Koch Brothers Exposed

Koch Brothers Exposed

2012, Conspiracy  -   88 Comments
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The Koch brothers are the poster boys for the top 1%. Their money and power fuel the growing inequality in America. They're among the most powerful, they're knocking down the working and the middle class and they're stomping on the poor people. The Koch family has been defining the lives of the ordinary, working Americans, under the radar, for more than 50 years. They inherited their wealth and their penchant for secrecy from their father Fred, who made his fortune in the oil business in the Soviet Union of the 1930's.

Stalin himself brought Fred Koch into the Soviet Union for building pipelines and teaching them how to be oil engineers. Fred came back to the United States after taking money from the Soviets and used that money to start his own oil empire in the US, amassing some 200 million dollars. With his wealth and power he began to wage a systematic attack on the American values, including funding the John Birch Society. It's a far right, racist organization that sells communist conspiracies everywhere. They even accused President Dwight Eisenhower of being a Soviet spy.

Fred Koch was against the civil rights movement, saying that it is communist threat and that the white children should not go to school with black children, because that would lead to mongrelization of the races. This is the climate that the two brothers, Charles and David, grew up in at home and then they inherited a big pile of money from daddy Fred, and then they put that into their own organization and they built it up to where it's now - a 100-billion-a-year enterprise.

Koch industries is the second largest privately held corporation in the country. They have holdings that range from oil and gas, to paper products, forestry, consumer goods, plastics and ranching. They have operations in 45 states. The most important thing is not that they have wealth, it's that they're using their wealth to ride roughshod over the American people.

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  1. Philip Kelleher

    You don't have to be Einstein to see the Koch propaganda in the comments below.

  2. Terry West

    I find it impossible to believe that you are peddling the notion that our colleges and universities are controlled by anyone other than radical leftist (Socialists)! I have no love for the Kock brothers but George Soros among other leftist billionaires are using their money to install socialism!

    1. Carolyn Knox

      And, what exactly is wrong with socialism. Many European nations are socialist. Many of the best features of living in the United States both for (rich and poor) are socialist ideas.

    2. Kenneth

      Socialism? Taking care of my neighbors and expecting the same in return? I’m in!

    3. Kenneth

      “Leftist”, “rightist”, “socialist”, “capitalist”….- these are empty lifeless and meaningless words without specific definitions and precision - it’s nearly never that black n white.

    4. PamBerg

      Go to Barne & Nobel, pick up a copy of "Dark Money" by Jane Maher. Open the inside cover and see the pyramid of orgs & groups funded by Kochs and secret billionaires to try and turn this country into a Libertarian right wing country. You will find Betsy DeVos & others involved in this also. And Soros has nothing to do with socialism. If you think funding things that help people is socialism, then your need some educating.

  3. Bob Wyman

    An "agenda" matters little to those who can think for themselves> College students are displaying no intelligence at all and the adults here are indignant about what? Their own non-thinking?

  4. Bob Wyman

    If they are buying government and politicians then who is selling? Government and politicians. We were supposed to have limited government and our government started calling itself "Democracy" and they take the money, made laws and the people did not educate themselves.
    So what if the Kochs have money? If they spend it then it gets spread around, that is good. Shut the politicians up.

  5. DustUp

    From this docu I learned that the Koch bros are one of the few fighting against the EXACT same thing the Socialist-Communists (Rockefeller, et.al.) have been doing for many decades, making huge grants to universities that would accept their Marxist agenda professors to teach the teachers. Thank you Koch for fighting the Socialist-Communist-Progressive agenda! So now we have all the govt school indoctrinated Socialist-Communist-Progressives emoting their clueless hate on this forum.

    The Koch Bros. are amateurs compared to Soros and the Rockefellers on the Progressive New World Odor side, spreading hate and lies, stirring up the emotionalized govt school indoctrinated useful minions ...who are so clueless they love Obama but hate Bush who was fighting for the same evil Progressive agenda. Seems to work every time: Get the people fighting among the parties so they don't realize what is really going on.

