The Death of Corey Stingley

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This is the story of Corey Stingley, a 16 year-old black student, whom three white adults forcibly restrained after he attempted to shoplift alcohol from a convenience store. The actions of these self-described "good Samaritans" restricted Corey's breathing to the degree he suffered brain damage, resulting in his death two weeks later.

Framed by interviews with Corey's father, Craig Stingley, and set against the backdrop of West Allis, Wisconsin, viewers are presented with evidence that Stingley hopes will result in a charge of Second Degree Reckless Homicide against the three men responsible for asphyxiating his son.

Arriving in court several months after Corey's death, his father meets with the District Attorney to learn the decision of whether or not they will be pressing charges. Footage from the convenience store security camera plays, showing Corey as he shoplifts bottles of alcohol into a backpack. He casually puts his backpack on, peruses the regular beverage cooler and walks up to the counter to pay for a single item.

He is called out for stealing and surrenders his backpack before trying to take back his ID and retreat. As the footage continues his passive actions run in contrast against the audio of righteous, boastful testimonials from the men accused of causing Corey's death.

We return home with Craig, where he reminisces about Corey, a talented young athlete respected by his friends, peers and teachers. The film begs the question of the role race played in the actions against Corey. The black community rallies together in an effort to seek justice for Corey's death as the disturbing history of racial segregation in West Allis is revealed.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm shares his decision regarding the charges as protesters call for his replacement. We are again shown footage of Corey's assault against audio of one of his assailants as they try to recount the events of that day. Heartbreaking and frustrating, the story of Corey's loss and the impact it is shown to have on his father and community shines a light on modern displays of racism and related inequities in the legal system.

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138 Comments / User Reviews

  1. dmxi

    disturbing pictures reflecting disturbed minds!

  2. xyz

    No mention of the crimes perpetrated by blacks against whites. Not pc, I understood, lets victimize negroes again, so cool....

  3. arcot

    Black or white, how they try to justify this boy's action?

  4. Dan Courtney

    This was a kid trying to steal a couple bottles of booze. I can't believe that these men thought it was so serious that they had to restrain him. Their actions were not only stupid... they were criminally stupid.

  5. mrre

    What in the world are you talking about? This young man attempted to, and was ultimately kept from, shoplifting a few bottles out of a package of wine coolers; in other words, the situation was dealt with and should that should have been that. But these three men decided to tackle, strangle, and ultimately murder, a young man, a child, for something they doubtless did when they were 16 as well. This all happened in an historically racist community; a community that has undergone huge demographic shifts over the past 5 years; and somehow you find a way to blame the victim, the young man, instead of confronting the racism that has never, and i mean NEVER been dealt with in America. You think it doesn't exist; you think that if you tell yourself this that it will change the factual data, that if you can make some inane comment about relativity it will somehow make it all disappear? It won't. What is, is. We white people have absolutely no clue about what it is like to be a young black man in any western nation for that matter.

  6. katz523

    I am white. I am not a pink, gray, fat cracker. I am a professional. This story makes me sick. How else could a healthy 16 year old male just die if he was not strangled? When the revolution starts, the killers of Corey and the like better get straight with the picture or you will be sucked into "the powers that be" vacuum, and they will "use you until you are used up". Pink, gray, fat crackers hate you as much as they hate anyone else, they just use you.

  7. davy11

    what a sad story. you can bet your life if corey was a white guy and the three murderers were black, their asses would be sitting in jail as we speak. RIP buddy

  8. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    No justice for the black guy !! :( Disgusting !! humans are humans,same blood color,same fonction=life is in the blood, we live ,we die!! Wheres the difference ? Very sad indeed! :(


    This is s*upid what kind of justice is this the case is ovious and clear the 3 murderer killed that kid and they on video but the persecution asking s*upid questions and never charges them this is the justice system in America you die for a beer .my message is for the father take justice in your hand and kill those mother f--kers

  10. Sacco Svd

    These guys, at least the neo nazi bald who says "I don't know how could this happened" should be rotting in jail!!!!!!!!

  11. Erin Nelson

    So you've never committed a crime? Ever speed? Do a little drinking before driving? That "holyer-than-thou" never really works out so well. Conservative pig.

  12. James Thomas

    Bradford, why so proud of embracing personal values which have little or no resemblance to those of genuinely caring human-beings?

  13. Margaret

    These people needs to be charged.This is another Mr. Treyvon Martin story. This is so heart breaking.We need love and respect foe one another.This is not worth it. This is a young man whose life is taken away because there are people who try to take the law into their own hands. This is what happens. Let the law do it's job.Please stop the madness.

  14. carrie

    He will not be able to comprehend what you just said.

  15. carrie

    typical response

  16. qusdis

    It sounds like you advocate the death penalty for shoplifting. Is that really what you mean?

  17. gaboora

    "He was mischievous in a harmless way," says one. "He was a leader," says another. He did not look like a leader when he was hiding those bottles in his packsack. He did not seem too harmless when he was forcing his hand in the till. There is only one lesson to be taken from this film: don't be a thug who steals alcohol and money from a store because you could get hurt when Good Samaritans apprehend you. Okay, there are two lessons. Here is the second one: this man needs to stop worshiping his son. He wasn't that holy. The men who restrained the thug ought never to be charged. I hope they never will be. Way to go, DA!

