How Racist Are You?

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How Racist Are You?These 30 people have never met. By the days end, they may wish they never had. For one long day they'll be at the mercy of The Bitch, a retired American teacher. Some would say she calls herself this way for good reason.

For 40 years Jane Elliott (A Class Divided) has been running an exercise that has ignited controversy around the world. She says it lays bare the hidden truth about racism in white societies. Many disagree, some vehemently. Now she's bringing her extreme methods and message to modern Britain. She's about to divide this group. Her aim: Simulate a racist apartheid style regime.

Will the British people accept her regime or stand up to it? Does it reveal that we're all more racist than we'd like to admit? How Racist Are You? is a documentary investigating one of the most taboo subjects in society.

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  1. I liked it

  2. White people always do feel superior wherever they go, more than any other race.

    1. Thanks for generalizing everyone. That is, after all, what feeds racism.

  3. Racism, ok Its an excuse for I don't know why an event took place. There are Motorcycle Clubs of fully grown Men all of the same race that kill one another because of ? Racism, No its called egotistic. They cant just enjoy riding and co exits, One has to Rule the roads/state because of Greed and Power. So I don't see Racism in when two people of different color have a disagreement, I see humans being human.

  4. they were smart enough to leave the first one as a teaser...

  5. Interesting, the last 4 parts got blocked. Lovely censorship.

  6. As a white male, I found this documentary extremely interesting. I am glad that the effort was taken to examine the elusive human quality that results in discrimination of all kinds. I hope more people continue in this field of study.


  7. a dark skinned human reacted to an action and became a lighter human, thus a bunch of individuals are spawned from ONE, like a big chia pet. so when a human individual needs to justify anger blame gets thrown where ever a victim is; categories, race, continents, countries, bla bla bla wtf? how sad
    this here is a planet, planet earth. we will keep spinning backwards until extreme awareness is taught and understood. there is so much more than us.

  8. ret*rded video - waste of time and money - people should stop allowing and funding st*pid studies & research & stats - they are so misleading and counterproductive

  9. dnt put it on ere if cnt watch get rid of it get sick off clicking on docs 2 only find out i cnt watch them!!!!

  10. horrible lady ,needs a lota prayer.

  11. Oh My God. What an experiment! Here is what I've learned: If we are sincerely not racist, we may unintentionally express racism in our behavior...Ouch. (Racism does exist)

    That woman, Jane Elliot is strikingly Powerful!

    PS: Link not available, watched on Youtube.

  12. that women in the blue eyed group is effing UNBELIEVABLE! omg, i cannot express my anger enough. for her to be so NAIVE. she even admits that her husband conforms, but to a "lesser degree". so why the hell are you bringing up that example. then she goes on and on about how she experienced discrimination for being white, getting older. while it is true ANY race can experience racism, her experience of fking growing up white vs. someone growing up black are going to different. she puts down the black women for bringing up stats, well guess what smartass, stats show alot more than what you CHOOSE to DELIBERATELY deny! i would love to give her a piece of my mind.

  13. It is erroneous to claim a black man can be racist towards a white man. The history of these two races as a whole is the story of white suprematism over the black man. A black man will always be the minority in Britain and the states regardless of how diverse his neighborhood, regardless even of whether he lives in a predominantly black area.
    Many people fail to recognise either through denial or racism, that racism (in the west, atleast), the belief that one race is superior to the other, has a singular history and consequently a rigid foundation. That history and foundation is the oppression of black people, not white. This is a history we bear with us today. A black man cannot be racist to a white man because the historical connotations of what a black man might say to a white man are not the same.
    Though it may be wrong to claim that there is a double standard of racism, one for black people and one for white, it is an undeniable truth. White racism is a language, be it physical or linguistic, which carries all the paradigms of the history of white suprematism within it.
    The history of racism inevitably affects the definition. Racism, sexism, homophobia, ant-semitism are forever changing signs whose meanings have been formed through the history of those concepts.
    Today it is important to teach racism, the history of black oppression, because society still lives with its effects. In the future, however, it is important that it not be taught at all.

    1. A black man can be racist towards a white man and has every right to be so. Just because for hundreds of years the white man has oppressed the black does not mean they have right to feel superior to the black race. Africans are the pioneers of the world they taught the white men civilization, navigation, cultivation and even how to wash they asses. I am not going to get into the details of all the reasons why but you need to check your history.

    2. interesting, i didn't know Africans are thought to be the pioneers of civilization (not trying to be sarcastic). but we cant generalize the African population, just like we cant generalize ANY race group. there are incidents within Africa where people sold other members of their OWN black race to slavery in order to be paid of some sort (my source? my African-canadian friend studying African history at York University)

      no, black people cant be racists toward white people, that fcking defeats the purpose. RACISM should NOT be allowed. now its UNDERSTANDABLE why they may be racists toward white people; but it shouldn't be justified and allowed.

      and to others, WHITE people can be victims of racism too. i see the study trying to prove that your CHARACTERISTICS that you CANNOT change i.e. eye color, should not make you a victim. period.

  14. Very Interesting....I found this to be a good exercise, unfortunately it is only just that an exercise... this should be Mandatory in school like when Jane was teaching this to her 3rd grade class i bet with this younger generation you could have a chance of abolishing racism.

  15. This woman is so clearly removed from modern Britain, in a bit of a segregated USA time-warp. As a white guy living in an area of south London, in which I am a minority, I can guarantee she's hyping up race hate in the UK. I can also guarantee that I've got more trouble (as in being shouted at on the street) for being ginger than the average black person (at least in south London, my non-white friends are genuinely shocked at the disparity between how I can be treated and how they are treated). A minority of non-white people (for example, the comments by Saeed) can find it all too easy to blame 'a system of racism' which doesn't exist for problems in your life. Despite being white, I'm very aware that being sensitive about something can lead you to make inferences and implications which aren't there

  16. So .... If I understand correctly. Because I was born white, I am racist? I do not have the ability to understand the plight of any other race on earth? As I am also born of American parents I am twice cursed because of the society of my country? So personal accountability and choice have no place with the individual? If that be the point just how does one expect change to occur?

    I can not change another, I can however change myself and set the best (better) example for my children and grandchildren as possible.

  17. I do not give a sh*t about racism.

    Do you know why?

    Because everyone is racist. End of. No debate.

    Just stop talking about it already. Silly bloody lefties.

