Did Jesus Die?

Did Jesus Die?

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Did Jesus Die?This film investigates the variety of stories surrounding the New Testament account of the crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, by interviewing historians, theologians and historical researchers. This exploration of the latest theories about what really happened to Jesus 2000 years ago uncovers some surprising possibilities.

At the heart of the mystery is the suspicion that Jesus might not actually have died on the cross. The film concludes that it was perfectly possible to survive crucifixion in the 1st Century - there are records of people who did. But if Jesus survived, what happened to him afterwards?

One of the most remarkable stories concerns the charismatic preacher Jus Asaf (Leader of the Healed) who arrived in Kashmir in around 30 AD. Just before he died at the age of 80, Jus Asaf claimed that he was in fact Jesus Christ and the programme shows his tomb, next to which are his carved footprints which bear the scars of crucifixion.

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4 years ago

Who the hell is Jesus?

4 years ago

The real Christian are not use the cross

Dady long
4 years ago

Kinda strange how the know how the earth is made and know everything about Jesus but yet the have no idea how build the pyramids makes you thing how humans are brainwashed by religion

Angela McCarthy
5 years ago

If you do not believe what the bible says, you cannot call yourself a Christian. If Christ didn't die for mankind then what hope do we have.

James Paul Asirvatham
6 years ago

How come 20 century man can make analysis of 2000 yearsago What rubbish analysis done by BBC

7 years ago

how can you teach the bible and not believe in it you are not men of god you can not bring men to god how can you teach the word of god if you dont believe i am a believer in god and that Jesus rose from the dead look closer to your heart and see if you are real to your self my prayers go out to toyou

10 years ago

This controversy has existed from the very beginning, and the writings of the Church fathers themselves reveal that they were constantly forced by the Pagan intelligentsia to defend what the non-Christians
and other Christians ("heretics") alike saw as a preposterous and fabricated yarn with absolutely no evidence of it
ever having taken place in history.

10 years ago

In the early days of Christianity,Christians were divided...those who believed that the phyisical body of Christ had risen and those who believed (mostly now air brushed out ) it was his spiritual body(spirit materialization) In my view the early church backed the wrong side ( Phyisical resurrection ) What is the point of Jesus phyisical body in the next world ? It was his spirt (Etheric body) that materialized... In the next life we will live in spirit (not a phyisical one), its a duplicate on a finer vibration.Jesus was demonstrating this to the various witness's,this was a wonderful demonstration of survival on the part of Jesus.To reiterate...It was a Spiritual Materialisation not a Phyisical Resurrection.

john kay
11 years ago

Jesus and many other "gods" are men that became kings that became gods just like stories become legends and legends become myths.
To me, Jesus Christ is just the Judaism version of what others had done prior. Each person out doing the prior
Same goes with the bible (old and new)

11 years ago

religion was created by the rich so that the poor would not rise up and kill them.

11 years ago

The God and Allah freaks are the most evilest people on this planet..Imagines there is no God and Allah freaks in this world, there will peace... peace for gay and lesbian..

Aaron Deville
11 years ago

do u lot bleave in jesus? and god? pmsl.........

11 years ago

Did anyone catch that when they were talking about Jesus death they completely missed the fact that they STABBED him, I wanted to pull my hair out of my head because they missed this crucial point of the death. Water and blood flowed from his side, which if you do your research, usually means your dead/heart exploded (specifically your Aorta). They conveniently missed that part in John 19:34. Just saying, I wish they would have discussed it instead of brushing over it. oh, and 15 years guy read Mathew 24:36 and explain that ;)

11 years ago

Jesus did not die; but He was raised to God's sight. But he will be sent back to earth in the End Times. And He is on earth now and we will be able to see him within 15 years.

11 years ago

Christ, i wanted to repeat someone's question here, because i googled the question, and it led me back here where i was trying to find the answer anyway:
does anyone remember the doc, where it suggested that jesus was the son of cleopatra and marcus aurelius?