  18. gaboora

    Do we respect one another by allowing thugs to steal from one another? Or should we stop such madness? Yes, let's stop the madness. Thugs might get hurt in the process. That's the way it goes for thugs sometimes.

  19. gaboora

    He died because of his thuggishness.

  20. pdhen

    Hmm, Gabora. You see what you want to. His hand was not in the till, he was trying to get his card back, as the witness stated. Regardless, Corey Stringley made some bad decisions that day. Children do. He had enough positive momentum going in his life, however, that he should have recovered from this after suffering the appropriate chastisement. Here's my problem: 3 grown men couldn't retain him with less drama? You can see how alarmed the witness was when he saw Corey being...well, killed. The next issue I have is that D.A. Chisholm did not find the testimony of 3 witnesses enough to prove that the "wild-eyed" man had Corey Stingley in a chokehold. The medical report proved that there was physical pressure on his neck.
    Gabora, if this was your 16 year old making a dumb choice, you would probably see things differently. Life was working for Corey Stringley. At least one of these "good Samaritans" is far from that. Corey Stringley died at the hands of rage and justice has yet to show her face.

  21. dewflirt

    Gab, that's b*llocks and you know it. The kid did an idiot thing but it took the combined thuggery of three grown men to show him how to do stupid properly. They just killed a boy for the sake of a few glasses of wine - genius.

  22. Ann

    Treyvon Martin was walking down the street doing NOTHING. This guy was committing a crime. There are consequences.

  23. over the edge

    dew is that you?

  24. dewflirt

    Morning edge :) Yes I am me. We think one of my daughters friends has been playing silly buggers with our Internet, he's a very naughty boy but I can't help liking him. Have had to kill off all sorts of things and start them again, getting very muddled!

  25. tim

    Some 43 years ago, i did something stupid, I tried to shoplift a pair of shoes and got caught. I fear the only real difference between me and this teenager is our color and some simple minded men who have been indoctrinated by the state and the media that life is black and white, ( no pun intended), but in this case it may be true.
    The man who they interviewed whom they suspect did the choking sounds of simple mind and it is sad no one was able to stop him. I doubt he meant to kill Corey.
    It may be a classic example that life and the human condition are often convoluted and there is not always a straightforward way of trying to right a wrong, both in the case of the three men seeking justice and Corey,s friends and family.seeking justice.
    My sympathy goes out to everyone involved in this tragedy. Yes even the three men. I hope Corey's loved ones can find peace in what I fear was a tragic accident.

  26. oQ

    some of our kid's buggers are sometimes the life of the party. Nice to read you.

  27. dewflirt

    Hey oQ, always good to see you ;)

  28. dmxi

    had the same problem & the mods gave me a "don't care you're responsible!" kinda message...hope you didn't have the same problem.good to see ya back as you were missing!

  29. dmxi

    "g'day to you 'lord judge'!" - he said whilst bowing submissively -

  30. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    I have never committed a crime, I do not drink or do drugs and I am not a conservative. Classic libberbabble, assume everyone is a conservative that disagrees with liberalism, assume everyone commits crimes and drinks and drugs.
    FYI, not everyone is a drugged up drunk criminal and some people actually respect and follow the law.

  31. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    Caring humans by your definition is excusing crimes and hug the criminal so they feel better? You sir are a fool.
    Caring humans have morals and stand by them, teaching that lack of morals should be coddled and loved is just plain foolishness.
    If it were your business or home being robbed would you just love the crime away?

  32. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    Another liberal debating tactic, take it to a ridiculous extreme and accuse others of advocating it.

    The liberal solution of addressing crime with compassion has worked out soooo well, the criminals know that the punishment will be nothing, thus, they have zero incentive not to commit crimes.

    The criminal culture is laughing at you, when prison is nicer than living in the hood, 3 hots and a cot, cable tv, medical care, education, counseling, etc. and the penalties for committing crimes are no more than inconvenient they will continue to commit crimes.

  33. gaboora

    Like I said, before you steal, especially when you already have plenty (remember his beautiful room), you better consider that it could get you killed. Maybe some education on that possibility is necessary.

  34. NovemberFling

    I aspire to one day be blessed with the ability to walk on water as you have been obviously blessed with the ability to do such. If you were a cat with 9 lives, imagine all the idiotic, impulsive, choices you've mad throughout your life - how many lives do you think you'd be left with by now?

  35. NovemberFling

    Let's rally around stopping the big, billionaire thugs - the ones who, year after year, pilfer from the poor in the name of adding more zero's to their morbidly obese bank accounts. Do those big, wealthy thugs who run our economy and our government deserve to be hurt as well? Why do you classify this young man as a "thug"? One single lapse in judgment? I'm curious to know, although I already have a clear idea of the reason you categorize him as such; however, I'm sure you'll deny it.

  36. Sandro Botticelli

    Fate. Had he not gone to the store seeking to steal he would be alive today. And what was he doing drinking at 16 yo. The consequence for his action was steep but when you dabble in illegal activities you may bite off more than you can chew. He clearly did. I am sorry his lesson was the end of his life.

  37. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    I comprehend what he wrote, I just disagree. Another classic liberal debating tactic, call those that disagree stupid. I understand the wanting to believe in happy hippy, all is good, and people are love, but it all just feel good foolishness. Reality is messy, violent, mean, and love and goodness all wrapped together. Calling yourself "genuinely caring human beings" does not make it true.

