Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again

Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again

2016, Politics  -   78 Comments
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What happens when an ego goes too far? That provocative question provides the prelude to the documentary Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again as images of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler fill the screen. Many viewers may find the film's thesis a bit too extreme, but it nevertheless contains a series of observations that prove acute and revealing.

The film argues that a certain amount of ego can spell a healthy recipe for success, but when it's allowed to run amok, it can prove disastrous to everything it touches. Is this the case with Donald Trump? The filmmakers certainly think so. They support this logic by running through the seven characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder, and showing how Trump fulfills each of them with a continuous display of soundbites from the man himself.

As it's presented, the offensive nature of much of this content is undeniable. We see the numerous disparaging comments he's made about women, and the schoolyard insults he's thrown at each of his opponents on the election trail. We're shown the most incendiary segments of his campaign speeches when he's called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, and questioned the character of illegal immigrants who pour into the country from Mexico. We witness the vocal support of his candidacy from prominent hate groups and their most visible spokespeople, and his initial hesitance to vociferously denounce their endorsements.

These clips are either damning or rousing depending upon your political persuasion. Whether you believe Trump to be a thin-skinned hatemonger or a politically incorrect savior of the conservative movement, it's difficult to deny his ability to provoke visceral reactions from both sides of the aisle. The same can be said of this film.

Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again recognizes Trump's singular gifts of salesmanship and appealingly outspoken presentation. But it vehemently denounces what it views as his dangerously uninformed platform. Undeniably left-leaning in its analysis, the film is infused with a great sense of urgency because the stakes couldn't be higher. After all, Trump could very well hold the winning key for entry into the White House on the election day.

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  1. Jon

    And America now has Biden and Harris (AKA
    100 days in, 100 days of failures at all levels!
    Let's Go Brandon!

  2. Sankari

    Trump was the weakest, dumbest, most corrupt president in US history. And Joe Biden absolutely destroyed him in the 2020 election. Thank you for your service, President Biden.

    1. jon

      How's Your 'president' Joe Bidet doing? Feeble minded, incompetent , incontinent and corrupt. The Poster Boy for Failure.

    2. Jon

      "Joe Biden destroyed him" 🤣
      China Joe and Harris (AKA & giggles) have failed everyone in America, except their Chinese Masters. Point to 1 success!

  3. DREMA

    People hate to hear the truth, the guy is a sociopath even a independent like me can see that

    1. jon

      On you are Drema-on you feckless Gomer!

  4. Jon

    What garbage!! The Real purveyors of Hate is The Democratic (Nazi) Party, the msm, and Big Tech. President Trump (The Real President) merely exposed them for who they truly are.
    "When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion is Duty"

  5. Observer

    So many Trumpettes calling 'the left' Nazis without acknowledging that neo-Nazis are all Trump supporters.

    Textbook Putin.

    1. POTUS

      Thank You for your support. Do you want to mail me your entire paycheck, or just wait until Camellia taxes you to death?

  6. Jon Jonzz

    The Real Hate is coming from the msm, the Democrats and their Nazi goons (Antifa, BLM). The American were not fooled in 2016, and they will not be fooled in 2020. MAGA Forever!

  7. MAGA

    Never has there been so much hatred in our country as there is now, and, no, it's not coming from Trump. The Left has been consumed with hatred since Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential race. Within minutes of the announcement social media was being flooded with demands for the murder of an American citizen, Donald. One internet analytics company counted over 12,000 such demands for Trump's murder on Twitter alone. Now that's real hate that should alarm decent Americans. Unfortunately, decency is in very short supply on the Left. Tens of millions of Americans were called deplorables, racists, homphobic, etc., by the morally repugnant Hillary Clinton. That is, she was and continues to foment hatred to this very day. Hate and intolerance are the lifeblood of the Left.

    1. POTUS

      I see we did not convince everyone. Its re-education camps for the lot of you!

    2. Jon


  8. roberto

    Spreading Coronavirus, Another criminal Act of Trump administration Biological Terrorism

  9. Jon Jonzz

    Trump is leading this country in the greatest economic, social, and national progress since Reagan. And yet, the Democrats and the Left (Soros) continue to try and convince the American People that somehow he's bad. They have Failed miserably

    1. Bryan Bissell

      This is something profound by Ralph Nader on the devastating dictatorship that is more scandal plagued than Nixon's Watergate was. It should have been included in the film, but wasn't written at the time unfortunately.

