Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?

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Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?All over the world there are giant stone monuments. Almost everyone knows they were created thousands of years ago by ancient man.

But could almost everyone be wrong about the pyramids, Aztec Temples, Stonehenge?

There are a few nagging questions, like why do they seem to appear out of the blue around the same time?

How did the Giza Pyramids attain alignment with true North with an accuracy within 1/10 of a degree?

It's a mystery that might be solved if you believe aliens influenced our society by providing the information needed to move and erect these massive stone objects.

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  1. Mini MB

    I find documentaries of this type to be quite arrogant, like because these people were here before us they must have been fumbling idiots.

  2. Christophe Parent

    Are we seriously still exploring this topic? Look Von Daniken's theories are bunk, racist nonsense that suggest that non-Europeans were too primitive and stupid to innovate and invent. Von Daniken famously said that Mesoamerican civilizations who depict skulls and skeletons in their artwork could not have done so without help since they did not have x-ray technology? Really? REALLY?! So they never saw a skeleton picked clean of meat by vultures? Or bones in tombs? Dumb theories like these need to be laid to rest for good. The prevalence of pseudo-science is disturbing. Nearly as disturbing as how few people realize what a significant role science actually plays in their day to day lives.

  3. Christophe Parent

    At my Dad's place using his computer. Posted with Facebook. He forgot to log out. The above comments were made by me, as I reposted them with my name. If an editor would be so kind as to delete the comments made by Guy Parent and keep the one above it posted by me, Christophe Parent. Sorry didn't mean to spam.

  4. panos dramitinos

    I agree with you Mini MB.

  5. G.P. de Bies

    No no no ! !
    In fact gaint humans excisted at least five times larger bigger than the average 20e century humans.
    Don't take it from me check it out for yourself
    They certainly, could have done this ! ?.

  6. mustbefree

    i thought sasha was a dance trance DJ

  7. mustbefree

    The documentary is called - Did Aliens Build the Pyramids? - which, it is quite obvious they are alien to us since we can't even build a house and get it exactly right. So why is this smug commentator being such antagonistic, derisive, condescending ***hole. Has he got any better suggestions. Always putting anyone with an alternative opinion down. Closed minded clowns like this are with out doubt contributing to the suppression of humanity.

  8. mustbefree

    This documentary should be called lets character assassinate Eric Vondaniken

  9. tariqxl

    This isn't so much a documentary, its more a way of bashing peoples ideas and beliefs while offering no alternate explanation. Kind of like how Religulous didn't offer any real basis on why Bill Maher doesn't believe in any god. It just used an hour and a half to bash religious beliefs... Pointless. I'm not an advocate of ancient aliens but its something to learn about so I could give arguments for and against. This doesn't give either it just says haha look at the funny man that believes in aliens lets all point and laugh haha. Counter-productive garbage.

  10. Damien Moran

    maybe they were built so well because there was no capitalism involved in the process and they actually gave a s**t


    What is the point of this documentary again ? Please editor remove this peace of junk from the site as its utterly pointless ! Thank you. 5.min of my life utterly wasted and the guy that narrates the this junk is seriously annoying!!!

  12. Carlos Summers

    I never knew about the Egyptian artifact depicting the manual human labor to build the pyramids. This artifact is the only evidence offered and that is how this film got it's name. This is the only bit of valuable info offered by this film.

    The rest of the film is dedicated to ridiculing the ancient alien theory and it is not only fallacious (ad hominem), but also downright dishonest. They had to pretend to be friendly to all of the ancient alien theorists in order to get interviews. Clearly these people did not know that they would be portrayed so ridiculously.

    It is sad that adherents to mainstream science should have to resort to such underhanded tactics to discredit dissenting views. The woman who claims to channel an alien particularly should not be lumped in with the growing ancient alien group, nor should anyone focus on David Childress' association with the New Age religion when explicating his arguments.

  13. James Colwell

    There's alot of documentaries on here i don't think should be here, This is one of them... (Stupid concept for a documentary, its as plausible as aliens being at thanks giving with the Indians and Pilgrims.)

  14. Teddy Mcd

    For me to understand at least the need of others to believe in absurd concepts such as presented in this lightweight doc I need to have a sense of how they came to believe in such absurdities - therefore I do think that views contrary to science (empiricism) have a valid niche here at TDF.

  15. lex lexich

    is this a documentary? what is this you tube?

  16. Mário Silvério

    This one follows the same religious stuff that has been appearing in the TDF lately, you must have faith to accept it, otherwise one is left with rationality and must leave with goose bumps...

    I do understand the need to sometimes question the science, but this one goes so far that makes the questioning of the secular foundations look rather silly.

    This doc is a good opportunity to relax and forget for a breve moment the seriousness of science, and have a laugh.

  17. rezartsy .

    i love how people on here talk like such know-it-alls. since when are people on here so ignorant(i thought that was more of a youtube thing). its rather interesting to see this from another point of view, after all anything is possible.

  18. BenjaminRatzenberg

    Really! "No scientist believes in the global energy grid" to quote the moronic narrator of this piece of shite. Ever hear of Nikola Tesla, the genius who discovered alternating current completely transforming the world we live in?
    This sophomoric piece of nonsense should be removed from an otherwise great site. At once.


    why if one makes a complaint about the sillyness of not having a dislike for comments do you get bullyed out by moderaters

  20. Aqualight Sunny

    their are aliens like shiva , ganesh etc u can connect them in inner space . all cultures used psychedelic drugs for space travel .. dmt the spirit molecule can help us understand this concept better . their are other worlds transmitting messages to all of us , angels are also alien beings , beings of light ..

  21. DrGreen33

    Bashing religious beliefs is awesome because they are hilariously ridiculously wrong! What kind of alternative explanation do you want? Evolution? BIg Bang? Or we dont know yet?

  22. martin horan

    Some crazy stuff in this documentary. It's about as crazy as saying that even before humans, some other being created the whole place in 6 days.

  23. Cliff Thomas

    I'm not saying it was Aliens,

    but it was Aliens!

  24. Mad

    They don't need any additional ridicule, they do a mighty good job embarrassing themselves. How is it ad hominem when this crazy lady claims to have contact with "alien spirits" LOL, so far most of these people are absolute kooks and I'm surprised this doc is taking them as seriously as it has been

  25. Ciprian Mustiata

    Great video, sarcastic yet scientific. Really well made and informative!

  26. harry nutzack

    folks who are incredibly impressed by the "engineering" involved in building a pyramid dont know much about construction, it would seem... the pyramid is the SIMPLEST large structure one can build... a mongolian yert, or a wigwam are both much more impressive from an engineering standpoint.... the palaces and temples of egypt, though of not such large dimensions, are actually by far much better examples of the engineering prowess of these ancient people... a pyramid is a pile of stones, though rendered in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and exhibiting craftsmenship in its rendering, it is nothing more than a self supporting rock pile, at least from a nuts and bolts construction point of view.... the precise alignment of these structures with one another, and geographic and celestial features, is an impressive feat for the time, yet is far from beyond the scope of human capability at the time, as an understanding of astronomy is pretty much a given for ANY civilization of pre-industrial times, as the motion of the stars is the impetus for calenderic behavior: planting seasons, harvest time, preparation for an annual climatic event (winter, monsoons, etc).... if aliens arrived on earth to build pyramids, they rode a short bus here....

  27. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Yes, but how do you account for the graphic at top left that shows "flying saucers" placing these massive stones in place. This is very compelling evidence!!!

  28. Vlatko

    @harry nutzack,

    Pretty much well done. I agree completely. Especially with this one:

    "...the palaces and temples of egypt, though of not such large dimensions, are actually by far much better examples of the engineering prowess of these ancient people."

  29. Mohsin_Mirza

    Human intellegence should never be underestimated, ancient people were true geniuses. Aliens might exist, but we need a strong evidence that they do. Science demands evidence not believes - remains of an alien can only prove their presence on our planet.

  30. Guest

    I love this ancient alien stuff, light relief :)


    simplicity is beauty...could the simplicity of the structure serve functional reasons...i mean, they r still standing and we r still wondering. i think u over simplify by metioning the words "simple" and "great pyramids" in the same sentence. forget the building, ppl dont even know how they quarryed and transported the bricks! plus remember that these structures were built all over the world, during a time where cross continental travel was not supposed to have happend. "the revelation of the pyramids" was a good doc, check it out if interested. I do agree that we don't give ancients enough credit, it is difficult to go all the way with that arguement. especially when so many ancient cultures have aliens written into their histories (sumerian texts, vedas, etc.)

  32. Guest

    Like sucking on a balloon filled with helium.
    Makes 'em talk funny for a while:
    "Take me to your leader. He owes me rent!"

  33. Eniki520

    well put!

  34. Eniki520

    Aliens written into myths isnt proof of anything. ancient people didnt have our modern concept of factual written history, myths were not fact or photographs of actual history. and taking them as such is not logical.

  35. Guest

    Thats just the way Hatcher Childress talks :)

  36. harry nutzack

    "these structures were built all over the world...", perhaps you missed my first point, the pyramid is the SIMPLEST large structure to build...of course they are everywhere, it's the logical first step of "grand scale construction"... you cant just go from adobe and thatch to the sears tower, there is an "evolution" of sorts in construction... there is no exotica in pyramid construction, no reinforcing members, no chemical reactions turning mud to stone, no butresses flying or otherwise, just stone and gravity... as to the "problem" of quarrying and moving such stones, i have to say those are the least mysterious of the steps of construction, as the modality of both was practiced right up until the early 20th century.. LABOR is what did both...quarrying is simple to the extreme, you drill a line of holes in a rock, then drive wedges in those holes... it splits along the line of holes.... to move a large object, one minimizes its friction face with the surface it is to be moved on... sure, it takes lots of bodies, and lots of time to move large objects long distances, but, so what? there was no nascar, talk radio, dancing with the has-beens, or any of the myriad distractions we "make time for"... in a world without online poker, dragging a huge stone down a road may well have been a virtual trip to disneyworld... now, a thought about stonehenge... it should by now be common knowledge that the stone cairns are the last in a line of celestial observation structures built there, the other iterations being a progression of wooden posts, then small cairns... the reason for this? permanence... ever had a carload of teens tanked up on cisco baseball bat mailboxes in a drive by in your neighborhood? at least one old curmudgeon trots down to the home depot, secures a pallet of bricks and mortar, and builds a bunker around his mailbox, declaring "i'd love to see the look on that punks face when he bats this!!".... stonehenge is the permanent structure that was developed from the earlier much less durable iterations... it's a bunkered mailbox unphased by weather, fire, time, tide, or bat weilding punks hopped up on cheap alky.... rather than saying "how could these stone age fools do it?" try saying "if i had nothing else to occupy my time, why wouldnt i do it?"... much of the "ancient miracles" become easily understood with that mindset...

  37. Far Spam

    I wish Aliens would come and take me away from all these BS Alien conspiracy theories!

  38. magarac

    It´s always strange to me that people don´t realize how much work can be done with enough manpower and time.
    The most amazing thing about these buildings is actually the amount of planning people mastered all these years ago.

  39. Dennis Kautz

    The precision that the pyramids of Giza were built arguably could not be built with our current technology. We are entrained to think it was done with slave labor, which is now amended to migrant workers and that conditioning is hard to shake off. I read somewhere that for the Great Pyramid to be built in the allotted time (20 years) a block would have had to have been placed every 2 minutes or so. At 2.5 tons each, this is beyond daunting. Also, there is no orthodox explanation as to how precisely straight chambers were dug, the precision of the 8 sided pyramid, and countless other amazing feats. What's amazing is that so many believe that anything of this magnitude could be done with copper tools and hemp ropes. Even if you think the labor could have been assembled and organized, the technology surpasses our current understanding. I don't know who or why the pyramids were built, but I certainly don't follow the orthodox explanation.

  40. Sandie Vahl

    What if we assume that the people living on this planet can make major leaps? Maybe all the hype 2012 is not so unrealistic and we are at the cusp of another major leap? If so, I hope I am still around to be a part of it!

  41. francuccio

    Utter nonsense. You just repeat what you hear. The technology most certainly doesn't surpass "our' understanding -- maybe YOURS!
    The building of the pyramids isn't the least bit problematic mathematically and architecturally speaking. And we have no reason to doubt the Egyptians had the information and know-how. The average person is an *****, but architects and scientist are not your average ******. They weren't then and they aren't now. Who starts these unfounded and insupportable rumors?

  42. The SF Oysternerd

    Seriously? Not to say this was a very credible video, but the "medium" completely ruins and chance it had to be so.

  43. IzirAtig

    @ Draw Vinette
    Thank You.
    If they built the pyramids over 10000 years ago there's no chance to know how much they spent time with it. Maybe much more than couple decades with the great one.

  44. teklu

    The lady who claims talking to aliens looks like alien. More research has to be done on her also.

  45. Larissa Pelletterio

    I say, this version is a much more biased and sarcastic take than the "Ancient Aliens" doc that was done a while back by the History Network. (Pretty much the same as this one, but a little more open minded and curious.) I don't think that people back then had "nothing else to do" so decided to set up Stonehenge as a fella suggests below. I also think it's pretty curious that the layout of the Pyramids of Giza is almost the exact same as the layout of another set of Pyramids in... Peru (?) Not to mention the tops of mountains in S.A. that were flattened (into a runway?) and yet no evidence of the soil deposit transfers anywhere? Sorry, I just think it's silly to believe we're the only living Beings in this Universe, and beyond arrogant/ignorant to assume we're the only ones who have the brains to invent progressive technologies etc.. I mean look at what we are doing to the Planet at present, and all for what? A new iPod, a faster car, nicer clothes? We as a species, are NOT so intelligent or inventive on the whole, especially when Profit and Power come into play. Likely they came, tried to teach us something but we would have ridiculed them and hung their Messengers on a Cross, or some such barbaric thing... At least the author of Chariots of the Gods didn't start up a damn Religion like Scientology. Give the guy some credit. :)
    ** Oh and please: Name ONE other Species on this Planet that lives so Disharmoniously with Earth (and it's fellow inhabitants) as we Humans do. We really are kind of Alien to this world and the environment after all. Just think about it a while. The ONLY species out of Millions - to be as advanced as we are... C'mon. Use your imagination a little...

  46. Petar Vitanovich

    They put the medium in there to make it look like people who even somewhat believe in this are stupid, when in reality they still have no way to explain how to move a 50,000lbs block of stone, 300 miles and lift it 200ft in the air before we even had the wheel. Who stupid now?