  38. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    So ...... you are so outraged that a criminal was killed when committing a crime that you are advocating the parent of criminal commit murder. Interesting.

  39. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    That is very racist of you.

  40. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    You assume that everyone commits crimes, and then proclaiming that whites :
    "have absolutely no clue about what it is like to be a young black man in any western nation for that matter."
    Who is the racist again, I thought we were all the same?

  41. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    Treyvon Martin attacked a man who approach him to ask why he was wandering around the neighborhood in the rain at night wearing a hoodie in South Florida when it was 90 degrees out.

  42. carrie

    I really don't need you telling me about life, thank you. I do realize you are the authority, though. thanks for the life lesson

  43. Ann

    You are grossly misinformed.

  44. InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Cant say Im surprised by the high-minded bs spewing over this issue. If the child were white, the comments would be all about retribution for the good sam's deadly acts. Even if the child were associated with "gangs" that does not make him fair game for vigilantes. The police are bad enough. We do not need "concerned citizens" enforcing their laws.

  45. gaboora

    Maybe one reason why I'm alive is because I never was a punk stealing alcohol from a store. Christians walk on water every time their faith passes a test.

  46. bringmeredwine

    Did they edit the part where the good samaritans expressed their deep remorse for killing that kid? I never heard any.
    Yes Corey did a really stupid thing, and might have continued to steal if he wasn't caught and made to face the consequences.
    He certainly didn't deserve to die. He wasn't armed!
    The clerk knew his father and could have sent the police to his house. No one needed to restrain him.
    I can't believe his assailants got off with out any charges.

  47. Chezza Mp

    I agree he may not have been the "good boy" that some have said, and yes his father is obviously still grieving, and as a parent he is choosing to hang tight to the positives of Corey's life. But the point I'm struggling with is that you perceive the 3 male, adults' actions were justified. I am not condoning Corey's actions to steal, however come on! You state there is "only one lesson to be taken in this story - don't steal". Gaboora, were you such a puritan at 16 years old that you never did anything crazy? your actions were never outside the law? I wonder how you might feel had it been your 16 year old son who was in Corey's position? My my, if that be the case what a wonderful "good Samaritan" you are ;)

  48. Chezza Mp

    @Ann ...... the thuggery of 3 adult males pinning down a 16 year old kid and cutting off his air supply is your idea of consequences?? God help us!! don't ever go into politics Ann!!! You have never broken the law Ann?

  49. Chezza Mp

    @Sandro .... Are you saying you can justify the act of 3 male adults pinning down a 16 year old youth, to the point this act ends in his death? Corey was known to the store owner, all that was needed was a phone call to the police and his father. Let me change the circumstances for you a bit Sandro, let's pretend for a minute the colour of Corey's skin was white? I'd be most interested in how you would predict the outcome then? I envy you Sandro you sound like such a wonderful, law abiding citizen who has never in your life, stepped outside the law ;)

  50. Ann

    The good samaratans are thugs?? Haha! You're such an i*iot. Unless you were there and saw what he did by going for the register, you have no idea what adrenaline feels like, in fact you probably sit your fat a** on the couch most of the time and have never felt adrenaline. When you choose to be a criminal you have no idea what the circumstances will be. That's why Felony murder was created. Go to school you idiot.

  51. Chezza Mp

    Having read quite a few of the comments here, one
    doesn't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to see through some of the words. Racism sadly shows through many of these opinions, and done so under the guise of "consequences", "justice", "law breaker"
    etc. No, I am not condoning shop lifting, and had Corey lived yes, he
    then should have been charged with theft. But did Corey deserve to be pinned down by 3 grown men? Outnumbered by 3:1?
    And dare I say, 3 grown men against one 16 year old kid? Did his crime deserve this justice and to lose his life in the process?

    Or is this really about the colour of his skin? These men are described by so many here as heroes and protectors for upholding the law and making a citizens' arrest, and if the actual words weren't used, it was certainly implied. Never mind the 3 of them just accidentally cut off his air supply in the process. No, never mind all that, they’re heroes and dare I say, have never done a thing wrong in their life, gee maybe like many of us perhaps??? ;) But these men aren’t even charged with violence let alone manslaughter.

    I wonder what the outcome would’ve been if it was a white, 16 year old youth pinned down in the name of “justice” by 3 black adult males? I wonder what the general consensus would be in this hypothetical situation, if the 16 year old white youth had’ve died?

    I love living under a democracy, it allows us all
    freedom of speech ;)

  52. pdhen

    Yes, but 16 isn't when you do a lot of planning and deep thought, Gaboora. Kids do some impulsive and ignorant things when they're growing up, and as parents, teachers and community we get to guide and correct them. They just don't usually die at our hands while we call ourselves doing that.

  53. pdhen

    You expressed this very well.

