Vietnam: American Holocaust

Vietnam: American Holocaust

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Vietnam: American HolocaustVietnam: American Holocaust exposes one of the worst cases of sustained mass slaughter in history, carefully planned and executed by presidents of both parties.

US dedicated generals and foot soldiers, knowingly or unknowingly, killed nearly 5 million people, on an almost unimaginable scale, mostly using incendiary bombs.

Vietnam has never left the US national consciousness, and now, in this time, it has more relevance than ever. Claiborne documents the Whitehouse fabrication of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and further, raises the question of whether JFK was assassinated to promote the Vietnam War.

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5 years ago

I don't understand why people bother to make children. They are likely either killed or become murderers or uncaring consumers.

7 years ago

You Americans better get controller over your government!

8 years ago

The United States has demonstrated one resounding—and overwhelming—point in the most recent wars we have been in, or caused. That point, is that we are the dictator. Iraq and Vietnam were both seized with inhumane force, and bombed unmercifully.

How the hell can any American (non-ignorant, that is, as hard as they are to find) be confused on why so many countries have hated us, and continue to hate us? Because we oppress entire countries with force to demonstrate our power. That is the definition of a dictatorship.

Barry Soetoro
8 years ago

this is a fine documentary. The best part is reading the comments after you've finished watching... haha
They sound like comedy skits.
"i dont think the americans would do bad things like the dictators and arabs would do"
Come on... hahaha

Stop sniffing solvents and adding comments.

9 years ago

We backed the wrong horse in the wrong race on that deal. I went over there with all the thinking of an american raised in the 50's and early 60's and came away with a very jaundiced view of our governments thinking. Talk about a total waste. Mountbatten told us not to get involved in that deal right after WWII but noooo we have to stick with the imperialistic French like big dummies.

Andrea Laufenberg
9 years ago

It's when the soldiers, who have been mostly trained on computers & "war games" actually kill people but don't realize it until many years later that they begin to unravel. This is only one of the many reasons tht account for so many suicides by ex-military veterans.

9 years ago

I'm not surprised at the mentality of the US GI.The complex Conditions the young in America "Mattel's" GI.Joe for 1 ,They also make real weapons for the complex!,War and shooter video games partly financed by the complex and how there mainstream brings WAR into the living rooms like a Saturday night football game!

Amy Durrant
9 years ago

I cannot believe how ignorant I have been all my life to the way this war went down, It's a terrible thing to think we are any better than Hitler, and that our OWN government still continues to justify killing people for WHAT? That I don't understand. This was a great film, however, I didn't see any evidence of any enemies throughout the whole film and is that the point this documentary is trying to make, that their weren't ANY enemies? Some of the people in power in our government today are straight war criminals. Makes me sick to know that they have gotten away with the atrocities they have committed.

9 years ago

Anybody wishing to learn more about the extent of just how far these war crimes went, should read 'The Trial of Henry Kissinger" by Christopher Hitchens. His knowledge of these events is staggering.

9 years ago

A lot of the sick basta*ds who were killing at will are now top brass in the US military. Serial killers (basically) running the US military. Lyndon Johnson was a scumbag. Too bad he wasn't strapped to a bomb and dropped over the pacific. I hope he's rotting in hell. I sincerely mean that too.

9 years ago

Psychopaths rule the world!

9 years ago

Seeing this documentary has made me realize that all the people who orchestrated the Vietnam war were not human, but inhuman. The Americans and the French have a lot to answer for such atrocities that could have been diverted but for greed. I am shocked and appalled by the fact that knowing parties (Governments) were involved in such senseless waste of lives and war-mongering. I indeed do believe that the indigenous people of Vietnam, should be compensated for these atrocities and Governments should be held accountable for those who suffered and died.

Sylvia Flores Bibb
10 years ago

Vietnam War was a holocaust of our own young men who were also victims. I witnessed the soldiers being brought back in US FLAG draped caskets. I had 2 young men from my block come back in one of those caskets. I had a friend come back without arms and legs. I had many friends come back with drug and alcoholic addictions.
All of these young men were from the barrio, 18 year old Hispanic teenagers that were conned into going to a war that was intended to destroy another country and our young men. The only way you could get out of the draft was to go to college, our young men could not afford to go to college or even ever dreamed of ever being able to do so. They were bought and sold and sacrificed for what. I say NO MORE! Do no let your boys fight the NEW WORLD ORDER WARS and help the INSANITY OF EVIL>

10 years ago

I'm very sadden that this happen please except my apology. I don't believe in war, why kill it makes no sense to me. I sometimes get into verbal war with religious sheeple, because I question them why would your GOD kill people this makes no sense to me. If your GOD did exist why would it allow this to happen? Their answer it pure evil. I just look at them because if GOD did exist none of this chaos would occur.

