Evidence of Revision

Evidence of Revision

2006, Conspiracy  -   106 Comments
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Evidence of RevisionEvidence of Revision is a 9 hour long documentary series whose purpose is to present the publicly unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the American public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified Black Ops actually used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet Nam, the CIA "mind control" programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of our post-modern time.

The U.S. Government's Orwellian Office of Public Diplomacy has been in existence in various forms and under various names since World War ONE. The union of American governance and American corporate interests began in Abraham Lincoln's day and the massaging of public truth began even before the Roman Empire.

The more you know about real history versus official history, the better equipped you are to see behind the lies of our times, even as they are told to you. Some of us knew what was really happening even before the second plane hit the tower.

Episodes included:

  1. The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald,
  2. The Why of it all referenced to Viet Nam and LBJ,
  3. LBJ, Hoover and Others. What So Few Know Even Today,
  4. The RFK Assassination As Never Seen Before,
  5. The RFK Assassination Continued, MK ULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre,
  6. MLK Conspiratus.

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106 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Dallas police were told to stand down and act as spectators only when JFK arrived, but they were stationed every 15 feet when Oswald was transported to County Jail?...Dallas police chief should have been held on conspiracy to commit treason

    1. I wish they would make one for 911, covid, illegal mexicans, blm and fake police shootings, and puppet presidents.

  2. No legal representation allowed and obviously oswald was being abused physically it was a joke but he stuck to his denial so they had to kill him they knew oswald was going to blow the govts involvement wide open oh well lindon johnston did ok by jfks murder didnt he but the day b4 he knew he was going tk be president the next day the way he took power is nothing short of 1 of the most disturbing abuses of mankind by embarassing poor mrs kennedy right next to the supposedly body of jfk we all seen your wink wink lindon i hope theres a hell cos u definitely have a room there with hitler you dirty stinking vile excuse 4 s human being

  3. The amount of deaths after jfks murder is astounding mostly were to shut people up from wat they saw and knew they couldnt allow this conspiracy to commit and succeed in murder of the presideht of america by partly its own govt i mean jfk was the most hated president ever even trump gets nowhere near the hatŕed the govt had for jfk the reasons r few i.e pulling out of vietnam shutting down the cia/fbi look at them now they can blatantly disregard evidence against certain people i.e hilary/bill clinton they can even suicide a person in jail not to mention bringing oswald through a volley of people some that shudnt be there 1 who was put there purposely was jack ruby to shut oswald up then long after that dorothy killgallen the only person ever to interview ruby was suicided to shut her up,anyway my point is some nice people are murdered by govts simply to keep everything going the way that these govts and agencys want it to go money being the main reason then power which is coupled with money familys tore apart just so these vile humans can make money lots of it and they do it right in the faces of us all and amazingly most of the population allow it by accepting these lies and itll never change

  4. JFK knew the danger in Dallas. Still, he smiled, facing the danger head on, not allowing threats to cause him to cower in fear. What did we learn from him? To see the state of this nation today? Not a damned thing.

    Truly pathetic what we have allowed this nation to turn into.

  5. Theres no conspiracies America didnt know about 911 hoing to happen...pres.Clinton did not have any relationship with that monica there was no second shooter at jfk and nixon did nothing wrong WHY ..cos hes president

  6. FYI: The version/s currently viewable on YT keep being hacked' at and minutes here and there have disappeared.

  7. If you want to learn more about the Assassination of Kennedy, look up, Penn Jones Jr. He had a newspaper in Midlothian, TX. That man did an incredibly research on the Warren Commission Report. He interviewed many witness, before many were murdered! The title, Forgive My Grief!

  8. the music around 6:11

  9. Amazing footage. I personally love the music, it adds a specteral atmosphere. Does anyone know what the name of the music used in part 4, during the part where Sirhans involvement is questioned?

  10. Most documentaries are far more polished and scored. They have a smooth talking narrator telling you what to think, where to focus your attention. This documentary doesn't need any of that. I have watched it several times, and every single time I was impacted. There is so much raw information that following up on it with Google at your disposal is daunting. This is the single best documentary that I have ever watched, without exception. It documents...as so many documentaries do not...

