Death of Osama Bin Laden: Operation Neptune Spear

Death of Osama Bin Laden: Operation Neptune Spear

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Death of Osama Bin Laden: Operation Neptune SpearBefore dawn on May 2, a pair of Blackhawk helicopters carrying two dozen Navy seals left Jalalabad, Afghanistan, and entered Pakistani airspace using stealth technology to evade Pakistan’s radar systems.

Forty minutes after reaching their destination in Abbottabad, Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the September 11 attacks on the United States, was dead.

When the team reentered Afghanistan’s airspace with bin Laden’s body, the sun had not yet risen, and the Pakistani government was still in the dark about the operation.

Why? In the words of cia director Leon Panetta, It was decided that any effort to work with the Pakistanis could jeopardize the mission. They might alert the targets.

So the U.S. doesn’t trust Pakistan, and believed Islamabad might help bin Laden escape the attack if it knew about the planned operation.

The U.S.’s decision to raid bin Laden without telling Pakistan exemplifies the deep distrust that already existed between the U.S. and Pakistan, and the nature of the assault is further aggravating the tensions.

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8 years ago

who killed the guys that killed bin laden???? all of them??? so soon???

how come they could not find the black box from the helicopter???

how dare soldiers come online and talk s*** about being shot at wow, what about at the more than a million civilians now dead in Iraq.

Saddam killed a couple hundred.

there was only 22 million to start with for f**** sake.

American killed everyone and is still killing more everyday' by remote control.

what a world we live in.

9 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm interested in watching this documentary but as it's written above it's only a trailer and we can only get it on Amazon (although I can't find it)... So I was wondering if anyone knew where I could watch it?

Thanks everyone.

10 years ago

I hate to inform you but osama was not the nice guy you like to make him out to be and soldiers are not meatsacks to get killed so you can cry about people who wouldnt think twice about killing you because they hate you in your country of peace those soldiers you think of as meatsacks are out there protecting women and kids of the middle east from men who would stone them to death. So before you start your little chicken dance you better get your hazy brains into gear and start seeing what is really going on.

10 years ago

Osama Bin Laden Masterminded the 9-11 attacks??????? Really!!!! No body or pictures as Martin Ellacott so rightly said there would be no end of pictures. Why do people even bother watching this BS.

By the way "fight for your country boy, Aron" you're just a lump of meat, stuck in the line of fire for the profit of your gangster bosses nothing more. Talk all you want.

10 years ago

World War III
Allies vs U.S.A

10 years ago

I don't know who they actually killed, if anybody. Had they actually killed Osama, there would have been no end to the pictures of him's the American way.

11 years ago

@from_the_bleachers, would you kindly STFU you've obviously never been in combat or shot at for that matter. I have and there is no Sunni- shia friendly and combative Iraqis it you with your men and everyone else, you will doubtlessly become a little more bias had you fought for your country and not blogged about it and that goes for all the liberal ***** who wanna run their mouth about the war rather that going outside the wire and experience it first hand hit me up i will talk for days on the subject

11 years ago

The Video as been moved or removed by the user?

11 years ago

I'm no conspiracy theorists, but this one........????????

11 years ago

Hey guys, it's all true! I was there and was the one who administered the kill shot....only the operation wasn't called Operation Neptune was actually labbled 'Operation Barbershop-n- Sh!thmypants'.

This is the REAL story of how it went down:

So there I was, in some f--ked up part of the world,right, when my C.O. told me to draw my weapon and be ready for for the kill with his signal. Which made me immidiatly retrieve my gun..... only to find out that my dumb ass forgot the f--king ammo! Well anyway, I've been considered legendary for my quick ' in the spur of the moment "A-Team" improvising quickness' and reached into my side pouch and brought out a soda straw and the last of my fresh mint Tic-Tacs. Now, with the 3hr training course I took in 'critical thinking' the Wednesday before, I knew I would be able to think up some kind of f--kin' Einstein like sh*t and produce some kinda g*d d*m blow gun 'hila-ma-doodle' device..(don't ask me how I made it. That would be like asking God why he gave man a pair of tits and no's confidential/classified/none of your buisness/top secret....hush hush, ok!?)
The C.O. looked at the door...look back at me....looked back at the door and looked back at me again and saw the straw and Tic-Tacs....pointed at me with one hand and muffling a silent burst of laughter with the other...then flipped me the bird and held up his fingers for a 3 count. Which would signal me to pop into action.
So there I was, right, like some kinda g*d d*m Rambo-like- lion waiting for his kill, when the CO signaled...3..2...1 when I......SWOOSH.....jumped up with the speed of a f***ing 'NASCAR' ninja and ran to about 5ft. from the room Osama was in and like some kind of acrobatic gymnist quickly rolled into a summersault all the way through the doorway....Osamas body gaurds....his prayer rug.....his survalance camera.....and right up to about 7..maybe 18ft from him and all in the same motion, flipped up high in the air.....put the Tic -Tac in my mouth (still in the air mind you)....put the straw to my lips, and with the accuracy of a beer leage dart champion, blew my breath mint Tic-Tac right f***in' through Osama's head! and landed on my feet like some kind of g*d d*m olympic gold metalist! It's a true story...really, I ain't f--kin' around. Of ourse the history books will never have me in them...and won't get credit for it. But..really, that's the way it happened...Swear to G*d!

