JFK II: the Bush Connection

JFK II: the Bush Connection

2003, Conspiracy  -   146 Comments
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JFK II - the Bush ConnectionStep by step, this movie proves that JFK's assassination was perpetrated by forces within our own government.

The author of this documentary takes it even a step further and shows how George Bush Senior is connected to the murder of JFK.

A thoroughly documented criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt, his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to murder John Kennedy.

Relies exclusively on government documents and the publicly acknowledged statements and histories of the guilty parties.

The most shocking thing about the assassination is not the brutality of it.

It was brutal, certainly. But the most amazing thing is the way the established media today managed to pretend that there is any question about whether his murder was a conspiracy. JFK II reveals the truth about the JFK assassination on November 22, 1963. Still today, over forty years later, the official government story featuring the "magic bullet theory" is considered part of history.

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  1. Trump never released the dossier in 2016 which shud of been the 50 year cover up ending cos there was still some1 alive that it cud of impacted we all kniw this was bush snr now hes dead it shud be opened so the american people especially the idiotic sheep who continue stating it was all oswald i assure them your govt is by far the most back stabbing money grabbing who care more for the benjamins than its own soldiers.fireman etc that there is they were and still are a global disgrace even 911 wasnt wat it was then and now your govt shut up any1 who jeopardises this does any1 really think they give a damn who dies i mean they murdered your pres. For crying out loud women like dorothy killgallen were suicided cos she was going to bliw the jfk murder wide open so many witnesses all had accidents faral accidents may i add .If the truth ever comes out shock may occur to thousands and there again many many ithers will not be surpriaed

  2. this dood sounds so stupid

    1. Even though his spelling sounds & looks stupid, what he states is actually factual Yes, N.Y. Columnist Dorothy Kilgallen did say that she was about to blow thf JFK assassination case wide open with the facts that she had gathered. Because she said this, those who needed to keep the “official fiction” in place for history felt then red to silence her by making it look like she committed suicide
      Note: “suicided” is the term used to describe a killing made to appear as if it was a suicide thus ending any further investigation into who actually killed her, AND had the means and motivation. Mor ebb than 50 people who
      Knew information that would help fill in the puzzle regarding who actually was behind the assassination of a popular, young liberal President of the most powerful nation in the world at the time (1963) - the U.S.A.
      Fact: more books have been written about the JFK assassination than any other single subject or public figure (over 1,000 books).
      The “magic bullet” Singke Bullet Theorg was convicted by PA Senator Arlen Spector. It had tj be devised in order to explain how just one bullet could possibly have killed JFK and also wounded Texas Gov. John Connolly - because the Warren Commission was trying to ck fkn’t the number of bullets fired to just 3, from the same gun, because that’s all one expert marksman could have have possibly done in the limited number of seconds available in the brief window of opportunity to hit a mivjng target in a motorcade travelling away from the shooter who was supposedly 6 stories over street level. The Commission had to fit the story they wanted to pass off as reality to the limitations of physics. LHO was not even on thr 6th floor at the supposed time of the shooting. Witnesses saw him in the lunch room drinking a Coke.
      There are so
      Many details to this case that, when examined critically, thoroughly & objectively just do not hold up to rational, science and reality-based scrutiny.
      OlivetcStone made a 2021 follow-up 4 -part documentary, “JFK rEvisited: Thtough thr Looking Glass” (available on DVD, and maybe still via online streaming). It premiered at the 2020 Cannes International Film Frdtival and was completely ignored by all mainstream )and most all other) U.S. media. Maybe because. Thrgcsrrvatbyht pointveherrbthrh know they cannot refute the valid, factual claims of an actual, verifiable conspiracy behind the killing of the 35th President, so they simply try yk ignore the existence of the film and the evidence altogether, as if it doesn’t even exist. It’s s pathetic example of very deep denial, nit unlike those who deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Opinion polls still today, almost 69 years after the assassination STILL. Show a majority of U.S. citizens do not believe the official lone gunman theory of the Warren Commission. Very, very few still try to promote that baseless theory - yet it is still in history books and DJ idk studies textbooks as the official version of what happened and they LHO was NOT a part of any group of two or more in a conspiracy to kill the z president. Do yiur own independent research, read the by other other responsible, fact-based independent researchers who have done the hard work since 1963, that completely disprove the “official story.”

  3. What is needed all ready exists,the judicial branch.

  4. The only possible way this assassination was not a conspiracy ,would be, one shooter only, unless someone replaced my real dictionary with a fake one.

  5. Thanking you for this wonderful documentary.

  6. I have been watching many many videos on this proof of GH Bush. It shows how he was linked to every person involved in this. He orchestrated the Assination. It started with his father Prescott Bush. The evidence is so obvious & shocking. Hunt went down for the murder & sent to prison. He told Nixon if he didn't get 1-2 million he was going to start talking. Ghost Bush's business partner took in the $. Hoover wrote Bush a memo the day after the Assination. Bush lied & said he wasn't in the CIA until 76. The memo was sent to the director of the CIA in 1963. GH Bush. Google this & you will find all the proof. Animals are what they are.

  7. I wish someone would run for president with the main issue similar to what Jesus spoke of: "The truth shall set us free. We will release all documents concerning the JFK murder and take it from there." I'd vote for that person in a heartbeat! And so would a lot of others!

