Eye of the Illuminati

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Eye of the Illuminati is an in depth look at the state of the world, and the agenda of secret societies and the ruling class of the developed one world government system.

This documentary was created in order to explain the origin and methods of control over the human population, studies and practices of the occult and secret societies, and how it has an effect on the way we live our lives on a daily basis.

It also explains the history of human development, psychology and religion, and how sacred knowledge has been hidden and passed on for centuries.

It attempts to explain the role of the secret society and discusses some key members of these groups and the history of the ruling class.

Much research went into this project so the information is highly compressed to form the complete picture and many varied subjects are discussed.

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    Christian Tintin Johansson
  1. Christian Tintin Johansson

    Everybody has Changnesia, everybody forget the past and we make the same mistakes by ignoring the fact that there ARE forces that try to get as much power as they can over us a s a species.

  2. Dan Indiana
  3. Dan Indiana

    Clowns compilation made by a boss clown.

  4. Dan Indiana
  5. Dan Indiana

    Don't get me wrong....there are like 50% true facts in the video..but if you mix them with 50% bull**** then you are not better than a clown.

  6. dewflirt
  7. dewflirt

    There's a circle around the earth that's k25 miles long, almost as long as the equator! Learn something new every day ;)

  8. John Murgaš
  9. John Murgaš

    50% Clown!

  10. jimmy
  11. jimmy

    that's it this is the stuff to hide my head in while this stream of being ends lol

  12. a_no_n
  13. a_no_n

    but...if we all have changnesia then won't we really remember everything? or is that the plan?

  14. Guest
  15. Guest

    Forces like what? Gravity? Thermodynamics?

  16. dmxi
  17. dmxi

    "it's better to be sceptical wrong than blindly right,"

    - the one eye'd one -

  18. dmxi
  19. dmxi

    going from " ...all world leaders are a part of the conspired theme!" to end with "...we must tell our leaders that we want change!" is a bit of a cock-eyed mentality!

  20. Pysmythe
  21. Pysmythe

    It's like a bra strap that the almighty snaps every now and then, lol.
    edit- subtexts for CTs:
    1. Mother Earth. Gaia. The earth is alive!
    2. Running on a theme here, it's a giant rubber band with the word 'equator' written on it.
    3. The earth is filled with boobs.

  22. dewflirt
  23. dewflirt

    Oh my Gaia! You mean this might actually be the baggy elastic of apocalypse knickers? there's no shaving her now :(

  24. Pysmythe
  25. Pysmythe

    We could give her a try... The bikini wax, historically and long. lat. appropriately enough, starts in Rio, right underneath the "People, what?!" statue of Jesus.

  26. dmxi
  27. dmxi

    "the earth is filled with boobs."
    thanks for the smile,py!everything's going tits up!

  28. Pysmythe
  29. Pysmythe

    Lolol. Just do me a favor, though, and don't take any of my cracks against conspiracy types too seriously... or personally, if you feel it has some reason to apply that way. While it's true I don't see a whole lot of logic in most of them, it's just my way of dealing with my own anxieties.

  30. Jack1952
  31. Jack1952

    Funny. I chuckled out loud. Fortunately, I haven't grown my man boobs yet.

    I would watch this but will have to postpone as it is too long and the sun is shining. I have to get my butt out there and enjoy it.

  32. dmxi
  33. dmxi

    never did,mate (your cracks personally,i mean)...& i quite enjoy the conversation of opposing views between 'gentlemen' in a contesting civil manner & it's good 'n healthy when my own fallacies are put on to a test to check my own logic....for which i'm greatful,sir (a wink of noble gesture,mmh?lol)sorry,if i answered one of your posts with a rude undertone.....it never was my intention!so,keep cracking me up as i owe you 'smiles' which your comments have given me & also you have made me rethink my position with good argumentation...regards.............dmxi

  34. joe
  35. joe

    This is informative, but this is also a conditioning film,even though we should remain peaceful make sure you are meditating on Jesus we are not gods and we should not display our selfs as one.

  36. Guest
  37. Guest

    Nice 4 hour pep talk.

  38. Dean Edgington
  39. Dean Edgington


  40. Tricking Is Tricking
  41. Tricking Is Tricking

    You watched the whole thing?

  42. DigiWongaDude
  43. DigiWongaDude

    Quote: "Ok, so do celebrities regularly undergo satanic rituals that require them to surrender the soul? Of course they frequently do, silly! Ever heard of the celebrities’ casting couch? Look it up. Do you think that celebrities just magically win the role via walk-in and audition? Well then you’re the one who’s crazed conspiracy-theorist if you do."

    ...lmfao! Truly quite special you are.

  44. Albert Potato
  45. Albert Potato

    Where do you find these couches? Nothing on ebay or amazon.

