Searching for... Kanye

Searching for... Kanye

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Kanye West is perhaps the most provocative and controversial pop culture icon of the day. The public perceptions of West are all over the map. Many fans praise his genius for creating challenging and outside-the-box art. Others find his unwavering self-assuredness unappealing and insultingly egomaniacal. In the midst of his recent political proclamations that run counter to much of the accepted thinking in the African American community, some critics have voiced concerns that he suffers from an unregulated mental disorder. Is what we're witnessing all an act - an elaborate and manufactured performance piece designed to enhance his notoriety - or a genuine meltdown? "Searching for... Kanye" is a probing portrait that attempts to distinguish the man from the outrageous public persona.

The film opens at the beginning of West's journey on the streets of Chicago. Described by a childhood friend as "energetic and confident" at a young age, West always knew music was his destiny. An only child born into a family steeped within civil rights movement, he was firmly supported by his mother every step of the way. Her death in 2007 robbed West of an essential guiding influence.

Strictly focused on his art, he never intended to be the torch bearing representative of his race or for the issues that most concern their communities. But that all changed following his recent high-profile embrace of conservatism. Whether characterizing slavery as a choice or offering his full-throated support to President Donald Trump, his actions have confounding and enraged many members of his once-loyal fan base.

But there's another segment of fans and social critics who validate West's most bellicose insights. In their view, West is attempting to empower his community and awaken them from the mindset of slavery. They believe the real travesty exists in the belief that all people of color should follow the same political line.

Reinforced by intimate home movie footage and insightful interviews with many of West's closest confidants, "Searching for... Kanye" doesn't settle for simple answers, but it does touch upon revealing truths. Its central subject is a complicated figure with conflicting instincts and a thirst for higher awareness. These qualities also define his greatness as an artist.

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1 year ago

I am ‘Ye and I can confirm this documentary is NOT TRUE !!! 🤬🤬

tool bad
2 years ago

who is this person? why is this relivant to anything?

4 years ago

Clearly BBC is one arm of the many gangrened armed Globalist march toward a one world communist govt. Just because a doctor states a diagnosis means what? Nothing, That is why so many in the know suggest getting second opinions. Everything Kanye was reported to have said in this docu, is right on point, nothing wrong with his mind at all, only in believing the doc for a short period. When you wake up to reality, you get pissed. The only thing keeping blacks down, historically and presently is the Democrat party. Southern Democrats were the Plantation slave owners as well as the KKK. How did the Republicans voting to end slavery become the evil ones according to so many blacks? Simply by believing the lies of the Democrats. Turn off the boob tube!

Trump has done more to help the blacks in his first year than Obama, the Globalist Soros minion did in 8 years. Yet blacks are supposed to hate Trump because he chose to have an "R" (republican) in front of his name as a favor to the Clinton's who he wrongly thought of as semi friends since he supported them in the past ...since Trump was an old school Brooklyn Democrat most of his life? Clearly Democrats could give a rip about blacks except for their votes. Because Kanye could see that, he is to be ridiculed by the power hungry socialist-communists who strive to keep everyone down and voting for a little free stuff rather than rising to their potential ...or at least having a decent job where they could earn a decent living instead of learning self disrespect via govt programs.

Malcolm X discovered what happens when you speak truth to power. This is why Kanye had to back off. Malcolm X woke up to reality just as Kanye did. That scumbag Louis Farrakhan hated Malcolm X for it because L.F. made a living out of keeping his brothers down on the Democrat plantation and still does.

4 years ago

Made it through one minute.