11 years ago


11 years ago

It is possible to understand the words in the Bible that describe the death of "Jesus" in a different way then is common.

I understand the importance of avoiding "verse mining" but to avoid it here is impractical. I've mined the other verses and i am using the ones that I have to get to the point quickly.

1- The Bible says that "everything hid would be REVEALED" and we should be careful what we were hearing (what "measure" we were using)

2- It also says "In that day (the day of "judgement") when the son of man is REVEALED"

3- It also says "I am the vine and you are the branches"

4- It also says "My body (the "vine of which we are all branches) is the temple To be raised again the third day"

5- It also says Be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day with the lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise".

6- also, "I live by the father and the father hath sent me."

7- also, "No man comes to the father but through me"

8- also when "Jesus" explained the parable of the soils he referred to the word "thorns" as "deceit of riches and cares of this life"

With these verse in mind we may consider the following concerning the description of the death of "Jesus" on the cross:

The "cross, which is an intersection of two structural elements represents passage through physical existence detecting two diametrically opposed motivations. This is our convicting consciences and our fear generating intellectual reasoning through which we engage our separate physical suffering detecting physical bodies. They are diametrically opposed in that responding to one involves ignoring the other. The nailing of the hands and feet is a reference to the fact that our works (hands) and our passage through physical existence (feet) are affected by the simultaneous detection of the two diametrically opposed motivations. In our initial nature we are most influenced by the lesser because our convicting consciences are in a low state of influence (The "preaching of "John", which "prepares the way"for "Jesus") When we are motivated by our physical bodies to make money our highest priority, the "crown of thorns"so to speak, our consciences grow weaker and weaker leaving us confident in our path through life, because we are no longer hearing the inner voice of the same which causes us question our path. Because love is traveling between our consciences gives life to them, (#6) like physical blood throughout the various parts of a physical body (#3), the withdraw of love leads to their death. This is "God" (i.e.-love) forsaking "Jesus" (our convicting consciences, #3) as we are driven by fear of physical suffering to protect our wealth(the crown of thorns) from the inconvenient demands of the love which flows between our hearts and the hearts of suffering people. This withdraw is also "the shedding of "blood" which pays for our sins, which is initially succumbing to the influence of our intellectual reasoning to avoid the influence of love to maintain the comfort of our physical bodies. The love that withdraws from people who are driven by their fear does not cease to exist but compresses stressfully into others who are compelled by their stronger consciences to embrace it's inconvenient influence. (To he that hath shall be given and he that hath little it shall be taken away)

As this increase in life-giving element produces convicting consciences of an increased motivation,as we move into the new millenium this is the "third day resurrection (#5) of Jesus' body ( our interrelating consciences, #4).

#7 is a reference to the fact that we cannot detect love in our physical senses, only through our sixth sense, our convicting consciences.

To see this interpretation involves a significant conviction of conscience to admit that we are fear driven to avoid a positive response to the suffering of others to protect our wealth.

It also involves fixing a figurative meaning to the following words:

Jesus-our conscience
Hands- our works
Feet- passage through the physical
Thorns- deceit of riches and cares of this life
God- love
cross- Simultaneous detection of two diametrically opposed motivations.

If one maintains these definitions in other passages where these words are used and considers the stories as figurative references to the interrelationship between out mechanical reasoning and our convicting consciences, they will begin to suspect a figurative meaning for other words that in time they will discover that they also are used with complete consistency. Consider the figurative definition for the word "thorns" used in the Genesis account of Adam and Eve and ask yourself what "Ground" might mean.

There are of course may interpretations of the Bible but since this is different I thought it worth mentioning.

11 years ago

@over the edge

It is a fact that the Bible has an interpretation that lacks contradiction.

When read as an historic account of physical events that occurred long ago, the Bible is clearly contradictory. The contradiction is spread fairly thin and it is not unusual to gloss over it and concentrate on what seems to be the intended interpretation. Many people who do this will lay claim to salvation that seems to others to make little sense. They may even be people who have little regard for the suffering of others. A person with a significant conviction of conscience is far more likely to notice this then a person who is selfish and indifferent. For a person who has a powerful conviction of conscience, the contradiction retained in these convenient interpretations is comforting, because they are the evidence that they are not true. But such a person, for the same reason, would gravitate towards the Bible because it claims the removal of this "world" and it's replacement with another.

