Malcolm X: Prince of Islam

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Malcolm X: Prince of IslamThere's a world wide revolution going on.. it goes beyond Mississippi, it goes beyond Alabama, it goes beyond Harlem.. What is it revolting against? The power structure. The American power structure? No. The French power structure? No. The English power structure? No. Then what power structure? An international western power structure. Malcolm X: Prince Of Islam is the explosive and gripping documentary that shows never before seen footage of al-Hajj Malik Shabazz, a truly Islamic hero.

Islam stands for change. It seeks to change the individual and the society. This change covers every aspect of human life from personal morality to business, economics and politics. It is only natural that Islam should be fought by those who want to keep the status quo. This is the way it has always been throughout history: from Adam to Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa. Isa, and Muhammad (peace be on them). It will happen to anyone who wants to stand up and proclaim the true message of Islam to the world.

In recent times we have the example of Brother Malcolm. He courageously stood firm in the midst of his enemies and was ready to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt). In Prince of Islam we learn about his childhood struggles through to him joining the heretical group Nation of Islam to him finally accepting the true religion of Islam after performing the Hajj in Makkah.

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  1. iamsiam

    Dear Ayman Khalfifa

    What you are saying is so untrue and at this time with all the information that is readily available at every human's reach, you honestly should not be making such statements that are so patently untrue that seem to only serve your inner needs at believing what you have been fed for most of your life. Before you start attacking me, I am half Arab, born and raised for a good measure in an arab country. I currently live in an arab country. My sister is married to a muslim man. I have had 2 muslim girlfriends that i have loved completely. I speak fluent Arabic. I am an athiest while my family is Christian, or as some muslims call them 'infidels'. By the way, did the one about inFidel Castro?

  2. DustUp

    The powers that be divide and conquer setting races, religions, political parties, countries, and genders against each other. While these groups are fighting among themselves the powers that be can scheme and take advantage. Not so if they were not being distracted if united.

    Both the powers that be and the nation of islam wanted Malcom X gone. Malcolm was becoming a uniter rather than a divider. He was also taking people away from the Nation of Islam and therefore MONEY. One of the so called reverends of NOI told Malcolm to "get your hand out of my pocket." If what I've seen and read is true. It does seem to track since it seems MLK junior was killed for being a uniter as well.

    Now we had the powers that be via their minion obama, reinvigorating the racial divide as well as increase it with another very disparate race, from the middle east. This is all well known historical strategy by so called leaders to keep the masses fearful of each other rather than focusing in on their "leaders" as they should.

  3. mary smith

    As usual, religion divides people.

    1. Ayman Khalfifa

      That's not what Islam is, maybe other religions divides people but absolutely not Islam. Please continue you're research to know more about Islam

    2. Allah Tamtasu

      Yes, you absolutely right. Religions and especially Islam are great instrument to turn people against each other. We have to wait when Muslim societies become more clever and refuse to worship their shitty god.

  4. Alex Ting

    Malcolm X
    the Prince of Islam – Movie Review

    This documentary recorded many live footage of Malcolm X’s actions and
    speeches. From the recorded footages, we can understand many of Malcolm’s
    thoughts and ideas. The religious influences leading to the change Malcolm’s
    mind was also emphasized.

    Many of us already know Malcolm very
    well from studying the Civil Rights Act. However, most of us only studied his
    ideas, actions and speeches, however not a lot about his spiritual thoughts.

    Malcolm focused on “waking up” the
    Negros from being “mind slaved” and dependent from white people.

    One major event that changed Malcolm’s
    mind was his visit to Mecca. Before his visit to Mecca, he was a friend of
    Elijah Muhammad – another civil rights activist. Under Muhammad’s influences,
    Malcolm was a radical racist person against white people, because Malcolm
    thought white people were devils. After he went to Mecca and saw white Muslims with
    black Muslims together, and realized that many white people were also at the
    side of the blacks, he no longer thought the white people were devils. He split
    up Muhammad and had a new thought – instead of viewing everything between
    whites and Negros, he view everyone as “human”.

    At the end of the movie, there is a
    short reconstruction film of the assassination of Malcolm. The assassination
    was really shocking, thanks to the realistic reconstruction of that short clip.
    After the short reconstruction film, there are many interviews of people
    showing sadness after his assassination, including the Christian activist –
    Martin Luther King.

  5. Reclaim Urmind

    Does this doc work at all??

  6. Sulaimaan Yusuf

    Malcolm X rejected Elijah Mohamed after his pilgrimage and became a proper Muslim.

    1. AbdelZ

      Elijah Mohammed was an impostor : he called homself a prophet even, the id**t , while the prophet of islam was the very last prophet .

      Most of the "islamic " thought & belief of Malcolm X & his "nation of islam " had not much to do with islam : they had a perverted distorted twisted vision of islam ...

      That all can be placed in the context of their struggle for civil rights for blacks in the US .....

  7. Mbongiseni Khumalo

    About my religion

  8. maryland71

    Malcolm was just standing up for afro-americans and was telling the truth

  9. seeker of knowledge

    before finding out about this man i always thought he was very shady (coming from a muslim). his name is not spoken as much as martin luther king or ghandi in the schools. but what i find most fascinating is how his ideologies seem to find resonance throughout the all different oppressed minorities and second class citizens. fundamentally malcolm is not a preacher of hate or violence but a person who advocates that you shouldnt expect to be 'free' or 'equal' if there is no desire to get to such positions.

