False Flag Hoaxers

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From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Parkland, Florida, the scourge of mass school shootings has left many citizens across the U.S. in a state of perpetual mourning, and has ignited a fuse of urgent activism in many others. "False Flag Hoaxers" is about a much different subset of citizens. They are small in number, but ferocious in their ability to sabotage the spotlight from tragedy. For them, these incidents do not represent unspeakable acts of savagery, but elaborate conspiracies planned and executed by the highest levels of government.

Produced by VICE News, the film introduces viewers to several false flaggers who are part of a larger community that convenes primarily through social media platforms. There, they dissect the course of events as reported by law enforcement officials. They study the news footage and search for inconsistencies in eyewitness interviews. They label those who had the good fortune of surviving these incidents as "crisis actors" employed to sell a phony narrative. Some are brazen enough to scold the family members of victims for being complicit in a mass conspiracy. In many of the cases presented in the film, their tactics appear to be shameless and barbaric, and they're perpetrated with stubborn resolve.

Side Thorn is one of the conspiracy theorists profiled in the film. Standing by a makeshift memorial mounted at the footsteps of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, he bullies mourners of the 2017 shooting that claimed the lives of 26 churchgoers. He demands proof that contradicts his notion that the Department of Homeland Security staged the massacre.

The filmmakers attempt to identify what factors embolden these hoaxers to make outlandish claims and further distress the surviving victims of violence. Is it the symptom of mental illness, a hunger for celebrity, or motivated entirely by political ideology? Their ugly rhetoric is informed and inflamed by the likes of Alex Jones from Info Wars and other conspiracy-minded media hosts.

Their narrative is countered by the victims who witnessed these tragedies firsthand, and are left to live with insurmountable grief. "False Flag Hoaxers" is a sobering and infuriating viewing experience.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. tinfoilhats

    that conspiracy nut does it because he's getting publicity and making money from it. enough said. geez, and i thought i was nuts.

  2. goinsideandwatchtv
  3. goinsideandwatchtv

    Beginning at 18:08, as Side Thorn and Conspiracy Granny are walking around the church, the Jeep that Mr. Pomeroy will emerge from at the prescribed moment becomes visible, driver's door standing open. Immediately after Thorn admonishes Granny to "...tone it DOWN", (what was that all about?) the video jumps to them at the sign. The Jeep can be seen there, as before, driver's door open, and Mr. Pomeroy can clearly be seen sitting in the driver's seat. He patiently waits while Granny finishes her graffiti art, and, as Thorn backs away with his head carefully turned to face away from the Jeep, Mr. Pomeroy emerges from the vehicle, again, at the prescribed moment. Granny and Thorn show poorly feigned surprise, apparently having not seen Mr. Pomeroy in the car as they approached the sign that was their objective, even though Thorn actually has to step around it as he backs up. Then, Mr. Pomeroy shakes Thorn's hand as he simultaneously informs him that he is not welcome.

    Am I the only one who sees that this entire thing is staged and scripted, with cooperation from all parties?

    Never mind California, lets hope Texas secedes.

  4. Allan Weisbecker
  5. Allan Weisbecker

    This film ('Vice' in general) is a classic example of 'controlled opposition.' While purporting to be 'balanced' they neglected to show any of the mountains of actual evidence that these shootings were in fact staged events. Why don't they SHOW Noah Pozner's father laughing just before he goes on camera? Why don't they show death certificates or ANY proof that people died? Vice is out to muddy the waters; they are as much a part of the psy op as the crisis actors themselves.

  6. Jason
  7. Jason

    OBVIOUSLY THE DEEP STATE IS INVESTED IN HAVING THIS ...COUGH...COUGH...DOCUMENTARY SPIN CRAP PUT OUT SO THAT PEOPE BECOME TOO EMBARASSEDTO LOOK AT ALL THE ANOMALIES IN THESE DECEPTIVE EVENTS. Never mind that I am trained to spot deviant behavior from a mile away....it was my job for decades. Never mind that I call bull crappie on these staged false flags. Never mind that the kids from Sandy Hook performed at half time at the next superbowl. Never mind that the pics you saw of the Sandy Hook kids were taken YEARS BEFORE THE STAGED FALSE FLAG. Never mind that the feds had a 1000 page scripted manual for that staged event. Never mind that the feds have admitted that no kids died at Sandy Hook. If you people want facts then I suggest you look at the work of Dr. James Fetzer and also Wolfgang Halbig....just....for starters.

  8. mary
  9. mary

    I doubt you allow honest reviews

  10. Vince
  11. Vince

    Vice has received investments from Comcast's NBCUniversal, Disney and the Murdoch family's 21st Century Fox, among others.

  12. Vince
  13. Vince

    The Vice is funded by fake news companies

  14. mark gaboury
  15. mark gaboury

    So if we don't believe in the ban gun narrative, we are like the extreme hoaxers who deny 9/11 happened? Vice is FAKE NEWS.

  16. Lenny
  17. Lenny

    This is one of the worst documentarys i have seen. The purpose is to discredit people.
    It is obvious from the narrative and the photographic language what standing point has been taken.
    There is no decleration of what false flag is nor it´s history and of course not the fact that it is in the US law as lawful tool for the government see; The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 .

  18. john
  19. john

    Simply stated, these people are nutcakes. It's likely they also believe that jet contrails are a plot by the government to poison us and that 911 never happened. Yikes !

  20. James
  21. James

    Vice is 100% Fake News. Gavin must be ashamed of what's happened to his creation.

  22. Andrew
  23. Andrew

    Not enough tinfoil in the world for this comment section lol

  24. daizy
  25. daizy

    Vice is 80% FAKE NEWS. I've seen clips of them that seem decent. Certainly not this one. The above is simply pile of crap. If you have it all together, why didn't you try to interview the retired FBI Agent who did an outstanding job investigating Sandy Hooks and in the process was given copies of the crime data base of the region where Sandy Hooks took place for the specified year, and it just so happened that the supposed victims that presumably were killed there were not figured amongs them?!?!?!!? Those are law Enforcement Documents!!!!! papers they take into consideration to prepare their future budgets, update records and what not. Nowhere were the "victims" names listed on them. Someone up said something about "controlled opposition". And you are clearly IT.

  26. John
  27. John

    This is an entirely appropriate video. The conspiracy theorists need to be made aware of the pain they are causing. Maybe unintentionally, I hope so. Please don't add to the devastation these poor folks have endured.
    I am a pro 2nd amendment Patriot and these obviously mentally people don't represent me, my views or those of fellow human beings I associate with.
    Too many have died for the freedoms we excercise so don't let their sacrifice be dishonored by a few that would pervert it.

  28. JW
  29. JW

    This was more a short on the subject rather than a documentary. Unfortunately VISE and others haven't gotten enough substance to trigger those above to actually look into this and other false flag events. If and when they do what they'll find on their own accord will change their opinion and their life. Simple minded people do yourself and this country a favor get off your ass and teach yourself how to research something then once you actually have that ability , I'm speaking here of true research which takes lots of time and effort both of which most will not commit to (that's something those behind these events count on) doing and you'll find yourself wanting to not believe what you yourself actually find and when you get that sick feeling in your own stomach that comes from you finding out truths that you'd never could've fathomed then and only then will you wonder how this was able to get to this point and the horrific reality of how can it be stopped and even worse what's the real agenda!?

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