Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

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Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian GroveSince 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California. Members of the so-called Bohemian Club include Former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan.

The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male Club Don Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the Great Owl of Bohemia.

Now, for the First Time in History, an Outsider Has Infiltrated Bohemian Grove with a Hidden Digital Video Camera and Caught the Ritual on Tape. That Man is Alex Jones, the Exclusive Digital Video is Just Part of His Shocking Documentary: Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. (Excerpt from infowars.com)

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Gerald M. King
2 years ago

"They broke their backs lifting Moloch to Heaven!"
"Moloch whose sole is electricity and banks."
"Moloch whose mind is pure machinery."
"Moloch whose blood is running money."
"Moloch! Moloch! Robot apartments!
Skeleton treasuries! Blind capitals!
Demonic industries! Spectral nations!
Invincible madhouses! Granite cocks!
Monstrous bombs!"
-HOWL/Moloch; Alan Ginsberg

3 years ago

Now what b*****s? Reading these comments from 2017 bashing Alex Jones just shut the **** up, and we know all the leftist propaganda ex Climate Change, False Flags over the last years to create racial tension and violence. Its 2020 and **** is happening. You just don't want to admit it or accept it, or you are part of the problem. Liberals are ashamed to be part of the DEMONcrat party and we now see the Globalist & Elite NWO plan being played out. God is coming. We are in the end.

4 years ago

Ohh men the rating to this documentary is 6.66 :)

6 years ago

Does anyone remember where this first aired? Was it mainstream tv?

Susan Overstreet
6 years ago

This brings to memory a statement made by former president of the United States J.F.K He was assisinated 7 days after he promise before leaving his noble office to expose plans to enslave us. Don't be so quick to believe this is merely the elite "playing". I was young the day President Kennedy was murdered. Our nation mourn his death as if they had lost a family member. Never since has a president been held in this regard.
This film could be a peek at what he had planned to stop.
Rest in peace Mr. President. May your words open eyes. I heard him and have educated many.
This was the greatest country on earth. For the people by the people. One Nation Under God.

Heidi Svenson
6 years ago

...Alex Jones (or at least the one we see flapping his ego all over the internet today) is a hired mouthpiece for the very people he claims to expose. Period. His theories are contradictory and all over the map and purposely filled with incorrect historical "alternative facts." Think about it, people. Even IF he was legitimately on the hunt to expose "the Elite" in the beginning, you better believe he has since been "dealt with." Personally, I saw fear in the eyes of those locals, not wicked bong loads. They were all very skittish and visibly nervous about admitting anything - even hearing rumors. They are either on the inside or they have been silenced/threatened. In any case, bottom line, we could all debate the ridiculousness of Jones vs. his bravery or "truthiness" all day but that is precisely why he was "chosen" to spread the misinformation. If he were even remotely learned or respectable as a journalist or if he even made sense he would not be permitted to continue his feeble "broadcasts." It's all part of it. It is the same reason the two-party system is also a lie- to confuse and distract the people into petty in-fighting. All the while, they are all back-slapping buddies on the same evil side.

Most frustrating of all was the nauseating camera work. I know it was supposed to be "hidden" etc. but jeez! All I kept thinking was, are they SURE this is from 2000? Even early 90s BetacamSP cameras captured far better.

Too bad they filmed the whole thing with a potato. But then again, of course it is bad footage. Jones sprinkles real truth in with blatant falsehoods and made-up contradictory blatherings -- all to keep people confused, in-fighting and most of all - separate and not believing.

P.S. That GF though....could they have at least TRIED not not to keep shooting her tits? Typical...

Christobal DeLicia
6 years ago

Alex Jones is the traitor and Russian agent who brought us President Trump. One day this work will be studied along with Communist propaganda of the Soviet Union and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Easily dismissed as a ridiculous stunt at the time, it is an early signature work of an evil man.

8 years ago

Pure wickedness

8 years ago

That scream sounded real to me.

9 years ago

Alex Jones' theories aside, him interviewing the townsfolk is just not good journalism. Pretty rude to ask someone's opinion with an insane leading question and then make fun of their answer.

9 years ago

Load of sewage.

9 years ago

This made me laugh. This site references itself, wikipedia and beforeitsnews. com oh and abovetopsecret. com. There has yet to be any valuable reference to lead me to believe this is at all plausible.

10 years ago

load of crap, quit the opposite to what he is saying is what is actually happening, if you start with the intention of validating a opinion/delusion you will do exactly that. this man has obviously spent many years trying to validate his OWN idea of the world, once he's started on that road what else can he do but exactly that?