      The Most Impeachable President in US History vs. The Most Hesitant Congress.

      Tyrant Trump is the most impeachable president in the country’s history—hands down. Before he resigned, Richard Nixon was sure to be impeached and convicted in 1974 due to his obstructions of the Watergate scandal investigation. Selected president Donald Trump has committed many more serious offenses than Nixon. Trump’s abuses amount to repealing the gains of the American Revolution against monarchical rule, and they eviscerate the U.S. Constitution’s “separation of powers” system of presidential accountability. Moreover, major protections for the American people against big corporate crime, power and greed are all on Trump’s unlawful chopping block. His offenses and violations are more than enough to require his removal from office!

      A president who lies and fabricates by the hour is destructive to life-preserving science, reason, truth, and public trust...Alexander Hamilton described “high crimes and misdemeanors” as “violations of the public trust.” Trump is the poster boy for this yardstick. He tells Americans they have cleaner air, water, food, forthcoming wonderful health insurance, tons more manufacturing jobs and “clean, beautiful coal.” He continues to maintain these fictions when just the opposite is occurring due to his deliberate destruction of existing health, safety and economic protections. He is subordinating people to increased corporate control...

      Trump’s income taxes on corporations and his own businesses are the lowest in modern U.S. history. Some companies—like the big banks and General Electric are nearing tax-exemption, so little do they pay into the U.S. Treasury.

      And Trump’s use of the presidency to enrich himself and his businesses is shameless...

      Remember all the factories that he said were coming back to America and the trade deficit he was going to diminish and the federal deficit he was going to reduce? Well, his actions have made a mess of all these matters. Manufacturing output and manufacturing jobs are down, the trade and federal deficits are up.

      Irregular Gig economy jobs with low pay and no-benefits are replacing good jobs.

      Consumer debts, including student debt, are at an all-time high...

      Trump trumpeted dictatorially: “Under Article 2, I can do whatever I want as President.” Which is what he is doing in violation of many sections of our Constitution, starting with sweeping contempt of exclusive Congressional authorities under our Constitution. These violations involve the appropriations, war and confirmation powers. He has violated surveillance rules, campaign finance laws and encouraged voter suppression of citizens likely to vote against Republicans. He is engaged in an attempted coup....

      No other president has regularly violated more provisions of our Constitution, some of which also involve statutory crimes.

      No other president has engaged in more personal violence against women, openly incited violence against critics and reporters at his mass rallies.

      No other president has been more ineffective regarding fulfilling his boastful promises to his betrayed supporters.

      The winner thus far is his latest incitement that “If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal,'” Trump quoted from a Baptist pastor’s statement. Such a crazy, dangerous incitation would have been decisively actionable to our founding fathers, not to mention Mr. Republican himself – Abraham Lincoln, whose presidency was engulfed by Civil War...

      Send ‘Trump and company’ back to Mar-a-Lago so they can contemplate the rising sea levels which he calls a “Chinese Hoax.”

    2. Tom

      Trump is a crook and he will end up in jail after he looses reelection.

    3. Crosby

      Reagan caused the S&L failures, that destablized the entire economy. But nice try at attempting to convince an ABA-AIB 4.0 student, that you are not ignorant on the subject.

  10. Trump 2020 & beyond

    Trump derrangement syndrome.These side effects will only last you snowflakes 5 more might be alittle light headed and woozy afterwards for a few extra months but it will about 5 n a half years to go.try not to melt before then.

    1. Tom

      the light headed and wooziness will come when Trumpsters watch their supreme commander hauled away to jail in handcuffs

  11. JustMe

    This film was a big fail, clearly! Didn't make a dent in the widespread support that Donald Trump enjoyed and which put him into the White House. :-)

  12. JustMeAgain

    And by the way, America was NEVER as uncivilized and hateful *before* the Kenyan came on the scene. Just look what he "achieved" with his relentless race-baiting and hate-mongering. Don't blame Trump for the uncivilized, hateful, violent, immature MESS that the U.S.A. has become since those eight miserable years with the Big Zero.

  13. JustMe

    Nobody was/is more NARCISSISTIC than the Chicago Thug, a/k/a The Big Zero. Nobody!

  14. Anthon40

    what can the working man do when all our jobs are sent overseas by the globalist one world order corporations? Only Bernie Sanders refuses to take money from the global ist corporations. There is a comspiracy to undermine the working class white man and only Bernie Sanders is free of the taint from globalist Soros-sponsored corporations. Jared 666 Kushner has taken control of Trump through his daughter Ivanka. Only Bernie Sanders can save us from this papist cabal.