    "Progressive" is a misnomer for just another flavor of Collectivism as are Socialism and Communism. If you want to live in the former Soviet Union move to some country like that. Some African Socialist hell hole.

    Harry Reid is one of the biggest bought liars in congress taking money hand over fist. A person could write a book on all the "pot calling the kettle black" in this docu. Please watch many other docus on this website to get an education about what the Rockefellers, Soros, etc have done and are doing to this once great country. Any reasonable parent would prefer a neighborhood school they can control rather than sending their kids to a huge govt indoctrination center they have no control over. Even in a poor district, if the folks got off their dead butts they could see to it their kids got a top education. If you want ballet, pay for it yourself, why should I pay for your kids ballet? All those unnamed "special" school programs? All kids need is a good reading writing and arithmetic. The things many schools fail to do a good job of because they are too busy emotionalizing the kids with BS.

    Monsanto? = Rockefeller. CFR, TriLateral Commission = Rockefeller, and many others.

    How is it such a hit piece gets so many people to focus in on what they are showing and buy into it? Govt school Marxist emotionalization indoctrination. Sad that so many are afflicted.

    Get a clue, minimum wage causes job loss. Just recently Red Robin, an upscale burger restaurant fired about 570 due to minimum wage increase. People will only pay so much for a burger. That means they can only afford so many employees at a certain wage. The Socialist view is that they should be paid for existing, for shouting, even if you have to go into debt to do it, and the usa has, trillions.

    Pointing fingers at rich people does what? Does it make you feel better? Get out your calculator and divide all those rich people incomes by the rest of the working age population and see how much you will get. From the Kochs? Maybe 21 bucks each.

  6. Philip Mercurio

    I cannot stand the koch brothers. They love only money and those others like themselves. They used oil lines in poor upkeep until they gave out, causing a giant oil spill, then understated the oil loss on their balance sheet to boost their perceived profits, while at the same time destroying the environment. No principles, no shame, only blindly following the golden rainbow at any cost! They should have been sent to the moon long ago.

  7. David

    Biggest piece of proganda I have seen in a long time

  8. ϟϟ - C. Spangle

    The Golden Calf has grown up to be a hollow Bronze Bull... the devil is a two faced hermaphrodite...
    muslim brotherhood = mahomet = baphomet = jewish mammonism

  9. les cee

    Just remember!
    Kock Brothers are major corrupters.Selling shit rolls for everyday fools, they need world markets.If they do not have President in their pocket, they can loose big chunk of business.
    They want to keep going corrupted way.
    They want to take away, your last chance, to decide your future.
    Supporting crooked Hillary, they have assurance, her 500% and more after immigrants, timely enabled to vote, will never let you decide own future and your children.
    THIS IS YOUR ONE TIME LIFE TIME CHANCE. History will settle with you.
    PS; Torch of statue of liberty sticking up from beach sand, does not look promising.

  10. fred

    Why moderate my comment. You gave Jhbomb full uncensored access to foment genocidal hatred. My comments are taken from testimony in the Eichman tria land Nueremberg records. This comment is a truthful statement of the facts which are entirely essential to take this hate torrent you are allowing from the realm of discussion to understanding the true nature of those who continue this hatred.

