Donald Trump, The Koch Brothers and Their War on Climate Science

Donald Trump, The Koch Brothers and Their War on Climate Science

2017, Environment  -   48 Comments
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Our planet is riddled with floods, rising sea levels, severe weather, drought, and the highest temperatures in recorded history. Up to 99% of climate scientists agree that the current trajectory of the climate crisis will lead us to an apocalyptic scenario of unimaginable proportions. So why do so many leaders in Washington stand in direct opposition to the science behind climate change? Donald Trump, The Koch Brothers and Their War on Climate Science exposes the reasoning behind their willful ignorance, and the real power players who pull their strings.

Narrated by acclaimed actor and activist Danny Glover, the film examines threats to the climate change movement in the age of President Donald Trump. A climate change denier, Trump has set many of his most egregious campaign promises into action since taking office. He's pulled out of the Paris Agreement, a United Nations climate accord that seeks to curb greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. He's rolled back many of the climate regulations set forth by the previous administration, and he's reinstated construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. He's even appointment a fellow climate change denier as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

According to the information contained in the film, Trump's actions are symptomatic of a disease which has gripped the majority of America's Republican Party. The main purveyors of this virus are David and Charles Koch, a hugely successful team of brothers who have earned billions of dollars in the oil industry. Decades ago, they sensed the threat that climate change regulations might pose to their bottom line, and have used their enormous cash reserves to influence elections and sway public opinion ever since. From their seed has grown an entire industry devoted to denying the reality of global warming, including a new generation of political strategists, media pitchmen, and special interest groups.

Donald Trump, The Koch Brothers and Their War on Climate Science is a damning indictment of a political system that allows money and influence to silence the voice of the American people. This dynamic puts the notion of democracy - and the future of Earth itself - at risk.

Directed by: Bruce Livesey

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  1. republican trump friend

    Hahahahaha... anoter attack on President Trump .... gawd , its always gotta be some political angle or load of BS , just get over yourself's with all this hate and dysfunction already , Please !!

  2. Steve

    Who decided the what the Average Temperature of the Earth should be? What were his or her criteria anyway?

  3. Steve

    As a ex-Temperature Instrumentation Equipment, Testing, and Modeling technician for 20+ years I can guarantee you that there is no one on Earth who can tell you what the average temperature on Earth is at any one time or over any period of time. First, what instrumentation there is or has been is not accurate enough. 90% of all temperature thermistors in use over the last 60 years had an accuracy of +/- 3% of their total measurement span. That means that if the instrument was good for a span of 0 to 100 degrees F then a reading of 70 degrees F could, in actuality be anywhere from 67 to 73 degrees F.
    And 80% of all instrumentation used in measuring outside temperatures were placed in urban areas, so the overall temperature measurements are biased towards urban temperatures.
    Measurements have gotten much better in very recent years but there is no way to say what the avg temperature was in 1970 so there is no way to compare that to today.
    Add to that the fact that the "Global Warming" scam is entirely based upon what future modeling predicts and the fact they haven't been even near correct ever so far and the fact that every prediction based on the modeling so far have been wrong and only either a idiot or someone trying to scam you would be pushing this.

  4. David Dieni

    Climate change denial is right wing conspiracy by the world's major polluters so they can continue business as usual....i.e. making gazillions by destroying what is left of the environment.

    What about environmental degradation, that is not happening either?

    Soil degradation

    Soil degradation is the physical, chemical and biological decline in soil quality. It can be the loss of organic matter, decline in soil fertility, and structural condition, erosion, adverse changes in salinity, acidity or alkalinity, and the effects of toxic chemicals, pollutants or excessive flooding. Soil degradation can involve:

    water erosion (includes sheet, rill and gully erosion)
    wind erosion
    salinity (includes dryland, irrigation and urban salinity)
    loss of organic matter
    fertility decline
    soil acidity or alkalinity
    structure decline (includes soil compaction and surface sealing)
    mass movement
    soil contamination (including effects of toxic chemicals and pollutants).

    Air Pollution: It is one of the major problem that we are facing nowadays. Air is being polluted by the smoke produced by vehicles and also burning of plastic etc. The dangerous gases like carbon monoxide which has been released from the burning of plastic causes serious diseases like cancer.

    Deforestation: Trees are very essential for the life, but none of them cares about that. Human beings never show kind to the trees, and they will cut for their own things. of many acers of forest land are been converted to construction sites. This is damaging the homes of flora and fauna in and around the area.