  18. evidence of racism in the UK: fill out a form for a job application in a major law firm or whatever, or for a university. Questions asked: what is your racial background, are you white, and if yes are you British white or some other white, which religion, are you gay or lesbian etc etc. I don't know if they will choose asian people or muslims over white British christians or whatever because they want to have a cocktail of nationalities. The point is that they ask you about your race, when all that maters is your experience and studies. This is racism. Full stop.

  19. This is a great example of how privileged people refuse to recognize their privilege. White or black doesn't matter. If she tried this in a different society where whites were not the privileged group I can almost guarantee that the privileged group would react the same way. They would deny that there was a problem. They would deny that they had done anything wrong, even by unconsciously participating in a culture of racism.

    Reality is, you may look at a society and see that there are fewer white people. You may think this means that since white people are the minority, they now understand how it feels to be discriminated against. But the reality is, even if they are the minority, white people still wield more power and privilege than any other race.

    People in power hate having the tables turned on them. This movie shows that. It shows just how nasty and closed minded people will get when you suggest to them that their worldview is skewed.

  20. We know how it feels to be discriminated against in the UK. I'm white, British and unemployed. Pop down your local job centre, and see the proportion of British staff and claiments to foreigner staff and claiments. There is more of them working than there are of us.
    Office of national statistics shows in the last 15 years 90% of new jobs have gone to people born overseas.

  21. "She says it lays bare the hidden truth about racism in white societies."

    I wonder why she chose to focus on white societies in particular? What about the racism in black societies and Asian societies?

    The first country to outlaw slavery was a white country. Britain. 1772.
    The last country to outlaw slavery was a black country. Mauritania. 2007.
    What does that tell you about racism?

    Could it be that "anti-racism" is really just a code-word for anti-white?

    1. you forgot the part when Britain colonised pretty much all the developing countries during that period. They didn't need slavery they preferred their own methods of domination.

  22. well i agreed with you up to the part were you basiclly said blacks are racist towards whites again people confuse the terms racism and prejudice (or discrimination) prejudice or discrimination is just having a preconcived notion that someone is or acts a certain way and treating them diffrently because of somthing out of there control like race (to put it simply) but racism has to do with somthing more grand than a simple prejudice racism has to do with society and socioeconomic statis and power which black people (and other non whites) dont have so we cant be racist cause we cant even influence all the things that it takes for institutionalized racism to be targeted toward a certain group besides how big of a problem is black discrimination towards whites it doesnt take a genius to relize that blacks having less of a chance to be successful and giving somthing to offer there children is a much bigger and much more deadly serious problem than the insignificant yet often complained about (by whites) problem of a black person calling a white person a cracker (or somthing like that) yet many whites will fight harder for that than the problem of a disadvantage to blacks (and non whites)

  23. uhhh maybe in that situantion but no your wrong because the norm is people not of a certain (white) race are at a disadvantage and its true weather you acknowledge it or not but by not atleast acknowledging the problem you become part of the problem

  24. no non whites cant be racist because we dont have enough power to influence the world in that way racism has to do with socioeconomics which we dont have the power to control but non whites can discriminate but if any people truly think that that is the "big problem" everyone should focus on then they not only missed the point of the doc but also just dont wanna acknowledge racism

    1. Non-whites can absolutely be racist because racism by definition has nothing to do with socioeconomics. It is the belief that one particular race is better or worse than another. An race can be "racist." Any race can also discriminate. I think it's pretty funny when people try to change the definition of a word to prove their point.

  25. and all you proved is that you compeletly missed the point and that stupid people tend to remain stupid (that means you)

  26. uhhh wow you are ignorant just because your city is 90% non white (which it probably isnt you just see it to be) doesnt mean the whole UK is 90% non white and the fact that you say the blacks in the group were just feeling sorry for themselves is ludecris but of course you would say that because you dont have to deal with the situation me and other blacks experiance all you could do is judge and assume and even if they were feeling sorry for themselves they (and other blacks) are completly justified we have been so crippled by the hand that whites dealt us who also chose the shitty hand in the 1st place and the fact that you try to equat inner city crime (that is also largely done by whites) to the institutionalized racism that blacks experiencne all around the globe is crazy but then you say that thats a good excuse to discriminate shows how racist you truly are how about this if you truly arent racist how about you stop trying to find the insignificant tiny near non existant disadvantage to being white (which is only really just being called a cracker or somthing by a non white) and how about you just acknowledge the fact that blacks and other non whites are at a disadvantage because of racism and try not contribute to that racism but it seems you are racist so i probably talk in vein

  27. This was f***ing aweful

  28. This is a good documentary.

  29. I could go on a pretty big rant, but I think I'll keep most of my comments to myself, except for this: I don't understand how there is a difference between being oppressed and discriminated against for the color of your skin or for your gender.
    There was a time when women weren't even considered people, couldn't vote, work in certain jobs, and could not own property. Heck, nowadays Muslims treat women like that, as if they were property or objects. They need a male chaperone to leave the house and they are forced to cover themselves from head to toe. How is that okay? It's NOT. And yet, nobody seems to give a shit about it. But when you treat a black person that way, it's racism and because I'm white, I can't understand. Never mind the fact that I'm a woman in a male dominated world.
    I can't change that I was born a woman (technically there are surgeries, but still), just like a black person can't change their skin color. So how is it different? How is racism any worse than sexism, when the factors are basically the same? Oh wait, I'm white so I won't get it, right?
    As a side note, I'd also like to add that black people can be just as racist against whites, if not more so. Just because something happened to you that involved a white person, doesn't always mean it's because you're black and they are racist. Saying it is, just makes you look racist against whites.
    Personally, I don't discriminate: I dislike all people equally. Humans are jerks, and this doc proves it.

