Giants: The Mystery and The Myth

Giants: The Mystery and The Myth

2001, Mystery  -   162 Comments
Ratings: 6.37/10 from 115 users.

Giants: The Mystery and The MythThis unique special looks at the whole phenomenon of giants from the earliest beginnings of civilization to the present.

Also features interviews of Zecharia Sitchin, author of The Cosmic Code which talks about the content of the Sumerian Tablets.

According to a scientist's experiment on fish in a biodome with double the atmospheric pressure and a few other conditions, the fish grow to an unbelievable size which is proof that Earth had the right conditions back then to support the idea of Giants ever existing.

Giants: The Mystery and The Myth covers historical, biblical, archeological and mythological accounts of giant human beings.

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7 months ago

Amazing how the Bible is misquoted. Makes you wonder what the agenda is...

5 years ago

This video is a Giant waste of time. I didn't know anymore coming out as I did going in.

5 years ago

Lousy... first ten minutes-- I can hear this from anoyone's grandpa overloading on the bible.

5 years ago

Just big, strong, Paleo people and shrunken early agricultural peoples. Mystery solved. And don't call them giants, just large humans.

WJ Henry
6 years ago

It is said the place supposly where Goliath was slain by David has never been escavated. archeoligist dig where and when they want. Why not dig up the place of slain goliath then.

6 years ago

"in the american midwest there are also many large mounds" LOL you bet there are

6 years ago

God be with you

6 years ago

Anyone who can say they definitely believe or don't is close minded. To be as such is a sad condition that many humans demonstrate in this era. Are there no more believers of ancient times?. Think of it scientifically if you must, that a long time ago the atmospheric pressure was much less which allowed things to grow much larger. Thanks for reading

G Mckenzie
7 years ago

Great film! It was nice to see it again, not having saw it from it's first airing many years ago. Though I do wonder why they cut out an interview with a farmer from his home somewhere in the middle east? With footage of prints in his field and a description of a giant that had come to his door? As for all the disgusted narrow-minded people that just can't wait to spill forth their naivety? Listen more and talk less! Those who don't have enough knowledge shouldn't share their opinion! Yes, you do have the right... but please don't think you're doing humanity a favor with unfounded blurting mockery! Others, like myself, have done the research. But, unlike me, they would not attempt to educate the many Neanderthal's that are so readily anxious to spit out nonsense, and who abound in such numbers here! In other words,,,, reserve judgement until you've exhausted all resources and knowledge on the matter! I don't speak of philosophy. Don't BELIEVE anything! To BELIEVE is to have FAITH in something you know NOTHING about!!! Question everything until you get to the TRUTH! Giants are/were real!! There are still some who reside underground in the amazon jungle. Much historical evidence that could enlighten you people is presently being suppressed, mainly in the name of religions. FANATICS!! DELUSIONAL FANATICS!! Yes! More of you people here should really question and attack the many religions of the world! NOW THERE'S TRULY... WHOLE LOTTA BS BEING SWALLOWED,, if you must know! ;)

K Errickson
8 years ago

See I don't find it hard to believe that giants existed cause when you compare history with archeology with what the holy Scriptures say it paints a picture so clear that it well out ways what any sceptic can come up with to debunk it n o yea these things that people are calling ancient alians well let's put it this way they are anciant but they defiantly are not alians They have been here but back to the giants thing what is so hard to believe in Genesis 6 :4 the first part of that scripture everyone knows that in those days the nephilim proved to be on the earth but u need to keep reading cuz it goes on to say that they were the mighty ones who were of old,the men of renowned or fame there is a sacred secret that is not being taught with accuracy same with the bible but just if they were the men of fame or renowned would it not make sense that u find ancient painting of the down to them having six fingers like the historian Josephus explained down to Abe Lincoln talking about them at his Niagara speach just keep being truth seeker's cuz the truth will always hold up cause if it were a lie we would not even be talking about it like we are now

9 years ago

Sorry guys not sold on this.

John Feury
10 years ago

In a village south of here (Liverpool U.K.) a location called hale and buried in the churchyard is a guy called John Middleton otherwise known as the Childe of Hale. Many people could not believe how tall he was,that is until the authorities decided to dig him up...His height...9ft 3in (he lived during the time of the English civil war I642 - I649.) absolute fact.

John Feury
10 years ago

In a village called hale (south of here,Liverpool U.K.) and buried in the churchyard is a guy called John middleton, better known as the childe of Hale.People could not believe how tall he was ...that was until the authorities decided to dig him up...his actual height was 9ft 3in ( he lived during the time of the English civil war I642 -49) ...absolute fact.