  46. Albert Potato
  47. Albert Potato

    Remember Kramer had the "Kavorca"? IDK if the sp is correct

  48. DigiWongaDude
  49. DigiWongaDude

    Perhaps you weren't standing on one leg, gurgling on a goldfish when you did the search?

    Actually, don't waste your time...that didn't work either.

  50. Albert Potato
  51. Albert Potato

    I always enjoy your comments, such a wise Sage. No, I am not referring to SAGE

  52. Tamara Leigh McIntyre-Crilly
  53. Tamara Leigh McIntyre-Crilly

    Lake Louise is in Alberta not British Columbia......pretty big mistake there....from a proud Albertan :)

  54. john john
  55. john john

    i actully really liked this... i can be a bit of a tin hat beliver at times and also very sceptical about this life in terms of religion and even my own mental state . but i like this it seems like maby some of it is flaky and somethings are spot on but it dosent matter watch it take what you can from it and grow thats all we can do. owe and if your reading this I LOVE YOU whoever you are dont give up becouse im not going to

  56. Mike A
  57. Mike A

    They lost me and I stopped watching when they tried to parallel the story of Horus to that of Jesus. Don't get me wrong, if this was true, then I would keep watching. However, this documentary was supposed to be about truth and the Illuminati. How can I believe what they say about the Illuminati if they lie about the story of Horus to make it fit their theory that Jesus was a copy. To set everyone straight, if you read anything about Horus, you will see that:

    1) Horus was NOT born of a virgin. His mother (Isis) put her husband (Osiris) back together after he was ripped to pieces. She could not find his penis, so she fashioned on for him and had sex with him, from which Horus was born. You might say that since she didn't have sex with a real penis, it was a virgin birth, but come on - it is a stretch to compare the two.

    2) Horus's father was NOT Seph. His father was Osiris. Sep (not Seph) was Osiris's father and Horus's grandfather. Again, a huge stretch to make a square peg fit in a round hole. While we're on the subject, Horus's mother's name (Isis) has absolutely not resemblance to that of Mary.

    3) Both births were NOT announced by angels and shepherds. There is no record of Horus's birth being witnessed by any angels and since he was born in a swamp, it is unlikely that there were shepherds either.

    4) Horus did NOT raise Osiris from the dead. Horus's mother (Isis) put Osiris back together after he was dead - this is a far cry from the story of Jesus raising Lazerus. Horus did avenge Osiris's death, but he did not raise him.

    5) Horus was NOT crucified with two thieves. In fact, Horus wasn't crucified at all.

    The film makers, under the guise of revealing the truth, were obviously just trying to put forth their own agenda by offering up their own set of lies. I am a big believer in the Illuminati and the threat of a new world order, but people like the film makers cannot make the case that others are decieving us if they, themselves, are deceiving us.

  58. Nebbe
  59. Nebbe

    I haven't watched a legit documentary about the Illuminati yet they are all a bunch of stupid theories and pure fabrication the Illuminati are in the shadows and should be left there because only the IIluminati knows what the IIluminati is all about !!!!!

  60. Robert
  61. Robert

    Some people just watch these videos. And just cy out conspiracy theory. Anyone would know to do research. Or just to lazy to do so. Everything we are taught is fabricated. History, science changed to what they want us to believe. History altered along with science. Just a bunch of sheeple an koolaid drinkers. The same old saying our government would never do this. It is called conditioning. We are like frogs in a pot. Heat being turned up slowly.

  62. a_no_n
  63. a_no_n

    you know...except for all of that pesky archaeological evidence that clearly proves that's not the case.

    Science isn't something that our perception of can be altered...i suggest you google the scientific method.

  64. Rodney Bresch
  65. Rodney Bresch

    When results are potentially skewed, in a world ran by money...yea...go google bias. Your perception of science will change i think, when you realize what it actually is.

  66. a_no_n
  67. a_no_n

    ah i see, so you'll ignore science because it may possibly be a big ridiculous conspiracy theory (dispite the fact that it quite obviously isn't)...but you'll believe a random documentary on the internet because there's no possible way that can be wrong.

    and you're telling me to go google bias? at least science provides evidence for it's claims.

    your comment would seem less idiotic if it weren't written on a computer, over the internet, electronically. All three of which were brought to you by science.

  68. Rodney Bresch
  69. Rodney Bresch

    I'm not against "science" per se lol, and I'm not sure how much this doc could have influenced me, as i only watched 20 minutes of it. But yes, the world is ran by money. Do you think the lure of money, manipulates every facet of our social existence here to some extent, except scientific fields?

  70. Rodney Bresch
  71. Rodney Bresch

    Obviously history has been distorted to some extent, and no i don't mean evolution lol. Is there a conspiracy involved in the writing of the history books? What else would you call it?

  72. a_no_n
  73. a_no_n

    your argument would be fine if it weren't for the fact that science provides evidence for what it claims, and peer review helps us to weed out the wrong'uns.

