Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own

Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own

2007, Military and War  -   64 Comments
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Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our OwnAfter the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans suffered toxic reactions, neurological damage, and rare cancers due to exposure to 2,4,5,-D and 2,4,5-T dioxin that was used in the form of the defoliant Agent Orange. Unfortunately, the U.S. military denied the problem and failed to heed any of the lessons of this chemical butchery. Instead, it expanded its harmful legacy to the current generation of soldiers and civilians exposed to new, more deadly chemical toxins in the Persian Gulf.

Join accomplished filmmaker Gary Null, PhD, as he explores the real truth about Gulf War Syndrome and the secrets about chemical and germ warfare that the U.S. government is hiding from its veterans and the public. Dr. Null uncovers the hidden truths about Gulf War Syndrome, including the deadly and toxic effects of armor-piercing radioactive depleted uranium, the use of experimental and risky vaccines on over 1,100,000 U.S. troops, and the indescribable chemical contamination and environmental devastation that the military caused during the Persian Gulf Wars.

In this film, Dr. Null relies on compelling testimony from eyewitnesses who served in the military, leading doctors and scientists who specialize in chemical exposure, and those veterans still suffering from the effects of their tours of duty.

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  1. Mark Arbee

    So I joined the Navy in 1993 after High School. Healthy kid, so I thought. Went through boot camp got all the vaccinations in Chicago at basic. Push company. Was very excited as I got Gas Turbine A school and come from a Navy family. A DR a week before graduation found my heart had some click or fibrillation. I got called to base commander/xo's office and they said your are going home. They gave me entry level separation. I was upset. Fast forward 3 years. I get super sick and my life has never been same since. I have EVERY symptom of Gulf War Syndrome but have never been to the gulf?! I mean everything. I am at Mayo clinic and they keep asking me if I have ever served. I said yes, and no. Can anyone identify with this issue that went through basic, got all the shots, but then got out and now is sick with this mysterious nightmare of a disease? I feel like death and it has greatly impacted my life. Thank you to all that REALLY served and I am honored to hear your input. Thank you in advance

    1. Kenneth Tennant

      You are not alone. Military vaccines did me in.

    2. Kenneth Tennant

      CAV-C recently dismissed my claim because the judge said I filed my NOA too late. I found a copy of the CAV-C GENERAL DOCKET showing my NOA was filed on time, Jan. 2016. Greg O BLOCK Blocked my appeal for a 3 judge panel. No oversight. All crooks.

  2. john

    Hey you joined up. Nobody made you. No one was threatening our homeland. You just wanted adventure and a little killing for sport. Too bad it backfired.

    1. Ross

      Cipro and Doxycycline 6mos - 1 yr.

  3. Michael L Somervill

    The 2nd Guide is a Recovery Guide using mostly natural herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals...

  4. Roger

    For those of you still suffering. I don't know if this will help in late stages, but it may be worth a try. Depleted Uranium is a heavy metal toxin as much as anything else. One thing that might help if you haven't tried already is cilantro and parsley. I know it sounds crazy but these herbs have extraordinary properties useful in removing heavy metal toxins from the body, especially the liver. I have heard that it is helpful. I put it in a blender with tomato juice and an avocado to make a smoothie and drink it.

  5. John J. Montecalvo

    Judith Westerville has made a correlation between w.w.1 and the bad flu epidemic of 1918,I came to same conclusion about 2 weeks ago,this is what they did to us in Desert Sheild/Desert Storm,we came back sick and this I believe is passed on to others by pathogens , sweat,sex and blood transfusions even the family pets can be suffering from this,the Crimnal Interprizecalled the v.a.( they don't deserve capital letters) has no answers,so in my case they try to pick a fight with me,my v.s.o. Told me cleveland said you were never in Desert Storm, I stated to him I don't like being accused of a felony,look at my dd 214 and 215 or better yet call some people from my unit, I asked the v.a. to do a blood test for mycoplasma, I was told we don't do that,so we pay the price everyday for the last 25 years for our illnesses, the u.s gave Sadam his chemical arsenal, he used them on the Iranians 1980-1988, Gassed the Kurds in March of 1988 and on Coliation forces in Desert Storm, Don't give up or give in Gulf War Vets

  6. wolf

    Good Documentary,I only wish we as Gulf War Vets. could inflict the pain and suffering onto those whom have put this on us!! (That is all the Psychopaths who were born without a Soul!) I would like to add this to All my Brothers and Sisters of this War that "NEVER GIVE UP,NEVER GIVE IN!

