Hawaii: Message in the Waves

Hawaii: Message in the Waves

2007, Environment  -   22 Comments
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Hawaii: Message in the WavesHawaii: Message in the Waves is a film from the BBC Natural History Unit looking at some of the environmental challenges facing the people and wildlife of the Hawaiian Islands.

Although the documentary is from a Hawaiian perspective it is really a global film. Because of their size, location and social history, the Hawaiian Islands represent a microcosm of the planet and are in a unique position to tell all of us where we are going wrong and what we can do to help put things right.

For more than just surfers, the ocean is an integral and inseparable part of Hawaiian life. To see the magnificent waves crash upon the Hawaii's beaches, it's clear why: From a Hawaiian perspective the ocean represents the ultimate beauty and bounty of life.

The waves that carry this bounty also carry a message. It is becoming increasingly clear that the oceans, not just around Hawaii but the world over, are in peril.

Now, scientists, surfers, environmentalists, and local Hawaiians, are mobilizing to address the issue. Hawaii: Message in the Waves follows their efforts as they try to clean the waters and save the marine life that calls them home.

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5 years ago

Damn, Iokepa Naeole is hot! Great, meaty muscles and a big heart!

10 years ago

Of the three R's it's reduce (massively) that needs to capture the hearts and imaginations of all generations - Plastic needs to be a rare and cared for product, and when it needs to be disposed of treated like any environmmental hazard. . Instead while some of the worst offender countries are learning to reduce and take more care in what we buy, Corporation have found new customers in developing countries, and demanding of all nations through bought off politicians/law-makers less regulation and less monitoring, etc. So the shift needs to be a shift in consciousness based on an absolute respect for the eco systems that sustain us. Like a hypocratic oath and the ancient ways of hawaiin elders "Do No Harm" must needs become the mantra re: how we deal with our natural and human world. -peace

11 years ago

Humanity = FAIL once again. :-(

11 years ago

Answering to Bobby Carter.
I too want to know .I have lived by the coast all my life and it is the same problem every beach I go to ,some much worse than others and I have seen it getting worse.
This year whilst swimming in the sea I saw a big plastic bin liner .These can tear, then open out to twice there normal size and wheeley bin liners are bigger again.It is no longer safe for humans as well as the animals to swim .If you got entangled whilst swimming you would have a struggle to get out of the heavy with water bag .Swim within your depth .
Do not walk on sand with out foot ware .The amount of glass I have seen ,Bottles ,light bulbs, tubular light bulbs,jars and razor sharp tins ! Thats what can be seen but how much lies beneath the sand or water where you paddle that can be stepped on .If it splits your foot open ,feet bleed heavily if you have to walk for help.
From what I have seen like nets and rope looks like they are from the fishing boats and then there are private boats, ferries and cruse liners .Is it cheaper and easier for them to dump at sea and do some countries use the ocean to dump ?
Like in medicine it is much better to treat the cause not the symptom.
The environment is the same, it is almost pointless to pick up the pieces ,(like some try ,they pile it up in one place but its too difficult to then carry it to the top of the cliff) ;If all the time these suggested causes ,boats and countries are dumping landfill sites of the stuff out at sea.Some of it might come down rivers.
Like they say in the film the people cause the problems and krishna explains in the Bhagavad-Gita (as it is) about Karma and reincarnation .Therefore learn about Krishna ,Hear about Krishna act to please Krishna and chant ....


The world and the people are diminishing .They think they are advancing ,after watching this film and many others like it,where is this advancement?That is why It is most important to learn from the most important ,Krishna.
You must expect a bad reaction from a bad action like killing turtles and fish or any animal .In this diminishing world how bad will it be to be reincarnated as an Albatross, you'll be three under par alright !

Suggestions to REDUCE.
Use a classic razor,only the blade needs replacing and they are really good ,don't believe those gimicks they sell you about disposables razors ,they must be rubbish if they need three blades.
Could a toothbrush be made on the same principle as the classic razor , where you keep the handle for life and only change the brush head with a standard thread fitting?
Dont use plastic tampon applicators.In the past whole beaches hear in the UK where covered in them after being flushed down the toilet .My father helped with a university study of beach litter and after so many other reports of the same pink plastic covered beaches , the UK's sewerage system was modified to stop them getting through and into the sea.
Dont buy things you can live without just because they are 50 for a pound and you only want one .
Learn about Krishna.