    1. Well hello there. We've come a long way since you wrote this. ;)

    2. They were released by President Trump. This is why he is so hated by the wealthy.

  8. I am confused. "Smoking Gun" provides unimpeachable ballistic evidence about how Kennedy's head was hit from behind by a smaller caliber bullet but one with significantly more power than Oswald's Carcano. Also they point out how the more than likely trajectory takes it back to the Secret Service vehicle, an agent who had only been employed either 3 or 6 mos prior to the Dallas events. Smoking Gun does not speculate on who arranged things only on how it happened.

    all this BS in this documentary about race ... race is a smokescreen. It is all about keeping poor folks down ... preserving private property ... rich get richer and we folks who work continue to consume, consume.

    1. Howard Roark: Trump did NOT release all of the still vlasssigied files. There are still 10,000 classified files. And there is a good deal
      Of misinformation, disinformation and lies still being circulated, repeated and promoted on many spurious Internet sites. Those trolls have a vested interest in pushing confusion, deception and disruption in the most irresponsible ways. And, no that’s not why the rich hate him. In fact the billionaires love him. He has cut their taxes tremendously. He is beholden to them and to Deutschland Bank where he is indebted to that bank for billions of dollars that are coming due soon. You are spreading complete disinformation. Those who continue 59 years on, to keep files classified are bigger and more powerful than Trump or any one person. No President had ever been able to release all
      The still-classified files in thf JFK assassination case. Maybe because somewhere in tjise files are irrefutable evidence that would disprove the sham
      Vivre story invented by the Warren Commission that was specifically designed to quell and end forever any more questioning of the Commission’s version of what happened, how and why.

  9. Connects the dots to this day.......

  10. Everyone who believes this documentary, please write President Vladimir Putin to act on his international arrest warrant for the Rothschild ' s and Soros. Putin gas the power and means to get these people.

  11. A disgruntled socialist took a gun to his place of work...constructed a perch on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository and killed the President of the United States with two shots as the first one was a miss. Anything else is merely noise.
    End of story.
    No conspiracy....no grassy knoll shooter...no suspicious looking hobos - Nothing.

    1. In case you didn't know, black and white thinking and false assertions don't work when there is a huge body of contrary evidence available to anyone willing and able to look. You sound like a slave to the television :)

    2. HAHAHA read up Burton. Clearly haven't looked into any aspect of the case. Im sure you believe the Warren Commission Report too? BTW - Nixon said the warren commission was "one of the greatest american hoax" Facts are as clear as day. Just start reading

    3. Burton get your head out of your ***! The hobos were the shooting team also plumbers in Watergate- one confessed in hospital before he died. Told story of how it happened etc. This is letting you know the orchestration of those responsible. Stop drinking the koolaid...

    4. Are you really that simple. ?? And the planes really did take 3 towers down on 9-11. !!

    5. Obviously you did not watch this documentary! You are a typical ig**rant political low life!

  12. Welp, I got as far as the opening credits. Prison Planet. Thats far enough. The bush family is no friend of mine, yet this kind of hokum is pablum for the CTers.

  13. Anyone knows the name of the power group that vets US presidents? Meets on the East coast? A name of a house or compound?

    1. Do you mean Bohemian Grove? It's West Coast though.

  14. Really great Documentary!!! George Herbert Walker Bush. Who would have thought!!! I wish there would be a documentary done showing the good side of Hoover. He may have been Gay?? I do not believe he was a cross dresser. I believe his life's work should be made clear. I believe he was tarnished after his death in a big way by his enemies i am sure there were many. Sounds like he was in Kennedy's corner .when taking on the CIA he did a great job. Doing what he was instructed to do. This Documentary has cleared up a lot of questions i have had. Thanks very much to the ones responsible for putting this documentary together. The CIA Did the hit makes perfect sense!! Peace!! Also i have been told that Kennedy's Brain went missing . What is that all about ??.

    1. Maybe your brain went missing. You must be a millenial.

  15. Really good doc.. but one thing I noticed they missed was that JFK was taking power away from the federal reserve.. search up executive order 11110

    1. Yes! This is what I was thinking.

    2. Yes, this was a major reason for the assassination.

  16. destroyed evidence cropped videos dead witnesses yes i believe this and its fact bush needs to pay

  17. Of all the assassinations of JFK on the web, JFK II is the most interestingly funny and yet truthful. God bless and protect the people who made it.

  18. The driver made the kill shot, the make sure shot. I said that the first time i saw the film years ago. And when these doctors demonstrated the placement of the exit in the back of the head and the entry point, the shot had to be a straight on shot from the front. A shot from the side would have cause an exit to the left most side of his head and even hit the first lady. No, his head was facing directly towards the driver.

    1. LOLOLOLOL Wow, you are a real nutjob. LOLOLOLOL That head shot was consistent with exactly the same way that PLENTY, of re-creations have shown. Stop being one of those goofballs that is so determined to find conspiracy, and start being someone that isn't blind to the stuff that your government does, right in front of your face, while laughing at you. Einstien

  19. Phill, you don't deserve to be paid for your disinfo. Bush was present in the Dallas on the day of the assassination. He and his spawn have been connected with the fascist movement for decades. That is why Jr. had the National Archives shut down the revelation of files that showed that the Bush family had been prosecuted for trading with the enemy in the 1940s. They, along with the Browns and the Harrimans, were partners with the Thyssen family who underwrote Hitler. These facts are documented in the National Archives of the United States and the court records of New York state. The FBI had a report that showed that Bush Sr. was in Dallas on the day of the assassination. Stick those FACTS in your pipe.