11 years ago

Such a weak piece of propaganda.. So let me get this straight, U.S. forces storm his alleged compound, shot him dead, and instead of doing like they did with Saddam and parading the capture of THE MOST WANTED terrorist on the U.S. list, they suddenly respect his religion, which we demonize and use as an excuse to destroy the middle east, and very conveniently dump his body in the ocean, no picture (other than the baaad photoshop fakes), no video, no evidence, period, just a big "take our word for it" from Obama. But right, before they dipped him in the ocean they did a DNA analysis of the guy on a chopper to verify his identity, only problem is that the process takes DAYS and a good amount of laboratory equipment and personnel.
It sounds like bull**it to me, like another attempt by Obama to gain some support and gains some approval points. So Bush and Pervez Musharraf were just joking when they both, in different occasions, stated that Osama was dead of kidney failure in late 2001.
To entertain the thought that he was really killed by U.S. forces for a second, IF they did kill him, WHY are we still in Afghanistan? How many times have they changed the "goal", get Bin Laden, stabilize the country, fight the taliban, liberate the country, yadda yadda yadda.. Keep changing it until people forget about it and you stay permanently..
Again, in the words of the late great George Carlin, "it's all bullsh**t and it's bad for ya"..

11 years ago

there no way our government would risk a lie like that. on the other side, if he wasnt dead he have published videos VERY QUICKLY making us look like idiots. but he didnt, cuz hes dead.seriously people
now you may celebrate

11 years ago

What a load of BS.

11 years ago

fairy tale

11 years ago

Eight months later and still zero evidence Bin Laden was killed in May.

11 years ago

Oh yeah, and enough of the liberal justice bull**** as well. That kinda attitude led to WW2. Some people have to be killed simple as. If you knew someone on those planes or in the twin towers I think you would agree. If you dont you can go to these countries and try talking them out of their caves and hope that they will come without a fight or blowing up a market. Why should tax payers have to pay to hold **** heads like this in jail when the money could go to more worthy causes. They need to know we will fight back. And before you think it, dont bother write any peace loving, im a war mongerer krap back. Unless you have a proper, oh yeah an REALISTIC, alternative there is no point saying anything

11 years ago

Seroiusly he is brown bread so build a bridge and get over it. Not everything the US government does needs to be a conspiracy. Sometimes they do actually kill people. What possible help could Osama be worth anyway? Oh maybe he can tell were a few AK's are kept or where another car bomb might go off. Seriously, get a grip, get over it and get a life. Try going out with whatever sad friends you might have once in a while

11 years ago

If you catch a BIG fish you want everybody to know about, so you take a picture with it, or you have it stuffed and hang it in the parlor. You don't throw it back in and say I caught a big fish... unless you didn't.

11 years ago

A man sitting in an abondoned bunglow,watching news on television,consuming viagra pills for his two wives..has a network to orchestrate grand assault on the super power nation (???)...There are quite a few missing links in this blockbuster script..ain't it folks ??

11 years ago

this documentary brought to you by the military-industrial complex. wanna have some popcorn with that?
this fist-pumping jingoist bollocks (16:20 "will the commander-in-chief greenlight the mission?") drives me mad.
aren't WE supposed to abide by our own rules and put criminal suspects in court? - oh nooo, it was OBL we had to make an exception here hey, switch to hannity and sing "god bless america". it's sad how even supposedly liberal commentators fell in line & applauded like claqeurs their lea-der.

11 years ago

What a 'military precision'! over shadows all WWII myths.

11 years ago

The conspiracy theorists on Osama's death would be the same effin' people who would be outraged if they released pictures of dead Osama right after his death -- because it would inflame the terrorists even more. These are the same people who need to have a strong opinion about everything, and who are always the critic. Some people you'll just never make happy, and they talk so much because it makes them feel better about themselves. They can't control anything else in the world other than their own opinions, so they'd better make them really exciting.

