Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls

2002, Sexuality  -   384 Comments
Ratings: 6.81/10 from 57 users.

The Disclosure ProjectFor some people, finding a partner in life can be difficult. For others, it's almost impossible.

10 years ago, a small factory in California began making an alternative partner. Each is tailored made to suit every taste.

There are now 3,000 real dolls across the world providing some of those with love and compaionship that real women cannot...

Each doll costs around 4,000 pounds. Of those able to afford it, the dolls are worth every penny.

Directed by: Rock Schroeter

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10 months ago

When I find a human woman that will give me a chance at love is when ill set my doll down.

I've been single for 30 years and women seem to want to keep it that way...I don't hate women in the slightest but it can be extremely frustrating when literally every woman within a 30 mile radius says no your too short or I see you as a "little" brother not a lover. And she wants to cry on my shoulder while her abusive partner beats her...if that's what love is it doesn't look appealing to me... However I have nothing to go by I was told practice makes perfect. I have no practice in love or sex I'm still a virgin. That in of itself is a turn off to women. They think I'm a creep or something but yet they date the bad boys and get black eyes and pregnant by him and tries to change him...Any man that beats a woman is a creep no excuse

Roberto Fiad
4 years ago

There was a time when I was younger that I considered being one of these men. Yet there was a reason I didn't become one and today, at age 60 I'm glad I didn't. What was that reason for which I decided to not go that path? Let's see what would have been the conviction in my heart that would have crushed my spirit if I had indeed gone that way? I'd say it would have been a soul-crushing conviction of failure, of defeat as a man, a conviction of inadequacy as a person. When would such a conviction have been most painful to me? It would have been when I saw couples walking down the street together. I would have felt and asked myself how was that man in that couple complete and adequate whereas I would have felt incomplete, inadequate. I'm glad that I finally and completely rejected the option of getting myself together with a sex doll. It would have been the most self-defeating option that I would have resorted had I gone that path.

6 years ago

Okay, Hang Gliding Guy saying he's a "super hero" is definitely egotistical, and generally these guys present themselves with a poor view of women, (although I think it's fair to say the second one may have been treated poorly and why he's hesitant about meeting real women though the control thing may be an issue, but ... ) that and the real pubic hair is nasty, but overall I think that someone getting a RealDoll doesn't make them a horrible loser, and shouldn't be condemned for it. I agree with the creator (who makes Barbie look more realistic) that some people have social issues and that this is a way to make their lives better. Maybe if more people are compassionate to the social outcast, maybe so they're no longer considered an outcast, they wouldn't have to buy a RealDoll, but even if they do, that doesn't necessarily make them a freak. I'd rather someone spend money and entertain themselves with a doll than give money to those that manipulate and exploit real women.

6 years ago

Wow, so many comments judging the men in this documentary as being less than, weird, disgusting, and so on, and that is possibly something they may have experienced their life, hence why they have gravitated to RealDolls. "Walk a mile in a persons's shoes ..." I wouldn't buy a RealDoll because, for me, they're too expensive and a bit disconcerting, but that's just me. That doesn't mean I get to declare that someone is bad news because he (or she) wants a RealDoll.

People spend so much money on sex toys or other entertainment, so spending that much money may be a summed up investment that other people spend over a course of a longer period of time for an assortment of sex toys or movie tickets or whatever. If these men aren't hurting anyone else, and are getting some enjoyment from life, and aren't detrimentally harming themselves, that should be viewed in a positive light.

So many comments talk about being open minded or that there is no judgement without a so-called-fictitious God, yet are all about condemning these men for being open minded and finding a way to feel love and love themselves, such hypocrisy!

As for the men in the doc being sexist for wanting the women to look like a distorted view on the average woman, sadly there would be probably just as many women would rather buy something that looked like the "perfect" male, someone on the cover of Men's Health or a leading man on-screen than the average man. Society as a whole worships the photoshopped image of a person or the smaller percentage of the population. If these men have an unrealistic view on women it may be because that's what they've been bombarded with, or maybe they're just attracted to that - and surely no one would suggest a less attractive woman couldn't be attracted to a handsome man. In addition, plastic sex dolls are generally that of an "attractive" woman or man, so it's not just these men or this company. I'm not suggesting that there shouldn't be other body types or facial features, but that the unrealistic proportions of a RealDoll aren't out of place in a world where, sadly, that's what's in everyone's faces is the ultimate dream, to be the current choice of beauty.