    1. ok alot of what your saying is right sexism is a serious problem that effects all races and people dont think about the fact that sexism is older than racism that being said you are completely missing the point yes sexism is a problem but the doc is not about that this time its talking about racism and that is what they and were discussing and what i am discussing with you now the fact that you and many people instead of truly taking in and excepting the fact that there is racism in the world for blacks and other non-whites you just look at the "fact" of and comment on "black racism" (which doesnt exist) blacks cant be racist because we dont hold enough power in any society to effect whites negatively and with that being said blacks (and other non-whites) can discriminate (there is a diffrence) for example we could not like someone because there are white or non-black and even if they are black (which happens very often to me) and that is a problem (not really a big one at all) but it doesnt even come a little close to the problem of the institutionalised racism that whites practice all around the globe not saying that every single white is aware of this and is actively trying to keep it going but many whites are and also many whites think there not contributing but are many white just cant comprehend the scale of the problem but also there are many whites that instead of trying to acknowledge the problem and change the problem of institutionalized racism they rather just say everyone has a problem or just rather split hairs and focus on the time a black person called them a cracker which is what you are doing and that is the (atleast one) point of the documentary because by splitting hairs you contribute to institutionalized racism

    2. That's the biggest load of bull I've ever read, to be honest. Black people have just the same amount of potential to be racist as whites. Racism isn't passed down from generation to generation, as proven when white protesters decided to participate in the Civil Rights Movement in the US when their parents vehemently disapproved. Racism is present in everyone to some extent. It's how humans are. Get over yourself, not every white person is "too privileged" to not understand others' plights.


  30. Many people in the experiment and here seem to not take into consideration the underlying foundation of our social structures. Many white people are making the argument that they are subject to discrimination by minority groups, so why are only white people allowed to be racist? Take the United States for example, where the founders of the country where all white. The environment that they grew up and lived in was composed of mainly white people irrespective of political/religious views and such. Therefore the underlying political structures created by our founding fathers were created by white people for white people because there was no need to mention any other race. People meant white people. Black people were slaves. Asians were in their own world. There was no reason and no way for the founding fathers to ever consider our modern world in where society is becoming ever diverse.

    Look at those who hold power in our government and business world; they are mostly white. White people are still a majority in the U.S., therefore those who represent us are mostly white. A minority who runs for higher office faces much greater challenges than any white competitor because much of the electorate may not feel that he/she represents them. Of course there are the special few who were fortunate to have voters who held issues a priority. That being said, we minorities live in a system that was not built for us.

    So, white people who have experienced discrimination and violence, ask yourself, why are they (the minorities) like this (violent, deviant, etc.)?
    Usually they come up with answers like "They are racist." or "They are stupid and inferior." and the like. But why are they racist and violent? The system is not the end all be all answer, but it certainly predisposes many to failure, alienation, and through generations, leads to poverty, crime, etc. And how do these people vent their hatred for the system?

  31. I just don't see how acting like a racist is the right path to convince people that racism is wrong. If anything it promotes the mentality of "It's OK, as long as it isn't happening to me", and I think that's the trap that the black lady fell into, even if she thought it was for a good cause.

    There's a moral high ground that she opted not to take, which really doesn't help the situation. Surely a more powerful message would have been if the minorities stood up and said "We won't discriminate against the blue eyed people, it's wrong."

  32. Im so sick and tired of this racist bullshit being thrown in our faces, apartheid isnt racist, it is about segregated societies allowed to work together but stay in different locations i.e zulus dont mix, nor marry xhosas in general, sothos dont marry zulus, britain says nothing about this , oh but let a white person not want to marry a black oh no then hes a RACIST.

    They always mention whites being racist in south africa against blacks, but fail to mention which blacks, it just goes to show how dumb they are, there are no blacks in south africa, only black tribes.

    As uniquely different culturally speaking as the germans, swiss, spanish, portuguese, french, italians, irish, Scottish, polish, Albanians, Russians

    Why have i gone through all the trouble writing all those nations above? Because there are as many different blacks in SA as the nations mentioned above who cannot understand each other.

    Not all black tribes even during apartheid were treated equally, the zulus for example were fighting for apartheid because it meant they could have their own land and culture

    British propaganda, American propaganda why = Diamonds, Golds!

    Britain forgets it implemented apartheid in south africa in 1908 in kwazulu natal, the very structure of the common wealth nations is an apartheid system, segregated from the rest of other societies, so please people use your heads. Distinguish between racism and nationalism.

    Racism is beating or killing or psychological taunting someone for being a different race, colour, creed or those that have different religious beliefs

    Nationalist is someone who will work alongside other races even befriend them, but will not marry them as they want to stick to their own culture.

    The white world needs to get in touch with what they are, 90% of whites get confused between the two. Due to propaganda and also the very schooling system in these countries.

    1. wow your comment is so ignorant that it does not dignafy a lengthy response your just obviously ignorant and nothing will change that

    2. @ dean abr

      I really do think you need to visit a dictionary to look up 'racist'
      as it would seem you have forgotten the meaning of the word.


  33. wow ignorance in its purest form... i would love to educate you but judging from your vocabulary; you are not interested in learning a damn thing

  34. In what scale are we measuring this majority. United States? North America? Worldwide? If you have read any sociology books, research, studies, empirical studies, you would realize that much of our cognitive processing is biased from the beginning to place people of black coloured skin at a disadvantage even if a white and a black person committed the same crime. Please do some research, rather than relying on media (which I think we can all agree is quite biased in what they choose to report and not) or the few personal stories you've encountered in your life before you start spouting and spreading ignorance.

  35. This women is rascist against whites, in the UK today whites are a minority in most cities, The schools that I went to in south london are 90% non white, so I think she is a little out of touch with reality. Maybe 40 years ago things were different, but now I dont think so. I did get the impression that the blacks in the group were feeling a bit sorry for themselves, but what about the whites that have to live in inner city areas and are the subject of mugging, rape, guncripe etc, maybe these whites hava a good ecuse to be a bit rascist, years ago maybe not, but now maybe. People born with two heads cant help the way they look, whites cant change being white. It seems to me that until the world is completly full of non whites , nobody will be happy

    1. she isnt racist against whites. what makes you think that?

      Whites are not a minority in the UK except in certain what? what does that matter?

      i also think you are missing the entire point of this experiment.

      and are you saying that white people have a right to think they are better than other races because when they live in the innercity they get mugged? are you unaware that that has nothing to do with race but socioeconomic depravity brought on by policies of the white majority?

      for a geezer you are very ignorant.

    2. this has nothing to dooo with whether the people are racist or not it about present that racisim EXIST!!! and to show people not to turn a blind eye to racism thats it thats all ...people need to stop defending the system ...yes times have changed but racism IS STILL THERE

    3. "The schools that I went to in south london are 90% non white, so I think she is a little out of touch with reality."

      You assume that your own personal experience is somehow the universal "reality".

      Besides, these numbers are irrelevant. Institutionalized racism does not require a majority population.

      There is so much faulty reasoning in this post that I can't stop writing....

      " what about the whites that have to live in inner city areas and are the subject of mugging, rape, guncripe etc, maybe these whites hava a good ecuse to be a bit rascist"

      So, if I follow you correctly, if you are the victim of a crime committed by a non-white person, you are justified in being racist against that group...