Rather then to discard the Bible altogether, such a person may notice a structure that occurs throughout the volume. This is trains of identical words used by different writers (phrases), sometimes in relating the same story and other times in completely different stories. This structure also involves different writers relating the same story suddenly installing completely different details whereby both accounts cannot be reconciled. If the Bible is to lack contradiction, they must somehow be saying the same thing.

This can be accomplished by fixing figurative meanings to certain words that are always applied consistently throughout the whole of the volume. For example, the word "feet" means "passage through the physical". There is not one example in the Bible where this word maintains the definition that a dictionary would provide. The same is true for about a dozen other words. It is not necessary to apply these figurative meanings to eliminate contradiction in every passage where they are used, only in some. But by extending these figurative definitions to all passages where they are used, a new interpretation emerges whereby the Bible is no longer describing physical events of long ago, But is describing the motivational dynamics that spawned the creation event 13.7 billion years ago that also lie at the foundation of all human experience in their every day interaction with each other. This is the diametrically opposed nature of the motivating capacity of our convicting consciences and the processing of information through our other five physical senses from the individual perspective of our separate physical bodies.

Starting with the first four figurative meanings that the Bible gives us directly, they lead to the others and the best path to follow is dictated by the exact verbal agreement (what theologians call "The synoptic problem"). This verbal agreement was installed into the Bible to facilitate the emergence of the true interpretation (a "road map" so to speak) and the contradictions forces the fixing of the figurative meanings. They are necessary to have a text that is without contradiction.

If we were to consider our conviction of conscience to be like the volume control on a radio, we could understand this: When the volume is turned up we think one way and when the volume is turned down we think another way.

We are all engaged in a process, effected through our interaction with each other, whereby the volume is being turned up in some as it is being turned down in others.

According to the Bible and the field of human psychology, those in whom the volume is being turned down,will be motivated by their nature to see the new interpretation as false for the very same reason that an alcoholic will deny his addiction. This will only be accomplished by avoiding a critical study of the book that documents this interpretation of the Bible.

Those who absorb the reasoning in the book "The third Measure of Meal" will know that the new interpretation of the Bible is not the product of a personal agenda and could not be explained as coincidence because it explains so much that cannot be explained in any other way and it is verifiable in our common experience in life. It also explains in a ultimate fundamental reason why the universe is so old, vast and complex and identifies it's fundamental purpose.

11 years ago

@Achems Razor

The comment was repeated to different people who made comments significant to mine to bring mine to their attention . I know that they are notified when this is done. I did not intend all three for one person. If I do this again you may ignore the comments not directed to you. Is this against the rules? Are you the police? Or just a concerned citizen who wants to be. If I do this again does this make me a target for harassment? Why did you use the word "warning"?

12 years ago

@s.r my friend no one either in this programme or in this discission denies jesus was a real man. There are books and material out there though that explain where jesus went before he came back to palestine to do his ministry. And before you say oh there just works of fiction or just books...............i ask you this:- what is the bible? The only tangable evidence in the whole bible. i.e. evidence that theres proof of, is that jesus is a real man. The gospels dont even agree on several issues. They all contradict each other. My friend i so want to believe in God but you really have to look at this and say....would God let 9/11 happen, would God let little kids be molested or murdered or indeed anyone murdered. I'm sorry but that's not (at least for me) part of some great divine path He has for us. It is my belief that the bible was written by a group of intellectual men for political and religious gain. And again before you argue my point. Think about the times they lived in when the bible was written. To be frank, and i'm sorry to say this, but the bible is the cause of most of the violence in the world today which is a sad thing and brings me back to my earlier point...........what sort of God would allow this? M.L.F.

s. r.
12 years ago

the devil will do anything to mislead you to turn you away from god! jesus was a real human being on earth this is fact, there is proof. its your choice on how you look at him. all the religions acknowledge him. he was the only sinless man, and he died on the cross the cross so we can get into heaven! have faith people. what do you have to loose?

