The Real Jesus Christ

The Real Jesus Christ

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The ambitious and endlessly fascinating The Real Jesus Christ attempts to decipher the history and teachings of Jesus that have been hidden from view for well over 2,000 years.

In the years following His death, the believers of Jesus fell into two distinct factions, each one attempting to cement their versions of his teachings into eternal gospel. The faction guided by St. Paul ultimately became the victor in this pursuit. Meanwhile, the other faction, which consisted of family members and disciples who actually knew Jesus, withered into obscurity and left behind no surviving writings.

The film explores how our understanding of Jesus might have been altered had we had access to these discarded testimonies.

The battle for history was waged between Paul and James. Once a persecutor of Christ's followers, Paul became convinced he possessed the right to propagate the story of Christ after experiencing an epiphany on his way to Damascus. This sense of entitled destiny existed within him in spite of the fact that he - unlike James - had never actually known Jesus during His lifetime.

A clash of perspectives ensued, which encompassed differences in views on circumcision, kosher foods and the sanctity of Jesus' Jewish heritage. Unable to meld the minutia of both philosophies, the two split. Paul's version of Christ ultimately informed the Gospels of the New Testament.

An assortment of historians and theologians attempt to piece together the alternative biography of Jesus had it been recorded by James and his supporters. It's a history that relies more on the mundane than the spectacular. In this version of events, Jesus was conceived naturally to Mary and Joseph. This history would have included a more realistic snapshot of the times, more liberal criticism of the Roman values of the day, and a correlation between the politics of the period and the religious teachings of Jesus.

This is just a sampling of the insights offered by The Real Jesus Christ. Whatever your personal beliefs, the journey of the film is sure to be one of intense fascination as it reconsiders a series of events that have shaped the globe like no other.

Directed by: Patrick McGrady

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47 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Jim

    This show was pure garbage.

  2. Forest

    My wife and I may have seen this on Youtube some years ago? But we lost our notes and the entire video library and my watch history from that time was redacted! I can see other videos from that time, but not the one about a person thought to be the real 'Jesus' character whose name was something like Aticustus or something. Mary was a priestess, Joseph was a member of the Order of the Serpent I think it was. IS this the same Video?

    1. Frank

      Religion isn’t history. The Jesus character was created and inserted into religious writings in the fifth century. We have over 4000 years or recorded history and none of that stuff is in it. And I’m not an atheist.

  3. Pachacouti

    Not all athiest's 'disbelieve'. Allow my interpretation of being athiest. Until I find proof of god I shall continue to seek. Already knowing that the reason jews dont like o, O, or 0 is because to them it represent's the signature of god. To me this represent's the loop or cycle(s) of life that repeat over and over again. Now it is interesting to note that if anyone knew their history, they'd admit that previous to jesus, most religion's actually worshipped a monkey, in one name or another. In fact, I'd like to quote an author:

    Shumacher's summary of the monkey gods:

    Monkey mythology is an important part of both Hindu / Buddhist lore (India) and Zodiac / Taoist / Buddhist lore (China/Japan). In the various tales... the monkey is portrayed initially as foolish, vain, and mischievous. Yet, in each tradition, the monkey learns valuable lessons along the way, makes changes, and eventually gains redemption. The monkey thus embodies the themes of repentance, responsibility, devotion, and the promise of salvation to all who sincerely seek it.

    Then Jesus was crucified.

    Not all athiests look down on christians. We're better.

    1. MV

      Shroud of Turin...evidence presented, not proof. Proof aligns with what you’re “willing” to believe...evidence however is put on trial...evidence and logic such as “it’s a negative image that dates 200 years before the earliest carbon dating reading via the Hungarian prayer codex, and 800 years before the invention of photography to have conceived of the concept of negative imagery”...he became radioactive light at the time of his resurrection and captured his image on the cloth...VP8 analyzer

    2. Forest

      Nice, I like your post.

    3. Shells

      I hope you got saved!
      Ephesians 2:8-9
      For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
      Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    4. Ret

      Atheists don't look down on believers but on what the believer's believe.

  4. Karen Mccleskey

    what good is the history of Jesus or the belief in any god if then we are still so mean to each other in the hope of gaining wealth, power and influence.