    These things were all taken into consideration when the scientific method was defined.

  74. a_no_n
  75. a_no_n

    ah history, now that's a slightly different argument. But you're entirely right...The vast majorty of contemporary sources are biased in one way or another, however we know that and take that into account when coming to our conclusions about it. We can and do use science and the scientific method to work around the biases of contemporary sources.

    For example they recently discovered thanks to ariel photography and carography software that the battle of hastings took place not where it is thought to have taken place, but about a hundred meters off to the side in the adjacent field.

    The contemporay sources gave us a rough guesstimate of where the battle was, and we used scientific study to refine that guess.

    I guess i'm trying to say that yes this kind of deviousness does happen, but there are reliable measures to counter it. Plus there are incredible benefits to be had by a scientist if (s)he can disprove anothers work. as well as a pretty hefty price for scientists caught out fiddling the figures.

    it ain't perfect but it's the best we've managed to come up with so far.

  76. Rodney Bresch
  77. Rodney Bresch

    Yea if politicians get caught meddling where they shouldn't be, there can be severe consequences as well. It's rigged, to bury those "errors" tho. It's impossible to know the extent of how much is being hidden, if it's buried. I think it's apparent that much is tho. If they can blatantly destroy other countries at will, you think they can't manage to skew scientific results on a large scale?

    The russians at one point, contradicted american claims of Libyan forces bombing their own people...via satellite imagery. How far did science get humanity that time? The reason those scientific results weren't taken into account, all can be traced back to money.

    That is now history, as most that i have spoken with stateside, have concluded that Gaddafi was a murdering dictator. You see my point, right? They use science when it bolsters their position, and discard it, when it doesn't. The most valuable resource is knowledge, and what do humans currently do with resources...? They hoard them.

    We're not doing the best we can manage tho. If the world wasn't entirely dictated by money, i would have little to no issues with "science". Until then, the masses should keep that in mind.

  78. Rodney Bresch
  79. Rodney Bresch

    "scientific results" as in those brought about from the fruits of science. Everything in our world is tainted by money...why do we assume that science isn't? Ok, so you said it is to some extent, but we can't know to what extent. That's my point.

  80. a_no_n
  81. a_no_n

    Fair enough, but the process isn't anywhere near as simple as that.

    A scientist can make or break his career on finding fraudulent results in a peer reviewed study.

    So lets make up a company called Pharmacorp and a painkiller called painaway.

    Pharmacorp then pay a scientist to prove that their product works. It doesn't but they've paid for the results not the process...it happens, i don't deny this.

    To be able to market their product it has to go through something called a double blind test. that means it's a test where they test painaway and compare it to a sugar pill placebo that does nothing. By being double blinded nobody, not even the scientist knows which one is which.

    This doesn't matter though because our scientist has lied and he has just published a set of results that prove it is effective.

    He publishes his results.

    Now the study must be peer reviewed before it can be allowed on the shelves. That means another scientist from somewhere else will follow the original study, and if he has the funding and resources will even re-do the test for him/herself.

    Scientist B is going to quickly figure out that something isn't right. when those results are published that's when things really kick off.

    unless you work at the top levels of banking or politics Fraud is against the law, When scientist A is found to have fraudulently represented his findings he will not only be subject to a police investigation, he will also be discredited as a scientist and basicly has to find another job because he is unemployable, because all of his work is now questionable.

    Take Andrew Wakefield, the man credited with single handedly bringing back mumps and whooping cough. He lied. He was paid very well by a company that was trying to market an alternative to vaccines.
    So he fiddled his results. Pretty soon it was discovered that he had lied. He was prosecuted for fraud and the only people who call him doctor now are himself, Jenny Macarthy and all her little cultists. Wakefield had to give up science altogether because nobody in the field would ever take him or his results seriously ever again.

  82. Rodney Bresch
  83. Rodney Bresch

    Yea, I realize I was grossly over simplifying. I understand how the peer review process is supposed to work, but question it’s
    effectiveness in the world we live in. I use the seemingly unrelated war machine as a point, because it is an indication of how massive these conspiracies can stretch. Most americans, still seem to believe the cover stories too it seems.

    If they are willing and able to successfully lie about all of the destruction they’re causing for huge profits and/or fortification etc, I can’t help but wonder what else they have control over. I’ll use the beat horse
    of global warming. For instance, if man isn’t behind GW, than we’re devoting a lot of time and energy, at addressing items that distract from the power structure. Which even if we are responsible, it still seems like we should be focusing on the power structure, because if we don’t make changes at the core, it seems our efforts could be in vain anyways.

    If you question global warming as a civilian, you’ll be told how little you know or worse. This is the mentality built into our society, and I think it is concentrated at the level of peer review. There is incentive to
    challenge prior ideals, yet there are also reasons to stray from doing such,
    esp in regards to issues where so much money is at stake…as they can destroy
    careers…or worse. I do think there are alternative technologies/ideologies that
    could provide much more efficient means of energy and/or resources, to a world
    that so desperately needs it. I can’t help but ask, why aren’t they being delivered to the world? I do think politics is involved in the peer process, because they’re involved everywhere else.