  15. AntiAntifa

    @Anthony: Typical mindless emoting. It is why everyone but the govt school still indoctrinated types who never woke, are the only one's still clueless, the only one's still watching the major media. If you turn it all off, you no longer will be emotionally triggered by the constant lies from the Globalist Communist Propaganda Machine called the major media. Give yourself that chance to wake up, to look into some real facts about what you support.

    Look up the criminally evil history of the Socialism you bought into via the govt school indoctrination and the major media. Right now you wouldn't know a real fact from a devil's pact, which is all flavors and forms of Collectivism.

    Note to the clueless: Sweden is not a Socialist Country. It like most of the other Euro nations are Capitalist Welfare states, not unlike the usa only more so.

    Clue #1: If your indoctrinators told you the truth, you would have never gone for it. "Rules for Radicals" the playbook of Obama and Billary, instructed to do just that "Lie, lie, lie, and continue to lie because the masses will never go for it if you told them the truth. And are they lying about something good?! hahahah.

  16. Beverly

    president Trump. Is all that gives America the chance, to make @ame4ica

    1. Anthony

      Facts don't lie,trump is a f***ing mad man

  17. Beverly

    president Trump is all that gives America the chance of making America great again after8 years of going down The Drain with OBUMMER!How do I go about getting power

  18. Meltedown

    For all those who want a free college education and other free stuff. You would be much further ahead by starting a business and self educating when not working.

    I have learned more on my own than I ever did at university. A FREE education is waiting for you right now on this website and others. When everyone in and outside of government has their hand out, wanting from you and your biz, then you will understand what the problem with your type is.

    Actually, you must already know that it is much easier to extort from others, like most unions do, than to make and earn it yourself, otherwise you wouldn't be trying to do just that.

    Laughing my gizzard off at this biased collectivist agenda video. When you have the globalist collectivist media on your side like Obama, that did the best they could to hide the truth about the constant lying of the most narcissistic ego maniac ever to hold that office. All you had to do was read the European press or go to any of the several independent news and info websites to see that is true. In anticipation of winning he redesigned the Presidential Seal but his handlers managed to persuade him to tone things down and to act more covertly than overtly. He did put up Muslim-Islamic tapestry though. Obama should be hung for treason; giving billions to his friends the Muslim Brotherhood (and Iran) having some as Czars and advisers.

    Now Obama is claiming credit for Trumps turn around of the usa economy. If the Obama droolers want to believe that because they refuse to check the data ...that wouldn't surprise anyone. That failure to check facts with independent sources rather than buying the Globalist propaganda major media and Obama, is what has caused most of the problems we still face.

    Trump's biggest mistake was not having people beside him that knew who all the Globalist Minions were so that he wouldn't appoint any. As well as clear out all the Obama hold overs which of course were globalist minions. It seems he is not allowed to get rid of them all or the Globalist bankster cabal would place crosshairs upon him.

    The truly crazy part is that while we begrudgingly but calmly suffered through Obama and his anti American Collectivist policies, the collectivist Democrats (Globalist minions) are having a meltdown, refuse to accept defeat, and are still trying to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat, after having lost, despite all the vote hacking and dirty tricks. They hate that their lives and the country is better off. They want misery for the peons and won't be happy until they get it. That is the communist way.

    Proof? Several of the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA) admit to being Communists and they run the Democrat party whether old school democrats want to believe it or not. Watch Project Veritas, the pond scum spill their beans.

    If you want even more Socialism than we already have, why not move to where that is already? The fact that you don't move to another country that has all the Socialism you desire, says a lot. It says you desire to make Everyone miserable. That is the communist way. All the peons must suffer at the hands of the ruling class so they can feel superior.

    1. Jon


  19. JClarke

    From my perspective this documentary stinks of ingratitude. Trump did not need to run for President - he is giving the last years of his life to this country - He is right about the politicians - do nothing but talk - completely useless. Trump is standing up to the special interests who are really running our country - the politicians are just a charade. There were only 2 real candidates - Bernie and Trump - Bernie sold out - case closed.

    1. Czuch

      You are one complete and total jackass, and have no idea of how corrupt this demon of a crap hole Trump is. If you believe his lies and support him, you are a racist idiot!