  5. Ragnarsson

    This is a total bullsh*t made by atheist´s agenda: To limit the divine of Jesus Christ. Pitiful and in no way epidemic.

    1. Kristina

      I'm Christian, and I could not disagree more. Christ was not a tyrant. He didn't get mad at his followers for thinking critically and understanding other ideas. That's how we learn, dude. If you're afraid to look at anything outside of your "decided" perspective and experiences, you are never going to grow, and you will always be afraid to look past the limited things you know.

  6. Leah

    this is complete nonsense.

    1. Kristina

      Again, as a Christian, it is not nonsense. Haven't you ever taken a course on debate??? You should know all perspectives before deciding on one, and if your faith is as strong as you seem to believe, other people's ideas or theories will only reinforce your own. And I'm not talking about confirmation bias, either. Although, as a Christian who is increasingly annoyed with other Christians for behaving in direct contrast to Christ's teaching, I believe confirmation bias is a huge problem for Christians, especially in America. Sad.

  7. syed

    whatever it may be hope we all agree Jesus preached peace n love amongst all humanity n follow it

    1. Kristina

      One of the few clear-headed comments I've seen here, so far. People just shut down and freak out if you try to look at things from a different perspective. You are trying to find what we agree on--much like Christ, while these other people are so focused on their own experiences, they can't look at other ideas. Christ compelled us to be curious. He said doubt reinforces faith. That's why we have free will. Anyway, thanks for a positive comment. Incredible that with so many Christians here, the comments are so negative. People have literally stopped asking themselves WWJD in favor of what they want to do.

  8. syed

    quran ch 2 vs79 already told the same 1400 yrs ago

    1. Ralph Goodwin

      The Quran is Satans book!!

    2. mikem

      Mr. goodwin
      get a job.

  9. Roxanne R Goin

    No one wants to understand that it's Pauline Christianity and not what Jesus taught.

  10. Glen Hale

    While we have religion we will never have peace..There are 1600 Gods which is correct if any..Thank God for Darwin.


      Which God are you thanking from the 1600 ?

    2. Angela

      Which God are you thanking, the entire film is based on if this was this the this would be that? ???? What are the names of these commentators? What are their credentials?? Tell them to read the Bible they can start with the Torah and learn that Word God Never fails!!! It did not fail then and will not fail in the future. Tell these commentors to research on the history of what happened to all of Jesus ' disciples it's there in history, they would be able know all about the historical Jesus. Where are commentators from and what are their credentials! !!!!!!!!?

    3. Jin

      Thank the Universe instead :)

  11. Nicholas James

    4.81? 10. This is a great historical account of what really happened. Paul had his agenda, the Jews theirs. The rest is a story seamlessly sold to many generations of believers. Today,the Roman Cathlic Church, 2018,has revealed it's terrible wrath upon nations, and treated children with their repressed sexually beahviour. Truth,is in this great documentary. Now I understand more about what happened, and what was editted out at the time of Christ.

  12. Graham

    My "beliefs"
    Jesus lived 99%
    Virgin birth >01%
    "God" exists >.01%
    Can I love Jesus 100%

    Anybody with me?

    1. Lrzo

      This is not YouTube. What's next? "Like if you're watching this in 2018?"

    2. Olivier

      My beliefs
      Jesus lived 100%
      Virgin birth 100%
      God exists 100%
      Can I love Jesus 100%

      Any other answer?

    3. Therese A Stellato

      Mary is The Mother of all. She doesnt get credit. First it was her, then there was Jesus. Mary said to the the children of Fatima. If you believe in me and Jesus then you believe in Joseph. Profound!!

  13. Karina

    I wish you would identify the various speakers.

    1. Wrodbeck M

      Robert Eisenman; Mark Goodacre; John Dominic Crossan

  14. Alfredo Limia

    pure BS.

  15. J Miller

    In this world the bad guys always win out. lol But in the end no one really knows of JC existed in reality and if he existed what he actually said. You also forgot to mention the Gnostic Christians who IMO have the more interesting story to tell.

    1. David

      We do know that Jesus existed as there is plenty of unbiased non Christian proof: Josephus for example, a Jew writting in Rome about an entirely different subject makes reference to Jesus and his cruxifiction

    2. Saima

      Yes Jesus Christ existed and his mother was a virgin and was truthful and God-fearing. Jesus Christ however was a Messenger of God sent to the Children of Israel, and not God Himself (nor His son), May God be exalted above what polytheists ascribe to Him.