  54. awful_truth

    After watching this documentary, I must admit I have taken something different away from it compared to many of the comments I have read. It as follows:
    1) I have no problem with people intervening in a crime as long as they are prepared to be accountable for their own actions.
    2) While the video is somewhat ambiguous, there is no doubt that the bald individual takes Corey to the floor in a headlock.
    3) While I don't believe anyone could have been charged with homicide, (proving intent to kill is difficult in this situation) the bald male should have been charged with man slaughter. (accountability) Since the other 2 individuals were not in a position to have caused Corey's death, the only thing they are guilty of is poor judgement in not intervening in the bald individual's behaviour. (are they guilty for another man's actions?)
    Questions: Was discrimination a motivating factor? Were the 3 individuals friends? Were the other 2 men protecting the bald individual during testimony because he was their friend, or because of discriminatory bias? In this sense, the prosecuting attorney is correct, because without any other extenuating evidence due to the nature of the people involved, (criminal records, past violent behaviour) getting guilty verdicts would be problematic at best.
    Ultimately, there was no need for Corey to die, and anyone who just blows it off as deserving it are hypocrites. (I never met a perfect person, and anyone who states they haven't done something stupid in their youth are just plain liars) He was unarmed, and therefore, not a deadly threat to anyone involved.
    Note: As someone who taught self defense for law enforcement students, I could never stress enough the danger of any chokehold. (asphyxiation, broken larynx, etc) There has been many occasions where police have had to choke someone temporarily just to restrain them, only to have them die later in the jail cell from an air lock in the carotid artery. (no one can understand how difficult a policeman's job really is, except a policeman)
    One thing for certain. I would not call this incidence vigilantly justice. Assuming there was no malice in this situation, (I wasn't there) I can only sum it up by stating that sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Take care, and best wishes everyone, especially Corey's family.

  55. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    I tried to post links to the actual court documents but the moderators will not allow it.

    Let us assume you are correct, please inform me.
    How did this supposed miscarriage of justice occur when the entire nation was watching?

    Why did the media drop the story so quickly if the facts of the case were as they portrayed?

    Why is no one trying to reverse the decision if the facts support your claim?

  56. Jabberjoe

    Just because you and those you know break laws, do not assume everyone breaks laws.

  57. gaboora

    It comes down to valuing a decent society. For a decent society to exist, you need good Samaritans who will not put up with thugs and thieves. Good Samaritans can slip and go too far. But it's not their fault. More education is needed to warn bandits that they could get hurt or killed if they choose to go that route.


    Yes I'am outraged by your ignorance is other way to punish somebody if the person steal a bottle of beer.rather suffocate the person and kill him,by the way I'am so sure you so Holly you never did anything in your life when you were young,and would you say the killers should not be punished if your Son would die in their Nazi hands.


    look really deep in your mirror and say that to yourself I'am a Racist because I' don't believe because 3 white a**hole kill a 16 year old kid for taking a bottle of beer you need to reeducate yourself what is Racist mean it's not too late


    oh we all know who are you you are a Saint of the Neo Nazi Temple

  61. over the edge

    Enough with the personal attacks, Feel free to attach a persons argument. Please cut back on the insults

  62. davy11

    no im not racist. i just thing its a fact

  63. Jake Harris

    This documentary taught me a lesson. Do not try to steal booze and do not attack the person who confronts you for stealing.

  64. Chezza Mp

    I can't agree more as far as valuing our society, I'd even go further and say we should also respect our society, thus law breakers should have consequences and be charged. I also agree with Citizens' Arrest, provided this can be done safely by all parties and with a reasonable amount of force.

    However, with all due respect you are missing the point I'm making. We're talking about 3 male adults pinning down an unarmed, 16 year old youth to the point they cut off his air supply and the youth dies.

    This action by those men does "not" constitute reasonable force. Call them "good samaritans", call them "vigilantes" it does not change this ratio. If Corey was indeed a "thug" or a "thief", "acting on impulse", "carrying out a stupid act" does not matter either.

    3 grown men against 1 unarmed 16 year old youth, regardless of what the situation was, is not fair play, and Corey did not deserve to die as a consequence. Those men could have managed the situation in other ways, and they should be bought to justice for their actions.

  65. Chezza Mp

    Gaboora, you only see what you wish to see. You dismiss all the facts and evidence and build your argument on pure emotion alone by picking up and running with the father's grief. You did it again here by highlighting Corey's room. I see 4 people here who would benefit by education and counselling - Those 3 grown men who tackled Corey, and yourself.

  66. gaboora

    This is not about fair play. It's about a thug who got killed because some good Samaritans want a decent society. When you apprehend someone, you don't stop to think and deliberate about fair play. You act. Somebody could get hurt or killed. That's the way it goes when justice goes down.

  67. awful_truth

    Corey was trying to retrieve his card, not go for the register. He was also unarmed. How does that translate into felony murder? (the cashier was never in danger)
    Are you sure you are not overreacting like the bald individual who choked Corey to death?
    This action is called man slaughter, and it is a crime. Nothing good Samaritan about it. (something to consider)
    P.S: As I informed Gaboora, the term thugs come from a an organized gang of professional assassins that terrorized India for 600 years. (Thuggee) Let me see, who is a closer fit of this description, a 16 year old stealing a couple of drinks, or a man choking someone to death? Hmmm!

  68. awful_truth

    You can't rid the world of madness, nore rid the world of the evildoers. (not defending crime, just stating the obvious) Let me guess. Did you vote for George Bush?
    P.S: I noticed you didn't respond to NovemberFling's comment regarding the worst thieves going. ( White collar criminals stealing billions) cat got your tongue?