      Hmmm... well, you say 40 years ago these non-whites weren't around. So it was white people doing the mugging and raping then. By your logic, those victims, and maybe the news-consuming public, should have become racist against WHITE people- they'd have had a "good excuse".

      Besides, first you say non-whites have become the majority in most cities in the UK. So isn't this the majority group committing a majority share of the crime?

      "People born with two heads cant help the way they look, whites cant change being white."

      This is really just silly, isn't it? What's the connection between whites and people with two heads exactly!? It implies that whites are freaks of nature, which is puzzling to say the least. Anyhoo, no one is asking white people to change "being white".

      "It seems to me that until the world is completly full of non whites , nobody will be happy"

      The word "hyperbole" is somehow insufficient to characterize this statement. I hereby coin the term "HYPER-hyperbole", and I thank you for so inspiring my linguistic creativity. Your reaction to this effort to examine racism (in a way that perhaps hits close to home) is to deftly pole-vault all the way to (essentially) "you non-whites must want all white people on earth eradicated".

      This is just so irrational, and passive agressive! I think you must be pretty angry about the change in racial demographics over the last 40 years. If you are, just admit it. Own up to it, instead of cooking up so much shoddy logic to avoid seeming racist.

      In my city, most of the white people I know, including my own family members, are pretty angry at the fact that Indians and Pakistanis have become the majority group. I regularly hear all about it. But not a one of them will admit that their feeelings are motivated by racism. Clearly, if they weren't racist, they wouldn't care how many non-white people live in their city or attend their school. Is this so hard to understand?

    4. Pathetic comment .Poor me, have read any history apartheid ,civil rights movement ,slaughter of Native Americans and Aborigines ,the slave trade the Holocaust.Or have you just bypassed the last century from your brain,and i use that word loosely.Dumbass.

  36. this woman is crazy, delusional and not doing anything other than proving it. sad.

  37. She is a "bitch" lol but she is good at what she does. Good documentary.

    Racism is experienced by non-whites, and whites. I think those people in the experiment went away learning both sides of it in some sense.

  38. It is my opinion that a lot of people confuse their dislike for the ways of a different culture and that of racism.

    Quote:The world population can be divided into 4 major races, namely white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black, and Australoid. This is based on a racial classification made by Carleton S. Coon in 1962. There is no universally accepted classification for “race”, however, and its use has been under fire over the last few decades. The United Nations, in a 1950 statement, opted to “drop the term ‘race’ altogether and speak of “ethnic groups”. In this case, there are more than 5,000 ethnic groups in the world, according to a 1998 study published in the Scientific American.

    There are characteristics to each races/culture. Ask anyone what they don't like about the skin color of a person and they won't have much to say. Ask them what they don't like about the fundamental attitude or characteristics of a person with a certain skin colour or of a person from a certain land of origin and some can't be stopped.
    An Italian (considered white) who never lived in Italy will still have an Italian attitude if he was raised in the Italian quarter in Montreal.
    Of course black versus white is a whole different story, specially in US. There is a very painful history behind that bitterness, a story that is impossible to forget, a story that yield to the years that followed and the ways of self consideration that grews from that.
    While i travelled through West Africa i was able to see how much there is "racism" between the tribes who share a land like Burkina Faso. There are approx. 50 different tribes in Burkina Faso along with some ethnic races and clans. They mainly stay apart. It tells me that racism has existed since the beginning of times but i like to think that it won't remain this way....that is... if we survive. Give us a big traumatic world event and you bet your neighbour will become your ally if that means survival.
    The world is intermixing like a big fruit salad...and sooner or later the red juice at the bottom will have one single taste.

    1. As i was writing this, very powerful stunamis were hitting coastal cities and town...i know i am one cares about the colour of the person next to them...people are helping where and who they can help. One day it could be all of us!

  39. Reading some of the comments on the site in regards to racism, and for those who think that Elliot, or those of the brown eyes are somehow subjecting these people (who have the choice to walkout) shows that either 1) you need to go to a college and learn about racism and its history, 2) empty your cup, 3) go talk to some people who know a lot about racism outside of academia. Time Wise, an author, coined a nice phrase called "white denial". I imagine that this is self-explanatory.

    1. i completely agree with you here. i think the problem is we ought to differentiate between RACIST and say stereotyping or prejudice, or even just classic xenophobia gone awry.

      to me racism would mean you hold your race to be superior to others. that is not a view i think too many hold. however it is almost instinctual due to our evolution to be weary and skeptical of anyone from a different culture, and ultimately the colour of someons skin is often a good way to tell they are from a different culture.

      just a thought maybe to help everyone here find some common ground and wade through the semantics.

    2. But the thing with racism is that a person from the dominant group does not have to feel that their race is superior to others to be racist. Race relations is one of the many things that I study academically, and I can tell you that racism is a power based social system. If I use caps I am not yelling, but emphasizing.

      Power is the exercise of ones will over others. And before a person can say that they do not exercise their will over others, I can tell you that you do not even need to be conscious of what you are doing. Rumsfeld paradigm.

      I do not want to type a novel on this subject, but I can say that those from the dominant group must UNDERSTAND this social reality. It will be hard. It would be like understanding sexism. One of my professors told me that men in the U.S. objectify women on a daily basis. I being a guy thought that this is not true, but I was WILLING to empty that cup and learn what she had to say. It took a little longer than a semester of reading, listening, and asking other women, but that day came of my eyes being opened up to what women go through in the U.S. Building nuclear bombs is easier than understanding social problems for WHAT THEY ARE IN REALITY. If anyone WANTS to know, they will find out. And at times it will be hard to take in, but in my opinion in order to gain some truth you may have to go through hardship.

      This is not addressed at you Epicurus, per se, but for all who may read this post, and continue to discuss the issues of social inequality.

  40. This is a great documentary. I think EVERYBODY is at least slightly racist. Of course some people more than others. I am a white American. I live in one of the most racially diverse areas of the country. I am a minority race in my own city. It irritates me sometimes, but I'm used to it. On a seperate level, don't you dare f--king tell me blacks aren't just as racist against whites, as they assume whites are against them. Also, I feel awful for that father who refuses to pick up his child from school. That is a game no parent should have to play.