  11. Amazing documentary about JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King Jr.; all Americans and all people of this planet should watch it. Will the truth ever been known by the masses? Will enough people care to wake up? I certainly hope that these great people did not die in vain and that someday we can finally become a society based on understanding and compassion for each other. In the meantime everyone can do their part in this world, the outcome of the good deeds we do in this life is not discounted.

  12. Didn't even posy my previous comment. I swear there is a vast, middle central area, not on the fringes but in the fuselage area between the left and right wings conspiracey...against weirdos.

  13. Plus, if one thinks for a minute that due to disclosures and congressional hearings that anything has changed at the FBI/CIA clandestine complex and its operations both foreign and domestic, you would be very wrong. If you think that MKUltra among other programs were not in fact great successes and are not still being used, you would be very wrong again.

    For example, if you really believe that Hinckley shot Reagan because of a crush on Jody Foster (an openly gay actress) to impress her, you'd be very wrong. Reagan wouldn't 'play ball' so it took [them] only 69 days in office to try and kill him. If you really believe the Ariz. congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the target of Jared Lee Loughner and not federal judge John McCarthy Roll, who had issued a preliminary ruling against the US govt. in “United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al” – Case Number: 4:2010cv00703 Filed: November 30, 2010...you'd be very wrong.

    The forces that killed ALL 3 Kennedys, tried to kill Reagan, admiral James Forrestal, Pres. and V-pres of S. Vietnam, 29 direct or indirect witnesses to the JFK murder, eyewitnesses and those in the know on WTC 93 bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, Unabomber, Boston Marathon bombing among many others, are alive and well and still being used today.

  14. wow the editing need alot of polish tho

  15. If you read Industrial society and its Future or the so called Unabomber Manifesto. You will get a clearly picture that our entire social portrait is the biggest scheme ever engineered by self-interest motivation.

  16. Excellent doc. No need for narration the period images and video speak for themselves.

  17. I would like to bring up how Respectful everyone was, to our President back then. "If Citizens see anything which would hurt or EMBARRASS our President they should feel they can act to prevent this."

  18. Seen 1 & 2, BY FAR the most compelling documentary ever on the subject of the Kennedy assassination. Nothing slick, but very effective. I was in tears after the last images of episode 1.

    Compared to the Doublethink-infested garbage on Discovery Channel and such, this series is a gem. I've been reading and watching JFK-related material for some 20 years, never before has known footage been so coherently presented. Never before have I seen so many new, unknown images in a documentary.

    Whoever made this should get an underground oscar for his effort.

  19. RIP good president - you are well missed.

  20. Amazing. Lee Oswald(note no attorney for Oswald)... Gulf of Tonkin... 911... Soetoro and the complete void of documentation(College Records, Passport Records, Draft Reg., SocSec#, odd birth records, et al)... George C. Marshall telling Dewey to stand down and not to reveal Roosevelt had prior knowledge of Dec7(PearlHarbor)... Saddam and weapons of mass destruction... on and on and on. What's the end game? And who's playing it?

    1. They want the world chipped. Your whole life is suppressed into a single digital file. If you defect the system, you will be erased.

    2. The end game is the Dollars Made by Corporate America and specifically those who are involved in Defense Contracts.

      Be sure to Make the connection between the Bush Family, Oil in the East and Cuba. Then look into Rohmney's Company, you'll notice there are two. One is not his, one is his.

  21. Are there any more parts to this? To the person who insulted the production quality, I can only say this: The focus of any documentary is the content. If you need more glitz and sharper production quality to swallow your information with, then go see a big budget Oliver Stone docudrama. As an artist, I personally liked the raw 'home made' quality and hauntingly ambient soundtracks. The old video clips and film footage really helped me to place the 'mind's eye' into the emotion and sentiment of those times. A sense of reality and fear of what powerful people won't stop at, to serve their own agenda. Obviously a lot of work went into this and some of those segments were real eye openers. This is the first time I've ever seen these events portrayed with this kind of video documentation. Very compelling. And sadly, only supports my long growing distrust and dying faith with the system.

    1. I've watched these several times. Outstanding work!

  22. I think episode 4 is the best documenatary ever made. On the other hand its been a while since I watched the other episodes.

  23. GREAT DOC. this is my third time watching (some parts). could have really trimmed it down tho so it wasn't 9 hours. some parts are very slow and others just random. you need to be really stoned to watch this it will blow your mind and make you think! part 3 is by far the best.

