Failed Inventions

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Failed InventionsThe world always had its share of dreamers, tinkerers and inventors. Some who have had great ideas, but many more who had missed the mark.

Some were ahead of their times, others ideas were just plain bad. This is a nod to the off-kilter geniuses who have come up short on success. From turbine powered cars to lethal medicine and floating houses, these visionaries all had plans that utterly failed.

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    Rick Corless
  1. Rick Corless

    Thank you Vlatko. I bookmarked your site quite awhile ago and find myself spending far to much time watching docs. I don't always like what i watch but that i guess is not the point. Keep up the good work so lazy people such as me without cable can watch interesting (or not) documentaries...

    P.S. This doc is a great way to mindlessly relax for a bit.

  2. Karl169
  3. Karl169

    yeh wat he sed ^

  4. Rip
  5. Rip

    No offence Karl169, but what is with the intentional misspelling of words.....being ignorant (or unintelligent) certainly is not 'cool'. Really, you have 4 words, 3 are misspelled, added............ahhhh....why do I bother.

  6. Cliff
  7. Cliff

    Sometimes I like watching documentaries when I go to sleep. Or rather listen to them. It's like listening to a bedtime story. haha. :)

  8. Anthony
  9. Anthony

    who killed the turbine car....

  10. Disfigurator
  11. Disfigurator

    Exactly, Cliff :D

  12. hildog
  13. hildog

    i like only watch documentaries when im going to sleep. if theyre good enough, ill stay awake :)

  14. gabby
  15. gabby

    Ha. I tend to turn on a documentary as I'm going to sleep too. I always fall asleep, but if it's really good I finish it first thing in the morning!

  16. Charlie
  17. Charlie

    WOW....can't believe how many people do the same thing! I am actually looking for a doc. right now! and it is 4am ha! go figure....small human world

  18. LifeQuest
  19. LifeQuest

    Charlie, I'm on board with you there - I had no idea so many folks do the same thing I do! Lol, it's kinda neat, though. :-)

  20. Rodar
  21. Rodar

    Ha ha, that's so funny because I do that almost every night. I liked that comment about watching/listening as you fall asleep :)

    Vlatko I have been watching for a long time bow but I apologise I've never commented. I, like so many others, feel the need to thank you for your work. Congratulations on such a successful, easy to navigate, well laid out site. It's a credit to you, well done. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping and this site helps me fall asleep sometimes too - in a good way :)

  22. Candace
  23. Candace

    Ha! Because I can't believe it, I just have to add that I also go right to topdoc when I go to bed. It's way better than television and I don't always feel like reading so this is my happy place in the middle. :)

  24. Vlatko
  25. Vlatko

    Thank you very much folks.

  26. Charlie
  27. Charlie

    yes. thank you man. Let us know how we can help you out.

  28. sulphury«carl»
  29. sulphury«carl»

    HA ! Wow. I just have to add myself too, haha! 3:40am and getting to bed.

  30. marco
  31. marco

    Have to agree with you people. Love watching docs right before going to sleep :)

    PS: Very nice site Vlatko! Easy to navigate and find docs on different subjects! Keep them coming ;)

  32. Tyler
  33. Tyler

    Wow lol, I tend to watch documentaries later in the night also XD... I'm surprised like everyone here does the same.

  34. kim
  35. kim

    hehehe me to. allways haff the computer in bed next to me and im watching docs :D

    looove a godnight story

  36. Jaymann
  37. Jaymann

    I too put on a documentry to fall asleep! Only problem is if it turns out to be a good one, or it is so thought provoking that my mind keeps racing!

  38. Jaymann
  39. Jaymann

    I too put on a documentary to fall asleep! Only problem is if it turns out to be a good one, or it is so thought provoking that my mind keeps racing!