In any case, this is a documentary which may not show everything, it may be like so much else trying to get a certain reaction, so we only see a small chunk of these men's lives, but also another doc on the same thing may feature other men (and even women) who might appear differently, and the person maintaining the dolls may not be so cringe-worthy - that guy also may have just been playing up for the doc. These men aren't using money to further the illegal sex trade or hurt women or children, so that should be considered when writing these men off as horrible people. Furthermore, people like to put others down to feel better about themselves and I think that in part that's what some of these comments are suggestive of. If nothing else, one should at least try to be empathetic toward the men in this doc than just saying they're "gross."

9 years ago

Awesome dolls, absolutely awesome. I have now started saving for one even though it will take years on my current earnings! They are just so worth it. Everard Cunion is my hero!

Bryan Araki
9 years ago

Oh one last comment before I go probably won't find this site or even remember it. But the UK TV or BBC, CH4 etc always exaggerates or lies to make their shows more showy so I bet that break up at the end maybe didn't even happen they could be happily married. I have a friend who works for the BBC and he says 90%+ of UK shows are embellished. Anyway food for thought.

9 years ago

I'm an old fashioned gentleman (just 38) Have been married twice, 1st caused 8 divorces via adultery and I divorced in 7 months. (I'm lucky to not have aids or be dead) 2nd died sadly after a few months. I have had 15 girlfriends before. (5 of them I didn't sleep with, even 2 live-ins, once I decided to become a wait for marriage guy) Every one of them cheated in the first 1-6 months, but still wanted to keep me so stop your lies right there that it has anything to do with the victim you evil slags. (most later trying to get me back too) Many girls try to get with me (now that I have money and its dead obvious their intentions) but I'm not interested in either being with them, nor going out and having sex. I can't stand loose girls and wont bed one even if "hot". I can afford to have my choice of over at least 2 million live in prostitutes from many countries in the world if I wanted. (nearly any of them better than a g/f or non-TRULY Christian wife, in all ways shapes and forms, and a hell of a lot more honest too) But I won't do that either. I don't want a fat pig girlfriend and I certainly would never settle for a fat pig wife. (forget the US then) I'm not super tall I'm under average (forget the US+Canada+UK+AU then again) I'm now too old for anyone without their own kids/massive ungodly amount of baggage. I tried 3 times with girls who had kids, nightmare on elm street, they couldn't give one s*it about a guy. In the western world, kids to a girl are #1 and the man doesn't mean s*it, hes a leftover at best and a slave to her life, she doesn't care one bit if the kids don't have a proper family and father or that kids can die, WILL move out, and alienate you at 14+ years old. Kids are supposedly for life (even though gone in 14 years), and the man? F$%# a man I can get a new one just by opening my legs. My University mates (15 of us) all married, ALL our wives committed adultery. We never talk about it, but we have and everyone knows it. Only 3 even made it to the having kids stage before catching them and divorcing. Most of us have been raped in divorce also by the poor sods. I can't find one decent honorable REAL WOMAN (a lady) who isnt fat or homely as sin, to save my life, in any country in the world I have been to, (well travelled) and I often frequent churches (where the total void of girls aged 25+ single without kids) is very evident unless they are there to catch a rich easy mark decent guy to fraud. (many parasites in there, some with great game too) I have been eyeing real-doll for a while and I am so happy they have made it. I havent bought one yet but you bet your a** I will. (just too damn busy in business) It's not that guys cant find to wh*re to screw, (just need to buy you s*upid slags a beer or two or a dinner or two and ask, and its over, AT BEST) I can walk into any place I want and If I really want sex ill get it by nights end, there are so many pigs out there in the free-love world, I could be a total pig and still hit. (but I NEVER do that, even to the point of crying on my f'in pillow, truth, NEVER) If I acted all sweet to them like the players and used the BS games they play, I could have even more girls. But you know what? I hate the games, I hate the sleazy cheap sex and it made me feel even worse back when I fell to it in total lonliness after years of waiting. I'm not attracted to the easy pigs, nor the fat girls, I want a lady, and you know what? There are NONE. I would rather date an old woman from the 1950's or 1940's just as a friend than date any of you sick pigs. I'm rich, loving like a damn prince, I'm not a 9 but in some girls eyes I'm an 8. I was a ten in past (didn't help, seriously) and now that I'm 38, losing hair, quite a bit of grey, lines on face, I'm only a 5-8. In 23 years I have been searching the WORLD for love, and haven't found ANYTHING but horrific abuse on a scale never thought imaginable in a world where we have disney movies. I thank GOD for the real doll so that when I'm old, at least I can have some of the sex I waited for being a gentleman. (many girls say I'm too old already when hear my age, out comes the frown, sulking, etc, cause I don't look it, even with lines, greys, and receding like a scot, but its catching up fast now)