    Plastic Contamination: This is one of the world’s leading problems where the usage of plastic increasing and thus causing danger to the living organisms. his is also casuing an indirect effect on human throught the water we drink as “Micro Plastics”.

    The most obvious impact of hydroelectric dams is the flooding of vast areas of land, much of it previously forested, inhabited or used for agriculture. The size of reservoirs created can be extremely large. For example, the La Grande project in the James Bay region of Quebec, in Canada, has already submerged over 10,000 km2 of land. If future plans are carried out, the eventual area of flooding in Northern Quebec will be larger than the country of Switzerland. Reservoirs can be used for ensuring adequate water supplies and providing irrigation and recreation, but in several cases they have flooded the homelands of peoples, whose livelihood and way of life has been destroyed. Many rare ecosystems are also threatened by hydroelectric development.

  5. VOR

    Second line of previous comment should say: make the surface of the Earth "UNINHABITABLE" for humans" (not "Inhabitable")

  6. VOR

    The reality is that climate change is happening, as it has always happened on Earth. It will most certainly one day, someday, make the surface of the Earth inhabitable for humans, just as it has in the past. Do humans contribute to climate change, yes, of course they do, but the amount that they are responsible for is minuscule in relation to what has been in the past, and what will effectively end life as we know it on the planet, the cyclical climate change that occurs in nature. And after anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of years, Earth will once again sustain the climate to support life as we know it. Whether humans will then return certainly will remain to be seen. In the meantime, there is a way to drastically, drastically reduce the (relatively small) overall impact that mankind contributes, but it is extremely unlikely we will ever see that happen. Technology already exists, and has existed for many years, that is capable of replacing all currently used energy sources (oil/gas, coal, nuclear, etc) in well under a decade. But those who truly make the rules that we currently live by (hint: it's no one in congress or even in Washington), those who have always profited enormously through our current technologies, have much too much power over most everyone, and they simply won't allow it. Starvation, poverty, and man-made pollution could be eliminated in under ten years with very little cost, if we were to utilize zero-point energy. This is the same technology that Nicola Tesla was working with and wanted to implement throughout the USA and the world. The problem was, and most definitely still is, that it is virtually free energy, and with no way to put a meter on this energy to profit from it, those profiting 100 years ago, as well as those profiting today, have effectively stifled all avenues to this incredible gift, by any means necessary, and likely others that were not. If you are buying into Al Gore's bs, and that of the so-called government "scientists" who have provided the statistical nonsense that the mainstream media is spewing, then I'm sure they've got a bridge somewhere with your name on it. Wake up. Stop taking what you hear at face value. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Employ critical thinking skills. If you don't have them, get them. Learn to think for yourself. Man-made global warming is a nonsense talking point being used to condition future generations. Stop buying into bs just because some Hollywood "role model" regurgitates their scripted party speak. If you truly want to do something useful (other than just bitching and insulting others online), learn about zero-point energy and introduce others to it. That would be a good start.

    1. Chris Lucy

      Well said ?

  7. Mr M

    Grand Solar Minimum 2020-2055. Enough said!

  8. Capt.Duck

    Climate change is simply a hoax by witting and unwitting pawns of Satan to gain power for globalist and support for their envisioned one-wold-government. The Bible actually warns us about this, even telling us who will lead the one-world-government and who will defeat him.
    -------------------- One World Government Predicted
    Revelation 13:7 – 7 He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation
    -------------------- One World Religion Predicted
    Revelation 13:8 – 8 All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.
    Revelation 13:12 – 12 He exercised all the authority of the first beast on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed.
    -------------------- One World Currency Predicted
    Revelation 13:16 – 16 He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead,

  9. Jerry

    Trying to listen to Danny Glover narrate this it painful.

  10. Shah Zamah Khan

    Does the narrator have a lithping prob?

    1. Stanley

      Gotta keep big money rolling no matter what.. They will be selling us water next..

  11. MatterHorn

    Even a modicum of checking real non-govt-socialist-takeover-agenda scientists will expose the farce global warming, rising sea levels, highest temperatures, etc. like many other fallacies from the power hungry greedy lefty socialist progressive communist nazi Marxists.

    Or just take a trip to the coast and look at the water level markers and/or talk to those who live there. A fellow from Florida described it well: "This place on the coast has been in my family for over 100 years and the sea level has been the same, except temporarily during storms."