    I consider myself an unyielding student of science. I just have little faith in our current system. I’m very skeptical. If the system is anywhere near how dirty i think it is, then scientists could be compared to high priests or popes of the past, as we blindly listen...while they manipulate for personal gain.

    I think monsanto...in my mind...by itself justifies large amounts of concern, as they have the best lobbyists money can buy. They use science, to push their agendas.

  84. Rodney Bresch
  85. Rodney Bresch

    See I'm not against gmo's. It makes sense to me, that we would move to directly altering on the genetic level. I just don't trust those who are doing it, or those who are monitoring those who are doing it. As some of monsantos higher ups, have went to work for the FDA. Just as Henry paulson, former ceo of Goldman Sachs, went on to head the treasury...who played a huge role in the bailout. I don't trust it at all.

  86. a_no_n
  87. a_no_n

    fair enough...though the current climate of fear makes it practically impossible for anyone but Monsanto to experiment, the negative PR attatched to GM makes it quite a risky business for anyone who doesn't have the kind of capital that Monsanto has.

    Even when a non monsanto source does try like at Rothamstead, a literal pitchfork and torch wielding mob turned up.

  88. a_no_n
  89. a_no_n

    but...science doesn't work like that.

    Knowledge and facts are not democratic, i know it sucks to be told you don't know what you're talking about, but in comparison to specialist scientists who have spend decades studying the subject i'm afraid you really don't know enough to comment...ffs seriously you're going to bring global warming denialism into this as if that has any legitimacyt whatsoever?

    To be honest mate your argument seems to be based more on your own ego than any sort of desire for facts or truth.

    in fact the arrogance of the statements your making is immeasurable...as if nobody has ever come along in the field of science who is as smart and switched on as you are...As if nobody could possibly have considered the idea of corruption.

    Seriously...Global warming denialism too? ok i just stopped taking you seriously.

    You're suggesting that 97% of all scientists are in on the scam to which i say b0ll0cks.

    I explained to you what happens and even gave you Andrew Wakefield as a very simple example of counteracting corruption and you shrug it off almost as if i have said nothing...You merely repeat because it doesn't fit into the narrative you're spinning yourself.

    You'll find scientists at the very heart of the drug legalisation movements too, because all evidence suggests that prohibition is more harmful than legalisation. so the idea that science is a slave to politics is frankly ridiculous, and entirely ignorant of history.

  90. Rodney Bresch
  91. Rodney Bresch

    I didn't deny GW(lord i don't believe in have mercy), i used it as an example. I said, if someone even brought up the possibility of GW not being true, they get **** slung at them. And then we go from what i considered a civil convo, to something i dont feel like f with.

    If we could just stop treating each other like savages, we may actually be able to put democracy to use some day.

    good day sir...

  92. Rodney Bresch
  93. Rodney Bresch

    Edit-then we *ironically* went from having a civil convo.

  94. a_no_n
  95. a_no_n

    it's impossible to have a civil conversation with someone who can't even accept the most basic of facts because of paranoia.

    you're not asking for a civil conversation, you're trying to nice me into accepting your rather deluded world view and to be honest it's starting to irritate me.

    i give you solid reasoning, backed up by real world examples and you outright dismiss it because it doesn't satisfy your superstitious paranoia...how is that civil?

  96. a_no_n
  97. a_no_n

    perhaps they get sh1t slung back at them because they've just slung bullsh1t of their own?

    GW is a terrible example. If anything it supports my argument because it's an exact copy of all the other anti-science arguments.

    Democracy is only useful when the populace is informed. If it's misinformed you may as well not even bother with it.

  98. Rodney Bresch
  99. Rodney Bresch

    Undoubtedly, you've coming from the newer thread "spent". You prob won't admit it, if u are, but i do think this is what inspired this response.

    Lol yes...i am trying to "nice" u into looking from my point of view, cuz that's how i feel ideals should be spread. You started saying things, like fair enough, cuz u prob understand this as well. If u don't see it from my view tho, i won't become hostile. U can think i'm taking the high road, wtf ever.

    MFrs are chopping people's heads off still in poorer countries, just becuase they can't find a more civil way to disagree.

    I will respond to the other comments whenever i get around to feeling like it, but if the attitude you're displaying continues...peace.

    Everyone has their head up their a**, just long enough to think their ish doesn't stink. We all think we're the exception to the rule, it seems. The majority of people, think the majority of people are stupid, and their smart. Obviously, it contradicts itself. We jerk ourselves off. if you're not aware of it, then you're using the best brand of lotion is all. We only see from our own views, and largely cuz we attack each other, when we differ. We don't have to find common grounds, we just have to realize we're already on them.

