World's Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape

World's Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape

2000, Mystery  -   111 Comments
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World's Scariest Ghosts Caught on TapeEveryone has heard ghost stories, but what if those stories were true?

Hosted by James Coburn, this show investigates some modern ghost tales in which possible evidence of the supernatural has shown up in photographs, audio recordings and on video.

Can there be a natural explanation for these phenomena, or are they proof that something is out there?

The show features "real" investigations of "real" ghosts. It includes Peter James' (the psychic, not the novelist) investigation of the "Polaroid House" ghost from the home in Glendale, California that was built on sacred Indian ground.

The ghost communicates by providing answers to questions on Polaroid film for all to witness.

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  1. Youse know the typewriter 1 is just a ghost writer right hahahahaha

  2. The wire round his neck is nothing but a bs story for t.v thats all

  3. I had a real experience happen back in 2001 after allowing an Ouija board to be used, nothing happened with the board but a week later during the day I had a cd playing in my stereo and the volume was turned all the way up. I turned my stereo off felt a little scared so I ran to the opposite end of the house then right in front of me appeared this black shadow figure, it had no face, you couldn't see through it. It scared me I screamed then it was gone. I wasn't drinking or on any drugs. I know the spiritual world is real. I believe what I saw was an evil spirit. I have recently picked up EVP'S while recording youtube vids, check my ch out at

  4. I have seen ghosts and I do believe in the supernatural. However, they make their presence then they disappear. A sprinkle of holy water and a prayer gets them going...

  5. I was watching the part when the house was "supposedly" haunted and the little girl was doing her homework. When the "alleged" ghost was moving her chair whilst she was sitting in it, she wasn't freaked out or anything. A trick perhaps? Any normal person would freak out if that really happened.

  6. Why are there no High defnition photos of ghosts ....And how come i have never seen a ghost witness who is a doctor or scientists .....

    One thing all of the witness have in common and the investigators is that they all think ghosts are real they are all superstitious....

    So that statement on its own should tell people that its bullshit there are no ghosts only people who are superstitious or Skeptics

    1. If you watched it instead of running your gob there was a PhD in the last story, the rest of your comment in incongruous and illogical

  7. What about the people who I know, who have seen a ghost?After my Dad died, a workman saw a ghost that looked like him, in our garage.He described him to my Mum, she recognised him.My mother also said that a poltergeist had lived in the flat under their house , many years ago.Her sister had died when she was 17, they believed it was her .Doors would open by themselves, and a vase of flowers was strewn around the room.Also, my mother in law has seen the ghost of her father in her house,when she was young..And recently, my sister in law, staying at her deceased mother's house, saw her ghost, in her blue nightie, clear as day.What about that?How are you going to discredit them?They are just everyday decent people,descibing what they saw.

  8. soo good..........................

  9. 11Xbadalice I love your comment but you yourself don't mention whether it's worth watching or not. I recommend it, not the best I've seen but it's alright.

  10. Why are all the comments on every page a bunch of want to be brains, bashing want to be brains? Can you simply say, the doc is worth watching or not? That would be refreshing.

  11. yes there is spirits. i set my tape recorder several nights and i got some sounds and voices on my recorder i have a little girls on two seperate tapes.

  12. Skeptics speak about science and quantum physics like they understand them, yet even some of the greatest and most prominent scientific minds of today admit that our understanding of the universe (maybe a multiverse) is really quite flimsy. It is just plain ignorant to dismiss the possible of paranormal activity without the proper knowledge to do so. Nathan calls it "pseudo nonsense" as opposed to "real science." Well, Nathan, if you have seen anything that's happened in the last ten years in the areas of technology, quantum physics, and astronomy, you would know that "real science" is changing all the time. Things that seemed like impossible nonsense to us 10 years ago are becoming tomorrow's reality. The more we find out, the less we know. Watch "Through the Wormhole" if you don't believe me.

    After seeing evidence as compelling as this and seeing people still refusing to accept it, I can see that skeptics do not want "good, hard evidence" as many of them state. What they want is to be right. I feel sorry for them in a way, because many of them may never realize that reality is much more exciting and mysterious than they might think. It does piss me off, however, when they try to talk down to people who do understand the truly unknowable nature of some of these events. I understand that it is easy to simply hide behind one's pride and simply make unsubstantiated claims such as, "I can think of scientific explanations... for all of this" (Nathan, see below). Just realize how idiotic the rest of us think you are (note that Nathan did not offer a single scientific explanation for anything, nor have any of the other skeptics who just say that it isn't real).

    If you think I'm off base, you can start by explaining the chair being moved away from the table repeatedly without help from the girl or her mother. I'd love to hear it.

