1. Organised religion is a way of controlling the minds of the masses (sin and you’ll go to hell but give all your money to the church to show your commitment etc). Governments control the masses through laws, education (or lack of it) and physical work etc. Church and state together is a powerful combination. Apparently there are a lot of ‘woke’ people in the USA and yet many of them are deeply religious. It seems the weak minded are susceptible to propaganda (I guess that’s why QAnon is growing in popularity because it appears to be just enough truth to make people swallow it with a big dose of misinformation thrown in for good measure). The Dunning Kruger effect also has a big part to play. I guess that’s where the saying ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ comes from. I’m smart enough to know that there are people way smarter than me out there. I also know it’s a fight we can’t win unless you want to turn into the very thing you despise.

    2. PS. I woke up to religion at the age of 15 when I found out Henry VIII created the Church of England in response to his own desire to get divorced from Catherine of Aragon - but he couldn’t because Britain was Catholic. The years following was a bloody war of religions (Protestant v Catholic).If that doesn’t tell you that religion is a man-made construct I don’t know what will.

  87. Those who choose to ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.

  88. Good Grief...... This is proof the world is full of stupid people. This nonsense is a distraction. It uses the principle that "if you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one and throw in lots of little truths". How sad so many have viewed this and somehow think it is credible as reflected in the ratings.

    I pose this simple question..... If the Nazi's won the war, why do we still have a credit based currency system? No mention of social credit? ...The system that the National Socialists actually used to create a booming economy and dramatically increase the standard of living of every German while much of the world was mired in depression.

    As I said ....little more than a distraction to feed the gullible into thinking they somehow have a deeper understanding of history. Just don't look at our credit based currency system...nothing to see here....move along.

  89. we are all the product of our experiences. when will the teachers teach and when will we
    be able to share?

  90. Well researched, eye opening documentary with a compelling call to action! Frank Conolly has done a masterful job of explaining present day circumstances with historical facts that have been ignored or distorted by media, history books and most politicians-facts that have urgent implications now. Please watch and share widely. Best 3 1/2 hours you'll ever spend on this topic!

  91. After reading a lot of reviews it's come to my attention that if only half of the comments are right, the rich don't have to start any wars just put a couple of statements on here and people are immediately at each others throats. I personally found this documentary very interesting, first l felt so ill l thought l was going to vomit then l got so angry to think if only half of this is right these people have been using us as pawns for decades. How dare they send so many people to their death just to keep their money piling up, how much is enough, will there ever be enough. So much of what he said l have heard and read about before so l do believe a lot of it. Yes government are totally ruthless an we all knew there was something fishy about Princess Diana death, as was JFK an also his son John jnr. It was not long before the outside world began to smell something fishy in the 7/11 disaster,( once over the shock) realised we were been thrown red herrings by all the networks. So yes l believe that rich men in charge of governments will stop at nothing to keep them and their buddies getting richer.

  92. 9/11 has always been a hoax to me and the examples of where they screwed up are quite obvious if you want to see it. If you don't then an opinion will never change that.
    I watched all three hours and enjoyed it and even if only a quarter was correct that is a scary amount for me.

  93. Ahmed B:

    what is and what isn't in perspective here. while trying to understand why jews were targets from the get-go, i'm trying to comprehend a notion of "get back" put in motion by jews who are driven purely by "payback". so i'm caught in there trying to figure this all out. this doc helps a great deal in further understanding "hitler". is the bottom line about "kingdom expansion", which will be driven by wealth?
    instead i feel the conversation should be about injection moreso than purely fiesty rejection without any backing commentary. to derail the doc is the dumb thing we people in collective have been doing all along and that is why any person with money will always get one over on us because we argue till the last scrap and suddenly realize this, and all the pirates have to do to get any of us on their side is wag the tail of a dollar at us to get us to respond positive to their will. who are these people to cut down the information? the art of dissuasion has been strong for a long time. think about that and give ignorance a rest. you think it's cute to be ignorant and get a laff out ya folks?

  94. Nice documentary with good analysis, well worth watching. However one major flaw he forgot to mention most of the rich elites are actually in bed with or are neocons / zionist jews. For example he mentioned the british royal family is not actually british / windsor, they are actually Saxe-Coburg / Gotha and Goldsmith. They actually own most of the central banks, media and business, and manipulate the world through this network. Thats why Israel gets away with daily murder of children, and you cannot criticize them. For a small population (0.1% ?) they are always the ones in positions of power gained through their (racist) secret agenda to promote themselves at the rests expense.

  95. how often do we all see how one person corrupts train of thought by injecting his rejection of a presentation, calling everyone names. pure attempt at dilution of a potential. think about that.

  96. If Officer Tippett was used as a body double for Kennedy doesn't there have to be a body double used for Tippett, a body double for his body double etc. Where were the conspirators going to find that many men that all resembled each other?

  97. I can't believe that I wasted my time watching this. The biggest pile of bullshit that I have ever watched.

  98. This is as close as it gets. Not a lot of detailed proof, you have to research the assertions separately, but outside of the documentary there is enough evidence. "JFK II" was similar, but conclusively shows the Bushes connections to the CIA and Dulles and to "the whole bay of pigs thing". Fabien L'Amour has only 18 minutes to spend on watching this film yet has weeks to spend following up on comments to ensure that everyone knows what a poor quality documentary it is.

  99. Just a comment. Research the history of the Bush family, from Preston to George H.W. and on down. Draw your own conclusions. Peace

  100. @Fabien L'Amour, what is your take on the kennedy assassination?

  101. Excellent documentary. Much of this data I have heard before and noticed it panned out from my limited point of view, but this documentary tied it together and makes sense.

    There are parts to this we know, or can find out easily, such as Ford building tanks and trucks for the Nazies as well as for the US and then sued the US for bombing their facilities in Germany, and getting paid for it. We know the bankers who created the GFC were not jailed but were handsomely rewarded. We know the US has been in almost continual war since the 2nd World War and that this would be very profitable for the arms makers, just check out their stock prices. Even the past President Carter has recently said, that the US is an oligarchy. The behaviour of those from what we know, can then be extrapolated to what might be.

    What this documentary does is fill in the blanks or close enough to it for me.

    Thanks Mr Conolly, greatly appreciated!

  102. If your head is empty and you have not read any history then i guess you cannot withstand any information which cannot be easily contradicted by googleing the web.

    However, if you have read a bit you will know that, for a start:

    1. Most heads of german industry did not want anything to do with Hitler. at the end many felt forced to. and its true many made money then.

    2. There is no real connection between nazis and heads of american industries, with a few distant and exentric exceptions

    3. There is no connection between american industry at large and "skulls and bones"-whatever. This is where the first conspiracy flag should show red!

    4. The profit motive of some industries, first of all arms, is large and dangerous in US foreign policy, but not to the extent shown in this documentary

    for a start ....

    However the movie is good enough to be worth watching, because it is right on many points, in my opinion.

    What I am worried about is the internet over large, a new generation growing up with the uncritical web, without peers they can check their facts with. The web is a dangerous tool for conspiracies. Its also a great tool to uncover truths!

  103. Um, he got killed, um, 50 years ago.
    Move on. Only idiots entangle themselves with idiocy, and only fools follow the foolish.
    Watch a documentary on dolphins, or tigers. They are still alive, so you can actively do something about them, rather than conjecturing about men who died before you were born.

  104. Are the Swiss remnants of the Knights Templar behind all this with the BIS (FDR dying right before ending it, poison?), GAVI (pushing vaccines Internationally), Roche, Novartis, Syngenta (gmo), countless ngos? Free Sean Hross!! he has some youtube videos up (skip the symbolism parts). A protest in the US would do likely nothing the Franklin cover up Boys town Nebraska, Moloch worship in bohemian grove possibly display US is a Swiss puppet government, a protest in Switzerland could possibly be effective?

  105. Unfortunately, this documentary has a great deal of false information as well as possibly true information. For example, George Herbert Walker family' "1930's slave plantations" didn't exist in 1930s (remember emancipation of slaves at end of 1861-1865 Civil War?); or that Sosthemes Behn was head of ITT, not AT&T and he was never an American citizen (at around 37: 10); or that "Nazi gold lies on the shelves at the Bank of England" (how could filmmaker know that -even Germans couldn't see their gold when they asked!); or that photo-shopping Nazi flags onto the Union Bank, or White House or other spots was anything but purposely misleading and wrong, just plain wrong.

    While much of this doc might be true, there is just too much false information thrown in to make it palatable to anyone with a brain who actually uses it.

  106. "Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves" -Tolstoy

  107. What a load of Dis -info CRAP

  108. I didn't want to believe what I watched after seeing this, so I watched it a few more times and fact checked as I went along...He makes a pretty compelling argument backed by hard evidence...shocking to say the least...there are a few questionable claims in this doc, like the skull and bones connection and the supposed 500,000 man army takeover of the USA, but at the very least the JFK analysis is spot on.