  69. awful_truth

    So, you are not a liberal, we got that. Let me guess, neocon? Tea Party perhaps?
    P.S: Since many states in the U.S have a death penalty, according to your logic, they should be crimeless than. Yes/no? (Ultimate deterrent - apparently not)

  70. awful_truth

    Amen to that!
    P.S: Yes, For manslaughter.

  71. Chezza Mp

    Oh dear, you're still basing your rather thin argument from your myopic vision - seeing exactly just what you want to see. You should enter politics Gaboora, you'd do well. And on that note I bid you well.

  72. Chezza Mp

    So well put November!

  73. awful_truth

    Did you know the term thug comes from the 'Thuggee', an organized gang of professional assassins that marauded India for about 600 years. It would seem to me that your description of Corey's crime is as over reactive as the bald individual who choked him to death. (Just saying)

  74. awful_truth

    I always wanted to meet a water walker! Could you introduce me to one?

  75. gaboora

    Let me guess, did you vote for Obama, maybe even twice? I did not vote for Bush. I will respond to fling. Here it comes.

  76. gaboora

    All those billionaires that Bush and Obama supported and gave more billions to in the bailouts, they are thugs of the worst order and should be locked up for life and have all their assets liquidated to benefit taxpayers. I am an equal opportunity critic. Surprised?

  77. Ann

    It's one thing to have this opinion AFTER THE FACTS but in the moment of the confrontation and him going after the card, no one knew his intentions and adrenaline was pumping. The clerk already knew he was a thief. No one knew if he was dangerous or not. One thing I know for sure, is that if HE had not done either, he would still be alive. These are the consequences of committing crimes. Nobody in that store that day set out to kill anyone. If you've never been in a fight you have no idea about how it feels.

  78. Ann

    LOL. You are as ignorant of the facts as you are of the law. One cannot reverse a not guilty verdict in the USA, unlike in Italy with Amanda Knox's trial. He was wearing his hood up because it was raining as do I and everyone else with a hood in the rain. The "media"? As if a real media still exists, moves on to the next hot story. That's their job, not to fight justice.

  79. Ann

    I guarantee that I WILL NEVER be choked to death for shoplifting.

  80. JoAnn Barrick

    Bravo, my thoughts exactly !

  81. Shawn Carroll

    If he was white he would be just a misguided youth..

  82. hernandayoleary

    You probably committed crimes that you aren't even aware were illegal, I wonder if 3 large men should jump on you and choke you to death for it?

  83. hernandayoleary

    Yes, America will never learn to deal with its problem until the people being choked to death are white. It is a sad reality.

  84. hernandayoleary

    So if stealing ought to get you killed, shouldn't killing a 16 year old boy ought also be worthy of you being sent to prison and given the death penalty?

  85. hernandayoleary

    So there is no middle ground, its not enough to stop the boy and take back the alcohol he must be killed on the spot for stealing? What if another man walked in and saw 3 men killing one boy, would he be justified in killing those 3 men? and then what if a subsequent man walked in and just saw one man shoot 3 men on top of a boy, would that subsequent man also be justified in killing the previous man and so on. It seems to me like in your world everyone would literally kill everyone, doesn't seem very christian to me. In fact in the days of Jesus there certainly were thieves, yet some how I do not recall Jesus ordering the apostles to jump on them and kill them. I certainly missed that chapter in the bible.

  86. hernandayoleary

    A 16 year old is a child whose brain is not even fully developed, they do not have the mental capability to understand the consequences of their actions. Its why they have juvenile courts, its why they cannot drink, many states don't allow them to drive cars or buy guns or get married or have sex with adults. Kids don't possess the ability to be a thug, they really don't have the mental capacity to make those kinds of judgments.

    Why does it make you feel like a big man to watch children being murdered? I sure hope you never have kids. Because god forbid someone perceives they are doing a crime and jumps on them and murders them.

  87. gaboora

    I never said that stealing should get anyone killed. I said that one should not steal just in case one gets killed when good Samaritans act to stop him.

  88. gaboora

    The father's grief is the emotional part that we should disallow from any reasonable argument. Let's stick with the facts. A punk stole; good Samaritans apprehended him; the punk accidentally died; therefore the good citizens are blameless, and all punks receive a lesson by what unfortunately happened to this one.

  89. gaboora

    Right, this is not a typical case. I do not dispute that.

  90. John Bellmore

    Gaboora..First of all at no moment was he trying to steal idea where you got that from...the video clearly shows him reaching for his debit that is on the closed cash drawer...The 3 losers lied to police officers in their statement which in itself is a criminal offence...often someone will face a manslaughter charge and then are acquitted after evidence proves self-defense or another circumstance...this should have been the case. "Innocent until proven guilty"...the jury should decide whether they are guilty or not...not a judge decide to not even entertain their guilt. as far as excessive force...that was clearly the case...3 grown men choking and jumping one 16 year old boy...duh Wisconsin...the math is quite simple on this one...and also the 10 minute choke leading to a death, is a pretttty telltale sign. And as far as your comments about his father...I don't know you Gaboora, but from what ludicrous s*it you puked out in this comment are incapable of remorse and are the epitome of a disturbed citizen. Gaboora-"When you apprehend someone, you don't stop to think and deliberate about fair play. You act. Somebody could get hurt or killed."...WTF r u talking about??POLICE ARREST AND ARE TRAINED TO DO IT IN A SAFE AND NON VIOLENT MANNER for both parties...this proves how incapable some people are of identifying a situation and thinking about the proper way to react...the chaos ensued when the 3 men grabbed him, and just got more and more out of control. They should damn well be facing minimum 2 charges each.