    1. John J. Montecalvo

      thanks Wolf.

  7. Poison DUst Baby

    There's no sickness, WE ARE BEING GASSED LIKE THE JEWS IN THE HOLOCAUST. The people doing it are our very cadet graduates from our very own military schools. They force or recruit Special Forces and CIA to carry out illegal and horrendous crimes on WE THE PEOPLE., our children they exploit and rape, our medical care is a lie! The VA is an undercover legalized Nazi Death Camp. And I KNOW THIS.

  8. KCTennant

    Google me: KENNETH TENNANT (Domestic Terrorism: USA vs Veterans and the First Amendment) DHS AGENTS ARRESTED ME AT GUN POINT, on trumped up charges that were DISMISSED, but only after my family suffered the additional assaults of the Legal Abuse Syndrome. This Gov't Sponsored Criminal Activity is ongoing. They attacked my kids in their schools and my wife at work. She was Constructively Discharged after nearly 8 yrs of dedicated service. State & Federal investigators determined that the Quad City Bank & Trust Co., Bettendorf, IA violated my wife, but because the corrupt federal judges, Robert Pratt & Celeste Bremer are clients and customers, CONflict of Interest etc., they defended from the bench, (Judicial Misconduct) see US Dist Ct-South Iowa case 3:12-cv-00083 now Pending appeal in the 8th Cir Ct of Appls, case 13-2474 where Chief Judge William RILEY is expected to side with his kin Byron RILEY's law firm, Bradley & RILEY, PC of Cedar Rapids IA, attys for the defendant QCBank & Trust Co.

  9. krscott7

    I deal with a lot of pain sometimes it is so severe that I feel like I can hardly stand it anymore. However, I do have some individuals that are trying to help me to alleviate and manage the pain and suffering from debilitating disease & medical disabilities caused from serving in the Army exposed to harmful things and from too many harmful inoculations at one time. I have some good days I wished I had more. I appreciate that I'm still alive and getting some help, but I'm still angry for what some military people got away with that caused much destruction in my life. Then coming home to find bias treatment blocking benefits, taking away benefits and mistreating me for reaching out for help & reaching out for help to change the violent wrongdoings in the Military.

  10. spdominguez

    I watched this documentary, rage, fear, disbelief, anger, sadness. As A gulf war vet, it sickens me to learn, that the country I swore to serv, has abandoned me. I'm sick and am unable to support myself. they give billions away to foreign countries, failing corporations, and I have been denied help, and was told, there is no GWVI. No golf war syndrome. It's been 21 yrs. now, and I will die homeless broke and alone, the war I served in 1991 never ended.

  11. stop__and__think

    Cannot find Senate Report 103-97 by John Rockefeller IV on the Library of Congress site. The only place I can find this report are non-government sites that are anti-DU and advocating Gulf War Vets.

    I have looked through all of the reports and bills John Rockefeller IV was a part of during the 103d Congress 2nd Session and cannot find this report. If it is a public document this should not be the case.

  12. Dave Dockery

    I have gulf war syndrome. I am only 44 and I feel like I'm 74. I have severe joint and muscle problems along with a bad back and my legs jerk all the time from neuropathy. I also have severe respiratory problems, irritable bowel syndrome...all in all it's about 19 different things and some minor issues along with them. I'm on about 20 different meds along with 3 painkillers and I still feel pain. My VA doctors can't really do much aside from treat the symptoms, but they will not admit to anything related to the war. It's what the VA calls "an undiagnosed illnesss". Right now I receive a non-service connected pension, but I have been trying to get service connection, but they want me to do what nobody has ever done or had the VA accept - prove my condition is due to my service in the war. I served for 6 years and this is what I get... I just believe that what a Vietnam vet told me is true - they're just waiting for enough of us to die before they make themselves look good by paying off the few left after 35 years or so like they did with Vietnam vets with agent orange. What a joke. What worries the most is who will take care of my family when I die young?