    If you are going to include satanism in the doc, My only addition would be to include the blatently evil entertainment industry in the present age...take a look at Katy Perry's recent Grammy performance and the satanism is obvious. There are strong connections between the "illuminati", as mentioned in this doc, and the trash that influences people's actions through music, movies, etc....leading to a segment of the population having no moral compass at all...so when the shit hits the fan, it'll be chaos in the streets of America

  109. This is an excellent documentary with a lot of info and many layers, but to sum it up, it's essentially about how the rich hedge their bets by backing every horse in the race and how they get something in return for their investments. I knew this already.

  110. I can buy some of this but I do have trouble with the characterization of JFK as an honest and decent man generally. It seems more likely that he was a product of his father - an outsider "usurper" in American northeastern politics who made his money just as illegally and wanted to break in and become a part of the skull and boners - but they didn't want him so he went rogue. Note that Ambassador Kennedy was making his own overtures to Hitler prior to the US entry into WWII. John Kennedy was reckless and profligate with his personal life - and was taught by his father to be so -- and to be brash as a well-monied outsider in American politics - it's well known he bought his elections to Senate and to President - Seymour Hersh has covered this in his book of a decade ago. Kennedy was a pragmatist -playing both sides against one another in his own game - and lost. Perhaps he was turning toward dismantling the CIA and its cronies in the mob for altruistic reasons at some point - maybe he began believing his own speeches and myths of patriotism - certainly Bobby seemed to be the true believer. They both, however, were as cynical in many cases as the forces they went up against. I'm a little surprised by Mr. Conolly's uncritical support of JFK's character - surely with his research he's seen more than this.

  111. And the answer is:
    Eat the rich. Eat their young, they will be more tender. Make sure to clean your plate!

  112. This documentary sure puts a different light on the financial collapse of Greece and Puerto Rico.

  113. This was the most informative DOC ever made. Connolly backs up his claims with HARD evidence. Brilliant, mind boggling and scary

  114. People should start investigating conspiracies involving Christian churches. Christians have a reputation for being very judgmental and have ruined the lives of many, especially those who question the church or know their secrets, by using covert and subtle forms of harassment, intimidation and terrorism as a group of people acting in the name of Jesus Christ. Many Christian churches have invented forms of communication, not easily provable by others, to assist them in committing criminal acts while using Jesus Christ as their justification. They are well aware of the fact that their actions, no matter how criminal and harmful to others, will usually be viewed as acceptable in America by associating the actions with Christianity. It is unfortunate that these behaviors are readily accepted.
    Many Christians demonstrate extreme prejudice and hatred in their thoughts and actions. Hate becomes justifiable in the eyes of many Christians by simply applying a labeling of Satan to an actual human being. Applying a label to a person in order to do the work of Satan should be the major worry for Christians in my opinion. These are my thoughts based on my experience with Christians and I am a believer in Jesus Christ.

    1. Wth are you rambling about, secret languages,criminal acts, intimidation etc? Broad statements with no specifics. I love a good conspiracy but cannot figure out to what you are referring. Is the secret language latin by chance?

    2. Yeah, I get it..the world isn't fair..you got cheated..I'll go get the red carpet..

      Christianity is a belief that mankind is trapped in sin..and guilty before God..but God sent his son to pay the debt, if the person comes to God and asks for forgiveness their sin is covered....anything else is not Christianity..if you go out and terrorize and harm..you are not a believer...

  115. Please note that the Opal "Blitz" was a GMC truck, and that the USSR built ford vehicles--but the patent drawings on the German MG 34, the basic early WW II machine gun of the German armed forces, are the same as WWI era Winchester designs and are listed as having the same designer.

  116. Still early in the film, and finding it interesting, but I have to complain about the inclusion of the Kennedy speech about 'secret societies.' A portion of this speech is taken out of context in order to give the impression that the president was referring to groups like the Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, etc., but really it was a boilerplate (and hypocritical, given the U.S. government's own atrocious behavior) attack on communist states and the communist movement. The direct reference to the Cold War is a clear giveaway. Go to the JFK library website (jfklibrary. org) to see for yourself (TDF tends to remove all comments with links or I would provide it for you). It’s JFK’s address to the American Newspaper Publishers Association of April 27, 1961.

    1. The cold war was lead by the CIA and this organization is to whom he was referring.

    2. Nonsense. That's not how his audience would have taken it. Plus, it was very early in his admin., before he realized what a disaster was the CIA. Moreover, do you really think Kennedy, who campaigned as a Cold War hawk, would have, at the very inception of his administration, spoken before such an establishment body as the ANPA and attacked not our Cold War opponent, but the CIA? Further, your interpretation simply doesn't match Kennedy's words.

      Here's the quote in context:
      "Today no war has been declared - and however fierce the struggle may be never be declared in the traditional fashion. Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. The survival of our friends is in danger. And yet no war has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops, no missiles have been fired.

      "If the press is awaiting a declaration of war before it imposes the self-discipline of combat conditions, then I can say that no war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of 'clear and present danger,' then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent.

      "It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions - by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence - on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

      "Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.

      "Nevertheless, every democracy recognizes the necessary restraints of national security - and the question remains whether those restraints need to be more strictly observed if we are to oppose this kind of attack as well as outright invasion.

      "For the facts of the matter are that this nation's foes have openly boasted of acquiring through our newspapers information they would otherwise hire agents to acquire through theft, bribery or espionage; that details of this nation's covert preparations to counter the enemy's covert operations have been available to every newspaper reader, friend and foe alike; that the size, the strength, the location and the nature of our forces and weapons, and our plans and strategy for their use, have all been pinpointed in the press and other news media to a degree sufficient to satisfy any foreign power; and that, in at least one case, the publication of details concerning a secret mechanism whereby satellites were followed required its alteration at the expense of considerable time and money....."

  117. I don't want to start any arguments so I will be general in my comment. Any film on 911 is going to whitewash the lives of hundreds of people with the illogical fact that Muslims did it when in fact 911 was an inside job of nano explosives to bring those towers down. No airplane could have done that!

  118. Stayed up watching this until 1am last night. I so want to believe every word of it.
    An other Bush "wants to be president" and if not him perhaps an other Clinton.
    Please world wake the hell up!

    1. It took me a looooong time to watch because every 10 minutes or so I'ld have to stop it and walk off for a change of scenery because I was so angry/disgusted..

  119. The problem is us. Is their a solution? No. We are our own worst demise. The future civilizations will one day find our skeletons amidst our ruins and ponder....Another day in the universe.

  120. The Game of The Emperor’s New Clothes can only last as long as The World is willing to participate; after that, The Emperor’s Nakedness becomes a Painful Experience to the very Same World that is now willing to face The Truth, and that The World had participated in a Reality Game called: Whoredom!

    It is for this Reason that The Human Being Species keeps participating in the Reality Game called Whoredom that the History of Man keeps repeating Itself in its Evilness and Death; until:
    Death is to Man, and Man is No More!

    EYE 5

    1. If people could see through the circenses et panem trick it would be helpful.

  121. Basic Premise of the Film: Money corrupts people by giving too many people too much power, and the rest of us suffer for it.

    So what's in this that people don't already know? Oh, nothing, right.

    What's the director's/narrator's solution to this age-long problem?


    Um, okay, but, dude, revolutions have happened time and time again in the past, and what have they done?

    Nothing, but lead to more and more corruption.

    This documentary repeats what everybody already knows, and then it provides a solution that has already been tried bazillions of times.

    The real problem is us. Throughout history what has never changed? Us. We are the problem. And until we change as individual people, the classes and societies we create will continue to be corrupted.

    End of lesson.

    1. That is a pretty simplified and dull response when you consider the author/narrator is pointing out the same power dictatorship that has it's roots going back at least 200 years. As a species we have never collectively squashed this "Corporate Capitalism" that allows so few to do so much damage to the rest of the citizens on this planet.
      The day we leave this financial system behind will be the day humans progress to their next stage of evolution. The current system was set up to enslave us and it has achieved that goal.

      * We do not find cures for sickness and cancer because it's such a huge industry it would fall down if that cure was found.

      * The population has exceeded the limitations of this planet to sustain it's biosphere and eco-systems and we wont mount a universal space program "Cause it costs to much" which could make mankind extinct by doing nothing, does this make any sense??

      The revolution we need is one that makes this financial system defunct as it is an illusion anyway.

    2. What are you talking about? Do you even read your own writing? Not only is it blatantly ignorant of history, but it's saturated with bias. Look, if you don't like what I said, then whatever. I don't care, dude. Okay? Get it? I ... don't ... care... what ... your... little... brain.... thinks. Now go. Bye.