11 years ago

We've seen Saddam's hang'n, now the brutal mob death of Gahdaffi, but we just can't seem to get that footage of Osama?? Isn't that something. Maybe that's because it never existed. Like one of the poster's stated he's been killed 9 times already. Well I'll alway's remember a wire that Benizar Bhuto recieved in 2001 stateing he was dead. Ahh the deception out there where's the truth.

11 years ago

Anyone who believes that the U.S. Military would kill the most wanted man in history, and then unceremoniously dump his body in the ocean should see me about some beachfront property in southeastern New Mexico I've been hoping to sell.

Philip Arras
11 years ago

So you are all saying.. since you haven't physically seen the body, that he wasn't killed? I love the conspiracy theories out there.. they are quite amusing actually. The dude is dead, get over it. That's the problem with everyone, everyone HAS to see proof, or IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Press on with life, he's dead, and sadly there will always be someone to replace him.

11 years ago

shame on me and damn if I forgot to break out the tinfoil before reading the comments below ... I keep forgetting that every single event in history has to be an overly, nah make that overtly ridiculous conspiracy ... now about that Apollo 18 mission ... :/

11 years ago

This is a joke

animesh behera
11 years ago

Just reminded me of poor Sadam Hussain Footage....damm we cud even count d no of cavities inside his mouth.... referring to dat extend I believe US wud have taken Osama's body on a procession covering every street of all d US cities, if US actually had killed him!!!

11 years ago

Look at all those comments...conspiracy theory stuff. that's way too wild for me guys.

I think the CIA and all the other players including Obama thought they had Osama in their sights..of course they killed some folks but the right folks? I don't know. Has anyone heard of any of the survivors? Seen any of them? The Pakistanis say they have 10 survivors in custody...but no one has seen them.

But there was no way that mission was going to fail once it was put into motion. Not even if the compound was full of Benedictine Nuns or used car salesmen. Obama needed a bump in the polls and got it......Bravo Zulu Mr President you have triumphed over evil and despite the fact that your presidency is a disaster you deserve a second term. The wicked witch of Al-Qaeda is dead.

Suppose Osama has been dead for awhile. Found crushed to death in a cave in Tora Bora years ago. But that fact was kept keep the dream alive.

They found a tall guy with a beard and greased everyone in the house and on the grounds. The target was shot in the face but there was enough of him left for a 95% positive ID. OK! And of course they had to ditch the corpse it was Osama for sure..or so they say. And if it wasn't, evidence is a terrible thing to leave laying around...give that skinny dude the old heave ho!

11 years ago


11 years ago

this is the biggest load of shite ive seen in a long while, and i watched fox news last night

11 years ago

ksshhhhh We got him! they should make an action movie about it and mel gibson should play the part of bin laden. anyway dirty black fail ops...

11 years ago

I laughed, I cried... the drama, suspense & tension had me on the edge of my seat! Wait, I've seen this movie before or was it a book I read? Some one please tell me this was produced by the Onion News Network. This brought back memories of a horrible, overly sensationalized program from the 80's in the guise of a "News Magazine Format" that was hosted by Maury Povich called "A Current Affair".

I've no idea whether Osama Bin Laden was killed 10 yrs ago or 10 days ago. Unless you were there it would suffice to say that you don't know either. The one issue that does trouble me & does not appear to be much of a concern & is contrary to several recent Presidents' statements; "the government of the U.S. no longer assassinates its enemies". Although I have no doubt whatsoever that the U.S. has assassinated & clandestinely murdered countless people over the years, I was mistakenly under the impression that the U.S. no longer sanctioned or condoned this practice. After all, wasn't Saddam Hussein captured & tried & ultimately executed for his crimes against humanity?

This really smacked of a slick production to keep all the numb people glued to their T.V.'s, entertained & eagerly drinking more of the koolaid.

11 years ago

Wow... Really goofy stuff. Child like propaganda. So rotten is the “big lie” of the War on Terror, the official story about the killing of bin Laden disintegrated in mere days, as no one could keep the story straight. But it’s just the latest episode of a fairy tale that’s been sold to the public for nearly a decade; this story, told with a straight face, is not simply riddled with lies, but wholly subsists of them.

Getting rid of the forensic evidence by supposedly throwing Bin Laden in the sea was original at best! No actual body ~ but the sheeple will buy it. No footage. No photos. HEY...LOTS of ANIMATIONS!