  40. nigel
  41. nigel

    how weird i do the same :o

  42. karoline
  43. karoline

    lol! So do I. that is why im here now:o

  44. Rodar
  45. Rodar

    Still here, still watching, still loving, TDF :) :) and still putting it on when I get in to bed :P

  46. TonyBeauX
  47. TonyBeauX

    So funny. I've never posted, but I too watch documentaries when it's bed, or naptime. LOL. I try to find good ones of course. Usually if its really good, the next day I will finish where I may have fell asleep the previous night. Cool to see I wasn't the only one lol. I love this site though. I feel like I'm running out of docs to watch :(

  48. patrick
  49. patrick

    hahah I watch docs to fall sleep all the time.. thats cool that other people around the world share that.. I think the narrators peaceful voice mixed with interesting topics is what makes it like a bedtime story lol

  50. letsgetsteve
  51. letsgetsteve

    I do the same thing too.... It all started with books on tape to be totally honest but then I quickly worked my way to Sir David Attenborough. I love that this site is here as it gives me a few more years at least of sleeping solutions. Thanks and I hope you all sleep well.

  52. webster
  53. webster

    Vlatco, like Rodar said great site and well laid out , I was wondering if you could put a button on the site for random docs to brouse aimlessly

  54. isabella
  55. isabella

    I liked the parts about Tesla, the tubine engine, and Edison.
    All of it was engaging.

    I must have a doc on, when falling asleep. -and I'll timeshift 'em back and watch the rest, if I wake up in the middle of the night.

    Who new insomnia could be fun!

  56. iesika
  57. iesika

    I run documentaries, audiobooks, or recorded college lectures while I am playing video games or doing handicrafts like crochetting. So, so much better than the average tv show, especially as the 'educational' cable channels continue to go downhill. Thank you, Vlatko, for a fabulous site! You help me keep my brain from atrophy, and I do appreciate it.

  58. andy
  59. andy

    VOTE 1 for docs to go to sleep too :D lol
    ... G U I L T Y !!! LOL

  60. NaCole
  61. NaCole

    There is a documentary about this. I believe its called a "collective consiousness". I havent watched it but my friend did and told me about it. They teach a secluded monkey something new and wild monkeys in a distal area are spotted doing the same new thing. Now we will all have to search for it on our next Late Night Movie Adventure!

  62. somewhereoninternet
  63. somewhereoninternet

    good doc, but gotta comment..."head of 'there; times,"???? would be nice to see better grammar on the internet, especially with spell check around." 'thier' times is correct.

  64. somewhereoninternet
  65. somewhereoninternet

    good doc, but gotta comment…”head of ‘there; times,”???? would be nice to see better grammar on the internet, especially with spell check around.” ‘their’ times is correct. now! that is comical. it's their, i typed too fast. lol

  66. Kabel
  67. Kabel

    Wow! I didn't realize so many people use documentaries to help them fall asleep! I do this every night and my friends think I'm crazy. But it works, and I know a lot of random facts because of it haha.

  68. Tenzin
  69. Tenzin

    lol...i watch documentaries in bed too. helps me sleep. didnt know so many people did that too. we should have a gathering of insomniacs who watch documentaries in bed. i'll bet there'd be a huge turnout.

  70. Butter McBread
  71. Butter McBread

    Add me to the club.

  72. Juancho
  73. Juancho

    Right now...I am putting on a documentary as I lay down to rest. This is what i've done a few nights out of the week every week since i've discovered this site.

    Best thing is after a few months, you'll watch a documentary again only because you found it interesting and need to refresh your memory, so you put it on.

    It's interesting how many people do the same thing I do when on this website...

  74. Sleep
  75. Sleep

    wow, i guess maybe everybody here are all a bunch of insomniacs that can only sleep to the lullaby of a random documentary. I'm also one of these. It's going on 3:30am now.
    It takes me a good 10 to 15 minute hunt for the "perfect doc" to fall asleep listening to.
    Who needs sleeping pills when you got TDF

  76. Tomislav Stankovic
  77. Tomislav Stankovic

    Add me to the club. ;)

  78. Billy Bingbong
  79. Billy Bingbong

    The perfect bedtime story - something interesting to listen to. I am also in the club :)


    Very good~Worth watching. I thought a few of the home inventions were pretty cool.

  82. topheadhunter
  83. topheadhunter

    lmfao i thought i was the only weirdo who fell asleep to documentaries, they are just so soothing. like ocean sounds, but i feel like im learning subliminally.