  24. So how did the Oswald or the killing team know about the car not having a top that day? Look like everybody went to work with their plans worked around that fact. Too bad no DNA test on that lunch bag and soda bottle.

  25. In 1964 a test was done people were arranged in the same manner as the day of the assassination. Shots were fired from the same location as Oswalds position in the Book Building as a mock motorcade went by.. over 200 people were asked How many shots did you hear ?.. 50% said they heard 4 shots, 25% said they heard 3 shots & 25% said they heard 2 shots.. 2 shots were actually fired. Echo is very deceiving !!! Also, having shot many of deer from a tree stand.. usually my shots are a bit high.. upon examining the animals I'm suprised at how much higher the contact point is than I expected. If Oswald didn't have any practice shots from the exact location.. I have to say that he may have gotten off 3 shots.. but there's no way he killed President Kennedy !! Soldiers on the battlefield who are shot never reach for the point of exit of a bullet, they reach for the point of entry... the air hits the entry point first creating the stinging sensation.. as did President Kennedy.. he reached for his throat area.. not the back of his neck... so, it's my opinion, this was a shot from the front.. then the frontal lobe came off.. which indicates a shot from the rear !!.. Hunters know.. the least damage is the entry area.. the exit is the worst damage !!

  26. Terry , if you still live in Northern California, I would love to meet you, and to offer you any kind of help you need in editing, researching, etc.

  27. as far as the first episode goes, this footage is remarkable. i've seen other vids regarding this topic, but some of the clips used in this doc...wow. it speaks for itself, and the body language is very telling. excellent presentation. i will be checking out the other episodes after.

  28. From Peter Levenda's research we now also have the link to the "real" X Files- Guy Banister was the FBI agent who investigated UFOs and other Fortean events for J Edgar Hoover... And Banister, Jack Martin etc. were all bishops in a peculiar religious group- a fake church.

  29. Just about 20 minutes into the film, the President is shot, his car takes off towards the hospital, and BEHIND IN THE MOTORCADE are 2 1964 Chevy Impala Convertables. The first one has 2 men sitting on the back deck trunk Lid while the driver drives SLOW, surrounded by motorcycle cops, and they are holding professional video cameras, shooting both sides of the street as they go. Behind them is the 2nd car with 4 men sitting in it, following. The cars slow down and wait for 2 men to enter the 1st car then they leave the scene; continuing the motorcade.

    It's all slo mo... in real time. They're all dressed like "men in black". They are all protected by cops on motorcycles. It is reasonable to believe they're Secret Service.

    So why has this film taken of both sides of the motorcade been released to the public? Where is the film?

  30. Unlike the last commentor, I did not find it annoying. Very well done, informative, enlightening and educational, yes.
    Anyone who really looks at our past since the kennedy assasination, can see how our government has been high jacked by the Military Industrial Complex.
    Exactly what Eisenhower tried to warn us about in his 1961 exit speech.
    Exactly what Kennedy was trying to warn us about when he spoke of the secret societies within our government in a speech months before his murder.

    For those with blinders on who want to believe the american dream is real or even alive, I hate to burst your bubble.

    Our government does not take it's orders from the people, by the people, or for the people. It is ruled by corporate Bankers, Big corporate profiteers who have used our good name and our Military Industrial Complex to line their pockets with obscene wealth off of the blood of millions of innocent lives.

    Time to take a stand. To be a Patriot. To stand against the corruption, the unaccountability, the incompetancies of spoiled rich fortunate sons and insider trading politicians who do not represent our citizens fairly, but instead, pit our citizens against one another over trivial issues to divide us, while hiding their war crimes under a viel of "national security" and plotting to bring this countries people down to a weak inaffective voice in having any real say in the governing of our people, so they can freely build their corporate empires across the world under the premise of bringing freedom and democrocy to foriegn lands with the blood of our children as their personal soldiers of fortune.

    Conspiracies are real. The government has conspired against our citizens on many occasions. They have misrepresented us citizens and made us out to be the biggest evil corporate war machine that has ever lived, global, greedy, warmongering, bloodthirsty bullies intent on ruling the worlds rescources and wealth.
    There is plenty proof if you only research history. I have lived through much history, blinded and distracted by their propaganda and misdirection of agression. But I am older now. I am ashamed of how ignorant of facts and truths I was, while chasing their ficticous and elusive American Dream. You have to be sleeping, in order to believe it. And you have to follow their rules to ever achieve it. To be like them. Heartless and business like. Nothing personal, just business. Unless you are born with means your chance of success and riches, is like that of winning a lottery. A mathmatically calculated rare occurance, and to further the illusion, they flaunt a few winners, enticing others to play. But you can't win unless you play by their rules, and even if you do, they can't let everyone win. In fact, to perpetuate the game, most have to lose in order for them to always win.