  11. fred

    Jhbomb creates fiction. Germany had the largest economy in the world when the Nazis began their genocide. Germany had most of the most brilliant scientists and physicians of the world before the Nazis took over. They shot children to death in the arms of the parents. They marched naked children into chambers where they defecated and urinated and vomited as they died from the poisonous gassed. The Nazis gaped at the suffering and literally masterbated while watching naked young women being gassed to death. They performed hideous medical experiments on children without anesthetic. They gassed, shot, tortured, buried alive over six million jews and four million Christians. They had salve starvation camps where millions died being forced to work. Jhbomb is sick and places as his friends in this world the sickest, most demented twisted people. In fact his history is inside out. The Leninist socialists spawned National Socialiams. Hitler started as a socialist. The twenties the communists sent help and money to the Nationalist socialists because they shared the goal bringing down democracy and establishing a genocidal dictatorship. They then would fight each other for the control . Without communism , nationalist socialism would not have become strong, and without Nationlist Socialism the communists would never have taken control over Eastern Europe and wage war around the world. History is like clock, where high noon on top is democracy and as you go both left and right, nazism and communism meet at the bottom at 6 o'clock. The Nazis did not stop Bolshevism. They opened the door by destroying democracy.

    1. JayJay

      Nothing but nonsense.

  12. fred

    Wayne Manzo and Mohammed Humaid provide the Nazism , anti semitism of a genocidal paranoia. I sat next to a German immigrant to America who was liberated from a Mercedes manufacturing slave camp. They ruined his health. They killed his entire family. When the Manzo Nazis took control of Germany, Germany, despite the depression, had the largest gross national production equal to more than England and the United States combined. The Nazis destroyed Germany leading to the death of over 50,000,000 people in the Euroopean war. The Manzos and Humaids will destroy America, too. We will go through good times and bad times, but if we have true faith in G-d and overselves, we never will need hatemongering and paranoia gibberish. Fanatical Islam seeks the destruction of the Judeo-Christian World. They go after both Jews and Christians and seek to destroy both religions by fomenting hate between us. The Koch brothers attend church and never saw the inside of a synagogue and would not know who Rashi, the Ramban, or Rabbi Akiba or any of the other great scholars or teachers of the Talmud. The Jews gave christianity to the word, saved christianity in Germany, France, and Spain. However, the paga neo-christians need to destroy the name of G-d from the face of the earth. The only way to do this is to destroy the Jews. For, without the Jews, there is no Christianity. Beware of the Manzos and Humaids of the world as they will only bring destruction and death to us all.

    1. Allison

      The Jewish people are NOT gamblers. They are strategists. This has been a necessity since the beginning, because they know they are in the minority. Therefore, the Jews will back the democrats AND the republicans because that is the smartest way to make sure that they stay on the winning side!

      What do you call? Heads or tails?
      Jews: Both!
      You win!

      In a free country, while everyone else is picking sides...

  13. mohammed humaid

    Our cousin Jews are strangling stupid Americans who slog it only to surrender to the Jewish lobby that is controlling everything in America from Congress all the way down to controlling the lives of ordinary people. America has nearly three millions in jail most of whom are poor African American who committed petite crimes while the Jews are ruling America. The worst bit is that senates and Congressmen compete to appease and please their Jewish masters.

    1. Allison

      Yes, I have seen American senators take out ads in the Jerusalem Post. Why? Because he is pleasing the Jews to show them he is on their side! I have never seen a senator take out in a Canadian newspaper. We are neighbors and yet our opinion of American senators is unimportant. American senators have to be preapproved by the Jewish community or they will just waste their investment running for government.

      Likewise, they know better than to criticize any Jewish cause or politician because that is political suicide in America.

  14. Robyn Luongo

    So I guess those of you that are pro Pimp Daddies Koch have a lot of money! Why the hell else would you make such statements? Why would you care about a documentary about billionaires other wise?

  15. JerseyRich

    I wish people were intelligent enough to understand a documentary is not when you have an opinion of someone and then set out to prove your own opinon in film. In any case, would anyone like to take a wager that the person behind this "documentary" won't be making a follow up entitled "George Soros Exposed"? Of course not. That wouldn't fit his agenda now would it?