    3. response -- your dismissive, smarter-than-you responses do not serve your purpose well.

    4. Revolution needn't be physical. That's a narrow conception. I've learned nothing from your lesson and certainly would exclude it from my curriculum.

    5. You're not witty. You're not cute. And you're exactly why some people should never have a keyboard.

    6. Nah, I'm brilliant and gorgeous. Miles of difference.

    7. Any relevancy in these quirky exchanges??

    8. Entirely.

    9. the only way to beat capitalism is either not partaking in the instituition or by bloodshed. history says so

    10. yep.....yawn.

    11. almost every revolution in asia & south american countries before 1990 were initiated by the U.S. government. there is actually a really interesting documentary on the assassination of Carlos Prats. I do not know if it is on this site though but i recommend it

    12. Lesson learned. True and sincere change begins within ourselves.

  122. Despite loose ends and a bit frenzied (it could be longer giving us more time to cognicize the details; details are kind of like math, that's why we say things 'add up') I thought this was absolutely brilliant.

  123. Pretty good summary of information missing in many other doco's, but you forgot to mention what JFK knew of the current and ongoing space program and it's cost. There were some very frightened people in that administration when he made the speech about secrecy and its cabals that run the halls of power. Yes we are servants to the rich which one day I would like to see come tumbling down but who do the rich serve? We already know the answer to this (Aliens) who sit at the top of the UN who think 20 times faster than us and live at least 8 or 9 of our lifetimes. How do we get around this apart from letting everyone know as quick as possible! One problem with this is that most of them are still sleeping or cant conceive of an idea because they have seen to many sci-fi films to consider that most of them had large elements of truth. Anyway so what if JFK wasn't squeaky clean, show me a prime minister, president or politician who isn't so long as they do the right thing by the people at the end of the day, which I haven't seen lately. While we are contemplating revolution they are already thinning us out via GMO, Chemtrails, Vaccinations and a whole host of other nasties that are right up the technological chain.

  124. I enjoyed this tremendously, even when it was implied that a team of people helped assassinate JFK and no one spilled the beans.

    There were too many moving parts to seem credible, although I am certain the gov't was behind it.

    1. It seems he alleges some tried to spill the beans. As well, when one directly does (Frank Sturgis) to his girlfriend, she doesn't seem to pass that on to anyone.

    2. Actually, Maritza Lorenz did -- in a jury trial -- _Hunt v. Liberty Lobby_ in the Southern District (federal court) of Florida in 1985. Maritza eye-balled E. Howard Hunt ("Eduardo") at a motel near Dallas. Maritza saw Hunt pay off visitors to the motel. Among the visitors was Jack Ruby, assassin of LHO. Hunt had developed his alibi for being in DC on Nov. 22. But Maritza placed him near Dallas on Nov. 21. The jury found Liberty Lobby not at fault for libeling Hunt as a co-conspirator to the JFK assassination, because they believed Maritza's testimony, and found for the Defense of Truth (to a defamation suit).

  125. Gave me a deeper realization into what people really mean when they state that America has always been run by gangsters.

  126. This documentary contains some great information, and raises many important questions, and facts not even seen in other docs concerning this event, and history itself in the last 100 years. This does not mean that every conclusion it reaches regarding the JFK assassination are correct, and indisputable. (Who, what, when, where, and why) With that said, much of what it infers should not be dismissed out of hand.
    Sadly, the truth about JFK's murder will remain forever unknown, but I can guarantee you that the real story is very similar to what has been deduced in this documentary. Whether you believe it was Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Harrelson, Lucien Sarti, etc who performed the kill shot is irrelevant. What is paramount is that it was concocted by more than one person, (conspiracy) involving many people who were threatened by what JFK represented, and the changes he wished to bring about as president. JFK himself was no saint, but will always be remembered alongside many other martyrs who wished for an equitable solution for humanity. (Christ, Ghandi, etc) As they have all found out, when you mess with the global pyramid scheme, (money/greed) your days are numbered. This is the price one pays for enlightenment, and the only questions that really matter are as follows:
    1) Would you sell your soul for wealth, and power?
    2) Do you truly understand the real nature of humanity?
    3) Does life itself, (any life) really matter?
    Depending on how you answered the preceding 3 questions will not only determine who you are, but will determine what you will or will not become.
    P.S: Note: Upon learning about his best friend dying, Albert Einstein remarked," This death signifies nothing. For us believing physicists, the difference between the past, the present and the future, is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one!"
    Take care, and best wishes everyone.

    1. Good day to you,

      Yesterday night I finished watching this doc.
      Your point on ""facts not even seen in other docs" is so true!!!
      I usually watch documentaries, not to believe in them, but to convince myself THIS MIGHT BE TRUE! On top of that, I know for sure that there are mistakes and some blurry facts about documentaries and yet I know how governments are demons. That's why I will watch forever.
      The way of ones life will change at least 2% for the good and that's a major score.

      Now let's see those who belie the fact that there are people who want to save the throne of their Master Devil (The Rich)!

    2. Yes, who will question the status quo, and what price are they willing to pay? I found it interesting that the royal family changed their name during the 1st world war to Windsor, and that Samuel Bush (great grandfather) worked for E. H. Harriman, and Rockefeller. I had to fact check both of these, to find out they are both true. I already knew the other facts regarding the Bush family were true, Prescott dealing with Hitler, and Bush Sr. being in the C.I.A during Kennedy's reign. The picture with Bush Sr. outside the Texas book depository, (if it is him - looks like him) is just another nail in the coffin of what I think of these people, and how immoral they really are.
      Too bad karma hasn't caught up with them yet. I guess I will have to settle for the satisfaction of knowing they got it up the rear end to be part of Skull and bones. (the price is too high for me!)
      Glad you enjoyed it MetalJoker. They are informative and entertaining, even when they are depressing. I guess I would rather know the truth then live the bliss of naivety. Take care sir!

    3. I enjoyed reading your excelent points in your comments!!!

    4. Thank you for your kind words zoraide. Take care, and best of wishes to you!

    5. This documentary is just a collection of all the known facts..

  127. What if this documentary is also part of the so called "PROPAGANDA".

    1. lol, it's well disguised if it is. It sure has the feel of something a lone guy took years to make in his basement while wearing a tinfoil hat.

  128. This is filled with so much paranoia, theories, truths, half-truths, lies and deceptions you dont even know what to believe by the end.

    Here's what I believe. Theres only one truth. MONEY. If there's money to be made, doesnt matter if you're a President, a mafiosi, a dictator or the Christ himself, you're going down if you interfere with the flow. The money always flows up, follow that river to the top and thats who's in charge.

    1. So you need the change the players not the game...Not gonna happen sorry.

    2. No you have to change the game.

    3. The rich banksters are powerful, but they are 100x more powerful when they can pay politicians and buy their power from them. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but we need to reduce the size and power of the government. Market forces through supply, demand and competition will slowly level the playing field.

    4. And just 'who' is going to execute all this change? You have to take charge of your own life and refuse to participate to the full extent that you are able. The only organizational power we can engender is from our own local sources. From there we can create an environment where life is good, but from which we can choose to work with the greater world and its institutions or turn our backs on it and live as if the banking aristocracy of the world never existed.
      Don't see much other choice. Voting may help- a micron or two.

  129. Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick

    Nobody is discussing the main proposition/question.
    I think the rich are sucking our blood, but until now only the rich were sucking our blood and we were relatively rich ourselves.
    Now, both the socialists and the rich (right wing) are sucking our blood, and we are getting poorer and poorer.

    1. Western countries still have the best standards of living in the world, I wouldn't call it being poor, maybe a little less rich.

    2. And yet the poverty is higher on the place where is the highest added value in the USA. California. More and more poverty because of the Silicon valley. I am sure you can't understand the meaning of this, thus I suggest you Google it.

    3. New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Mississippi have the highest percentages of households earning less than $24,999 annually.

    4. Ah again. Your poor logic.
      In the US, the wealthiest one percent captured 95 percent of post-financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom 90 percent became poorer.
      You know what means statistic? Did you had this subject in school?

    5. I know what statistics are and I posted one that directly contradicts your wrong affirmation that California has higher poverty than New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia and Mississippi.

    6. California continues to have – by far – the nation’s highest level of poverty under an alternative method devised by the Census Bureau that takes into account both broader measures of income and the cost of living.

      Nearly a quarter of the state’s 38 million residents (8.9 million) live in poverty, a new Census Bureau report says, a level virtually unchanged since the agency first began reporting on the method’s effects.

      Under the traditional method of gauging poverty, adopted a half-century ago, California’s rate is 16 percent (6.1 million residents), somewhat above the national rate of 14.9 percent but by no means the highest. That dubious honor goes to New Mexico at 21.5 percent.