    1. So because skeptics and scientists are intellectually honest enough to admit they don't understand quantum theories that means your dumb pet theories must all be correct even though you don't understand it all either but aren't intellectually honest enough to consider the possiblity that you don't know something or might be wrong? Sorry buddy but that's an argument from ignorance and a logical fallacy.

      the actual reason that most skeptics dismiss what you deem to be evidence is because they can pick out the blatantly obvious flaws that you don't see because you don't want to see them.

      You want to know how the chair moved? the same way the chair moves in all the other videos you see this cliche'd trick in...You make the assumption that the girl/the mother/someone hiding off camera isn't moving it. Why do you discount this very likely possibility? I believe it is being manipulated by a living human being, probably with a piece of string or fishing line, because usually that's exactly what it turns out to be.

      If you think someone is i*iotic for trying to come up with a rational explaination then i'm afraid sir that it is you who is the id*ot.

  13. These skeptics speak about science and the laws of quantum physics like they know what they're talking about, saying that they leave no room for paranormal, well... anything. How can you assume this if even the greatest minds of today admit that we don't know everything there is to know about science or quantum physics? Who are you to say what is or isn't possible, seeing that even now in this late year we continue to expand our view of the universe (potentially a multiverse)? "Nathan" calls it "pseudo nonsense" as opposed to "real science." Well, Nathan, if you've been paying attention to recent advances in astronomy, physics, and technology, you would know that "real" science is changing all the time, and the more we find out, the less we realize we really know, and the more modern technology seems like something we would have referred to as "nonsense" 10 years ago. So in the future, try to sound a little more open-minded and thus, less like an id**t.

    To refuse to accept the possibility that things may exist in another realm, one that we may be able to interact with, is to dismiss the wildly mysterious nature of our world. This is just pure stubbornness. It's pretty clear by now that skeptics do not, in fact, want clear evidence to be presented in order to prove them wrong, as many of them say. They would just prefer to be right about what they've been saying. Even when clear evidence is presented, they would rather briskly dismiss it. While skeptics tend to have a "holier than thou" attitude towards believers of the paranormal, I just feel sorry for them. I, however, happen to know that the world is a much more exciting and mysterious place than the skeptics think it is, and I, for one, rejoice when someone actually manages to catch things on tape that are as chilling and convincing as these. Not to say that hoaxes don't exist - they definitely do, and the world is full of pretenders. But that doesn't mean NOTHING supernatural has EVER happened.

  14. @LOLAWONKA Your reasoning is flawed. Take a communications,journalism, or just a basic Public Speaking course and you will see how your argument is a common fallacy used in debate. Just because example A may be true, does not mean example B or C are true, as they are independent of each other. You are also missing the fact that according to Einstein's theory, time travel may well be possible. I encourage everyone to read up on Einstein's writings on the Time-Space relationship.

  15. @Achems_Razor
    the Quran haven't been modified, it's today just like it was before 1400 years. The earlier generations of the Muslims did not have the level of knowledge to appreciate these verses, but by time advancing they discover more and more, and there is until now "no mistake" that have been found in the Quran.
    that's a small small example :
    (" .... that mankind may observe justice; And We sent down (Nazala) iron, in which is (material for) mighty power, ...")
    Nazala : in Arabic means 'to come down', that means that the Iron has been sent to earth ..
    and the Physics proved that if we use all the Solar system energy we wont be able to create ONE iron atom.

    -Try to read more informations about Quran before answering using your imagination and feelings.

  16. with all do respects but it's close minded people like you that will never open the doors to anything new or creative to spew out,yes the possibilty of e.t,ghost,voodoo etc to be as real as the nose on your face but wait may be that your one of the many that views everything as explainable o.k have you ever felt anything that you couldn't quite explian well it's the same time can only tell the tales to the things that are not explained just yet.there was a time were flight was inpossible,the same with space exploration,even the little things we take for granted everyday the telephone t.v motor vehicles and allthe other things not yet made one day was considered just insainity.but to view the idea of it as not being possible at all is as to say you have no imagination cause with no explanation as to way your soooo sure and yet ask for proof just the same is saying i'm right and your wrong and thats just all to it.ok then the glass is half empty to you i see.possiblity is creativity like if seeing is believeing well believeing is seeing too. open your mind eye,the world have more untold secrets than the percentive of your brain that you don't use.oh and the possibilty of you takeing over the world and calling yourself queen universe yeah that's impossible maybe if you were more open mkinded with all due respect.but to each his own all i'm saying is thank the good lord that that thought never crossed our creators mind.plainly putting it possiblity come from creativity if you can believe then you can achieve it.the whole world watch while the trade center came crashing down and many in disbelief, but did it happen? yes it did. you feel me.the idea of these things exsisting is the same as the idea of us exsisting. do you believe in god?do you believe in the afterlife?do you believe in hell?the same formular that makes it possible for you to be able to believe that is the same formular that gives you the answers to the thing you question or sould i say fear.this world holds more untold secrets than the percentage of the brain that you have yet to use.may be that none of it is true but the same go's for us.i don't know.. but i can't be as so bold as to say that they don't just because as important as i think i am i can't be more important as the idea of me the idea that made me..not saying i believe in it all but i believe none the less.