12 years ago

If any one come across this book called "Jesus lived in India" please read it. I don't think this book is available anywhere in Europe or America. Make you understand a lot.

12 years ago

Jesus as a buddhist? Hilarious. Imagine them teaching that, or even mentioning that as a serious possibility, in a bible college.

12 years ago

Christianity right from the very begining got corupted. People have been updated and revising new and improved versions right from the early days. Theres some wild theories out there in this doc. But there are possibilities of how it could of happened. But all in all there are too many codradictions in the Holy Bible.

12 years ago

To search for the truth is normal, it only goes to show that you wanna know more about him because he matters to your life. : )

12 years ago

To search for the truth is normal, it only goes to show that you wanna know more about him because he matters to your life. : )

12 years ago

Amen, without the shedding of blood were all cursed.the wholepoint was it was Jesus/Yeshua's purpose to clense our sins with his own blood.He is the Lord and our Father he is also the force through which we were even created - Genesis 1,26 "let us create man" Father the spirit and the Word (Yeshua) and the bible describes the Word as God. the bible also tells us that Yahweh tells us in no uncertain terms that their is, and will only ever be 1 God. in my eyes Yaweh is the physical representation of the spirit, Yeshua is the human version of the father(Yahweh), three different representations or forms of the same God. if you believe the bible as an accurate account, then didnt Yeshua/Jesus tell us he was the Alpha and the Omega,the first and last - the exact same thing Yahweh says in the old testament, he alsodescribes his self as the only saviour of the human race, again so does Yahweh in the old testament. doesnt Yahweh translate as Lord, which all of the apostle use as a term for Yeshua/Jesus. does this make any sense to anyone?

12 years ago

Given the amount of evil that is written in the new testament, I wonder if jesus was around in today's times, would we perhaps take his body off the cross this time, wrap him in a white sheet and bury him at sea. This fairy tale really has to end...

12 years ago

Happy to see the truth emerge after so many millions were brutally killed to cover the sin they themselves dished out to the world. Christianity is terrorism.

12 years ago

Jesus actually died twice:

Once on the cross.
Once on the internet.

Cya J-dog!

12 years ago

Bible is the same as Mein Kumpf - - - a political testament, intended to put "fear of god" in to men, and bend them in to submission, religion is the poison of the soul, and tragedy of humanity. Jesus was one of many Jews the so called prophets, saviours, call them what you want IF he even lived . . .

12 years ago

Muslims do not believe Jesus died.

Muslims believe God made Jesus ascend to Heaven and a look-a-like took his place.

Muslims also believe that God will send Jesus to come back to earth one day and reign. This will be the beginning of the end.

Peace be with you. :)

12 years ago

This is the worst, silly and unproven documentary i have ever seen. Those scholars are stupid. They should sit down, think, and look the whole bible and make a conclusion.The should ask , did the old testament said anything about the resurrection of Jesus the Christ? .The Muslim believe that Jesus died, some believe Jesus died at the age of 80, He can't died in 6 hours and He had children so on are ridiculous statements. Just look these few scriptures.

Messiah to be born of a virgin: Prophesied – Isaiah 7:14; Fulfilled – Matthew 1:18-25

Messiah to be accursed and crucified: Prophesied – Deuteronomy 21:22-23, Psalm 22, Psalm 69:21; Fulfilled – Matthew 27:34-50; John 19:28-30, Galatians 3:13

Messiah to be raised from the dead: Prophesied – Psalm 16:10; Fulfilled – Acts 13:35-37

12 years ago

to answer "why did Jesus die so quickly?", they conveniently left out the fact that he also had a hole speared into his side. kind of shows you the objective/objectivity of this documentary's creator right there. also, the slight differences in the accounts of the different men are left there to show how events are perceived differently by different people. but the spirit and the meaning of the Word never changes or contradicts itself if taken in context.