  47. magarac

    Let´s just do the math on the building of the giza pyramid.
    The annual flooding of the nile lasted about 4 months each year (lots of free labour since the farmers have nothing to do). It´s made of 2.3 million stones and took 22 years to build.
    Let´s now assume you needed 100 workers to pull one stone and they pull 3 stones every day. That makes 360 stones a year for every 100 workers. They needed about 105000 stones a year to be ready in time. That needs just 292 groups of 100 workers each to make it in time.
    And all the work in the quarry could easily be done in the rest of the year between harvests.

  48. Wolf Wildwood

    I am no engineer, but I imagine if they had a large supply of water (once a year when the nile flooded), they could have conceivably dammed the area a pyramid was to be built in and floated the stones into place. Then by lowering the water level, each stone could have been likewise lowered into place precisely.

    As each pyramid has to be built from the ground up the dam wall would not even had to have been built entirely first but grown in stages as each years floods came down and refilled the dam for the next stage of building.

    I may be wrong but this theory does not seem to have been postulated before in any documentary. (It is not my own, I read of it about 20 years ago in an alternative science magazine)

    The same article also postulated the idea that the pyramids were actually a type of giant battery. I am not an electrical engineer but I remember it sounded convincing and explained the strange angles and sizes of the various shafts and chambers.

  49. Martin Bækgaard

    If i do the math i get this number for the pyramid they uses 2.5 million stones
    in 20 years

    2.5 million stones devided with 20 years = 125.000 stones a year devided with 365.25 days (every 4 years feb. has 29 days) = 342,231 stones a day devided with 24 hours = 14,259 stones an hour devided with 60 min = 0.237 stones a min.
    Here i didnt do the math but looked at the number, that tells me they layed 1 stone every 4.2 min.
    That is cutting the stone, polishing it, moving it and put it in place in 4.2 min. non stop for 20 years. With out a single mistake or a ruined rock which we all know we humans never do so i dont even know why i say this :-)- or if they only worked 4 months a year 1 stone every 1.4 min.
    I also tryed the 2.3 millon in 22 years = 0.198 stones a min. thats close to 5.1 min. a stone again if they only work 4 month a year 1 stones every 1,7 min.
    Have you ever tryed breakingt rocks with a pickaxe with large ones like the pyramids uses it can take weeks to cut and polish just one.
    So to me that looks kinda hard to do what do you say?

    I also love the scientific discharge of the bagdad batteri : "so it makes some bubbles" not at all looking at the current its producing. And btw what is his scientific reason for saying it bubbles does he have x-ray vision.

    And im not gonna mention the lady who speaks with aliens...DOH.

    this movie made me so angry coz science is supose to be facts but if they dont like it they just over look it or bad mouth it. like columbus descovered amarica, ok what did the indians who lived there do then, no he discovered the way there thats all, oh and btw its proved that the vikings was there 700 years before, SO SAY IT.

  50. Alex Arshansky

    The most pathetic excuse for a documentary. Don't waste your time. Pure Propaganda...

    I had to stop mid-way - it was terribly biased and full of distorted facts and personal attacks based on opinions. I loved how they kept say that "experts disagree"... reminds me of the kind of experts from the time when the belief was that the earth is flat... The are the same experts and they represent politics of science not real science itself; experts who try to hide the truth that doesn't fit their rational square vision of the world. Science is becoming a new religion: despotic, controlling, fact-bending, intolerant of different views and ideas... alike a self-serving diabolical machine that leads to the degradation of humanity.

  51. harry nutzack

    as the fellow you misquote, i figured id explain myself a bit better for you... the commoner had the "deal sweetened" by the prospect of "something to do", not the folks who designed, or decreed the erection of stonehenge, the various pyramids, zigarats, and other grand scale construction projects of the ancient world... if your society is based on agriculture, you have a fallow season, in pretty much all climates... during that fallow season, the vast majority of your workforce is idled... do you believe boredom is a modern invention? bored folks, who have no distractions get in all kinds of trouble... they fight, they overindulge in the various available vices, and, from a "regal perspective" worst of all they have time to think about the lines of crap their leaders and/or clergy have fed them... ever heard the phrase "idle hands are the devils workshop"? as for flattened out mountaintops in peru ((yes, plural, there are hundreds of such examples), perhaps you should take a look at HOW inca agriculture worked... vast mountainous areas terraced into reasonably level fields, yet the mountain the terraces were laid on is pretty much in original shape besides the terracing... guess where the soil for the terraces came from? and yes, just like blocks, it was moved by labor (llama power, in this case)... would you be inclined to believe the cathedrals of europe were built with alien assistance, or the castles? now, here's a point to consider... if i traveled several light years to come to earth, and possessed technology far in advance of that we humans currently have, WHY would i build big rock piles to bury kings in??? even better, why would either i, or my fellow aliens, not only do it EVERYWHERE (thus negating the potential argument of "valued ally"), but repeatedly over a span of THOUSANDS of years??? primitive humans werent all idiots (granted, just as now, the majority couldnt be classified as incredibly bright), there is NOTHING daunting about constructing any of the "ancient wonders"... it would take much more effort than with modern labor saving devices, but, again, we're talking about people with plenty of time, and not much to fill it...string chisels hammers drills and a "gunsight transit" is all one would need, along with lots of strong backs, and quite a few skilled craftsmen (quarrymen, stone setters, etc)... you should also note that such construction was only done by copper age and later folks... no such building was ever done until humans had metal tools, and then it's pretty much a given that they did such construction soon after.... now, dont take my point to be these were purposeless constructions, just to give folks something to do...stonehenge is, as i stated previously, an incredibly stable, permanent celestial observation platform... many of the mayan and aztec pyramids were related to either celestial observation, religious ritual, or both... a personal favorite is one that has serrations on the sides of the main stairs, that, along with carvings used for decoration, casts a shadow that resembles a serpent undulating down the side of the pyramid on one equinox, and back up it on the other (who says modern man has the exclusive on religious chicanery?) if one is to believe the archeologists, then (once again from a "regal perspective") the egyptian pyramids served the highest priority, ushering the fallen pharoh into the afterlife, and insuring his ability to enjoy it for eternity.... i have no doubt humanity is not alone in the universe, and give excellent odds that at least one "alien race" is technologically superior to us by far, but i can see absolutely no purpose in coming such a vast way, and then building the least technically impressive structure one can, and then repeating it time and again, all over the planet, for millenia... that completely fails occum's raisor

  52. Bvkaos

    This is a fun watch. Should be labelled under comedy.

  53. shane van Ireland

    Welcome to the illuminati channel.. this is complete bull****, how on earth can these mor*ns be giving the time of day???

    so ridicolous it actually scares me because so many simple minded folk might be watching and start believing the nonsesne that is to come.

    anyone see that video clips of a UFO over Israel.. I think the military might now have technology that is alien like and nothing ever seen before. of course they are going to make people believe aliens have come especially with all this 2012 end of the world nonsense.

  54. magarac

    Do you think that there might have been more than one person involved in the building of the pyramids?

  55. Jack1952

    It's just like the tyranny of mathematics. Just why does 2+2 have to equal 4? Damn those mind controlling obsessive despotic academics! Didn't Orwell prove that 2+2 can equal 5? Why must they be so rigid in their thinking?

  56. Jack1952

    So we as a species are not so intelligent and inventive as a species. So says one who is using an incredibly intricate machine (computer) to send her message around the world for all or anyone to read. If you look around your home and envision the processes involved in the making of the most ordinary products that you own it would seem that the human race is quite innovative and inventive. Unless you believe aliens crossed the galaxy to provide us will toaster ovens and food processors.

  57. Jack1952

    Most people fail to realize that the quarries were an ongoing enterprise used to build the temples and palaces for the ruling classes. The transportation infrastructure to move the quarried blocks were already in place. When the decision was made to build a pyramid all they had to do was divert the manpower and all the resources in place from building the temples and palaces to the building of pyramids. Hundreds of years of quarrying, moving and building would have provided a very competent workforce. If there was a time of peace the military would also have provided another source of muscle power.

    To those who say that we can't even do this today, I would say look at the engineering of your own computer. It is incredibly more precise than any of those pyramids. If you took every computer made in the last 20 years and piled them in one pile beside the largest pyramid, I wonder which pile would be larger. I would also think that the random pile of computers would also have a wide base and get smaller as it became higher...just like a structured pyramid.

  58. Eniki520

    we are pretty stupid as a species, so we can make computer we still cant farm sustainably without degrading the land, still cant solve things like poverty, war, intolerance, we basically live exactly the same way as the Romans but with electronic slaves instead of human slaves. plastics and electronics dont make us smart enough to stop destroying our environment/ourselves. the average human does and thinks what what they are told to think by their higher ups best example i have of this is most republicans are poor but vote against the interest of the poor in favor of the interests of the ruling class(i.e the job providing 1% of the population) why because they they believe what they are told by the 1% and are too dumb/lazy/ just dont care enough to fact check. these are the same people who ignore science and proven facts and dont believe in climate change or that man's use of fossil fuel has added to it. and what would happen to us if a massive solar flare knocked out all our electronics? id say atleast half the population of the wolrd would die becuse of our unsustainable life styles and inhospitable locations of our major cities. we cant even drink most of the running fresh water on earth anymore or survive off the land like we once could.

  59. David Rodrigues

    Pyramids were built by clans of workers...and of course lotes of slaves

  60. Eniki520

    south american army ants?

  61. David Rodrigues

    im in 6 minutes and allready think this is comedy

  62. a_no_n

    after all anything is possible.

    especially when you're a gullible mor*n.

  63. a_no_n

    The precision that the pyramids of Giza were built arguably could not be built with our current technology.

    um...ever been to a modern construction site?

    as for the precision of the pyramids alighnment. The sun rises in the east. What more do you need to know? Farmers have been using astrology for millenia to accurately plant and sow their crops.

    Finding an exact bearing using the sun isn't difficult...and neither is putting two stakes into the ground and tying a rope between them to mark where you want a wall to go!

    Your entire comment can be unraveled with literally two minutes on google!

  64. a_no_n

    Yes, but how do you account for the graphic at top left that shows "flying saucers" placing these massive stones in place. This is very compelling evidence!!!

    nope, sorry, that's been totally debunked.

    It's two different layers of hyroglyphics that have been carved over one another!

  65. a_no_n

    "I am no engineer, but I imagine if they had a large supply of water (once a year when the nile flooded), they could have conceivably dammed the area a pyramid was to be built in and floated the stones into place. Then by lowering the water level, each stone could have been likewise lowered into place precisely."

    someone commenting above mentions water sediment found in the lower levels of the pyramids...So you've successfully come up with a hypothasis that has ten times more suggestive evidence than this documentary!

  66. Gravmaskinistan

    I wold love to see a ironic and "funny guy" documentary about Cristian, Buddhist or Islamic story/history.

  67. Gravmaskinistan

    "But what are al the wiering...?"

  68. bobcat43

    any on-line material i have read or watched on the 'ancient alien' theory has always been presented as just that, an - alternative - theory, with words like "possibly " and phrases like "in my opinion".

    of course mainstream media and mega-rich scientists don't retort with the most rigorous debunking , instead they find a nasally english guy to mock and snicker at something that might rock their little worlds, AND find the craziest people to defend their claim

  69. DenEColt

    "Chariots of the Gods" Remember Erich von Daniken? So-called expert and fraudster who penned a number of alien visitation books in the early 70s. He wasn't the first, but was the most widely circulated. He spawned an industry, of which this "documentary" is part. I was caught up in it myself when I was younger but then I woke up! The problem with docos and books like this is that their selectivity ultimately drowns them. Too many things that don't fit their hypothesis are simply discarded; things like facts!
    The other problem I have with them is their chauvinism - the oft-repeated "these people couldn't possibly have built..." phrase reeks of cultural, historical and ethnic smugness, as if to suggest that only contemporary humans (and northern hemisphere white ones, at that) could accomplish such technological feats. Well the Romans built aquaducts that ran for hundreds of miles using easily understood engineering principles. It was northern European barbarians who stopped using them and in fact tore them down for building materials after the collapse of the empire.
    We don't need aliens to explain how ancient monuments and cities came to be built. We need to understand that ancient cultures operated on different principles to ours, even Greek and Roman, which seem so similar and which have given us so much, would be hard for us to comprehend and accept on a daily level. Things got done because emperors and ruling elites willed it and entire societies were bent to the task.
    Ancient societies invented maths and geometry - we didn't. They knew water found its own level and used that principle when building pyramids.
    Aliens? They would have to travel hundreds, even thousands, of light-years to get here from their home planet, for what? A makeover? And then fly back to their home planet, the cultures of which by then would quite likely cease to exist since tens of thousands years would have passed by while only hundreds(!) would have elapsed for the visitors.
    "What If?" is an entertaining pastime but that's all it is. For facts and probabilities, scientific method is a surer bet.

  70. WTC7


    How about watching the doc first? Had you seen it, you would certainly have noticed that it ridicules Daniken and the rest of his crowd.

  71. Sieben Stern

    i find the idea that our ancestors were mor*ns beating rocks together insulting, if not completely incorrect. 5 minutes in and i turned it off.

  72. VilleKoskinen

    Such a objective doc this is.

  73. Andrius Emkah

    This is a comedy, and im not over reacting.

  74. Jack1952

    In the last 500 years science and technology have reduced child mortality rates, increased life spans, eliminated many of the pandemics that rampaged the globe and made our lives easier and more secure. It has resulted in a population explosion unprecedented in human history. Along with it came problems that didn't exist generations ago. Solving those problems will not occur overnight. They are incredibly complex. Anyone who thinks that a collective light bulb will suddenly illuminate over the heads of all mankind and our problems will be solved overnight doesn't understand the problem. There will always be hurdles to overcome. It is the nature of life, not just for humans, but for all life on this planet and probably the universe.

    You are a glass half empty type of person. You see only the negative and none of the positive. You see stupid but I see genius as well. Part of the problems we face is due to our incredible ability to solve and adapt to the everyday roadblocks that are set before us. Unfortunately, the minute one obstacle is removed another one seems to show itself on the horizon. Once again, it's the price we pay to be alive.

    I have a full belly, warm clothes, a soft comfortable bed to sleep in and a sense of security in my life. I look after my corner of the world best I can and when it is time to vote I try to elect some one who will do the same. That is the lot in life for the average living being.