Face it, a realdoll cant fraud you, a realdoll wont abuse you, a realdoll wont judge you, a realdoll wont take you for granted nor use you nor neglect you, nor put you 2d 3rd 4th, 10th. They wont be immature selfish mindgame playing crybabies either. A REAL WOMAN ISNT a size 14 you fat lazy un-giving uncaring manhating selfish pigs. Only in OBESE-ica, and nearly the whole world (and pre-1980 US) IS DIFFERENT, (a size 0-8, 8 on the fat end) (I'm still in near athlete shape too) A realdoll will never lie to you, cheat you, betray you, yell at you, insult you, dishonor and disrespect you, as almost ALL girls will, and everyone knows it.

I would order one today if I didn't have to fly tomorrow.
I am hard anti-prostitution, I am so hugely a family man, and have been wanting kids for 13 years badly, but cant find a decent mother NOR WIFE anywhere I have looked, and I feel like I have dilligently turned every rock there is to turn in the world (near full time job for at least 10 of the 23 years during single times, looking) I was strong to not have kids while having all the gf's I had and chose to build family in priority. Every gf I had, my intention was marriage, hers? Only to get herself money, IF marriage was actually more than just on her lips (always in mouth just like the #1 lie - i love you)

I'm sick and tired of girls and totally to the point of beyond giving up. I haven't even MET ONE girl who has any concept nor interest in giving to her husband in marriage, (im talking in mind before marrying) nor living a code of that, in ANY WAY (outside of a church of course) Good men would F#^#in DIE for their wives, passion from a woman? you could hear a F$%#in pin drop, WORLDWIDE. Not only is there absolutely NO DESIRE at ALL to give anything to the man (I can hear it now, OH OH IM GIVING!! I may be fat as a cow but ill let him have a little now and then!!) PASSSS!!!!

I would rather spend all my money to the point of poverty marketing for realdoll, than spend one f#%&ing dime on some cheap piece of trash like all the girls are today. (meet some exceptions, but always not my type - (very unfit, or homely as, dumb as a post) Not that I will spend my money on marketing for realdoll, but I wont spend my money dating any girl either. I Gladly date myself now, and believe me, the only girl in the WORLD that's coming over to my seat seeing me alone, is some pig after money, or some fat girl, or some prostitute. I dress very well being a gentleman, in a non-assuming non-threatening casual-up way. And I've done tests of all kinds man I mean I've done it like science. And no matter which way you go, girls ain't coming over, and I am DONE approaching girls (finished that at 37 due to all the world-known obvious reasons no one need rehash. (I don't go to bars either, rare exception for me as in 1-4 times a year to a pub style)

I go to all the other places, meetings, groups whatever, Void of girls, especially of any intellect, but the sharks are swimming. I have done all the dating services, all the sites, (in many countries) just a shopping service for prince sucker, and any girl attractive is working it like a whore-broker.

I think I'm getting maybe 50% of the way near up to the equal hate that man-hating women of the western world have now, I can begin to feel it.