      But under the alternative method, California rises to the top at 23.4 percent while New Mexico drops to 16 percent and other states decline to as low as 8.7 percent in Iowa.

      No you don't know what statistics are. I believe you don't know what also added value is.

    7. What the **ll are broader measures of income?
      Sure, if you fudge the data you can have numbers say anything. Income is the money you get, you can't broaden that. Also, it comes from census, not from government data.

    8. Have you ever thought there is also the income of 1% of the richest included in this statistic of yours? Guess not. Also Google can ask to your silly questions.

    9. It doesn't matter if the top 1% is included, it's a measure of the percentage of people that are poor. Which means the percentage of people below a certain amount of money. The guy that earns 70 millions only counts as 1 person. If you excluded the top 1% for California, the percentage would increase by only .16% if you use the non "alternative" numbers. Get it?

      The Census bureau alternative experimental poverty measure deducts medicines costs from the income so states with older population suddenly become full of poor people. The top 5 states with a higher percentage of poverty become California, DC, Nevada, Florida and Arizona which are well known for their massive elderly population.

      It's quite silly to deduct a disbursement that mostly only concerns a segment of the population, it distorts the statistics. It also doesn't include the money spent from savings which elderly people have more chances of having.

      The elderly as a group have considerably more assets than those in the bottom income quintile for other groups. In recent years, the financial assets of the low-income elderly were 19 times greater than those for children in low-income families, and 3.5 times greater than those of low-income nonelderly adults.

    10. If you put ur head in the sand then u can be happy for the moment.

      However, u dont read? U dont study?

      U dont know that China and Asia are catching up very fast and only a few years at the maximum are left for us in the Western/First World?

    11. I know the standard of living is improving in Asia but I don't see it as being detrimental to the West. What are you predicting will happen in a few years?

    12. China/Asia will keep getting richer.
      First (Western) World will be getting poorer.
      (Unless we wake up and start to change things drastically.)

    13. If that happens, I don't see it being such bad news, maybe the West will stop burning fuel like it's never going to run out and reduce its consumption of junk made in Asia. Do we really need 3 cars per household and every dumb gadget on the market to live a happy life?

    14. I agree with what you said.
      However, there will be other consequences: more poverty (just one of the many).
      The main thing is this: I am not just predicting that we will be "equal".
      I am predicting that the trend will continue until we will be much poorer then Asians.
      Unless we invent something new and "futuristic".
      Capitalism is an old idea that does not work any more in the 21st Century. Socialism has never ever worked in any country. The middle of the road between socialism and capitalism is suicide that is destroying the present Western (First) World.

    15. How is capitalism not working if the Chinese are going to be richer than us? They actually started with nothing as pure socialists and now are richer and might eventually be richer than the rich west with their massive capital. You mean not working in favor of the less productive West? I don't think we will starve even if we are poorer than the new rich Asians.

    16. Fabian you said: "I don't think we will starve even if we are poorer than the new rich Asians."
      To me if you really mean that, then you don't care.
      You and I probably will not starve, but unfortunately some do and will starve.
      Even today some Americans and Westerners live in extreme poverty. And even though I'm not a socialist (nor rightwing) I do care and I would like to see all of my brothers and sisters to have a descent life including the poorest.

    17. I meant we as the whole society. Of course a fringe of the population is poor and might not eat as they should. My image of starving was more akin to the famine in Somalia a few years ago.

    18. "No no no no!", Don't confuse the issue. There is only one enemy, only one "metaphorical" devil. It has many masks, many guises, flavors, and colors, but there is only one enemy. ("Secrecy"). If you can force all institutions, to keep all, but the most personal, most delicate information open, and accessible to all the citizenry, by formal request, a law with real teeth, and real immediate enforcement power, that's the key. The (Freedom of Information Act) is inadequate, far to weak, far to lenient, and far to dependent on the decisions of politically appointed judges. Beat that and then your on your way to a civilized society.

      That means much broader openness, with our intelligence agencies, unquestioned access to all business records of corporations operating within the United States, or charted here. In reality congress, has all the power it needs, "if it is unified", to do exactly that right now. Our world, our nation, has become so use to mega corporations dominating everything today, they forget when that was not the case. They forget that originally the government body in the state, or place where they were (chartered) decided the rules under which they could operate, and by the way, "for how long", a specified period of time. There was no concept really in the 18th-19th century America of a permanent corporation operating perpetually and passing it's accumulated wealth to a new generation who did not charter the company, and has no legitimate claim to it's perpetual advantageous position of inherited wealth.

      This condition has created a new , and "far more dangerous aristocracy" than old Europe, that led to all those wars,and oppression for centuries. The Koch's The Popes, the Buffet's , the Gates's, etc etc. There simply has to be a mechanism for bringing their pile of wealth and political clout down to a manageable size so they don't destroy the democratic voice of the majority, as they are doing today. The more light that shines on the criminal enterprises they have constructed, the more likely we are as citizens to have some control over their empires of abuse, extortion, and embezzlement.

    19. This may be a solution as how to deal with the right wing (rich).

      But, my point was/is that Socialist are also sucking our blood, just as much as the rich. How do we get rid of the socialists?

    20. How did this term 'socialist' enter into the American lexicon (I assume you are American)? What do you think 'socialism' is? What do you mean by, "How do we get rid of the socialists?"
      Do Americans now say 'socialist' whereas they used to say 'commies'? I'm baffled....

    21. SOCIALISTS: Democrats, Obama, Obamacare, deficit, debt, left-wing, HIGH TAXATION AND HIGH BUDGET OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
      Raping and pillaging all who work for private business so that a few public employees could have easy life/jobs/retirement.
      (off the top of my head)


      1 socialism |ˈsōSHəˌlizəm|nouna political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.•

      2 policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism.•

      3 (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

      What do we do- just make up words now?

    23. I was born in a Communist/Socialist country and spent 25 years there. Went to university and studied Marxism, Engelsism and Leninism.
      The definition of socialism you are quoting was written by socialists, therefore it is biased and false. For example, the government interference into every detail of life was always more significant feature than social ownership in any socialist country that existed.
      In real life you can achieve the same results as a socialist revolution by slowly increasing the interference into life by the federal government.
      The amount of government interference in western democracies is so large that at that point the more the interference, the lower the standard of living and the lower the quality of life. Hence China and Asia will take us over within a short time (I would estimate 5-15 years)
      (I realize I'm jumping here and there but I can not write a book here.)
      Western democracies have been taken over by socialist, especially in the fields of media, education and science. They are aware that to many people have negative associations with "Socialism" and therefore they invent
      new words for their pursuits such as Liberalism. That liberalism is the opposite of socialism does not bather them. Socialist never had scruples and will never have scruples.
      Socialist are so addicted to government interference that in the USA in 2008 they voted for the bailout/stimulus package even though that almost all of the money went
      into the pockets of the rich. (Of course the rightwing also voted for that for obvious reasons.)

      Social ownership in any socialist country meant that really it was government ownership, just because
      somebody had to be in charge. Interestingly the only political theory that is completely opposing socialism is the political theory of Anarchy (not to be mistaken with violent revolution or just violence).

  130. Define kindness.

    Wait...define any word. Define it really, really well.

    When is 'enough' enough?

    When does "It's my job..." become corrupted, maligned, dirtied, drenched in death, to the point that you (ME, YOU, US, dare we think, ALL) cannot deny that what you do, what you are doing, what you are connected to, what you have done, what you will continue to do, is a hand-washing, a blind-eye, a brush-off, a pass-the-buck ...

    What have I done?!

    If I consider others before myself... if I think and think and think, then I think some more. Then some more... I keep needing to go deeper, read more, research... consider that what I do, what I say, what I write, what I buy, what we talk about, you and I; that it all matters, that it's all like a vote, like an eternal vote, that's gonna echo throughout all time (and I don't think there is an after-life beyond my end, fyi) ...

    I just have this intuitive sense that it won't ever be wrong to care about others. To put their needs before mine.

    When it's clear to me that it is the right thing to do, that's it. But I had to do the thinking myself. I didn't need to adopt someone else's opinion. I didn't need to join a group.

    I guess solitude is important.

    But all words don't seem so easy to define.

    And if I die doing that, being kind, not hurting someone or something, I know I'm going to have smile on my face.

  131. And fools vote every election for change in government, what a joke. Anyone who votes is ignorant of who rules in America. None of the candidates can exert any change in this country, the people who really rule are in the shadows of high finance and elicit support from disgruntled countries that want change in America (not through the electoral process of course but by violent measures that end the lives of good people trying to exert change in this country) I stopped voting years ago when I figured out this grand chess game played by the rich bankers in this country) If you still vote, hoping for change are blowing in the wind and are fools to play the rich man's game!

