Heroin Nation

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Cocaine Nation and Heroin Nation premiered on the Discovery channel are rated TV-14 because of the subject matter and some disturbing footage of drug abuse.

Both series take a raw look at all sides of drug abuse including the users, the dealers, treatment and even the science behind the addictions.

Cocaine Nation concentrates on the gritty underworld of cocaine use as seen through the eyes of law enforcement officers, addicts, users, therapists and scientists. The show makes connections between all aspects of cocaine, from how it is smuggled across the border of Mexico, to the way it affects teenagers in states up north.

Heroin Nation, which premiered after Cocaine Nation, takes a similar approach in documenting the problem with heroin in the United States.

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  1. Charles B.

    Wow! Very informative. A "10" from me.

    Does anyone know the comparative overdose rates of Meth and Heroin? Is Heroin more dangerous for potential overdose than Meth? I know that it's easier to save a Heroin overdose victim then a Meth victim with an antidote.

    Just curious.

  2. mazzy

    This was an okay doc. I already knew most of the material they covered. Also, I wish the Discovery Channel would tone down the false sense of action. The music they edit into the doc seems like it was taken right out of 'Con Air'. One point they brought up is very real: many High School students can find Heroin very easily. A friend of mine from High School used to say 'I can score Black Tar Heroin easier than I can score Vodka'

  3. Michael

    Ignorant cops trying to start a gun battle in rush hour traffic.

    That's way more dangerous than heroin.

  4. IrishKev

    Should be de-criminalised,i.e. safe legal supply
    and then if you are sad enough to want that lifestyle then jab away.If you want to know what taking heroin feels like, go for a good brisk walk and then sit back and enjoy them endorphins boy,aaaahyeah!!! Heroin mimics this action in the brain, hence people becoming hooked on jogging e.t.c.
    Methadone is poison, they give it to addicts to try to cut down on heroin related crime, not to cure addiction. You can't cure addiction with addiction.

  5. Kt743222

    Heroin Nation is conservative propaganda. It uses film techniques to persuade audience members into thinking ‘DRUGS ARE BAD!”. They chose two interviewers that are recovering heroin addicts and had them BOTH share stories that involved endangering children. The audience automatically assumes that heroin addicts are baby killers and that is just not the case. Blurring the faces of active heroin uses makes them lose their identity and makes the audience label them only as ‘junkie’ and not as a human being. The pseudo-science in the film is absurd and the ‘voice-of-God’ narration is traditionally used to convince the audience that this omniscient character must be telling us the truth because he is providing a computer generated human body that looks JUST LIKE ME! This film is sadly misinformed and “the basic rule is to approach all drugs with respect and with caution” (OAKLEY RAY 272). It is not always as cut and dry as this drug is good and this drug is bad. You drink coffee in the morning? Caffeine is a drug. You ever take an advil for your headache? Advil is a drug. All drugs are potentially harmful and all drugs are potentially helpful. All drug addicts use drugs because it relieves discomfort and makes them feel better than they did. It is as simple as that. Nothing is black or white in the world anymore and to think that it is, is narrow-minded and ignorant

  6. IrishKev.

    Spot on. Well said kt!

  7. Antonio

    Charles B.

    It's much easier to overdose Heroin then Meth. Meth is pretty much impossible to overdose actually if it's pure and not cut with other stuff. That other stuff is the stuff you'll die from, not from the meth itself.

  8. jc

    BRAVO KT!!!

  9. Sheila

    Well said KT!! Kudos!!

  10. Randy A. F.

    Methamphetamine makes heroin look like a health drug! Someone on meth will act out violence as a direct effect from the drug while heroin users just want you to leave them alone and get out of their face. (don't ruin my high, go f**** tweekin somewhere else). Even prescription methamphetamine (Desoxyn), rots your brain, rots your liver.

    cucaracha...Frank Z..Why is it so bad to feel good. Virtually every act of violence I've witnessed has had alcohol as a factor. You won't find this w/opiate use or marijuana. I'm so glad that my drugs of choice for almost 40 yrs has been opiates and pot. I could have been a tobacco addict with cancer or an alcoholic with a pickled brain and wasted liver. @ 55 yrs old, I am healthy, with no hep, no HIV/ because 95% of my drug use (excluding pot) has been pharmaceutical.

    Let's end the f***** drug war, set the captives free, declare peace and reap the benefits. Was it Einstein that defined insanity as doing the same things and expecting different results. We've been shooting ourselves in the foot and ruining lives through the drug war for close to 100 yrs now. How long until sanity prevails? Had you told me almost 40 yrs ago that pot would still be illegal in 2010< I would have told you , you were full of shit! Pray and vote for the downfall of the fascists that don't want gun control, but want to have a say about what what we personally inbibe into our bodies. Such hypocrites enrage me!