12 years ago

To correct a factual inaccuracy of this documentary... Muslims do not believe that Jesus died on the cross... We believe someone with his appearance died and that he was taken up into Heaven - i.e. he didn't experience death (not yet)... Like much of modern-day Christian belief, I think Paul pulled a fast one, re-creating Christianity in the image of Roman - especially Mithraic - pagan creed with all that blood sacrifice, resurrection and trinity business.

12 years ago

How come Jesus isn't on the Diet Doctor Pepper "I exist" commercial?

12 years ago

minute 34:05 he said for 6 hours whee did he get it from?
there are diferent version of that

12 years ago

Muslims possibilities are also poovable
was really jesus on the cross?

12 years ago

minute 20:38 really rediculous

12 years ago

minute 11: 35 that s wrong the muslims don t believe that JESUS died where did you get it from?
4:157 And because they said, "We have killed the Messiah, Eisa the son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah" they did not slay him nor did they crucify him, but a look-alike was created for them; and those who disagree concerning it are in doubt about it; they know nothing of it, except the following of assumptions; and without doubt, they did not kill him

12 years ago

Ring around the rosie is a medafor too. The story of Jesus has ran it's course as a story, but is an actual medafor, of astronomy and zodiac symbolism using the sun not a son. Started and twisted in Dark Age times of trickery by dictators demanding societies to obey, so that they may command and control mass populations, everyone know this simply by reading what biblical scribes were commanded to write. Preacher$ have no idea or cannot see our world crumble as their cause,(?)they push religion like a drug. And they ignore mankinds actual pathway entering into our future. Humanity can kindly progress without such power structure church restrictions, using many ancient religion$ to do so. A shame the illogical Dark Age fallacies also enters into 2011, which no bible has any modern juristiction in it's text for modern day whatsoever. The day it was completed hunderds and hundreds of years ago, it was also closed that day. Look what it's done since it's on-going activity, and it's messages of hate, war, rape and slavery, masked with love and it's demands for you to obey in almost every paragraph. Isn't "Thou shall Not" etched into it's text? What's wrong with simply being a kind human being sharing the planet with the rest of the world? Perhaps money and greed the power structures demand of you is a bigger concern, then a medafor of one man who never existed in the first place. Those who get blinded by exaggerated stories, or make up their own, ignore every indication of where their life may actually be by now. Without the clutter of illogical beliefs, and throwing their faith into the emptyness of space is hard for a logical mind to grasp. Instead of where the focus truely must be, on humanity alone. Awaken to truth, it's within you, not told to you from illogical outside dark sorces. I'm not an expert, just awake with pure un-tampered with thought. I'm not repeating what I've been commanded to believe, or never use biblical ancient text to do so, how logical is that to misrepresent in 2011? Did every one of your ancestors die?

Vincent Hughes
12 years ago

It was a good documentary until it started to propound the theories of the discredited Holy Blood and Holy Grail and Dan Brown's work of fiction, the Da Vinci code. The commentator conveniently ignored the fact that the the completion of the execution of the three individuals is described in great detail in John's Gospel, the two zealots who were crucified along with Jesus, had their legs broken to hasten their demise, and the apparently already Jesus had a spear driven through his heart to make sure that he was dead also. It should also be noted that as a prelude to his execution, Jesus had fasted for 40 days and was no doubt physically weak before he was beaten and scourged and then in a state of shock and weakness was forced to carry the cross to the site of execution where he was nailed to it and left to hang under a middle eastern sun. Isn't it conceivable that death would come sooner to him than to those who were executed with him? The commentator suggests that he was given an anaesthetic of some description that might have given the appearance of death. In the first three Gospels, it is said that he was offered wine or vinegar as a gesture of mocking. In John's Gospel however, Jesus indicates that he is thirsty and is a drink is offered to him by way of a sponge on the end of a stick. The Gospel says that when he taken it, he said "It is finished" and gave up his spirit. Even in this day and age of science and medicine there is no substance known to man that could induce unconsciousness this rapidly. The commentator then turns to the make-up of the spices and herbs that Joseph left with the body in the tomb, and asks why Aloe, which a healing herb, would be used on someone who is dead? Once again, he shows his ignorance. The Bible often uses the word Aloes in reference to a large tree, known in Hebrew as ahalim. But the ahalim is not the true aloe of the lily family, which has healing properties, instead, the Bible species had long lance-shaped leaves. The fragrant substance extracted from the wood of this plant was used to embalm the dead (John 19:39) and for perfume (Psa. 45:8; Prov. 7:17;. Song 4:14).