    1. I usually vote 3rd party. All they need is 10% of a presidential vote to get matching funds. Why should the republicrats only get matching funds?

  132. I call BULLs**t on this documentary, because On
    June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal
    Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government
    at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive
    Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power
    to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve.

    The above is NOWHERE in this documentary; keep in mind the Bankers, Started the war of 1812, killed Lincoln, etc, etc,

    The Banking Cartel killed JFK; this documentary is a STUNT

    1. I gave + for that, yet everything is related to money. The Elite crafted Federal Reserves on Jekyll Island.

    2. Executive order 11110 was to temporary delegate the authority of the president to issue silver certificates to the secretary of Treasury. It didn't take anything away from the Federal reserve bank.

      Executive order 11110 wasn't repelled until Ronald Reagan came to power. The Fed would have had Kennedy killed but not have the executive order cancelled until September 9, 1987?!?!

      Congress voted for it 251 to 122 and The Senate passed the bill with 68 yes to 10 no's. Hardly, a much contested executive order was it?

      What Kennedy wanted to do with that executive order was to get rid of silver as money as he stated in an economic report in 1963 : "I again urge a revision in our silver policy to reflect the status of silver as a metal for which there is an expanding industrial demand. Except for its use in coins, silver serves no useful monetary function."

    3. The rumor is that JFK issued paper dollars (none FRB) that were pulled out of circulation after his death. Is that true?

    4. Here are excerpts from The 1996 Library of Congress' Congressional Research Service report by G. Thomas Woodward, Specialist in Macroeconomics, Economics Division.

      "Executive Order 11110 added the power to alter the supply of Silver Certificates in circulation. Executive Order 11110, therefore, did not create any new authority for the Treasury to issue notes; it only affected who could give the order, the Secretary or the President."

      "To conserve on the silver needs of the Treasury, President Kennedy requested legislation needed to bring the issuance of Silver Certificates to an end and to authorize
      the Fed to issue small denomination notes (which it could not at that time). The Fed began issuing small denomination notes almost immediately after the legislation was passed. And in October 1964, the Treasury ceased issuing Silver Certificates altogether. If anything, E.O. 11110 enhanced Federal Reserve power and did not in any way reduce it."

      The treasury still has the power to print money and mint coins. Two divisions of the Treasury Department produce cash: The Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints currency. The United States Mint, mints coins.

    5. The problem was that the silver that could be redeemed from silver certificates was worth more than the notes value so people redeemed them for silver dollars and it sucked the treasury reserves.

      In the early 1960’s, the silver supply for the nation’s coinage was dwindling rapidly. As Congress and the Administration debated over silver’s future role in coinage, the silver market jumped 10% immediately, and another 30% by 1962.

      It set the stage for the complete elimination of silver from the coinage by the end of 1964. Executive Order 11110 was in fact written to conserve the silver the treasury needed.

      There is no proof JFK or the departement of treasury issued billions worth of silver certificates or other non FRB bank notes that were destroyed after his death. There would be records of it at the Treasury if it was true.

      The president or secretary of treasury can't issue an order to have billions worth of notes printed without a trace. Doing it in secret would be illegal and a conspiracy.

    6. He left it out because it's a BS dead end spread by the CIA themselves to collude and discredit the real JFK assassination motives, which were getting dangerously close to entering public knowledge.

  133. All this is old news and history and nobody does not know history anymore and I mean true history.

  134. Because he passed that order executive 11110 and that he was taken power away from federal reserve and given it back to the treasury. Have you noticed since window closed in August 15, 1971 the country has gone down hill. We used to have printed US Notes and now it is Federal Notes and it is fiat money and it is worthless.

  135. Have seen several studies on the evidence that LBJ was the main man behind Kennedy's death and find it the #1 most plausible argument from evidence---not least that LBJ was down on the floor of his limo as the Kennedy parade took that right turn into Dealey Plaza instead of continuing down the main or actual route. Motive, method, opportunity---it's all very damningly there.

  136. Though a tad harsh ( American Nazis) they were just doing 'business' none the less interestingly points out some unknown details.

  137. A lot of good info in this , despite a few misconceptions ...

  138. The Rothschild dynasty, Rockefeller's J.P. Morgans... There is also a book called "The Rothschild Dynasty" you all should read it. The "throne" is inherited, all their descendants have chosen marriages, all their positions are chosen in advance. We sold this world to them...Conspiracy? Ask yourself when will any of your child get a position as a governor of the bank x, or maybe the CEO of Google, Amazon or any other corporation. In the other hand they will be lucky to have a job in McDonald.
    Why did they allowed this doc to be here?

    1. They allow it, because not much say on internet - YET that is, watch this space. Funny you never see anything like this really on mainstream. In fact to point out the 'why' on anything that may change social opinion is not really ever covered on mainstream, especially the news.
      That's why I love sites like this.
      They don't mind this, and us fighting amongst ourselves.
      People like this author and movements I follow, will be ok until majority opinion sways, then I would speculate, they would not be very safe.
      These powerful people have so much control, when will we all take it back?

    2. Never. The race is finished.

    3. CEO of Google or Amazon are bad examples. These businesses were started by people that were clever, had good ideas but weren't part of the rich elite.

      You can read Jeff Bezos bio, his mom was a teenage mom and his adoptive dad was a Cuban that emigrated alone at the age of 15. Can't say that's an elite background at all.

    4. Not true. You can read the Orwell's novels. The majority of stories are directly related to Google, Amazon an Facebook. Would life be better without all those companies? 100% yes. What is the purpose of Facebook? For smart people "the channel for gathering personal" infos, for dumb ones one good toll for communication. The brave new world

    5. lol and you think Disqus is a tool of privacy that protects your identity ? Everything you type online is traced back to you computer in one way or another.

      My privacy tool blocked 38 requests for that page I am typing to you on, 6 from Taboola, 2 from google, 2 from comscore and 21 from Disqus. You are part of the brave new world when you type anywhere.

      Sorry to burst your bubble, they don't have to be giant companies to gather information on you and you are also part of the dumb ones.

    6. Justifying small companies for doing the same as the big ones helps you a lot, specially mentally.

      Let you explain how the capital is linked to your private data:
      Since this discussion helps no one, the ones one Facebook and searching hits on Google help's other corporations a lot. We are now going to the phase where they will start gathering data's based upon your consumer behavior. For example if 99% buyers of the milk are the ones who committed a crime, that means if you are the buyer of the milk you will be listed on that list too and become a potential criminal. The other method is useful for insurance companies. Once you buy a cigarettes you will be a person with high risk for cancer. Thus this will be your fault for causing this disease. If you are runner and you rune a lot (putting your pictures of marathon on FB etc) you may be responsible for bone diseases and thus your insurance decline your healing.

      I cannot disagree more about the smart people with ideas and not being part of the elite. You obviously not know how everything began, who was Thomas Peterffy and Zuckemberg is from poor family. If you have money everything is available to you. I would like to study math on MIT, but I cant and guess why?

      Can't believe how ignorants some people are. Yet I do aware that dumb people will drive the smart ones into the bubble

      Think about it before you reply with silly arguments of yours.

    7. Buying milk will get you on a criminals list, could you have possibly come up with a more ridiculous example?

      I won't try to reason with you but encourage you to check for the financial aid available at MIT, if you have the brain to get accepted. I'm sure an id**t, however rich, will not pass the MIT tests.

      Why do you have to pick the worst possible examples?

    8. I would be surprised if he would be a farmer boy. He wasn't ain't? Yet I can see your logic is limited. You are supposing I should be ultra smart or ultra rich to get that kind of education?

      I am also sure that 100% of us average citizens can't go through exams and yet you see so many people with low IQ there. Wonder why.

      Are you sure you got my example of buying milk? It is just data mining, I can't more simplify the example than I did. Sorry.

    9. You definitely need to be ultra smart to get in MIT, richness is not a pre-requisite as there is financial aid available IF you can score 2200 on SAT tests which is better than 99% of college students. I don't think you ever went to MIT and verified their IQ, stop pulling fake facts out your brain.

      No computer engineer with half a brain will associate buying milk with murder. There are humans behind the coding and that association is not something someone with a brain will ever mine for. Why? Because they know these 2 facts have no link whatsoever.

    10. Right financial aid, like lones. Thanks but no thanks. And how much is 2200 on SAT tests? To be betterer than 99% of means than 99% of average students can't go to study. The fact is if you have money you can buy everything.

      Regarding computer enginers they will asociate datas from consumer behavior and linked it to their reactions.And they are already doing that. If you are buying diapers via credit card they gather all informations and send you offers for baby toys. Why? Do the math. I really bellive your IQ is kinda lower than average.