10 years ago

Watched just over three minutes and could take no more! All that talk about David & Goliath as if it really happened (n.b. Chap in hat I could cope with, assuming it was fun to include a 'loon'...but the 'voice-over' chap too?... NO WAY!). Pandering to a story that was created to keep people subservient with the message "carry on suffering as slaves, but all the while hope that your slings and stones will one day give you the power" is no way to start a documentary!! Woe is me, for the inability of the USA to make a serious piece of TV anymore. :(

10 years ago

All gods are same but they called by different names in different places. Even the Greek gods are giant as heard.

10 years ago

According to HINDU mythology, there is always proof in theory that all the Devils are giant which are slaughtered by the Gods and Demigods

10 years ago

Scientist don't believe in Allah,, lol Jinns, Angles are out of the question Al- Hamdulillah for Islam clearing up the Mysteries

10 years ago

I'm six and a half foot tall, the redhead in the cave in my Scottish cousin.

urban deadite
11 years ago

never usually post anything but this is bad, to all who have said i am closed minded read all my posts PLEASE it will show a lot of things in a multitude of differrent areas from Demographics/Geography/History/Archaeo-anthropology to creatures found that were thought extinct for 65 million years, that is not closed minded be patient and read what i have to say . thanks.

'it just shows how narrow minded a person can be... and you are the perfect example of that !!!'

Well if i am narrow minded after reading all this info i have put on here there is something wrong with you or you just want to prove something so much nothing else matters and you ignore ALL evidence and just constantly scratch at a blip of nothing i actually look for real evidence not take a Documentry made by some one for whatever reason as proof.

If you have found giant houses or equipment or giant anything that goes with everyday life we find with ALL Humans in all tribes and cities, even nomadic ones then please tell m, we have even found a type of paint the Neanderthals used in their Ritual buriels, 300K years before these Giants mentioned existed. Thanks.

urban deadite
11 years ago

when the 10 to 12 feet skeletons were found, computers didn´t even exist... you certainly make me laugh, it just shows how narrow minded a person can be... and you are the perfect example of that !!!

Please read what i wrote properly.

Obviously I was talking about the often used photographs used to depict Giant Skeletons i actually said SITES not reports of skeletons found which have ALL been 'lost' in the 1830's etc.

Type Giant Skeletons into google and see the images i meant and these are used on numerous sites to 'prove' giants existed and were from a competition.

'So your research on this was traveling around 4 continents? Sounds really skillful to me.'

No i learned how to research at 8 years at University and also well travelled which if you are well travelled you will know broadens your 'mind' no end and when you have met and lived in so many different peoples you realise how the same we are and only some cultural things are different.
Most people know this anyway but there is nothing like experiencing it in person like most things in life.

'Deadite is probably one of those people who are paid to write things like that to keep others from researching further'

No just this crap has been banded about for a long time i encourage people to research it the more that happens the more people will see.

If you take the time to read all my posts you will clearly see i have done quite a lot of research in different fields myself and only write it here so Hopefully people will see more about this subject and be keen to go out and FIND FOR THEMSELVES with a more open mind if more people researched all the different fields related to this that would be AWESOME and i fully encourage ANYONE to do so if they are truely interested.

A lot is said that scientists 'hide' all evidence of Giants as it upsets the balance ...

All that shows is the people who say that have a lack of understanding that Science is a constantly CHANGING thing.

Since this was made 3 NEW species of Human have been found which ALL go against accepted thought but they exist so have to fit in too existing knowledge.

Another case is Feathered Dinosaurs once thought in only ONE type and it was ultra rare now we know there are entire Species that were feathered not too long ago that would have been laughed at...Science changes with evidence.

The two types of Coelacanth have been found which flies in the face of a lot at the time they were found as they were thought extinct for around 65 million years.

also say 8-10' tall apes existed and Homo Ergaster etc who where a lot taller than us Homo Sapiens, odd thing is the description of Cyclops skulls in Ancient Greek tourist 'handbooks (yes they had them) are just like mammoth and elephant skulls likewise the griffins.

If you dug up a 4' long bone 1,500BC you would not have thought ' hmm judging by the shape and attributes this looks like it could have belonged too the order Saurischia from the Diplodocidae family, maybe a Diplodocus'.

I grew up with Myths and legends of British Isles. Balder, Gog magog and lots of other Giants and wish they did exist but the evidence is not there

Michael Herrholz
11 years ago

I find it funny sometimes how the same people who quickly jump on the bandwagon when it comes to aliens who build all these monolithic structures, which is only one of the possible explanations for these buildings, use ancient mythology spread all over the world as an argument, then so easily dismiss the record in the SAME ancient mythologies about giants or let's say dragons.

The mere fact that there existed giant life forms on our planet at more than one time (dinosaurs, giant mammals before the last ice age) makes it a possibility that there also might have been giant humanoid life forms.

