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Even after more than four thousand years, the Pyramids in Egypt continue to inspire awe and wonderment for their sheer size, complexity, and the lingering questions and myths regarding the manner in which they were constructed so long ago. With no record of how they were originally constructed, much work has been done to untangle these mysteries, and researchers have arrived at a series of probable conclusions. These revelations form the basis for the new Naked Science documentary Pyramids.

How did the Egyptians manage to craft such a massive structure to such an acutely accurate degree? How were the millions of heavy stones transported without the use of a crane? What was the thinking behind their inventive triangular design? And who was ultimately responsible for layering brick upon brick?

These are questions that continue to challenge and perplex even the most accomplished engineers and Egyptologists. This is particularly the case with the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. Standing 481 feet into the air, 775 feet in diameter, and weighing the equivalent of sixteen Empire State buildings, this iconic structure is the only surviving Wonder of the World. It consists of millions of heavy stones weighing as much as 50 tons each.

The experts in the film demonstrate the incredible precision with which these stones were layered, and speculate as to which rudimentary tools of the time they could have utilized to achieve this. We hear a recounting of how tireless the efforts must have been to complete the project; 25,000 workers placing a block every two minutes over a period of 23 years. The film also provides well-reasoned examinations of long-standing myths (were the pyramids really built on the backs of slaves?), we're given a sense of what these structures represented to the Egyptian people, and engineers attempt to explain how they've managed to remain nearly intact after so many thousands of years.

It's difficult to imagine a more stunning work of architecture in the known history of our planet, or one that is more wrapped in riddles and mysteries. With an infectious inquisitiveness typical of the Naked Science documentary series, Pyramids weaves a spell as tantalizing and entrancing as its subject.

Directed by: Jobim Sampson

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3 years ago

Pharaoh said: "O Haman! Build me a lofty palace, that I may attain the ways and means-The ways and means of (reaching) the heavens, and that I may mount up to the Allah of Moses: But as far as I am concerned, I think (Moses) is a liar!" Thus was made alluring, in Pharaoh's eyes, the evil of his deeds, and he was hindered from the Path; and the plot of Pharaoh led to nothing but perdition (for him).

5 years ago

It would seem that certain people do not want us to know how such things were built and why. What would happen if we did? We might not have need of a lot of things that cost us a LOT of dough. We could do it ourselves without them and their costly equipment, fuel, power, etc. Wouldn't need much that the banksters own and peddle.

It is said that the Coral Castle in Florida was built by one man in more modern times, Edward Leedskalnin, under cover of darkness to keep it a mystery. He didn't use modern heavy construction equipment either. He just claimed to know the secret of the pyramids.

Michael Tellinger has some interesting theories on various ancient structures including the pyramids. He seems to think acoustic energy was somehow used to lift and locate the stones. Could this be why certain chambers in the pyramid are so acoustically resonate?

Tellinger noted that the same ice cream cone shaped stone devices were found at ancient sites as some kids mention Leedskalnin was holding when they interrupted him.

All I know for sure is that I didn't build the pyramids but some days it feels like I've been towing a big stone around. I think that stone is called big brother.

5 years ago

use the metric system damn it

Kur Shakur
5 years ago

Honestly for my understanding this Egyptian pyramids, were build by black people which is they were from Sudan a tribe call Nubian. I don't believe Egyptian done anything to these pyramids, all they do is lie after lie who's did this who's did not.

5 years ago

Honestly it is incredibly obvious to me that the pyramids were not built the way we are meant to believe they were. I am not questioning the intelligence or capabilities of our human ancestors, but the construction of these pyramids (not only the ones in Egypt but also the thousands that are elsewhere around the world) are, to be quite frank, an architectural marvel. Here in the 21st century, we are unable to replicate the precision and accuracy of these pyramids even with the machines and technology we have today. We have the internet, we have maps, we have Google, etc and we still cannot replicate the work. The thought that ancient humans actually created these structures with primitive tools is incredibly stupid. It makes no sense.

I am not saying "aliens" did it, as that term itself conjures up a silly image in people's minds. I don't know what or who built the pyramids. I don't know what they are called or where they came from. The only fact or truth I can gather from the evidence that has accumulated over centuries of time is that somebody or "something" with a far more advanced technology than what we are even capable of today built these structures.

I am not a loony conspiracy theorist that reads into things and tries to find proof or evidence when it is not there. I am very logical and open-minded. Somebody else built the pyramids. Duh. It is so obvious. If you still are clenching tightly to the more comfortable and safe line of thinking that you have grown up with, try opening up your mind a little bit. Be willing to question and ponder things right in front of you.

6 years ago

I wonder if anyone else found the physics and explanations of quarrying, sizing, transporting, and the setting of these massive blocks helpful in the video in the link below? Have a look. If we can work this out today, what would have prevented our ancestors from doing the same?

6 years ago

The fact that we even question how they did it means one thing, we have no idea of the tech they had at that time.
That doesn't mean aliens gave them all the info they needed to build it, it just means they were actually smarter than we are now, they had a focus and made that work, unlike what we are now with nothing to focus on but trying to understand ourselves and where we went wrong .

6 years ago

i dont get why people think it was effing aliens. we can split atoms, send satellites out of our solar system and splice genetic code from one organism into the egg/sperm/zygote of another yet people still want to think it 'had to be aliens' that built the pyramid.

get a grip and tighten up! we can stack blocks. its not science rocket...

i will agree that their time tables are wrong when it comes to ancient cultures, but its not aliens. smmh...

6 years ago

When the sheeple voice their imagination hilarity ensues. BEST COMMENT SECTION EVER

6 years ago

The pyramids of Cheops of Egypt was not built by those living near it at that time because the people we call Egyptians today did not show up until thousands of years later after all 3 pyramids were constructed. The pyramids have been around even before the Great of Flood according to the Talmud and other ancient texts. If you google a celestial map of the stars, then compare an areal view of the pyramids of Cheops, you will notice the pyramids line up with the constellation of Orion as if someone was mimicking the night sky, also, on the North and South side of the main pyramid you will notice a port that aligns perfectly with the north star and south on again, Orions belt. The ancient wall hieroglyphics found in Egypt say that the God's came from what we call Orion. Coincidence? No mummy has ever been found in any of the 3 main pyramids. The original thinking was thousands of slaves pushed each stone on wood rollers piling up each one to form a pyramid. Today they found that is not accurate. The smallest stone weighs 3 tons to be pushed from were they think the limestones were formed miles away on a ground of sand mind you? Unless you actually been there and stood in the Kings chamber to view its ancient awsome wonder, the acoustics inside are fantastic as they recently discovered that the shape and perfect polished walls are like resonators of sounds that can tune a musical instrument. No, the pyramids were not constructed by slaves, no by man as what was thought long ago. There is so much science involved here that deals not just with there construction, but energy that flows around it and in it as well. Do your own research before you discount higher beings that played a major role in our existence.

Robert Stokley
6 years ago

Very interesting.

6 years ago

I'm getting a little tired of modern western humans calling ancient peoples simple or lesser because they don't have computers or lasers. They were basically us, in terms of intelligence, just making the best use of what they had, whether is was stars, stone, or sand. Egypt had thousands of years to master working in stone, so their accomplishments shouldn't be surprising.

And no, Edwardo, aliens and fairies were not involved.

6 years ago

yep edwardo, and roman monuments are built by fairies and giants, just like folk tales are telling us, and 'people' still believe it!

7 years ago

My opinion: logical elimination leaves only extraterrestrials or an ancient civilization whose energy wasn't based on electricity or fossil fuels.

rodney waller
7 years ago

unbelievable documentary,literally.