  16. Veronica

    This was a really thought-provoking narrative. I have been a 'believer' in the Protestant version of the Roman story at a time in my past. Now I find myself wishing the story were truth, but I have no big confidence that it ever was - it's really a beautiful dream of the idea of God taking so much interest in us that he actually died for us - 'The best story ever told' as I believe one film was called. The 'God figure' if there at all, does not take part in our lives, altho we are very, very good at inventing stuff in our heads to satisfy almost any situation that arises, and I think have a deep need for an explanation of 'why we are here'.
    What this does tell us, is just how much like modern humans people in that day really were. No cars, washing machines, internet or rockets to Venus, but their basic lives really were just like ours, and their feelings matched our own also, with the need for something to help explain what we cannot understand !!!

    1. Nicholas James

      Well said. A time and a place, distant from our complicated existence-today.

    2. Saima

      God does not die. He is Ever-Living and ever Watchful over His creatures. Jesus Christ was not God.

  17. Dr.M.Kennedy Stephensan Vaseekaran, India

    Jesus has went deep inside the people of the world like specs of dust. Any new discoveries on Jesus would add a new dimension to Jesus. No matter what extent new discoveries on Jesus would come, It would, I feel would create new group. What kind of story is alternative bible, we do not know. Romans had added many European elements in to Jesus christ. But it is too late to decipher Jesus.
    I fully endorse the views of the author.

    thank you

  18. Nelson

    If Jesus died on the Cross the you must be saying that the Indian story of Jesus sieving intil late and being buried in India must be wrong. Who is right?

  19. Sully

    The Pharisees were offended - None so liable to take offense as formalists and hypocrites, when you attempt to take away the false props from the one, and question the sincerity of the other. Besides, a Pharisee must never be suspected of ignorance, for they are the men, and wisdom must die with them!

  20. Oliver Koslik

    @ Hank

    Hank, the holy bible explains nothing. What it does do is obfuscate what is supposed lessons through parable and interpretations. Which, is a method of learning that,
    WAS great in that era.

    There is nothing scientifically relevant in the bible.
    The root definition of "scientifically" being - the pursuit of truth and knowledge.
    There is nothing truthful about the bible. Its knowledge is a bias and bigoted decree of fallacy that, does include promotion of; sexual, physical, emotional and psychological violence.

    Religion and the communal good that comes of it is an exploitation of hardwired and biochemical reactions in our brains. Humanity can do unthinkable things for 99% of all other cognitively aware lifeforms.

    Although our differences in the most antiquated education system are what keep us divided. They are what keep the weak and vulnerable held in positions of ignorance, unallowed to intellectually understand the world outside of their perception.

    Christianity and it's "muscle" the holy ghost are a viral
    infection that plagues different cultures.

    1. David

      What can you say to that? Perhaps seek and you will find?

    2. Lee

      There were those who witnessed the raising of Lazarus and did not believe.
      There will always be disbelivers disregarding the evidence.

    3. Angela

      It's a viral infection of truth

  21. Oliver Koslik

    I just wish we could start our entire socio-philosophical foundations with people whos lessons can be empirically validated. There are so many wonderful and insightful people ALIVE today. Furthermore, there are groups, institutions, universities that can all pool the most modern and accurate information and education available!

    Should we not heed continually updatable, modern information, first?
    Should we not make a new book of faith on global social consensus?
    Should we not sit down together and press for unified understanding?

    1. Hank

      We have such a book, it is called the Holy Bible, it will explain it all, the trick is to get people to read it and understand that it is God's word and his word does not change and God cannot lie, it is our human guidebook on our lives and how to live.
      We have thrown Gods traditions away and adopted our own and now we are confused and off track!
      What happens when a train goes off track?, It makes a hell of a mess,
      Just like how we as a Specie's are on a track of destruction, failure and doom, we have derailed ourselves by not following the word of Christ and mocking him as a man and not loving him as our Savior, but what can I do except to pass along the word to those that want it, hope you find your way, God Bless!

    2. Vb

      Nicely stated Hank. Without the sacraments we can drift into confusion. Stay the course.