  16. Gorphy

    The description of this film is ridiculously full of hyperbole meant to cause a certain emotional reaction in the reader. Because of that I'm under the impression the Koch's are a threat to organized Jewry. This site promotes conspiracy flicks of a ridiculous nature such as alien and UFO conspiracies but doesn't have anything exposing the parasitic and complete control of the west by organized Zionist Jewry. The whole conservative vs liberal crap is a distraction to hide the real puppet masters and group behind the downfall of the USA-Zionist Jewry. Rather than get all upset over what I have posted do your own research and learn the facts.

    1. Joe Honick

      "organized by Zionist Jewry"? How fascinating. Sounds precisely as the Hitler financier Henry Ford had been reborn. You remember the virulent anti-Semite Ford who not only received Hitler'sjhighest decoration but also produced vehicles for him in Germany during the war and then tried to sue the US for bombing his factory. Surely you have all the facts from the likes of Ford or maybe it was Tom Watson who had helped Hitler find the Jews with his IBM card system. Right?

  17. Hugh Phillips

    Hate the Koch Brothers...actually despise them!

  18. Joe Hbomb

    "against the civil rights movement, saying that it is communist threat and that the white children should not go to school with black children, because that would lead to mongrelization of the races." - They are right on!

  19. Rob

    "The suit coats say "There's money to be made." They get so excited nothing stands in their way."
    Drifting - Pearl Jam

    These two a** holes are not alone, they have the entire capitalist pig buying their bull s*it.

  20. Wayne Manzo

    The Koch Brothers are Super jew kikes and it is the last name that
    they use to connect the various Koch Kikes together. It was the Koch's
    that built the World Trade Center and left out alot of parts so that it would fall down when impacted by jets. A reward for this type of terrorist activity is the wealth of the nation__they can have as much Super jew kike money and own as many businesses as they want as long as all the workers are Super jews or are slaves of the Super jews__the Koch's can be destroyed very easily and it's called using
    the Anti - Monopoly laws and also exposing the Terrorist Tactics
    of the Koch's and the Super jew race! Send them back to SS Real or
    Russia! We don't need Telepathic, Collectives controlling and owning

    1. copywriter111

      I love SUPER JEWS! The Kotch Brothers are my heroes. Why don't you start a Super Natzi Club and try to follow in their footsteps.
      As I see it they employ a lot of people and have created a lot of jobs. The money that they own resides in a bank where it can be used to fund other projects. They are working and not just living the life on the Atlantic or Pacific.

    2. Jibs

      Wow I see it's ok to destroy a country and humans just because you employ lots of people to do it. You must have attended one of their schools

    3. Zot OfKithairon

      haha, they're not even jewish, they just have jewish roots.

    4. Ken

      Wayne Manzo is just another liar and deceiver who is spreading the laughable WTC/911 bull**it.

  21. ChiefW4

    I'm sorry, but this is really a little silly. 70% of Americans are social liberals and fiscal conservatives. We want the gov't to be MUCH smaller. Close foreign military bases, End Obamacare, Close the DEA, and DHS, End the "War on Drugs"... There are PLENTY of ways to trim the size of the gov't without touching Social Security (to boot, the gov't OWES Social Security Money). What has the gov't done to balance the budget? Cut the Cost of Living increases to disabled veterans instead of cutting Welfare... Yeah... Our government is SOOOO responsible as it is, and the Koch Bros. are the REAL problem... yeah, okay.

    1. winston

      'End Obamacare' ? We pay more than enough in taxes already to provide every person in this nation with the highest level of healthcare available, What we need to do is separate healthcare from the economy. healthcare is a sizeable chunk of GDP. That means the more sick people there are the better it is for the economy. The sicker one is the more money they must spend and be billed, at profit. PROFIT>?> Why should there be any profit associated with healing people? I think we can all agree that we want healthcare to be the best that it possibly can for all people. That means working together. and not for profit. People wishing to become doctors must do it because they wish to heal others,, not for gross financial self-enrichment. Those people can become plastic surgeons in Hollywood. NOT real doctors.
      The bottom line is, the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath is completely at odds with the idea of personal financial gain through the sickness of your patient. . Healthcare is not a service or commodity like any other. And THAT is what we as a society have to fully grasp.