11 years ago

Its easy to Infiltrated Bohemian Grove when your part of it, Alex Jones

11 years ago

this is just Christian slander which some Christians are good at because they are too afraid to get real information...not all Christians are like this at least...
I'm glad that my Christian friends are more open minded
as a practicing pagan I'm offended...I don't think he did any real investigating, more like jumped to conclusions based on fear...usually the burning of a dummy is a symbol of the passing of something old like a passing year
oh by the way...I suggest that you Christians look up Roza Bal in Kashmir India and Yuz Asaf aka Jesus of Nazareth

11 years ago

@imotob check out the lesser key of solomon

11 years ago

i have searched lots of books looking for references to this demon pj and can find no references anywhere and please dont say its p.j crowley this does not even make the slightest sense

11 years ago

and as a wican i can assure you they are not doing anything that MANY ppl all accross the world do there is nothing sinister or evil going this is just a celebration of nature as has been done for THOUSANDS (well b4
christianity) of years. man wish we could afford the fireworks for our celebrations

11 years ago

are they any weirder than some religions groups i think not i have seen scarier things at christian churches. and just because they dont worship a christian god does this make them wrong yes it may be weird but hell lots of ppl put store in a 2000 year old book written by PEOPLE. my kids play dress up as well

11 years ago

pity the video is so jerky and fuzzy and did they really need all the cloak and dagger b4 they even got there. plus if these are worlds richest ppl the car park apart from a couple of mercs the rest of the cars looked like hondas, fords etc is this really what the world elite drive?????????????

11 years ago

The world is crowded with demonic spirits. It is easy to attract one. Even to stray a bit from the straight and narrow invites them in. I know not everyone believes that, but it's the truth. Of course their biggest defense is that people don't believe they even exist. If you find yourself defending that point of view, take another look at yourself. A wonderful world awaits us when we can shake them off.

11 years ago

Despite what any of you say, the Bohemian Grove is real. While I would not advise anyone to believe everything you hear in this film, you must admit that there is certainly something strange going on. It is very distubing that our past Presidents and other leaders of various stature would be involved in an organization like this. They are shaping public policy that all of us as Americans will have to live with and that is simply wrong. Alex Jones has some "out there" theories that I wouldn't even consider believing, but one has to agree that there is something fishy about this so called "club."

11 years ago

OH yea. And I thought Alex Jones was a Texan... What the helll Is he doing running through the woods, on a "secret spy mission", in some gay ass white pants and a bright shirt? Where's the effing Camo dude? Seriously.

11 years ago

What if Alex Jones where paid be the Elite to give us all semi-useless bits of information with just enough untruth and ... well bullshit... to discredit anyone seeking the Truth.... My instincts say maybe to that...

11 years ago

BIBLE never SAID GAY was SIN nor QURAN!!!

11 years ago

hmm liek y2k my 18th birthday!

12 years ago


12 years ago

It would be better to get into their preconditioning of our minds about religion. Before that, let me first clarify that religion can be like fool too... Fool before had been actors in the theater, then it became atheist, then it became stupid but it still in its raw form, fool. So, like religion, it is you in your own stance in what is out there beyond your control... It is not congregation. It is you on your essence of establishing of what is unknown to be known... A guiding influence.

So, can you just live your own life and just observe of what is going on? You know religious people says: It is not too late... Repent! Get in touch of what your congregation is telling you about Lord Jesus. Listen carefully and know Lord Jesus! The cross is an atheist tool to remind. Reminds me of Jimmy Hoffa.

The big owl and naked people running around having fun, huh? This Bohemian Grove is a Presidential retreat?... Hmmnnn... Sounds like the other side of Camp David. Christ is the God and the Devil.

Well, no God is not a notion that there is no Devil... Temptation is the word and results is expected from them and not reasons. Men in black, eh? Owl Effigy.

New World Order... Is it not about money. Show me yours, I'll show you mine! No money, no honey...

Oh boy, this summer sets them free!Yearly activities!

12 years ago

honestly? honestly? like really?
half of the documentary is this paranoid guy preaching about a world government and the politicians are sacrificing dummies.
then he throws interviews with random locals that dont look credible at all. then he sneaks into a "supposedly" extremely secured lodge and you never see him ever get talked to by security.
the ritual looked like a show with walt disney music going on in the background.
the guy filming it had parkensens (or however yiu spell it) or something.
no point
dont watch

12 years ago

there's more clown worship at mcdonalds...

12 years ago

Pufffff and I saw the whole crappy video and no murder at all!. I expected a lot more shit in it, the entire show was like watching theater in Broadway but with a froggy acoustics. Total waste of time. But of course should something like that they claim happens this guy and all the reporters in the video footage would be swimming with the fishes long time ago.