    2. DaFox

      He gave himself 350.000.000,- with his tax cut for the super rich. And you think he's there for his base? he laughs at those people. . He doesnt give a flying f*** for you or your country. This dumb idiot only loves hinself. You will see. But than its too late. The damage is done. The USA is no longer the leader of the free world. It;s just.... Well.... Weird.

  20. john

    As if Hillary was not filled with hate. Hillary was also and egomaniac along with her nasty husband and Obama and Bush and Nixon and on and on. So I'd say what's your point but I can see your agenda quite easily. Trump thinks like most of America and that's always been true. So this video is a fail.

  21. maak

    Couldn't watch it all. Reminded me of the last presidential election.

  22. mike m

    Mid july now and no fantastic health care, no wall, no huge travel ban, lots of fighting amongst the party, world wide low trumpy scores, ,,,,,

    tweets are the only new big story of potus policy and they get lots of disgust and low opinion of them from most thinkers.

    colbert is king and trumps in a slump.

    wonder how his brand will fare when the fan is done spinning this stuff?

    putin is happy. im happy [with colbert},,and ,wow, what a load of entertainment so far!!

  23. Jrock

    This communist propaganda piece could have been much better had they watched more North Korean state television prior to producing it.

  24. Real Radish

    HA HA HA. That was great.. I needed a brainless comedy for the evening.

  25. Brian Levy

    I think that the number of disparaging reviews of this documentary are extremely sad. The thesis presented is not new. However, it is extremely pertinent. The right-wing appeal to the uneducated and the dispossessed. It is extremely easy to make bold promises that one will fix the ills of society by blaming everything on others. The rational arguments required to counter this nonsense requires a degree of intelligence, education and thought. The challenge is how to communicate complex and nuanced arguments and also accept the mistakes made by those genuinely seeking to find a better way to those who are probably incapable of understanding.

    This weeks events have clearly demonstrated that the Overton Window continues to shift to the right. The saddest aspect of all of it is that, as is always the case, those who support the kind of nonsense perpetuated by people like Trump with his band of right-wing billionaires and fascists (e.g. Bannon) are the very people who will pay the highest price for this folly.

  26. Brett Manton

    America is full of haters. Your Nation began by hating Native Americans. You unashamedly displayed your great hatred by lying to then, decieving them, stealing their land, raping and killing their mothers and children. And, proudly boasted about it to a disbelieving world. America, the land of the hater & home of the ignorant and proud. Youse haters are so full of hate that youse can't even think straight nor can youse see straight because your hearts are just so full of hatred. I can't imagine what hell will be like for people like youse who hate so much. God help you all.

  27. Mr.

    All you web sites with your democrap-tic agendas & hateful engeries.
    Im ashamed to even call you my american brothers & sisters !!

    democraps are crying like 11 year old children now that TRUMP is our president,
    democraps want all the rules and even , (some they just make up along the way) ;
    to go their way. "its all a democracy as long as the rules work for ALL , not just
    a few of you lowest denominator democraps.

    Your childish , violent & very selfish !! you should try to grow up , stop your hateful
    ways , and realize that not things can be to your mind (?) set , nor will it EVER be !!

  28. Nate

    I will simply never vote for someone that retweets Il Duce. My grandparents lived through the second world war in Holland and were traumatized for life. The nazis didnt care about the so called aryan people. All they cared about is power and money.

  29. Sally

    What a hit piece. Total cherry picked, out of context, collection of untruths, half truths and lies.
    Hillary is the Nazi - Trump is for the citizens if the USA. Hillary has done NOTHING for America. She has produced nothing and through "Clinton Foundation" has shaken down every thug dictatorship and rogue nation to enrich herself. (see "Clinton Cash) What is wrong in running the USA like a business? (devoid of cronyism)
    I cannot understand why anyone would vote Hillary over Trump. Are they missing an ethic gene?

    1. Mike H

      I see what you are doing. Clever. Perfect example of satire to illustrate how propaganda is used to promote fascism. Nicely done, Sally. But, I think you went a little too extreme.

      "Hillary is the Nazi." You've got to make it somewhat believable. Try something like "Hillary runs a sex trafficing ring out of a pizza restaurant." or "Obama is a muslim." Now that is the kind of thing that a Trump supporter will believe. If you really want to drive the point home, make an infographic. You can put whatever you want on it and they will believe it.