      The military runs things, (Vietnam & 9/11 both proved that). Those interests have enslaved unborn generations of Americans to perpetual debt. We spent more last year to air-condition US troops around the globe (in nearly 1000 military bases) than on the entire budget of NASA. So we can afford it. We are already paying for it. We just need to get our house in order and hang a few politicians and ex politicans from light posts.

    2. Hugh Phillips

      Agree totally the wealthy right have corrupted this country to the point of no return. We no longer have the workers rights that we used to have,wages have stagnated,except for the CEO's and owners of these corporations,yet the prices and cost of living continues to rise. Never understand a working class person supporting this kind of BS...always amazed me. Now,Fox(Faux)News has brainwashed millions with their rhetoric though most fail to realize that they actually sued for the right to basically lie to the public. Sigh...sad days are ahead folks.

    3. JerseyRich

      Wow and can you imagine the Liberal Dems were in charge of it all for the last 6 years! MAYBE your mindset is just wrong?

    4. ChiefW4

      Healthcare in the hands of the government is a VERY bad idea. Take it from someone who gets his healthcare from the gov't, through the V.A. If our tax money would cover all that healthcare (especially the $10k/day to keep someone on a respirator when they have no brain function), the healthcare premiums wouldn't have gone up for the average salaried employee, yet they did. As Ben Franklin put it when opposing the gov't helping out the poor: “I am for doing good to the poor, but...I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed...that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” ― Benjamin Franklin

      As much as I agree with the democrat's stance on civil rights, I abhor their bleeding heart communist values. America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, not the land of government picking the corporate winners and redistributing the wealth. We live in a croney-capitalist society instead of a free market system as was intended by the founding fathers. it's time we get back to the constitution. Of course, both the Republicans AND the Democrats are far closer to Totalitarian/Communists/Socialists/Marxists than they are the original Libertarian ideals of the founding fathers.

    5. Road Less Traveled

      At the same time, and with all due respect, conservatives like you need to stop being naive about private and corporate power. Obviously not all rich people nor corporations are bad in any sense. However, there are also many who use their money and power to exhibit undue and unethical influence on the US government and our lives, including trying to buy election results. Corporations have also been powerful enough for 60 years that they have worked with CIA in such things as advantageous coups on democratic governments abroad. Again, don't fool yourself.

    6. ChiefW4

      I'm a social liberal. I'm only a financial conservative, IOW, a Libertarian. Please don't lump me in with bible thumping Republicans. As an agnostic atheist, I find the Democrats AND Republicans equally idiotic. The 2 party system as it is presents a false choice. Our debt is increasing exponentially, and nobody seems to actually WANT to balance the budget. The bill is going to come due. It's just a matter of when. Cutting out the DEA, DHS, ATF, and dropping all "illegal substance" laws would empty roughly 75% of the prisons, would significantly lower violent crime (much in the way the end of prohibition significantly lowered crime), and would allow the US to open as many free rehab centers as needed. This has all already been done in Portugal, and with tremendous results. At (depending upon security level) ~$30k/year to house one prisoner, the amount of money saved would put a serious dent in our deficit spending.

      To boot, I'm pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-civil liberties. None of those are "conservative" values.

  22. DReview

    Sad that two men that could make the country a better place are funding for the disruption of lives in poor and middle communities.

    I don't consider them Americans.

  23. kelly kass

    Sociopaths, these two will not be missed when they die.

    1. Hugh Phillips

      Agree Kelly...100 percent

  24. Harlan

    Can't wait for the documentary exposing the evils of George Soros and the true background of B. Hussein Obama.

    1. No More Lies

      It's not about left vs right, it's about the have and the have nots.

    2. Pysmythe

      Right on. It's also not just about being wealthy per se, but about what you choose to do with the power that wealth provides.