And who knows? Maybe ALL these stories in the mythologies have a true core...

11 years ago

The Summerians were the first people that we know of with a written language. They recorded their history on thousands and thousands of tablets. Many of them discussed the Gods and the Giants that they lived among and even hung out with. They knew a lot of things about the universe and what was going on here that we are just discovering today, over 5,000 years later. They built structures that we couldn't even replicate with any technology we have today. Anyone who believes they know everything and these documentaries are just a joke is a closed-minded m*ron. We know nothing compared to what they knew. I really enjoy learning about stuff like this, because it helps me to learn where we actually came from and what we are doing here, but I hate reading these criticisms.

11 years ago

What is this, a joke? One minute documentary and 8 minutes of commercials. Screw you for uploading crap.

11 years ago

Skip this one. Horrible quality, captions cover the bottom of the screen and the commercials have not been removed lol. Don't bother, JUNK.

11 years ago

Deadite is probably one of those people who are paid to write things like that to keep others from researching further.Ridicule is one way to psychologically deter people and keeps them following the status quo.

11 years ago

Its not a mystery. The Bhagavad-Gita is a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna before the battle of Kuruksetra of which many of the warriors were giants.
Learn about Krishna and chant his holy names and you will see the absolute truth.

11 years ago

Answer to: Urban Deadite
Watusis. People who raise cattle in Burundi, Africa. They are among the tallest people in the world. Many of the adult males are more than 7 feet tall. ... why is it so hard to believe that in the past, skeletons of people with 10 or even 12 feet high were found ??!! ... and what´s this crap about photoshop ??!! when the 10 to 12 feet skeletons were found, computers didn´t even exist... you certainly make me laugh, it just shows how narrow minded a person can be... and you are the perfect example of that !!!

urban deadite
11 years ago

omg i can not believe this rubbish is still going around ALL THESE SITES WITH GIANT PHOTOS ARE REAL! REAL PHOTOSHOP!, THEY WERE MADE FOR A PHOTO COMPETITION, anyone with a bit of research skill will know this and its not hard to find, yes 7' tribes of people existed.
@animefuntime Hmm a lot of our Relatives where taller or the same size as us, example Homo Ergaster was tall, average height was 6' 2", a lot taller than modern Homo Sapiens average height!, the 'fact' that everyone before Homo Sapiens was small is a big MYTH a lot yes but by no means all ^^, Gigantopithecus was a 8' - 10' tall Ape.
Regarding the height of 6' 5" or 6' 6" that is very tall for a modern Homo Sapiens, maybe not in some places but out of a 6.77 Billion (est) population the amount of people over 6' is quite uncommon, i am over 6' and very well travelled on 4 continents and most people i have seen are smaller than me even though there are people significantly bigger than me they are definatley a smaller percentage by far.

11 years ago

This is so bad that I don't know if I should cry och laugh! Love that the mostly used source is the bible, and that all the people interviewed is talking about the "flood" as if thats something that happend. This i just religeus people not only believing in god, but as well in giants.

11 years ago

I felt this was a good place to post. National Geographic has reported that no giant skeleton remains have been excavated. Furthermore the pictures posted around the internet and the news stories were all a hoax started by someone in Canada with photoshop. Makes me disappointed even more about my own country and human race. Can we stop make up stories and really started getting to the scientific truth please.

11 years ago

Our earliest memories as children are of us surrounded by "giants", i.e. adults! Maybe our collective cultural memory recalls these distant dreamlike encounters and out of them the legends of ancient giants formed. Some giants were our ancestors (our parents) and some were monsters to be feared (strange adults). All these "giants" could do mighty deeds that we as children had yet to grow the strength for. Just a thought.

11 years ago

Andre the Giant was a giant.

11 years ago

Ugh. 6.6 feet nowadays isn't all that astonishing.

11 years ago

I love reading all the derisive comments from folks who don't take into account this is referring to ancients , mentions the current tall people, and claims outright to be about The Mystery and the Myth.

12 years ago

Amazingly poor quality content. "Giants" over 6.5 feet! what? Constant bible quotes followed by "experts" claiming that we have yet to be able to reproduce the "amazing" stone structures of the "gods". Has that guy been to any of the thousands of modern cities on the planet? Poor logic all around. So bad it was funny though :)

12 years ago

by the way - nephillim means giants in hebrew, as well as fallen
another word for giants in hebrew is "Annakim"
which reminds us of " Annunakim" . " Annu Anakim" in hebrew
means - "us the giants"

john aswanie
12 years ago

wow 7 feet tall? I've never heard of people THAT tall. Obviously the creators of this documentary dont watch the nba!!