    Even Al Capone, who ran a numbers racket(lottery) amongst other illegal activities was only encarcerated for tax evasion, which in effect said, we do not care that you are a criminal, but you cheated us out of a piece of the action so we're locking you up. That is the mentality of our government. This is also why the Mob spent their riches moving in to legal corporations and paying politicians. (OK, it's called lobbying, but it is still legal bribery intended to influence laws) Just look at the high paying corporate positions ex politicians recieve, or the lobbiests who get appointed to government offices. (Monsantos lobbiest now in charge of our food safety? YEP)

    Stop waving the flag for our leaders, and wave it for our people instead. Bring back governing fairly, end the terrorist threat that is aimed at our leaders for all the hidden crimes against other nations that they hide, while using us to fight in their behalf, using mainstream media propaganda to make them look like protectors of freedom, when in fact they are killing freedoms all over the world. They are without a doubt, war criminals and terrorists. And we support them? Is that what you stand for?

    They want to eradicate our constitution. They want us to be blind. They want us to fight each other. They want to rule the world.

    I just want to live life modestly, and let others live as well. I have no dreams of riches and fame. I want to be proud of our citizens and the morals and ethics we claim to hold dear. I want a government that governs people fairly, as opposed to manipulate them for their own greed.
    I want the constitution to be upheld as the foundation for our government and reinforced by real american citizens who have a say in making laws, fairly and justly, for rich or poor, regardless of race or religion.

    How did our nation turn in to such a mess? Ask our leaders, they will blame everyone but themselves. And it's true, it's all our fault for not making them listen to what we the people want, what the founders of this nation claimed they wanted.
    We allowed what Jefferson warned us about to happen, we allowed Bankers and Corporations to have a say in making laws.

    Our government does not work for us, the common working man.
    Our government and the common man, both work for the corporatists, but,
    they make much higher wages.

    1. Very well thought out comments, I agree 100%. There is so much that could be addressed, so this might seem strange to ask, but do you happen to know if there has ever been an attempt by the people as a class action suit to prevent lobbyists from even talking to Congress and the Senate? Believe it or not I scanned the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. for the first time online last week, and saw no mention of them, and since they are supposed to be representing us, that just bugged me. Following up a little bit gave me the impression that at one time or another that the Supreme Court had denied a suit based on free speech. Just curious. Thanks

    2. Thanks for the compliments on my thoughts. I have much more free time to really look at the world and research history, now that I am bankrupt, underemployed and to old to care about the distractions of youth. Now my time is spent wondering why so many good hard working people have been robbed and ignored by their own government. It's really easy to see in hindsight.

      I have never heard of any class action suit like the one you mentioned, but, I would love to see one. Sadly in our justice system, the one who can afford the best attorney is who usually wins, and their other favorite trick, that I have been personally witness to, is to drag it out until you're bankrupt and can fight no more, before it ever makes it in to a court of law.

      I fear that their is no real justice left within our government, and anyone who speaks out against their illegal and unconstitutional actions is labeled a traitor, a conspiracy theorist, or just a plain nut job.

      I believe that we are in for much harder times, than any of us have ever seen before. If you have no money, your voice is not heard, and the ones who have excessive money stay silent because they don't feel the pain, yet. The shrinking middle class is proof that the unfair, unconstitutional monetary system that we have now, is nothing more than a planned ponsi scheme.

      Thanks again,

    3. Can relate.

    4. good comments but please don't think for a moment Ike was anything other than a murdering POS; look into his own holocaust, the German DEFs ... Ike was a Jew, he hated Patton, who was murdered and made to look like the bad ... I believed that for most of my life, esp. after watching GC Scott's Oscar portrayal ... Now ask yourself why was Patton demonized and Ike idolized? ... It's always the opposite of the public perception, fake right, go left ... Ike's MIC quote was all gatekeeping.

      Keep up the good fight!