    11. I know what data gathering is. I find it funny that you can make an assumption of my IQ when you use words that don't exist like "lones" and "betterer" and ask a question that makes no sense like "How much is 2200 on SAT tests?" It's 2200.

    12. For your information I am not from US and my first language is not English, however I do believe you can scratch the meaning from my "thoughts". Anyway we are making progress, you now know what data mining. Regarding your question about 2200 scores on SAT test I really do not know how much this is. Yet I do know the difference between 130 IQ and 90 IQ. Lones = Loans. To conclude: you can study if you are ultra smart or ultra rich.

    13. I always knew what data mining was, I contested the intellectual value of you milk / murder example and the impossibility of not ultra rich peoples of becoming CEOs of major companies.

      Conclusion, you can study in the best universities if you are ultra smart. You can do it with private money (family or loans) or apply for scholarships, grants and awards if you don't have access to the funds required.

      60% of Students are receiving financial aid at Harvard University and Princeton University.

      In Harvard, families with annual income below $60,000 are not expected to contribute to educational costs.

      Princeton adopted a 'no loan' policy in 2001
      that commits the University to meeting admitted students' demonstrated financial aid entirely through scholarships, grants, and work-study awards.

      English is not my main language either.

    14. Why do you contested the intellectual value of milk/murder example? Did you had subject called history in school?

      And yes you can study if you are ultra smart or you get in debt till the end of your life, since it i obvious you will be lucky to get a work in Mcdonald after finished. I admire the work of Princeton, they are true angels like the Red Cross. I wonder what in this policy is "fine print":

      If English is not your main language than it is even more sad you weren't able to get the meaning of my thoughts based on one or two wrong spelled words.

    15. You declare to know a lot about the U.S.A. for someone that doesn't live there. Yet when I provide you with facts, you dismiss them as bull****.

      I am done discussing with you, keep thinking everybody will be lucky to get a job in fast food chains, I don't care a bit. Actually, by thinking that way, your are programming yourself for that job instead of striving for something better. In my opinion, you are self-defeating.

      Best of luck to you anyway, take care.

    16. Zuckemberg?

      Mark Zuckerberg is the son of a dentist and a psychiatrist. That's what you call elite ultra rich people wherever you come from?

  139. There is no question. "What I would call" (criminal syndicates) control the vast majority of our worlds resources: oil, coal, energy, now, over priced, over commodified, "out from under your feet water resources", which they will use to extort the people of California, as they are doing wright now.

    Look at the water rights battles going on all around the globe with massive multi billion dollar companies like Nestle', secretly and surreptitiously buying up (community / public) water sources, from underground aquifers, to mountain streams, and springs all across the globe, to the great detriment of local people even right here in the USA, especially poor farmers, and middle class home owners / renters. Just check the insane collection of $3.00, and $4.00 per bottle options for buying your own water back on convenience store shelves. These cabals, and criminal syndicates control vast quantities of all precious commodities, from sulfur, to molybdenum, to Copper, silver, diamonds, international currency exchanges, and on, and on, and on. So let's put all the speculation to rest.

    They control local state county, district, and federal legislative bodies, through "outright (corporate, oligarchic fascist bribery), (extortion), (murder), even (genocidal crimes against nature, and humanity), through the fear induced by intelligence services out of control, and the most powerful police force on earth, the United States, military and others. They control the World Bank, the IMF, the quaint little secret meetings, in Davos, and so many other cabals. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the elites in Washington, and on Wall Street most certainly, don't give a rats patoot about anyone outside their circle of well washed friends.

    The series on ancient Greece, available on line, (GreeceThe Crucible of Civilization) is a fantastic look into the mindset of a very distinctly aggressive ruthless, murderous, ambitious, pack of elite, landed gentry of the classical period, who exactly like today saw no cause for restraint of greed, but worshipped it. The story seems, in fact, more about the philosophical bent of todays oligarchs, military, and political leaders in the capitols of the world, than it does about the Greek leadership of the time. There was nothing more important than winning in everything you did. Winning was all that mattered to most everyone in the upper classes. There is no doubt this philosophy of domination, and pure debauched greed is more prevalent today than ever.

    When the sad decent folk understand the shortness, of life, amassing worldly possessions for self aggrandizement is insane, they have a great gift, and a great affliction in the same breath. Understanding the value of a simple life of family, the pleasures of nature, shouldn't preclude responsibility to manage our democratic affairs as citizens. The value of a life relatively free of the distracting burdens of full time money management, the perils of excess, the burden of greedy possession, and paranoia, of coming in second shouldn't allow us to ignore our responsibilities to prosecute these criminal cartels.

    We must do it, individual by individual, company, by company, board by board, country by country, and fire any politician who dares get in the way. It's time for the loyal government employees, of every sector to rise up, and demand exposure of corrupted practices, and politicians. It's time for the power of the US military and the assets of (the peoples intelligence agencies), and the (peoples justice department) to recognize the scale and scope of the (war on criminal syndicates) that must be waged for the general welfare of the people of the United States, and the world.. Until the individual citizens accept that responsibility, like a soldier going to war, the debauchery will continue. The first thing to do is focus on the worst of the worst, the tea bagger fascists, and their insane leadership of ghouls, and fools, then we'll get rid of the cronies, and bootlickers in the rest of the congress, where ever they caucus, one by one two by two. We'll even build them special prisons, using cubits as measurements just for them, as a gesture of our disdain.

    1. There is a book called; "Sapiens - The Brief History of Humankind." The author guide us through history of mankind and conclude our civilization began when we invented gods and will finish when we will become gods. Thus if we can clone sheep we can also clone shepherd - we are gods. Science itself is used for wrong proposes, controlled by money. I am not sorry for doomsday for our civilization, actually I praise the day when it will come, however I feel sorry for all the other beings living on such a great planet called Earth. The way back to our revelation is not possible. I am sorry.

    2. If you want to cheer yourself up a bit, with a comical view of this thinking then youtube:
      The Top 10 George Carlin Routines - 5. The Planet Is Fine (Jammin' In New York) - absolutely brilliant I reckon.

    3. If you look the everyday of the man: you get up at 8, go to work at 9, work till 18, 19 you come home, eat, and go to sleep. Meanwhile you're under stress for how long will you be able to keep your job, will you get your wage...Not to mention those having kids, paying for their education. Having on mind it is just endless capitalistic, consumer game of minimizing of the expenses.
      And on Sunday you watch documentary "The Planet is Fine", You smell the irony?

    4. Hey, I feel you, share the same sentiments myself, been in the darkest places, and where work is concerned, believe me I get it. See lots of crap everyday where I live.
      Can't let it beat you though, pick yourself up friend.
      Their power will end, one way or another, how, time will tell.
      The best way to deal with the bs that life throws our way, is help people if you can, stimulate your mind as much as pos, and know that no matter how successful others are, they probably aint that happy.
      Do the slavery because you have to, I don't like it any more than you, but 'they' can't win.
      When in doubt I turn to George or music and sink a few beers.

    5. One of George's best riffs, though he may have been wrong about the bees taking over once homo sapiens are gone. ~sigh~

    6. He's not everyone's cup of tea, but the truth can hurt.
      What would he say about this doc, I think would be along the lines of - They f*****g own us.... And he wouldn't doubt much of this for a second.

    7. I've already recommended this doc to several friends today. To take dozens of seemingly random historical "dots" and connect them to produce a coherent "Big Picture" is a rare skill, so the director is to be commended.

      As for George, he helped me to see the Big Picture long ago, and for that I will always be grateful.

    8. I certainly understand your frustration, and your point of view. I have been caught in a trench of dark skepticism, many times, but escaped just in time. However; even at the risk of believing a ridiculous fantasy, I must condemn the conclusion, and denounce your assertion as "defeatist". In the game of base ball, there is an old saying, used to teach young batters about athletic confidence.
      "You miss every pitch you don't swing at".

      In the game of human survival, striking out is not an option. Getting on base at least, is the only reasonable outcome. With training, confidence, and vision, one may even hit a home run, a grand slam. I refuse to believe, or submit to defeat by admitting that the human race cannot be compelled by education, and harsh confrontation with reality to commit itself to a new paradigm of sustainable living, and international cooperation. It merely requires the superior leadership skills that arise out of necessity as they always seem to do when the chips are down. By merely recognizing the nature of our situation, we become aware, and then able to create new solutions, and opportunities. Openness, truth, education, training, preparation, recognition, understanding is the key to civilization, and longevity, not despair, fatalistic reclusiveness, fear, paranoia, and inaction. The choice is unavoidable, and the result of our endeavor will be the satisfaction of knowing we gave the best evolutionary try we could muster. "You miss every pitch you don't swing at". We might even hit a home run. Tickets on sale now.

    9. Man was born to die. I just hope there is punishment for those who choose to live their life corruptly, and rewards for the just, such as JFK.