  91. hernandayoleary

    There is nothing good or Samaritan about murdering people. In fact the Samaritan story is about a Samaritan helping someone who was dying not beating a robber to death.

  92. gaboora

    Attempted citizen's arrest that results in death is not murder. You're right about what the Samaritan story is about. But it's still a good thing to apprehend thieves that might get killed in the process.

  93. hernandayoleary

    I will never see a few bucks worth of booze worth killing someone over. You must live a very wretched lifestyle to think that a plastic bottle and some corn juice mixed with bread is worth killing people for. You simply prove some people will kill for anything. If you can't stop someone from stealing withoout killing them its better to let them go.

  94. gaboora

    I never said that it was worth killing someone over. The ones who apprehended him did not think it was worth it either. But that kind of thing can happen. We have to accept it as part of a community that is trying to be just. People often die during the commission of vice. It's their problem when they reap. And you listen to me, dude. Don't steal!

  95. Mr. Know-it-all

    Can we hear some stories about black-on-black murder since, ya know, it is far more common (empirically speaking) than whites murdering blacks?

  96. Mr. Know-it-all

    That is indeed a good lesson: When you set out with malicious intent, bad things often happen.

  97. Mr. Know-it-all

    " No, I am not condoning shop lifting, and had Corey lived yes, he then should have been charged with theft. But did Corey deserve to be pinned down by 3 grown men?"

    Similarly, I do not condone the obvious, emotionally charged over-reaction of these three grown men in this situation. However, that does not in any way imply bigotry to me.

    "I wonder what the general consensus would be in this hypothetical situation, if the 16 year old white youth had’ve died?"
    I can guarantee you one thing, it wouldn't be made into a documentary or splashed across the news as another story about "racist white America".

  98. awful_truth

    Although no one set out to kill someone, a person died none the less, and there has to be accountability for that.
    P.S: I trained a law enforcement class self defense for 6 years. I am more than qualified to discern what is appropriate action, and the risks for all involved!

  99. awful_truth

    I didn't vote for Bush or Obama, I am Canadian. Perhaps that has something to do with the differences in our reaction to this documentary.

  100. Magginkat

    The clerk had already told the kid to hand over the beer or he would call the police. The kid surrendered his backpack. So there was no reason for anyone to attack this kid. The big, bald headed thug should be charged with manslaughter at the very least. The other two should face a lesser charge but none of them should walk free after murdering this kid.

  101. Magginkat

    The kid did not attack anyone!

  102. JBryantt

    Bull. If it were a white kid killed by 3 black men, It would be in every newspaper and on every news station and the 3 men would be in prison. No question.

  103. JBryantt

    Or maybe the one reason you're alive is you live in a country where people and the state value you for your race and getting in a bit of trouble won't get you killed.

  104. JBryantt

    Pull the other one! It's all good and well talking about "adrenaline pumping". I'm sure the 16 year old boy had quite a fair bit pumping through him too after being jumped by 3 (large) grown men. However he didn't kill anyone. They could have easily restrained him, he was quite small compared to them.
    If these thugs can't control their 'adrenaline' (read anger) they shouldn't get involved.
    Also "these are the consequences of committing crimes". Where do you live Saudi Arabia? In the country this boy was from it's the law to have a trial not be murdered on the spot.
    Finally, I have been in street fight situations and I do know how it feels (Even though the 3 guys initiated the violence and I did not in my situations) but I have managed to restrain from killing children thus far.

  105. JBryantt

    Do you often confuse racism and prejudice? This is an issue of systematic racism and oppression, not mere name calling in the street.
    White people aren't prejudiced against by the state and judiciary system. It isn't assumed white people are dangerous or "thuggish" as you like to say, based on the colour of their skin.
    This boy was 'profiled' by three white grown men and then killed.
    The comment made by Davy isn't prejudiced either it's the truth. You'd have to be delusional not to see it.

  106. YouHaveIssues

    Well I want to hear why you people allow so much white on white crime. Serial killers, mass murderers drug importers, child molesters, family murderers, drug dealing , drug using, financial theft, You stupid people are still talking about OJ.

  107. YouHaveIssues

    racist see what they want to see.

  108. YouHaveIssues

    Right...this is racist white America because you racist white people only value white lives. (90 percent of the world is people of color and they see what racist white America does to people of color.

  109. YouHaveIssues

    You got it.

  110. YouHaveIssues

    Everyone has to pay for the bad they do in this world. Anywhere that murderer goes now he will have to worry if that day is his last. The worry is going to take him down.

  111. YouHaveIssues

    According to "Good Morning America..Diane Sawyer....The number one thief in America is an EMPLOYEES. The number two thief is WHITE MIDDLE CLASS HOUSEWIVES. I have witnessed this on several occasions while I was shopping. No one was stopped or arrested. No big take down.

    So KKKracker it is your wife and your daughters...your mothers.. who are cleaning out the stores while you white men clean out your employees as the number one thieves...Yep... WHITE FEMALE THUGS.