    5. What do you have to say now? Isn't it much worse?

    6. MUCH WORSE....We are living under complete fascism...with no end in sight. And I do fear that they are trying to provoke a new civil war. After all, war is what they are best at and profit from most. I do not have any answers or powers to change what will be. But it can only get worse. Enjoy the circus show...

  31. This doc is extremely annoying! The info is weighed down with cheap ass video effects. The soundtrack is a torturous drone of piercing frequencies that only serves to distract from the content.
    Check out "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" for a much more concise doc. minus the loose fan belt soundtrack.

  32. Very good retrospect. Bush Sr. is missing and he had every bit as much of a reason to gain from some of the events that were covered in the film. He got his prize as did Johnson.

    The lone gunman is getting to be a bit over used while it is so obvious it takes a number of agencies collusion to pull it off each time.

  33. It got me busy for ~ 4 days. A little every evening. It made the case quite clear. It's a lit'le funny that the US citizens aren't fedup with their elite after all these events.
    Oh! Just a comment; I'm quite convinced that LBJ's ex-mistress spoke the truth. Beside, some "Details" were confirmed by 2 other witnesses. As a US Pres. dies, it makes it a little less life threatening to speak out. Worst, was that "Sissy" CIA director.

    No wonder why the US citizens needed a "Homeland" security agency. But in the end, Ahum:-)
    There was only one (That I have on top of my head) US conspiracy missing in this 20ths century and it was the Reagan Contrat affair with Colonel North that most US citizens have forgotten since it didn't cause them much grief.
    Only history books keep this in memory.
    It's like out of our world. Who care, really?

    Lucky enough, the 21st century ones will remind us that human beings need a whole lot of time to evolve.


  34. The sound effects are creepy to say the least. I still think this is an incredible assemblage of vital information to better understand that era and what happened

  35. I bought this on DVD solely to make sure when it is "disappeared" off the increasingly controlled internet it won't go down the memory hole. When you think that the maker has another 190 hours of similar material- wow.

  36. I think this stands as the definative film document. Thanks very much Terry.

  37. I'm grateful to the person who put this together but could someone please remove the audio track containing the music? This is historical data and it's very hard to hear past the added soundtrack. The synthesizer music in parts of it is actually painful :-(

  38. Wow, this has so much incredible historical footage and makes extremely solid cases. 10/10.

  39. This is very interesting and really nice to see so much historical footage and interviews ... BUT oh Lord, the editing is the worst I have seen and the overuse of cheap video effects and image filters is so annoying.

    Also all too many interesting footage is in some "mini" floating window instead of full screen, or the face of a person who is being interviewed is completely un-necessarily superimposed over actual *interesting* footage.

    In other words: very interesting material, but is almost ruined by the incompetence of the person who edited this together.

  40. Excellent film series, very interesting... Highly recommended.

    No president since JFK has dared to buck the military-intelligence-industrial complex. Yet the evidence we have seen points toward our national security state, unspeakably, as the source of Kennedy’s murder and immediate cover-up. The fact that the national security state was systematically marshaled for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy remains incomprehensible to us.

    The vast body of evidence, that completely discredits the Warren Commission findings, informs us that we witnessed a military-intelligence-industrial complex coup d'état of the Government of The United States of America.

  41. The rifle...it's a mauser...It's a mauser...it's a mauser....it's a mauser.....7.65. mauser....erm, no actually, it's a mannlicher carcano...

    and the best lines ever.... "a man at Jack Ruby's club says he saw Oswald there three weeks ago"...... "oh he must be mistaken"
    "But he's a memory expert"

    Absolutely brilliant.

  42. This is an easy one for me. Wow! Great Series, and it isn't tainted by a narrator's vocal tone, or ominous music.

    I had heard a lot of Kennedy's speeches, but there were a few that I hadn't ever heard. No wonder he was assassinated. Corporations would have had to show some loyalty to the country that made them rich. What a silly concept.

  43. Ahh finally people get to see the real truth. I must add that Pres Kennedy willingly went to Dallas knowing he might be assassingated. Some of the best minds were taken from this world in the 60s, very said. Nixon was not a hero he was not innocent. He was in Dallas on the day Kennedy was shot. Everyone that was able to remember Kennedy knows where they were on the day that Kennedy was shot, Nixon and Poppy Bush Sr both say they cannot recall where they were on that day. They were seen together in Dallas. We cannot pick and choose what truth we want to believe, if theres proof it must be believed. The driver of Kennedy's car shot Kennedy in the head. He slowed the car down turned in his seat and fired. Watching the film closly, you can see the flash of the gun in the sun. I believe it was a .45, also the car on display in the musuem is a hard top, Kennedy's car was a convertible!