12 years ago

OK, So this film simply turned me from a skeptic to a full on believer ... a believer that the creator of the film is a paranoid nutcase.
There was absolutely no proof that this was in anyway an occult ritual.
As mentioned in other comments here, pre recorded music and fireworks, this is a tourist attraction.
They discussed such restricted security yet there was zero footage of any altercations with security. They seemed to waltz into the "compound" AKA National Park unscathed, rode in with "members"...asked the member how much his robe cost.... ahem... if Im trying to be incognito chances are good I'm not going to ask how much the attire costs.... it would be like hiding the the washroom of an afterhours club and then asking the bouncer what the secret password is.... you are going to get busted.

This whole film was a load of crap.
And also 2 hours I will never get back.
I think I might just go to northern california and go see the site myself.
I'm guessing admission to the dinner theatre is around 35.99$

12 years ago

The video speaks for it's self, whether they are sacrificing REAL children or not doesn't change the fact that we don't need our leaders engaging in occult practices. Some of you are talking about druids, and even if someone mentions druids in this doc, it has nothing to do with druids. This ritual dates to ancient babylon, and the cult of Molech certainly DID do human sacrifice, and if this was handed down through the centuries by the power elite in secret, then there is nothing to suggest that they don't STILL commit real human sacrifice. If they have nothing to hide, then why not let a CSI team in there to examine the altar for evidence of human remains? Why do they have to be SO secretive if they aren't doing anything wrong? The fact is these people are evil, and they are our leaders. Say what you want about Alex Jones, but at least he has the balls to sneak in and smuggle a video out, to try and inform the sleeping masses of sheeple. I don't believe everything he discusses, but this video is genuine, and it's a big deal.

12 years ago

As an Occultist, this video makes me hysterical. What's so funny is the fact that not only is this as obviously poorly conducted ritual with symbolism that that isn't even correct within the system (exampli gratia, the masculinity of the owl as demonstrated in the ritual --which should be considered female as per Lilith. If this were a "Druidic" ritual, Cernunos or Pan shouild have been used to represent the Lord of the Forest), but also the poor camera quality which basically makes one unable to make anything of the atmosphere, the attire, and "the real human sacrifice". You'd think that if the elite were the professional Occultists that Jones and the rest of the paranoid community think they are, that they would at least be able to set up a scene without tacky light effects, unfitting music, and unenthusiastic speech qualities.

Mr. Jones has always used his paranoia-act-induced conspiracy theories to keep the dough rollin' in.

12 years ago

I believe this documentary should be listed under 'Conspiracy' rather than 'Mystery'. Just a thought...

12 years ago

Just logging in for the comments, saw this doc. quite a while ago.

12 years ago

This is the biggest load of bullshit ever!!!

Don't listen to this evangelist Texan Nutcase! Please! The Druids did NOT sacrifice people, EVER and we DON'T today! Nature is not the female side of Satan, and I felt my stomach turn when he said it. That sounded iffy and you know it!

Don't listen to this crazy nutcase! Please! Please! Please! It's this kind of stuff that started the Salem witch trials and gets people hysterical!

It's guys and videos like this that get people hurt.

12 years ago

Its the royal order of water buffaloes. Ack ack a dack!!

12 years ago

Recorded music and fireworks : ahah it's only an attraction park for rich people, seriously stop this new order bullshit

12 years ago

Have you ever wondered why any of our so called "Christian" leaders have never told us about this place or what's been going on here. Now maybe you realize the amount of infiltration the NWO has over Christianity and it's leaders in this country.

12 years ago

@ trust acid
You know your right i was thinking the same thing the locals look stoned of the butt( must be some real good bud there) and also dosn't jones look like in the begining if the doc. look like he had one to many esspreso's or something.

12 years ago

Gurl i knew thei waz som' goen on. Thei's republicanz. Wat'd you exxxpect. Plus only a republican wud worship a gi'nt stone ownl motha fukka. Owls ai't even cute. Thei's like stoned pidgions with crooked necks addapted to dodge c*m from hittin their' face

12 years ago

I say Big deal. When he was speaking of she, he was speaking of MOTHER NATURE. I don't trust the Government, the corporate elite but I wish the worst they did was
this Owl gig. hell, with everything they're doing in the wide open, taken our rights, fighting in a senseless war,taking the wealth of Americans, and murdering people daily with their diversion wars I don't see the real harm in the Owl dance. Of course I'm not a fanatical Christian that believes that almighty GAWD is frowning on this. let the f*** their Owl as long as they don't pull any more 9/11 type activities.

12 years ago

Also, I gotta say I do not like Alex Jones. I think he is very, very bad at putting these docs together. He uses emotion to drive his point instead of fact. He's good because he seeks truth and is very passionate in his crusade. On the other hand, I think he distorts things and has a tendency to not back up his points...and most importantly he's a fear mongerer.