This decent family man-gentleman (dresses like and has the pocket also, in the gym, and opens doors and does charity, and on my knees also, the full life-giving kind of selfless husband) is DONE, FINISHED, FINALITY. F$&# you despicable trash pigs, so selfish and totally self-serving and ungiving.

I will give the final good years of my prime, to a realdoll. I will artifical insem and adopt at around 50, and live a happy life.

Now go back to your shoe collection, depserate houswives and sex in the city, niptuck, lesbos, dildos, and other sick gossip and adultery clubs, and when you see the next man who looks away when your eyes meet his, JUST KEEP WALKIN.

neeko giana
10 years ago

It's hard to say if I would own a doll if I had no success with women. I'm sure I would. It's difficult to relate to but if you put yourself in the shoes of one of these men. I can't say I blame them. Very interesting documentary, makes a person think and see just how different life could be. Sure makes a guy appreciate what he's got.

10 years ago

I don't understand why using dolls is taboo. It makes more sense to me than using real women for sex. Just seems more honest, more moral...even more hygienic, assuming you clean them after every use. Kudos to those guys willing to be in the documentary.

Dewi Mohammed
10 years ago

I understand that any person must satisfy their needs but I can almost assure it's not the best way to fill it because it creates a new kind of deviation from the right path to human nature to associated with a real mate, I feel really bad and sad for them i almost see a cry for help behind their actions.

10 years ago

that one guy that had all those sex dolls... man I bet his house smelled funky.

10 years ago

Wow, ok so the last guy definitely seemed like he was just a pig and I'm SO glad his girlfriend left him after the film was shot, she deserves better and you could tell that his vast collection of dolls were NOT ok with her even tho she said they were on camera. The first and second guy shown in this doc. have issues obviously and I really feel bad for them, they really do seem lonely. I even felt kind of bad for the 3rd guy too. I think it is very strange and really gross but they need some genuine help, not people teasing them. Unfortunately now after this documentary everyone knows their "secret" and that is exactly what may happen. This documentary left me feeling very appalled and then very sad!

10 years ago

Those dolls have the same IQ as Sarah Palin

10 years ago

At last, an answer to the Republican party's problems!

10 years ago

What I hear are men trying to justify their reasons for why a doll is better than human companionship when they shouldn't even have to. This idea of what being sexually desirable means are not our ideas. Women miss out knowing these men for who they are while these men keep their ideals of what they want women to look like through these dolls while they could be rejecting real women right under their noses, quote "I'd never be able to get a real women that would look like this but the real doll can give me that". Suited to taste? Bull*hit. All these dolls look like barbies to me; chesty, high cheekbones, just slightly different skin tones, unanimated. In the end, I don't see how anybody really wins except the people making a living out of exploiting people's weaknesses and perpetuating them. There would be no market for dolls if these vulnerable men were able to think of themselves as sexually desirable to real women. This video was heart-breaking. And gives me another reason to think how this entire society's screwed up.

Sarah Brown
10 years ago

This documentary exemplifies the extent that we would go to in order to feel some form of companionship. However, unfortunately, these men feel as though they are inadequate and because of this, they have to confine in dolls. I'm not one to pity anyone, but these men I do feel sorry for. Throughout the film, I felt myself wanting to give these men a giant hug and say " Everything will be okay, you will find someone one day." I know this seems like a rudimentary action, but these men just need to know that they are loved and love is not just having intercourse with a doll. I really hope that they are able to watch themselves via this film and understand they are worth more and that they can find someone. I could be wrong and overly optimist, but one thing I know I am right about is that these men are sad and lonely.

10 years ago

well, I don't know if I'd have sex with a doll, but I definitely wouldn't have sex with someone else's doll!

11 years ago

I found this show fascinating when I first watched it with my girlfriend a couple of years ago - I had no idea these things existed!
Not something that I would ever be into, but if these guys feel that this is their only option, and it keeps em happy, then let them get on with it! They are not out doing nasty things like so many others do (rapists, paedophiles etc) so I fail to see why anyone would have a pop at them :/

11 years ago

it's sad when you think our society have pushed us to feel not accepted by our fellow species.