    1. OMG! What a loony toon comment. Doncha think Jackie and Gov. Connelly and the hundreds of cameras pointed at the car would have noticed the driver turn around and shoot. The car had a removable hard top. Please ask your doctor to change your meds... you're really scary.

  44. Bravo! So amazing. I lived through those years. "Truth is fallen in the streets." Thanks so much!!!

    1. amen

  45. This is a fascinating series, just using clips of contemporary news footage. A long watch to see it all, but highly recommended. Apart from maybe the documentary series 'The Power of Nightmares', I would rate this as the best series of documentaries I have ever seen.

  46. Terry, if you do nothing else in life, you have provided a great service for mankind and loyalty to the couragous 'stars' who stood and stand firm for the right stuff whilst others sell out for a few bucks or seedy self-gratification. Those who criticize this contribution ..... we are waiting for your masterpiece ...... By the way, I do not believe that slick editing and apeing the sound-bite media is doing any justice to the human mind which is in dire need of a little exercise every once in a while.

  47. Whoever made this video series had better watch his back. This kind of information for the masses goes against the masters of the universes' plan for simple silly "news" with a gun spree and a happy story thrown in every now and then.

    Be afraid

    Be very afraid.


    1. Nothing to be afraid of. The responsible parties know that reality TV shows and tabloid gossip is of more interest to the mindless drones we have running around today. I tried to explain the concept of the economy as it relates to the Federal Reserve to someone the other day (a moderately intelligent 25 year old), but she elegantly steered the conversation in another direction, so we ended up talking about "The Kardashians" show instead! There was no interest there. Responsible parties have nothing to fear from the few who have "woken up," because the mindless drones have them outnumbered a thousand to one. As a nation, we are doomed. Period.

    2. What an absolutely unfortunate truth... "Babylon is fallen is fallen"

  48. Oswald was a patsy the whole time. It's pretty obvious he isn't the killer from hearing him talk. He sounded like a deer caught in headlights. He was setup.

  49. My appoligize to Scrutinizer for the mispell!
    In either case to suggest censorship whether it be from the Doc,or on comments please let us know!

  50. Strutinizer, Im confused. Are you refering to comments or the doc.?

  51. Can't believe the censorship in this useless blog... bunch of cowards.

  52. You sure screwed up in calling Nixon a fascist along with the others like Reagan, Prescott Bush etc.

    Nixin TRIED very hard to restore the interest free Greenback to America, and was betrayed by his MOST trusted confidant, who was going to be instrumental in carrying out Dick's plan.

    I wonder who bought him off? I'll give you ONE guess. Should be sufficient.

    So no, I'm afraid you can't fault a great patriot like Nixon, who also tried (in vain) to rid America of most of its Jewish Masters who control the whole show. Now you know who had him impeached. They would've shot him too, but there was already to much of that going on... they didn't want the public to understand too much of how people who don't agree with the status quo get shot in the head.

    Only those who are going to shut down the FED are the ones who get pumped with lead.

    The ONE and ONLY thing that would restore freedom to America, is the one thing that the Masters can never allow, for they would lose their FIRM grasp of our crotches.

    Nixon was a hero. Too bad it was never known.. and shame on those who made Evidence of Revision. You turned an honest president into a facist. Shame!

    I hope your film fails miserably.

    1. I'm sorry, is this the same Richard Nixon from Watergate? The same person when asked what he knew about the Kennedy assassination said, "You don't want to know.". The same Richard Nixon, who with that fascist pig Kissinger, escalated the war in Viet Nam for five more years for the benefit of war profiteers and big oil? The same Richard Nixon who was involved with the plan to overthrow the democratically elected Salvador Allende? He was as much a tool of the "masters" as you call them, as any other. And I hope you know the difference between an ordinary Jewish person and a Radical Zionist. There is a difference. The only thing I might agree with is how sad it is that we allow Israel's Zionist wing to treat the Palestinians the way the Nazi's and Soviets treated them. How ironic and sad it is that they have such a strong lobby here. But, Nixon a patriot? Are you kidding?