      I often wonder if I had the power to stop an apocalypse—if it were to occur strictly to the human race—would the world be better off if I not stop it? It is a question with no definitive answer, nor right or wrong.

      I know I would defend our race with my life though, because I know one good person is worth saving hundreds of rotten with them.

  140. to all the people commenting on how excellent this documentary is and how full of facts it is. use your critical thinking and check the validity of everything. and keep in mind the best lie is concealed between two truths. the first thing film maker wants you to is blindly buy his snake oil. the very worst thing you can do is buy it without vetting everything thoroughly.

  141. One example is the rothschild family, the decendends still rule the world today. Do some investigation of the disapperance of mh370, you will be amazed.

  142. That documentary is full of errors and assumptions after only 35 minutes of watching. The most damning error/manipulation of truth at the 35 minutes mark is that Standard Oil no longer existed during World War 2 so it couldn't possibly have provided anything to the Nazis. It's impossible to give much credit to an author that doesn't even verify if a company still existed when he proposes it was part of a conspiracy.

    1. You are joking right? Standard Oil and IG Farben had many irons in the fire together. Do some research on the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation and the importance of tetraethyl lead for the German War machine.

    2. The Ethyl Gasoline Corporation was only an affiliate company of Standard Oil of New Jersey which was only a part of the Standard Oil Trust that was broken in 34 different companies in 1911.

      For the sake of sensationalism, the author used Standard Oil because it was founded by the Rockefeller family. No Rockefeller was directly implicated in that deal. Walter C. Teagle was the chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey between 1937-1942.

      Most of that information comes from the book "Trading With the Enemy" by Charles Higham, a serial biographer of Hollywood stars who was not considered the most reliable source. He alleged that Errol Flynn was a bisexual fascist sympathizer who spied for the Nazis before and during World War II without any tangible proof. Actually, he falsified FBI records to support that wrong affirmation.

      If you can provide sources from real historians, I'll have a look at the evidence.

    3. Actually Fabien, my information comes from the books, "Hell's Cartel" by Diarmuid Jeffreys and "The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben" by Joseph Borkin.

    4. Sadly, Joseph Borkin did the same mistake, he used Standard Oil instead of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Very peculiar for someone that worked for the department of Justice, he should certainly have known there were several Standard Oil companies.

    5. If it makes you feel any better, we can call them Exxon, but they were once part of the Standard Oil Trust and now present-day, most of the affiliates have now rejoined.
      That being said, in 1941, the US Justice Department did bring against Exxon an anti-trust suit for making restrictive agreements with IG Farben. In the end, Walter Teagle resigned as Chairman in 1942.
      Reference: The Seven Sisters

    6. That is correct though Esso was the brand name used back then. Yet it only proves IG Farben did patent business with the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation and bought tetraethyl lead from the Ethyl Export Corporation. The commercial decisions were made by these companies directors. No doubt they were probably rich men but not billionaires in league with Hitler.

    7. You are on a slippery slope here my friend. IG Farben bought 500 tons of tetraethyl lead directly from the Ethyl Gasoline Company in 1938 on behalf of the the German Luftwaffe, along with a huge amount of ordinary aviation fuel from Standard Oil.
      IG Farben was indeed in league with Hitler. Keep in mind that IG Farben had their largest synthetic fuels plant at Auschwitz.
      In 1942 some of Standard's bigwigs were indeed found guilty by the American courts of conspiracy with IG Farben to restrict trade in synthetic oil and rubber.

    8. IG Farben was fully controlled by the Nazi government during the war, no doubt about that. I meant Ethyl Gasoline Company, Ethyl Export Corporation and Standard Oil of New Jersey were not in league with the Nazis.

      I am aware some IG Farben's directors were found guilty in Germany and sentenced to up to 8 years of prison. Can you please provide the names of Standard Oil of New Jersey "bigwigs" that were found guilty and what their prison sentences were, if any?

    9. The Standard Oil executives were Walter Teagle, Walter Farrish and Frank Howard. They had to each pay a fine and appear before a Senate Hearing Committee. In November 1942, they were all forced to resign from Standard Oil by the shareholders.

    10. Ah Ok, I knew of the fines and resignations. I question they were found guilty of conspiracy, a fine is not compatible with that type of verdict. Sounds more like an out of court agreement.

    11. I think there is plenty of historical evidence to show that the rich are not subject to the punishments prescribed by law. A fine sounds about right.

    12. Couldn't have said it any better myself.
      Will give an example without details of my job, listened in a on meeting a while back, big decision made to change certain true details on the system in case of any future lawful implications. And people don't think the powerful can swing things in their interest!

    13. In the United States, a conspiracy has been defined as an agreement of two
      or more people to commit a crime. Selling perfectly legal goods to a legally registered company hardly qualifies as a crime.

    14. In the playground when one or more kid bullies another it's considered ok to others looking on!
      When that 'victim' is at breaking point, they claim it wasn't my fault.
      Without realising you've just implied that whatever 'they' do is ok, so long as they don't get caught!
      In my suspicious opinion any way.

    15. We are talking legality here. There is a difference between law and morality. In my opinion, it wasn't right but it was arguably legal.

  143. One solution is for everyone to stop working.

    1. a simple but terrific statement....that 'action' (or absence of) is the most effective in comparison to violent up-heavel which is wanted for the excuse of retaliation.civil dis-obedience can stop the machination in it's tracks!great comment....best one here.

    2. But the majority is already on the dole. The ones who still have a jobs are afraid to lost them.

    3. There's the control, without the majority on board, it can't happen, we are kept in fear.
      I believe the only way is mass awareness of the Resource Based Economy idea to be so much out there in the minds of many so that when things do get really bad (and they will) we have an answer, a goal that the most powerful will be unable to ignore.
      I would prefer a nice peaceful protest, before things get that bad in our so called developed countries, but my experience in trying to get this out there alone tells me that will never happen.
      I believe with little awareness of this then the consequences could be severe in the future.
      Whatever happens, it aint going to be pretty, until humanity grows up - until then we're trapped.

    4. Nice peaceful protest? Who are you kidding? What happened with Occupy Wall Street movement? My prediction is the same as it is in the book: The Brave New World.
      Forget the fairy tales of yours aka awareness of the people, new economy...If you have little knowledge of science than you must know the genetic modification of human is here. And they will do everything to get the genome for IQ. Once it will be found, than the new humankind will be evolved. The stupid ones and the smart ones. Gues where you and your children will be (assuming your not the son of the Rotchild Dynasty).

    5. You're most likely right, but we can try, I said would prefer, but no chance in this world.
      If change does happen it will be the hard way.
      Turn your views and experience into the most positive way you can is my advice to you.
      At the very least, as I say to my friends, when I die I intend to take my integrity with me.

    6. Occupy is a good example, scared the hell out of them - imagine that 10 fold, then more again later and so on...

  144. well it goes back a lot further and the royals need to recreate the holy roman empire, over the years the royals killed each other off until only one family were left, the Germans royals and inheritors of the holy roman empire, the royals and their chosen nobles that helped them regain the empire have got a percentage of all the large corporations and Intend to rule forever through the control of money, I know all blame the Rothschild's but the Rothschild's are barons but still agents of the main royal family, but due to secrecy laws can never tell you.

    1. How do you even know about the secrecy laws of that main royal family if they are so secret? Are you an agent of the barons?

    2. In a court of law this evidence would lead to a conviction

  145. Fantastic documentary. A bit iffy at times, but mostly excellent. "We must always have an enemy." - And so the threat of "man-made climate change" was invented.

  146. can anybody explain how he is trying to connect Hitler and richmen?

    1. It is well known that the Nazi party was partially financed by some rich german industrialists and bankers at least before the war. Many conspiracy theorists propose that the actions of financiers are part of a master plan (Illuminati) to control the world for other reasons than making money.

    2. Not only "German industrialists!!" American industrialists as well, including DuPont's and the Rockefeller's among many others. In fact, George W Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, in collusion with German Fritz Thyssen was charged with aiding the enemy. He along with Averil Harriman, using their bank, Union Pacific, as a cover secretly funneled money to Hitler and the Nazi machine throughout the war and before. They also held physical gold for the Nazis. There are 4 generations of Bushes connected to the "Skull and Bones" cabal at Yale.

    3. Averell Harriman and George Walker were the masterminds behind the Union Banking Corporation which was set up for a Dutch bank (Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart N.V of Rotterdam) for Fritz Thyssen, a Berlin banker and industrialist. Prescott Bush was put in charge as one of the 7 directors by his step father George Herbert Walker .

      It's an incredible stretch to pretend that the Skull and Bones society of Yale's University can be linked to the Nazis because Prescott Bush directed a bank that was owned by a Dutch bank that was owned by Fritz Thyssen.