  20. S*upid video that spins speculation and treats it as fact. The writers of this video will have grandchildren blaming bush for the holocaust im sure. This isn't a documentary...For a documentary to be true, it has to have facts...this is just drivel. Who shot this trash? Michael Moore when he was in the fifth grade? GARBAGE!

    1. Phill Grace, you are probably one of those i*iots that believe physics do not apply to bullets. Sadly a m***n is born everyday!

    2. I saw a lot of facts. And the Bushes continue to be vile nazis. Even stealing two presidential elections in 2000 and 2004. Its all comes from Texas and Florida. Bushes in Texas and Bushes in Florida which happens to be where the first thief occurred. At least as far as i know. And the anti Castro Cubans in Florida, Cheered after the death of JFK. Justice would have dictated these anti Castro people, should have been deported. I guess Jeb Bush is not a made man yet, unless helping to steal the 2000 election did it. Stay out of the Bushes.

  21. Im no ballistics expert, but with my experience of shooting many things with firearms, the spray from JFK's head is consistent with being shot from behind, especially when you take into account that the car is still moving and the spray and in front of JFK. Ballistics evaluation has come a long way since '63,

    1. THAT shot WASNT from Oswald. If it was , the Splatter would've went DOWN and FORWARD. NOT up and to the Right in the AIR. Get some Glasses

    2. its spatter. not "splatter" get your forensic terms right.

    3. I hunted for most of my life and the first time i saw this film, i knew it was from the front. Any person who've seen both animals and people get shot would know that.

    4. BB guns don't count . *uckstick!

  22. One of most confusing conspiracy document I've ever seen I stopped watching this document when these odd nazi-theories popped out here and there so fast I got confused as i couldn't follow what this narrator is trying to say .

    1. I guess you didn't know about operation paper clip

  23. Dont they see the pistol that the driver pointed at the president, over his right shoulder and then shoot the president?

  24. i highly doubt you have a license to use bob marley's "redemption song" in this film.

  25. you have to admit, if he was shot from behind he woudnt of whipped backward and to the left

  26. So much deception has gone on, so many lies for so long. So much evedence presented, on so many turning points of history. And yet so little progress in finding or even seeking real justice by the masses. I often wonder when will people say "Enough is Enough"?. When they watch you with cameras on every corner?, when they listen to your phone calls without a warrent?, when they pull u over and search your car for no reason?. Or when they drag you away kicking & screaming?

    1. when they listen to your phone calls without a warrent?

      lol when strong evidence of that showed up the media just smeared the whistleblower and things pretty much went on as always, guess we have to wait for more kicking and screaming and see if the media convinced everyone the screamers were a threat to "our freedoms"

    2. I think that if President Kennedy's murder was so" cut& dry,so black and white"then how Come All the multiple resources were used to"prove it was Oswald,alone,who did this? If it was " so basic,so simplistic, why IS it so convoluted with " confusion?" Oswald,asked,several times for legal representation,it is on television,during the multiple times,he was escorted back and forth by Dallas officers,to be interviewed by FBI,and never received legal representation. He denied killing Kennedy,he did not seek to boast that he was the person who killed Kennedy,as someone,who wants'" his 15 minutes of fame",he would have stated he did it.Ruby killing Oswald made no sense,except to " the people who arranged that!"

  27. "If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the
    street and lynch us."
    ---- George HW Bush

  28. @ 32 mins: The voice reading the supposed document does NOT say what is actually written.

  29. Heroically trying to catch the assassins? bullshit!


  31. What about the relationship that Bush had with John Hinkley Jr. He was big oil friends with Hinkley's father. One of Bush sons, Neil was to have dinner with John Hinkley's brother Scott the day after the attempted assassination. Bush, a name that is associated with killing, crime, greed, power, and doing their best to be the biggest bunch of sobs in the world.

    Personally I think LBJ also played a big part in the murder of Kennedy.

    1. i'm in the middle of '' JFK- The last withness'' and it goes pretty much like you say in you're last quote..

    2. LBJ's buddy's fingerprint was the only unidentified print in the texas school book depository bldg's 6th floor for 35 years. Malcolm aka Mac Wallace. Print expert Nathan Darby made a 34 point match with it, while 12 are needed for a conviction, and it was on a cardboard box by the window. Yep, it was LBJ.

    3. actually there is interview where LBJ admits he was not part of the shooting but was guilty of the coverup. and even then he couldn't look at the reporter.

    4. Gary, my father always said he thought that LBJ was a part of the assassination.

  32. Arguing with anti-conspiracy nuts is like arguing with religious people, it's nearly pointless. I have had ONE single occasion, had an argument with a gentlemen that still believed the Gulf of Tonkin incident was real (he was in vietnam, no surprise there) Once I showed him the evidence, he even tried to make up some ridiculous theory that Robert Mcnamara had been the victim of some type of "video editing" fraud, so I showed him the full uncut video, along with other evidence, finally he admits, "ok, maybe I was lied to, what the ****!?" and basically went into a freakout flashback I don't even know what it was, he threw stuff at the wall, swore a lot, I almost split out in self interest, but within 5 minutes, he was sitting back in his chair, rocking back and forth, and calmly repeating "I did not fight for a lie, my friends did not die for a lie.." and resumed his old stance that even history is unreliable, and he can only trust "his own" account. So whatever, sheep like being sheep, that's why they fulfill the role, it's so simple.