Of course, my argument will not persuade someone who does not have faith in these things, but it will take a lot more than the spurious arguments of this documentary to shake the faith that I hold so dear.

12 years ago

Did George Washington chop down the cherry tree? Most historians believe this to be a folk tale. This legend does not disprove the existence of Washington as an historical figure. Most of the Biblical stories start from an historical truth. Just as Washington had legends that grew around him over the next 200 years, how many more legends would have grown around what the Jews considered epic events in their history.

Science has shown that the ice ages are fact. That the last ice age ended quite abruptly is also shown to be fact. If all this ice melted in a very short time, there must have been incredible floods. Would the people who live at this time have not talked about it? Of course they would. There would have been all types of stories been told. Just because Noah didn't put all the animals in the entire world in a boat , does not mean that the great floods didn't happen. The geologic record shows that it did. The legends which grew out of the floods show how catastrophic these events were. Generations of story tellers very slowly changed the specific details.

That Jesus existed is probably true. That urban legends grew around a man that had left a strong impression on the people of those times is not only possible but almost unavoidable. The spreading of news surrounding Jesus would have been word of mouth. This would have confused the truth even more. Both hard line Christians and hard line atheists have to use a little common sense in their discussions and stop the anger and accusations.

Achems Razor
12 years ago


Jesus? exists all right! (give it a name) he comes up every morning and replenishes the Earth, he is the giver of light! The Son of God, which is the "SUN" God's Son the "SUN" "Anthropomorphized"! Among many other deities throughout the ages!

12 years ago

Did Jesus die? I've got a better question: If someone doesn't exist, can he die?

12 years ago

One would think if the focus strictly on humanity is greater then those focusing their faith into an empty hole in the sky. You would then think there would be a sence of greater kindness towards each other.
Any outside source other than humankind such as non existing entities embeded only in the minds of man- will only disrupt mans journey forward. Jesus stories are so plentiful considering no one took notes, (but perhaps the (doubting) Thomas Papers which have no mention of any miracle). Some dictators manipulated Jesus words(bible2)along the way for thier purposes of control. I'm no expert but Jesus as a human being born on earth indeed also died too, just like everyone else. Did Elvis Die?(coming soon)

Achems Razor
12 years ago


Ah Contraire! thought it was hilarious how Vlatko (much deserved) blew him @Patrick, off the site,

Was actually happy to somehow instigate a religee's removal, not that I was really trying. (LOL)

12 years ago


Yes morality is a trait religion is a taught belief. I agree.

12 years ago


Wow man u really got the bad end of the stick that fell off my tree. Sorry brotha. Sorry about that!

Hear about them recreating a cancer cells beginning? We're getting close!

Two words, stem cells.

One could even/either regenerate or create Body Parts and anatomy! Too bad us in the states have all this tape to get through.

Stem cells.
That's a miracle.

Wonder where Randy is. Hopefully he's in Asia somewhere...S.E.....and getting some of those to help fix his whole mess.

I'm just sayin. Off topic. My bad.

Achems Razor
12 years ago


Ha,Ha, your a funny guy! as with most religee's. Never give up right? Or are you just trolling?

"Known for a fact that your Jesus did exist"??

You still never gave any Empirical evidence to the affirmative, have you? Except the beliefs instilled from your bibles. We are just supposed to take your word for it, just because you said so, right?

Talk about psychological counselling!