      Fritz Thyssen wasn't a mastermind of the Nazi party, only a financial supporter until 1940 when he fled Germany. Thyssen even sent Hermann Göring a telegram saying he was opposed to the war and fled to Switzerland.

      He was arrested in Belgium and sent back to Germany, where he was confined, first in a sanatorium near Berlin, then from 1943 in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. In February 1945, he was sent to Dachau concentration camp. Not what I would call an influential member of the Nazi party when you get sent to one of the worst prisoners camp of the Nazis...

      The Anti-Defamation League (a Jewish organization) agreed Prescott Bush's involvement with UBC was purely commercial and that he was not a Nazi sympathizer.

      William Averell Harriman served as U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Britain. How can one expect the Soviet Union to have accepted a Nazi sympathizer as ambassador from 1943 to 1946?

      The conspiracy looks good until you start reading who these people really were and what they really did instead of demonizing them as part of the Illuminati evil banking master plan to rule the world without further investigation.

  147. Honest question: wasn't Standard Oil company divided after the anti trust laws been aprooved in 1911?

    1. Yes, it was. The Standard Oil trust was dissoluted into 34 smaller companies. Jersey Standard eventually became Exxon, and Socony ("Standard Oil Co. of New York") eventually became Mobil. "Standard Oil of Indiana" became Amoco and "Standard Oil of California" became the Chevron Corp.

    2. Fabien, your knowledge of Standard Oil and IG Farben is disconcertingly lacking. Standard Oil and IG Farben had cartel agreements in the 30's concerning synthetic fuels and synthetic rubber development and production. Standard Oil actually gave IG Farben their butyl rubber knowledge, but was initially unable to use their joint buna rubber knowledge outside of Germany due to their cartel agreement with IG Farben, which adversely affect the US war effort.
      You might want to also take a closer look at the Ethyl Gasoline Company and it's export of tetraethyl lead to Germany before the War and it's joint production of tetraethyl with IG Farben during the war. The Ethyl Gasoline Company was owned by Standard and GM.

    3. That was not Standard Oil, that was Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. The original Standard Oil company founded by John D. Rockefeller became Standard Oil of Ohio. See my previous reply on another thread.

  148. This doc was fascinating, watched it all, past the 18 mins mark. We'll never know the real truth, but nothing surpries me in this crazy world,
    It's sickening to think all this may well be true.
    Checked out that recommendation too, my thoughts were ott bs - maybe that's just me.
    I certainly have a lot more respect for the guy who wrote this, seems to have a good background and makes his points very well.

    1. I thought so as well.

    2. Looks like they won't let me send you the evidence, my comments with the links are removed.

    3. Links are not allowed on this site. You can propose terms and sentences for readers to google or explain the evidence you support.

    4. I noticed, no conspiracy here or in the minds of many!
      When I hear so much adamant denial of anything considered 'conspiracy' I always think of the great George Carlin.

    5. And they change me from Letem Dangle to Guest.

    6. I watched some more and it doesn't get better. The part about Major General Smedley Butler's plot to overthrow the U.S. government has been widely dismissed as a "cocktail plot". Seriously, a secret 500 000 men fascist plot to dismantle the government?!?!

      Gerald Macguire and Bill Doyle whom he claimed to have had discussions with were American Legion members, not financiers. There was no proof whatsoever they were in contact with rich financiers at any point.

      In fact, the McCormack–Dickstein Special Committee on Un-American Activities rejected these allegations as hearsay. You can google Business plot for more details on that matter.

      I find it very misguiding if not completely disingenuous to present it as a real plot on the verge of being realized with the help of a group of financiers directly associated with Hitler.

    7. It is interesting, in the sense it asks the question of why the world is still the way it is and how so much unspeakable, unforgivable horror persist in my opinion.
      I don't unequivocally believe this, as I said nothing surprises me in this crazy world.
      Whatever the truth, it really does not matter in that we can't change history, but we can change the future.
      I'm not going to try to prove or disprove you here, pointless, and if anything that's what the most powerful want in my belief - to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.
      I could google whatever I wanted to put a certain view over one way or the other, as could you - why bother, that wont achieve anything accept an ego battle - there is so called evidence from any angle we wish to demonstrate, really it just comes down to what we want to believe - very hard to question your own belief and look at all possibilities!
      I can elaborate on that if you want!
      I believe the time humanity should have grown up was after WW2, instead look at the world we've created!
      Materialistic to say the least!
      I find it very interesting in how quick Hitlers Nazi regime were beaten though, in comparison to ongoing feuds in the middle east for example!
      As for the veterans, I will never doubt their commitment and their sacrifice. The question is did they really know what they were giving up their lives for?
      And those still alive, are they truly proud of what they fought so bravely for?
      George Carlin once said "The nazi's lost the war but fascism won" - was he right?
      We should all ask these questions and accept the possibility if we are ever to put our destructive past behind us.
      I don't believe in the Illuminati, although again I don't dismiss that, but I have no doubt on the greed of some, resulting in so much control, very subtle control too
      over us all - greed, power and wealth and all this nonsense we do see is a result of the system itself, until we change that, nothing can change!

  149. 100% worth the 3hrs.
    Interesting connections!


    1. This is my second time watching it. I like to fact check many of the points he brings up and they do check out. The narrator is obviously an expert on the subjects.

  150. Planes aren't steel beams.

  151. I can handle the JFK conspiracy but a lot of this Pseudo-doc is just garbage.

    1. Research it.

    2. You think it a coincidence then that the laws of the EU come from the European Commission, an unelected and unaccountable board whose laws can not be vetoed in any way, essentially overturning every democratic reform going back to the Magna Carta, and not a single media outlet will point this out?

  152. I gave up after 18 minutes, typical conspiracy theorists tenuous links between unrelated events and groups. Trying to link the Skulls and Bones society with the Nazis Death's head and Pirates because they all have a skull as a symbol is ridiculous.

    1. Cognitive dissonance

    2. Can you expand your thought? I am unsure if you are commenting on the documentary or my comment.

    3. You, like many others suffer from cognitive dissonance which makes you blind to what has happened and is happening today. The imagery of the skull within different groups do exist. Are they connected? Only in that they are secretive and have been responsible for nefarious acts. Do agents of evil societies work together towards some ends? I think it is most likely they do. If you only watched 18 minutes, you lost a lot of interesting information, but I realize it is difficult to listen to information that you don't believe.

    4. They all think this is just a conspiracy, however It can't be. On 99% of all questions the answer will always be money. They stole our world, our thoughts, our lives. And we let them do so. It is end, no turning back. I feel sorry for those having babies on this crappy world.

    5. Thanks for making your opinion clear on my alledged cognitive dissonance. I can't come to the conclusion that the Skulls and Bones society has any link to the SS Death's Head units based on what was presented.

      It's not difficult to listen to information you don't "believe" when that information is somehow supported with facts. I was provided with no fact whatsoever to support the link between these 2 organizations or their link with piratry.

      Why would I waste over 3 hours on a document that makes assumptions not based on facts in the first 18 minutes?

      If you are interested in a good documentary on the JFK Assasination, I recommend
      "The Kennedy Assassination - Beyond Conspiracy" with a neutral analysis of the events of that day with scientific facts.

    6. They make the statement more clear in the later part of documentary. I held my breath at that point and was uneasy about it as well. I think the narrator was making the point that they are the same kinds of people who use the symbolism, not necessarily that they are directly connected or one in the same. Thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out.

    7. Within 2 and a 1/2 minutes into the documentary the narrator claims to solve what really happened using 3D animation. That's one tough pill to swallow, but I'll continue.

    8. The 3D animation is based frame by frame on the Zapruder film.

    9. Which was altered.

    10. What is your evidence it was?

    11. There are shadows that are sharp while the people causing the shadows are blurry.

    12. I checked the Undamaged Zapruder film on youtube and failed to see sharp shadows. The whole thing looks blurry as can be to me. If you reject the only visual evidence that can be scientifically analyzed, there is no way to come to any conclusion that it was a conspiracy or not.

    13. There is a second film which was taken from the opposite side of the car, it clearly shows the driver stops the car so JFK can be shot then drives off again. This confirms the Zapruder film has been altered.

    14. Do you mean the Orville Nix film?

    15. I watched this documentary a few years ago.

    16. (Scene opens with bureaucrat scanning down list of names)

      "Fabian L'Amour...Fabian L'Amour...ah, yes, here you are! You've been assigned to the Useful I*iot Unit. Corridor A, third door to the right. Soldier on, lad...and God Save the Queen!"

    17. So why you posting? You got to be a shrill or a agent

    18. Oh No! You discovered I am a shrill AND an agent of the great lizard Illuminati. Jokes aside, I am posting because its still a free world where one can post his opinion on part of a documentary he saw.