    1. You do realise that a belief in ghosts had absolutly nothing to do with the telephone the car and all of the other achievements you claim couldn't exist if people didn't open their minds.

      Talk about taking credit for somebody elses work! All of those things were developed by scientists and engineers. not by ghost hunters and woos.

      if you open your mind too much, then your brain falls out!

  17. If you can prove the existence of ghosts, then you can prove the existence of almost anything here that hasn't been proven (fairies, elves, aliens, god). If one is possible, then the others also have to be possible. And if we live in a world of inifinite proven possibilities, then magic, voodoo, karma are also possible. And if those are possible, then eternal youth, immortality, time travel are also possible. And if all that is possible, then what's stopping me from taking over the world and calling myself Queen Universe?
    If A then B. If B then C. Etc, etc, etc. No speculation. None of it is possible, which is why people have to work to make a living, raise a family, you can become famous but you'll grow old and die anyways.

    1. it closeminded people like u that will never open doors to any possiblity more than were here because were here. yes everything can be explained but r u willin to be the one to prove it ,and if so how long will it takeu to do so. simply puttin it yes there could be (ghost, e.t, voodoo and no there can not)the ideas that mankind comes up with is also a possiblity and a none belief to whatever is out there that u may not believe in.plainly puttin it ,it dont matter if or if not these things are real the plain was'nt real and now it is space orbiting was not possible but it's been don't to believeing is achieveing. it's only tell we open the mind to the possibility of anything can anything be true even you,you excistance,your abilities,ect.people don't put things out there that they dont feel fornot they put them out there for explanation not justification.there not tryin to validate just communicate whats in there mind eye sort to speak.but to many of us work on the notion that seeing is believeing ratter than believeing is seeing,somewhat like the glass being half full or half empty i image.either way i'm glad to say thank the good lord that our creator was more creative than you.but to each his own with all do respect.

    2. That was way too hard to read, I just gave up on it. If you want to present a good argument to someone please edit your grammar more next time, it helps.

    3. lol I love first year uni students and their "intellectual" arguments. After 8 months can you come back and fill the holes in your argument?

  18. Everyone is mentioning the little boy holding money, since we're making observations, I noticed he was wearing a jacket. Maybe he wanted to go to the store and get some candy or whatever it is kids his age buy and asked for some dough...chew on that for a bit. He's holding money, doesn't mean he's been bribed.

  19. I consider myself one of the modern folks, with no religion, forwardthinking, constantly logic-checking everything. Ghost phenomena is one thing I believe is a great Unknown. It's simply too speculative as to whether the person/s was/were involved or not in my opinion. If anyone has reasoning to these phenomena I'm glad to hear it...

  20. Islam and science fit together, one does not contradict the other.
    You should look up in the Quran and see how many true scientific facts there are in there and you'll know. Its amazing.

    1. @Risa Ha:

      All the true scientific facts in the Quran were plagiarized from various sources.

    2. actually he's got a point...just not the one he thinks he's making. Scholars from the Moorish Caliphate of Cordoba developed most of what we would consider to be modern science and certainly modern medecine. Islamic scholars developed surgical techniques and tools that we still use today.

      Though i would agree with your position that the things put into the Quran were taken from other sources, Pre-crusade Islam was a much more welcoming home to science than any other religious community that has existed since then.

    3. stop trolling dude :D

  21. the boy has money in his hand when he is asked if the picture of a man is the one he has seen! 29:33! pathetic!

    1. o shnizel i just thout he had it 2 have it nice eye

  22. however, most of the stuff on this is somewhat cheesy

  23. i agree that hawking and physics and our universe is facinating and mindblowing because its real. i'd like to point out that with string theory and the discovery of anti matter and new discoveries about the fabric of space and time and so on that the greatest physicists are now theorising that its probable that there are an infinite number of dimensions and realities and pluralities beyond what we can see, hear taste touch and feel, etc. perhaps, since our ever expanding knowledge of the universe is just drop in the universe of knowledge yet to discover, that the idea of 'ghosts' and residual energies and such are really not that fantastic. in fact, in the grand scheme of the universe and beyond, they seem really quite mundane. i wouldnt be surprised if sometime in the near future there will be discoveries and understandings that legitimize the so called 'paranormal' as normal, and fit them nicely with the laws of physics that we are still discovering. just a thought... scientists in france, i think just pushed a piece of matter faster than the speed of light, which according to einstein, is the speed limit of the universe. we know next to nothing about the realities around us.