Can the 83% of plastic waste that I hear is not recycled mainly due to it not being clean enough , be put in a simple one pice metal mould ,lets say a mould in the shape of a plank ,board , brick or block .Then the mould heated up only just enough to melt and stick and bond it all together and then used in constructions ?
This would need the minimum amount of heat ,minimum mould operation cost and have minimum air pollution.The rectangular plastic shape would have one rough face but five fairly smooth working faces.
If I had a back yard a parabolic mirror and a baking tray I would give it a go .

12 years ago

wow...beautiful .. when people gonna realize that money and power is not why we are here.. :/ :/ watch also GASLAND and INSIDE JOB

12 years ago

If we all picked up a little more garbage than we left behind, eventually the world would be clean. :)

12 years ago

The same problem exits everywhere. Its sad. I applaud those that make some effort to teach others

12 years ago

individuals should act - governments will follow

if not - we fall

Christopher Lawrence
12 years ago

Hawaii is at the top of my list of the places i want to go. Out of all the things i seen dealing with Hawaii they never showed anything like the videos i just seen. I thought it was small and clean all over. Crazy sight seeing all the dead birds with their stomach full of junk. I agree with the saying "thinking Hawaiian", its not about who you are and where you're from, its the idea. We all live in this world together, why not help each other keep it clean.

Semeka Rowe
12 years ago

the message in the waves is really inspiring messsage that can all help us to better take care of the planet,by not populling in and learning how to recycle is the first step that we can take to ensure that proper Particles are put away in their proper place. kapu and konohiki message is to help us save the earth
from certain types of trash and particals that are harming our planet. kapu and konohiki are that we need to save the ocean off the shores of hawaii.

12 years ago

I am checking out so many docs "What in the world are they spraying" above Hawaii and all the plastic in the Ocean should be considered an Oil Spill. Oil companies should be responsible for the cost of clean up I am in AWE of how much control the N.W.O. have got. The bastards are never going to be happy until 80% of us are gone . VIVE LA RISTANCE

12 years ago

Great Doc , its so sad how our profit based desposible society has destroyed some of the most beautiful places in the world. Call some place paridise and soon it will be destroyed excelent quote . I've never been to Hawaii and plan to visit soon hopefully its not a plastic paridise when I finally make it there.

12 years ago

@ alex

I will agree with you that it is not plastics fault but our own that it ends up in the wrong places. But I am not so sold on this recycling thing anymore. I have done a little research that says it is not cost effective and uses more energy than it saves. I am no expert on recycling plastics but this is info I got from several different independant sources. I have also heard that about fifty percent of what we throw in the recycling bins ends up in the landfill anyway. Now, if the government is going to use my tax dollars for the collection and processing of plastics for recycling, and then just throw it in the land fill which I could have done for free, I have a problem with that. Also they say that many recycling plants are wasteful and pollute the air and water with dangerouse chemicals used in the process, as well as letting a lot of plastic get away from them and into the rivers and general environment that are close by. I have seen this first hand when I toured a local recycling plant, what a disorganized mess.

I am not saying this is all happening for sure, I am no expert. I have witnessed that one plant contaminating the river right next door and letting plastic pellets get back into the general environment, but the rest of it I have only read about. I have also read not to believe what I have read about, arghhh!! All I am saying is beware, as usuall we may not be getting the skinny on plastics and recycling.

12 years ago


12 years ago

we should dispose of it properly(plastic),it is totally recyclable,its not plastics fault ,human selfishness.

12 years ago

Important message for the global community. It all begins with the choices we each make. If we stop buying plastic it will not be produced. Great documentary!!

12 years ago

Wow! It's sad how humanity could destroy the environment. Once people said that the earth is just too vast for things to change because of us, now we see that the earth is just so small to handle all of us... It's painful to watch.