    3. No More Lies

      Unfortunately most seem to use that power to increase their wealth

    4. kelly kass

      You are a product of Murdoch and Koch's. Wake up and educate yourself.

    5. jaberwokky

      Ah how lovely, it regurgitates Fox News sound bites.

      I'm sure there's already a doc here about 'the great satan' ( or black Jesus if that suits you better ). Not sure if he's the main topic but he's used as the cover image for the doc. It's a picture of the POTUS pulling his face/mask off, the implication no doubt being that he is another soldier of the Illuminati or some other such tedium. It's done by that WWF wrestler/space monkey Alex Jones so personally I wouldn't waste my time but it should pander fairly well to your particular delusion no doubt.

    6. Hugh Phillips

      Exactly Jaberwokky lol.

  25. Imightberiding

    I will skip this one. I suffer from hypertension & I am certain that if I do watch this, it will be the end of me. I don't want to actually die from anger. Not today anyway.

    1. jaberwokky

      Possibly a wise choice. My jaw still aches from all the teeth grinding I was doing while watching this one.

  26. beepath

    The Koch boys are the Charles Manson to our being Sharon Tate. Sorry to offend by this analogy, but it is the truth. Even Ms Tate would agree, I'm sure.

  27. Roy

    What a pile of crap. A lot is out right lies. The comments carry no weight in common sense either. Run, run, run away...

    1. beepath

      So Roy, how much are the Koch boys paying you to be so in denial? You are the one running, running, running away.

    2. Roy

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But some of us use facts and live in reality. Enjoy hiding behind DISQUS and ignorance. Besides, this is not a forum of debate, just our opinions, This is an "At The Movies With Siskel & Ebert" kind a thing. ie: At The Movies with Roy & beepath". Respect others opinions and you might get heard and may even be taken seriously.

    3. docoman

      Hmm, first you said "The comments carry no weight in common sense either.", then next post you say "Respect others opinions and you might get heard and may even be taken seriously."

      Spot the oxymoron mate? Care to rethink your posts Roy, or are you sticking with that hypocrisy and wish to not be taken seriously yourself, be convicted by your own logic and words?

    4. Roy

      The first comment was in reference to the false facts in the posted comments. Learn to read and think mate. Seems like posting comments is a key to unlocking the stupid. It's like in the documentary.where,a lady, in a beautiful house cooking in a first class kitchen, complaining about her food stamps. She is collecting so much in income that her supplement is only $18. The $18 is only a supplement, added to, her income to meet a standard of living. It's not to be her total food cost as the video implies. Yes the video sounds good to the leafy wackos, but hardly any truths in it. So tell me mate, how is your comment related to the video? It's just a gutless attack hiding behind DISQUS.

    5. docoman

      My comments are related to this 'video' in that they're observations about the comments on this 'video', and the logic you use in your arguments 'about this video'.
      Amusing how you mention facts and reality, then go on about hiding behind DISQUS.
      Care to read the rules, then try again?
      With facts from reality this time?
      It's also amusing to me too that you mention gutless. Close, I'm a semi-colon, for real. ;)
      Next time you're near Brisbane, Aus, I'll be happy to meet you for a more personal discussion if you wish. I'll bring my half a gut, you bring your half a brain. Otherwise we're stuck with this.. so your point is? Roy, or Guest or whatever?

  28. Eva

    they are both getting old and one thing what they fear the most is getting old. they will die one day and there will be 2 motherf.....s less.

  29. Jack1952

    Fred Koch calls Eisenhower a communist but he has no problem helping Stalin's communist state develop their oil reserves. Principles don't mean much when there's a buck to be made.

    1. John Behr


    2. Joe Hbomb

      Are you that much of a friggin Klown ? FDR and Churchill partnered up with Stalin to murder 12 million Germans, then enslave half of Europe. WTF are a few oil refineries ? Rothschild built the whole oil Russian infrastructure long before Koch showed up.