12 years ago

Compelling evidence. I haven't slept for weeks.

12 years ago

I HAVE to watch this, purely based on all the comments. Reading the comments that others posted is pure comedy, this must be a terrible documentary. What I at first thought might be interesting, I now think it's worth a laugh.

12 years ago

I find it fascinating that everyone seems to fall back to the "fossil evidence" argument regarding the existence of ancient races.
The fact is that fossils only form under a series of incredibly unusual and unlikely situations. Certain areas of the planet are completely without fossils because those conditions required to create them are simply never met.
A good example would be the fact that there has never been found a single fossil of a chimpanzee. Well then, it seems to me that they obviously don't exist! ;)

12 years ago

Have not seen the doc yet, just glanced through the comments. Well, the hobbit of Indonesia was a myth for a long time and recently got accepted as a race of human. Most recently, archeologists found a new race that inhabited a part of Siberia near the Altai mountain range. This race interbred with the Neanderthal and created a new race in itself. Their closest living relatives, according to extensive genetical studies, are Melanasians in Papua-New Guinea. Yes, very far, so this also turns the out of africa theory upside down. Remember that Neanderthals were naturally built like Arnold? Look into Papua and you will find a naturally strong and muscular race. Traveling in africa, I have also noticed that certain tribes are just naturally stronger and even the kids had bodybuilder type muscular built. These people never worked out and consumed very few calories. Neanderthals must have gotten around a lot and evidently could interbreed with other races and modern humans as well. This too was denied until recently.
Solomon islanders have their myths about their forefathers being giants. Supposedly the skeleton of a long dead chief is well over 9 feet tall and have been seen on occasion by relatives at the annual cleaning/rearranging of the bones ceremony. Solomon islanders do talk of ancestors being 15 feet tall, having super strength and coming from beyond the stars. If someone wants to dispute that, take it up with a Solomon islander, but better have medical insurance first.
Ok, what does all of this mean? There is the human species, but within that there are races of humans that developed separately and are still around. This flies in the face of the dogma of the one race out of africa theory.
This is pretty much like when some guys in history kept saying that the earth is round, but the dogma was that it is indeed flat.

12 years ago

if only the giants were here now. interesting video enjoyed watching it . thankks.

12 years ago

"The ego strokes its mind to be true to itself - you stroke your ego because you're not." open your mind!!! think!!!

12 years ago

Islam's view:-

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, created Adam in His own image with His length of sixty cubits,.....

60 cubits= 90 feet= 27.4 meters

Charles B.
12 years ago

It was ok.

James DeGovia
12 years ago

This doc is being aired by the Discovery Channel....not going to learn any more than what we already know DC will aide in suppressing alot of the real true story.

12 years ago

I don't understand how people doesn't believe that the giants were living on earth before us. This is clearly written in the book of EPOCH, Moses TORAH, BIBLE and on ancient tablets.....Open your eyes and read first, then criticise...There is a hidden history of humanity and we don't know anything about it...Think why...Be open minded and read the books if you are a believer or not...this fact is infront of your eyes and you are closing them..
Where are the evidences?..why they don't teach this in schools?...ask this question for yourself..
They show and teach everything to you as the way they want you to believe it....
Excuse me of my english...

12 years ago

@Capricious Im not saying that this documentary is true or false. They only thing I know for a fact is that there is a lot of information, specially historically. that has been hiding from generations. Remember the people who work the three M's. Money, Media and Military! Its all about the masses control. Check out this video, it might help you organize some ideas that as I had previously said they are controlled and modified for the public. The Ring of Power. You tube it! And good luck!
"never settle for what your senses feed on first sight, investigate"

12 years ago

Perfect example, Dinosaurs. It had been accepted by nearly the entirety of paleontology that a giant asteroid , rich in iridium was the direct cause of their (the Dinosaurs) extinction. Now with the help of a few people willing to buck the system, we find that they had long been on the decline, with the asteroid perhaps not even being the "nail in the coffin". I am not discrediting the entirety of mainstream science . I am only suggesting that we remember what the purpose of science is, to learn new things we did not know before and not to hold on to long held beliefs. We already have a system for that, its called Religion and is responsible for most if not all of the most horrible acts committed by man against his fellow man.

12 years ago

academic journals only regurgitate the "party line" of course you won't find any studies on giants in them. The simple fact that mainstream science is proven wrong time and time again should be enough in itself to give people some doubt of accepted academia. If there is a shred of evidence to support a theory it should be tested exhaustively, not just written off as fantasy because it doesn't fit in with the accepted world view. When will people learn that just because we are clever doesn't mean we know or understand everything. Also, the Tao teaches us that the man who thinks he knows everything , can learn nothing. its only when we accept we know little to nothing, that we begin to learn.