History of Islam

History of Islam

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In light of the tumultuous state of world affairs, the recent scourge of terror attacks, and the current political debates and heated rhetoric that surround these sensitive issues, a clear foundation of understanding regarding the Islamic religion is more essential than ever before. An informative and timely five-part documentary series titled History of Islam seeks to provide exactly this sort of thoughtful analysis. This ambitious project, undertaken by the educational content producer Caspian Report, attempts to present a wide-sweeping and objective summary of Islamic identity.

The history they offer is well-researched, and culled from lengthy written accounts dating back to the 7th century. The film's premiere installment deals with the earliest beginnings of the religion as the prophet Muhammad first conceived it. Abu Bakr, Muhammad's father-in-law, was the first non-blood relative to embrace Islam and publicly declare himself to be Muslim, and he ruled the Caliphate for just under two and a half years following Muhammad's death.

Islam's prominence in the world found firm footing in the exploits of Bakr's military advisor. As detailed in episode 2, the Caliphate's second ruler Umar spread the religion with unprecedented success following Bakr's death, conquering territories like Mesopotamia, Persia, Syria and Egypt. The film paints a vivid portrait of Umar as a tempestuous, but sharp-minded man who was utterly transformed by the religion, which in turn resulted in his quest to inspire similar reforms upon society.

The remaining three episodes cover additional milestones in the Islamic movement. There's the story of Uthman, the leader who succeeded Umar, lead Islam to further expansion, and was eventually assassinated by rebel opposition. Another chapter deals with the rising popularity of Uthman's successor - Ali - and the growing divisions which were to follow between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. A concluding chapter addresses the actions of the competing leaders in both of these factions of the Muslim faith, and how their discord lead to a troubling power struggle which continues to this day.

Characterized by ongoing narration and static visual imagery, History of Islam is at times a bit dry in presentation, but nonetheless exceptionally informative in its content.

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Mohamed Ali
4 years ago

I'd like to thank you for this work, it raises a lot of questions in the islamic community, questions that need to be answered, and it shows that in order to have the full and right image of islam, we should go back to its roots before any change by any on the khalifas was made.
I already have an idea about the happend during the years after the prophet, but watching this series of videos in one sitting really made me feel bad how such a beautiful and tolerant religion(like the other religions sent by God/Allah) could take another turn and become oppressive, unjust, full of hatred and racist just because of few sick people who had influence back then and because of modern narrow minded people who refuse to take a look at their religion and really explore it to see its true meaning.

5 years ago

this not true Allah kreem

John Cameron
6 years ago

WOW! Very interesting story! Interesting that the history Islam is just as convoluted, and entangle(made me dizzied) as every other power struggle throughout the world history.
First time I heard of the Khawarji, and how you associate it with todays Islamist extremist.
I am Canadian. Non religious, (but spiritual) and live in my own world. That is a peaceful world of friends, family, and anyone who walks through my door is welcome and respected.
I hope everyone takes pause in this story of history and reflect the lessons it gives.

6 years ago

Islam and human right are the same

6 years ago

Shame on all the Muslims who are fighting with each other over the incidents happened 1500 years ago. They are either sunnies, shias, sulfies, humblies and everthing else but Muslims. They talk about peace, love and respect of humanity but lack all of these qualities.

michael walker
6 years ago

well done!!!! very necessary for understanding why all muslims are not on the same page and proof that the first 4 CAlifahS had a willing heart to do the right things unlike those whom pretend and love only self, money and power.see how al-islam became as it is now

mike m
7 years ago

mentally ill and emotionally twisted people kill and rage.
religion has nothing to do with it.
you can be sick and spout religion and you have the same sickness and spout atheisim.
the sick is what compels you.
sick people use whatever they can get their hands on to blame you with.
they're sick, simple.
it's addictive.
anything, anything at all to escape dealing with their condition.
mentally healthy and emotionally stable people don't act that way.
the words have power. war on terrorism brings all the nuts to the party.
should've been called,"An initiative against mental illness."
but then calling it a "war", ......well.....that just takes this right back to the start of this note.

illness just goes round and round again, .....addictive.......fun, sort of.