10 years ago

Dam our government for doing this s*it in our name
and Dam us for letting them do it. This s*it should make
every true American SICK TO THERE STOMACH. My
God these are human being's and we treated them as
bad as the Nazi's treated the Jew's we gassed them we
shot them we burned them alive the savageness of it the
shame of it.

mike bell
10 years ago

Don't let your government do this to you? So he must not be responsible for his own actions. What B.S.

tam troibien
10 years ago

I write this sort explanatoin that, so i hope i can inject a bit of brain to whom that untill now still see the VietNam was wrong. Just simple look at this way, nhew VN divided 2 part that North anh South, The North follows Communist regrim and the South belong like another freedoom western nation. If the Red North stay where they are belong to, do not invation the South the the VietNam War would not happen..

10 years ago

I read semperfi from writer below and thought vietnam was same as they say in this film say he must have been there. very good writing i would say and very good film about truth about wars and their causing so many problems.

10 years ago

I read a lot and looked up Mr. Lanfenburgs books and he wrote one about the marine corps in vietnam. I read the free first 5 chapters on Amazon in the ebook store and decided to get it on my kindle which I have. The vietnam war was definitely a mess my uncle was there and has had big problem with adjusting to this life ever since. i really like the documentary and have watch abot half of it. anything that helps us get away from future wars like afghanistan and iraq has to help and i say this is a superior documentary and provides information that has never been shown to many in public unsuspecting people.

warren schatz
10 years ago

That was an unbelieve and eye opening account of the vietnam war. Unreal.

10 years ago

How can you ignore history? Americans originated from Europe and have always exploited other countries, including America, for their resources and cheap labor, cheap labor that they get from the Natives they find living in the country they then "discover" and claim it's resources for their own because the Natives are always too "primitive" to understand what it is they have. These exploiters are always those that end up becoming the President, Emperor, King, Chancellor, Prime Minister, CEO, in other words, the ruling class, and always end up stealing, owning, the most land, steal all the resources, take all the possessions, et al. Forget about the Cherry tree tale, George Washington was a General who owned over 300 slaves and took over 50,000 acres of land, which of course, many people fought over, as usual, because of its value in money, money, by the way, that the Native Americans didn't accept, money that the Americans made the Native Americans finally accept and value (money) because the armies first killed all the buffalo and food sources and then locked up all the captive Native Americans on reservations which they then claimed that they had finally civilized them ... the savage natives ... because now, finally, they accepted money. But, now, who were, and are, the savages and who are the civilized?

Thomas Bergelson
10 years ago

and i dont think you know so much about nutcase muslim and arabs and fanatic who will blow up themself even to just prove some stupid point and they are all crazy anyway who do this look at muslim writer salam rushdie who ayatollah khomeni put out reward to kill him for writing nothing bad about muslims and what about 14 year old gil who just was killed by bullet in head and neck in pakistan? you don't seem to understand that we have to protect freedom of the right to live without psychos coming to bomb us and ram planes into world trade center.

Thomas Bergelson
10 years ago

what about when a decision has to be made who make it, a general officer with all his knowlege and training or a enlisted man with no so much training? wars are will be fought anyway so who makes the decisison to for instance drop atom bomb what stopped wwii from killing more people.

10 years ago

Its the same, by the way, in every war, since time immemorial. They are run by self-serving, greedy, psychotics who do everything with ulterior motives. The wars are fought by kids, kids and a few real patriots, usually E-7's and below.

10 years ago

You've got to be kidding me man. It was the generals who, in October 1962, wanted to blow Cuba off the map and that would have started WWIII with Khrushchev trying to blow America off the map and vice-versa. JFK saved the world in that particular case and we're all probably alive because of it. And, in Vietnam it was General Wm. Westmoreland who led the cover-up of phony body-counts and the Agent Orange debacle and it's been said that his own son died from Agent Orange contamination. Westmoreland was out for himself and his legacy (promotions and future political ambitions) I'm a writer and research this stuff and you are way off man, way off.