11 years ago

even better then the real thing I want a man one real men suck

11 years ago

It was heartbreaking watching these guys.
To realize how lonely and insulated people can become.

11 years ago

Just want to add my experience in terms of these "losers". In North America, you have to be a good looking/tall guy just to get an average girl. Even fat girls expect to get an above-average guy (and female obesity is skyrocketing - they just don't care anymore, someone will fu*k them anyway). If you're an unattractive dude, you're completely screwed. I was lucky to get out of North America when I was 19, had a few girls, and now am in a loving relationship with an attractive lady. If I had stayed? I'd probably be a virgin, if not a suicide case. I probably wouldn't go as far as Realdoll, but I can understand these guys situations.

11 years ago

Gives a whole new meaning to objectifying women. lol

Kirsten Council
11 years ago

Sex is not a logical thing and it makes perfectly reasonable people act in ways that may seem socially backward. Who cares if these guys want to have sex with real dolls? Women use all sorts of toys all the time & no one bats an eyelash - you can even buy vibrators in a lot of drugstores! The only thing that would concern me is if they "forgot" how to deal with real women & it hurt their chances of developing a RL relationship. But hey, they may not want a RL relationship; if so, again, who is getting hurt by this?

Solitare Macabre
11 years ago

Guy's and Dolls
A guy goes into an adult product store and says to the clerk. Hey I would like to get one of those inflatable dolls.
The clerk says ok what would you like a male doll or female doll?
The guy replies a female what do you think?
The clerk says well you know it takes all kinds, and so is there any particular race you wanted
The guy says yes give me a cacaiusn,**** a caucasian. White I want a white female inflatable doll.
The clerk says ok just one more thing would you like your inflatable doll to be a Christian or a Muslim?
The guy replies now what the heck does religion have to do with this?
The clerk answers well sir the Muslim doll blows itself up. ********* LOL.

It's a joke laugh about it.

11 years ago

Here is my 2cents and you may or may not like it. Most of the Women out there talk about us guys wanting to control them yet they also want to control us guys. The proof is out there, check out divorce rates and who does the divorcing on the internet. Ya I could go out and find a woman and have sex, been there done that as well, but o ya it has to be there way. Men have to spend there hard earned money for the dates, then get nothing, or you have to put a condom on "ya latex". To bad most women dont know what a condom feels like. You dont know how many men thay have spread there legs to. STDS. The sex could be **** (they just lay there like a realdoll) or they then claim you raped them and you pay thousands in court defending yourself or you go to prison for something you did not do and get raped by other guys.(check out why so many guys get released because of new DNA.) So you choose to try and find a " REAL WOMEN " (GOOD LUCK) and get married. Well damn now they have you by the balls and a leash around your neck because they can gain weight, shop as much as they want, act the way they want, tell you when you can and can not have sex and if you dont do what they want, act the way they want or talk the way they want you to, well then "your screwed". They use sex to CONTROL, or threaten to divorce ( TO CONTROL ) and then take the children, childsupport, alimony, medical bill, half of everything, the house **** I could go on because I have been there done that ****. We men go to work and make money and they take most of everthing. " CAN WE SAY SLAVE ANYONE " Where in the hell is the fun or great sex in that. Ya I would rather have sex with a realdoll (which is more real than most women) where I hear the sex is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better and you dont have to ask, and you dont have to go threw all the BS that I have stated. You can say all your bull crap you want but it does not change the truth. The internet, court system and most men will prove this over and over again. Ya there is some **** guys out there. How many of them do ya think the women made that way with there controlling ****?????? I would love to see women go threw the **** that most women have put men threw and see what happens to them. O ya I have the women goes crazy. This is a big reason why REALDOLL FACTORIES ARE BOOMING WITH BUSINESS, get a clue the numbers dont lie. Add me to the count. Damn cant wait till I get mine. No more BS with women....Pure bliss and damn sexy..... Just my 2cents.