  24. @ 34:10 those orbs look a lot like the Nasa STS mission UFO's. They might be an alien species that we just do not know about yet...

  25. I enjoyed this film. Pretty darn good photgraphic evidence, in my opinion.

  26. for those that dont believe in this stuff you cant be forced to believe it and if you think its all bad news to encounter something your wrong but my belief is shaman so spirits and ghosts and such are pretty common ive seen many things experienced many things but not all are bad

    1. Your belief is shaman? If You were really a shaman you would know the practice of a shaman is called Shamanism, Your belief is (Apparently) Shamanism.

  27. Got to laugh you all watched it those of you and it seems most who think it's crap. It may be but ya all watched it all the way through got to laugh out lould!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. even if you dnt believe, you watch for entertinment, for that creepy feeling lol

  28. this one is realy very scary and interesting

  29. I like justin quin when he's asked ''is this the ghost u saw'' to which he gives a very definate yes while hold a few dollars in his hand lmao

  30. I like the girl that is doing her homework while a ghost is shaking the chair she is sitting on.

  31. I can think of scientific explanations or paranormal explanations for all of this.
    I think I will go with the scientific explanations...
    @ff1 put it perfectly.
    Real science is far more interesting than pseudo nonsense.

  32. Quite interesting. Since a few have shared a story I'll share one of mine. I grew up in Connecticut and lived there for a number of years. I don't anymore. Well it was in the early 1990's my brother and i traveled about 45 min to 1 hr north to a place called Dudley town, CT. It's just a bunch of foundations now and has been for a number of years. We parked the car we drove up in about 75 feet from the chain that prevented you from driving on the trail ahead at the end of the road. I heard that you can't do this any more. The trail is an offshoot of the Appalacian trail network.. When we got out of the car we saw a black dog on the other side of the chain. I stand about 5' 7" and the dog would come up to my waist. It darted off on our approach. They were doing forest management , by cutting down some overgrowth trees, by the time we got to said area we should have seen the dog somewhere yet we didn't. Well we had rain the night before and the ground was slightly muddy enough so a dog of this size should have left some paw prints. There was none to be found. One unusual thing is we found some ruins we haven't seen before(WE both have been there before seperately on different occasions) and in one of the foundations we found a canine skeleton.

    1. of course you did.

      After all it's insane to assume that somebody might have been walking their dog there...and we all know that things like foxes and badgers only exist in fairytales so there's no way the skeleton could have been one of those...Of course it's logical to assume Ghosts...i mean why wouldn't you?

  33. The fascinating side of physics may be stranger than fiction but it has not been proven to be any more real than ghosts because most of it remains theory.

    1. except for the vast load of it that's proven

  34. If you want to experience something stranger that ghosts, demons and magic, Read a book by Steven Hawkings or watch a documentatry on astrophysics and quantum physics. The best part of phsyics is that it is stranger than fiction and its "Real".

  35. Loved it! keep them coming!

  36. Before I start watching this documentary I would also like to share my experience with you all. I am not sure If ghost are there or not. I have not seen them lately ! Or anything like that. Though my mother used to do planchit, which is also called Oujia board or something like that in west. She recently told us how dangerous it was and one experience changed her life. She used to do this with a room mate of her when they were preparing to become nurses in the hospital campus hostel ( Bad place to call spirits when there is a big govt. hospital nearby ).

    Eventually after a bad experience and also after watching the popular movie Exorcist they never left the method. But for them it used to work. I asked her method many times and she simply refused to tell me. She used to say that it can takes hours and it needs a peaceful place, mind and strong concentration. I don't have any of it. It worked. It helped them in many ways, the more it helped the more they did it and got into trouble.

    Any ways.

    I was 11 years old when I started seeing some black images. I had some troubles at night. I used to have these night terror attacks but it was not just this. There was something else also for which I took medicine for 3 years and at the age of 16 I got fine. We used to live in a small house. I just remember that I used to see 1 small black image and 2 black images of kids. This used to happen at the same time at night or around that night. They used to pass from the hall to my dads room. I remember once my mom told me that she was attacked by something when she was in the bath room. That thing had long hair, she was a female. She kind of jumped on the back of my mom and was trying to grab her neck by her arms and fold her legs on her waist to take her on the floor. This thing scared me to hell. I don't want any thing like this happen to me.. lol

    There was another family also. The same thing happened to the lady in that family too. They were Christan's and they did everything according to their religion to get rid of it. She shared her story with my mom but my mom never told her that that she was also attacked in the same way. Though my mom was relaxed that she was not hallucinating. She knew that these things exist and she have experienced all these in the past clearly.

    We got to know that the location our apartments were build was a Muslim cemetery. There are some experiences and I don't know how true they are. Why I doubt? Because I am 21 years old now. I was small. I can not believe what I did not see or experienced. I am old enough to understand things and yes If I will see something now then I can for sure say that spirits exist.