10 years ago

I agree with much of what has been said here, however, nothing is as one-sided as too many of the opinions here are. As one who served three years in the Marine Corps, 1962-'65, when there was a draft, I can state that I was a 17-year old juvenile delinquent who went in the Marines because I didn't want to go to the reformatory and they were the only branch who not only took me in but welcomed me with open arms and a huge smile (on the recruiter's face). Look, wars are fought not by self-serving generals and politicians but by the youth of the world, human beings, young males and females, who have not yet the knowledge or experience, never mind war, to understand completely what it is all about and exactly why it is that they are being asked to sacrifice their lives. We are formed as human beings by many things but one that almost all acknowledge is our parents and for me it was my father. He was a hard man, a German-American who was born in 1914 when Germany was waging WW I and who subsequently volunteered and fought in WWII. He was the epitome of an ardently patriotic American who loved his country and believed in serving it to his dying day. Remember, this is a man who knew from his own mother's mouth, she told him she had seen the Devil, of the horrors of WWI and who then saw the horrors of what Nazi Germany did to so many innocent human beings.
I was in a red-line brig, for going AWOL on a dare and $20 bet from a fellow marine, when I volunteered to go to Vietnam, at that time considered to be only a police action. No enlisted man at that time, or officers either, really understood what was going on in Vietnam, except, of course, for the chemical companies and weapons manufacturers who made, as usual, millions of dollars off that war, as they had, and continue to do, in every war before and since.
But, that being said, make no mistake about it, the privates and PFCs and corporals and sergeants were the guts of that war and every other war and if you don't believe in war, even as I say that I don't either, let me say this: if there were no "patriots" to fight in the Revolutionary War where would America be and if there were no one to fight in the Civil War where would America be and if there were no one to fight in WWI or WWII where would America be? We are all human beings and those of us who believe, as I do, that we come from God, have spiritual feelings that we cannot wholly explain, or put into adequate words, but (many) of us also realize that we lose them if they are not re-enforced, as mine were not, as we grow older and experience the coldness of the world and its acceptance and praise for everything we should not have praise and acceptance for, like money and power and becoming greedy and selfish and out for only yourself and your own interests. As human beings can become like this so can their countries. Vietnam was an awakening for many Americans but far too many of us have only one view or the other, pro-war or anti-war, and the groups that we align ourselves with, of course, re-enforce those views and, many times, magnify them because it is always the extremists who yell the loudest. If you are anti-war just ask yourself this: what would it take for you to "go to war?" What if they invaded America, as, regrettably admitted, America has invaded other countries? On the other hand, if you are pro-war please tell me why because I have yet to find a suitable answer, other than the previous one, where you would be defending yourself and your family.
I am a writer and just wrote a story "Any Other Name," soon to be published by Flarefont Publ., and I can tell you from all my knowledge and research on that subject, that, in 1962 JFK, Khrushchev and Castro held the very existence or annihilation of the world in their hands or mouths, as it would have been. And if, God forbid, a similar event ever happens again it will be 1000 times worse for all of human kind.

10 years ago

There are some very serious concerns about the US war machine. It's not about peace on earth, or security of freedom anymore. I believe it was at the point of WW 2, but it's changed. War is big business, and big business runs the US. Oil, natural resources, consumables, anything and everything. Wal-mart heirs own bomb shelters, and I don't know why since the US has all the bombs. Apple runs it shops overseas for profitability, not for any human need beyond the monetary need of a few. Question everything! The stuff that is really solid will hold water, but question your governments (I question mine), and hold them to account for all their actions. Sadly the gears of our world and gears of justice move far too slowly.

11 years ago

The video isn't starting. Any comments?
Well, I clicked on More Info and the Loading icon started - for minutes and minutes. So, I'm still waiting.

11 years ago

I've played the Mass Effect games so Martin Sheen's narration makes me think of the Illusive Man, it makes this so much more fun to watch

john kay
11 years ago

The War for Water
Coming soon to a theatre near you

11 years ago

1."Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
2."How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”
3. “The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence”
4.“Sooner will a camel pass through a needle's eye than a great man be "discovered" by an election”

All the quotes above were by non other than Adolf Hitler. His impact on the American government is astonishing!

Jules Hawryluk
11 years ago

The article I'm posting is indirectly related to the above video on "The American Holocaust. However it points out that the people that cause these wars, are also the one's that profit from these actions. I remember George Bush and others saying something similar to the article I am placing below.

Who said this, can you guess?

“Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacekeepers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
Herman Goering---“He was Adolph Hitler’s #2 man.”
He commented on how to generate an acceptance and enthusiasm for the mass slaughter that is war.
Can we recognize any similarities in the year 2003.

Seeing this video makes me feel ashamed at the methods that were used to subdue a small country and the Politicos that made the decision to bomb, used agent Orange. etc. We have our own war criminals that should be tried at The Hague.