11 years ago

In 40 years from now once the technological singularity is breached human woman will be all but replaced by incredibly beautiful shapely talking nymphomaniac sex robots that can do everything a human female can but better. World population will decline drastically even though aging will be reversed and lifespans increased indefinitely.

11 years ago

"alternative partner" is not an appropriate description. Unless you would call a dining room table or a tree an "alternative partner"
These guys are not interested in partnership. Hence the ... thing.

11 years ago

I'm thinking that they probably will make guy dolls for women if they have not started already and then you will have women buying them too....look beyond the scope If you make women dolls then men dolls next thing someone will think of is the children dolls and you know how there are some sickos out there for real.... lets look at the big picture you start one thing then it escalates into some potentially sick crap....I would leave this stuff alone personally....

11 years ago

My husband and I were totally freaked out by this. Poor guys--see what cruelty can drive a person to? Be kind to others.

12 years ago

I've recently has sex with an escort girl and it brought me to enlightment. I have to say that sex is very overrated, but that is not all.
It's just rediculous to rely on others for your happiness. It's best to see woman as wild animals. Don't even spend time on them just keep
them at distance and do some fun things you can do alone. I'm sick of being looked down upon and being attacked by woman all my life.

It caused me great pain in my teenage life to not being able to find a girl to have sex with, but with experiencing this escort girl I can finally look back and laugh at the past and move on and live in peace with my doll.

12 years ago

These men are doing no one any harm of course. But to devote this kind of time to an inanimate object reveals a high degree of social inadequacy. Entertaining documentary nevertheless that should convince you that human proclivities can take on many different forms. Very revealing in an age that brings communication to unprecedented levels that loneliness can drive some people to this.

12 years ago

Sooo....This guy that repairs these dolls has had sex with some of them? I bet if Davecat found out that guy had sex with his doll he would freak out! These people trust him to take care for something they care about and think of as a loved one and then he goes and has sex with their belongings with out them knowing. That seems wrong to me and I wonder if he lost some clients because of this Doc.

12 years ago

A bandage on a gunshot wound.... that's what this doc should've been called. Dolls wouldn't provide that deep needed social connection these men really need. Humans are social creatures they need interaction and socialization from other social beings, whether from other humans or species. If there ever comes the time I lose my husband... I wouldn't bother with a doll. I save the money and buy me a Great Dane or one of those cute, intelligent robots from Japan.

Tatu Taivainen
12 years ago

C_and_N and 0zyxcba1, you are both idiots. C's an idiot for being an intolerant c*** that does not appreciate other people's feelings, whether they be directed towards a doll, another man or whatever the people in question prefer. If somebody wants to f*** a doll, what harm does it cause you and why do you give a s*** if you think they are so pathetic. I have respect for your Christian beliefs, but you have to understand that you, too have to respect other people.

0, don't insult people. Reason with them. Really, you have no manners, and come off as an arrogant a**hole.

Natalia, don't call people losers. To put it in your perspective (and this is not the whole thing about dolls), think of it as glorified masturbation. Do you think that people who masturbate are losers? Would a woman having a dildo be pathetic? If it is not, logically a man having an artificial vagina would not be pathetic, either. Otherwise it would be sexist, and that is not nice. You call it narcissism. What is wrong with narcissism. You yourself should logically be the most important person in the world to you. These guys having dolls does not make them losers. Them living with their parents kind of does, yes, but that is not my point.

Orfkip, don't blame feminism. It may or may not be feminism's "fault" but equality is awesome and a thing everyone should fight for. Would it be fair if women would just have to "like" you if you want it. You have to work for a relationship to happen, women do too. I do, however, think that it is fantastic you keep trying for a girlfriend. There is nothing wrong with having a doll.

XZanthia and Clifton Warren, you are cool, keep being interested in things and being generally awesome.

12 years ago

People are interesting. with a brain our size and the complexity of our society with the restrictions on our animistic side, what you you expect?
I can see that a object or a doll could be better then the inconsistently of a human relationship to some people.
People replace lovers and companionship with pets, children, hobbies, work and much more and this is not looked at as to strange.
The human animal in its desire for physical and emotional satisfaction has taken objectfileism and masturbation to the next level.
More power to them.