  10. A member of the NOI

    You people can’t be serious, most of you who have made statements; no nothing of Malcolm X and his teacher The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. You so- called Muslim, who claim to follow the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who gave you the power to proclaim who is and who is not a “real or true” Muslim. You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, look at the tree The Most Honorable planted, and then compare it to yours. If you hypocrites really want to know who really murdered brother Malcolm open the case

    1. shiite_Ali

      I hate to be the one to tell u but if u are Nation of Islam u are not a Muslim!!! Islam does not teach Fard Muhammad was God or Elijha (the x drunkard from Michigan) is a phrophet. Islam does not teach anything about the "blue eyed devil" and dont try to use that quranic verse... I know Arabic and the Quoran is talking about someone with a veil over there eyes not white people. Islam does not teach that any one race is better than the other. The fruit it bears? Elijha had numerous children out of wedlock with people who worked for him (some VERY young). There is no large headed scientist in a cave making white people man, we got here the same way everyone else did. The whole NOI is based on a lie and u call him honerable? Please! That is not islam. "There is no God but God" the eternal, not Fard Muhamad (a man that wasnt even black by the way) and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, from Arabia, is his phrophet not Elijha from Detroit.

  11. Dodgy

    What I like about him was his willingness to change his views as he gathered more evidence. That shows critical thinking and a bit of humility. I think he was smarter than religion but was just not given an alternative but that it emparted to him that every cause can be validated with a death so he was willing to make that sacrifice for what he believed in. Passionate regardless and a neat doc to see the words of someone from their mouth because there is more we say with body language than words can gather even if I had to see the religious parts :P

  12. aissa

    who are these music tracts by?????

  13. sam


    Well put regarding N.O.I but but remember Malcolm changed from N.O.I to real Islam, and advocated on behalf of the mainstream muslim communty. This is part of the reason (but not entirely) that he was assasinated. Its too bad his legacy was short lived because he would have been an excellent role model for years to come. Peace be upon Malcolm!

  14. Asim

    Once must understand that Malcolm X has nothing to do with Religion of Islam.They (N.O.I) dont fall under Islamic jurisprudence , its mere adaptation of name(Islam) as political strategy else there is nothing Islamic here. Sorry for any kind of offense , please checkout wiki

  15. Nisha

    Like one person said what would it benifit the Nation of Islam or Black people to assisinate him? His murder was a government hit.

  16. js

    interesting to see how the discourse of the man changed after he witness the pilgrimage...

    he certainly brought changes in america,... good or bad.

    his violent death definitely trusted him forward as a hero for some community who were desperately looking for a martyr hero negro.

    marthin luther king is perhaps shown more often but i doubt of his impact on american politics. he is perhaps canonised because of his passiveness that serve the master after all.
    but no doubt both malcom and king were heros in their own way.

    perhaps obama is their prodigee...????

  17. Mr. Carter

    I have much respect for Malcolm X and every historical hero who had the courage to speak out against inequality and oppression, especially during that era. It also baffles me that Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and The Black Panthers were all eliminated, but the KKK still exist throughout America. That tells me that the KKK has members that are also in the Federal, State, and Local government, not to exclude the Pentagon nor the White House. Let me remind you that the African Americans were not initiators of violence. As Americans we all need to work together, focus on stopping the New World Order, and gain back control of the Treasury and get it out of the hands of the Federal Bank (not a government entity). In closing: Self respect will allow you to be respectful towards any and every person you come in contact with.

  18. Mark

    Powerful and inspirational: Malcolm tried to teach those who are oppressed to stand up for themselves and refuse to allow their circumstances to keep them down.

    Now, 45 years later, the same message (of taking responsibility) is needed for oppressed people everywhere, especially in developing countries.

    Hopefully people will see this documentary not as a call to violence (which is not what Malcolm was about) but a call to stand up and fight against inequality and injustice everywhere and agasint those that perpetuate them.

    1. Jordan Lee

      There's no such place as a "developing" country, just places that established an independent nation within their countries that the united states couldn't control or corrupt. So they proceed to kill off their military and affluent leaders, leaving the people open to corporations that promised better lives, just to s*it on these citizen's children, bringing them into a world that believes they are powerless and weak. It's not the circumstance they find themselves in that's bring them down, it's the ideology that money, power and a strong sense of individualism will make their lives better. There's a reason why we need a mother's love, a father's protection and a village to raise humans. We can't fight inequality anymore than we can fight "Terror." We have to retrain society starting with our youth.

  19. Charles B.

    "When one of your kids gets bitten by a snake, you don't go out looking for the snake with blood dripping from its jaw! Any old snake will do." Malcom X. Now that's a scary thought!

    Ironic, don't you think, that his Muslim brothers that he loved so much would be the ones that assassinated him mercilessly in front of his own kids.

    I wonder whom he might have eventually become had not his fellow Muslims killed him over his breaking ranks with the Nation of Islam.