  11. t mck

    drugs are black and white. there is no gray area ! you either CHOOSE to inbibe, ingest, shoot up or whatever. it doesn't become an addiction until YOU CHOOSE IT. AH, ONE OF THE BENEFITS,(!!??), OF FREE WILL.


  12. Bones

    This is almost propaganda, I mean a lot of the stuff in this video are true but most of it is paranoid demonizing of a misunderstood drug.....Yay for opiates!

  13. EX junkie

    wow really? are you comparing shooting up heroin to an endorphin rush after jogging? LOL NOT QUITE.

  14. sakhawat ali

    drugs are not good in every kind bcaz it will take u behind not forward so we should hate all drugs but in a very rare cases people afford drugs in whole their life. me too was habitual to use heroine.oooh very sad storey may god prevent us from this poison. just pray for me 4 my new life. thanks....................................................?

  15. marc

    Well said t mck You (we) Choose addiction just doesn't appear 1 day People must ManUp and stop the nonsense, like my Dad was an Addict/alcoholic no one stuck a drink down my throat or a needle in my arm Like tmck wrot you choose!!
    God bless and help all who need it
    good luck and stay strong sakhawat ali

  16. smugg

    i think that non one can pontificate about anything without direct experience, when it happens you get docs like this as result. that's it.

  17. Wendy

    What a sick piece of propaganda for the War on Drugs this is!!!!

  18. Mkey

    Yet another propaganda mongering "documentary".
    A lot of the facts are even directly false.
    Why keep repeating over and over that drugs are bad?
    Everybody knows this already, it's hardly sensational news.
    What about some depth about the problems instead.
    Or maybe that's too uncomfortable for people to watch, realizing that there is a lot of other reasons behind drug addiction.

  19. kt743222

    Mkey .. Aboslutely. Although I would even argue that not ALL drugs are bad. Caffeine, asprin .. etc. All of these are technically drugs. I understand that the conotation that is associated with "drugs" is usually referring to illegal drugs but I think that convincing people that the illegal drugs are purely "bad" is providing ammo for people to degrade, belittle, and Villainize anyone who uses illegal drugs. What the documentary SHOULD be doing is discussing why people turn to drugs, how they can get help, or at least manage their problem in a safer way.

  20. justanotherjunkie

    @kt. - probably some of the greatest truth ever written in my honest opinion... so thankyou, a perfect summary of the misconceptions, scare tactics, biased opinoins and general igrorance that are synonymous with this kind of bullshit sensationalist media..
    it scares me to think that this, THIS! is what the powers that be feel is appropriate education for the people, because watching this made me feel like i was being taught sex ed by a 40 year old virgin..

    and sadly, reading comments like "all drug use is black and white" etc.. you realise how effective and powerful propoganda can be..

    oh and @randy.kf - ive been using crystal methamphetamine responsibly for 13 years now.. i have NEVER EVER had a violent or phsycotic episode or even 'outburst' of any kind, and neither have those of my lifelong friends that use it also. i love my wife and kids, my job, my beatiful home, my healthy complexion, my perfectly straight/white teeth and the fact that my BMI is SPOT ON for what a healthy 38 year old australian male should be - long story short, if i could live my life all over again i wouldnt change a thing :)
    its narrow minded, weak lunatics like YOU that rape, rob, kill and ruin it for the rest of the world after trying drugs "just once", and 9 times outta 10 the f--kups woulda done the same stupid shit even if that particular drug never existed, i.e if meth never existed - the meth addict would still be and addict.. just on cocaine, alcohol.. whatever! drug abuse contributes to - but NEVER determines oneself.
    we are who we are.

  21. Katie Hochbaum

    Drug of choice is simply a matter of how strong of a substance you need to feel better. Addiction is addiction. At the end of the day, ALL addicts, whether they be heroin addicts or caffeine addicts, are just trying to fix a problem they feel like they have.

  22. jeronimo

    legalise drugs, prohibition only increases the problem

  23. kirastianity

    I still say that people shouldn't use drugs to solve their problems. I mean, if they really wanted their problems to disappear COMPLETELY, they would just commit suicide and there! Problems solved.

  24. Stefan Ronnkvist

    I appose legalizing drugs, but countries in Europe provide low cost heroin to addicts. This has eliminated the street buyer and new users is decreasing because addicts don't need to push heroin to pay for their habit.

  25. brandonfloyd25

    Wow, you obviously don't know very much, when people face problems there isn't only 2 options as you put it such as suicide and drugs, there ae many ways to face problems, and a lot of drug user's don't use to "make their problems dissapear", sometimes they simply enjoy the drug or used it a few to many times and got hooked, some use it to look cool and attempt to impress friends, try not to be so simple minded please.