12 years ago

I've been trying to improve myself for years to be worthy for a girl to have sex with, but I failed. I tried to be worthy to be in a relation which also failed. So now I live with my life-size doll which I am attached to. She is not used for sex, she is my companion which I can hug and hold in my arms. Still the fight goes on to find a girl to have sex with. But if you are not able to get in a relation or be able to beat and outsmart feminism, then there is no room for you in the gene pool, that also goes for me. Only the strongest will survive, those who fail to adapt to the complexity of a modern society will die. If you plan to have a partner you have to aim for perfection, which these guys in the documentary fail at.

12 years ago

a relationship with a doll is not a relationship. You are only relating to yourself.

12 years ago

you just feel so sad why you just love a doll its o.k my friend one day you just search a nice woman to your life so if you like.

12 years ago

Actually a sad doc. These people won't know real connection with a mate and that is too bad. Yeah they think they are in love and everything that they believe a real relationship is, but its still a doll. I see their social and emotional issues and i get it, i see why they have them. but its still too bad, they are missing out.

12 years ago

Well its just lumps of silicone. Just like my RX8 is a lump of metal.
In 100 years few people will give a hoot.
Benign is the only word that springs to mind.

12 years ago

no std's, no headaches, no bitching, no breakups....

12 years ago

Well, I read the individual comments, done some research, talked to one of the individuals before I came up with my own opinion on the matter. Now when I first saw this, I was very intrigued. I never knew anyone to actually carry out these type of "relationships." I stumbled upon this by accident because I actually found Davecat to be quite attractive and I do mean VERY.

Mmm-hmm... yep (blush) - only to become confused that he's "married" to plastic. Damn.. *sigh* Anyways...

Feel bad for them?...meh. Of course these men win despite their "issues" of being "emotionally unavailable" I can't help, but feel how gimmicky this whole thing is. I love how they portray the love and availability of these dolls they can't find in others - thanks to the manufacturer "personal touches" *sarcasm* Watch these people see the dough rolling in from the curious.

This was a great recipe to attract a large fan base. Who doesn't love the occasional eccentric/(fill in the blank) type people - especially if they play aloof AND fulfilled. You get a lot of women and men who will run after these people because they want to "rescue" them and show them the "love" they never had OR purchase these dolls because others found true "happiness". Mmmm.

*NOTE to the lady who commented it only being for men: There are dolls for women too.

Is this really all that UN-usual? Lets look at fake va-inas and dil-os *I'm trying not to offend anyone* I can see these "dolls" being a more intimate extension of those toys.

In my opinion and conclusion, I don't think these men are NEARLY as happy and committed to these lifeless dolls. I don't care what they say to the contrary. Like I said before, due to my research, I do believe Davecat is doing mostly promotions. *Sorry Davecat, I'm just being honest* I wouldn't be surprised if these dolls were just lying around because they are so big, heavy and easily accessible for sex NOT because they want to "include" these dolls in their activities. Well.. okay... of course for sex, but nothing else!

The kissing, the "I love you's", the supposed closeness, in my opinion, is hogwash.

12 years ago

All of these guys in this doc (even the repairman) are pigs. They want a piece of meat to carry around and screw versus someone that would actually challenge them. Even the creepy guy with 3 semi-automatic guys in his bedroom compared women to chewed up meat. That's how they see women and its probably why they have never and will never have a partner. A partner is someone you mutually respect and if you have no respect for someone, they aren't going to want to screw you. I know this business of making dolls is employing people, so I wouldn't say it should be made illegal. But there is something wrong with you, if you are having sex with a lifeless body on your bed. It's not to the point of necrophilia but it's starting to get close. Even the guy at the end couldn't give up his dolls when he had a real woman in front of him because his fetish has taken over his life. These men are addicted to a fetish (having sex with inanimate objects) and they could never give that up. It's sad that they gave up on a real connection.

12 years ago


The last part of your comment was pretty funny. But as far as making dolls for the cho mos (child molesters) that aint right. Those nasty f^%kers need to be in prison with a cell mate that violates his a$$ every night for the rest of his worthless life!