    Also take not, usually these people tend to LOVE Disney movies, no joke, ask ANY person you know that HATES conspiracies, just ask them "what is your favorite Disney movie?" I almost guarantee they will have one, or even have a discussion about which one was the best, etc... It's something that I have always noticed, anti-conspiratorial individuals tend to have a "fluffy bunny hug a dolphin" outlook on life, that's fine and all, but they need to realize, not everyone looks at the world that way, and they prey upon the "fluffy bunny" people to get anyone that questions them, to look like a "turd in the punch-bowl" Even South Park has been telling people this for years...

    1. i have noticed the same arguing with people who think 9/11 was a conspiracy. they insist absolutely they know it was because they have all kinds of questions....sounds like a creationist to me.

    2. I will not argue, it goes both ways, so can we rationalize that both sides should be less absolutist?

    3. i agree completely.

    4. Were you able to answer their questions... THAT, is the question... and the point of arguing (other than trying to force your opinion on someone else to change them to be like-minded).

    5. TOTAL

    6. were can we see the evidence for the gulf of tonkin i would really like to see it thanks ;-)

    7. The Big Lie started with the sinking of the Maine in Havana Harbor. That's where we lost our cherry. Our government has been behind all that is wrong with this world since day one. If we don't like a government in another country, we will change it at what ever the xcost, either in money or blood.

  33. The elites will always run things, and control what rest of the world as a group thinks. They control the media, they control the monetary systems, they control our collective lives.We are manipulated into infighting amongst our own brethren, so that the elites maintain this control. I understand how news of the information in this video and others can spark passionate discourse. However, the elite remain in power, and we as outsiders of this elitist cabal remain divided and conquered in the end. Everyone that visits this page to view this video and others like it, are seeking the same answers. Maybe not for the same reasons, or to the same end, but they are seeking the same answers none the less. We do ourselves, as well as those that fought and gave their lives in our country's name a great disservice by continuing to fight amongst ourselves. Until this infighting stops, the elites will remain in control. "United we stand, divided we fall." This statement has never been more truthful. It's time we put aside petty differences and join together, or nothing will ever change.

    1. well said.

    2. I always say, Follow the MONEY

    3. So Very Well Expressed,Ms.Ferguson.I think the same way.Thank You.

  34. The documentary is great, but a little heavy on the anti-Bush. Some stuff is very exaggerated, not to mention false: The CIA did not launch Bay of Pigs on its own. It was -reluctantly- approved by the Kennedy bros. who were misled. The way they display it in the movie is ridiculous.

  35. Thank you so much for your hard work and shareing. I would like to let you know that the type of videos you,are presenting are what America needs to see since our maim stream media no longer reports anything close to what is going on. May you and yours find peace and live a life of fullfilment and joy. Be prosperous and may your story never end. NAMASTE

  36. Conspiracy theorists are the degenerates of society. Instead of learning from mistakes, accidents, etc... they have to invent some elaborate "plan".. I bet kennedy was killed by big foot.. Then Aliens landed and put nessy in loch ness.. and a government who can't even cover up 2 people breaking into an unoccupied hotel room in the middle of the night, but they can orchestrate the worst terrorist attack on our country involving thousands and thousands of people in on it... yea right!...... The conspiracy id**ts ignore facts, then they make up their own facts.. or they do quote mining, Kennedys brain is not lost, physics prove that kennedy was shot they way the government said he was shot... etc..etc... This guy is a m*r*n.. they are all m*r*ns..

    1. ah, yes, because Iran Contra never happened either... neither did the CIA tests on unsuspecting civilians. Why don't you just crawl under the rock that you came out of.

    2. It is more comfortable to believe the government can do no wrong. To sit back and let the tv tell you how things are. Fine, not all of us are investigators or self-made journalists. Yet, ask yourself, how much have you investigated before denouncing conspiracy theorists as "degenerates of society"? Or is your opinion based solely on belief? Go back and watch your tv and listen to your radio, because it is people like you that are part of this system of ignorance, lies and opression.

    3. your the m*r*n, facts are what we are looking at. buildings always fall at free fall rate when there is structural resistance aye?. building 7 collapsed cos of fire? jfks head went back, and the doctors said exit wound at the back of head. is common sense not your strong point?

    4. Stephan Hawkins says it the best in a documentary i seen, he says something to the effect of how the government messes up everything it touches , but somehow can they keep things perfectly secret (Area 51).

    5. I think you BADLY need to read some History.

      REAL History, that is - not the sanitised rubbish you read at school and university.

      You will soon discover that Conspiracy is a VERY big part of the Geopolitical Power Game.

      Why do you think the word was invented in the first place ?

      As to the problem Of Keeping Secrets - just think of two highly-secret projects from WW2: the Manhattan Project, and the attempt by the British to crack the Enigma code at Bletchley Park !

      (It was as a result of the latter that we British gave you Americans a little thing called a 'computer'. Heard of it ?)

    6. physics proves that kennedy was shit the way the gov't said? are you that dense or do you not understand the words you are using? physics proves the EXACT OPPOSITE of the gov'ts account. Sheep are the degenerates of society. free thinkers always win in the end. grow up.

  37. This is one of the best documentaries ever made.

  38. But why his family , his wife didnt investigate or what about his grandchildren why no one is opening his case again based on the new findings?

    1. I admire the Kennedys, but they had a lot to hide back then. JFK used LSD with Mary Pinchot, not to mention his womanizing, sharing a lover with Sam Giancana, etc. Bobby wanted to do his own real investigation, after being elected president.