  112. YouHaveIssues

    Yep....number one thief...WHITE MEN...who are the most employed...Number two thief and thug...WHITE MIDDLE CLASS HOUSEWIVES.

  113. YouHaveIssues

    Well that gooora creep is a racist. he doesn't value any ones life

  114. YouHaveIssues

    You look like a thug...thug.

  115. bringmeredwine

    I hope so!

  116. Jake Harris

    The kid did not decide to rob a liquor store? The kid did not choose to lunge across the counter? Regardless of his race he made the decision to do both of those things,

  117. dewflirt

    And neither of those things would earn you the death penalty.

  118. dewflirt

    Black on black crime is no more common than white on white crime, looks like crime is segregated too ;)

  119. Debbie Sabiston Mohr

    We do.

  120. OneTaste

    No, if you "watched" the video, "the crime" of "stealing" beer was the motivating factor, not race. They saw the kid "concealing" the beer in his backpack and when the kid lunged to retrieve his credit card and take off, they all attempted to detain him. How is whether they were friends relevant?
    The kid was clearly trying to get away instead of manning up to his wrongdoing and passively waiting for the cops to arrive and face the music. His wrongdoing (stealing beer), plus his attempt to flee, only escalated the situation.
    Lesson? Behave yourself, if you decide to commit crimes, you have to understand that you are opening yourself up to these types of responses and an undesirable outcome may result, as was clearly the case here. Like the common saying goes: "play with fire and you cannot be surprised when you get burned."

  121. OneTaste

    I think that it is time for us to heal and get beyond the constant use of the proverbial race card, for it always tends to distort the "actual issue," which is "BEHAVIOR."
    I was once an undercover loss prevention agent for a major retail store and one day I saw three African Americans enter the store with an empty shopping cart. They proceeded to go straight to the electronics department and load the cart with high ticket items (television set, DVD player, etc.) they then bypassed the cash registers and pushed the loaded cart right out of the store. When I apprehended them, guess what their justification was?
    "Yall just don't want black people shopping at yo sto." In their mind it wasn't their "BEHAVIOR" that was the issue, but their race.
    Although I agree that in Corey's case, the reaction may have gone too far, we can't loose sight of the fact that Corey's own "BEHAVIOR" was the catalyst to the chain of events that developed after that fact.
    If I had been caught stealing, the last thing I would do would be to attempt to flee, or to resist. I would man up to my mistake and face the music like a man. When I was an LP, only a very small percent of the people I apprehended attempted to flee, the ones that did try were taken to the ground face first, and it didn't matter if they were white, black, brown, yellow or pink. I treated them according to their own behavior and escalation.
    In light of how easily it is to lose sight of the key points, I think that it is VERY IMPORTANT to make Critical Thinking classes "mandatory" in all schools.

  122. awful_truth

    If you read my response correctly, you would realize I was just pondering the questions related to those implied in the documentary. I don't believe race had anything to do with it.
    As far as lessons go, the crime does not justify the reaction. The law is very clear regarding this issue. (at least in Canada) You are only allowed to apply as much force that is necessary to defend oneself, and nothing more. In this case, these individuals were not defending themselves or anyone of a violent crime.
    No one is defending what Corey did. Those who wish to 'appear' righteous are trying to defend someone who unnecessarily killed another individual. That is called manslaughter, and it is a far more serious crime than stealing a couple of drinks. Yes, had Corey not done this, he might be alive today, but the end does not justify the means, and any attempt to imply otherwise, (in my opinion) is extremely misguided.
    Take care One Taste.

  123. dewflirt

    Doesn't everybody enter the supermarket with an empty trolly? What made you follow them in the first place?

  124. OneTaste

    Good question, dewflirt. Their ghetto-fab "BEHAVIOR" is what prompted me to follow them. There are shopping patterns that the average person exercises. The three in question broke such patterns from the beginning. Trust me, I have arrested people who you would "least" expect would steal, even people who dressed like millionaires, but their "BEHAVIOR" gives them away. I can't tell you what those behavioral patterns are, but the three African Americans that you are inquiring about, where "textbook" examples. Off to prison went each and every one of them, especially one of the females for trying to become belligerent with the police officer that showed up to transport them to prison.

  125. OneTaste

    Well said! You have spoken the "awful truth." I completely agree with what you have expressed in this comment. I too believe that the "behavior" prompted the attention given, but that the "means," as you put it, went to the extreme. They should have "held" the kid until the cops showed up, "not" killed him, even if Corey was resisting the whole time. There were three grown men holding him, substantially decreasing the chances that he would escape. Great points awful truth. Have a blessed day yourself.

  126. -m-

    I hate when they say he was such a nice kid because the day before he was suspended for the rest of the week for fighting in the lunch room. As well as being ruthless to anyone outside his friend group. He told one of my Jewish friends to go burn in an oven. No tears were shed from me and others because he was mean to a lot of people. If he wasnt a fighter he would still be here. And they left out that he was drinking before he tried to steal the alcohol. How do i know this you ask, well he sent photos to his friends of him drinking and we saw them so its all on him no one else....

  127. kira

    Lol, because everyone who steals deserves to be restrained in such a way Corey was right, totally justified and he totally got what he totally deserved, RIGHT? Smh at MOST of you racist fools. Grow up, move on and learn to live with a humble better mindset, because tbh alot of you deserve to be restrained, put in headlocks, and lose air slowly just because of your thought process.