    1. Judith Ann

      Dave our medicine is more corrupted than our food. For instance antihistamines, Nsaids, and antacids block your body from absorbing magnesium and if you are not getting enough magnesium you are prone to heart attacks, strokes, or kidney disease. Please see a holistic doctor. Natural remedies are much safer and more healing than regular medicines that are being used just like our food for depopulation and to enrich the pockets of the criminal American Medical Association and FDA.

    2. Matt

      Dave did you ever take Cipro during your service time? Look up fluoroquinolone toxicity....your symptoms match up.

  13. Gail Culver

    Veteran's need to stand up and do something about it.

  14. panthera

    Thanks America, for poisening the world. :-((
    I hope you all sleep well...................

  15. Judith Westerfield

    Our government is evil and corrupt and they have killed and injured our soldiers and others many times over the years. In 1918 they immunized our soldiers and started an epidemic that killed 70 million people worldwide! They sprayed our soldiers with “Agent Orange” and killed and injured our soldiers and it was passed on to their offspring and has caused illnesses and abnormalities. They purchased “Sodium Dichromate” from CHINA and have used it on our soldiers to cause illnesses and death. I wonder if we are really in Iraq to kill them, ruin their country with our chemicals and our soldiers are the sacrificial lambs for our evil government. I believe our government is actually under control of the Global Elite.

    Why else would they kill our own people?!?

    1. kwethington1

      Ms Westerfield,
      They do so because their sons do not have to serve in the military almost ever. The few that do, have strings pulled, so instead of getting a regular job that might be dangerous, they do such things as the son of a wealthy and influential man did when his son insisted on joining the Air Force; he got him a job as the steward for a four-star Air Force General's private C9 jet, and all he did was pick up the phone and call his congressman. All he did was fly around with the General and stay in the same five star hotels the general stayed in when traveling, and ate the same food, on the same per diem rate (actually enlisted per diem is lower) not on base, but in five star hotels. His father, a heavy contributor to the local congressman and senators, made sure his son would never be in the line of fire, but could boast and use to get elected in the future, that he had been in the military. Not as bad as getting five million in 1979's dollars worth of jet fighter training and then, once training was over, fail to show up for a single, reserve meeting, even though we were in the middle of a war and for anyone else, but the son and Grandson of Senators with their name on a Yale University building built with their donations.
      I ask of you only one thing, do not for a second think this corruption is with the Republicans alone. Corruption at the Department of Homeland Security in 2003-2005 was proven by an honest, retired General and former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), when he worked at the DHS as an Assistant Secretary. He invoked the guarantee he was given upon accepting the job as Assistant Secreatary at the DHS, and tried to fire two men, one of which I knew had worked for a company that bilked the nation out of over 30 million dollars. When the Secretary was not allowed to fire these individuals and persue legal action against their companies, he resigned. The information, when presented to a popular MD congressman a short time later, was dismissed out of hand and he refused to hear another word. Members of both parties have too many individuals that march to the beat of the drum that paid for them to get the positions they now hold. The problem with a democratic republic is that to run honestly and for the betterment of its citizens its needs constant oversight and active participation by its voters. That is not happening. Most families both parents work full time jobs.
      When Senator Kerry told an audience of Harvard students a couple of years ago,that you only end up in Iraq when you score in the bottom twenty percent of your class, they all laughed loudly, because they knew, only the poor have to send their sons and daughters to the military to die. They knew that bad schools are usually public or publicly contracted out to private for profit firms and weak because they pay and support their teachers poorly. Families with the money and ties to send their children to private schools and Universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Stanford do not let their kids risk their lives for their country. No, they are needed at home, helping run businesses that profit from the wars. They profit from the wars, but they have the pull not to have to serve. Take former President Bush; in the early 70's he received over five millions dollars worth of 1970's fighter pilot training, then never reported to his reserve duty station for his obligatory meetings or for the mandatory two weeks a year on active duty. Pull buys influence. Pull gets you out of the stock market and other places before it even starts to crash. Pull keeps you wealthy and permits you to encourage cross racial disparity and hatred between the poor and the working poor of all skin colors. As several wealthy Americans from our past are credited with saying, "We (the rich) will never have any real problems as long as we can hire half the poor to kill the other half."
      In depressed rural communities in todays America, towns and small cities that once were home to now long deserted factories, poor whites don the uniform of a corrections officer and oversee poor blacks and other poor people, including whites. People that have learned to hate each other, that fifty years ago, would have been working next to each other in a factory. Only about 20 percent of the cost of American labor is the wage. The additional costs include employee taxes for Social Security, taxes for running the business, property taxes, rules, regulations, and pollution control requirements that America's competitors do not visit on their factories. How can you compete with a prison factory in China that arrests and convicts perfectly innocent people when their manning get low. How can you compete when observance of any pollution control is unheard of. Indeed, they subsidize overseas sales of manufactured goods. I know, I used to sell CNC machine tools made by Japan's largest machine tool manufactorer. The Japanese sales manager of all of North America once replied to my question as to how they can make and sell a certain machine at the price they were selling it for, by telling me and others, "Our nation's policy is to move into manufactoring sectors of our target country and undersell domestic produced equipment until we destroy their domestic market. Then we raise our prices by what was for that machine, over 50 percent. I am not sure now but then, Japan's government owned and ran for a profit, 18 horse tracks around the country. The $2 billion a year of profit was given to the major Japanese machine tools manufactorers to use to discount their product unfairly. South Korea is even worse. Guess who just signed a badly one sided trade agreement with South Korea for the next ten years. Our President. 15 plus trillion in dept and we are still providing them military support against a North Korea whose gross natonal product is estimated as lower than that of the state of Maryland. That is right. A nation of 28 million has a gross national product lower than a state with 3 million citizens. And, as I said, they do not buy any American products. On paper they agreed, but if you cannot get your oranges off the ship for two months, they rot. If every shipment brought in is both heavily taxed and delayed for several days to several months, Americans stop trying to sell. Not South Korea's fault. Our fault for letting them do it. Oh by the way, almost all the mineral weath of Korea is in the North. By all sane governments, they should be a wealthier nation than their Southern brothers.