  30. MK

    If the Americans portrayed in this film (and that includes Trump) really want to stop terrorism then they should stop participating in it. It's as simple as that. The idea that you can invade a country, completely destroy its infrastructure, force its people into submission and then expect them to be well behaved is absolutely ridiculous. And lets not forget that the US has invaded more countries on the planet than any other nation in history.

    The parallels between Hitler's rise and Trump's rise are very similar. Post WW1 Germany was beaten into submission, its war debts were crippling, inflation rampant. Hitler found an easy scapegoat in the Jews. America today is debt ridden, the financial collapse of 2008, the continual flight of jobs to cheap labor markets. Trump has found an easy scapegoat in the Muslims.

    The irony of guys like Trump is incredible. He wants to make America great? The US is the joke of the globe when it comes to health care, its the only western nation without a real health plan. It's one of the most expensive countries in the world for post secondary education. How can you possibly make a nation great when its health and education are getting weaker and weaker?

    I think the answer is he doesn't care, he's like every other billionaire, its all about profit. He is all about building the military and guarding all those overseas US corporate interests. Climate change is a fraud, he is going to push every oil pipeline and frack every neighborhood in site and he is going to use force. I don't know if he is truly a narcissist but he is certainly a bully and likes to be surrounded by other bullies, just like Hitler.

    Finally I would like to say that there is nothing wrong with socialism, its a healthy dose of socialism that makes a nation great. Its good to see more and more people demonstrating for their rights and the rights of their communities. Its the only way to effect change in today's world.

    1. Carol Rukliss

      MK, Beautifully and eloquently written. Thank you for a thoughtful, sensible post.

  31. Peggy Matycich

    This movie is gospel, plain and simple. Should be played at every theater in the United States and should also be broadcast on many television stations before it is too late.

  32. gabby wolff

    this isn't a documentary film. This is just a bunch of cherry picked youtube video's smashed together into one video.

  33. trax

    Nobody knows what a Trump POTUS would look like. Everybody knows what a Hillary POTUS would look like.

    That's why it's easy to vote for an egomaniac like Trump...Hillary is far far worse.

  34. Rev. G

    For those of you complaining, that this is a hit piece on Trump, put out by HRC supporters, you don't know anything. This same organization (Reich Wing Watch) put out a documentary, about HRC that was just as hard hitting, 9 months earlier. (Look it up) Also, some of you need to stop watching Alex Jones & find the nearest mental hospital!

  35. Karen

    How can Trump be compared to Hitler?? Ok sure he is appealing to the fears of the American people but those are justified fears in the aftermath of the twin towers, pentagon attacks,, of recent attacks in Europe and the middle east.. The jewish people were living peaceful lives in Germany creating business,, they were no threat - that is a scapegoat to compare the two leaders! That said, Trump is a terrible choice as is CLinton... Im glad i am not american with those choices :/

  36. Christian

    Way interesting. Makes ya think how close we are to the eve of destruction . What about N Korea Mr Trump, They already have the nukes to do us in before any other minority you are against. GOD bless Jewish folk everywhere.

  37. Joseph Carl Ruger

    The dead end is approaching and unless Bernie Sanders becomes POTUS, Trump will. And he will send the world to war in a heart beat.

  38. Canadian

    The billionaire class have taken over the press and the political system and are afraid they might lose that control so they Sent one of there own don't be fooled we need change but for the good of all people . Trump and his lavish lifestyle is at steak that is his motivation .The change will only come when people realize that the word does not exist for the 1% that have the most .Job where sent to countries with the cheapest labour cost so the 1% could have more and then capitalized on the people's financial situation junk bonds bank bailouts where all orchestrated by billionaires .The changes that where promised after WW2 where never given So now the billionaires are looking to space in stead of fixing the world that there greed has destroyed. Hatred and fear leaves us blind to there goals.

  39. rose

    sounds like a lot of BS

  40. Rick M

    You comment Where you state "If Trump is "ALLOWED" to become president is a bit concerning to me Who is it that would "Allow" him to be president.? Obama?. Funny you should mention this in the context you did because these are my thoughts on the entire process

    Trump will eventually be in a winning position & if he is about to beat Hillery they will indict her on charges for her past crimes against the American people Timing is everything folks...

    This will allow Obama to cancel the election by writing up an executive order to effectively suspend the 22nd amendment thus granting himself a 3rd term.