    2. "They're gonna kill us all" Jackie O's scream!

  39. @waldO,

    I agree with a lot of what you just said. But...

    The way to solve all of this is simple. The government, you know, the one that's supposed to be by, of and for the people, should release ALL documents and evidence relating to 9/11 and the JFK assassination.

    Our president gets killed and we're supposed to simply believe what they say... all the while most of the documents and other evidence are hidden from the public? 3,000 people die on our soil and we let the government investigate itself?

    Why do we allow this? Why do we elect these elitist cocksuckers that obviously don't care about us or they would release this information immediately?

    Vote Ron Paul 2012

    He'll be shot too if you do. Just watch.

  40. If a person who had never been to America read all the comments under the vast selection of conspiracy theory docs on this site they would come to the conclusion that all Americans fall into one of two catagories, they either believe all conspiracies no matter how out landish and impossible or they are blind sheep who believe their government can do no wrong. The truth is that most of us fall in between these extremes, we know conspiracy exists and that it has strongly effected the developement of our foriegn and domestic policy but, we also know that you can't buy every thing you read on the internet, that the average person has no possible means to truly know what has taken place, and that ninety percent of conspiracy theories make no logical sense.

    Take for instance the post below this one from Anti-illuminati. Yes, JFK and his brother opposed the war in Vietnam and, John also threatened publicly to reorganize our intelligence community as he felt it had become to secretive and covert. They also made a lot of enemies in big business and amongst those that supported unregulated capitalism by endorsing things like the minimum wage, medicare, social security, and other social programs desigened to help the less fortunate or elderly (sound familiar?) They also made huge enemies in the oil industry by preposing the cutting of oil depletion tax credits, the steel industry for exposing thier lack of concern for anything but profit, etc. (again this should ring a bell!!) In short it is impossible to look at this from the outside and discover who actually is to blame.

    So whats my point, that this is why conspiracy theorist get ridiculed so badly. Not because they have declared something a conspiracy but, because they then go on to draw unfounded conclusions, to use unproven evidence as if it were a given, to make wild unfounded accusations and connections, and most of all to do all of this with such conviction and absolute faith in thier own theories that if you don't agree they will attack and insult you. The arrogance it must take to believe you have solved such mysteries as 9/11 or JFK's assination simply by researching things online or watching a few documentaries is beyond me. Independant journalist that research these things for a living and have inside information and connections at the highest levels have not yet been able to conclusively prove anything about JFK, but I am to believe that anti-illuminati knows who did it? If 9/11 was an inside job it had to involve collusion and covert cooperation at the very highest levels. To uncover the truth from the aftermath would require immense knowledge of physics, demolition, building construction, not to mention knowledge of the presidents and other key members of governments private communications, connections, and knowledge of our domestic response policies, the list goes on and on. Yet I am to believe that some college kid with no inside connections or experience in journalism that decided to make a documentary, or the everyday people I talk with on the internet have been able to uncover the truth? Come on man, give me a break!!

    You guys have no idea who killed Kennedy or who is responsible for 9/11 and neither do I. Just say you don't agree with the government and let it go at that. Or, if you are truly compelled to try and solve these mysteries- become a journalist. Go to school and learn how to do proper research and how to distinguish between what sounds good and what is factual, what constitutes real proof and what is just speculation based on circumstantial evidence. Make professional connections and gain the means to do real research which requires more than an internet connection. Some of you guys seem very passionate about your desire to know thew truth and intelligent enough to finish the degree, but as long as you sit at your computer having only the knowledge available to the average person and claim to know the truth behind such things the rest of the world will laugh at you.

    1. Wow. From a clinical standpoint wald0 is a very delusional and dangerous individual should he be deprived of his cookies.

    2. I think you will find people around the world believe it to be conspiracy but don't take my word for it, start a poll and see.
      My response to all of this and if you really want to disprove all the conspiracy theories, release all the relevant papers NOW. Keeping papers that would irrevocably clear your name and show people up as madmen, is highly illogical. If 2/3 of American people believe it to be conspiracy and you keep saying it isn't, then clearly you are calling alot of people dumb. It is my understanding of physics that if I were to whack you in the front side of your head, the laws of physics determine that your head would move backwards and to the left AWAY from the force of the impact. To believe there was no conspiracy, you would also have to believe in 'magic'. Strange how some' scientific' people try to convince us of the 'magic' bullet. You'd also have to believe in a series of random coincidences all happening at the exact same time ie lack of security personnel on the day, president choosing open motorcade, LHO being able to avoid tight security to not only occupy a building along the route, but also get a rifle into the building, that the wind was in favour to make a perfect shot with a magic bullet, that he missed shooting Jackie O by accident, that he missed shooting anyone else in the party, that the driver slowed down at the exact time the president was shot right near where LHO was positioned and finally that there were less people in the vicinity where they clearly could have had a better view of the motorcade but would have obviously been a hindrance to the shooters. The reality is that there are people the world over who believe LHO was just the fall guy and until the papers are released to show different we will continue to believe this and US gov't will always be distrusted. It's not just US gov't but those the world over, Corruption is not just limited to developing countries. Human rights abuse comes in all forms and our rights are being abused when our individual governments chose not to release papers so we can make up our own minds and stop treating us like dumb animals. Keeping papers hidden for 75/100 years means those responsible can never be bought to book.