  16. Kevin

    I believe there is a new syndrome in our midst. One, that disables us, we as intelligent beings on this earth. This syndrome prohibits us from helping our selves and neighbors, it keeps us afraid, weak, compliant, inactive. The u.s. and it's government, is committing crimes against Humanity all over the world as Britain did, hitler did and how the u.s. has helped the tyrants to do what they did and are doing. This site is the drug that is the cure for this syndrome. The truths will wake us up. Bring home and help the troops, no more halliburton, no more corruption, and greed, no more wars for oil, water, power, control, depression, job stimulus. We need, as a people all the power we can muster to bring the truth home, and the wealth of our nations, and the people of this world strong and healthy. I want to feel better here in Canada, about having you people as my neighbors. My government hasn't helped.
    "When the People lead, the leaders will follow." Gandhi.

    1. Shirley A. Hampton

      The Catholic Church, The Federal Reserve, The Central Banks, Oil companies, all have the same owners and don't pay taxes on trillions and trillions. The media since after world war I, and essentially have created a matrix of zombies. We are waking up like an lion,

  17. Rog47

    I see that the "documentary" includes a shot of an atmospheric atomic bomb test - and opens with John F Kennedy quote about atomic testing. That has nothing to do with Gulf War Syndrome - so much for this being a "documentary" instead of a snake oil salesman's advertisement - it does not belong on this site.

    1. Bruce Wilson

      Uhh...Guess you didn't watch through to the part about depleted uranium.

  18. laura tattoo

    all i've got to say is that they don't really care about us. let's stop deluding ourselves otherwise.

  19. David

    What a surprise about their denial and actions of US military and establishment - - - regular soldiers takes the heat and then the "bosses" wash their hands of it . . . I wonder how people like that can sleep at night, knowing that they are the ones that brought so much suffering to their own soldiers, own people and for that matter also to people of other countries, with their soldiers that were mostly bullshitted in to believing that going to war is the right thing to do - - -

    1. Dave Dockery

      not only that we brought it home and gave it to our families.

  20. Bill Bledsoe

    Its not the entire government, just like any large group, your always going to have some bad apples. Unfortunatly we were a part of this conspiracy. The old saying one bad apple doesnt spoil the whole basket. Thank God we still have people that stand up and fight for what is right. I was laughed at for years about my symptoms from american people I fought for, and was told I was just out to get a check every month. The american people need to stop pointing fingers and start supporting the issue at hand IMO.
    Stop blaming and support your local DAV, American Legion, VFW and other groups that have been helping us get through our nightmares. Supporting our troops doesnt mean going out and buying a ribbon or pin that says I support our troops, its about standing up to those in charge and saying no sir your wrong (Joyce Riley RN). Fight for our soldiers as they have fought for your freedom.