  75. Eniki520

    eliminated many pandemic except things like heart disease and obesity are on the rise world wide, as is malnutrition , the gap between rich and poor is growning larger every day even america the once bright light of hope is going out LA is officially a third world city. Look at the quality of life in america isnt going up its going down and the only people doing good are the people who used to have nothing but what the could make themselves, and even they are not all happy they can no longer survive the way they and their ancestors have for hundreds if not thousands of years. Yeah you may have a warm bed and a full belly but millions of people dont. And in the last 500 years competition for the resources has risen in cities not gotten better. I think we can turn it around but deneying the truth isnt gonna do anything. we arent as smart as we think and sometimes the simple answer is the best. like dont live where there arent resources to support us, and think about the consequence of our actions instead of the next big buck. if history has taught us anything its that nothing lasts forever and even the greatest most powerful/rich/smartest people/empires/civilizations can and have destroyed themselves for lack of considering the consequences or because of hubris (IE mayan, roman,egyption, persian,).

  76. Jack1952

    Sometimes it feels as if people believe that intelligence is some kind of guarantee against making poor decisions. The brightest of us can make glaring errors. If there are advanced civilizations out there in the universe, I am sure their development has not been smooth sailing. Disease, conflict, climate change and others would have plagued their history also and may even be an ongoing concern. The problems you state are the result of our ability to adapt. Those ancient civilizations that have disappeared may have nothing to do with a lack of intelligence but more to do with changing times and circumstances. In the big picture we see that the human race is still here and is still changing. The American nation losing their status as the world power does not indicate the end of mankind...just a new world paradigm. I am gratified to see that you do acknowledge that today's problems are solvable which may also mean you do see the human ability to adapt and overcome.

    I think we are off topic, however. It has been an interesting discussion. Thanks.

  77. Guest

    YES, who ever built the pyramid are Aliens compare to any group of people or society we know now. We cannot imagine how people will think in 5000yrs as much as we cannot imagine how people thought 5000yrs ago (or 10,000).
    Perhaps humans weren't evolved in a material dimension but very evolved in an immaterial way and this allowed the ancients to harnest a knowledge now lost.

    I think the world would have advantage to experiment with energetic practices as thought were the purpose of the pyramids by many, instead of using them as touristic buildings to walk through in 1hr just in order to tell others ...i was there! What have we got to lose?

  78. drinker69

    What a piece of poo this is. It helps give credibility to your documentary if the narrator is British but it didn't help this one. Who built the pyramids? Bored and super wealthy Pharoahs surrounded by sand with hard working labourers also surrounded by sand. With tons of gold from Nubia they funded these projects. Once they built one they realized 'oh ****, we're still in the desert with nothing to do, lets build some more.' And up they went. And how did they align them with the stars up above. They didn't. Thats bull****.

  79. wheelnut53

    ookkkkaaaayyy little green men I love it .
    Thanks Valko

  80. Eniki520

    we have the ability to do it but if we will is less certain, in my eyes human kind has unlimited potential but we tend to make the same mistakes over and over and dont seam to learn from them.

  81. thenesteamonster

    my good friend, there wasn't a desert in egypt in those times so more drinking and less writing mkay?
    it seems that drinkers are in denial and stoners are loons

  82. Arjun Uppal

    it is just sad that rather than discussing the theory, the documentary is kind of a banter on the ancient aliens theorists...the documentary feels like a smear campaign...I for one believe ancient aliens theory as it is just much more interesting and imaginative...and everything aside, eric's book is a good read...

  83. Jack1952

    I would think that stone age man was as intelligent as modern man. The people of the stone age cultures living in modern Amazon or Papa-New-guinea are quite intelligent. They do not have the access to our education and resources. Making any product is the result of experience as well as brain power. Given time and the proper instruction modern man could learn to make a Clovis point and a stone age man could learn the tricks of modern living.

  84. drinker69

    No desert in Egypt? So what was the landscape then? Did aliens transform that too. I agree with you on nothing. However I will partake in more drinking and more writing and drop the odd mushroom now and again. You stick to iced tea.

  85. His Forever

    I was an "alien atheist" until I watched this highly intelligent and scientific documentary . . . including the channeling of "Sasha" from billions of miles away. Now I believe!

  86. bobthebboy

    crap couldnt even watch it all, love sci-fi but these guys couldnt even make aliens inetresting

  87. Guest

    !?! You've converted ?!? :))

  88. His Forever

    Yeah, I'm a convert (or maybe not). Got to the part where all religions were believed to be worshiping aliens and laughed until I cried--sorta. My son made me change it to Youtube so he could watch Super Why. Now he wants to watch king cobras eating people----not sure I can accomidate that one. Don't king cobras only eat other snakes? LOL

  89. Guest

    I'd skip the cobras if i were you, have to keep a close eye on youtube as you can easily run into some horrid stuff. Ever been caught by one of those nasty screaming faces ? Nearly jumped out of my skin the first time and they hide in the most unlikely of places. If you do decide to change hats I have plenty of tin foil ! :)

  90. His Forever

    We decided we need to supervise during Youtube when Matthew clicked on a medical demonstration of how to place a cathider into the urithra. Fortunately it was an anatomically correct dummy and not a real person. LOL What I dislike the most are spoofs on childrens cartoons that aren't for children as they get mixed in sometimes the other clips.

  91. Guest

    That made me smile, I can just imagine the look on a mini persons face as they watch that :) I know what you mean with the cartoons, we bumped into some of that :/

  92. sparuga

    Real funny, cosmic medium haha. Aliens are a form of religion for feeble minds.

  93. neoleaver

    I would advise anyone to look at the evidense independently, consider its context and give it some careful thought, before arriving at any conclusions.

  94. musbcrazy

    what makes people show themselves up to everyone in the world, well to everyone who watch documentaries...sasha the alien, ahh thats why they come here to see what we name ourselves!

    seriously this alien bull**** was quite amusing at first, seein the real extroverts in society who would make nutty claims, now its just annoying!

  95. Nakor420

    This doc is made to ridicule the theory. It's obviously biased. Showing m*rons like that "medium" just discredits the theory. That carving showing humans building the pyramid doesn't disprove the ancient alien theory, because the Sumerian texts on the subject clearly state that Marduk ( one of the Anunnaki) used SLAVE LABOR to build the great pyramid. So yes, humans built it...against their will.

  96. Nakor420

    This doc is only showing the skepticle side of the argument. It leaves out lots of evidence to support the theory. For instance, there is absolutely NO soot in the great pyramid, which even experts agree proves that they did not use any sort of flame to light the passages while working in there. So how did they light them? That is just one of hundreds of points I could make. Like how was Puma Punku built out of 400 ton blocks of diarite (which has to be cut with diamond tipped tools), by the Imara as the "experts" claim, when the Imara didn't even have the wheel or writing at the time? The accepted version just doesn't add up. Also, they show you nut cases like that "cosmic medium" which makes the viewer laugh at the whole thoery. What about vitrified forts in Scottland? What about gold mines in south Africa that fit the Sumerian descriptions of the Abzu (meaning underworld) and have been dated to 200,000 years old. WE WERE LITERALLY HUNTER GATHERERS AT THAT TIME!! Yet these mines go down as far as 3 MILES!! Wake up folks, this show is full of crap.

  97. Epicurus

    actually the fact that no evidence exists to support aliens coming and building stone age technology for us would be a good sign that they didnt.

    if you want to believe Zecharia Sitchin about the Annunaki and Sumerians that is fine, but maybe you should look up what REAL archaeologists have to say.

    do you also believe in that Nibiru nonsense?

    lol f***ing annunaki.....sigh

  98. Melissa Rambler

    you should get learn more on history your sadly lacking

  99. Bill Hicks

    Now this is one clever Sc propaganda video. The guy narrating is constantly mocking every little bit of the story. And at the end in the last sentence he casts a little doubt on his previously firm conviction just so you conscience could say that is you opinion too not only his critical and highly biased story... Not to mention special effects used throughout the whole video. They could put some mustaches on Erich Daniken's face and find a whole choir of mentally deranged fruitcakes so it would seem more convincing. And mister "expert", oh that's the way i like it, just say the word EXPERT and I'm totally convinced. What is he expert on? ANYONE WITH A CLEAR MIND CAN SEE WHO IS THIS VIDEO MADE FOR. STUPID SPOILED RICH IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT THEM SELVES.

  100. rtiom

    This is not a Documentary, it is trash. Period. If any individual has half a brain in their head, they wouldn't be here discussing this garbage.

  101. drinker69

    Are you telling me way back when these babies were built the foremen were little green men? It was a few intelligent people who knew geometry, architecture and the Pharoah paid them a ton of gold and they led a massive labour force over decades. You had the architects, the geometry guys, the skilled workers and then the unskilled workers. Just like a construction project today. I was in the buisness and it sucks. If you want knowledge on a deeper level eat some mushrooms or take some Peyote. Thats what I do. Cheers babe.

  102. thenesteamonster

    It's a different theory and it's not valid until proven. It's no use trying to bring arguments that the doc didn't provide. Don't tell me that the mushroom fairy told you about the mainstream theory... maybe the mainstream egyptologists had some too and came up with the idea haha.

  103. drinker69

    So you think aliens helped build the pyramids? I think Egyptologists are loving the fact that there are all these theories flying around. Helps them sell books and is huge for tourism which in turn sells more books. Everyone has to hustle something I guess. My favourite documentary on this site is I Believe in UFOS with Danny Dyer. Check it out monster. That stuff makes me grin.

  104. harry nutzack

    wow, talk about "thinking inside the box"... a pyramidal corridor, as well as the chambers, are best described as "voids in a course of stones, capped by a slab that bridges the gap"... could it possibly be that the carvings, painting, and other decorative work was done BEFORE the "capping slabs" were placed?? as an alternative, i might point out that only 20-odd years ago some team or other of "pyramid mystery investigators" demonstrated lighting passageways completely, end to end, including chambers, rooms, anterooms, and ALL decorated areas with a series of bronze mirrors (polished sheets in rectangular frames).... perhaps watching an episode of NOVA is in order, they did a miniseries of "ancient mysteries explained" back in the mid 90s i believe, where the stone mason from "this old house" (an incredibly obvious drunken stoner)demonstrated the use of the tools of his trade, explained such "mysteries" as the precision of fit in the stone work (the use of a "scribe" makes the "mystery" completely disappear), how one splits a slab, etc.... if you do watch it, please note the commentary of the stone cutting "gang" of locals he employs from a local quarry... these folks ancestors built the egyptian pyramids, and they pretty much explain how all the work was done, though in blue collar, non-academic terms through a translator.... the episode on andean rope bridges (featuring phillippe petite of all people) is also VERY informative, and shows full construction of a short span one from grass cutting to first walk across... i must also point out that "chariots of the gods" and its ilk started an "industry" of sorts, one based on "selling" the idea that our predecessors werent bright enough to do any real building without a "leg-up" from an external source... this industry will do all it can to perpetuate the idea, as it leads to sales of books, dvds, donations to websites, grants from folks with more money than brains, and other financial forms of enrichment... oh, and as a final thought, ever heard of the "broken pyramid" in egypt? it was the first, according to academia... as first conceived, the angle was too steep, so the architects changed angle mid construction... im willing to bet folks that can fly across the cosmos might have caught such an error in the blueprint stage... as for a lack of the wheel, id say folks without roads, large draft animals, or the technology to form heavy duty metallic bearings would have little use for such a device, especially with 800,000 lb loads to move... rails of cobbles would work better than a wheel with a 60 inch diameter wooden axle....

  105. thenesteamonster

    I don't know. I wonder who took care of the crops in the days the pyramids were built because a large number of workers were engaged in those projects. Maybe they only worked outside the farming seasons? If you try today to pull so many people out of their routine to build something you would be bankrupt and couldn't feed all those people, so logistics is hard to grasp. I know that's not a reason to think gods or aliens or people with their help built them so i stick to mainstream with a grain of salt.
    Leaving the pyramids aside, if the discovery of the immensity of space made man think that he is probably not alone in this space maybe the immensity of time is a reason to think that our civilization was not the only one on earth.
    Oh, i didn't even watch this doc haha, i heard it all before and it got old. Peace!

  106. BetsMcGee

    What’s with all the naysayers? I am sure when we have the technology to travel the immense distances to new worlds inhabited by primitive humanoid creatures, we will also show our superior technology and wisdom by getting the locals to build really big sand castles.

  107. Wolf Wildwood

    More research has shown the pyramid was built using water. The outer casing stones, now removed, acted as the container, and all this water was pumped into place be the lower chambers of the pyramid which acts as an effective water pump.
    On-line research has shown people copying the lower chambers and making a ram pump in the process.

  108. His Forever

    Ok ok! I didn't get to finish this higly intelligent doc, so can anyone tell me . . . . did this doc ever tell WHY if the aliens built the pyramids, did they just flippin' pick up and move for the past 3,500 years? Their labor force must be on strike or something, as I'd love some updates on some of their more impressive models around the world!

  109. fonbindelhofas

    ya right... alians came with spaceships most likely overcoming time and space and other problems we dont know about yet just to play with stone briks??? wouldnt they build some more "advanced" structures? just sayng if i spend my time spliting atoms most likely i will not make a monument to myself from sticks and mud:D

  110. Zach Fraser

    *sigh* aliens BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA dont be silly, if you knew your facts you would know it was papa smurf and his loyal umpaloompas who built these tombs

  111. Tony Ball

    @Zach Fraser
    Educate your self, also you're not funny.
    There are bricks that couldn't have been cut, molded and moved, But they where! and not only in Egypt But all across the globe! There is certain spots that even show signs of the same craftsmanship and methods, but they aren't just hundreds of miles away from each other, in some cases they are thousands of YEARS away from each other! There is all kinds of evidence Aiming towards the fact that MAN DID NOT BUILD THESE STRUCTURES!
    The sooner people see that, the sooner we can start to find out Who/What did. and why?

  112. Branefart

    I want to believe aliens came to Earth and stacked stones because that would be cool, but I don't!!

    edit: Sorry, didn't mean to hit reply to Tonys comment.

  113. Montu Forseti

    Over 2 MILLION blocks had to be QUARRIED, SHAPED and then MOVED to site, sometimes many MILES.1 block EVERY 1 MINUTE and 30 SECONDS, of EVERY hour of EVERY day 365 DAYS a YEAR for 20 YEARS. I understand archaeologists not wanting to admit they wasted a hundred grand on a degree they're still paying off, but to hinge it on a mathematical figure like that? Both sides are better off saying "I don't know." I would also like to know how Hipparchus figured out precession of the equinoxes without the aid of an accurate watch.

  114. Ali Raza

    hahahahaha, Lisa!!!!! hahahaha very funny.
    she has gone crazy, I suppose.

  115. Rhodium1233

    I can also discredit anything you say by preceding it with a ridiculous statement, watch............."Sure, aliens didn't build the pyramids.....and Elvis is still alive!!" See how that works?

