The Enemy in Brussels

The Enemy in Brussels

2019, Politics  -   16 Comments
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In recent years, right-wing populism has assumed the spotlight on political stages throughout Europe. Representatives from Italy, France, Germany, Hungary and Poland are rallying behind the cries of their citizens to prioritize their needs over the strength of the whole of Europe. In short, they believe that a withdrawal from the European Union would bring about more jobs and improve their quality of life. The Enemy in Brussels examines the motivations behind this seismic political shift, and what it might spell for the long-term future of Europe.

Political organizers have hatched a scheme to successfully infiltrate the upcoming parliamentary election process in the spring of 2019, and their entry will occur in the capital city of Brussels. Millions of followers are placing their hopes in them. Fed up with limited economic opportunities and crumbling neighborhoods, they've associated their troubles with the rise of the European Union and an influx of immigrants.

Their movement has adopted the tone and tenor of President Donald Trump's "America First" brand of populism. Political figures like Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, AfD European Parliament candidate Guido Reil, and Reassemblement National Party candidate Marine Le Pen have the establishment firmly in their crosshairs. What were once minority-held views are gaining traction among the masses.

In addition to spotlighting these new right-wing political leaders, the filmmakers collect a vast array of profiles from common citizens, including business owners, laborers and home makers. We hear from those who stand in strong support of the party's views - including their strict anti-immigration policies - and others who view the movement as a threat to morality and human rights.

The extreme right-wing rhetoric has momentum, but it's also inspired troubling fissures in the culture. A radical recently took it upon himself to shoot random dark-skinned bystanders. Social workers also testify to a rise in openly expressed racism. The movement's leaders claim this uptick in violence is just an inevitable response to the EU's flagrant permissiveness when it comes to illegal immigration.

Handsomely produced by the DW Documentary series, The Enemy in Brussels is a thoughtful and immersive portrait of one of the modern history's most consequential shifts in global politics.

Directed by: Marie-Kristin Boese, Simon Riesche

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Kulfon

    Undemocratic external meddling in process of policy making, double standards and polarisation lack of skills to inspire development in macro and micro scale through honest leadership and sense of duty towards those who have potential, in need, poor or suffering are some issues this documentary clearly illustrates. All Europe needs is competent leaders with strong and robust institutions to hold them and their actions to account. Europe needs high standards for all individuals to hope and aspire for greatness. About that last bit the documentary lacked and out to be revisited by DW at some point and titleled the 'Saviours of Europe' because project fear is a tool of corruption.

  2. S

    The narrator is so biased it becomes rather disgraceful.

  3. S

    I'm very glad to see that some people recognize the Islamic threat.

  4. Amir Khan

    I think extremism has existed in societies in all times in history but its a small minority of people , I believe in the goodness of human and that is what is to prevail and win. Majority of people will reject hatred, intolerance and destructive thinking.

  5. Raul

    lol at all these comments, you guys should reflect on yourselves..

  6. MBS

    Your daily reminder that white europeans are being ethnically replaced through mass immigration all at the same time in every white country.

    1. D c w

      Yes even documentaries like this are EU mafia bias !! Do they not see what all real citizens see ? Since mass migration !! European countries being attacked ! Beheading of soldiers!! Bombs to kill women and children!! Attacks at concerts!! Random stabbings of innocent victims!!!

  7. No Body

    The enemy truly is in Brussels. It's the globohomo "left wingers".

  8. Andrew

    Speaking with an American female Left Wing snowflake recently who told me it would be much better if all the Races of the World mingled and have children that would become be brown and coffee coloured to which I replied "why do you wish to genocide all the Races of the World as that is really evil
    racism", she called me a facist, a Trump supporter,which I am, rolled her eyes and walked away without thinking that her own ideas were amazingly racist.
    Sometimes ya just cant fix that kind of stupid.

  9. S. R.

    People are confused and the confusion has been purposefully disseminated. Behind Europe's bubbling caldron of racial tension is the NWO, a plan that has been in place for nearly a century now. People desperately need to awaken because the NWO is a sinister plan that intends to destroy a multinational past of colorful and different histories and replace it with the grey concrete face of totalitarianism, its beneficiaries, a tiny handful of people. These are people known for their greed, precisely because that quality boosted them into the ruling spotlight... Think Rothschild, Rockefeller. There are many more in every country. Donald Trump is an unusual exception, combining acquisitiveness with genuine humanitarian concerns. God bless his mission and make it successful.

    1. Alliyah Brown

      I completely agree, except for your opinion of Trump. God bless you.

    2. Peter G Ogden

      I agree. ...and I agree about Trump. Trump is a good man at heart. He is hated because he's a bulldozer cleaning a dirty, corrupt, destructive house and because has the guts to do what is good, and just, and right for the American people. Trump refuses to play the old corrupt political game of selling out the American people, of political correctness anti-free speech, and of dirty business as usual. It mystifies me how so many Americans can be so gullible, suicidal and hating of both themselves and America; these well meaning puppets with no common or street sense, or understanding of history are destroying the greatest system / country that the world has ever seen for themselves and their posterity. ....another "sucker" born every day.

    3. Jimbo

      I mostly agree. Where I disagree is:

      1. That greed is behind the NWO. IMO, control is the motivating factor. It just so happens that money is a great tool for control, so those pushing the NWO seek to have everything monetized, to have most of the money, and to control our access to it.

      2. Trump is almost a total sock puppet of the neocons and those who control Israel, the ones who were behind "the day that changed everything." He dutifully supports the Israeli regime on virtually every issue, including targeting Syria based on obviously faked chemical weapons attacks. Thankfully, he realizes that the vast majority of Americans don't want war with Iran, and it would harm his re-election prospects and legacy were he to initiate such a conflict, so he's pushed back on that. Other that that, he seems to be pretty much on board with the NWO, doing nothing to stop the march toward a cashless, total surveillance society, allowing citizen's rights to be continuously eroded (including the right to decide what medical procedures are performed on you or your children, and whether or not you want to be exposed to dangerous EMR such as that used for 5G). A reliable sign that Trump would be a NWO president was the fact that he supported so strongly by Sheldon Adelson, the arch-Zionist gambling magnate.

  10. GunnarInLA of the lowest scores I have seen...I wonder why...I will have to watch it...
    People don't understand the full consequences of union formations between states, nations or countries – if they did, there wouldn't be any...

  11. Robert Russell

    Poor quality documentary - misguided, biased and divisive style of reporting, suggesting that the significant surges in support of anti-establishment so-called 'far right populist' political parties in EU baton states is somehow misplaced, misunderstood, even barbaric or plainly wrong. In democracies the electorate are allowed to vote as they please and no media should make sweeping subjective judgement on that - you downplay or dismiss democracy at your peril!

  12. Bill Farley

    Shades of the 1930's, with the rise of fascism supported by corporate entities. History repeating itself.