11 years ago

Shame on America and shame on us all for allowing the history to repeat and repeat and repeat................
We doom ourselves like this.

Serena Violet
11 years ago

The Vietnam War was a tragedy and a waste of human life. But I believe that the Americans are learning from their mistakes. Take this documentary for example, these are American people working to educate the world around them and expose the lies for what they really were.

Alonzo Lively
11 years ago

As long as we have conflict or war for profit, we will have this kind of unacceptable, unforgivable and unbelievably barbaric behavior. It looks as if nothing has changed. It seems we will never learn to band together to stop this needless and unnecessary violence that is serving such a small minority of the world for profit only.

11 years ago

and yet within weeks of war's 'end' Congress gave them 3.3bn dollars in taxpayer funds for 'reconstruction aid.' How Americans can be so bind to not see that the Vietnam war had nothing to do with fighting communism (and the absurd 'Domino Theory' sold to the American public through a complicit corporate media)and everything to do with enriching the corporate share holders of the large military contractors. And today there are more than ever. Eisenhower warned us in his farewell speech (wherein he coins the term 'military industrial complex' in very unambiguous language. Many people think this is why Kennedy was killed because he was planning to diminish our role in SE Asia. He died and the war went n for a decade. How barbaric -all in the name so something so needless as the amassing of excess wealth.

Kerry Scott
11 years ago

What's sad is that we're still drinking the same old Kool-Aid they sold us back then. It's funny how Kool-Aid has never gone out of style. Maybe that's because the chief ingredient is sugar: you can make it as sweet as you can stand it. Now they tell us that sugar is a poison. It's trendy now
to tell servicemen that we thank them for keeping us safe. Man, we just love that Kool-Aid, don't we? Instead of buying stock in Facebook, you ought to get all the Kool-Aid stock you can. Buy and hold. You'll never lose with Kool-Aid.

11 years ago

No way to justify senseless killing, and it's still happening. The fact the shot callers get away with it sickens me, they should be brought to justice.

11 years ago

The truth of what happened in Vietnam is bad enough, I don't see the point in exaggerating or using rumors to prop that up. It just gives denialists a foothold to base their arguments on. (Just a general observation about some of the information in the video, not a response to any comments here.)

As far as equivocating Iraq with Vietnam goes, there are definitely some fair comparisons that can be made. However, I can't agree with the notion that NATO actions to stop genocide in Bosnia and the other post-Yugoslavia territories were somehow meant to desensitize the US public to prepare for a future invasion and toppling of the Hussein regime in Iraq.

11 years ago

Thank you...

11 years ago

Fraud. War is fraud - all of it.

11 years ago

There will always be a war some where the big banks sponsor both side so its a win win for them, Ask why the Federal Reserve Bank is a not run by the government, but big banks,
Korea back where they started from all other war's lost.
Look at the USS Liberty case to see who controls USA and why military personal are just targets.

lex lexich
11 years ago

you people are sick! i really don't want to have nothing more to do with americans, i am even ashamed to speak your language... you are really sick! i pity you, Nazis are nothing in compare to you... and it is still going on in several countries even as we speak, you should be ashamed, and you should not even comment this documentary. just check 38th minute before even think to write something. let that suffice!

11 years ago

To bad so called intelligent adults can't or won't see through the propaganda that our government has prpetuated ever since we became the global war machine after WW2. We(our government) became the world leaders of war machines and corporate wealth due to this new powerful enterprise.

Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex that was trying to gain control of our government in his exit speech in 1961(look it up)

Kennedy also warned us of secret societies with hidden agendas shortly before they assasinated him. Google the speech that got kennedy killed.
Kennedy tried to stop them, he fired the top three leaders of the CIA, he called for our exit from Viet Nam, and his brother Bobby, was going after the Mob who had moved their opperations into more legal forms of corporate corruption to hide behind.

So you puffed up flag waving individuals need to realize that our government was high jacked a long time ago. They have reduced our nation to one that is only known for being the world leader of weapons and war. They have profited so much from war that they have gone mad with their power and have not only instigated wars, provoked wars, armed our enemies, but their elite banking buddies help fund them as well.

It is no shock to an educated person who actually is aware, that our own troops have been involved in drug trafficing,(remember Olly)illegal weapons sales, and terrorists acts as well as terrorist training,(your tax dollars trained Al Qiata) all under an american flag representing you and I.