    1. Dave Dockery

      I hear you brother, I had the same problem. Still geting told there's nothing wrong and the older I get the more I hear people say - what the hell is gulf war syndrome.I would love to work. I had a great job making 50k a year as an art director and now I make peanuts on a van pension - if that's out to get a check - I lost out big time!

  21. Alvin

    Bunny: You will find that governments like our own are quite prepared to sacrifice the few to save the masses, and Gulf War Syndrome is one of those classic cases of deliberate experimental activity practiced on people who are not in a position to question orders from above.

    Gulf War Syndrome is one of the greatest international cover ups of all time.

    Do not let governments fool you into thinking otherwise as they will inevitably try to do, 50,000 veterans, now in broken health on both sides of the Atlantic can not be wrong!

    The question is, what can and is society going to do about this ??

    1. Dave Dockery

      no offense, but there' s a lot more than a few affected by it.

  22. Bunny

    Absolutely unethical, heart-breaking and infuriating. I always thought the US government takes care of their own citizens. I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful but it's obvious that they do discretely use their own kind (not just war vets but prison inmates as well) as lab rats!! How one can sleep peacefully at night knowing that he has subjected his fellow humans to some possibly mutating and life-devastating scientific trials is beyond me.

    Yes, the part about the Martian historian is so true of the human race.

    They seriously have to acknowledge the existence of GWS and treat those who have served the c'try. These soldiers are not out to gain $$, they just want to have proper medical care!! This is the least their government can do for them.

    1. Dave Dockery

      It's a lost cause to ask the government. What needs to happen is that everyone here who gives a care - write or email your congressman. Demand Action from politicians, news media outlets and websites. If everyone that knows about took the time to raise awareness it would force their hand! If you really do care then do this for me before I am gone too like the over 2k that have died already from GWS. Thank You and god bless you for even caring - it's more than the government does. Oh sure, I receive health care from the VA and it's good health care, but what really bothers me is that there is no specific treatment of GWS. It's not even called that anymore - the VA has now dubbed it "Gulf War Illness" I guess that sounds less scary.
      I took the gulf war registry exam which is basically a bunch of questions, some vitals and blood tests and that is the very end of the line for treatment of GWS!!! Tell them it's wrong and it's not an undiagnosed illness today.

    2. Lepman

      Really...I just had my third comp and penn. exam, GWI environmental exposure exam and was told by the examining doctors that I am now being classified as undiagnossable and unfortunately I am now considered permanently disabled and they gave me a letter to get a permanent handicap license plate for our car...

      I have been going to my area V.A. hospital for my many symptoms for over four years now and all I get told by these quacks is It's all in my head and I must be willing for all this to happen to me....Really....Even told it's PTSD....but during that portion of the comp and penn. exam I get told I don't have it.

      But I do get told what medications I should be taking for some of my symptoms and to not tell any of the other doctors what I have been told...Or who told me of them. And that's directly from the Doc's who are conducting the comp and penn. exam...What's up with that ?....

      I served during Desert Storm / Desert Shield and was medically discharged from service at Walter Reed Medical Center after I got injured. Got medically boarded out of service after 10 years of service and didn't get a choice in the matter. But I know of others who served and with more sever injuries who got to stay in.

      Most of the staff and doctors at the V.A. just tell me all I'm after is a free ride...a check....I had a great job and made good money 20 $ an hour....with great benefits...How many people can say that they love their job....not many.....

      Now that I can no longer work a job. the check I do get is barely enough to pay the bills....Yah....I'm looking for a free ride alright.....SSI really doesn't cut it. I wrote and went to my Congressman and Senator's office about this even went to my Government representative's office. I tried the DAV, The Veteran's Commission Office.

      Let's just say, that when GWI, or GWS is even mentioned these key people turn a blind eye and you end up kicked to the curb...Yah it sucks to learn that we are expendable but we all learn that while serving even while there is no war.....just never knew how you get treated if you survive but are broken and no longer useful to them...