    3. I think your frustration lies in the fact there is no real investigation into anything and no access to necessary information, and you're taking it out on those who try to understand it and talk about it on the internet.

      Believing some kid on the internet or even someone with credentials is a mistake if you're looking for someone to tell you what to believe. You can understand who killed Kennedy or is responsible for 9/11 just as well as anyone given the right information. But it's kept from the public and no degree will give you access to it.

    4. The Real Magic Bullet is the Internet: The complete JFK contemplation
      is available for US to digest Current events of that Day Unraveling by the Information dissemination.

      Theory is always Right until Proven Wrong: The basic Math Equation in the JFK History requires abstract calculations to determine direct probabilities.

      The Opinions expressed are a Public Forum: The Simplist Answers are
      debated into Complicated Questions regarding the potential actions of
      what Happen Prior to and after November 22, 1963.

      Personally, the discussion is a fastinating event of Citizen involvment
      -all very 1960

    5. Hey ...are you really that dumb or are you playing one?
      Can't you use your common sense to look at the incredibly, factually undisputed evidence presented in the documentary and draw a rational conclusions? This documentary has presented the evidence and it is upto the viewer to use his/her brain to draw conclusions.
      you should give us a break and use your brain before making fool of yourself by making such statements. don't tell use that the documentary faked all those videos, government memos, etc to make a movie !!

  41. JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy had opposed war in Vietnam that's why they were both assassinated by members of the Secret Societies. These members of secret societies were employed by CIA, FBI or Secret Service. JFK knew already that his own goverment had secret societies and conspiracies being perpetrated in secrecy or working behind the scenes. Here's the famous speech of JFK that reads :

    "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it’s in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know."

    "“We are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit and highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published, its mistakes are buried not headlined, its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no secret is revealed.”
    These messages was the real reason why JFK was killed. Bush family have been members of Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones, a secret society in Yale University. Please research true historical facts or hidden history. Sad to say, the mainstream U.S media have been brainwashing and manipulating the public in order to cover up the evidences and facts that the 9-11 was an inside job. The twin towers and WTC-7 had been blownup with explosives controlled demolition.. Please remember that WTC Building 7 was not hit by a plane or missile. It has been said; "History repeat itself". Even a political leader of a nation can voice out disinformation and lies to the public. Just like Adolf Hitler did during world war 2 when he used and control the media as a tool in order to promote his agenda and propaganda. I do believe that Osama Bin Laden's death is not true. It is a propaganda or hidden agenda to bring about chaos in pakistan. Pakistan is a strategic location to Iran for the U.S forces. Iran would be the next target in the near future by the U.S goverment.

  42. i hear in alll these docs that "they" control the media.
    I see very little evidence of this fact beyond the fact itself.
    Not much as far as who and when or how,just that it exists.
    I am not doubting it's existence.

    1. "Very little evidence", huh? What, you think they leave clues laying around to prove that they're lying to us?

      Google: who owns CNN

      You'll see that 4-5 major corporations own almost ALL of the media in the U.S. These corporations also are heavily invested in our government and our military industrial complex.

      We're more propagandized that the Germans ever were during the days of Hitler.

    2. Your intuitively know more than you know! Paperclip, NASA, rife with NAZI's who were communicating and planning with their counterparts in Russia and fooling both sides. Bush was involved with NAZI's, Hitler was on the cover of Time Magazine twice and their man of the year in 1939. Just about the whole history of what really went down in the 20th century to the modern day in America is wrong. These people want to bring about an Armageddon and have narrowly failed a few times. There's a battle going on that stretches so far out that people would be shocked if they knew the truth. All sides are scared of the real truth coming out.

  43. Peter Jennings at the beginning of this video attempts to refute existing evidence of the Kennedy assassination, but what many don't know about the late newsman is, he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and attended 1995 Bilderberg Conference - June 8-11th, in Zurich, Switzerland. I suspect he was a mouthpiece for those organizations as well as the New World Order

    1. Dude, seriously, that just makes you sound like a freaking moron. And that goes for everyone who says the phrase "New World Order". You automatically get categorized into the "Loony" section. If you want to be taken seriously by the mainstream media, you should avoid using conspiracy-freak terminology. Just a thought.

    2. Ad hominem attacks with no evidence to back up your claims makes you look foolish. There are plenty of people who would say that YOU are the freaking moron... a sheep who fails to realize that there are groups of elite bankers, corporation owners and media personnel who meet in private to discuss world affairs. Since you think they are all just great and wonderful people, why don't YOU tell me what goes on at these meetings? Oh yeah, you can't. They're secret. If they are up to only good works, why be so secretive?

      Secondly, why would anyone want to be "taken seriously by the main stream media" when hardly anyone who knows what's going on in the world takes the MSM seriously? Main stream media is nothing but lies and propaganda. Do you really think you're going to get the truth from media that is owned (ALL OF IT) by 4 multinational corporations who are also heavily invested in WAR? We get our media from the same people who manufacture our bombs and war planes. And you think we should take THEM seriously?

      You need to get your head out of your a**, sheep.