  116. Rhodium1233

    Astro mathematics support the "life on other planets theory" within our own galaxy, never mind the billions of other galaxies in the universe/multiverse.

  117. CanadaGuy25

    ya interviewing intergalactic psychics doesn't really add to the validity of this theory. I believe it was man.

  118. the_xboxkiller

    this loses all credibility (if there was any before) when they talk to that crazy woman hahahah

  119. Nathan Klusowski

    There's no way that Baghdad battery replica is generating over four volts. If you look at his voltmeter it's set on the micro scale, which would indicate about half a volt instead. Just another attempt of these guys to amp up the ordinary into something whimsical.

  120. C4

    I'm totally fine with people who don't want to think Aliens or lost tech was used to build the pyramids, but it's physically impossible today, let alone then to move and craft such large (over 80 ton) perfect blocks. I'm not saying this was right, but I certainly think it's less outlandish to say "aliens did it" than a large group of uneducated slaves with rocks and copper chisels. It's not possible.

  121. Ynnis Glytyr

    Gosh, are you dumb.

  122. Ynnis Glytyr

    If you think the pyramids are just some simple buildings or structures - why don't you try to build one just with what you can gather on stones, sand..., without using any of our modern tools. Let's see how advanced you are.

  123. Ynnis Glytyr

    Ummmm, researchers have tried to do that too, to no avail. They just can't build replicas of the pyramids the way they are. Smaller ones yeah, but the same size seems to be sheer impossible even with all our tools and knowledge.

  124. Ynnis Glytyr

    Sounds like you had a few shrooms too many.

  125. Ynnis Glytyr

    If it's so annoying to you - why do you watch it? You can comment, but labeling people as crazy when everything that is thrown at us about the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Pumapunka....is nothing but theory. Even those so called "all-so-knowing" archaeologists cannot prove their theories, because that's all it is - just theories.

  126. Ynnis Glytyr

    Can we please leave the last remaining "stone age" cultures alone? We have f***ed up the rest here enough as it is.

  127. Ynnis Glytyr

    Drinkers are total losers - THAT is a proven fact. But, they have yet to prove that stoners are loons. Maybe you are loony when you're stoned, I for myself can only say Gods heavenly leafy creation makes me think deeper.

  128. Ynnis Glytyr

    Modern man intelligent????? Far from it. The way I see it - the more technology we get, the dumber people get. Have you ever seen those question mark faces of cashiers, when the electricity goes out and they have to count 1 + 1 in their heads? They are at a total loss! The kids nowadays are not much better either. Without electricity, those dumb fux don't even know how to play.

  129. Ynnis Glytyr

    Most problems we have could be solved in a heart beat, if those evil butt heads we call Presidents, Chancellors, Statesman...would be taken off their throne. It's just a bunch of nut heads that prevent Africa from having electricity and running water everywhere. It's a bunch of nut heads that prevent America from supporting its own people with oil....and so on. Take those nut heads away, and we will get those problems solved.

  130. Ynnis Glytyr

    Unless you are self-employed....what do you consider yourself right now, working for your boss? Sorry I have to bust your bubble, but this is modern slavery. Just because you're getting paid for your work, doesn't make it any different. After all, even slaves back in the days got paid.

  131. drinker69

    thats the whole point

  132. fender24

    so taking a class on archaeology will give u answers`? lol it wont, then why have no single archaelogist found answers there are just theories hats all they got, and they dismiss any other opinions, just because they are educated dosnt mean we have to believe everything they say. they are also puzzled. they dont know when giza pyramid were build. if u want my oppinion it is way older then we think. A building advanced like that is meant for some higher purpose then a simple tomb, lol come on! ive spent much time reading about this i know how the pyramid were build and they did no dragg rocks!. People ask why havent aliens left behind any proofs if they have been here.. well. the answer could be right infront of us if we just open our minds.

    if aliens would leave two proofs behind of theyre existence here on earth they would leave behind 1: Something highly advanced like giza pyramid something that would stick through time. That could survive everything, and something that WE couldnt copy today with our technology. Seconnd proof is our dna, we are advanced.. the most advanced here on earth, if we look into ourselves we were created in "theyre" image, this anchient sumerians believed it, its a part of theyre history. the gods/aliens made us for mining gold. we actualy got the missing link in our dna.. and there is only one link in our dna that makes us so special from other spicies on earth even we are so much alike,.. could our dna be a key? a key to understanding. we have only understood 5% OF our dna did they place a message there for us to read when we are advanced enough? if they wanted a proof to never get lost in time they would hide it inside us. cause we are much like the giza pyramid. no matter how many apocalypses we're still here. think about that for a second before u begin typing.. just try open youre mind.

    either aliens build the pyramids.. or if men build it we got the knowledge from someone or somewhere. and i believe that knowledge is earth itself. we have forgotten how to do it.. cause u can see all around giza we have tried to copy it many times. thats why i think giza is way older then we think cause of its good shape.. it was made by the masters.

  133. Epicurus

    go look up what a theory is.

    i was going to respond to everything you said but the more i read the more i realized that you would be a waste of my time.

    enjoy your insanity.

  134. Jack1952

    Those "evil butt heads" are human beings. As such, they are prone to error, self interest, situations beyond their control, etc. Remove them and other human beings will take their place. No matter what humans move in an attempt to solve all our problems, they will be as susceptible to the weakness of humanity as were the prior "evil butt heads". The problems of the world are too complex to be solved by a simple removal of our leadership.

  135. Jack1952

    Have you ever watched how quickly and effortlessly those kids move about in the modern techno world. It is not that they are dumber...they live in a different time using a different medium. My generation had arithmetic forcibly pounded into our psyche through repetition. We learned by rote and very seldom did it for fun. Many of the kids today learn computer skills on their own free time which is highly commendable. You judge an entire generation on those unfortunate ones who come off as unintelligent. We live in different times. Different times produce different people and priorities.

  136. Jack1952

    If you can build a small one, you can build a large one. All is needed are the resources and tools. If the will is there, modern man could build a pyramid any size you want. There has been no compelling reason for the expenditure of our resources in our modern world.

  137. Jack1952

    There are heavy lift cranes that can easily lift 80 tons. Not only is it possible to build a pyramid today, it is actually quite simple to do. The hardest part is the labor. The know how is available and has been for a long time.

  138. Jack1952

    It is quite humorous when people tell mainstream scholars to wake up. It would seem to me that the alien believers are the ones in a dream state...one of space ships, levitation, laser cutting tools and ancient, yet forgotten, knowledge of mathematic, architecture and science. An ancient gold mine, three miles deep, would be the greatest archaeological find of all time. Yet, it has hardly been publicized. Why is that?

  139. fender24

    you go look up magnetic current by edward leedskalnin thats youre answer. he is the only in our time that knew the secrets, he knew how they build the pyramids, he alone moved heavy rocks he wasnt supposed to move.

    Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?

  140. Epicurus

    we know how the pyramids were built. its not a mystery anymore. what are you going on about?

    Edward Leedskalnin is not a scientist and not someone who should be listened to when it comes to magnetism. he is actually a kook when it comes to that. but you keep buying his books im sure he is enjoying your money or the money of those you introduce to his crazy theories.

  141. thisismyspamemail

    What a crappy documentary. Basically it was made for comedy purposes only. I am highly disappointed.

  142. Jacob On Tour

    I enjoy watching stuff like this. Just like I enjoy movies with zombies, vampyres and Batman. But its pure fiction, and should be taken as such.

    If you believe any of this nonsense, I seriously think you should seek some kind of help.
    Not necesarily psyciatric help(but probably), buy definately some kind of "scholarly" help. If you have doubts, or you dont think you have a perfect understanding of the universe, dont proscribe to the first one that comes across and covers everything.
    Read greek classic, they were written when the farao were still around!
    Read Darwin, it'll give you a clue to how man came about. Hint, it was not aliens or Lizard people!

    An easier approach could be looking up scientist(gasp) who actually take time to debunk all this.

    And yes, man can do whatever he want. It just takes blood, sweat and tears, and probably an obscene number of lives!

  143. Jacob On Tour

    Haha, even the title is a bit offensive. Sometimes this stuff is actually fun!

  144. brice page

    Worst doc ever. For one, you have a sarcastic, dull narrator.

  145. Craig Stamper

    Mockery doesn't persuade people. If the program's author is confident that expert theories are superior to "crank" theories, it's not necessary to disrespectfully refer to the top crank by first name etc. Perhaps folks like the program's author should spend more time and energy working to solve great mysteries, and less time mocking the "kooks". One thing I'd agree with is that the popularity of writers like Von Donikkan was has been partly due to disillusionment with "experts" and science often coming up short following a period in the mid-20th century in which science replaced religion in many ways and bit of more than it could chew with regard to expectations for its ability to solve all our problems/answer all our questions. Despite the certainty conveyed by this film's narrator, one can easily think of bad/wrong ideas that were once embraced by significant portions of the scientific community, many of which did great harm (unlike theories of aliens and pyramids). That's why arrogance really isn't becoming for one speaking from the "scientific" point of view.

  146. Tony Chavez

    You've Got to be Kidding me !! I've enjoyed the many theories involving ancient structures , but this is alittle to much !!! It was the Sarah woman ! She's got the skinny right from the horse's , I mean ALIEN's mouth

  147. Abba

    super biased crap. I love how they play carnival music when anyone is talking except a 'scientist'. This actually makes me more interested in the alternative view because it seems they are trying to hide something with their sewage pipe tv production tricks.

  148. ThisIs

    No, they didnt, the Egyptians built them.

  149. Christine Mulder

    Very disappointing.. had to stop half way .. cringe

  150. kafka11

    please, someone kick the director in his smug grinning mouth, this uber knob should never be allowed to make another documentary. Stop wasting peoples time. Maybe someone should make a smug documentary on how to make irritating, juvenile documentaries and use footage of this crap.

  151. Glenn Johnson

    Very good. Thought provoking. It's a shame that Zecharia Sitchen was not mentioned.

  152. Tony Ball

    They should have called this "Aliens didn't build the Pyramids" with the amount of doubt they portray towards the idea, and to the believers. I know there is much more evidence towards the theory, that they are simply not showing in this documentary. Eric Von Daniken might be a bit mad by conventional thinking, but conventional thinking is brought on by bias documentary's like this, Making them look silly, typical defense mechanism.
    They are only showing what they CAN make fun of. The Voice over guy is uneducated and reading from a script.

  153. Teddy Mcd

    @Glenn Johnson

    Sitchen has totally been debunked by his once peers. Pseudo science made manifest.

  154. Nathan Dempsey

    In 3-4k years when people look back on now... what's the first thing they'll notice?

    Its hard to say, but I think theres a good chance that - whatever it is - it'll seem to have appeared pretty quickly and without a whole lot of explanation.

    By this time our prior history and progress may seem trivial, perhaps not even identifiably 'human' by our/their new standards. If so, then lots of our activities may seem genuinely primitive.

    In this respect they may look back on some enormous leap in human intelligence as demanding some external/non-terrestrial information.

    I'd like for something exciting to be true about ancient monuments, but aliens is just unnecessarily complex.

  155. David Scott

    The whole theory is based on ancient man not being intelligent enough to build these monuments. Or maybe they are just saying aliens built this stuff because 98% of these monuments arent found in European regions, so it must be aliens, because they are by far the most intelligent people in the world . . . SMH

  156. fender24

    So u believe the pyramid were build by dragging 2,3 million rocks over 2tonnes, some even 15tonnes, across the nile? placing approximately 800 tonnes of stone every day and night, come on, i dont think so, not with theyre primitive tools, its stupid. Either we didnt build it, or we were more advanced then we think we are, but consider that from living inside Caves to building pyarmids it almost happened over night, we all of sudden knew all about our solar system and advanced architecture?. If human build it i believe Edward leedskalklin has a point, He proved it was possible to lift huge rocks by earths magnetic currents. Its pretty good if u look at it cause this was either build with high technology or they didnt use technology at all but earth it self. U gotta consider other possibilities im not saying aliens build it but someone gave us knowledge, it is a possibility one gotta think out of the box sometimes. Edward may not be a scientist but he puzzled them all anyway ;D. Giza is too advanced for us to build today maby someone more advanced then us build it.

  157. Epicurus

    actually whats stupid is you thinking that man back then were too stupid to figure out simple physics.

    you also ignore the amount of time taken to do it as well as the amount of man power and animal power used.

    the caves to pyramids didnt happen even close to over night. this is the problem with people like you. you have all these crazy perceptions which arent accurate to the reality of the situation.

    giza is NOT too advanced to build today. in fact we could build it today in a matter of months if we wanted to.

  158. Epicurus

    Sitchen is a complete joke.

  159. dewflirt

    He's right though, a doc about ancient aliens really should mention him. It's like not mentioning Von Daniken.

  160. fender24

    Never said humans were stupid -.- i dont know where u got that from, u take one word and u asume?, u dont even read the message maby humans are more stupid today:D:D, its funny i didnt even mention human in the entire sentence.
    I dont believe the Giza were build the way we are told thats what i meant with stupid. all we learn in school is stupid theories about this and that then u accept it as a truth,. but once u start searching on youre own., u get a whole different picture. what do u think about our dna, and the nazca Lines? just curious.

    No human today has managed to build a pyramid many have tried, but they failed, they all fail its more advanced then u think. U can see several smaler pyramids in worser shape, even they were build later, so many tried to copy Giza back then aswell?, what do u think? nothin is like the perfection of Giza it seems. giza is missin its topp aswell, so, someone just climbed up and cut it of? :D.

  161. Epicurus

    you assume humans couldnt have done it and cant do it now, so you think humans are stupid.

    you said "i dont think so, not with theyre primitive tools"

    the word primitive was basically your way of saying not developed enough to be able to figure out how to move and stack stones.

    I study anthropology which includes the pyramids, nazca lines, and DNA.

    DNA is a nucleic acid, and the nazca lines were pictures the people made for their gods. they believed like many people still do, that their gods lived in the sky so the pictures were big enough to see from the sky. there is no evidence to suggest it was for aliens.

    humans all over the world were building pyramids at the same time. that is because pyramids are one of the easiest structures to build with limited tools and heavy stones.

    the top of giza pyramid was knocked off during an earthquake in 1300AD, the stones have been used to build a mosque.

    i thought you said you studied this stuff. by study did you mean watch crazy documentaries and read silly books? have you ever gone to school for this stuff? have you ever even been to egypt?

  162. fender24

    I never said we are stupid just primitive:D. Never said we couldnt have done it.. just not the way we are told. I do think we got help from aliens.. thats what i believe cause it makes sence u clearly dont read anything i say. Noone has made a pyramid today because experts in building say they cant do it.. so basicly they call themselves stupid? u go ahead and build one then. cause u say its not hard. see ya in 20 years then.

