Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught on Tape

Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught on Tape

2007, Mystery  -   99 Comments
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Ghosts - are they real or not? From the invention of the earliest photographic devices to the latest home video cameras, believers have pointed to images like these as proof. Could they be haunting spirits, phantoms, the dead reaching out to the living, or are some simply the result of camera tricks by clever hoaxers eager to convince millions hoping for evidence of life after death.

In this documentary you will see the most compelling cases ever presented of what many say are ghosts caught on video. You will hear from scientists, computer imaging experts, and the eyewitnesses who shot this chilling footage. Are we seeing spirits from beyond the grave, psychic projections, or something much more explainable? You decide for yourself as we examine the best ghost cases ever caught on tape.

Can a ghost really be captured on videotape? Photographers all over the world have tried and some of the ghost-like images they have collected are definitely mysterious. These are among the most fascinating sightings experts are now examining and some of the most talked-about ghost photos that have been amassed for decades by ghost hunters, collectors, and enthusiasts. And they've inspired a populace now armed with camcorders and other high-tech video devices to try to record them on tape.

Arguably one of the most compelling ghost video ever shot is the one showing humanoid figure that appears to be closing the fire exit doors at the former castle of King Henry VIII in London, England. Closed-circuit security cameras at Hampton Court Palace caught the eerie apparition in late 2003. Top parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach says that strange environmental conditions, either from nature or from a ghostly presence, have been detected at the Palace which has a tragic history involving horrific deaths, imprisonments, and even beheadings. However, the events surrounding the extraordinary filming and the entity caught on camera were not hallucinations.

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4 years ago

this video spends at least 40% of the time talking about hoax videos and how people made them. i think it was made in the 90s.... where they were using crt monitors and many people havent seen crappy 3d animations before.

6 years ago

One sees a ghost. Then finds a potato to film it with.

The Lady We'll Call Dee
7 years ago

Clearly this seems to be where the uneducated m*rons congregate. To holler fraud and special effects yet fail to provide proof of the latter. I need to back trace my steps to see which category this video falls under so as to be sure I avoid the category altogether. Idiots make my brain melt.

8 years ago

It just seems like most of these would have an explanation. Like it just looks like a dude in a costume opening those doors.

Courtney B
8 years ago

Talk about the absolute WORST Ghost Cases Ever Caught On Tape!!!
They're all hoaxes....worldwide! Why? Because there is no such thing as ghosts. Isn't it funny that up to the time before everyone had a camera phone and access to a computer that all these so called ghosts were recorded? If ghosts were real then you would think that since just about everyone on the planet now carries a camera phone that we would start seeing a serious surge in unexplained phenomenon....but we don't.....and the things we do see can be attributed to any number of natural illusions let alone terrible Adobe After Effects renderings. Until a ghosts pops out in front of me and says "BOO B**CH", I'll stick with seeing is believing and so far I have seen nothing special.

Kiti K. Lewandowski
8 years ago

Couldn't get through 5 minutes. Saw most images and knew it was completely full of crap. I've seen some of the cases they showed at the beginning, but these look pathetic. I've seen real paranormal footage and experienced it myself. ._. I so believe there was a person dressed or death or Scream or the grim reaper in that one cemetery, or hospital I saw. Sooo fake. I hope I don't come across this again haha.

Rory Morris
9 years ago

if this is the best Id hate to see the worst !

9 years ago

That is 43mins of my life I'll never get back....!! :(

9 years ago

Hahaha oh man for all the people that couldn't make it through this tripe, you missed out! Once it gets to about the 20 minute mark you get to see the museum of torture in prague, when you are treated to some of the worst, fakie ass ghost footage presented the very same way they tried to pass off the rest of this. An uninformed house cat would see that was done on a computer.

9 years ago

Well heaven help us if these are the BEST ghost cases ever caught on tape, the worst must be REALLY scary.

9 years ago

I have to say first that I haven't watched the doc, nor do I have the intention to. The topic is too disturbing for me. But I want to share an experience, not a personal one, but one that my husband had and is relevant to the topic. I would, however, want to emphasize that my husband is as down-to-earth person as one can imagine. This guy is not into anything even remotely out of the normal.

He was on a mission in Haiti, working for the EU (for those not acquainted with the term - European Union). The mission had to do with assisting the Haitians in developing and improving their response in emergency situations (like earthquakes, etc.). Anyway, he was accommodated in that little hotel in Port-au-Prince. In the middle of one night, he woke up - it was one of those sensations that he was not alone in the room. He saw someone moving in the room as he opened his eyes. His first thought was that someone broke into his room to rob him. As his eyes were adjusting (and we are talking about seconds) to the faint light coming from the street lights through the room's windows, he realized that he was not looking at a solid person walking through the room. He was paralyzed with fear for a short while and then the preservation instinct kicked in. He realized something was wrong. He quickly put his trousers and his shirt on, charged out of the room in panic as the 'substance' that looked like a woman was quietly passing through the room and went straight into the wardrobe - without opening it. He was at the hotel's reception in seconds and asked for another room (without explaining the reason for it as he was aware that he may be taken for a loony). As soon as he gave the number of his room to the receptionist, the latter said: "Oh, c'est l'esprit! (oh, it's the ghost or something like that in French). My husband was astonished, and asked the receptionist if that was a known thing. Of course, was the answer, but it's a good one, doesn't bother anyone. In any case, my husband got a different room and he slept through the night without any problems.

The next day he changed the hotel, naturally.

37Dionysos .
9 years ago

Awful, although it's true the dead walk among us. They're called capitalists, and they suck blood.

Martin Ellacott
9 years ago

Ghosts???...get real.....grow up.

9 years ago

Shaggy & the hapless gang in the Mystery Machine have more credibility than this lot.

Come to think of it, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis & crew are not only much more entertaining, but believable as well. Who you gonna call?

Fabien L'Amour
9 years ago

That's the best they could come up with??? Low rating well deserved.

9 years ago

Best... Cases Ever Caught on Tape, i feel as if a whole series of this is coming, but no high definition yet. Yeah, i don't know, if we unleash the body language experts, what would that say about some of the facial expressions here?

9 years ago

I love a good ghost story as much as the next person, but I also appreciate it when the teller would own up to the fictional nature of it, OR... give me just about anything else, I guess, rather than these feeble attempts to pull the wool over my eyes. These guys had pretty poor aim for the target in this one, I'm afraid. To make a small pun, the efforts to deceive were just a little too transparent. Of course, I don't really expect anything else from these types of shows these days, but some sure are better at it than others.

9 years ago

This TV production was cheesy and disorganised. I was hoping for better.