    3. Jack1952

      I like how they did it, too. They suckered Hitler into invading Poland, with the help of Stalin, and then invading Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, etc. They, then manage to encourage Japan to bomb Pearl Harbour, so America can legitimately enter the war. Then, this is really good, they, somehow, get Hitler to invade the Soviet Union. This was brilliant. Everyone knows that Stalin would never, on his own, enter a war needlessly...except for that Poland thing, but that doesn't count.

      This video is not about the Rothchilds. It's about the Koch brothers. My comment is about the hypocrisy of these two. They stated their hatred for communism but were still willing to help them if it lined their own pockets. Principles mean nothing in their world of high finance. Don't see how that makes me the "klown".

    4. Joe Hbomb

      Koch brothers are chump change and nothing but employees. Your historical outline of ww2 is a perfect example of your klownish mind. Your hollywood history is too obvious.

    5. Joe Hbomb

      You have demonstrated your knowledge or lack of history from your jew tube university."invading Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium," - sorry but it was the British invasion forces in those lands that precipitated all that. You are a bit behind the times, even current released classified documents have proved the mass murderer FDR provoked and then let Pearl Harbor be attacked, he even moved the pacific fleet from it's base in San Diego to Pearl Harbor as a better target. You are the typical stoopid American, that gives us all as bad rap.

    6. Jack1952

      No, I didn't learn about the history of the invasion of Holland by Nazi Germany from some Jew tube university and I'm not American. I learned it from my parents and grandparents, who lived there and lived through the horrors of the Nazi invasion and occupation. The Netherlands had declared their neutrality, hoping to avoid any participation in the war just like they did in WW1. There were no British troops in Holland in 1940. Hitler entered Holland, in spite of their declaration of neutrality, and occupied the country until Allied troops, specifically Canadians, chased the Nazis out in 1944-5. By this time, the Nazis had starved the Dutch, stole food and personal property to aid in the war effort. Go to Holland on May 5, Liberation Day, and see the celebrations, honouring the end of Nazi occupation. No celebrations, ever, marking the end of British occupation. That's because it never happened.

      My parents have told me of some terrible times during the Nazi occupation. The poor food, the hunger, the ever present fear, and then the exhilaration when the Canadian troops came and ran the Nazis out. Dad told me it was hero worship for the kids, like kids now idolize sports celebrities.

      That is how I learned about the invasion of Holland...from people that lived it. If you have any doubt about what I've just posted, I suggest you go to the Netherlands on May 5, next year, and go to any pub and start telling your revisionist history to the locals. I'd be curious to hear where that would get you. Let me know.

    7. Joe Hbomb

      "parents have told me of some terrible times during the Nazi occupation. " - are they jew liars too???
      I have relatives from there also and they joined the German struggle against jewish bolshevism and jewish international bankers War against Europe.

    8. Jack1952

      The response I would expect from one whose entire perspective on life is based on seething bias and paranoia. The Netherlands is not country made up of pathological liars. A simple google search will show the overwhelming joy the Dutch exhibited when the Nazis were ejected from their country....a joy celebrated enthusiastically even today.

      Yes, there were collaborators in the Netherlands in the war. Self serving individuals, seeking favour and privilege by kowtowing to the invading forces. I suspect that your relatives, if they exist, do not speak openly in Holland of their activities during the war. Collaborators were and are despised by the overwhelming majority of the Dutch people.

    9. Joe Hbomb

      "Nazis had starved the Dutch" - oh really, tell us how many of the Dutch actually starved ? SIX MILLION ???????
      If the Russians, British, or Americans were your neighboring countries and you conspired against them the way you did with the British and French against the Germans. The Russian hordes would of gang raped all your females from 8 to 80 before sending all men to gulags, The British would have fire bombed your cities, the french would have used you for slave labor, and the Americans would have nuked you. The Germans kicked out the international bankers and many Dutch joined them in the fight against Bolshevik take over of Europe.
      So, tell me what your parents did in the war ?
      But all you can do is invite me to be among a horde of brainwashed hoodlums.