Unfortunately, Carl Sagan’s bamboozle effect still reins in America ~ that is when you have been bamboozled long enough by lies and deceptions, you begin to believe the bamboozle and any evidence to the contrary is either ignored, rejected or you’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. It is, quite simply, too painful to acknowledge, especially to ourselves, that we’re been so credulous or gullible ~ so the old bamboozles (like the 9/11 cover up) tend to persist as the new bamboozles rise (the Bin Laden assassination story)

We’re obviously still being bamboozled!

11 years ago

I just read into the description of this so called documentary and read with disbelief that Osama bin Laden was the mastermind of 911...since when? His FBI Wanted Poster doesn't say anything about if this is how the information is given then this film is not worth watching.

11 years ago

how do you shoot an old man in his bed? This is shame because if we really had a case against him we could try him publicly and execute him legally. Even a cursory look at the facts of 9/11 show that he it could not have been 'al qaeda' because they didnt implode wtc7 and shred the twin towers so violently w/explosives that 1100 human beings remain missing to this day. No trace of dna found of over a third of all people that died/ How is that possible from fires and gravity? Please look at the facts of 9/11 and support a truly independent investigation that takes all of the evidence into considerations. The event has never been investigated by a regulatory agency except the 9/11 commission maybe was but they did not even mention wtc7 in their report. The more you look at 9/11 (Not alex Jones or J Fetzer any pseudo-scientific nonsense that is not the real thing) the more troubling issues you will find.
but material like David Chandler, architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth. and 911research.wtc7 net. & the Journal of 9/11 Studies.
Then read the 'debunkings' But you have to know the subject properly first..
Then use reason. The conclusion is beyond reproach: as hard as it is to belive could be 1 2 & 7 were blown up by preplanted explosives. This can be complex issue but it's actually a fairly short list of anomalies that so conclusively point to demolitions on 9/11

11 years ago

is this documentary a joke? seriously?

11 years ago

Osama's 'burial at sea' was the first sign to me that it was BS
the death of most of the people alleged to have taken part in that raid in a chopper shot down/crash adds more fuel to that fire
i call BS to the whole 'Osama' incident

11 years ago

I'll watch this when I'm in the mood for a comedy.

11 years ago

Didn't they already kill Ben Laden, how many are there? Or is this the same doc as before, if this is a new doc tired of watching this BS.

Silly Yankees and their evil ways.

I take it that Pakistan is next?

11 years ago

Quite watchable, believable and credible.

11 years ago

Death of Osama??? The way I see it there are many osama roaming the streets,They just do not have the muscle to do what he did or wanted to do

The slogan which gives birth to the likes of Osama is

'Islam is in danger'...........The moment clerics say this in friday sermon............
the devils are unleashed

11 years ago

Someone must be really brainwashed if someone goes from being a truther to accepting the official story, thats just sad man.

11 years ago

Hmm lots of "osama is not real/is only what I say he is" below.

I went from being a 9/11 "truther", to begrudgingly accepting that the official story seems mostly true, in outline at least (where is your insider?).

So a more moderate review afterwards. And Vlatko, I can't keep up dude!

11 years ago

I love this site for its useful comments.. On Youtube I'll watch the video and MAYBE look at the comments afterwards. On here I always look at the comments first before watching cuz I trust TDF user's judgement.

11 years ago

Osama has been dead for years. He had Marfan sydrome. You don't live long with that condition. He has been on ice for years. The cia just pulled Osama aka Tim Osman off ice, for the one big last show! This was a classic psyops for the American people and for Obama whos ratings were in the toilet.He been killed 9 times over the years by different sources. Do a little research. Very interesting history Osamas' and Bush family go way back. Very close, I would say too close, but that is another dicussion.

11 years ago

Guy walks into a bar and says, "Gimme a Bin Laden".
Bartender says, "What's that?".
Guy says, "Two shots and a splash".

11 years ago

Who the fu*k wrote the subtitles?

11 years ago

funny video...not a single authentic evidence is shown ,they r bragging about technology CIA used...abstract ,fake video...i thought its better 4me if i saw any science fiction,at least they made any sense and logic of evidence:)..well i dnt agree with this drama ,if they ll take assistant 4m any hollywood director:)

11 years ago

Hmm BS and I have not even watched it yet.

Edit: I'm Flabbergasted Lol...Did they just use 3D computer generated Night Vision showing the killing of Osama Bin Laden are you serious??
Okay wow I think i should stop watching these conspiracy theory 9/11 docs
they make me snappy..I would like to request some Music documentaries that always brightens me up :)