    One more thing I want to share with you guys. My great grandfather was in the British Indian Army. He died shortly after he came back from middle east, back to India. My mother once asked a spirit about him. I don't know whom spirit it was because I mother told me that she used to send back the spirits of unknown people back by saying that they are not the one they are looking for. Any ways.. So this spirit told my mother that he ( my great grandfather ) is born in China. The spirit told my mom the province, city, street address and even the house number. I don't know.. Well I for sure believe my mom. She is a honest lady and I know she can not ever lie. I am a Hindu and in our religion we believe that there is life after death and ghost and demons were once on this earth and they are in some or the other form.

    Believing in Ghost is your choice. I personally don't believe in things I don't see or have to seen. I don't have any will to see them too. ;-)

    Now I will watch the documentary. Thanks for reading and sorry for my English. I am trying to improve it.

  37. Forgive me,it was at 29:30

  38. Did anyone notice the little boy who claim to see the dead holding money at around 29:55.( as if receiving for the right RESPONSE) entertaining doc. though.

  39. Watched.

  40. Very good video. Still watching. I "decide"/OR guess that this is partly fake. Since I heard the scream from the man. That part might need a little more proof.

  41. I have changed my opinion about many things as I've become more knowledgeable concerning "mysteries of the universe," however, this stuff has hoax written all over it! Smoke and mirrors!
    I have witnessed UFOs and other head scratching phenomenon, but just cannot allow myself to entertain the idea of dead humans revealing themselves for what ever reason. The power of suggestion is Extremely POWERFUL!!! We can all be led to believe anything and or talk ourselves into anything, although,it is a great possibility that we just become worm food. Nevertheless, I truly do not know!!! Kinda exciting right!!!

  42. boo!

    i can't see the doc. :/

  43. @Oli, who's to say what is fake, though. Think about it for a moment. Every experience you have, be it feeling a rough surface with your finger to the sound of the ocean you hear, is all broken down to electrical signals processed by the brain. I know it sounds "Matrixy", but these are real thoughts that real physicists have.

    There is one documentary, "Time Trip", that touches on this subject. It is at the end of the documentary where he speaks about this idea.

    The whole point of my spiel above was to ask you this: What if you are experiencing a lifelike computer simulation so real, you wouldn't even know it?

    I know, "What does that have to do with ghosts, spooks, and beasties?" Well, a lot actually. In such a "reality" anything could be programmed to happen in a realistic fashion.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: Who's to say what you see, touch, taste, smell, or hear is real? Am I even writing this response? I think I am, but is there an actual recipient or only the illusion of a recipient?

  44. Those videos are so easy to fake. ofc they are fake. Who in their right mind believes this load of b@##$%&*.

  45. This was a very convincing documentary. However it is the same things over and over again. Mists, faces, moving chairs, and spirits attached to children. I still am a skeptic to these simply because chairs can be moved by humans and humans can be edited out of the video. I am sure it has been done before. But it is very frightening considering the people seemed like they were telling the truth. But you need to wonder about their other ambitions.

  46. Unzar,

    The rude comments are not from me.

    Anyway, please explain why you came to this particular topic in the first?
    Are there not more sophisticated subjects more deserving of your attention?
    Please tell us what we should know; obviously we are missing something extraordinary.

  47. I seen the "insight" of your little sisters c*nt after i drilled your mothers ass for a few hours last night!!

  48. Sounds made up, much like your delusion of insight.

  49. i gave your mother some "psychobabble" all over her face last night!!

  50. Neither do you. It's called psychobabble.

  51. So does your comment. Everything is "made-up". My name, your name, distance, pain, taste, -- tell me ~Why~ something tastes the way it does...? Were it not for the creative/imaginative faculty; there would be nothing but a cloud of dead atoms vibrating in a void.
    I think what you really mean; is: You do not understand what has been said.

  52. Sounds made up.

  53. Sleep Paralysis occurs when the Astral body is disengaged from the physical. You have to pass through the shift in consciousness. The subconscious reflexes have to adjust to the change, once it does you go of into the astral plane (where most dreams occur).
    If you resist you become afraid, as the sub-mind holds on. Of course, the imagination kicks in at this point and flashes all kinds of fearful things to the conscious mind ; it's a kind of survival reflex against "dying" or death.

  54. I was in a rental, shared with some student friends, during my travel days in the USA. One evening, we were goofing around, chatting etc.(no drugs) since most of us were home then. I was near the center of the dining room (we had no table) suddenly "some-thing" 'fluttered' past my head, it was only a moment. However, I caught the sound of it and fully expected to see a large insect (it 'sounded like' a "praying mantis" ..nothing. I said: "something just flew past my head!"...everyone just stopped what they were doing (I repeated myself at this point) one said a word.