  23. Cathy

    The government does tell its Doctors to not diagnose these soldiers. And i believe it is tru te military in notorious about experimentaion of soldiers. They dont give a **** about the soldiers. The conclusion that the Doctors come through with wold weigh on my mind and heart knowing I didn't
    do the right thing. This made me cry.

    1. Dave Dockery

      It's a lost cause to ask the government. What needs to happen is that everyone here who gives a care - write or email your congressman. Demand Action from politicians, news media outlets and websites. If everyone that knows about took the time to raise awareness it would force their hand! If you really do care then do this for me before I am gone too like the over 2k that have died already from GWS. Thank You and god bless you for even caring - it's more than the government does. Oh sure, I receive health care from the VA and it's good health care, but what really bothers me is that there is no specific treatment of GWS. It's not even called that anymore - the VA has now dubbed it "Gulf War Illness" I guess that sounds less scary.
      I took the gulf war registry exam which is basically a bunch of questions, some vitals and blood tests and that is the very end of the line for treatment of GWS!!! Tell them it's wrong and it's not an undiagnosed illness today.

  24. mehdi

    go and sleep for ever you brave american soldiers and will never be able to tell the world that justice in america doesnot exist.

  25. Realist

    I served between the Gulf wars. I also have similar symptoms to some of the GWS. Through my own research I am fully convinced some of these symptoms are related to CARC paint. I've had breathing problems, sore joints and chronic digestive problems. Those problems were the reason I decided to ETS thinking it was just me. I also served before CARC paint was introduced to the military and was just fine then.
    Any time I'm near a painting facility that uses CARC these symptoms come back in force and some have never fully gone away.
    I'm not saying all troops that have GWS only have a problem with CARC and it's the answer. What I'd like to know is if any vets have been treated for IBS or acid reflux that have been exposed to freshly painted CARC or particles of CARC that have not served in combat?
    This is not the only doc that exposes the truth to a myriad of chemical exposures that the military was exposed to.
    Our troops should be protected and treated properly for this travesty. Instead we protect the corporate interests that are truly responsible.

    1. Dave Dockery

      I had no contact with paint and I have the same symptoms. My research has pointed to two things - Pesticides and vaccines along with bromide pills. This is what I think is the link. Good luck to you my friend. I wish you well and god bless you and yours.

  26. conor

    great doc as an ex british soldier who served in the gulf war in 2003 i can personaly say that this is still happening to this day since the tour i have been in and out of hospitol for serveral reasons ranging from pain all over headaches lose of sleep depression and altho 1 doc sayed it was gulf war syndrome it was never put on paper now i am told it is post traumatic stress disorder great eh more needs to be asked of our goverments

    1. Dave Dockery

      I'm very curious how the UK handles those claiming GWS. It sounds like they do the same as our VA. Do you have a Veteran's Affairs or some counter part agency? What have you found in your research because I wouldn't believe what they're telling you. I have the same problems and I know people from unit that do too. It's not anything other than GWS in my eyes. Hang in there and good luck to you. Contact me if you like, I met some folks in the war from london and various other areas of the UK and I just thought they were very fun and interesting people whom I would've liked to know better. It's just a shame that since the war it seems like since I got in my late 30's and early 40's I went downhill healthwise and I had so many plans to travel to Europe. I'm an artist and I planned on going all over with a sketch book to rome, paris, london etc..

  27. Alvin

    GMC, I totally respect and sympathise with your predicament sir.
    You are obviously living a living hell with what has personally happened to you.
    I know, and many more know that this is Not in your head but is very real indeed.
    Your unfortunate situation is is further frustrated by the fact that your government refuses to acknowledge the existence of Gulf War Illness or positively do anything about it. (cover up)
    There are certain people around the world fighting your cause sir until justice is rightfully being seen to be done on this matter and these people will never rest until this happens.
    God bless you GMC.

  28. GMC

    I have GWS and was told for too many years it was all in my head. Funny, I was ranked in the top 10% of personnel my military career. I was in charge of nuclear weapons and underwent a battery of test to assure my judgement was above question. But as soon as I get sick all that went down the drain, I lost my family, my health and my ability to hold a job due to the intense pain I suffer 24 hours a day. But it's O.K. it was just in my head.