  44. Bush Sr. indicted himself when asked 'where were you on 11/22/63' and he answered, "I don't remember..."

    Bush Jr. was 'missing' according to his own staff, during the 3 days that JFK. Jr's plane was missing and presumed lost. I believe that Bush Jr. was complicit in the assassination of John-John and there are videos out there about that possibility; I don't see them here. Jr. was apparently ready to disclose documentation he had about Bush Sr. being guilty of his father's assassination, and also was planning on running against either Bush Jr. or Hillary in 2000. There's also ample evidence that Paul Wellstone's death was not an accident. It's quite easy to kill someone in a small plane by taking out the electronics, and that is what appeared to have happened in both instances. The Bush Family needs to be wiped off the planet as the worst war criminals since Hitler and Mussolini. Instead, our tax dollars go to protecting their sorry asses. It's sickening.



  46. Ultimately it was the same bunch that killed lincoln(green backs, the bank of england couldn't have that)follow the money. It is usually pretty easy with the elite criminal class. I guess part of the thrill for them is rubbing rubbing our nose in it. They have to know most people couldn't show there faces for shame.

  47. This is the best most thoroughly evidential films on the subject I have ever seen. It lays out A scenario that is the S.O.P. of government operations to this day. The players and effects of this operation are still being felt and built upon today. I wish the men who made it would make more films. I am thankful to have found it and to be open minded and intelligent enough to accept it.

  48. No,.. no,.. everything bad in the world today,.. including why milk spoils when left out on the counter overnight can be blamed on the Reptilian Aliens from the planet XiTryFrizzleFry which orbit the star Thuban.

    so,..get it right you conspiracy freaks !

  49. bush didnt do it , the jews did , and hes not jewish

    1. i think you meant the jesuits...and yes he is

    2. I honestly dont understand this Jewish thing, that they control the financial institutes and everything else. I think it must be american racism.

  50. This leads me to think... That since presidents have to commit murder in order to be trusted, I wonder who Obama will go after =0...

    1. indeed!

  51. I've only been able to watch the first 10 minutes, I can't stand to watch anymore because this is clearly a poor quality knock off of DARK LEGACY.

    Do we really need another 90minute movie about a very simple and well known fact... GHWB has ties to the Operation 40 psychopaths who killed Jack Kennedy with the blessing of US military (through Gen. Charles Cabell, who's brother Earl Cabell would control the crime scene as mayor of Dallas), the CIA (through Allen Dulles), and the head of the new regime (LBJ). GHWB's role was small.

    Lee Harvey Oswald was chosen as a patsy because he was passing information to the FBI while he was working with the CIA. Hoover's FBI wouldn't be a problem for now commonly known reasons.

    The reasons are simple, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Smedley Butler warned you. Wake up, Amerikuns. It's been half a century, the rest of us (citizens of the world) have been waiting patiently... so far.

    1. Yep. War is a racket.

  52. Kennedy was killed so we could fight on in Vietnam. The same reason that 9/11 was carried out.. for war. Massive corporate profits, no-bid contracts..missing billions


    1. yep this pretty much sums it up. sad world we live in where money (a worthless piece of paper) controls us all. we're all slaves, paid slaves but slaves none the less.

  53. You people need to wake up

  54. The document shows interesting things, that is for certain. The narration and the way document is done though, makes it one of the worst documents I've ever watched. The narrator assumes (or the guy who wrote his speech and told him to say it like that assumes) that things are in one way. In a good document you should always let the viewer decide based on things you show, what is the nature of things. Please don't decide it for the viewer, we have brains of our own. I hope somebody makes a less colored document with same or more interesting things about this, than this one has. Less colored in sense of assuming that the conspiracy happened. I believe there was a conspiracy but I can't know for sure based on what I seen before this doc, and I don't wanna watch this doc to the end because the narrator is so damn biased and lets it show out.

  55. Curious; If you wanted to guarantee a kill in a moving vehicle, with people and cops everywhere, wouldn't you use more than one guy?
    and to Joe like how it started, but not sure where it ended. Question, what is "usmand?"

  56. now that we have open communication with russia we should ask them who offer then funding in arms against usmand since they had double agents in the cia who do they think killed kennrdy,we have a enimy cell in our mist if they can killed the president,they can kill us all,any american institution that will kill a president or citizen must be dismanteled,its not a american institution but an entity on its own

  57. why was there more than 1 sniper? isnt 1 enough?

  58. Wow. What an eye opener. Anyone with half a brain knows that JFK's assasination was a conspiracy but by our own damn government? And to be exact a future President of the United State? How can we ever trust them again? Has anyone ever researched the theory that the limo driver fired the fatal head shot? Next time you watch the Zapruder film (an un-cut version not altered by our government) pay attention to the driver when it goes in slow motion. You can see an object that looks very much like a gun. Others will argue that it is the reflection of the agent in the front passenger seat's hair in the sun. That is a hell of a lot of Brill Cream to shine so brightly on such a poor quality film. Anyway, thanks and please send me all the links possible for this kind of stuff. I love it.

    1. It's a reflection. Watch the enhanced version of the film on youtube. Do a search for it.

      Do you really think the man seated next to Gov. Connally in the front seat could shoot the pres without Connally noticing? Connally got shot too, ya know.

    2. the shot that killed kenedy came from the storm drain opening at the curb under side walk, slightly in front of and lower to kenedy.s right.
      the cop up on the grassy knoll if you take a close look at the z video
      bares a very strong ressembalance to G H W Bush. His jiob was to keep people from gathering on the grassy knoll, as a crowd there may step off the side walk and block the direct site of the shooter in the storm drain.