    So we all tore the place to shreds, smashed every g*dd***d thing we could lay our hands on. ate glass, beat each other with garden tools, and burned the place to the ground. Afterwards we re-grouped, kicked the still smoking cinders to ash and dust. Later that night we all joined the marines just so we could have a little peace and quiet for a change.

    Naw..I'M just kidding ....But the story about "the fluttering thing" IS --absolutely true--.

  55. This is 100% fake.

    1. one day you wont be saying the same thing...

  56. ithough it was pretty scarry. good doc.

  57. @abhi Assuming you are referring to the title, they are not all the ghosts in the world, nor the scariest ghosts caught on flash memory or hard drive, just the scariest ghosts in the world caught on tape(according to them). Don't expect precision from sideshow tv.

  58. so is america officially renamed as the "world" or are all the worlds ghost now live in america?

  59. @Inka
    Study of hypnogogic sleep has put to rest the bedtime ghost visitation for decades. Unfortunately these docs that titillate by pretending to be unbiased observers do nothing to enlighten anyone.

    They are fun though, in letting us play detective.

  60. As much as I enjoy this subject matter, the people describing their experiences where they woke up and saw angels/deceased relatives/etc sound like textbook sleep paralysis victims.
    I had it for years. What they're describing sounds just like it.

  61. I like how they use an alias for the woman named "Jackie" but they show her on camera... lol

  62. There are no ghosts. It is laughable to think there is period

  63. Alot of cheap (some good) film tricks in this documentary and
    Monofilament wire is the answer to most of the mysteriously
    moving and flying objects here. It can be virtually impossible to see with the naked eye, adding some distance and poor video quality and we have a "ghost"! As it also can be very strong so ripping things off a wall ect ect is not a problem...

    However the ghost of the green castle picture is
    pretty damn impressive!

    /GBG Visual FX Studios.

  64. This made me nearly fall out of my seat laughing.

  65. All in all, real or thewise, the title is overly melodramtic! ;-)

  66. Mr. Overy: Yes, that would be interesting. I haven't learned how to post on Youtube, but I've learned how to find stuff there.

  67. It makes me wanna double check the weird lights in my childhood photos...

  68. @charlesovery

    You could put it on YouTube or Vimeo.

  69. ...and oh we would put it on here free of charge!

  70. Several things ins this doc appear to be fake. THe orbs in the "black" forest for example. The one giant orb at the end of that segment just moves like it is on a stick and someone below the camera view is handling it. Also those orbs look like Colman camping lamps!

    Spirits and the afterlife has to exist. Basic common sense should tell everyone this as we know that energy can never cease to exist but only change.

    I wish there was a way that me and my coworker could put our evidence on here from where we work. You would be surprised at what we have caught on audio and vid.

  71. lol...agreed! As I have becom older now, I ponder the things that perhaps so much knowledge abounds it takes infinity to learn! Shalom Borther Jones.

  72. ...are in a home with lousy tv shows.

  73. @alphafemale

    So you mean life after death in general may be a pleasant thing, but being stuck in one location with nothing to do for years or centuries sounds like hell to me. Especially if they

  74. I wish these things were true. How I do miss my loved ones that have passed away. Lovely to believe they may still exist in Paradise.

    1. but they wouldn't be in paradise...they'd be creeping about in the dark.

  75. lol, who said we were killing ourselves in finding out the secret of the paranormal. The subject itself is fascinating enough, even as a brain teaser, you can't deny there is a bit of fun in trying.:)

  76. Dont bother killing yourself, or going in search to find any answers about "ghosts or the paranormal" chances are, you'll never come across any answers in your lifetime. you'll only drive yourself insane, thinking theres unseen spirits trying to communicate with you...and whats so great about being delusional?...i think i'll give it a try to find out what all this fuss is about"

  77. A bed that has steel springs in mattress, boxspring, steel frame etc: will generate a magnetic field, the movement of the springs will magnetize.

    Put a compass over all sections of bed, if compass needle moves, than bed is magnetized.

    To be sure no electrosmog in bedroom, have no electric radio alarm clocks etc: I shut off multi-breaker for bedroom at night.

    To me electrosmog is an issue, as a hobby, do a lot of electronic work, so am exposed quite a lot.

  78. @New Zealander

    Did the show that talked about the low frequencies causing a sense of dread include a segment about a bed that generated a strong magnetic field? I'm thinking it was on the History Channel.

  79. @anne V

    In my previous post I used the word victims in quotes to suggest that if many of these people are truly experiencing psychological or physical abuse beyond their control they would be victims. In the case of families, if it were real, the parents of the kids would be negligent for keeping them in that environment. What could move a chair could move it into your skull. For the rest I agree "alleged witnesses" would be more accurate.