    I get irritated in debates too, and lash iut from time to time, but it's not the way to go. If that makes me arrogant or an i*iot, cuz i'd like to be treated with respect, or cuz i have a different viewpoint...f u. No good. You completely misunderstood my point concerning GW tho, but w/e. I'll touch on that, if i feel like coming back to this.

  100. Rodney Bresch
  101. Rodney Bresch

    And i'm not trying to nice people per se. Often people who are obsessed with artificial politeness, actually are disrespecting other adults, by not giving them the benefit of the doubt, concerning whether or not they can handle, what they consider to be the truth.

    U don't have to be nice, or mean, just offer your views. Many of these items are tied to our well beings and over arching worldviews, and people can be irritated enough, simply by disagreeing on them. The insults just thro unnecessary salt in the wound.

  102. a_no_n
  103. a_no_n

    you're right, I do need to chill out a little bit.

    i can't say that you've been unreasonable, even if i think what you're saying is. Sometimes i forget to make that distinction.

  104. Rodney Bresch
  105. Rodney Bresch

    Cool, i'll respond to the other comments shortly. I like the relaxed pace we were maintaining.

  106. Rodney Bresch
  107. Rodney Bresch

    The thing is, every facet of human existence, is becoming more and more artificially processed. There have been individuals who have come forth, speaking of how watered down the process has become. But it’s obvious, even without them doing such. The publish or perish mentality is being concentrated, as they’re in a racket, to sell articles…that should be free(tax payers already pay for them), more or less. That’s plain to see, but it serves among other indicators, of how commercialized, “science” as become.

    Also, please forgive me, for considering that just because you give one example of the process working properly, that it means that’s how it always “works”. There are countless examples of clean politicians, does it mean there is no corruption…? The thing we know about corruption, is how little we know about corruption, right? It’s usually unfalsifiable, either way, but does that mean it doesn’t exist? I’m not paranoid about ghosts, or ufos, or damn humanoid reptilians, but conspiracy…which is rooted in mankind’s nature…esp when the stakes are high. They’ve been refining it, since at least the days of Hammurabi. It’s like having a girlfriend, who you’ve caught cheating and stealing multiple times. Eventually, you don’t trust anything she says. Those in control of our info, are the worst whores to date.

    They’ve set up a network, to fabricate versions of reality, that play into their greedy palms. It doesn’t mean GW isn’t true, it just means I don’t believe those, that are saying it is. You say people are watching monsanto’s every move, and that can be unhealthy to an extent. It’s like I don’t think we should demonize child molesters, to the extent we do, esp considering we aren’t sure of the individual circumstances(even tho we do know how of at least some of the nast circumstances of monsanto) involved in each case. Yet, I’mstill going to keep an eye on them around children.

    Yes, I question the integrity of scientists, like economists. Just because they’re dorks, or are intelligent, doesn’t mean they aren’t human. They(big business) have control of the history books and school, research labs, and the media. The individuals and organizations in our society, are programmed by an environment, that is obsessed with money….cuz it takes money to allow all of them to operate, currently. You speak of misinformation, and they’ve been grossly misinforming us, for quite a while…and we accept it. I think of info as the greatest commodity, and they’ve formed a monopoly on it. They deprive us of resources, as we’re forced to fight over the scraps. This has left a very battered and confused society(ripe for a good butthole excavation)…who thinks it’s the shat, as it doesn’t realize how savage it still is. They’ve always used, state of the art ideologies, to sway public opinion. They’re using science, like they used religion, and we blindly accept it.

    You’re prob not going to change my world view(as that’s what we have, a clash of world views here), as I’m not going to change yours. When people blow holes in world views, we have a tendency, to toss the blemish on our mental backburner, to be sorted out later. The best we can do often, is chip away at each other, in a decent fashion.

    That’s just it tho, we can’t accept truth or responsibility as individuals in this society, and esp not…as a society. I look around, and see a society full of artificial non sense. Even tho from a relative standpoint, humans are obviously intelligent, we insist everyone else is stupid, and that we’re smart. Everyone else is what’s wrong with the world, but we’re what’s right with it. We’re experts at believing in bulls*it, and those in power are capitalizing on it.

    We not only promote their war torn schemes, we celebrate them still. It’s set up, to where if u question any of it, you’ll be called a traitor, or something else f--ked up…and/or worse of course. “Paranoia is just a finer state of reality.”(some movie lol) It can be unhealthy, but not being skeptical enough, is also very potentially dangerous. We sit by, as they move.

    We need to take control of information, so we can make informed choices…as a group…and stop fighting, like people who don’t realize they’re on the same side. We can’t know the extent of how corrupt it all is, but come on…everything is being deluded or bought off in today’s world…from music…to make up…to the masquerade that science is increasingly becoming.