  163. Epicurus

    it doesnt make sense that aliens did it. there is no reason to think aliens did it. there is JUST AS MUCH evidence to say that magical fairies did it.

    even more evidence supports the fact that the humans did it themselves with the technology they had. which was not anything special.

    your entire argument is based on the fact that you think these things would be too complicated for ancient man to do and you are just wrong.

    if i had MILLIONS of people doing the work for me, i could have it done in 20 years no problem.

  164. Michael Lupton

    'MILLIONS' seriously mate no one has the logistical capability to direct 'MILLIONS' of people to do a task. Where would you put them all? Where would that amount of food come from? Where are the 'MILLIONS' of workers skeletons? think your just some stone cold crack demon!

  165. Samuel Morrissey

    It wouldn't take millions, merely thousands working with efficient methodology and comfortable conditions (accomodation, healthcare, reasonable pay) could achieve this task in a few decades. If slaves were used however I assume you would need a lot more. Unless they died whilst working, why would their skeletons necessarily be found anywhere near where they worked while they were young and strong enough?

    Each 2.5 ton block could be pulled up the earthen ramps by fewer than 50 men with only the technology available at the time, 1000 men would be able to shift 20 blocks roughly 10 miles in a day (the locations of the pyramids are for the most part, suitably close to natural limestone deposits, and/or linked to these sites via the waterways). So with 10000 men you could plausibly construct the great pyramid in under 50 years. Of course you would need another 10000 quarrying, and some hundreds more for planning and direction etc... We can't prove it yet, but there is at least some evidence to support this theory, including proof of concept, evidence of a well paid and respected labour force in their dwellings and artefacts. is that an unreasonable feat of logistics, for 1 man or even a small group of men to govern over?

    as an aside, I am really starting to despise American spellcheckers - what is wrong with : accomodation/artefacts/labour grrrr...

    Regards, Sam.

  166. Epicurus

    well estimates suggest that between 20,000 and 30,000 laborers were needed to build the Great Pyramid at Giza in less than 23 years.

    i was referring to the number of laborers it probably took over the many years to build all the pyramids.

    and the workers were respected people who were specialized in what they were doing so they would have been buried along with the rest of the cities workers.

    what are you alluding to?

  167. fender24

    Are u serious? we shouldn't need millions of people with our modern day tools to make a copy of giza anyway. then tell me what evidence do u mean? there are alot of speculation. there are alot of these so called "prove" THAT can be disproved now. how was the great pyramid made then?

    The Great Pyramid demonstrates the remarkable character of its placement on the face of the Earth. The Pyramid lies in the center of gravity of the continents!. It also lies in the exact center of all the land area of the world, dividing the earth's land mass into approximately equal quarters.

    The north-south axis (31 degrees east of Greenwich) is the longest land meridian, and the east-west axis (30 degrees north) is the longest land parallel on the globe. There is obviously only one place that these longest land-lines of the terrestrial earth can cross, and it is at the Great Pyramid! This is incredible, one of the scores of features of this mighty structure which begs for a better explanation.

    The explanation of the great pyramid has always been limited and poor. We cant accept something we dont understand, so when we get scientific prove about this and that, this pharao lived in that period so thats when it was made, we just accept it rather then believe in the obvious. There is no signs of any pharao inside the pyramid however, the great pyramid has never been a tomb. i dont believe grave robbers had a need for a dead body. We think we are the center of the universe the supreme race nothing beats us, well i say we got a touchdown for the aliens. we send probes out into deep space to look for life when we got evidence of alien life right infront of our faces all the time! would u be ashamed of humans if it came to light that we didnt do it? i think its beautifull thought and we may get that answer when they open the last chamber.

    when and who build the great pyramid?

    where was khufu burried?

    What was the purpose for concave Great Pyramid sides?

    Was the golden ratio intentionally built into the Great Pyramid of Cheops?

    Why would anyone intentionally build the golden ratio into a pyramid, or other structure? What was the significance of to the Egyptians? And did the ancient Egyptians intentionally design the Great Pyramid to square the circle?

  168. fender24

    wery true, poor explanation which we just accept.

  169. guerkan hantal

    why is that such a mystery? i mean, it's a matter of course that one day some people would come along to build different things. they keep telling "...out of the blue". come on, these people simply want to believe such mumbo jumbo stories.

  170. guerkan hantal

    aaawwh come on. that cali guy in the dessert tells, well the ancient egyptians could have build these pyramids but they didn't have the knowledge for this architecture. why wouldn't they have that knowledge? they did have knowledge of advanced medicine, chemistry etc. I really must say, this a terrible terrible documentation, well, it's more some sort of infotainment.

  171. guerkan hantal

    Hmm, sorry to everyone. This is my 3rd post while still watching this infotainment. About Erich von Däniken: I mean this guy lives his fantasies and makes millions of dollars but beside that: although he has absolutely no proof about any of his fables, people buy his books and believe this bulls..t. This is really what's incredible.

  172. fender24

    I can tell u some things that arent explained. They can't find proves that any pharao was burried inside the great pyramid, still we accept it was meant for him as a tomb, why do u think so? because we have to believe the experts?. because it can't have other purposes? i think the great pyramid is too advanced for a tomb. The great pyramid lies in the center of gravity of the continents!. It also lies in the exact center of all the land area of the world, dividing
    the earth's land mass into approximately equal quarters. how could the egytians know this?? not only is the structure perfect the placing is perfect awell. Where did they get the knowledge from? its too perfect for human, just think about it.

    Beautiful smooth blocks known as Casing Stones covered the entire exterior of the pyramid, encasing the whole structure, Before the Arabs began to tear the stones off. The ancient writer, Strabo, said: “It seemed like a building let down from heaven, untouched by human hands.”

  173. Jordan Davis

    man i hate British documentary films. they poke fun at everything it seems, and not addressing anything.
    not all, but, mainly ufo/alien stuff, they find the worst representatives and still make them look bad

  174. James

    Sasha the Alien...C'mon really..she is in constant contact with an alien!!!..Cant believe they put this **** on the discovery channel..Why doesnt she ask the alien to come back and visit and put everything to rest

  175. indieisin

    All these things that are unexplained just fail to explain how - not who. The fact is, the pyramids were in no way meant to be a burian chamber, and the sphinx is most likely a lot older than it is. But c'mon - aliens? WE HUMANS GET NO CREDIT DO WE! I am not even arguing against the existence of aliends -- just FOR human ingenuity!

  176. indieisin

    I don't get why people aren't willing to give humans enough credit. I also think it's stupid to sit there and discredits this man less - eh - 'smart' ideas instead of trying to figure out those unanswered questions. I would really like to know how they got all those hieroglyphics inside the tombs without using fire. By default we have to assume that there's some form of light.. and this is deep inside the earth, not something you can carve and then place! I guess instead of sitting criticizing other people we should - as the human race - work together to provide more answers instead.

  177. fender24

    I'm not calling humans stupid here :D but we were just too primitive. Whoever built the Pyramid used a technologly that we still do not possess today to cut, move, and cement stones. Whoever built it also had some knowledge of the Earth, because it was built in the right spot-one of the few places that would support such a great weight. The builder also knew where the greatest land mass of the Earth was in both the North-South and East-West directions.
    Amazing. They had to place 800 tonnes of stones every day. since it consists of an estimated 2.3 million blocks, completing the building in 20 years would involve moving an average of more than 12 of the blocks into place each hour, day and night!, sorry i dont believe it. I guess they never sleep or eat HEHE.

    I tell u why. Ive been working in a stock for 1 year, working one week day and next week night. Day shift from 06:00 am to 14:00pm, night shift from 22:00 pm to 06:00 am. lets say the egytians worked like this.
    My body needs to adapt every week. it was no problem the first couple of months but then u face a wall. people who work like this for years hardly get enough sleep, u are always tired and it ruins youre private life. people die working like this, and there has been car accidents. You get much ills, like back problems, because of heavy lifts, neck problems, and other physical injuries, and so on. After a few years youre body cant handle it and you need to change job or work less so youre body can catch up. some people can do it but many cant and young people are beeing pushed harder.
    This must be considered. Are Humans capable of working like this over a long period of time like 20 years? for example dragging this huge rocks from miles away then place them in right position? these were just slaves.

    *Amazingly, the outside surface stones are cut within 0.01 (1/100th) inch of perfectly straight and at nearly perfect right angles for all six sides. And they were placed together with an intentional gap between them of 0.02 inch. Modern technology cannot place such 20-ton stones with greater accuracy than those in the Pyramid. even if we tried with mordern technology we couldnt build the pyramid.

    *Even more amazing is that the 0.02-inch gap was designed to allow space for glue to seal and hold the stones together. A white cement that connected the casing stones and made them watertight is still intact and stronger than the blocks that it joins

  178. fender24

    All of the evidence in the Great Pyramid shows that 4,600 years ago somebody knew a great deal about the Earth. But it gets better, much better:
    The average height of land above sea level (Miami being low and the Himalayas being high), as can be measured only by modern-day satellites and computers, happens to be 5,449 inches. That is the exact height of the Pyramid.

    All four sides of the Pyramid are very slightly and evenly bowed in, or concave. This effect, which cannot be detected by looking at the Pyramid from the ground, was discovered around 1940 by a pilot taking aerial photos to check certain measurements. As measured by today's laser instruments, all of these perfectly cut and intentionally bowed stone blocks duplicate exactly the curvature of the earth. The radius of this bow is equal to the radius of the Earth. This radius of curvature is what Newton had long been seeking.

    Clearly, whoever built the Pyramid had access to information beyond that which earthlings possessed at the time, at least earthlings as we know them. Now, one can argue that we were visited by scientifically advanced beings from outer space who taught us their technology. That is possible from the evidence presented, perhaps even likely. If so, these advanced beings had the paramount goal of leaving behind a message that would endure for eons.

    Suppose these beings decided to leave a message. The message would have to be universal yet simple. It would have to survive the centuries and be understandable by all the Earth's inhabitants despite language and cultural differences. The message would have to be understood by many languages that would not come into existence for centuries after the message was written.

    So far the message indicates that whoever built the Pyramid knew the Earth well: the length of the year, the radius of curvature, the standard measurement techniques, the average height of the continents, and the center of the land mass. They were able to consruct something that we still cannot construct today, and they were able to tie all these things together in this single structure. Were they extraterrestrial, or perhaps even supernatural? The answer is not yet clear, so far we have examined only the outside of the Pyramid.

  179. indieisin

    I actually agree with the electricity. Although those hieroglyphics are suppose to represent a snake coming out of a lotus flower there was the Baghdad Battery and the fact that there are no soot marks anywhere on the interiors of tombs, yet they couldn't have made those inscriptions in the dark right? But that is still not proving aliens were involved. The Baghdad Battery is so simple, and so are those 'light bulbs', we can't discount for human ingenuity.

    Watch the Pyramid Code and you will see tha no one discounts the theory that the Egyptians built the pyramid. If you got your facts from the same documentaries that say they didn't, you're going in circles. I am only saying this because I was in your shoes literally a couple weeks ago, then after I saw The Believing Brain I Actually went to the source for myself. You can't have a solid argument unless you listen to both sides of the issue, the issue here being that they actually could built it with the tools we say they did but not in 20 years. 20 years is the only thing being contested.

  180. fender24

    I always check both sides to come to my conclusions on everything:D. lift and dragg theory dosnt make sence to me, read my message about shift work im sure egyptians had systems like that. thats all. they had other ways to build it i think. perhaps Edward Leedskalnin knew the secrets. check him up.. maby egyptians used magnetic currents, to lifts this huge blocks with big magnets. well thats interesting. since egyptians had so much knowledge about the earth. edward proved that with magnets strong enough he could lift heavy rocks!.


    The average number of blocks that have to be placed each day equals (590,712blocks)/(20years x 364.25 days) = 81 blocks per day.

    If 10 crews of 300 men work on each of the four sides of the pyramid, then the totals of 40 crews and 12,000 men will be needed. Each of the crews will be responsible to place 81/40 = 2 blocks per day.
    The workload passes through three phases of decreasing difficulty, which are determined by the weights of the heaviest blocks:
    Steps 1 through 21 (60.59 to 27.24 tons)
    Steps 22 through 136 (17.66 to 6.44 tons)
    Steps 127 through 201 (3.05 to 2.63 tons)

    As the weight of the blocks decrease, Step to Step, the sizes of the drag crews will decrease. However, when this happens, the number of blocks needed to be dragged each day can be reduced because one large block can be dragged
    and cut into several smaller blocks that are needed.

    As the pyramid rises there is less space for the crews to work in and fewer block to be placed. In other words, the number of workers that will be needed depends on three factors of: weight of blocks, number of blocks to be placed, and the working space available.


    What was the date of the actual beginning and ending of the construction of the Great Pyramid?
    Was one hundred years in construction. Begun and completed in the period of Araaraart's time, with Hermes and Ra.

    What was the date B.C. of that period?
    10,490 to 10,390 before the Prince entered into Egypt.

    so what made u change youre mind?

  181. indieisin

    I read up a lot about Edward Leedskalnin.. sad that he wouldn't let anyone in on his secret.. the thing is, no one really saw what he did so a lot of people argue that he could have really used anything he wanted. Suspicious that he never showed his technique to anyone! But, to be honest, I think he knew something... and I can't prove it. However, coral is way different than limestone.

    Anyway, my argument rests here: You say.

    "The average number of blocks that have to be placed each day equals (590,712blocks)/(20years x 364.25 days) = 81 blocks per day."


    "What was the date of the actual beginning and ending of the construction of the Great Pyramid?
    Was one hundred years in construction. Begun and completed in the period of Araaraart's time, with Hermes and Ra."

    .. the second statement is the one I go with because it is supported by many alternative egyptologists and scientists in general. There is no reason why they had to build it over 20 years except for some arbitrary speculation on Egyptologist's part. If we revise the equation, and change 20 years to 100 years, we get this:

    (590,712blocks)/(100years x 364.25 days) = 16 blocks per day.

    Humans were much more than capable of that. Think about how vastly populated Egypt was!! They have the years wrong, 20 is not enough no matter how you look at it, but what part of this makes alien intelligence necessary? They could have known about techonologies, but even that can't be backed by evidence, and just because they had technology why did aliens have to give it to them? It all goes back to what I said about human inginuity.

    (ps: if you'd like to talk email me! I enjoy stuff like this.)

  182. fender24

    To me the big question is how did they knew so much about earth? where did they get the knowledge from? we werent supposed to posses such knowledge at the time, i cannot imagine we could.

    youre question: but what part of this makes alien intelligence necessary? please take time to read this cause if this aint mind blowing i dont know.