    If fact real scientists are telling of the Global Cooling era that is now upon us. If you don't think that is happening, you haven't been paying attention to the weather. The cold is coming further South. Record snows in some locations. And don't fall for the cooling caused by warming insanity. It is just a SOLAR cycle. That part has nothing to do with man's activities. Yet there is deliberate man made weather modifications including Storms, drought, missing snow pack, floods, etc.

    Any discussion of the weather since about 1989 or so, that leaves out GeoEngineering/Weather modification/Chemtrails is simply ignorant or purposefully hiding that serious fact, to promote some BS, like this documentary does.

    All those who still have a brain, go view the govt documents providing for the Weather Modification programs, including HAARP at GeoEngineering Watch (and the typical website suffix for Organizations) under the Documents tab. Learn how far back these programs go. Then go out beyond a metro area and look at the haze overhead most days. That is not normal, if you frequently do that at different times you will see them laying down the Chemtrails. And for the fools who still want to believe they are condensate trails, simply because they cannot fathom that their friend the govt would do such a thing as shower them with nano Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium, Biologics at times, and who know what else, even though it has all been documented and proven; maybe you ought to pull your head out. There are deniers who simply refuse to go look at the those govt documents providing for the GeoEngineering/Weather Mod programs. You could even watch documentaries on here about it "What in the world are they spraying" and "Why in the world are they spraying". Do a search for HAARP info. Nick Begich, if I recall has a plethora of info on that.

    Anyone who watches, reads, listens to, the Bankster owned CIA propaganda section talking points provided major media, for some silly reason volunteers to be lied to, much like watching this propaganda documentary.

    I've never know a lefty to care about facts nor results, just emotion. Does that person pretend to care, snif sniffle. Never have seen Obama or Hillary or any recent lefty tell the truth about much of anything. And they even admit to lying in their emails. Yet you refuse to wake up. That is more amazing than any of your complaints.

    Just because I dislike big oil, pipelines, and pollution doesn't mean I am going to buy into a bunch of BS that simply isn't true. If you had any sense you would be suing your Marxist professors and teachers for LYING to you. Get your money back. Get your parents money back. You got robbed and sold a bridge to nowhere.

    1. Hoosier

      Get an education, then you will recognize how every name you call the left is John Birch Society's agenda funded by the Koch Brothers. I did coal BTU documentation in the 70s. And you are wrong.

    2. JMFD

      It's willing ignorami like you that may send our species over the precipice of extinction

    3. Chris Lucy

      Another sentient being. ? How many people actually pause and think, before emotions take over - let alone read long (well-written and considered) comments. Judging by the volume and type of comments appearing - even on YouTube - it appears that the numbers of self-educated, aware contributors are creeping up....keep going!

    4. Kenneth

      You seem so angry..

  12. David Lawrence

    Watching this video and thinking of the role the Koch brothers are playing in the trashing of this planet, I'm reminded of the lyrics of Bob Dylan's iconic song "Masters of War".
    "Let me ask you one question
    Is your money that good?
    Will it buy you forgiveness?
    Do you think that it would?
    Oh, I think you will find
    When your death takes its toll
    All the money you made will never buy back your soul"

  13. J.K.

    I am pro-conservation. I also believe man is causing damage to our planet. With that being said, the "97%" stat was debunked a long time ago. It is sickening to see how politics have influenced current science. The scientists leading the climate-change are so dishonest as demonstrated in the Climategate 1 and Climategate 2 emails. It is sad that scientists will cross that line, going against everything science is about.
    If you are a person that genuinely believes the "97%" stat, I hope you can take a few minutes and look into the Climategate 1 & 2 emails. If climate change is as bad as we are being told, why would they send those emails to each other? Why use a phony "97%" stat?

  14. kevin

    looks like good site, but I'm new to this. Could you please email me with simple instructions about how to download your documentaries so I can watch them later on tv?

    1. Chris Lucy

      We are definitely managing our resources poorly. No doubt, that economical growth capitalism model and ultimately greed, are affecting the planet. Just needs better management and better decisions being made from the top. Unfortunately, our ‘elected’ leaders are not up to the job and there’s too many brainwashed folk unable to ‘see’, let alone organise to topple the corrupt. So the easiest option seems to be depopulation. And the amount of people who have schooled themselves about agenda 21/2020, know of the plans for control, Fena camps, wary of vaccinations, understand the vibrational Tesla snd properties of 5G - blah, blah - yet do nothing to stop their daily pladrics consumption, nor boycott the parasitic corps & banks, nor champion new leaders who support revolutionary ideas for change - and few smart folk I’ve debated with, even go so far to say ‘human beings are a cancer and we should all live shorter lives anyway’ - effectively encouraging depopulation! Weak, lazy, aporhetic defeatists are worse than the power elite - because the current model is broken and there’s options to create a better, sustainable model - it’s all there for the taking. How much more do we need to watch & read & comment about how bad it all is? Let’s all focus energy on the ‘doing’ instead.