  84. topheadhunter
  85. topheadhunter

    and its almost never at a normal bed time when you get up at 8, its always like 3:30am. I feel like we are all one step closer together. or maybe tdf causes our insomnia...hmmm.... :)

  86. potatocult
  87. potatocult

    this whole friggen thread made me smile from ear to ear its so cute lol

  88. leonov
  89. leonov

    i thought i was the only one who did that, i guess theres more peeps like me!

  90. imonmypsp
  91. imonmypsp

    Wow, never new how many brethren I had. o O;

    I'm putting this doc on as I fall asleep as well - 3:45AM

  92. Mikel Angelo
  93. Mikel Angelo

    LOL i do that too, my gf hates it... but if i turn the docs off and try to sleep suddenly i'm wide awake again... i'm glad there are others

  94. misterwong
  95. misterwong

    Reading these comments made me drowsy.Do not view this comment page if you are driving a car or operating heavy machinerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  96. soul_666_snatcher
  97. soul_666_snatcher

    LOL!!! i've been doing this for years and my GF thinks im silly, it always puts her to sleep first anyway :D !

  98. Linda Nguyen
  99. Linda Nguyen

    haha how funny i never knew so man did the same thing as me

  100. KevinBaskin
  101. KevinBaskin

    I, too use the docs to fall asleep to. I believe that it helps me to sleep and that i will soak up some knowledge as i doze.


    im here to sleep too lol

  104. ivorytowerone
  105. ivorytowerone

    What is that pink thing around the child's face?
    What was it supposed to do?
    Its wasn't in the doc.

  106. Holly Tame
  107. Holly Tame

    Ivory it is an anti splatter device. Keeps noodle juice out of your hair. Anyway, Im in the insomniacs documentary watching to go to sleep club. It f*$#king rocks. Cant live without them.

  108. Holly Tame
  109. Holly Tame

    BTW I love you guys. We are like a lil family. I wanna spoon you all as we lay there listening to a 'professional' rattle of some jargon about 'things' waiting for the sandman. XO and Goodnight.Sweetdreams.

  110. Jimmy Newman
  111. Jimmy Newman

    the only way i can get to sleep and dream of great wonders of the world is to watch these documentaries haha

  112. needTOsleep
  113. needTOsleep

    I need to fall asleep but this stuff is too interesting

  114. John Krisfalusci
  115. John Krisfalusci

    what do you mean failed inventions? i'd buy that ramen protector!!

  116. Giordano Gomato
  117. Giordano Gomato

    ahuauhauhauh we all have the same purpose aahah try to sleep

  118. Istoan Silviu
  119. Istoan Silviu

    HAHAHA! I am doing this nearly every night to go to sleep, too. I need something interesting to feed my brain. It's 3:50 AM now. Hi from Romania :))

  120. William Davidson
  121. William Davidson

    great stuff, all of it, wait till we have cheap carbon nano fibers, they'll be back, many of these ideas....

  122. sknb
  123. sknb

    But isn't one of the reasons Tesla died penniless because Thomas Edison stole some of his ideas and didn't give him credit?

  124. Aaylsworth
  125. Aaylsworth

    I too fall asleep to docs! Although nothing beats the soothing sound of Sir David Attenborough's voice. I put on a Planet Earth and whoosh! i'm out :).

  126. Adsr
  127. Adsr

    Wow, I'm going to sleep with at least one documentary too, just about every night... :)

  128. PlagueBearer
  129. PlagueBearer

    Nothing beats a good documentary about the cosmos when trying to fall asleep - A journey to the stars :) Too bad i've run out of these kind of documentaries. I suspect the financial crisis documentaries are the root to my bad/uneasy sleep :D

  130. Richard Neva
  131. Richard Neva

    The name Tesla caught my view. In the film he was classed with the "failures" of invention. Well today that idea has been turned upside down! Evidence, the New Tesla S electric automobile at $97,000.00 US dollars. An exceptional and most desirable automobile it is!

  132. THCjunky
  133. THCjunky

    Content rejected, cannot watch

  134. Imightberiding
  135. Imightberiding

    Right at the end, aprox 41:47 min the house wife is using her phone to turn on the oven & presumably set the temp & time. A little premonition of the future? Just like using an app on an smart phone today.

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