    As far as payola, I would safely assume that the people who made this film got paid. The Warrens certainly made a career out of it. I never meant to imply that everyone in the show made $$ from it. I was making the point that the people doing the site tests should not be doing it to sell books, etc. The Al Gore cash flow model.

    As far as your own experiences, only you (and maybe those around you) can render a verdict. I'm just sitting at my computer and can't discern anything from here.

    I've had a couple of unnerving incidents after the death of my mother when I was a child. Unfortunately, by the time I thought through possible alternative answers beside ghostly visitation, I was too far removed in time and location to test my theories. And memories get polluted no matter how clear they seem.

    All in all, no ghost has ever scared me as much as my own imagination.

  80. Google "electrosmog" could be produced by any electrical applications.

    I wrote a post that is awaiting moderation about unexplained phenomena in a brand new house that we bought quite a few years back, Concerning a big male Doberman that I had.
    I will see if that post comes through, If not, will have to re-write it again.
    Another thing that is interesting is the Phenomena of white noise, recording of ghostly voices via. tape recordings Etc:

  81. the hauntings took place in suburbia in the 80's 90's. we had no computers nor cell phones. We did have a well under our house, so we had thought perhaps the passage of water had something to do with it.

    if I wanted to steer into ghost theory. We had an idea there where more than one spirit, some good and some bad. My brother learnt through our neighbor that there was a barn nearby that burned down, apparently a fire was started by a boy and both parents died. I wished that I would've took the time to ask her where was the barn etc, as this woman was so old, it's for certain she is no longer with us. The previous owner of that house had died not long after we moved in, and another possibility, is that we owned a sword my grandfather took from a body in the second world war....

    I had dogs, and they would react to things. My current dog does bark at mid air as if something is there, so who knows.

  82. Could be "electrosmog" from anything electrical, cell-phones, cordless phones, plug in transformers. Etc:

    Also could be energy fields across the Earth, grid lines,
    Would all this affect animals though?

    I submitted a previous post which went to moderation heaven!

  83. @ New Zealander, the low frequency sound thing is mentioned in a doc about underground subways in England. It is fascinating...and would def give credit to it as possible cause. However, when you are in your closed bedroom, and something burps in front of you, or that when you were trying to go to sleep, someone is saying incoherent muffled words in your ear, I can't help but go back to the drawing board.

    @Charles, believing me is kind.
    however, I prefer to not believe, that has helped me figure out what really went on...and has even given me reassurance for certain cases that what was going on was real and other things were simply imagination/ subjectivity.

    if I would define what are ghosts in the past, I'd go into the traditional Christian route. But I fell off my beliefs a decade ago. So now, I do wonder if what we experience are ghosts, or imprints of energy we don't yet understand...the whole EMF thing causing a part int he brain to make us feel presence, has surely been a new thing for me. My family all had common places in the house that made us I wonder if it was just electrical wiring.

  84. There is a good doco about a prison in the USA that has a history of ghost stories. They went in to investigate with a scientific group and different groups of people (including placebo groups) to monitor what they saw and felt.
    The test which showed the most intesting results was a sound test which was at low frequencies that humans cannot hear. When deep bass like frequencies are present they create a sense of dread and unnerve people, in some cases making you lose balance or triggering visual/light receptive illusions. When combined with a enviroment you would perceive as slightly un-nerving (dark dingy prison), the amount of people who felt a presence spiked dramatically.
    They believe many things can cause these low frequency sounds such as trucks driving by, the acoustics of a room, electrical devices etc.
    I will try find the name of the doco for you.
    Can not beat a good ghost tale though!

  85. Anne V: Very interesting. I believe you completely. What is your definition of a "ghost" however, may I ask?

  86. Story time.

    Ghosts? I don't know. but will relate some first hand experiences with paranormal behavior.

    Quite a few years back bought a brand new house in a beautiful subdivision. We where the first owners.
    Had a lot of problems with the house, but not really related to my story or maybe it was? About drains that did not work, flooding etc:

    Anyway, after moving in always felt apprehension, especially in the half finished basement, always felt a presence, like someone was watching me, my family felt it also, It affected my oldest daughter more than my youngest.
    She kept relating to me that she heard footsteps in the middle of the night.

    One night I awoke to the sound of soft melodic tinkling, like a fine chandelier. could not pinpoint the source, not feeling to much apprehension and tired, fell back asleep.

    The basement was especially troubling to me, had a huge fire always roaring in the fireplace, when I was down there.

    At times used to hear strange noises in the night. At times also heard footsteps going up and down the basement stairs, and some kind of soft scraping noises.

    At that time we periodically went to an Anglican church, so we got the Rev. to bless the place which he did.