  108. Rodney Bresch
  109. Rodney Bresch

    you say I don't know about GW et cetera. I, like so many other e-journalists, have researched the topic fairly extensively. But no, i haven't taken ice samples personally. neither have you. We are forced to believe others. I don't trust the systems we have in place, to dispense info.

    Most people don't have time, to research this stuff, as comprehensively as i have. I have no kids, and as i get older, much less of a bs social life. But still, i don't have enough time to study, as i'd like(cuz I'm spend most of my time, fighting to pay bills, like most others). There are a variety of items, that are always evolving. I also lack the money, as scientific articles are very expensive. we take what we can get.

    I was aware of my simplifications, hopefully you are too. You gave one example. There are not only different circumstances involved in cases in the same fields, there are a large variety of different fields...where different circumstances present themselves. The review process itself, like everything else in the universe, is also evolving. You can't sum up, something as complex as the peer review process, with one example...apologies. Every scientist doesn't have to be corrupt, but every scientist, still is operating, in a system, that i think is getting more and more corrupt.

    Money is messing us up...from the bottom up.

  110. a_no_n
  111. a_no_n

    "We are forced to believe others. I don't trust the systems we have in place, to dispense info."

    This is the point where we're wandering into conspiracy theories.

    It's not just "Others" it's highly qualified people who have spent decades researching and have their entire careers in the balance. The most qualified people, without whom we wouldn't know ANYTHING. By saying they are untrustworthy you are accusing the Entire scientific method and community of being untrustworthy...which just isn't the case.

    If you want to question aspects of the evidence, fair enough, i imagine we could have some interesting conversations. If you want to criticise the individual scientists, then please do, Criticism is a requirement of the scientific method and all scientists do it.

    Science isn't just an old boys club where they all pat constantly each other on the back...it's more like a fish tank, and if one fish sees the opportunity of a mistake to devour another to make room then (s)he will.

    Most scientists i know barely make over 20k a year (in £ as i'm British).
    It's very rare that you'll meet a scientist earning over 50k a year.

    You seem to think that science is getting more and more corrupt however from what i can see science is taking the lead in challenging the status quo and the monied elite.

    Climate change is the most famous example of where science has disagreed with the monied elite.
    The Koch brothers (oil magnates who fund most of the climate change denial movement) funded a study in an attempt to debunk climate change, unfortunatly for them they used real scientists who found that climate change is indeed real, and the koch brothers were thoroughly embarrased by the findings which they had to publish. They had been so certain the study would debunk climate change that they told a lot of people it was taking place, meaning they had to publish the findings.

    Narcotic Drug legalisation is the newest example. A movement that has far more scientists in it than it did ten years ago.

    there was a big hoo ha over here in Blighty a few years ago surrounding a professor David Knutt, a scientist who was the governments chief advisor on drugs...until he advised it be legalised because evidence suggested prohibition was more harmful than legalisation...he is now the ex chief scientific advisor, his unit the ACMD has been forcibly disbanded by parliament and yet still he is a vocal advocate of legalisation based solely on evidence.

  112. Rodney Bresch
  113. Rodney Bresch

    Yes, I'm aware of the koch brothers, and the arguments of anti-GW lobbyists, to promote the oil companies. That was where I was at. However, i've recently started questioning it. That jumps out, like how tobacco companies lobbied, back when the harmful effects were brought into light. The counter argument, is they're trying to make money off of an international carbon tax.

    Like I said, if we're so sure that GW is such an issue, why hasn't anything been done, to prevent it yet? It, like so many other crucial issues "we" humans face, are swept under the rug, cuz we're not addressing the core of what's causing them...the power structure. I think the US, along with other western world countries, needs nothing less than an ideological revolution, to address the severe issues, we face. We need to take control of the system, or else there's no point, in proving anything. We need to focus all of our energy, on getting to the bottom, of the common denominator, for all of these issues.

    I'm not against "science", as i said. I do question it's state of integrity. Just like economists. I'm not against economics, but there are a bunch of charlatans in the business. They say irresponsible things, like the US can't go bankrupt. That is literally in bold letters, in macro textbooks across the country. There are good economists, just like there are respectable scientists, but yes, it seems there are also fair shares of quacks.

    Scientists do the work for "free", even tho obviously if some of these climatologists were being paid, it wouldn't be reported. Back to the unfalsifiability of claims. But, regardless, publishers of the journals, are raking in butt tons of money, as articles are expensive. It has become a racket...we just don't want to admit it. Publish or perish mindsets, are generating poorer qualities of rushed work, and also creativity is being stifled. The money for grants, often is coming from our taxes, then they charge us high prices for the results?

    I'm not saying there is no progression, coming from science. I just feel it's a tainted process. Money is tainting everything.