  26. avd420

    Actually in a lot of cases they have no problems,use the drug, get hooked, and THAT becomes the problem.

  27. Robert Peace

    Legalizing Drugs? Why do you think that tobacco and alcohol are the drugs first used by young people, and they are drugs? Well because they are more accessable than heroin or coke. Why are they more acessable? Because they are legal, with restrictions of age. I couldnt steal heroin or coke out of my moms purse, but there were cigaretts in there. I'm a recovering addict man;40yrs of addiction, 8yrs trying to get clean, now 3yrs sober, and yes I was a heroin addict. I would wish that shit on anyone.

  28. Hum diggity

    What a joke this is. The heroin problem is such a consiracy. It is supported by the cia. Drug dealing has been the priority of the cia for decades to support wars around the world. The war in afganistan was started because of low producing volumes of heroin. It is fact just do your research.

  29. Christopher Rhudy

    I use drugs to escape my problems... pain, panic disorder, etc. I'm glad you are m=not in charge of anything important or I'd have to kill myself.

    So, you think medicating mental problems, or pain; warrents suicide. Honestly want to know your opinion... it will be good. (not likely, but that's for my DOCTOR and I to decide.)

  30. Christopher Rhudy

    Thanks, you said what I was trying to articulate... Opium based drugs, Cannabis and most other drugs (Rx and non) are not going to kill you quickly or take you over and remake you into a junk zombie, In fact, I take 5 differant meds for pain, anxiety and ADHD, etc. I am healthy (very healthy actually) says my doctors and blood work. I take (5+ years) 2 benzos (xanax, klonipan) three times each daily, 60mg of D-Amphetamine (Dexedrine) 20mg TID, and <=8 Norco 10/325's for pain.

    If I copped one of those off the street (ie; speed, dope, downers) I'd be rotting in a jail cell. My Doctors said I need them, so I am free, healthy, clear-headed, and HAPPY! this is a JOKE and it's not funny. RE-LEGALIZED ALL DRUGS!

  31. Christopher Rhudy

    True, meth has almost 0% chance of OD... but you're body (depending on ROI) how you take it into your body... is going to get older than it should quickly. That can and will kill you. Heroin, if used moderatly and around at least 1 person you could do it as long as you live barring cut or something that ISN'T Heroin getting in there or bacteria, So wash up, use clean gear and have a buddy = live for a long time.

    Meth 20 years go by, and "Wow how are you doing after that 3rd stroke"


  32. Sean Keough

    Both tobacco and alcohol are more expensive than heroin. Heroin is very very cheap. It is the cheapest high out there and the high is one of the strongest.

  33. Nibnab

    Awful documentary.
    kt743222's first comment sums it up rather well.
    very biased and filmed/edited in such an over the top 'Americanized' way (i.e. fast paced music that isnt needed, cutting in the middle of scenes to get the viewer 'hooked'.) Its documentaries like this that make me glad i dont have to watch american tv all the time.

  34. Jakob Isindahowz

    Why can't Discovery do a decent documentary without the ridiculous soundtrack cheesy narrator and just plain dumbed down content. Innuendoes like a heroin user may walk into busy traffic? What kind of Americanized propaganda is that!

  35. Adam Siefferman

    It was decent

    I had one doctor that for about 9 months had me on 60mg time release morphine twice a day and 15mg Oxycodone IR twice a day. During that time I was able to work with complication. I was able to go out in the evening with friends and enjoy myself. Then, because of my age and scrutiny from other doctors at the practice, I was rapidly weened down and cut off. My mom was so upset she stormed in there and demanded to know why they were doing this to me. She asked had I done something wrong. She was simply told "no, nothing wrong. I am not an actual pain management doctor so I can't Rx these meds for long periods of time" So it's been close to two years since I was cut off my meds. I have managed not to use heroin. All I do now is bum a few Hydrocodone from my dad every now and again when the pain gets real bad. They don't really work very well anymore, but it's at least better than the motrin 800mg I get.

    So every thing I try every corner I turn I hit a roadblock. People are pushing me to get benefits, but I really don't want to do that. I feel (scratch that) I know if I could get proper pain management, I would be able to function well enough to work a job that is not to physically demanding. I would rather work in IT and make 50k a year than get $800 a month from uncle Sam. I have so much potential that is being wasted due to pain issues.

    So I guess the moral of the story is that there are allot of people out there that will end up on heroin for maybe a few years or maybe the rest of their lives. It only going to get harder to get legit pain management as things with doctors and the DEA keeps getting worse. Also, these people getting their scripts and selling them ain't helping. They get caught and the doctor usually has to pay for some ass holes mistake.