    1. While I agree with you that there are people of color (not just black people) who are racist, you fail to realize that racism is something of POWER. And when I mean power I am saying the ability to exercise one's will over others, and I am talking about political and economic power. These things that white people have in the U.S. And when I say people remember that it is a plural word and not singular.

      And before you get upset (by the choice word used) understand that generally speaking, people of color hold racist attitudes because of past experiences with others (probably white) who have shown racist attitudes towards them, OR they know and have a hard time dealing with the racist past of the U.S. i.e. slavery, lynchings, the police, and the list can go on. Do not get me wrong in what I have said; racism still continues to this day in the U.S.

    2. where do u see black people being racist please explain this view because i dont see that at can a minority be racist to a majority ...i would like some clarification ...and if u talkin about how there are subtle hits ie "white ppl cant dance" those are stereotypes not racism... ever one has a stereotype

  41. Overall, I support Elliott's cause but the ethics behind her method is a little unsettling....

    That being said, as a person of colour it seriously ticks me off when I hear white people argue that they're discriminated against just as much as nonwhites. Like that moron in the video who's all, "No one loves me cause I'm fat" ......

    These people need to realize that to most of us they just sound like this >>>>> Wahhh waaaahhh!! (<<< this would be a baby crying, just to clear up any confusion)

  42. So great an exercise.
    Should be compulsory to experience for any right wing, exclusivist people.....
    The more bitter the reactions she gets, the more relevant her point becomes...obviously....
    Simply brilliant and more than necessary kind of societal research...
    This is Nobel prize material

  43. That old lady is a psycho - she's almost strayed into racism herself. Don't project your prejudices on everyone else just because your country was racist until recntly, ya old slag...

  44. Problem #1: You're already subjecting and submitting yourself to another person's will by sheer fact of agreeing to participate in the experiment.

    The two people who left in the beginning are, by my own belief, the most correct among them because they refused to submit.

    Funny how the people failed to notice the authoritarian's blue eyes.

    The black woman is just as racist, if not more, because she's operating on her own generalizations about whites and desires a form of retributive justice.

  45. I lived in the south and believe it or not,I've had alot of racist remarks from blacks. I was always told whites were the racists. btw I'm asian. Its honestly how the media projects different races. I hate math, I'm not submissive, I don't do nails, i don't know karate and PF Changes is a horrible false interpretation of REAL Chinese food. The american populace has failed me!!! :(

    1. Then don't live in America...

    2. thats a stupid attitude to have. the man is expressing how he has witnessed a form of prejudice in his and your country, and rather than suggesting a way to fix it or just admitting there is a flaw, you tell him to just leave.....*sigh*

  46. I thought it was interesting how quick some in the brown group was to join in with "The Bitch". She asked them if they knew how to "act white" and they started calling the blue group "stupid" and "ignorant". They didn't just do what was required for the exercise, they also showed signs of being racist themselves!!

    It shows that it's only a question of who's in charge. This woman didn't just manage to show that some people in the blue group was actually ignorant when it came to racism (when comparing it to what clothes you wear and being a skinhead) - she also showed that with the right methods anyone can become a racist. Even a person that knows what it feels like!

    And the guy that didn't wanna pick up his daughter from school... Doesn't he realize that his actions actually will support racism?? If you hide and think "they will judge me because I'm black", then that's exactly the sort of behavior you allow.

  47. @aminah~
    "Those with knowledge are aware that there are actally no different races in this world..."
    Have you seen any of 'The Journey of Man' videos with Dr. Spencer Wells? How about The Genome Project? If not, check it out. He pretty much proves that the minor secondary variations that we call "race" are biologically less differentiating than we ever expected before DNA science. Race-specific gene markers are less significant among human beings than among different breeds of Terriers--- and way less than different general breeds of dogs!

  48. @Chyrch~
    That's one helluva good point! Still I stand by my point which is you can't get a true non-racist person to unknowingly co-sign a racist "event"---whatever it is.
    The exception would be if he agrees in advance to "role play" a racist.

  49. Lary Nine,

    I'd hardly call it a "controlled experiment". That gives it an undeserved legitimacy. This woman has no credentials, has provided nothing new to what we know, and thus can't be thought of as a source of insight on the subject.

    The moment an experiment is more telling of the person conducting it than the subjects, the experiment has failed.

  50. It was W.C. Fields, I believe, who said "You can't cheat an honest man." I questioned why so many people would fall for such a controlled experiment. Then I realized. You can't foist the pretense of racism on a non-racist without that person challenging it. To fall for her act, a person has to have at least a little latent "racism".

  51. excellent and well done.. what will be the legacy of j.elliot? well .. she brings importance and value to the subject of sociology... groups in power.. great job.

  52. "it is obvious that racism is alive in the hearts and minds of people who should be ashamed of themselves and their denial.
    The majority of white people have no idea what it feels like to be discriminated against just because of skin colour. Throughout history, it has been the white people who invaded, destroyed, divided and conquered the world, at a cost of innumerable life"

    Ah the irony and hypocrisy of a poorly thought out comment. I love it.

  53. After reading these comments, it is obvious that racism is alive in the hearts and minds of people who should be ashamed of themselves and their denial.
    The majority of white people have no idea what it feels like to be discriminated against just because of skin colour. Throughout history, it has been the white people who invaded, destroyed, divided and conquered the world, at a cost of innumerable life.
    As a person of colour in the UK, racism is institutionalised to the point of internalisation.
    The only way to eradicate the evil of racism, is not to divide people into different races.
    Those with knowledge are aware that there are actally no different races in this world, but rather there is only one race, and that is the human race.
    United we will all stand, but divided we shall and will continue to fall.

  54. she is on target racist is real and most all whites are racist

  55. People in both groups tolerated a very bossy woman, because why ? Their curiousity and their feeling that they were in an experiment and would not really get hurt in any way ?
    But then they did not want to go through with it (some in both groups).
    So why not leave ? Their indecision and confusion were because they had already accepted bullying from the person facilitating the group, but didn't want to be perpetrators themselves, even though they felt it was okay to stay for this experiment, would they just observe ?
    When they did not walk out right away at her acting hateful but that young man and then another woman left, I understand she really wanted to give the experience of hate. Those two saw it coming and did not want to participate.
    Good for them for leaving - There are other ways to teach, and this was like an eye for an eye, in a way, seemed like punishment instead of opening people's hearts or eyes to see what it feels like to be in a group that's disenfranchised.