  53. Ive watched this twice now and there is nothing wrong with background music,,,,,,especially the acoustic piano behind a part of it ,,,,adds to it very well.

  54. I couldnt believe I saw a smile on that goofy mug of r.nixon at Bobby Kennnedy`s fueral,,,,,and that clarified image of the cop uniformed assassin behind the fence of the grassy knoll in dealy was the most amazing photo i had never before viewed it brings real meaning to the term smoking gun. ive stood there before behind that fence and have seen for myself how easy close it was to the X-marked kill spot.This is as ineresting as "the men who killed Kennedy series"

  55. good stuff!!!

  56. great info, thanks to all who made it happen and don't listen to those complaining about the music! it's great

  57. I think the depth of evidence works really well with the length of the documentary. If the facts had come too fast and without the supplementary evidence and background, it could be easily dismissed.

    I also feel that the best and most complete meaning of this doc is in the closing episodes, which unfortunately have to be found elsewhere on the interweb!!

  58. One last thing. These are all very informative, yet very slow in many places, and drug out far too long in the beginning. With that being said, this is very intersting to look back on with all the new footage. Thanks for these docs. They need better editing though.

  59. When Oswald said "no sir, I did not shoot anybody", right there is him answering weather or not he did it. Now, with that recording, they can analyze it for voice patterns to see whether or not he's lying. It's called voice stress analysis or VSA. I would be very curious as to the result. I say he's telling the truth.

    1. Voice stress analysis has been done on Oswald. It indicated he didn't shoot anyone... But that he DID know beforehand about the assassination. Make of that what you will.

  60. Episode 6 MLK cuts off almost in mid sentence. There must be additional episode(s)? All these are great examples of true investigative journalism. We are only now surprised because we have here-to-fore been only exposed,(i.e. indoctrinated), to talking points journalism. Though there are good journalists, they have been spread far and wide, so we are left with bits and pieces and have no idea how to follow up on important matters. The dedication, to find the facts, evident in these videos is remarkable and inspiring.

  61. Is there a way to burn this so I can spread this information. Some friends and family don't have the Internet, (especially my Mom)? I was 6 yrs ld and was home from school the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and have studied into it ever since I was able to sense that something was wrong. I have never seen anything so in depth and comprehensive as this series. Great work Terry.

  62. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your work Terry, it proves to me that IDEALISM isn't completely dead. I will forever be thankful - you woke me up and regrettably, I've also learned that, I CANNOT handle the truth - - - ;.{

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    Things I always suspected and people laughed at me for thinking in such a way. I guess they aren't laughing anymore- if they watched this. Scary stuff. I've always said I love my country but I fear my government... and with good reason.


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  67. Thanhk you for your hard work on this series and for sharing it on the internet. Who composed the piano solo played in one of the segments? I loved it. Sounds like a cross between Debussy and Chopin but it may be just a piano exercise, as one of the commenters suggested. Many thanks for your reply.

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    I have to respect your no quit stubb'orn-ess vlatko, 'never say die' and thank you one more time!

  69. Well,Surprise, surprise. Parts 4, 5, 6. Our currently unavailable! Understanding this is beyond your control vlatko, It still really pisses me off. I finally got a lawyer dis-believer friend of mine to watch something with teeth, and well, he says (What's your point?).

  70. I’ve just viewed Part 1 and was very impressed with the unfiltered footage obtained. Having recently watched A&E’s JFK: Three Shots That Changed America, the comparison is startling. Evidence of Revision opens up a Pandora’s box provided in the first person.

    The ongoing account provided by former Dallas Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig is gut wrenching. Telling moments such as ABC News broadcasting on November 24, 1963 that Jack Ruby knew Lee Oswald prior to the basement shooting is certainly not surprising.

    When Janet ‘Jada’ Conforto recalls her former employer Jack Ruby’s feelings about JFK, she states that Ruby “couldn’t stand Bobby Kennedy.” As RFK was ferreting out organized crime (the first and last Attorney-General to brazenly go after mobsters) and Jack Ruby’s previous link to the mob was well known, the Warren Commission has again become a grim fairy tale. (No offense to the Brothers Grimm).