    It is getting to the point where things are getting so bad, I am going to really start fighting until I am properly treated. I wan't my life back! I don't want to be a slave to my body and what it decides I can or can not do on any given day. I want to be able to work again, being unemployed and living at home is depressing!

    I am sorry for the long post but I needed to rant. It is a shame that people in severe pain are at the mercy of someone or someone(s) that get to decide their quality of life. Hell I have seen dope dealers with more compassion than some Dr's.

    God forbid a person a person take control of their own life and be able to just get the medication they need without endlessly begging and pleading when the test's/x-rays/mri's all add up!


  36. griego.roman

    Legalize Marijuana, educate the younger generation on the hard, illegal drugs and why there bad, and help those with problems who turn to drugs. Drug addicts are sick people, not bad people. Stop punishing them for something they can't control. The drug dealers are the real criminals and need to rot in hell for the pain they cause people and the violence that their drug sales bring.

  37. Sachin Sharma

    Legalize it before everyone in this world becomes a criminal!

  38. Sachin Sharma

    If Marijuana is legalized, I think people will only stick to this one, i won't call it a drug, thing. It will be regulated, openly sold and a lot of tax money would also be collected which can be used to cure the addiction and problem of addicts who are using the REAL drugs.

  39. lizziern

    I wish they would just legalize all drugs. It's obvious the idiots that want to do drugs will do them and those with brains in their head will not. It sickens me to see these losers continuing to sap the system by doing their drugs or their methadone and then having children. Give addicts 3 free rides through rehab then as a society we should wash our hands of them and hope they OD so we don't have to continue to pay for their mistakes.

  40. kbossetti

    How can you say? "it's obvious the idiots that want to do drugs will do them and those with brains in thier head will not." I'm sorry but have you ever actually met an addict? I'm a social worker and I've meant plenty and most don't do drugs because they're dumb, they do it because they are medicating some type of pain away. I've never meant one addict who had a great life with great role models then was just so stupid they intentionally got addicted to drugs. Also as for how they "sap the system by doing thier.. methadone", have you ever went through heroin withdrawal? I'm guessing not, so don't judge those who do; because if you did you'd realize it's hell for them and the methadone helps it not be so bad. Plus don't bitch about people using drugs, then bitch about them using treatments. Also as for "hope they OD so we don't have to continue to pay for thier mistakes", it's really sad that these HUMAN BEINGS are just $$$$ to you.

  41. Alexandru Matei

    Probably the most expensive drug.

  42. Michael Danger Gee

    dead link - yt account deleted

  43. Struggling

    Actually I think you're wrong about never meeting an addict that hasn't had a screwed up life. I know plenty of them thru my daughters addition. Several people who had a trip thru recovery come from very well off families who have siblings who don't even understand cause they come from a good family. Addiction does not discriminate, remember? It's something in the brain that makes them susceptible to drug addition...not necessarily a bad childhood. I don't agree with the person above either, but I certainly don't believe the statement you made either. I battle this everyday. And to just to add to that...families don't realize that drug addicts don't have a certain look to them...at least not until years into it (depending on the drug). Let's be real...it can happen to anyone's kid, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, mother, father, etc... But the key to successfully beating addiction is wanting the help...otherwise it doesn't matter what you do to help. It will mean nothing!

  44. bringmeredwine

    I know what you mean.
    My daughter was so wanted and her father and I loved her with all our hearts..
    She is bipolar and has always been extremely difficult to live with (she was totally out of control since she was five).
    She has been using drugs since she was 14.
    She refuses to get help and continues to self-medicate.
    Her father died a broken man.
    I cannot have her in my life anymore because she sucks the life right out of me with her violence and deceitfulness.
    It wasn't supposed to be this way!

  45. blackmambo

    @kirastianity...Why would you even bother to say something as offensive as this..your name says it all go back to church

  46. Stacey Leigh Princess Powell

    Im not been bad but there more higher class people put there doing drugs and suffer from addiction and im a addict and im clean with long time know and i wouldt wish on anyone unless u know how it feels u cant understand all class's of life no matter what ur background is are either suffering from addiction or have tryed drugs.

  47. Clean n pain free

    I have a solution for you. Try making a tisane from fresh ground turmeric root and fresh ground ginger. I have severe pain issues in my spine and knees, both of which need surgical intervention. I have managed to control my pain successfully with this alone. Oh, and by the way, I have 20 years clean from heroin, which makes pain management difficult for me. This works waaay better than anything else!!! Try it.


    The stories in this documentary are all fake and acted out right...

  49. Nemo

    @ Kt - a surgeon can drink coffee or an Advil and still operate on a person , or a person can have 5 cups of caffeine and still drive ...however, with cocaine not so much.

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