    3. The shot that killed Kennedy came from the storm drain opening at curb side under side walk from just in front of, and lower to the right of Kennedy. The cop up on the grassy knoll if you look at the Zegruder (spell?) tape bares a strong ressembalance to G.H.W.Bush, his job was to keep a crowd from gathering at the grassy knoll, as a crowd thre may step off the sidewalk and block the direct site of the shooter in the storm drain.

  59. "Kennedy was for power to the people, and was ready to take action. That’s why people loved him."

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kennedy was as much a part of the system as the Bush's

  60. Hey fellas we are debating whether or not this or that guy was more involved. I want to know the truth about that day too. Maybe the website you suggested has something to it Jimbo, but to take it as the absolute theory is just naive. Was Bush at the top of the pyramid? I don't think so, but that's my opinion.
    I do however think that his role was critical in the plot. He didn't take any shots or anything, but it's amazing what some people will do with a few choice words, some money(maybe a promotion), and a get out of jail free card.
    Nobody that committed this crime has went to jail for what they have done! Most of them have died of old age!
    We need to have a 10 MILLION (or more) STRONG petition demanding for the rest of the classified documents to be released(i.e. the tax records of LHO and his wife). They are ours and if we demand them they will either have to make a big deal out of it, or they will give them up. How could they say No to that many of us all at once? We have more than 309 million mostly good hearted people in this nation. This is something that must be cleared up once and for all. Would should have learned in detail what happened to J.F.K. in school. We should have no questions regarding any of this, but yet here we are nearly 50 yrs. later asking the same questions.

  61. Hello? People get real. Why did Bush Sr. move up through the ranks after losing state elections? Reagan was an actor, while Bush was running the show, after being head of CIA, before becoming pres. Goes to war with the middle east, then we have a little Clinton, then back to a new Bush with more war in the middle east. The Bush family is oil and war and Kennedy opposed it. Kennedy was for power to the people, and was ready to take action. That's why people loved him. Why was Cheney vice pres.? Because he's in charge of a war machine. You are a fool to believe anything less than this document is trying to tell you. The Skull & Bones are funded through the Harriman trust, which was funded by the forced opium trade to China through the British East India Trading Co. owned by Rothschild. Please pull your heads out of your asses!!!

    1. Also remember , that these puppet masters, are operating at the highest level in there crafts. Disception, misdirection, influencing media/public opinion,black mail, kidnapping, torture , murder/assassination, blackmail, co ersion, manipulation. With a bag a tricks like that, coupled with extreme wealth and influence these ppl know how to get shitdone with zero foot prints.

  62. Jimbo/ Nobody have said that "the Bush family organised the whole Kennedy assassination", but if you can`t clear out a sound connection between Bush and the CIA, to the assassination, then you are clearly trying not to. And you know that some evidence dosent allways lead you to link up "this" with "that", so what, its still evidence in itself.
    In this case; if not for the true, then for the lie.

  63. This is an AWFUL documentary.

    Its an error riddles piece of rubbish.

    Hankey is flat out lying. If you wanna see good interesting docos check out Pat Speers 'Mysterious Death of Number 35'.

    Anybody who says the Bush family organized the entire Kennedy assassination needs their heads read. 'If' Bush was involved it was at a far far far lower level.

    Get your JFK information at CTKA and not from the likes of Hankey and Alex Jones who talk a whole lotta cr^p!

  64. I think it is a leap with the bush Kennedy aspect. Yes I do believe that America killed its own president. There are assumptions made about what is effectively a class and nepotism thing that is being taken too far - The Cia and FBI were hugely into that....and always were

  65. Hey Yorn Mcgee [Dec. 6th, 2009]

    Your posting contained useless info. Opinions without any
    specific proof is useless commentary. What can we do with it?
    Think about it. You basically say 'JFK 2' is a bunch of bunk,
    'because I say so'. No credentials, no proper rebuttal with
    evidence we can go to, just a useless opinion which only goes
    at your own [Yorn] credibility, not that of the producers of the film. I will wait for your specific gripes and proof that
    you are right. Until then, please, no idol chatter that no one
    can glean from. If you have direct evidence or a clear logical argument why some part of this is wrong, we are all ears.



  67. Well, there was a lot information here. Some believable, but most was not. There was definitely tons of overly biased slanted stuff. You were really reaching to connect your dots here. ZERO views from the other side (unless it was your mocking and cross dressing paper doll versions). If you hate America and want to add to it for no apparent reason, then watch and enjoy. Other wise: stay away from this pile.

  68. Proud to be an American?
    Heck no!
    Embarassed and somewhat afraid to be an American?
    You betcha!*wink*

  69. hey Vlatko, u r the bomb bro!! thank God 4 intelligent people like you!! if u r ever in so. california, lets chill & talk politics?! God bless dude, late.

    1. Thanks Boss Limbaugh.

  70. Once you research the Bush legacy.... The entire veil starts to unravel. It all makes sense although its hard to put into words at the moment lol. Its 2:00 in the morning here.

  71. Wouw the most intelligent doc i have ever seen~!

  72. this may be a stupid question but, that's a michael moore documentary, isn't it? really interesting, i knew that bush senior had ties to the JFK plot, just didn't realise how deep. fascinating stuff.

  73. Any luck with MAN OF THE MILLENIUM?

  74. thank you admin for answering my question, i am so grateful for the work that you do putting out this vital info .. more strength to u.

    1. Thanks, endurance.

  75. can you get the documentary "man of the millenium" this is a new film about his imperial majesty emperor Haile Selassie the 1st. King of Kings Lord of Lords

    1. I'll try endurance.