12 years ago

It is great for men that don't want to do anything but have sex, they don't have to do anything else in the relationship. They don't have to talk, compromise, listen, they can have sex when ever they want, they don't get nagged, they don't have to support a wife and they get to talk only about themselves. It is the perfect answer for HIV positive men, rapists,perverts and men that beat up women.

I feel it would be a great program to give one to every sexual predator! I think they should make young looking dolls for pedaphiles and keep them off the streets, give them to all the angry men so they can beat them up, treat them like crap, it is going to keep these guys where they should be, at home. The male dolls are made for men, why not make them for women? Because some women want to be supported, don't really like sex or are in relationships for the wrong reasons. A very long time ago I did some sketches for life size dolls or the rich and famous, I thought it would be cool to have Brad Pitt in a tuxedo at my dining room table or some other hunk sitting on the sofa pretending to read a magazine. The sex part did not enter my mind, it was an art project, I made a prototype and drawings of many characters, I just didn't have the knowledge to get a prototype to look like the stars. Many years later, I saw the documentary and was amazed how many men have these sex dolls, it seems that it is the perfect relationship for them, they don't have to give anything of themselves, the doll is always happy to do what ever they want. I say live and let live,. I sure would be happy to have a great looking male doll that I didn't have to cook for, clean up after, do laundry etc. He would never cheat, or lie, and it is the ultimate safe sex. Times have changed, there are no real roles for men and women now,like before, we just don't need each other like we used to. We can all work, cook or go out, do our own laundry or pay someone to do it, so why not? I am waiting for the male doll, made for women, that will have pivoting hips, and will cuddle after... lol, I wont have to worry about him leaving the toilet seat up, burping or farting, scratching himself or anything else, lol...

12 years ago

Ah man,this ain't right.
It was pretty sick to see these dudes talk about these things as if they were real.That one clown with the femie hair cut was pretty twisted. What are going through their minds when their with these dolls . I mean do they really think they can substitute plastic, or what ever sh^t those things are made of,for a real life piece of a$$?

Hell, if they want a women I'll send my wife on over. Though I must admit she definately weighs more then a 100 pounds. I would'nt miss her a bit! As a matter of fact I'll load her fat a$$ in a box right now and ship her free of charge. I'll even pay for shipping and handeling!

12 years ago

This is sad and pathetic on so many levels I can’t even start counting. It’s probably ok for these men to keep these dolls as sex toys, but other than that, any attempt to rationalize the relationship they form with them because of loneliness is totally preposterous. These dolls are sex toys. You may satisfy your agalmatophilia or necrophilia by having sex with an inanimate woman-like doll, but you can’t establish a relationship with a piece of plastic. Sex toys are sex toys and what tickles anyone’s fancy in the bedroom (as long as it does not harm others) is their own business. The idea of establishing a bond with a piece of plastic reveals a pathology underneath and it is not normal. I may be using a vibrator in the privacy of my bedroom but I will not take it to dinner with me or introduce it to my parents as their son in law. I mean, come on. Let’s not loose perspective.

I strongly believe that people who view these dolls as anything other than pure sex toys need help, as they obviously have many issues that they need to resolve. This is so wrong on so many levels. Even the notion of the relationship that they seem to have in their head is so wrong, as no normal woman spends her day on the sofa with her legs spread open and her mouth open, with all the cliché connotations, ready to be manipulated or made to have sex at any given time. The feeling I get is that the perception they have of women is that they are just objects for sexual gratification: perfect, slim, young, big breasted, always available for sex, quiet. Yeah, this is exactly how a normal relationship works. But then again ooops! I forgot, you can’t have one with a doll. This is not a sexual deviation, sex dolls have been around for ages-this is pure pathology and inability to function in the real world.

12 years ago

the hang glider dude was actually the least creepy of them all. i think he can find someone. the rest of these guys have thier own odd logic to this O_o that gordon dude was the scariest though by far. "its a high form of masturbation but at the end of the day, its just a doll"

12 years ago

Great Doc. Thanks... Cheers !