    The Pyramid lies in the center of gravity of the continents!.
    Only a solid stone mountain could endure the Pyramid's immense weight (The estimated total weight of the structure is 6.5 million tons!). And indeed, a flat solid granite mountain happens to be located just beneath the surface of the ground directly under the Pyramid.
    It is built to face true North.
    The Pyramid is located at the exact center of the Earth's land mass. That is, its East-West axis corresponds to the longest land parallel across the Earth, passing through Africa, Asia, and America. Similarly, the longest land meridian on Earth, through Asia, Africa, Europa, and Antarctica, also passes right through the Pyramid. Since the Earth has enough land area to provide 3 billion possible building sites for the Pyramid, the odds of it's having been built where it is are 1 in 3 billion.

    Like 20th century bridge designs, the Pyramid's cornerstones have balls and sockets built into them. Several football fields long, the Pyramid is subject to expansion and contraction movements from heat and cold, as well as earthquakes, settling, and other such phenomena. After 4,600 years it's structure would have been significantly damaged without such construction.
    While the bulk of the Pyramid's core was constructed of 4,000- to 40,000-pound blocks of soft limestone, the outer layer of the Pyramid was made of a beautifully bright, protective layer of polished stone. These outer "casing stones" are missing today because about 600 years ago they were stolen by Arabs, (This accounts for the very worn appearance of the Pyramid today, since the inner limestone blocks are not immune to attack by the elements-wind, rain, and sandstrom.) This protective covering was made up of 100-inch-thick, 20-ton block of hard, white limestone, similar to marble but superior in hardness and in durability against the elements.

    Amazingly, the outside surface stones are cut within 0.01 (1/100th) inch of perfectly straight and at nearly perfect right angles for all six sides. And they were placed together with an intentional gap between them of 0.02 inch. Modern technology cannot place such 20-ton stones with greater accuracy than those in the Pyramid.
    Even more amazing is that the 0.02-inch gap was designed to allow space for glue to seal and hold the stones together. A white cement that connected the casing stones and made them watertight is still intact and stronger than the blocks that it joins.

    The distance* when Earth is closest to Sun (perihelion) is 147x106 km, which is translated into royal cubits 280x109, hinting at the height of the Great pyramid,
    280 royal cubits

    So we need to wake up, even we can prove that we dragged rocks we cannot prove anything, somebody gave us knowledge about the earth, to me there are enough proves which support that. You talk about humans not getting any credit. well isn't that what we always do?, thats the problem. Do we have the right to take credit for something we dont understand? We still think we are the center of the universe and give credit to a pharao which never had a place in his own "tomb"! *smiles* cause thats the same lie u see everywhere. We are afraid of the truth, and keep denying the truth that we might had no part in building the biggest monument on earth for thousands of years. this is way more then human ingenuity. because human ingenuity today cannot match whoever is responsible for the building of giza. Today we got facebook, so hightech that we dont need to go out anymore :D. this has been interesting and id like to continue on email.

    (email censored)

  183. Mongoria Flaxseed

    Wow, fender24. I wasn't actually gonna watch this until I read your
    comments. You've provided lots of food for thought. Cheers to you.

  184. Mongoria Flaxseed

    F*** it. Saw 7 minutes of it and it seems as though
    they're mocking the entire notion of aliens, with silly
    cutaways and interview subjects. That's a shame.

  185. stephen

    Modern "Science" fails to acknowledge the fact this earth and mankind have suffered several set backs in the form of catastrophic natural disasters. Although science would have us believe man has been on the earth for 100k years or more the ylead us to believe we were ignorant cave dwellers or nomadic tribesmen. The fossil record only shows a very small % of our past. Steal, concrete, plastics glass all would be destroyed over time leaving only stone. Modern science and this englis hfool need to think outside the box and seek out answers rather than squashing them.

  186. fender24

    Thanks, i take that as a compliment :D. What ive been saying should have been in the documentary, but just keep it in mind while u watch. cheers man.

  187. kwethington1

    As an engineer, I no way that these things were built as tombs. Second, the earliest buildings use the largest stones, up to 400 tons each. Third, some of the internal, perfectly round, through and through, stone cuts could only just in the last 30 or 40 years have been made with today's technology,with an Electrical Discharge Machine, (EDM), something the Egyptians never had. Fourth, those carvings on the wall of their windowless, stone monuments look and awful lot like elongated light bulbs. be made with Third, this is a very slanted piece of documentary. The makers of this documentary did little real research. That is obvious. Not worth watching.

  188. Ynnis Glytyr

    For an engineer, your grammar really sucks. Where did you get your degree? Did you win it in the lottery? You are no engineer, but merely repeated what was said in the Documentary "The Revelations of the Pyramids". Don't lie buddy!

  189. Ynnis Glytyr

    If we were able today to build those pyramids, believe me, there would be one standing in the middle of Time Square or Central Park. We will never find out how the Egyptians did it and whether they had help from extraterrestrials or not. To me, it's the same as with the moon landing. No freaking way in the world did anybody EVER land on the moon. Why do I think this way? Because first, there would be a McDonald's there by now or at least a filling station for the space shuttles and second....how come only the Americans claim to have been there? With the technology today, every well developed nation on this planet could go there. For some reason they all seem to be smarter than US....they know the Ellen belt will take nice bright x-rays of everybody who goes through there and will make sure, those people won't live much longer after passing through. Also....how come we only get to see black/white pictures of the moon? Are they hiding anything from US? No way the moon is only black/white. I know, it's hard for us to believe that there may be extraterrestrials, but only us in this vast universe would be a huge waste of space!

  190. ProudinUS

    Well alrighty then, after 2hr of intense scientific research, I've found the answer to how the pyramids were constructed:

    A few thousand years ago a group of bug-eyed, green little mother f--kers were out galixy jumpin' and stopped here because the ran out of gas. lucky for them they had a buddy back home who would travel 500,000 light years and bring them a full gas can.
    While they were here they got bored and slapped a few rocks into a triangle and quit....the end.

  191. David

    I has done all the research seen every one of the doccumentaries on the documtaty sights under myystries so you can't argu with my edumacatios. I tookd notes! People learn better with strong drinks and a bong, why do you think we do it so long (Imade ryme) thousands of years! Only aliens could have made the Aztec and Egyptian pyrmids at the same time! Want more proof?? OK what did Columbus discover when he got over here? Maya and Aztec pyradds, that's what! Try argue with THAT! Hellll, theres a pyradid in front of the Louvreee, who do think built THAT? Stone bolks moving around? I see it all the time. My mother channeled my dead cat when I was five so good for her and he was fine interrdimensial travvelis no problem for us or for cats. Try that! I saw close encounters when it first came out back in the fifties so don't teeel me! Long live Cathulu!. In case they come back...

  192. Zack Dustal

    there was life befor this life that got 100% of the people died becaue of a huge doomsday that happins every 5,000 years. do to a liltle leenin in earths tilt witch will turn the ocean to a desrt and the desrts as an ocean evry 20,000 years it happins so fast it destroys evry thing in it path.

  193. Rolf_copter

    Something that annoys me. People beleive aliens cannot exist on some planets because there is no water. How do you know aliens have to have water? Just because almost everything on earth needs water, why can there not be other civilistaions not need water?

  194. Michael Herrholz

    Not sure where you have your maths from, but let me redo your calculation:

    20 years = 10,512,000 minutes
    10,512,000 min divided by ~2,300,000 stones = 4.57 minutes (!)

    Even if you multiply that with 10 (= 200 years) you'd have only 45 minutes per block (each 400 to 4,000 pounds, some much more) to carve it perfectly (with copper chisels and stone hammers), transport it 500 miles from where they were carved (by human or animal labor, then with ships along and upwards the Nile), and put it exactly where it belongs to on a constantly growing pyramid (without elevating systems like cranes or similar).

    Sounds quite impossible to me even by modern means...

    Now divide the time available back by 10...

  195. magarac

    Only certain blocks were transported that far. The vast majority of stones came from close by.

  196. Epicurus

    no, just no.

    where did you hear this nonsense? it is completely wrong.

  197. Epicurus

    you are wrong. almost everything you have said is wrong.

  198. vvindred

    to be sure of something you didn't witness or in some way have the power to check it out is arrogant , i'm not saying he's right ..but you seem to know for sure many fats that are out of reach ...maybe there were 10000 cycles of life before ours..who knows?? all the best

  199. Epicurus

    anyone who understands the principles of archaeology would be able to say they know that there hasnt been cycles of human life.

  200. vvindred

    it sounds arrogant to me ...you could still be right...that's the diff between us

  201. Janus Agerbo

    I like when a pseudo doc starts off with one big lie - then I don't have to wast any more time one it. Going straight from caves to pyramids? LOL we've gone from pyramids to space travel in shorter a shorter time span than it took from humans developed tool till they built the pyramids.

  202. Steve Troise

    The Pyramids wouldn't have been built, If there were the internet & Cable TV!

  203. Mercenarry ForHire

    Jesus is a Alien! O.O

  204. SetoKaiba1025

    No, the aliens DID NOT have anything to do with any ancient buildings.

  205. Guest

    water came to earth from a asteroid collision with alot of h2o in it. it is very plausable that this scenario might aswell go on on other dwarf planets.

    and to conclude your theory, yes, life adapts to its environment and evolves thereafter, thats what i find logical

  206. fender24

    agree, but our planet maby had another name. The water planet Tiamat which collided with nibiru's moon acording to what Zecharia belives. one half became earth, the smashed part became the astroid belt we see today, nibiru's moon (north wind) became earth companion cought in its gravity field. the pacific ocean is evidence of this impact.

    this theory is backed by Scientists. they agree now about another planet (TIAMAT) had to exist, or our solar system wouldnt have existed. they have speculatet about many theories how the astroid belt was formed, like a collison between two planets once happened, just like sitchin says. Our moon hasn't always been there cause theyre appereance should be the same if the moon was part of the earth once. but they are different. just like sitchin says. He and scientists are saying the same things with two different languages, i think sitchin is correct, it makes sence. thats why he is hated he isnt following the stream like anyoneelse does:D.

  207. fender24

    I dare u. Why didn't aliens do it?

  208. fender24

    U cannot say for sure. give one argument that there hasn't been life before this life.
    U believe life has no cycle. do u think there is nothing after death?

    my arguments.
    * The face on mars, maby we came from mars. who knows. it still has some interesting feature. is it natural.?
    * On sea bottom we have discovered several structures already, evidence of previous civilizations which needs closer look?.
    * there are plenty of evidence of life before us has vanished, like atlantis. Not long ago they thought Troy was a myth, untill they discovered it.
    Many old civilizations mention Atlantis in a form or another, or the destruction of an Atlantis-like island and a big flood, it's hard to imagine that they've all been lying or re-telling a story told to them. People in those times were pretty interested in their stories and tradition was everything. I would rather guess that the story had a common root, based on evidence. The survivors of the destruction scattered and landed on the closest areas from the sunk island. Then the story of the sunk land was passed on, and became the basis of religion.

  209. Teddy Mcd

    Millions of asteroids over millions of years.

  210. Epicurus


    what makes you think Zacharia Sitchin is someone who knows what they are talking about?

    the man is neither a historian nor an archaeologist.

  211. fender24

    "what makes you think Zacharia Sitchin is someone who knows what they are talking about?"
    Who's right or wrong in this world epicurus? what i do know is this: True love is so pure and real as the creative forces of universe,
    it does not lie, ANd it has changed my views of life forever. ive been blessed. I thought youre intelligence could figure out It is all
    about personal belief. Sitchin, like Velikovsky and Däniken, presents a compelling and entertaining story based on belief about ancient
    visitors from other worlds. This interest me.
    There is enough evidence which support it as real as any theory ive heard. Dr Charles Lineweaver (2001), studying the tricky business of
    terrestrial planet formation, argues that "...this gives us an age distribution for life on such planets and a rare clue about how we compare
    with other life that might inhabit the Universe." From the age distribution he then concludes, "most of the life forms in the universe have
    had two billion years longer to evolve than we have." Apparently we're the new kid on the block.

    The oldest writings, on clay, stone and papyrus, is simply myth? However, if we dismiss all of the ancient literature and inscriptions - the Bible,
    the Koran, the Mahabharata, and the thousands of clay tablets from Mesopotamia - as too incredible to believe, we would still have to deal with the
    question of the physical evidence.

    That there are people who do not believe the biblical accounts of the ancient history of the Israelites is not new. What is new in "Doubting the Story of the Exodus" (LA Times, April 13, 2001) is that doubt seems to have been turned into historical fact. Readers were told that there is a consensus of biblical historians and archaeologists that the Exodus did not happen. In reality, though, no such consensus actually exists.

  212. fender24

    "the face on mars is a picture taken with VERY VERY poor resolution."
    Mars is covered with strange shapes and buildings that do not appear to be natural to me such as the pyramids, square buildings, runways, etc. One structure shows the face. It can be seen at the National Space Science Data Center. There are eleven Viking photographs of this monument on the surface of Mars. The "Head"
    and other artificial features such as the pyramids were studied by an electrical engineer and imaging specialist Vincent Di Pietro and a Lockheed computer scientist. The analysis indicates that the "Face" had
    been artificially sculpted....Just maybe, WE ARE NOT ALONE!

    The curious fact that the frequency of of UFO sightings is highest when Mars is closest to Earth.
    The Phobos II Incident On July 12, 1988 the USSR launched two unmanned probes towards Mars called Phobos I and Phobos II.
    Both mysteriously lost. On March 28, 1989 an elliptical craft was
    photographed by three different cameras moving towards the satellite seconds before it failed. All indications
    were that the elliptical UFO had somehow attacked the satellite which was now dead and left spinning out of

    On October 6, 1992 in a press release it was revealed that for the first time in history. The Russian Space
    Agency and NASA would co-operate to rush another probe to mars. However evidence speak of similar fate. We have successfully sent probes to the outer reaches of our solar system, but Mars is plagued by
    bad luck? I wonder if we will ever know what is really going on on Mars.

  213. Epicurus

    personal belief means NOTHING. you can believe something all you want but REALITY does not concern itself with your belief.

    i can tell now that i am speaking to someone who is "not all there" dont worry, you can live in your delusion. i would rather grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring it may be.