    That young man who walked out first, he struck me as sensitive and aware of who he was, his heart told him not to participate in this,
    And maybe everyone there felt troubled by the bullying teacher, but he was aware that by staying he would be agreeing to something that seemed like a dirty little experiment, not straightforward, he sensed it was about hate, and he wanted no part of it.

    I think there is lots of bullying in the world, and people sharing power only with their own family, clan or group, whatever they consider their group to be. That is why everybody stayed to tough it out. They are so used to the rude illogical punishing tactics, the retaliation. This lady in charge just seems "normal" to many people probably, because so many bossy, opinionated, unfair punishers are out there.

  56. Wow this was utter bs. I think I may have turned racist against old grey haired blue eyed witches lol

  57. This experiment only showed the power of manipulation and the evilness/submission fetish of people which you can see spreading into the comments, she is only provocating and not helping, that is the lesson, oh and that so many of you are prime sociopath and psycopath and cult victims, shame on you, just like all those that stayed and took that mental abuse, just to show people can be manipulated, you damn sheep.

    Still can't beleive the amount of sheep that think that experiment is a positive intelectual experiment, you feeble minded followers just waiting for a dictator or a cult leader, that was what this show was all about, YOU SUPPORTERS JUST SAW A LYNCHIN AND LIKED IT, WOW! Many of you need a leash and a gag :)

  58. I think the theme of the exercise goes just a little bit deeper then many are thinking.
    -right off the bat some serious attitudes went in play.
    (sounds kind of like how whites reacted when a black came around)I know this is true...white bathroom...Negro bathroom
    white drinking fountain .....negro drinking fountain...whites service only...Negro sitting in back.
    -she knew someone was going to rat out the fact that the test was rigged.
    -1964 latino man not let into local college on the grounds that he didn't miss a single question.So was not let in because he oviously cheated on the grounds that no caucation has ever achived this..
    -1964 same college.white male was given tutorial during exam. suspected but was accepted anyways.
    -trying to be as ignorant as possible to blue eyes...A natural human way of showing supremicy to any race they want underfoot.
    -lady purposly brought out there childish out bursts to show them that they know nothing what it feels like to be hated.
    Sadly they still think it was big waste of time.

  59. Oh and also, sorry but don't see how this is even remotely a valid psychological experiment. She's been an elementary school teacher. If she had more credibility then the experiment would have been done MUCH differently. Put a group of people representing every race out there and every person will have an example of how racism has affected them in their lives. Yes, even white people deal with racism and we have to deal with the bad name our ancestors have given us regarding racism- isn't that a form of racism right there? I get what they're saying- that black people deal with it more often and such but what about that guy talking about not being able to pick his child up because she is the only black girl in the school? Where I'm from there's tons of black, brown, half, whatever in the school and no one gives a damn what you look like. Seriously no one cares. 3/4 of the teachers aren't white. So excuse me, but don't apply this to all white people everywhere. Not working anymore.

  60. This may have worked well for her back in the 60's when white vs. black was still a really big issue. Now, my community for example is so full of different races that this exercise was done improperly on her part. She did not have to teach the whites a lesson, she needed to teach EVERYONE in the room a lesson. The way it started out it looked good because she was specifically saying "blue eyes" and "brown eyes." the minute she switched to WHITE and BLACK people became defensive and the show could not go on. EVERYONE is a little bit racist now a days. Perhaps a black person in that room was slightly racist toward asians, or a white person slightly racist toward brown people. There are so many races and colours living together now, her lesson should have targeted each and every person in that room. At the end of the lesson, perhaps they all could have shared different racist encounters they have experienced with one another as the mixed race man did, because that clearly was very effective. Sticking to the eye colour would have been smart on her part.

  61. Child abuse...

  62. Lets face it, everyone is racist in one form or another.It's only human nature to be assosiated with someone of your own color.I have a few freinds of color,but it's just not the same.
    I don't like to think myself as racist in any form(but I guess I am). When it all comes down to it I like to be with others who have the same skin color(I feel ashamed in this line of thinking).This was inbreaded into me by parents,uncles,grandparents and society.

    I wish things would change but as I see things developing in the world I'm afraid this will never happen.

  63. That black woman is so racist.

  64. Im a white english lad 26 yr olds . I moved to china last year as I had enough of the uk . I can say after living in china and being the 3% white english man in my city. theres a feeling inside that your different and out of place, I always say as a joke now I know how black people must have felt in the uk. I think you think people are always thinking about you . I stoped going out and going to the supermarket as peoples eyes and pointing starts to take its toll .... hahahah but who cares just rock on i say , but i think its just human nature

  65. Nothing of racism was learned. If the lesson is that racism prevails in overt or hidden message... It's already known. The fact that this test was set up so that there wasn't any way one group could come away as unbiased only points out the futility of knowing this fact. Let me offer a more base reasoning..Racism exists because man(like most creatures) is married, by birth, into a population limited society. When any newcomer arrives, he or she would automatically be scanned as a threat to the society. Whether based on any real threat, the automatic brain response is there for the protection of the family/society. Why does a dog bark? It's not a bad dog. He is a loyal and loving creature that is fulfilling his natural duty. One would have to be on heroin not to automatically react to anyone new with skepticism. What do you think?

  66. Pretty childish bull****. The self righteousness of this woman is just as nauseating as the moral highground taken by the observers. This might work with children but even trying it with adults lets me seriously wonder wether they have a clue what they are talking about.

  67. Lots of people commented here have got it all wrong.

    It's not about racism against black people (they just tend to experience it more often)..its against the racism de facto!!

    Cool, assertive lady!

  68. @ Shugga. Perhaps you are right; but sometimes you need evil to overcome evil.

  69. This exercise is so stupid. The only reason it works as she pleases is because she kicks out and has security remove anyone who speaks up and begin to prove her wrong.

  70. This woman is an illogical fool. She's racist against white people.

  71. European liberals would not mind their grand children being born with a natural suntan but would be disgusted if their pedigree mare was sired by a non-pedigree horse.

  72. this is the most ridiculous b@##$%^& I've seen in a while. The premise is something like "white people are inherently racists and brown people are the victims"

    Get out your bubble old white lady. If you go other places in this world, you'll see there is plenty of this done by every race in every place. And it is almost never as blatant and egregious as her demonstrations anymore. You might avoid a person that looks a certain way, of which their race is a component, but almost nowhere is any race getting sprayed with firehouses or hung. That all happened in western societies, but it has been a long time since then, and the kid that got booted out at the onset of the doc is a perfect example of why.

