Flowing Through

2012 ,    »  -   10 Comments
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Flowing ThroughA documentary film exploring how the theory of globalization plays out in everyday life. The Town of Port Talbot, South Wales was used as the example.

The flow of information, the role of networks and connections to the rest of the world are explored through different avenues.

These include local businesses, community groups, charities and individuals.

Participants Include RPC Tedeco-Gizeh, Western Wood Biomass, Oxfam, The Indian Society of South West Wales and Manbir Singh, Local Historian Sally Roberts Jones.

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10 Comments / User Reviews

  1. chard01

    complicated world and clever people! good thing not left up to me. we`d still be rubbing sticks together.

  2. Hanny Palmen
  3. Hanny Palmen

    Stopped watching after a couple of minutes. Bit boring actually. And no offense, but the way the lady is telling the story lacks enthusiasm.

  4. djc200
  5. djc200

    and the editing is so-so at best. it was like watching a slideshow. :/

  6. Nathaneal
  7. Nathaneal

    Felt like this film got some things right, but clearly timing on shots was slow and many shots are really dragged out with terrible repeating music in background. Thought alot of the shots had good imagery though and parts that were narrated weren't to bad either as information got delivered at a fair pace.

  8. Ben Minn
  9. Ben Minn

    Poor one. The software engineer Manbir never looked like an engineer. I am sure there are many much better english speaking Indians in this area.

  10. jpquick2
  11. jpquick2

    I thought it was a welcome change of pace in that it presented a positive picture of globalization. TDF is more than adaquately supplied with docs that seek to criticize globalization by pointing out all the suffering it causes. While that is surely valid, the equation should have SOME balance. Let's face it; globalization is NOT going away. It can only be improved or allowed to enslave us. I hope I have a chance to do something to improve things. At present, I'm disabled but I do not accept it as permanent.

  12. FatihTripplej
  13. FatihTripplej

    well said mate.

  14. Milton
  15. Milton

    How many Ossies speak proper English? How many speaker of 'good' English make good engineers?

  16. Matthew Standley
  17. Matthew Standley

    Why should the equation have some "balance"?
    Is a view that appears to be "balanced" necessarily a reasonable view?
    I am not trying to be provocative for the sake of it, but ideas like "balance" and "freedom of choice" suggest that as long as more than one view is expressed, that that alone must signify some sort of legitimacy.
    If I were to suggest, merely for the sake of example, that a "balanced view" of abusing children were the only reasonable view, by virtue of it being balanced, would that make the subject - abusing children - a reasonable thing?
    I believe that the main points presented here are not what they seem to be.... that globalization is not the thing that it is "academically" presented as.
    I would err much much more on the side of caution and on the "side" as it were of the views presented by the likes of Naomi Klein and many many other like her, who seem to see globalization as profiting only those who can really take big advantage of it.. the super rich.
    I could be wrong of course.

  18. Robert Mike Lucas
  19. Robert Mike Lucas

    Knowing how some take advantage of power changes the decisions we make in our every day lives. This documentary reminds me that we don't need to necessarily reinvent the wheel to fix corruption.

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