    The House Assassinations Committee determined in its 1979 report “on the basis of the evidence available to it, that the national syndicate of organized crime, as a group, was not involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, but that the available evidence does not preclude the possibility that individual members may have been involved.” Perhaps for that reason, the committee members elected to adjourn the hearings with no sufficient follow-up.

    Ever since I purchased Mark Lane’s ‘Rush To Judgment’ in 1967, the questions still remain. Unfortunately, after 47 years the case is ice cold and witnesses have been silenced by natural causes and otherwise. Nuts! I so wanted to believe that Oswald was the lone gunman and leave it at that.

    Nevertheless, Evidence of Revision reminds us that the unvarnished version of the 'real' facts are available to those of us who don't wish to be sheltered from the truth.

    President Eisenhower's prescient warning of "The Military-Industrial Complex in the Councils of Government" came from an illustrious military leader who was not given to fanciful thinking.

    Yes, the people will be provided with news to the extent that nothing must upset "the national tranquility."

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    To quote T&E "Great job!"

  73. Don't worry too much about it Terry - there are people who like it and obviously some who don't - you'll never please everyone and why would you want to - you created something, did your best at that time and put it out there - THAT is the main importance - some folk are just rude and don't understand the creative process - there will always be those.....what are ya gonna do, right?
    Awesome job - all the way around.

  74. I am the "dumbass" Reb refers to who created this series, and I want to apologize to Reb and everyone about the poor resolution and over use of music, etc. It was years ago and I was trying to be "creative". I did it entirely on an inadequate home computer and I would do it quite differently today. Reb isn't the only one who has complained over the years. The synthesizer piece in the first half hour of part 1 is a period piece, actually from the 60's, but a very poor choice and has been a particular bone of contention. Again, I am very sorry, but I am glad I got this material out to the public. I'll always be proud of that, at least.

    1. This is mindblowing work! "Dumbass" nothing! I don't care if the soundtrack contained a toy piano plinking chopsticks! I have studied this series. This is a courageous work. I have since moved on to JFK and the unspeakable. Your video, and Douglass's book have kept me awake at night. They have strengthened my Faith as well. There is no one else in history that could have been in the oval office those three short years then JFK. There HAS to be a HIGHER PLAN in place as we speak, to stop more Unspeakable on the way against the middle class all over the world. Someone above forecast doom and gloom because 99% of the people will tune into the Kardashians. I agree. But something is on the move...................................................

    2. do you listen to BlackOp Radio? good comments, keep up the good fight!

    3. Hey, Terry! I'm a HUGE fan of this series and I'd like to know where I can purchase it on DVD in it's original quality. I've seen it for sale at a few different websites, but in various versions. I don't want someone's poorly-put-together DVD-R of your work. I want the one that YOU put together. I want to support you and all of your efforts to get the truth out to everyone. Thank you for inspiring us to dig deeper and to spread reality around to all. Please get back with me so I can buy the original DVD set from you or wherever I can get it.

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  77. These are the only documentaries that i have continued to watch and rewatch over and over again. I still catch new information and subtle details that I normally missed the first time. Quit frankly the information is so compelling that it actually shocks me that these videos were able to be put together this thoroughly. Is there a chance Vlatko that you can put up #7 and 8 of this series?

  78. Not a problem @T.DEE. Thanks.

  79. Absolutely great documentaries! I doubt many people have ever seen this much uninetrupted footage & as much informative information as is compiled about these important events. As Dan says above, you get to go back in time & witness the truth slipping out (especially pt 1) in the news media as the event is unfolding. I must have seen each episode a dozen times & still put them on over & over. Must see!!! Thanks for hosting them here. Great site Vlatko!

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    1. Done that. Part 6 is up.

  81. Oh yes, but that is a different documentary. I mean the actual part six of the "Evidence of Revision" series. It is a wonderful set and it's just not complete. There are other JFK and RFK documentaries as well; good and important videos. But the beauty of the Evidence of Revision series, is that it documents how the truth slips out in the media, immediately after an event, but is then scrubbed by the corporations and government, supplanted with an "official" story, after the fact. That's what makes "Evidence" so compelling. Thank you for hosting this site. I am not trying to "pimp" some other site. I'm inviting you to upload the final disc here. That's all. Peace out, Vlatko.

  82. Evidence of Revision - PART SIX

    The Assassination of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Why is this omitted in so many sites?

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