    He saw the erroneous nature of this "experiment" and pointed out the basic flaw, that people don't actually discriminate on race in most cases. And never (in the west) is it manifested in treating people like lesser beings undeserving of basic dignity and civility. The worst you see in the west these days, is basic avoidance or suspicion based on race. And that is usually taken in combination with other visual indicators of a persons status or background.

    Who avoids the guy with a neat appearance in business attire that is also black? Thats right, a few racist uncles with a few years to live, and thats about it. Racism is dying, let it die.

  73. While I understand what she was trying to do, personally I think the experiment was far too simplistic. It quickly descended into a black versus white arguement with both sides feeling defensive. And it was too focused on racism. There are plenty of other forms of discrimination which is some ways I think are far more pervasive and more socially accepted. White people still suffer from sexism, ageism, homophobia, religious intolerance and discrimination against disabled people. There is no get out of jail free card for anyone. Besides this is Britain, we have one of the most rigid class systems in the world and it does still affect people. My sister goes to a private girls school and I know of a couple of parents who never pick their daughters up for fear of making them look common.

  74. I don't think some of the people here understand what she is doing in this experiment. What she is creating is an apartheid system, an apartheid system can be based on race, religion, tribe, cast etc. She uses brown vs. blue eyes not to prove that whites are inherently racist but to prove that any power structure underlined with an apartheid model will reap similar results AND she is showing that it takes very little time for the system to be ingrained, where those who are being discriminated against behave in certain ways and those of the privileged also fall in line. In other words you can get this results in ALL human beings because its the apartheid model that creates the behaviour not the race, cast, religion, tribe or eye color. These are the underpinnings of Nazi Germany, apartheid south africa, Israel, cast in India, even the tribal violence in Africa.
    She isn't trying to humiliate white people simply because they are white she is trying to show how vulnerable ALL of us would be if we woke up one day and were working within that model and indeed in most of the world we do still actually live within this model no matter how subtle it may be compared to societies like apartheid south africa or Israel or wherever. Discrimination is based on a power structure not a racial one & its the power structure that institutionalizes and ingrains the behaviour and prejudice. This is why she works with blue eyes vs brown eyes and not something obvious like color or religion. Behaviour is revamped by the power structure and mostly everyone falls in line.

  75. fred, I think you should try reading other people's posts, such as omar's. The message was about minority groups who are discriminated against. this was a power exercise. I think a lot of people in this experiment ignored that it the exercise primarily focused on the power of those who dictate society and in reflection it is applied to racism. Sometimes to fix a problem, things that seem unrelated need to change too.

  76. I'm white. I grew up in a majority black city attending majority black schools. In fact, my school was located in an all black government housing project. The most hateful racists I've ever known were black. And every single one of them claimed they were victims of "racism". They weren't victims of anything. That's what makes Jane Elliot's little program ridiculous -- it's based on false assumptions.

  77. How can they not address the more important issue that the black people who felt put down thought they were completely justified in dishing it back. Thats b@##$%^& and if anything she is the racist. This lady is stupid and that isn't even an experiment. Just an excuse for her to be a b@#$%. Also that black professor watching in just enjoyed the shows and offered no real insight.

  78. Racism is all in your head. Genetically, there are greater variations within the genomes of individuals of the same race population than between different races. For example, lets say you're black and you compare your genome to another black dude and a white guy. Chances are that you'll have more in common genetically with the white guy. Fancy that.

  79. No one wins the race in racism! I find that, the more I flag my own sensitivity towards racism, the more people 'have a go' to get me riled! Racism, is of course, the snobbery of poor people!

    Jane Elliott's original film 'A Class Divided' is great. This attempt at her workshop/experiment in Britain fails miserably, though Krishna Guru-Murthy bodes well considering the material they've filmed isn't really even worth broadcasting!

  80. Thanks Vlatko. Your quick and decisive action just goes even further in proving how respectable you are and how respect worthy this site is.

  81. Wow, I just noticed something. Vlatko I'm very surprised that "nig" isn't on the list of words that automatically filter your post into moderation. I'm also equally surprised that you allowed someone to get away with referring to a black woman as a "nig" on this site. It's quite indicative of today's problems if you ask me. Anyways, it's comment #82 if you didn't know. Disgusting.

    1. You're right @Justice. I've removed that comment. But if I mark "nig" for moderation all comments with a word containing "nig" in it (and that is a huge set of words) will go into moderation queue. I hope you understand. Thanks for the heads up, and everyone is welcome to warn me if there are inappropriate comments anywhere on the site.

  82. Gwynne Tadpole: "EVERYONE in that room appeared racist, they all were making assumptions about how other people think and feel".


  83. Listen, racism comes in all forms, but don't for one second think that white people experience racism and discrimination on the same scale as non whites i.e Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs etc. Yes, white people do experience racism without a doubt, nobody can reasonably argue against that fact.

    However, this comes in the form of interpersonal racism i.e from one person to another, racial jokes/slurs etc. But the racism and discrimination that non whites experience is systematic and institutional and goes much farther than someone simply being racist towards you.

    Seriously people wake up racism exists! I don't believe it should always be used as a crutch or drawn like a card when convenient either. But to deny the fact that racism is still extremely prevalent in our society is quite indicative of the reason why it still is.

    This discussion becomes a problem for me personally however, when people start making it seem as if all white people are racist and that they are all raised with a superiority complex. This is simply not true. I find this experiment to be fundamentally flawed because it seems to me that people are being labeled a certain way just because they are white. THAT'S RACIST!! To assume all white people feel this way is bigoted and short sighted.

  84. I was amazed by the outcome of that. Everyone in that room appeared racist, they all were making assumptions about how other people think and feel. I was expecting that insight to be the outcome of that documentary. Until we understand our weaknesses nothing will change. We need to be forever vigilant, looking deep within ourselves, question and criticize our actions and beliefs.
    Another point, we all experiences racism. I'm a woman, and believe me, I have too.

  85. Reasons Voice: "The patronizing and babying of entire races and the overlooking of ever growing antisocial behaviors as “the product of their oppression” is by far a more racist way of seeing things than the average person who tends to steer clear of the dude that looks like fiddy cent”.

    You hit the nail right on the head brother! If you want to know what I'm talking about read my post under "The modern Racist Paradigm".