    We where in the market for a dog, found a fully trained, ears cropped, tail bobbed, male Doberman. A big dog, called a warlock breed.

    The Doby. was trained not to bark at night, but we constantly heard him walking around most of the night growling.

    Any way sold the house to make a profit. And went to another place.
    Only found out later there was supposed to be an an Indian burial ground in that area, I forget which tribe. End of story.

  87. Unzar,
    putting people in a placebo house is a good idea. Another thing I wish they would study, are the religious backgrounds of these individuals.
    however I wouldn't call them " victims", alleged witnesses sounds more correct. I just shared a couple of my stories, but I am not looking for payola like you try to imply. In fact, if people can direct me to more scientific literature to explain that my experiences are not legit ghost related episodes, I would love to hear about it, I am open to be proven wrong if it's the case.

  88. Documentaries of this sort are made by people who have no real desire to find out what's going on. They are sideshow barkers making a fun to watch video they can sell to a network.

    Recruit a team of scientists - physicists, chemists, electrical engineers and medical professionals to do a thorough study of a case. Throw a couple of professional magicians into the mix. People that have no financial interest and are not prone to fantasies and are naturally skeptical. The "victims" need a complete psych exam as well.

    Or do a reverse test. Take a house that has no reports or history of ghostly activity. Have people stay there and tell them a scary story of someone committing suicide in "that upstairs room they should never go into". Then have them spend the night there, if they dare. I'll bet you'll get enough ghost reports to fill a book.

    Believers with a camcorder recording other believers don't cut it. As one of the participants stated, "I knew right then I saw a ghost because there's no other way to explain it." Really?

  89. well Joe, they are too long stories about that house. As being a family of five, we all experienced good and bad vibes. My dad was doubtful, but when one afternoon he was in the basement watching tv in the living room. called out to my Mom who was upstairs in the bedroom, while I was in the kitchen. My Dad wanted her to repeat what she had shouted. But the issue was, the house was really quiet the whole time, no one shouted anything. My Mom was like " I didn't say anything" and I confirmed to him that it was true. Well my father was soooo mad at us, more or less spooked, he ran out of the house slamming the door so hard the house shook. He's only recently admitted that he did go through things like something pushing him at his back when alone...he was just too scared to admit to himself that sort of stuff existed.

    One thing growing up, was waking very early in the morning in my bedroom, I could hear lots of voices in the house, very muffled. I would always think it was cause the TV was on, but when I'd open my bedroom door:nothing, and never experienced this in any other home.

    again, I have too many stories to clog this thread with. But I'd love to hear other peoples stories too!

  90. I would love to go on one of those 'ghost' hunting. :)

    Anne V

    Do give us more details about your experience.

  91. ..and yes esmuziq, it is pretty funny to see this money in hand from that boy! hmmmmmm? ;)

  92. I could embrace that orbs are nothing more than a camera trick. But when I was 17 (now 31) I was in class, and I looked down at the floor and saw this bright ball of light travel in swerve for 4 sec approx till it faded. I remember looking left to right to see if anyone else saw it, but it seemed no one did. I didn't ask students cause I was already a weirdo at school as it

    at my house of 15 years, we felt that it was haunted for countless reasons. I did go through a period of doubt, but after having lived in many different apartments, many that I lived alone, I felt no energy like I did in that house. My mom and I saw orbs, but they had a "shadow" to them, and a tail. (I could give you a chapter of several different events)

    I saw a doc on this site about the temporal lobe and EMF signals being the cause of giving you a feeling of presence. But when it wasn't just that, that your house would make noises like dishes breaking, with no dishes broken....there is lots to think about!

    I am open to believe as much to disbelieve. The pics of the children with the swirls are creepy, but as someone has told me it can be done by overheating of the camera exposure. I do have a pic like that of myself, so i am slightly doubtful of these claims, yet, I wish this doc would've told us more detil, like: if through the years, have they changed cameras?

  93. why is the boy holding money in his hand when at 29 : 35 he claims the girl on the scetch drawing is the same as what he is seeing ? weird imop

  94. These aren't ghosts! If they are not faked, then they are demonic, plain and simple. No big deal. I've felt demonic spirits many times and in various places, not for a while as of late.

    Similarly, My wife's family house here in Asia where her brother and mother laid in wake after they died was so "haunted" afterwards that no one could stand living there. A "White Lady" was seen in the room where her mother's wake was held.

    My wife, after several years of the house being abandoned out of fear and neglect, then came in, cleaned out the rats, termites, roaches, and yes, the "ghosts" too. She felt them as well as everyone else, but unlike everyone else she just ordered them in the Name of Jesus to depart and not come back. She was the only real Christian in her family at the time.

    Subsequently, people enjoyed visit her/our house because it was "peaceful" and "Calm" and spiritually "quiet" there. No more "ghosts"!