  114. Rodney Bresch
  115. Rodney Bresch

    At least economics is honest, in regards to viewing "ethics", as not being a primary factor. It shouldn't be that way of course...or i would beg to differ. It is that way tho. They say the politicians should handle that, with the stats they offer. Yea, like that's been working lol.

  116. Rodney Bresch
  117. Rodney Bresch

    Neil Tyson said, "the good thing about science, is it's true, whether you believe it or not. After multiple experiments have been done, producing the same results, it's no longer subject to your opinion". That is as dogmatic, as any religion, and exemplifies the kind of extreme attitudes I'm speaking of...that stifle creativity.

  118. Rodney Bresch
  119. Rodney Bresch

    You don't know what they case is, and neither do I. We know what they(yes the scientists and those screening them) are telling us. It's like it's hard to know exactly what the us forces have been doing in so many countries, over the last century. We "know" the official version" they're feeding us, but obviously there's more to it. If the media is willing to outright lie, about mass murder, basically promoting it, you think scientists don't have it in them to lie? We disagree on that. But either way, we can't know...until we change that.

  120. a_no_n
  121. a_no_n

    if you can provide one example where people held a vote and changed reality i'll agree with you.

  122. Rodney Bresch
  123. Rodney Bresch

    Sorry, brevity isn't my strong suit lol. But, I'm not sure what you mean, exactly?

    Even on the surface, it seems apparent to me, that knowledge is being processed, and reprocessed, in order to profit from it. Publishers of these articles aren't even burdened with printing costs, nearly as they were, yet the prices of the articles are still very expensive.

    Also, schoolbooks should be much cheaper. They take two chapters in a book, and move them around, and call it a new book, so they can generate new profit.

    It's all a big racket. That's just on the surface too.

  124. Rodney Bresch
  125. Rodney Bresch

    usually the authors of the books, don't make much. It's the publishers, who are clearly making a killing. The same goes for scientists(as u mentioned, they make little relatively)...outside of potential corruption, of course. So, the citizens, and scientists, are getting crapped on. And like i said, a lot of the research is funded, by our taxes. As we're charged exorbitant fees, for the results of the research...that we funded? They've broken it off in there, deep.

  126. a_no_n
  127. a_no_n

    ah...yes that is very true...I can't argue with that at all...Some scientists are in the ridiculous position where to see their own work they have to take out a subscription and pay for the journal. It's utterly ridiculous.

    However on the bright side there is a big push for open access online to scientific research...It'll be interesting to see what happens there.

  128. a_no_n
  129. a_no_n

    Are you an American by any chance?

    Because it occurs to me that when it comes to the American market little of what i say applies. I'm British, we have a socialised healthcare system and as a result are not exposed to the horrendous practices and skulduggery in pharmacuticals that most Americans experience.
    I have to keep reminding myself that not everyone on these forums is as fortunate as I am where healthcare is concerned.

  130. Rodney Bresch
  131. Rodney Bresch

    Yes, i'm in the process now, of finding a new doctor/hustler. They're complete sharks, and yes that has added to my paranoia...but only partially. I would still say money dictates most everything, where u live as well. It seems to have infected your voting process, similar to ours...but that's me half talking out of my arse...and going off of little read/viewed info on the sub.

  132. a_no_n
  133. a_no_n

    ok you're American...in that case ignore about 90% of everything i have said because it is dead wrong where you're concerned. and i withdraw all of the arguments i've made.
    What i say applies to the UK...possibly Canada too, but the US...sweet Jesus..

    The circus of horror that is the American healthcare system is...Barbaric to say the least, run as you say entirely by money...the fact that anyone can consider healthcare a business enterprise is the symptom of a mental cancer in American politics and you have my deepest sympathies for having to endure such a god-awful system.


  134. Rodney Bresch
  135. Rodney Bresch

    Yes, america isn't the pinnacle of civilization, we all think it is. We may epitomize this materialistic mindset, but "we" do pretty much still run the world(not really a good thing). So the rest of the world, is still none the less still infected.

  136. Rodney Bresch
  137. Rodney Bresch

    By run the world, i simply mean, we or those running shat, do what they want...with little to no consequences.

  138. a_no_n
  139. a_no_n

    most certainly...there's a push in Britain to privatise our healthcare system into something vaguely resembling the American system even though it has just been confirmed to be the best in the world and America one of the worst.

  140. Eric Lawson
  141. Eric Lawson

    This was a little hard to follow . Nonetheless was interesting to watch Peace!!

  142. mycial
  143. mycial

    How did you reach this depth insight? You unplugged you from their mind control matrix? I believe if only 80% of the earth sheep would just reach & wake up we could stop their evil plans to kill us all. If the army, police would stop looking at us like the enemy & come together we just may have a chance for the next generations.