The illuminati is real and these policy makers are corrupt from top to bottom but we do not have to be AFRAID of these people. I was on an Alex Jones kick for awhile and started getting paranoid and upset because his tone and style just promote fear and paranoia and hopelessness.

Us people on Main Street, we cannot afford to be afraid. Fear is what they're counting on. We just have to brace ourselves and be brave and get ready to protest, to draw the truth out of them, to demand free and accurate press, to demand the truth about and better foreign policy, to demand our liberties, to demand a stop to torture practices, to demand that they uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, International Law, to demand efficient and uncorrupted administration programs like FEMA and the FDA and the EPA a demand to an end lobbying and a government that is controlled by Wall Street and and end to any other bastardization of human rights and law and order. Most important thing is that we have to stay united. They are few, we are many. We need to understand that we all are fighting against the same enemy. Those of us who are facing home foreclosure or mad at the conatamination of our water ways, those of us fed up with inflation, the cost of food, lack of jobs the war, the TSA, the one-sided point of view in the media and so on and so on....we're all mad at the same thing..the same enemy.

12 years ago

@ Son of Nothing. WRONG WRONG WRONG. You don’t know how good your life will be WITH God. I’m not saying you have to believe in religion but to believe there is NO GOD?? That is truly insane to me.

I normally don’t bother to preach to people but I find it really disturbing when people spread this type misinformation... making it seem like the true intellectuals of the world are atheists and everyone else is silly for believing that there is a Creator. We are only on this planet for a very short time, our understanding is miniscule, but at the very least, we should be able to understand that we are not at the top of creation.

*edited to fix errors*

12 years ago

@ Son of Nothing. WRONG WRONG WRONG. You don't know how good your life will be WITH God. I'm not saying you have to belive in religion but to believe there is NO GOD?? That is truly insane to me.

I normally don't bother to preach to people but I find it really disturbing when people spread this type misinformation making it seem like true intellectual are atheists and everyone else is silly for believing that there is a Creator. We are only on this planet for a small time, our understanding is miniscule...but at the very least, we should be able to understand that we are not at the top of creation.

12 years ago

I meant to say:
"These people ARE NOT benign and harmless like you and I."

12 years ago

I don't care what these people do in their private lives. Oh wait..yes I do. Their morals in the private life, I'm sure, dictate their integrity and morals in their political life. These people are benign and harmless like you and I. They wield power and thus have the responsibility to have high integrity.

If a porn star can't become a certified EMT then a psychopath shouldn't be allowed to control public policy.

I do care if politicians running the world are participating in secret activies that contradict their proclaimed faiths. Why?
1) Governments should be able to lead private lives but when it comes to meeting with other world leaders there should be full transparency. If these secret meetings do in fact affect policy then I certainly do have an issue with that.

2. Because Bush + the 'Jesus Factor' helped him win a second term in office and his supposed faith helps to sway public opinion so if he's participating in anti-Christian rituals that renders BUSH a liar and hypocrite to the highest degree. I think conservative Christians would very, very different about voting for leaders who participated in this type of stuff.

12 years ago

A going theory, just to tap in on h.g wells metaphoric comment about water.
Water is tainted yes. Dr. Rick Strassman studies the effects of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). A substance which is in some plants and most animals produce naturally, is at the seat of the brain, in other words the seat of conscious. It is known as the Pineal Gland, and the ancients called it The Third Eye, or the Temple of Mind. You can easily look it up, yep, we ALL have one.
It is the only organ in the brain which isn't a duality. It is a single organ and it sort of looks like an Acorn. Very symbolic to our ancestors but we know very little about it.
Please read 'DMT: The Spirit Molecule' if you want some more answers, or look for the film. Much info on this thing called the World Wide Web if you are willing to tap in to a new idea.
Anyway, my point is this. Fluoride, which is in all our water (except in Denmark I believe where it is banned) calcifies certain areas of the brain, including the pineal gland. Without a functioning pineal gland you have no dreams, your creative thoughts are put on hold, to be forgotten over time. Any spirituality about yourself becomes dormant very quickly.
If it is true, that people who have a 'spiritual moment with god' or some form of enlightenment whether naturally or through the use of substances, may come from this organ.
Without it you are just a peon, easily controlled, manipulated.
Now ask yourself, why would this fluoride be in all our water, and most of the common toothpaste we all use on a daily basis, from the day were born, and grow our first teeth... Fluoride is the perfect enemy and we are taught through media in school that is what saves our teeth from rotting. Again, mega-BS.
You have been warned!

son of nothing
12 years ago

Nothing but the celebration of nature & midsummer solstice !! only a fundamentalist christian douche bag would see anything evil going on ! Wake up people . The sooner you stop believing in God the better your life will be.