    2. norman michaud

      depends on a lot one being your browser....ff has dwhelper for here and youtube has many 4kvideodownloader

  15. Cold

    I think many of us are either not surprised by this information or already knew. The real problem is that documentaries often point out problems and offer no real solutions. What exactly are we supposed to do about the fact that these rich people have hijacked our democracy? I've thought about it for years. I don't have an answer and neither does this documentary.

  16. Al Gore

    Well some where in the middle lies the truth 97% of scientist say yes but there payed by democratic party Obama Administration \Globolists and there donors Paris Accord punished America very complicated

  17. Trumpisashithead

    All you trump tards are hilarious. Not a single brain cell that functions properly, thus making all of us look idiotic. I cant believe how fast Idiocracy has taken hold in amerika. Ignorance is bliss, and you mongoloids are a special kind of moronic. Learn the facts, quit spewing faux news bs. That is all.

  18. KsDevil

    Just like the frog in a pan of water, people don't experience climate change in human time.
    The global warming and the climate change effects happen too slow for people to notice. Because of that, many deny the near term climate science or make ignorant excuses.
    The latest climate model analysis of climate change shows we have been given a reprieve thanks to green energy initiatives.
    Solar, wind, and energy efficiency technologies are actually working to slow down the warming. We just need to keep going on that track.

  19. Mark

    It is amazing the amount of work that has gone into the climate change hoax. A conspiracy of epic proportions. Imagine the effort it has taken to get thousands of scientists to convince the governments of their respective nations, almost 200 countries, to agree to sign the Paris Accord. And not just climate scientists, they got biologists, chemists, physicists and even mathematicians to agree on terms like CO2 emissions, rising sea levels, severe droughts and intense wildfires. And really, to blame most of it on one industry with same consistent global warming message, absolutely brilliant marketing, a highly focused group of diverse people and nations. Unbelievable amount of work to pull off such a scam, all the research papers and conferences and debates and sharing of information, just incredible. Especially when one considers the amount of time that has gone into it all, literally decades of sustained work just to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. How did they get the Great Barrier Reef to look so dead? And all those glaciers melting, I mean that must just be special effects or something. All I can say hats off to all those folks, they weren't just fooling around.

  20. nandit

    climate change is a farce....

    1. Wilbur

      Excuse me while I unload another truck with sandbags, I’m tied of treading water

  21. Gary B.

    there are lot of things contributing to global warming , man's activity is the main one.
    you have to excuse the ignorance of the majority. The rich 1% of the world don't care about
    anyone else. money talks and bullshit walks. they figure that they won't be the one's that'll
    be have to deal with it ,the next generation will.

  22. Linda

    Global warming, global cooling, hurricanes, tornados, melting ice caps, volcanic eruptions, etc. etc. have been happening for eons are the work of Mother Nature. Volcanos erupt all the time and I would think they add quite a lot to the green house effect. Termites supply a lot of methane gas, actually more than cows and other animals. Yes humans contribute a lot also by using gas and electric for heating and cooling their homes, cooking and refrigerating their food, driving to work , vacation destinations, shopping, church in their automobiles, buses, trains and planes all of which use oil,coal or electricity. All of which I would deem essentials. Now I will list a few non essential things that in my opinion use a lot more than the average human. WAR . Which has been damn near going on continuously since The Korean War. I have yet to see any mention anywhere from anyone about the pollution of our atmosphere from WAR !! Or the production of PLASTIC the most VIAL product ever conceived . Both of which we DID NOT ASK FOR !! NOR DO WE NEED !!!!! And BECAUSE we have been FORCED to comply with the use of PLASTIC and give away our CHILREN to the WAR MACHINE, we are also FORCED to now spend BILLIONS OF DOLLARS while we " FRACK " crushing rocks to squeeze every TINY bit of OIL out of them that we can. At the same time destroying more and more of OUR PRECIOUS EARTH. And leaving tons of NON-PERISHABLE plastic in land fills and filling our oceans . There is one plastic pile in the pacific the size of ...TEXAS...!!! WE NEED TO STOP and OPEN OUR EYES...".CAUSE THERE IS a BAD MOON ARISING "!!!