    . If it is Bernie, they will say "the threat of civil unrest of Donald Trump becoming President is too much to allow it to happen ...They will plaster all the unseen footage of the paid violent actors at all the past Trump rallies on TV &internet to show the false , fake civil unrest .Probably make a few more video's with shootings and racial hatred , this will be deemed unacceptable even though it is fake ...Again this will allow Obama to executive order himself a 3rd as President
    This act of canceling the election and 22nd amendment nullification will "WILL" in fact cause the REAL civil unrest eventually allowing them to finish off their plan of implementing martial law due to the civil unrest of effectively stealing the election away from the American people. & we all know while under martial law constitutionally protected rights no longer exist ,
    Then again what do I know
    Just my 2 ¢

    1. PersonWithaBrain

      Hahahaha I hope you now go back and read your ridiculous BS comment and feel like a fool now.

  41. Patricia Lopez

    Regardless of my opinion about Trump, this documentary is misleading and comparing him to Hitler is Ridiculous. !!!!!

  42. Savage_scavange

    Im not a fan of Trump, but this documentary is filled with disinformation and it makes me sick. Trump ISNT the reason or the influence behind american's rebellion. Multiple decades of lies, deceipt, wars, oppression, false flag operations, abuse of power and the imminent loss of freedom are the core of this uproar. And its an absolutely legitimate response in the face of injustice.
    Do not give up!!

    1. PersonWithaBrain

      Please cite examples of these “false flag operations” you speak of. I hope now you feel like an idiot after the show that was Ol Trumpy’s presidency. Delusional old far right nut job.

  43. John

    "It is a happy circumstance in human affairs that evils which are not cured in one way will cure themselves in some other."
    --Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Sinclair, 1791
    Comments fro those who don't live in the U.S. can be ignored. Jefferson said it right "evils which are not cured in one way will cure themselves in some other.
    The vote allow errors like OBAMA and maybe Trump is the electorates way to correct the OBOLA errror.

  44. Mohan

    American people think wise before voting presidential candidate. Bush government fight two wars in the name of terrorists. This problem is not solved and again raises in new form ISIS.
    Trump is giving same false promises and bombing the terrorist organizations. There is something deeply rooted in this problem and best people try to find out these causes like religious differences and poverty ,more..... All countries are cooperate with each other and try to find out solutions for these problems. These are all my personal opinions. ALL THE BEST FOR AMERICA.

  45. Margaret Moore

    "Make America Hate Again" is pointing out the very real danger of mob violence currently being stirred up by the irresponsible machinations of Donald Trump. Once a critical percentage of angry citizens endorse this man's hateful messages, calling him righteous, our society will support all kinds of criminal behavior. At that point all bets are off for the safety of a peaceful American democracy. This film is warning to everyone with a brain to pay attention and START THINKING - not just react.

  46. Alan

    Would be interesting to know who paid for this political announcement and why?

  47. Frances

    From my viewing of US politics over the years, it appears Presidents have minimal power; they are controlled by the CIA and the military, corporate complex.

  48. Anne Tyler

    PROPAGANDA - TRASH - the more I see these kinds of hit pieces the more I'm convinced Trump is who we need. Never has there been such vitriol - certainly none against the naked Emperor Hussein Obama who has nearly destroyed this country. So I am sold on Trump and I hate the slime publishing this tripe.

  49. CarimboHanky

    Paid for by Hillary for President 2016

  50. Quetzal

    The documentary did not address narcissistic personality disorder in any depth. NPD is little known among 98% of citizens. It's a mental disorder which it is believed Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Mao, Charles Lindbergh, Schwartzanegger, & many other tyrants/heroes were afflicted. A flushed out doc on this disorder would help people deconstruct Trump's character and that of others with NPD and learn the importance of discerning this illness in the workplace, family, politics, sports and more.

  51. Robert

    It leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth as to your impartiality in putting out this hit piece. I will not be voting for Trump, but the issues he raise are valid. No other political figure dares ask Americans how they feel about third world immigration because they know what the answer will be. There is one obvious reason to encouraging this immigration: suppressing the wages and demands of American workers. Why should the American working people and middle class vote for its own destruction? Trump is empowered only because he says what so many think, if THAT is not Democracy in action tell me what is.

  52. Zen Masta

    This documentary is complete trash a political hit piece. There is nothing educational at all here. It's very sad they don't provide you with a well thought out and informative piece. They don't talk to Trumps business partners, they don't talk to Trumps friends, they don't talk to Trumps employees, they don't talk to Trump's family members, they don't talk to anyone who actually KNOWS Mr. Trump.