  214. Tactician

    Hey Epicurus, those are some haughty self confident comments, and not much more you know? It is not that difficult to modify actual photographs digitally to display you r desired appearance. Ever hear that all information is agenda based? Do you logically believe that the data we are presented with has no agenda? Seriously? The only way data can be observed and reported without an agenda, would be through a couple layers of robotic instruments that directly feed the observed data to the globe, and not to organizations, and especially not funded organizations. Objective data hardly exists in our world, if you want to trust information, trust indigenous tribes who still live in ancient ways who have no need for modern money. Unfortunately all science and tech has to be funded, and the funders are human, thus having an agenda. And most science and tech that is researched as a result for this is based upon the fundamental approach that it will return on investments. Most public/government research also has it's own agenda.
    It is for these reasons that to know the actual truth of something like this, we must either be able to observe this anomaly from Earth with an ultra powerful telescope that can be publicly viewed, or travel there and observe it ourselves. We cannot depend on organizations to provide us with the "truth". One of the greatest truths of Bhuddism states "Question everything, only trust in yourself".

  215. Vlatko


    Sure, it is world wide plot. All nations, all organizations, all universities are actually duped with these fake images.

    The reason? We don't know, we just presume that there is conspiracy, just for the sake of creating one more conspiracy, in the pool of the many. After all we have to question everything.

  216. Tactician

    Based upon that response, it would appear you are not familiar with critical nor free thinking. You simply have no response to the fact of the saying "Follow the money". You do not see that progress, advancements, research is based upon financial or power based incentive. If you do not think about that, and do not research and analyze the world as it is, you will just follow without thinking, accept without questioning. That is the way of a follower, are you a follower or leader of our own thoughts and free will? If you truly are a follower, fine, but realize you are giving up without even trying, trying to question both sides to find the truth in between. That is a skill you must learn for yourself, there are guides but practice is the only way.
    Do you not think Democrats and Republicans have non neutral interests? Who do you think funds and influences those parties?

    There are so many topics to discuss it could fill many books. One example is medical research. Do you honestly believe that research on drugs is done for the good of humanity? I know people who work in pharmaceutics, I could tell you somethings about knowledge of painkiller side effects that were known inside for many years before public testing showed harmful and destructive effects. It was not released for years, why? Because it would harm the reputation of the drug as well as stock prices.

    Let's take the Mars face as an example. If we could all be sure that it is just natural formation, then why not aim ultra high powered telescopes to observe it with public access and let everyone decide for themselves. That would be a great first step. But of course its not even considered. However true validation one way or the other would require a citizens doing scientific testing and analysis for non natural evidence.

    The main thing is the book should not be closed on a subject because a few photographs from an organization say so. The book was "closed" on gravity when Newton made his theories to, and Einstein made his. And then we find out we don't understand gravity, and then Quantum gravity enters into the mix, and so on.

    The problem with status quo institutional science is that it just ignores anomalies because usually there is no financial incentive. If the instruments we have can't measure them adequately, and theres little money involved, then it is brushed aside. Yet, the anomalies continue and no scientific progress is made institutionally. So either no investigation is done, or select few individuals investigate with inadequate instruments for concrete measurements.

  217. Achems_Razor

    What in science is brushed aside? What "anomalies continue and no scientific progress is made institutionally"?

  218. Tactician

    Well any anomaly that doesn't fit the "standard models" of most disciplines. For example Cryptozoology, it's not important, and it is unrepeatable. However, there are a few institutional researchers looking into some aspects of it. Parapsychology, it was actually looked into in the 70s, then decided to not be a cost effective pursuit, thus interest faded out. However, research continued(s) in the Soviet Union, Russia as well as elsewhere.
    More unresearched theories and anamolies:
    Initial work in this field was performed by Einstein and Cartan in the 1920's, now known as ECT (Einstein-Cartan-theory.) No adequate instrumentation for valuable measurements is known. Most work done was in Russia, a bit in the US.
    Five anomalies in astronomy and physics institutional science refuses to deal with straightforwardly are:
    The speed of light changing:
    Light itself can be emitted from any atom. Incoming energy can force an electron out of its proper position in relation to the nucleus of an atom. When the electron snaps back into position, a photon of light is released. The speed of this light is measured by several means. What is being measured is the time it takes for light to leave its source and then reach its final destination of absorption. This can be measured in a variety of ways.

    For about 300 years, despite all error bar accomodations, despite all allowances for instrumental and human error, the measured speed of light was measured as dropping continuously if only slightly. This was being discussed in scientific journals and lecture halls until 1941. What happened that year was nothing short of bizarre.

    Dr. Birge, of the University of California at Berkeley, was considered the 'keeper of the constants.' He kept the official records of the measurements of a number of constants which had actually been measured as changing. He did not like the changes, but he was admitting to them. Until August of that year, when, an article he authored appeared in Reports on Progress in Physics. Here is the first paragraph of that paper. Read it carefully:
    "This paper is being written on request -- and at this time on request. In spite of the delusive word "constants" appearing in the title, it is the continual variation in the values of these quantities that furnishes most of the interest in the subject. It would indeed be disheartening to any real scientist to feel that an accepted value of any physical constant would never again be changed. The most characteristic ceature of science -- in general and in particular -- is its never-ending change. But what one must not overlook is the fact that it is the probable value of any given constant that changes, not its actual value. A belief in any significant variability of the constants of nature is fatal to the spirit of science, as science is now understood." (emphases in the original) ("The General Physical Constants, as of August 1941 with details on the velocity of light only," by Raymond T. Birge, University of California, Berkeley. Progress in Physics vol 8, 1941, p90)

    If you read that paragraph carefully, you will see the last two sentences are in direct contradiction to everything else before them. Nevertheless, the speed of light was, from that time on, declared a constant -- meaning its value was unchanging. This, despite measurements to the contrary. Today the attitude is the same. Any data disagreeing with the declaration that the speed of light is constant must be wrong due to one cause or another, because the speed of light has been declared a constant. Period.

    The way the speed of light is measured today does not help the situation. It is normally measured by atomic means, which means the measurements depend on atomic processes. It is assumed the atomic processes have remained the same. However light itself, and therefore its speed, is the result of atomic processes. Measuring the one by the other is something like using two elastic bands. Neither is stretched. One is marked off in inches in the unstretched position. The other marked, too, but just with lines matching the inch marks on the other bit of elastic. If you hold both pieces of elastic together and stretch them, the second piece will still have its marks matching the first piece and it will still appear to be the same length between marks, as shown by the inch numbers on the first piece. But they are both stretching together, so you are really not getting an accurate picture of what is going on. This is what happens when the speed of light is measured by other atomic constants.

    Light itself can be emitted from any atom. Incoming energy can force an electron out of its proper position in relation to the nucleus of an atom. When the electron snaps back into position, a photon of light is released. The speed of this light is measured by several means. What is being measured is the time it takes for light to leave its source and then reach its final destination of absorption. This can be measured in a variety of ways.

    For about 300 years, despite all error bar accomodations, despite all allowances for instrumental and human error, the measured speed of light was measured as dropping continuously if only slightly. This was being discussed in scientific journals and lecture halls until 1941. What happened that year was nothing short of bizarre.

    Dr. Birge, of the University of California at Berkeley, was considered the 'keeper of the constants.' He kept the official records of the measurements of a number of constants which had actually been measured as changing. He did not like the changes, but he was admitting to them. Until August of that year, when, an article he authored appeared in Reports on Progress in Physics. Here is the first paragraph of that paper. Read it carefully:
    "This paper is being written on request -- and at this time on request. In spite of the delusive word "constants" appearing in the title, it is the continual variation in the values of these quantities that furnishes most of the interest in the subject. It would indeed be disheartening to any real scientist to feel that an accepted value of any physical constant would never again be changed. The most characteristic ceature of science -- in general and in particular -- is its never-ending change. But what one must not overlook is the fact that it is the probable value of any given constant that changes, not its actual value. A belief in any significant variability of the constants of nature is fatal to the spirit of science, as science is now understood." (emphases in the original) ("The General Physical Constants, as of August 1941 with details on the velocity of light only," by Raymond T. Birge, University of California, Berkeley. Progress in Physics vol 8, 1941, p90)

    If you read that paragraph carefully, you will see the last two sentences are in direct contradiction to everything else before them. Nevertheless, the speed of light was, from that time on, declared a constant -- meaning its value was unchanging. This, despite measurements to the contrary. Today the attitude is the same. Any data disagreeing with the declaration that the speed of light is constant must be wrong due to one cause or another, because the speed of light has been declared a constant. Period.

    The way the speed of light is measured today does not help the situation. It is normally measured by atomic means, which means the measurements depend on atomic processes. It is assumed the atomic processes have remained the same. However light itself, and therefore its speed, is the result of atomic processes. Measuring the one by the other is something like using two elastic bands. Neither is stretched. One is marked off in inches in the unstretched position. The other marked, too, but just with lines matching the inch marks on the other bit of elastic. If you hold both pieces of elastic together and stretch them, the second piece will still have its marks matching the first piece and it will still appear to be the same length between marks, as shown by the inch numbers on the first piece. But they are both stretching together, so you are really not getting an accurate picture of what is going on. This is what happens when the speed of light is measured by other atomic constants.

    The changing mass of subatomic particles
    Atomic constants refer to the rate of atomic processes. When we are in school, be it high school physics or college or university, one of the things we NEVER hear is the idea that some of the atomic constants might not be so constant. This absolute 'constancy' is the backbone of a good part of physics today.

    It was not always so. Up until 1941, when the above-quoted Birge article came out, the subject of the varying measurements that were being seen regarding some of the constants was one of the major topics in the journals concerned with this sort of thing. Planck’s Constant was increasing. The speed of light was decreasing. What was interesting was that the speed of light MULTIPLIED by Planck's constant was always the same. As one went up the other went down in a precise inverse ratio. The product of Planck’s Constant, h, and the speed of light, c is a true constant. Something like the number 12. You can reach it a number of ways in multiplication: 1 x 12, 2 x 6, or 3 x 4. As one goes up the other multiplicand has to go down proportionately, but the product is always 12.

    There are true atomic constants, and then there are those which are not truly constant but have been measured as changing. It is these which are the ‘anomalous’ data which much be accounted for.

    The quantization of the red shift:
    If the red shifting of light were an indication of an expanding universe, we would expect to see a smooth variation in increasing measurements as we look out further and further. But what we actually see are clumps of measurements and then a sudden jump to another distinct clump of measurements.

    What has also been seen is that in the centers of galaxy clusters, where movement is known to be very fast, there is a 'smearing out' of the measurements exactly as we would expect movement to produce. So why is the presumed movement of the presumed expansion of the universe not doing the same thing? Is it expanding in jumps and starts?

    And why, at the most distant reaches of the universe known are the red shift measurements suddenly so severely red shifted that their measurements are off all expected scales? We read in the press and journals that the universe is expanding ever faster at its edges. This is because they are trying to make sense of these enormous red shift measurements at those distances.

    Is it possible that red shift is NOT an indicator of an expanding universe, but due to something else?

    The measured changes in something called Planck’s Constant:
    Planck's constant itself is the measure of something called 'uncertainty.' The jiggling motion of subatomic particles means it is impossible to tell where they are at any given instant in time. They move too fast. But we can see the general area they take up in their jiggling motion. The size of this area indicates the amount of uncertainty in the actual position of the subatomic particle at any instant. So as they get jiggled more, they take up more space, and the uncertainty about exactly where they are at any instant increases. This uncertainty is called Planck's Constant. Only the actual measurements show it is not a constant at all. It has varied in time. Planck's Constant, called 'h' mathematically, measures two things, then: the strength of the ZPE as well as the resultant uncertainty connected with subatomic particles.

    Planck’s constant has been measured as changing. It does not appear that it is a constant at all.

    The fact that the atomic clock, as measured by atomic processes, does not run at the same rate as our orbital clock, or the way we measure time by our motion through space.

    Add out of place artifacts and the list goes on and on.

  219. Vlatko


    The first part of your comment is just patronizing... not worth responding.

    Every drug out there has a side effects. Every drug besides beneficial effects has some destructive effects on some body organs and systems. There is no doubt about that, and that is NO conspiracy. Plus no one is forcing you to take any drug. What pharma is telling you is this: "Look, we found this drug to be 80% successful with curing your condition. You can take it but be aware that it has the following short term and long term side effects... bla, bla. Also, you should know that every drug is not 100% safe.

    It is true that pharma companies will go unethical if they can, but that is not a scientific matter. Any profit driven system will create unethical corporations. If the factory near your home has the slightest possibility to dump their waste in the river nearby, in order to increase their profit margin, they will do it for sure.

    You want to aim ultra high powered telescopes, which cost billions of dollars, just to prove to some random crackpots that there is no Mars face on Mars. You have to be kidding. For the record I want a probe to go to Titan (a few more billion of dollars), to prove or disprove that there is no magical unicorn there, for which I think there is one.

    The book was "not closed" on gravity when Newton made his theories to, and it was "not closed" when Einstein made his. Rest assured, the book is "never closed."

  220. over the edge

    i thought you were all about discovering things out for yourself and not just believing what you are told? if that is true why did you copy and paste most of your post from Barry Setterfield's work (if it can be called that) without even giving him credit (intellectually dishonest). anyone interested in his beliefs should google him and find out for themselves. respond if you wish but you have spent any credibility when you plagiarized someone else and i will not take anything you say seriously or as a critical or free thought

  221. Achems_Razor


    I will start at the bottom, the way we measure time by our motion through space is called time dilation, time is only relative to where and against what you are measuring time from. Time has to have a source and is measured by the universe in motion, but again is relative from were you are.

    Planck constant=h... is not changing.
    Value 6.626 869 57x10-34 J s
    Standard uncertainty 0.000 000 29x10-34 J s
    Relative standard uncertainty 4.4x10-8
    Concise form 6.626 069 57(29)x10-34 J s

    There are pro's and con's on red shift but it is not put on the back burner, always working on that.

    Already tried with the neutrinos to nullify the speed of light constant, the speed of light stays the same.

    Not quite sure what you were getting at with the rest.

    Edit, one thing I should of added, especially in quantum mechanics there is always a very very slight error, impossible to get everything perfect, but as close as it can probably get, that is just the way it is.

  222. Achems_Razor

    Ha, Ha, I did not realize that Tactitian post was copy paste to me, I replied to him right from "dashboard" If I knew that would not have bothered.

  223. Tactician

    I think not, if you believe unquestionably all data from accepted authorities just because it's an accepted institution on any matter, that is what is called being sheep. If there is a hint of question of doubt about presented data, then it a true opinion of any value should only be made when that data has been analyzed objectively by several sources, not just one organization.
    Therefore it follows that since we are dependent upon one organization's photographs for data concerning the face anomaly, it is not truly objective, nor without agenda-of that we cannot be sure.
    Not to mention the alignment of several pyramid shaped structures which correspond to the Giza plateau pyramids as well as the constellation Orion. Take a look at the pyramid-like formations near the face anomaly, pretty wild "coincidence" if it is, another anomaly with astronomical odds of random placement. This should be examined further because we just don't know, and any serious research into all the photographs surrounding that area reveals something very unusual there. Of course there isn't money to put towards this so it will be brushed aside as already stated...