  30. John Defalque

    It's disturbing that they want to resegregate schools-going down that road will surely lead to the reinstitution of slavery.

    1. Pysmythe

      They know they could never take it that far, obviously, so they'll settle for the next best thing, smug Jim Crowian pinheads that they are, which is to make it as hard as possible for minorities to get a leg up in life with a good education, or to pollute their outstanding white schools and neighborhoods with inferior minority values, talents, and genes. Make no mistake whatsoever about it, however, that these completely evil approximations of actual human beings are nothing, if not equal opportunity enslavers, given the chance. Whatever race you may happen to have been born into, if you don't fit their definition of intelligent and worthy, which is that you consider making obscene amounts of money the height of morality in this world, and, more importantly, if you have not, for whatever reason, actually done so, they will consider it only fitting, only the natural order of things, indeed a very manifestation of God's will and righteousness, that your neck, too, be as firmly lodged under their boots as they can possibly arrange. Get rich, really rich, if you would like your life and family and world to be as worth considering as their own. Until then, you are ultimately nothing to them, expendable, and whatever chains they can buy to throw around you are only what your kind deserve. It is a rare rich man, indeed, who shows much worthiness of his good fortune whatsoever.

    2. John Defalque

      Their greed is phenomenal-you or I would retire from work after a million or two. Likely go to school and pursue self interests, but these busy greedy power hungry billionaires never have enough.

    3. Robert Mulle

      Slavery was reinstated long ago. Debt slavery brought to us by the financial elite and Federal Reserve Bank cartel.

    4. John Defalque

      Sure and I feel like a slave doing max work for min wage for the labour pimps. It's 10X harder than my PT fast food job and yet it pays the same-BS!

  31. John Defalque

    The Koch bros own 2 million acres of the tar sands-they could name it Athabasca and make it the 51st state, If they aren't stopped, perhaps they will own all land in Alberta north of Edmonton.

  32. a_no_n

    I wonder what they would be doing now if it wasn't for daddy dearest.

  33. ZeissIkon

    I am not one to condone violence, but I'd have to agree, after watching this documentary I'd find it hard to imagine many people would be able to hit their brakes in time if they recognized either of those two crossing the road.

  34. megatron_mcdaniels

    It surprises me that these people arn't assassinated. Lotta people with lotsa time on their hands.

    1. a_no_n

      assassins require money...and since they have all the money they don't have to worry about asassins

    2. megatron_mcdaniels

      the united states military has been training and equipping killers for awhile now...good thing all of them are completely satisfied with whats happening.

  35. Arthur Brooks

    Maybe everything Koch connected should be disconnected. That filthy creek would benefit from HEMP and so would the people.

  36. Guest

    It is times like these I wish I was religious and believed in hell.
    If they keep poking the ants nest, eventually the population is going to come out in mass and swarm.

  37. San Pedro

    So this is the Umbrella corporation :-)
    But it matters not how they act, in the last moments of their life, when all of their emotions burried so deeply comes rushing out, they will create their own personal hell. That is the way universe worked, works and will work till the end of light :-)

    1. bringmeredwine

      One can only hope so!

  38. Pysmythe

    Madame la Guillotine was made for just such stiffnecks as these. Of all the wealthy people in the public eye, I can't think of any more thoroughly disgusting than these two.

    1. a_no_n

      *Glances toward trump tower.*

    2. Pysmythe

      True, but Trump strikes me as more of a simple, one-trick a$$hat, a crass New Yorker, as opposed to the Sith-level wickedness of the Koch brothers. He comes off more as one of the clowns in the glittery audience unhesitatingly agreeing with the ideas, rather than someone capable of generating very many of his own.

    3. John Behr

      And the Waltons...