    Please read Edward Bernays book Propaganda and this is exactly what this so called documentary is.

  53. DustUp

    What are your most important criteria in ANY election or proposed law?

    I suggest that criteria should be whether that individual or law will cause me to be more free or less free. If they/it cause me to be less free then WHY would a sane person vote for them/it?

    In this day and age, to a large extent, money equates to freedom. Am I free to spend the money I earn as I see fit, if govt finds new ways to steal it to spend it to buy votes or support their crony owned businesses while claiming they know how to spend it better? Am I free to defend myself from tyrants, bullies, thieves, and evil people if govt wants to keep me in fear and prevent my ability to do so? Are we free to make a wise choice if we don't have full disclosure? For instance all the impacts of the obamacare bill? Or the true nature and direction of change of obama himself that was kept from the public for the most part? Fortunately one can look at the past recorded interviews of Trump in his praise of those who enacted programs resulting in the growth of govt. Govt growth = socialism = less freedom; always and in every case throughout history. What is the difference between socialism and communism? Whether the people are fooled into voting for it or put upon them by force --Ayn Rand.

    Am I free to walk into a muslim neighborhood and speak freely about what I view as the negative aspects of their religion? Being that their goal is to limit my freedom? No, I am not unless I expect to be hurt or worse. Am I free to find a job if they are all taken by a large influx of illegals who send the money home rather than recycling it here which would creates more jobs?

    So like any good fooler, Trump has found a couple of issues to mask his true identity. How is that different than the Marxist-Leninist obama? Or Billary Clinton? Or George Bush? None of who care about preserving your freedom. What do all the selfish people who support Bernie Sanders want? They want to limit your freedom by having govt steal from you to give to them. They desire to believe that will happen in the face of all the history to the contrary. They may get a little dribble but for the most part it will be consumed in the growth of govt. Does any govt agency or dept just sit there and twiddle its thumbs or does it look to limit your freedom with all manner of regulation? So as of May 1st 2016, in a 4 person race to the white house (Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz) we have 3 socialists of varying degrees and one who seeks to preserve freedoms. Makes for an easy choice if one disregards all the rhetoric and BS of the campaigns.

  54. HistoricKnowledge

    Very good documentary. Surprisingly enough I made the connection between Adolf's rise to power and Trumps rise to fame way before many of the mainstream had it out for him. The similarities are mind boggling. The reactions of his followers and even people on this page are also very similar to the skeptics of Hitlers time. You are not free thinking Americans. You are mindless sheep feeding from the slop trough Trump has placed in front of you.

  55. JR

    Wow. Talk about propaganda. What is very odd about this, is that Trump is asking some very basic questions. When you approach "problems" and attempt to discuss them. When you are not politically correct: you cannot bring up obvious problems in our nation. This was nothing but a hit piece on Trump. I'm not buying...and PS, I'm not voting for Trump.

  56. Rb1725

    Wow! This film is complete garbage. I'm surprised it earned 4.72 out of 10 ?'s!

  57. KsDevil

    Making popular assertions. Allowing others to draw their own conclusions. Claiming ignorance and excusing it. Enabling others who make false assertions.
    While the parallels may lack close proximity to historical figures, the methods are associatable.
    And the people react the same today as they have in the past to such things.
    But it takes a person decades of life to see when history repeats. Those, younger, have not had time to collect sufficient knowledge and some, older, have not paid attention.

  58. Collie

    I think we, as a nation, need to be extra vigilant. A good percentage of that movie, flipping between Trump and Hitler was, of course, making a comparison no, similarity of what can happen if Trump is allowed to become president of the U.S. However, the content of both smelled of psychological influence and revealed a bias. Yes the way Trump is going about it appears very much like someone on their way to an aspiring dictator. However, the fact remains that the threat from islamic extremists is very real. In fact when we look at recent events we can see that it appears the driving force of these extreme groups is to create a world islamic superstate where shira law is the law of the land. This will mean that even the peace loving muslims will have no choice but to submit to their extreme counterparts. Therefore to nip it in the bud NOW appears to be the answer. How its done is a matter of spiritual correctness. Peace and light to all

  59. John Kennedey

    This doc is utter garbage. Godwin's law. Does trump preach more hatred than Islam?

  60. bionara

    Reminds me of one of the spoof news reports on Robocop. If only the material were spoof.