    1. Wilbur

      Well said, Wall Street’s mankind’s worst enemy, trash the planet and the fertile ground we stand on for what? So INC can put another billion in the bank, we are f—— dooooooomed !

  23. Spanizhondje

    Difficult to watch. The voice-over has a slizzz in his voice.

    Save the beezzz #:P

  24. Dorethea

    The Kochs have always been on the side of more Billions for themselves!!! How many Billions do the brothers need? Will they go for addiction therapy, soon?... for their money addiction. I hope such selfishness is curable. Perhaps deport them for always?

  25. Caroline Griffiths

    Cow farts are also attributable to man because we farm the cows for milk and meat.

  26. D Suriyamoorthy

    1. I would have appreciated if it were a scientific documentary. I was disappointed to watch it. It was entirely a political documentary. Almost every speaker was spewing out venom to a disgusting level.
    2. I am a science student. I had explored the internet on the matter of carbon and climate change. Those who say carbon emission is the culprit of adverse climate change are a big crowd and noisy. They are in large numbers and had occupied positions in U. N. Committees. But there are science people, who are just handful, who point out that this concept of carbon and climate change is a big hoax—that includes a Physics Nobel Laureate.
    3. I have evaluated the arguments and evidences for both sides and I am convinced that climate change noise is a big hoax. Mob mentality stalks these pseudo “scientists”.

  27. Sharis

    That lisp though

  28. Ronald Reil

    "Global Warming" is a fact, no question about that, but man caused global warming is not. Also, it was much hotter during the 1930s than it is now. Global Warming is a Political Correctness football that has resulted in a huge misinformation campaign, such as this video. The 99% climate scientist support is also not true. Many of the names on that list do not support man caused climate warming and have had to threaten legal action to get their names removed. The numb er sho support man caused global warming may be less than 33%. The two videos linked below document how the phony data is being generated, and also the reason for this action. The links will not come through, but you can copy them into the YouTube search window to find them. The top one about NASA is particularly revealing. The real historical data is being removed and fake lower temper data substituted, as can be proven by consulting archived newspaper weather data, which NASA can't get rid of.

    NASA Climate Data Fraud - Trend “Completely Fake” And “Manipulated!"

    Global Warming Hoax, Best Document Ever


  29. Wow

    Jon is the type of person who has zero knowledge in science, lacks and credentials in the field, and has conducted no science of his own, as well as never actually reading/comprehending a single paper concerning greenhouse gases or other factors impacting climate change. BUT HE KNOWS IT IS A LIE!!!!! Jon, thank you for your overhwelming words of wisdom. I'd love to see the plethora of papers and citations you have for having such a brilliant stance on something you know nothing about :). You are one of the people that make America look like the most idiotic country in the world. Only an Americans are stupid enough to deny science so blatantly obvious that literally every other developed country in the world has taken steps to abate the damage already being inflicted.... I sometimes hate this county (don't tell me to get out. I would if it was easy. Would love to live in Australia).

  30. gregorr

    The one of worst propaganda bs I've ever started to watch . . . It took me 10 sec to see what is the assumption of this doc. And john is right: when did it rise to 99%?
    So, well, no thanks.

  31. Paul

    Oh yes global warming is true "I believe it" The only way to fix it is to give me more political power. yes it's true "See it rained here" "look a piece fell off a glacier here" or " ya scientists say it's true" or " your an idiot if you don't believe it"

  32. Gabriella

    Trump will refute anything that is not in line with his agenda. His only goals - power and wealth. Climate change is a fact. Trump and his lackeys are science illiterates.

  33. Mike.m

    Climate change happens humans do not add to it as much as cows farting .Look at the real science facts instead of. Attacking Donald all the time.And is it not time to admit HE WON you lost,get over it !!

    1. Achems Razor

      Cows farting? Yes! methane gas is one of the contributors to global warming, how about all the bugs farting in the world? They contribute up to 10% or more of methane gas' yes, they do fart. There have been climate changes throughout the ages. Even pole magnetic shifts.
      But now a cash cow like global warming has come along so why not fleece us poor little carbon units for all the 1% can get?

  34. mike mathwig

    white radicals are fast becoming the minority in this country.
    i have patience and am laughing to colbert all the while as i watch you all rant and rave and age and lose.............bit by hilarious bit.


  35. Jon

    Because Trump doesn't support the "Global Warming" lie, means it's true?? Nice logic. Many scientists names were used for the Global Warming Scandal, and refute the science. This is simply NWO programming.

  36. john

    Oh so now it's 99% of scientists agree lol?

  37. elaine

    needs subtitles