  128. -G@Ybe-

    That's a feel. Dude was kinda okay when I knew him in elementary school, but he became mean, he looked down on people who weren't exactly like him.
    He was a bully and he always did it under the guise of joking around. He was a notorious misogynist, he thought that rape was funny and consent was a joke, he actually sexually harassed several of my friends. Not only was he a bully, he sold weed and shoplifted routinely.
    Did he deserve to die? No. Was he a perfect little angel? Hell no.
    What happened was unfortunate for the people who loved him and saw the good in him, but it was totally and completely preventable. People never said no to Corey, they just let him do what ever he wanted, and he went too far, and unfortunately he died.
    Did they mean to kill him? No. The dudes have said multiple times that they didn't mean to kill him, they were just trying to restrain him. Should they be punished? Honestly, I think they should have to go to counseling and anger management (anger management can help you to learn to control yourself when adrenaline kicks in), but I don't think there's enough evidence to support a conviction.

  129. Mack0

    I find people like you hilarious, you moralize and judge but in the end you advocate violence against others for having an opinion different from your own. You're level of self-awareness is that of a bug.

  130. StillTruth

    MSNBC & CNN stir up people like Shakira who then talks of violent acts against others (possibly police) who are innocent ("lose air slowly")... where is the moral and work ethic....the Chinese were also brought and used as slaves, but they've worked their way to success....

  131. Georgie

    Everyone (should) be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the law and many times I have seen cases such as this where the law seems to fail in respects to communities. The law is in state with legislations to protect and serve the people, not hinder to the point of emotional destruction for families and friends.

    Personally, I can't believe the law system and how it seems to sweep viable evidence under the carpet. Doesn't matter what country you are from or background. The Medical Examiner and DA ruled the death a homicide and then after the fact say that the evidence is not definitive. This documentary clearly shows the act of negligent behaviour from both parties. Having some knowledge of Forensic Mortuary Science, the anti-mortem photo shows contusions on the victims neck and patichial haemorrhage on the eyes which are sufficient with asphyxiation. This shows the victim was murdered.

    No justice here...... only cover ups....

  132. TheBidenator

    Well I guess it's worth it to choke a guy to death over stealing wine coolers...I mean that's what happened, after all. Let's not lose sight over this, sure Corey Stingley shouldn't have been stealing wine coolers and could have been arrested but did he deserve to die a slow, painful death over stealing WINE COOLERS? There is something severely f--ked up with this society that you have people saying the kid deserved to die as he did and yes, clearly this was murder...anyone with half a brain knows that a headlock if held tightly enough and long enough causes asphyxia. I hope it was worth it to take a life to prevent the theft of wine coolers...

  133. Tony Cortes-Barocio

    There is video of the chokehold, autopsy agrees, really Not enough evidence? we have convicted people with nothing but vague circumstantial evidence in the past, but we cant see the video and see the reality of this murder, its on tape bald guy has arm around kids neck, only cause he is black he doesnt matter.

  134. Rothman007

    After watching this video I can not believe that those three murders are not in jail it does not take three grown-up to hold one teenage what is wrong with the justice system. What Corey did was not right but what teenager does not try to shoplift once in there lives they could have just blocked the door and call the police. I am a white male and after watching this video not very proud of my race we as people of all color should learn to get along with each other we all have to live on this plant together forever my heart goes out to Corey's family and as for the District attorney he should do his job or step down because his job is to the people of all color that lives in his city. God Bless the Stingley family.

  135. Chris

    The parable of the 'good Samaritan' is about a man that helps another man that was robbed, beaten and left for dead on the side of a road. Others passing by ignored the victim, but the 'good Samaritan' showed pity and compassion by administering first aid, taking him to an inn to look after him and paying the innkeeper to care for him until he had recovered. A citizen's arrest using lethal force, disproportionate to the threat, is not relative to the parable of the 'good Samaritan' in any way whatsoever.

  136. tweety

    Protesting: I don't understand why neighborhoods with gangs won't stand up & protest. It's like black on black murders are ok..... maybe it's simply what the media shows us. Maybe there is the belief that black lives matter even in those communities.

  137. Suse

    EVERY SINGLE TIME, these kids are involved in something they shouldn't be doing. EVERY TIME. Was this something to die over? Absolutely not. Was it racist? Absolutely not. When the kid went to the register, nobody gave a rat's rear whether he was black or white. If he had been white and he stole and the clerk said to get him, they would have done that. If the men that stopped him had been black -- or a combination of black and white, they probably would have done the same. EVERY TIME, these people shot, restrained, whatever are involved in crimes. Petty crimes, yes, but if they had not been breaking the law, they would be alive today. This father has lost his child. He says his kid was this and that. But, why was this kid STEALING? NOBODY meant or thinks that the kid should have died for stealing. Nobody. He was breaking the law and "good Samaritans" stepped in. If the kid had been hurt on the street, the same people would have stopped to help him.

  138. Veritas

    I am a subscriber on You Tube of a journalist called Colin Flaherty, who has written some fantastic books on the bias of the media inreporting black on white crime. It seems to me there is a large portion of the population who are very naive and who should look into the texts he has created. If he doesn't open your eyes with his fact telling, then you will never see.

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