Russ Tul
7 years ago

Steven Weinbeg said: "Good people will do good things, evil people will do evil things, but it takes religion for good people to do evil things." One of the most evil religions today is Islam because it allows for the indiscriminate killing of people and because one hardly ever hears any imams raising their voices in condemnation of the mass slaughter of "nonbelivers" and of those who believe in other dieties, such as my favourite, His Holiness the August Spaghetti Monster.

7 years ago

A small percentage of the 2 billion Muslims have ever killed or raped anyone. Most people are born into their religion so it's stupid really to judge people by what religion they were born into. And if we're going to judge entire cultures and not individual extreme movements, then it was European culture that spawned the Nazis and the Soviet Union who were the two biggest mass murdering regimes in human history.

7 years ago

LENARD...you have very narrow mind.

7 years ago

Why is this propaganda piece at the top of the list? Seriously shove this somewhere other than down our throats.

Ken in Thailand
7 years ago

It looks like a balanced assessment of a group of men who want to conquer as much territory as possible. Not much different than the same in Europe, Asia, Africa. Granted, there was much emphasis on being holier-than-thou and using their superiority complexes to justify killing others. That too has been a pattern for conquest. They may have also had effective weapons and tactics. Bottom line is; Islam spread due their lust for added territory, lucre, slaves, resources. The belief systems just happened to be part of their baggage.

7 years ago

You all need to read CHRIST Mohammed and I. Muahmmed was demon posessed, and not a man of peace.mtske it from someone who once taught the religion under Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi of Libya, he exposes the Quran and how muhammed was a deceiver as the Quran claims.

Christ, Muhammad and I: Mohammad Al Ghazoli: 9780758906489: Amazon.com: Books
Amazon.com › Christ-Muhammad-Moha...

7 years ago

Never mind the intolerant bullshit above. This is an excellent and balanced view of the early history of iSLAM. Thank you.

Dee Dee
7 years ago

It is strange the way the Koran preaches peace and love. But the Muslims do not follow that. Maybe it means that peace and love is only for the Muslim race. They distort all of their Koran beliefs and all else need to suffer under Muslim terrorism. It is sad a few bad Muslims give a bad name for all. I think if they first believe all blood is red and all men are brothers. Maybe they will change their fanatical views, and stop the killing of the innocent, stop the rape, and the in-breeding they practice. But Allah was insane and a child molester, and used to talk to his Donkey (He Talked to his Ass). Ah Yes and his Holy warriors (that is a joke) as they are all masked faced cowards, as they cut off the heads of the helpless. Follow Koran's peace and love for all, and female equality, then this world would be a better place for all of the rest...

muhammad Rafiq Abdullah
7 years ago

lenard ....lets hope they never track you down then ...eh!?

7 years ago

This report is full of lies and false statements that show the ignorance and bias of the narrator/author. The Shiites constitute a minority and a deviant sect that believes in insulting and cursing the companions and wifes of the prophet Mohammad peace be upon him with the exception of Ali and very few others in addition to killing the Sunnis Muslims while hoping for the paradise. The Shiite Militias in Iraq, Syria and Iran are slaughtering Sunni men women and children and blowing up mosques everyday (watch the news). The Shiites are the last ones to talk about Islam.

Roma Fraser-Engler
7 years ago

Peace is the objective

Roma Fraser-Engler
7 years ago

Ancient Sumaria wrongfully resurrected by archeologists - copied down the Cult of Molech whose apparent mandate was/is to consume the Three Books of Abraham and regurgitate an illusion - was the data regarding this cult copied down correctly . I leave it to you the reader . All My Hope is in GOD and I reject completely Molech Heckate Azael all the demons of hell and I ask GOD to protect me from an backlash in your name Jesus Christ Amen. Nag Hammurabi Scrolls Pista of Sophia - Lost Scrolls fo Tibet.END

7 years ago

These are not correct interpretation. This is create divide between muslims.

7 years ago

They only kill and rape people