We are, as a nation, not the worlds policemen bringing forth freedom and liberties as our bought and paid for media likes to portray. We are a nation of corporate gangsters and opportunistic profiteers. We produce and own more weapons of mass destruction than anyone else, provide weapons for many enemies, create civil unrest in other countries, then charge in to enslave them, under rulers we pick for them. We empower many warlords to political status, then tear them down when they disobey our corporate wishes.

We americans are seen as global bullies and our number one export is weapons of war and death. Our leaders are guilty of war crimes, and have prospered off of the innocent blood of not only our own soldiers, but many innocent men women and children across the world in conflicts that were avoidable.
We have the means to blow up the world, yet we drag out conflicts for years in order for the military industrial complex to push the market and to further their profits and tax dollars from us citizens to help further their agenda of world domination, by any means necessary.

To proudly wave our flag now, is an embarresment to anyone who believes in what the constitution was based on. Freedom and liberty. These criminals ruling our government now, do not care about us or our freedom, we are just a tax cash cow that allows them to opperate behind closed doors for "national security" reasons. Reasons that I am sure would cause riots in the streets if truth were ever allowed to be told.

It is sad that anyone who is aware, anyone who feels the need to speak out against our governments actions, like a true patriot, for the people, in favor of the people, is slandered by the mainstream media, insulted by brainwashed followers of the corporate elite who believe that rich, spoiled, beaurocrats, and corporate bankers and warmongers will ever do a damn thing to restore our constitution and let the will of the nations people be followed.

Wake up America. Conspiracies do exist, and have existed since the dawn of man. That is no crazy theory. Deny it if you will, you just need to decide if you are for the people, believe that government should be controlled by the people, or controlled by a corrupt shadow government that has stopped governing for us in favor of profiting for them selves behind closed doors.

Go ahead, insult me now. I know whos side I'm on. I am a Patriot.

11 years ago

As I watched 'American Holocaust' I was not surprised at any of its content. While I praise the film maker for their effort in exposing some of the criminalities and horrors which would make the Third Reich pale in comparison. I am not in the least bit encouraged to feel that there is an American conciousness that will stop the vile American imperialist machine. All too often this same legacy of lies deceit and brutality is metered out by the United States and its allies. Every new war fit generation will be duped without question into behaving in the same way as the repentant Vietnam vets did. Every war on this planet has had the greedy hand of America at its design and inception even if no shot was fired by an american. In the wake of Iraq and Afghanistan every American must know that their Gas they pump into their fuel tanks and thus everything they so gluttonously consume is tainted with the blood of innocent people around the world. I wait for the next documentary to be made soon about further atrocities, lies and deception by the USA in their current wars. To all involved in the making of this documentary, I praise your efforts and hope that somehow it will stir some action into motion to stop the american war machine, but I do not hold my breath.

I wait for their next move on Ugandan oil or more broadly African minerals when they will motivate Black American soldiers to murder rape and pillage the people and lands their ancestors were stolen from to be slaves to White americans. Furthermore this open warfare is something that can make a powerful statement such as this documentary but the covert genocide operations carried out by them with chemical and viral warfare is far more atrocious and deceitful.

The Nazis won the second world war by changing uniform. Goebbles taught Hollywood well.

11 years ago

".....Ears for beers. It got to be a game" says an unemotional ex-soldier around the 47 min mark. People, especially Americans need to watch this film right through. Talk about believing a white-wash my whole life! America is Earth's leading exporter in State -Sponsored Terrorism. If you can't see that after watching this film then you really have been brainwashed.

11 years ago

I lasted 6 minutes into this story . . .
But the sight of a helpless child laying motionless was enough for me.
We know WHO (done it), But HOW? and WHY? . . . There is NO REASON whatsoever to justify such an act.
War is such a waste of life . . . sad all around.

11 years ago

Cowardly and Gullible Bastards!

11 years ago

There shouldn't be one single proud american alive today if they would know their history, from indian natives, vietnam... Now playing, acting like they don't know what was 9-11, pretending blind with iraq, afganistan and so on...
this guys laugh when they talk about their slaughtering of civilians...
their grandgrandchildren whould be ashamed for who they are and where they come from..
killers of human kind, graverobbers. I am ashamed that I am from the same kind as americans are... I am ashamed for being human because of them!!
And they point their fingers at hitler still?? Sucking off werner von brauns or how he was called just because they got more killing tools from him so they can continue what they are about... Killing children?? Poisoning rice?
If Humans will be alive in 2000 years with a single chance to know their history - Americans will be a known as a country of caligulas, thats for sure!

11 years ago

An American should not feel offended when I say don't like the American government at all on foreign policy. Think about it.