  224. Tactician

    I posted that quickly as I didn't have time to go into the sources etc. sorry-sheesh, when I have to post giant amounts of data for fun I really don't have time to post cited references for every idea. This takes to much time as it is, find your own data of thats the most important aspect of a discussion. Yes it's his data cool. And he is not the only one who has analyzed that data. Also, it is not the point about only using original ideas, it is examining all the data and ideas to determine for yourself, to find your way to the core of what is the closest to the truth. There is no way you can re-invent the wheel for all knowldge, the best one can do is correlate, filter, analyze, and synthesize new theories and postulations.

  225. over the edge

    first off if including sources requires time you don't have maybe you should wait til you have more time before posting. this is an anonymous discussion. we as posters are unable to read many of the cues that are present in other forms of communication so we use what we can. when a post is plagiarized it leaves a bad first impression and also wastes the time of the others on this thread. giving the source allows others an insight into the person they are communicating with and also makes verifying claims easier. if a source is given that a poster is familiar with or has already been confirmed or debunked it makes the conversation and learning easier. that is what a lot of us are here for.

  226. Tactician

    There was no plagiarism, the data wasn't used for commerical purposes. It was posted to present purely the information. Yes it should have been credited, and from now on I will, as I have in the past credit referenced text, but jumping on the crediting to nitpick rather then answering the questions it poses is just avoiding the issue. The other things you posted are fine, sure.

  227. Gürkan Hantal

    I don't know, but there's a contradiction in all this. If some aliens with supermodern technology built all these monuments, why would they build stone monuments? I mean, at least they must have super advanced electronic vehicles, devices etc, but they're using those gadgets to built stone things?

  228. Kerrstarr

    wow! you guys sure are smart! arguing about posting and quotes and stuff... your professors must be proud...
    ancient aliens, for dummies? oh wait- kids on mommy and daddy's dime, gettin edumacated...
    p.s. the program is as silly as the comments. not worth the watch.

  229. Mark Clavelle

    From the opening, and tone of the narrators voice, nothing in the subject is given due credit or even an honest portrayal. The whole video is low quality, and quite sarcastic of everything it mentions. A big ZERO for wasting any reasonable person's time.

  230. Rod

    my simple question is, as there are so many pyramids, hundreds or thousands around the world, how is it they were built across continents in times when written word was in early stages, where did all these pre history builders comunicate, not only word but a high level of maths/geometry etc, it seems the whole planet was at some time populated by an intelligent being before us

  231. Jan Has Art

    even you watched it..what a waste of time ..

  232. Catzi

    Good question. now think about it, if I park a toyata prius and leave it untouched for thousands of years, what would be left of it?
    My grandfathers old pickup truck isn't even recognizable after it was abandoned less then 60 years ago. I think the most obvious is stone lasts forever while super advanced vehicles devices and gadgets and such will eventually succumb to natural degrading. So now I think the question is why would someone want these buildings to last forever? store secrets? galaxy 'road signs'? BTW, Even the strongest believers in 'ancient alien theories' agree its not necessary to think aliens BUILT them, but its just as plausible that they somehow HELPED by some sort of instructions or passed on knowledge.

  233. ShadowMan

    ...There are pyramids all over the world, why were people so far apart from each other, building pyramids? And did all those world pyramids house their leaders/kings etc? Did the Pharaoh of Egypt like the Giza Great pyramid, (Rumors that the Great pyramid at Giza was there, way before the Egyptians!) and wanted to be buried in it? He liked the sophistication of it maybe, plus it was like a ‘safe box’ to him, difficult to break into.

    Who went around the world to show how to build pyramids? Unless people had sea transportation that we today don’t know about. Why was the pyramid so popular with everyone around the world? Someone said they are, (built by aliens) power points for alien spacecraft in refueling, electrical power points. Who really knows, one thing, nobody really knows what the Great pyramid was built for!

  234. Nicola-Jane Wiseman

    What has some guy who runs a dating agency and fiddles about ocd style with a Rubiks Cube got to do with this subject? - AND he was the most credible of that bunch. Oh - forgot to mention the patronising narrator. Clearly just one big p*** take.

  235. Dyno Pascal

    I'd say it's a puzzle to be solved in time. Now that we can see the connection, stones carved thousands of years with such precision, showing to have understanding of the universe, the 26000 year cycle of the zodiac belt, the mathematical numbers used to build these buildings (withing the metrical system). As you said, it's logical to use stone, and apparently, it lasted long enough for us to reach the space age.

  236. Broderick Fenwick

    what about the pyramids also known as structures in brazil.. ti-o-ti-da-con

  237. FunButLearn

    Its really very difficult to take huge stone pieces to top of those pyramids. It remained as a mystery.

  238. Les Kovacs

    I watched less than 2 mins and was thinking what a load of crap LOL

  239. William Bragg

    Then why bother to even click play if you had the predetermination in your mind that it was crap?

  240. Herbert Marone

    Who Built the Pyramids and Why?
    The reality is the Pyramids were built with the help of our descendants from the sky, extraterrestrials as you would call them,Anunnaqis, as the Sumerians called them, and the Neteru as the Egyptians called them. These beings were the First Kings, rulers or Pharaohs of Ta-Merra, Egypt, and the Pyramids were built as beacons, so that they would know where to land their ships, and once there, it could recharge. These Pyramids were rebuilt or reconstructed several times. The thing that Egyptologist, Historians and Archeologist are missing, is that if the Ancient Egyptians actually built the Pyramids, you would see depictions of this on the walls, just like you see depictions of their everyday life. The great Pyramid of Giza was the first Pyramid built in Egypt, however the Pyramids in Nubia predate the Giza Pyramid. This great Pyramid of Giza, as you have been taught was not built by Pharaoh Khufu but by Adafa (Enoch), with the help of Extraterrestrial. We are informed through out many ancient Egyptian text such as "The Book of the Dead Coming Forth By Day", "The Book of Two Ways", "The Book Of Gates", The Book of Ways", "The Book of Gates", "The Book of What Is In The Dust", "The Coffin Text" and what is known as the "Pyramid Text", about the secrets at Giza, however till this day Archeologist have only found closed secret chambers in the southern shaft of the Queens Chamber founded by two French Architects, named Gilles Dormion and Jean-Patrice Goidin, and then by a Japanese Scientist team led by Professor Sakuji Yoshimura. There findings were kept secret, until it was publicized by the German Archaeologist Rudolf Gantenbrink, and a robot he constructed named Upuaut II. Refer to "Science of the Pyramids" by Dr. Melachi Z. York

  241. I AM POP SLAG.

    If anyone is actually considering this question and considering viewing this gubbins- i can tell you the answer is no- they didnt,
    neither did goblins construct stone henge

  242. cyphi1

    It's not the design itself that's amazing, true that a pyramid it's a simple shape. However the Great Pyramid is more complex than it would appear at first glance. it's actually composed of eight sides not four and more than 2.5 million stones were used in its construction (with some weighing upwards of 40 tons). Not to mention the entire monument was covered in limestone casing. I'm sure it was much more impressive and wondrous during its heyday than it is now and I'm still amazed by it!!!

  243. cyphi1

    that would take forever.

  244. Nickelthrower

    Ya know, I don't have television in my home nor have I had television in my home at all in my adult life. Is this something that passes for serious television? How could the Discovery Channel run something so terrible - so childish?

  245. carlos

    Lisa / Sasha needs a straight jacket, padded walls might also be helpful

  246. kris

    Aliens? No. No, they didn't.

    Spiderman built the pyramids. FACT!

  247. Paul

    Hello Herbert, you know your stuff i might add firstly. I never knew the Great Pyramid of Giza was the first one built, but i have saw these other ones that are dome shaped, as if they who-ever they were, were getting it wrong, and trying again. I was also told that the Pyramids at Giza replacate this star group, but if the world takes a 'wobble' every 16.000 years, or correct me if it's 26.000. The planets all align, and 2012 was when the Mayans Calender stopped. This is why a lot of folk thought the world was ending on 21rst of December 2012. So the Earth does this wobble, and the stars in the sky as we see them tonight, won't be the way they looked to the Pyramid builders thousands of years ago. So in my mind, that blows that out the water...Thankyou for teaching me a couple of things...Bye..Paul.

  248. Paul

    She was probably just making sure, as you, and i know, this internet, and half the world is full of liars, and bull shitters, so if you want to find out for yourself, check. She did, and then realised, yes it is crap, but she made her own mind up on it, not believing others. What a really sad surname. Deed Poll for you. A vegetarian looks at a sausage, and says "that's disgusting" So other person says "oh is that right, better not eat one then" No you try and decide. Goodbye...Paul. Next time, have a wee thought before hitting the keys.

  249. xyz

    i believe firmly in aliens

  250. Alexis15

    i love alien stories so mysterious and intertesting

  251. Fred Bunson

    Man did not build them. They still cannot lift 100 ton stones or cut them to the accuracy with lasers. The egyptian's used bronze chisels?
    Granite cannot be cut by bronze unless you hammer away for thousands of years. IMPOSSIBLE.

  252. Judith Woolworth Donahue

    the ancient sites are giant ideogram pictionary...YOU can see the answers...Easter near 1000 volcano statue ring when you magnify the entire island is a ideogram of the real ring of fire near 1000 dormant + erupting volcanoes,,,add faces they would be twins....GIZA was originally mirrorlike encased +is rebus of a real natural phenomena when restored SUPER VOLCANIC MIRROR where highly solar reflective acid rain aerosols surround planet after super eruption in strato,,,stays up reflects away sun drops temps everytime....Sphinx makes it geoengineering instruction"get it right you live" + geoengineered in smaller form we already know a super volcanic mirror would work because PINATUBO 1991 did just that....its as easy as reading a duck crossing sign you simply have to know the volcanology to SEE it

  253. Judith Woolworth Donahue

    We have the entire answer other than how it was built....the beginning , the end, the why....the 2 megaliths up ALPHA + OMEGA solved...Easter the keycode mimic ring of fire + Giza the SRM of geoengineering restored with mirror casing SUPER VOLCANIC MIRROR+ we have the third piece the CDR...see other post on here more....+ this opens the 6th seal of revelations they wove the message through everything ,time , bible , across earth etc...6th seal: ..it is super volcano.....skies darken *ash+debris at first in strato* earth shakes, continents shift with the force...stars fall from heaven is the embers + pyrokinetics shot to stratosphere coming back down seeming like stars from heaven, after debris clears acid rain in strato cause solar to deflect which causes the moon to blood...+ the pyroclastics clouds look like the earth is scrolling....someone had to solve it sooner or later : ) we did....its quite frightening what it says will happen...it says you will all goof off + think you get the right combination of CDR + SRM geoengineering...there are many combinations of both ...but the sphinx tells you only ONE right combo.....it says man will use volcanic mirror *srm solar dimming* + waters run red * the use of iron ore dust to red tide seed algae bloom the waters to suck out co2 cdr* yet still will come the day of the lord the end of world...cause its the WRONG combo the cdr is wrong...no man will see it coming because they are not looking, they will think they solved it...

  254. common_sense_north

    Total nonsense! It is okay to not know the answer to everything with having to take a religious or extraterrestrial leap.

  255. Teddy Mcd

    That's right - I was recently reading Fenyman and as he said and I agree via this paraphrase, 'I am happy knowing that I don't and won't know it all'. - sort of a Zen thing.

  256. Derek Seymour

    totally...we're probably an alien experiment

  257. Derek Seymour

    aliens gave us the gift of lego. mark my words. plus, i found an alien face on my eggs(sunny side up).

  258. Derek Seymour

    hmmm, interesting

  259. Judith Woolworth Donahue

    Its all Pictionary...think pictionary...Look at my avatar..Easter statues are made of *carved from* a volcano , the red tops are scoria *lava*.What do you call a man dressed in a volcano suit with an erupting lava hat?VOLCANO MAN,,,a volcanologist!...A ring of volcanologist within a ring of volcanoes....Both rings have the same description :Near 1000 each volcano statues / real volcanoes,in a ring, in the Pacific basin, dormant or erupting lava, some beneath ocean some above, and some partially finished in process of creation...The ENTIRE island is an ideogram of the ring of fire it sits within,made by volcanologists...Add faces to the real volcano ring and they would be twins...IN visual communication the ideogram speaks it says "Ring of 1000 Volcanoes" and sits within the only ring on earth of 1000 volcanoes....Its frigging Pictionary only real volcanology....I have literally tons more solved.....They wrote across earth, part of the writing is instructions to cool earth....

  260. Derek Seymour

    Pictionary? No. Lego

  261. Judith Woolworth Donahue

    Does no person on this planet remember Pictionary? Win lose or draw? its EASY visual communication....attempting to mock me is silly.IF you read it there is NOWAY you did not understand....if you understand not only is it coolest beans on earth,the other pieces are the instructions to cool this planet and save everyone we love...I suggest you digest that...and a planet of people attempting to engage me or play dumb had best wake up

  262. Derek Seymour

    All good. I'll try to learn more about Pictionary. I'm not mocking you.

  263. Teddy T

    Because It isn't the logical answer. F**king hell, some people are so desperate for more that they can't see the clarity staring them in the face. You throw hundreds of thousands of slaves, beat them to become machines and then you'll see the ability of man to build to such a level. Why has nothing been left behind of the 'alien technology' that built them if there was such.

  264. Judith Woolworth Donahue

    NP..Pictionary is simply based on visual communication.If you SEE a duck it says "duck" in visual communication.So "what you see" is the answer...If you see men wearing volcano outfits with erupting lava hats it would be a volcanologist.If there is a ring of those men within a matching ring of volcanoes that would be volcanology.The Easter statues are made / carved from an actual volcano the hats are dried scoria*lava"..Bring the hats to liife you see the ring of volcano men...inside the ring of volcanoes they mimic...Pictionary!

  265. Judith Woolworth Donahue

    Awesome Derek.... look on my Facebook pages posts...there are more and all the science NASA , , history etc is there below the solutions!

  266. Vegan Pilot

    Not a mention of the idea that Giza Pyramid was actually a power station of sorts...
    Makes much more sense that a civilisation would spend enormous resources building a power station rather than a tomb for a pharoah. Also no mention of the dating of the pyramids.. erosion of the site, geologically would date them at around 35000 years old apparently.

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