  144. awful_truth
  145. awful_truth

    This is a great watch, which culminates at the end with a worthy message no one can deny. There is a lot of really good information in this documentary, if you know what to look for. (intellectual skepticism always required) With that said, I suggest watching this program several times to glean what is needed for true enlightenment. If you are unable to do this, (impatient) then you will never understand the real nature of the world around you. (why are people are so easily manipulated?- why the existence of the global pyramid scheme?) Answer: Stupidity, weakness, and evil go hand in hand!
    Any questions?
    P.S: 'Enlightenment' should not be confused with the immoral 'illumination' revealed in this documentary.

  146. Adam and Eve
  147. Adam and Eve

    Lol, so you don't think that every birth story of an religion has to do nothing with one another? Just open your mind and you will understand.. You need to watch this film, seriously.

  148. fleshbug02
  149. fleshbug02

    Referring to those masters as ruling class should be re-categorized as the piles of sh-it at the very least; since these things are no longer human beings in any manner of communication. Unfortunately I am certain that the applied damage is way too late to stop this catastrophic crash of America, and all the fools that are much too brain-dead to identify their very soon to occur, violent, and utter demise.

  150. fleshbug02
  151. fleshbug02

    ...censoring our 1 st Amendment Right, which is NOT a Privilege, to the very end. It is merely confirmation of the Absolute Idiocy that is leading the jugernaut of destruction of Individual Sovereignty. Have fun in the near future. Idiots.

  152. Road Less Traveled
  153. Road Less Traveled

    Just for reference at minutes 2 hours 55 minute as the narrator is discussing drugs as gateways to other dimensions, he makes the interesting note regarding "Space Meade," which is created from Morning Glory Seeds. Morning Glory seeds contain a well-known psychedelic drug. However, it is not LSD, as the film states, but LSA, a relative of LSD, with a slight molecular difference.

    Just for interest the Aztecs were also known to take Morning Glory seed concoctions to enter altered states, as well as magic mushrooms.

  154. Road Less Traveled
  155. Road Less Traveled

    All of the stuff about fluoride and the calcification of the pineal gland is interesting. I don't know what to make of it, although I've heard of it before. But then, at least in the US we are constantly dosed with fluoride. It seems profoundly difficult to unflouridate ourselves. And even if we did, is calcification permanent?

    And if the pineal gland is the third eye, or gateway to higher consciousness for humans, what would we be seeing, understanding, or experiencing with a non-calcified gland. Now, I know that probably most mystics would say that unless people went within (through meditation, yoga, drugs, whatever), it still would not activate. I have to assume that this is true because we don't really have evidence of common folk being super-enlightened in pre-fluoridated societies. Otherwise if that weren't true we would assume that those people in countries without fluoride and calcified pineal glands would be tripping balls all of the time and riding the consciousness clouds, yes?

    Just speculation and questions.

  156. Bilbo baggins
  157. Bilbo baggins

    Most of the comments here are for sure third eye blind ' not the best documentary but it gives a small view of a bigger hidden problem to many sheepole following the lemmings off the cliff not.aware of the cliff right in front of they're face

  158. Ace
  159. Ace

    Despite the fact that the maker of this documentary is trying to make you assume certain perspectives and interpretations here and there, and among other things is not knowing Fibonacci well enough to know how it’s spelled, there is a lot of good information in here and at least for me it lead to a bunch of different ideas and connections to be further explored. Thank you for putting the almost 4h piece of work together.

  160. Leigh Atkins
  161. Leigh Atkins

    It never ceases to amaze me how it is that the non-spiritual people feel that they're the only ones qualified to educate us on how or why we are spiritual or where our tendency to be spiritual even came from.

    If you're inclined towards spirituality, as far as the institution is concerned, even though you've had more spiritual experiences than they & probably even have a better understanding, you aren't qualified to comment & your insight should be ignored or pushed aside, & you may indeed even be a 'wacko' or a religious 'kook'.

    Just listening to 'my history' being dictated to me, rambling on & on is painful & it's obvious that these 'qualifieds' are just clueless, with their dry hypotheses devoid of understanding...

  162. fuqminati
  163. fuqminati

    If you don't believe that illuminati exists and has existed for a long time, you are definitely one of the people who are blindly following scripted societal system perfectly orchestrated by the collective entities of power a.k.a illuminati. We all are free people of earth with a possibility of a free will to do anything but you chose to be controlled, manipulated and let your free will be destroyed by the powerful entities pulling the strings behind the curtains. I feel so sad for you and I warmly welcome you all to be rid of the shackles which has been put upon you, to silence you from questioning about such powers currently controlling the direction the earth is going forward into the future. Dear brothers and sisters, it is not too late and I urge you to stand against these evil powers and be your own freethinking human beings with a free will like you are supposed to be.

  164. Reap what you Sow
  165. Reap what you Sow

    ...and we deserve every damn bit of it.

  166. jmj
  167. jmj

    thanks for your comments. I review all and then make my own choice as to what to believe. Sadly, I believe more of the "bad" then the good comments referring misinformation.

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