    1. Dave Dockery

      I know how you feel. Just don't you believe that crap! If it's all in your head then how come so many of us feel the same way? I lost everything when I couldn't work anymore. I was homeless and now I have a non-service connected pension and tyring to prove GWS for a service-connection. I almost lost my family, but they stuck with me. I worry what will happen to them if I go. But, if you ever need someone to talk to about it just contact me please, I try to talk with as many friends with it that I can so that maybe together we can fight it. I wanted to start a charity to raise awareness, but I can't do it alone. I need a healthy person. Everyone i know is sick. But like I said, please hang in there and know that youre' not alone and that also god loves you and believes you and watches over you too.

  29. Alvin

    Ahem my friend, Err you are right, "COMMUNISM" has got nothing whatsoever to do with this thread subject matter.
    But nice try! L.O.L.

  30. Ahem

    To enduring freedom.

    I know this is not the place to debate about this, but communism is not a dead, many countries like China and North-Korea still have a communist regime.

    1. Dave Dockery

      yeah, what does this have to do with Gulf War Syndrome??? Please, find some communist thread.

  31. Alvin

    enduring freedom.
    I think your a little misguided on the subject matter my friend.
    We are talking here about Not of the horrors of war which nobody would dispute, but of experiments and cover ups by ones own government on its own military together with automatic denials and lies --- when evidence clearly shows otherwise.

  32. enduring freedom

    Its war some sacrifices haave to be made we fought to stop communism an evil idealogy that has killed hundred of millions war is war what do you expect lollipos and rainbows.

  33. Mark

    Surely the world must take action against the United States of America. The criminal negligence which has characterized US Administrations since WW2 must end. The American people are quick to claim and expect damages from oil companies that contaminate the environment. Will the US be sued for the filth and contamination by its' use of depleted uranium? I think not, nor do I think it will save its' own people. I wait for its downfall with open arms.

    1. Dave Dockery

      where do you a training camp for Al-Queda???

  34. Lukas

    Incredibly good documentary. It's unfortunate that people who have risked their lives and served their country haven't received basic help, besides being lied to by their own government.


  35. dtrain

    Also watch the Doctor, the dying children and depleted uranium.
    Please fight to have depleted uranium tested at ALL U.S. military bases.

    1. Rog47


      That documentary is even less factual than Null's - it supposedly won some sort of European award, but it is full of lies - if anyone has the time to do a transcript, I would be glad to dissect it point by point. What is your role in pushing this trash?

  36. Alvin

    This documentary should have won a Oscar! Brilliant, just brilliant.
    This left me feeling How and why the American and British Governments could have possibly of deliberately done this to their own people! furthermore, why even after 20 years now since the Gulf War of 1990-1, nobody has been brought to account for their wicked actions, and the poor victims of Gulf War Syndrome have never had the proper justice that they so richly and rightly deserve.
    It would be a good idea for the filmmaker to make a sequel / update in the near future!
    Well, at the very least the whole world now knows what the American and British Governments are willing to do to their own people based on the evidence of this documentary.
    Yes, Gulf War Syndrome ...... One of the biggest cover ups of all time!
    Thank You Gary Null for exposing and presenting this subject to the worlds attention. Keep up the good work!

    1. Rog47


      Why do you push lies by snake oil salesmen? I doubt that they have cut you into the profits.

  37. ripten

    This was a very good documentary. Its pretty f**** what is going on. I wish the they would stop covering s*** up and just admit mistakes were made so that we can actually attempt to treat the problem.

  38. Sar

    Gary Null, Gary, Gary . . . you've made a documentary that touches on important issues (though in your typical sensational style of spewing facts without backing them up). But it's the mark of a real amateur to start your doc with a definition from Wikipedia! The neutrality of that entry is currently disputed, by the way.

    1. G.I. JOE

      go back under the bridge troll. better yet....ask the hundreds of veterans who served in yhese wars who post on here. my guess is you never served a day in your life other than your pie hole. and if you did serve? I dont care honestly whatever dumb point youre trying to make, because wikipedia or not there is no dispute about what these vets are suffering with, and have been proven by admissions from their own governments. youre a piece of ***** trying to deflect from the topic. the topic of the united states government poisoning their enemies and their own troops with BANNED CHEMICAL WEAPONS. you sir, fail at life and reading comprehension.