  86. one word = DENIAL

    you just cannot accept racism because your minds are narrow

  87. This was a strange documentary. I almost feel like the people who made it actually missed the point altogether. No-one throughout the entire process seemed to realise that the groups hadn't been segregated due to skin colour but EYE CLOLOUR. The point of this exercise was not to show white people what it feels like to be discriminated against. I feel that the whole point was to show how easily people jump on the bandwagon of making assumptions about other people. That goes both ways. Notice how the coloured people in the group assume that the blue eyed people have never been discriminated against and couldn't possibly understand what it feels like. THAT IS RACISM IN ITESLF! The makers of the doco could not see through their pre-conceptions of what Jane was trying to do and as a result, the film was fundementally flawed.

  88. Racism today amounts to little more than offending the victim. There may still be issues among employers preferring people of their own race, but that's not exclusive to any race group. So what's left? Insulting comments?

    Why is it that people think the solution to offense is to quiet the people offending them? No one makes you feel ashamed without your permission. Act like a grown up, and get some self-worth.

    If someone makes jokes about you because of your skin colour, it says a lot about them. If you take offense to it, it says a lot about you.

  89. Very, VERY interesting psychological/social experiment. Maybe because I am black and though racism is not as obvious in British society today, I do come across subtle racial discrimination, maybe that's why I appreciate what this woman is doing more than some of the blue eyed people in this study. It is a shame that there were a few that didn't quite come around to the message of the experiment, but I think that goes to show and prove the experimenters point even more - that the ignorance and attitudes of white people have got to change. They may not be actively racist, but by ignoring or not acknowledging that it is an existing problem, they are just as bad as those that actively seek white superiority and the bringing down of other races.

  90. I get what the hell this person is trying to do but I don't see this as effective in the slightest.

    1) By having non-whites in the group the whole point of the exercise has been destroyed due to the subtext of bringing the real world into what is supposed to be a controlled environment. Many seemed to rationalize that the experiment was to show that racism permeates or whatever but by their presence you pretty much are still making it an us-vs-them mentality, just changing the groups that are being the oppressor/oppressed. You see that a lot with the interactions with the black lady especially and in general I get the sense that the brown-eyed group--who were half non-white--would be racist themselves if they were the dominant group. When you look at the non-Western world you see racism there too. It's not a European only phenomenon, it never was and never will be. If anything I think the experiment solidifies racist beliefs instead of challenging them. Note that none of the nonwhites stood up to the treatment of the blue-eyed. Their pretext was to show the other group something, but is that what one really gets out of this? I didn't, if anything it seemed to suggest that they found discrimination OKAY, just not when it's against their group.

    2) One rationalization I heard was that the experiment was supposed to be "extreme" and not subtle, but that is one of the reasons not to take it seriously. It's blatantly artificial, and most members of the audience recognized that the real world doesn't work that way (or at least not as much today). It's not accessible and not analogous to contemporary identity politics. It's not surprising that many struggled to take this workshop seriously.

    3) I found the psychologists remarks very condescending and very unenlightening. Maybe I am just playing devil's advocate with this documentary but they all seemed to have prejudged--how ironic--the whites participating and their behaviors as demonstrative of something just by the fact that they were white. No indication that they knew who these people where, no attempt to see if their criticisms held merit. It was blind acceptance of this workshop's method. If there's one thing one gets from studying any of the sciences, it's that such treatment of these or any kinds of experiments are a sign of poor methodology and bad science.

  91. What a waste of mine time. there a bigger problems to solve in the world then this bs.

  92. I won't reveal my race cause i see it as hypocritical to what I'm about to say.

    IMO disporatic judgment is a the source of all discrimination, only to be fueled by the popularity of identity politics, which is far more polarizing than uniting. To the point that racism is natural, there's nothing you can do about it, and your wasting your time. no matter if everyone was the same skin tone, height, and weight; People will find something to make them selves stand out and find other who share that with them, its only a matter of time before they feel a sense of superiority and the others who don't share that trait will feel inferior.

    I found it kind of funny in this doc that the black-brits were quick to speak up and put "Those blue eyed & blond people." in their place. Its almost like slave driver cracking a whip at someone and the moment the tables are turned the oppressed doesn't hesitate to pick up the whip and continue the cycle. the notion of brown eyes and blue eyes vanished early on and it became more of a vendetta for the blacks.

    Her experiment would be more effective with one race cause if you have a mix, one race will develop a "victim merit" and replace the notion of brown eyes as the key difference and project their own discriminations on it as well. why didn't you see the Asian guy or Muslim woman speaking up? cause the blacks were the superior victim and had more clout cause of the color of their skin and the history behind it. yes, it is possible that the doc only covered the black participants for dramatic effect, but isn't that a problem too?

    looking at the posts everyone is so quick to project their own victimhood and identity not to mention disdain for religion which I find funny. why must you state your race to have an argument? the color of your skin or your faith have no clout in a discussion. i would not be surprised if anyone who replies to this comment is trying to figure out my race(i bet you can't help mention it in your reply!). its in our biology to put a face, ID, or marker on everything. a good portion of our mind is dedicated to this. there is one thing The Bitch (her nickname, not the insult) said i agree with "I'm white, I can't choose it and I can't lose it". with that said:

    I'm a Afro-Turk, I can't choose it and I can't loose why the f@#$ do you care?!

  93. lots of different views on here and most are correct in their own right, however, i think the one that hits the root of the cause the best was the one noone seems to take any notice of... its that guy who qouted paramanda. nothing, and i mean absolutely NOTHING is going make things any better until and unless we look within ourselves and change this nasty 'i-me-myself' mentality. what this world needs is spirituality not religion.

    as for the rest of the commentators, some have clearly not even bothered watching the entire documentary or paying much attention, its best i not waste my energy commenting on them.

    this guy FACT, as i began reading ur list i thought ok, this one seems to know a thing or two until i read the one where u think the answer is islam... FAIL. monotheistic religions are the main reason behind the worst human behaviours through our history. religion can never be the answer to the demons that reside inside all of us, monotheistic religions, even less likely.

  94. The fact is:
    Physique indicates life style.
    Gender usually indicates characteristics.
    Nationality/ culture sometimes indicates worldviews and/or personalities.
    Race rarely indicates much

    If you think race never predicts behavior, you're unobservant. If you think it usually applies then you are an i@#$%.

    My Japanese grandparents were taken out of homes put into camps. While they were away people took their house and business. If any living Americans have a right to be pissed off about racism it is them, but the message they passed on to me is basically this:

    We all hate to be pre-judged wrongly but be aware of what people might think and be ready to show them you are not like your group. Reasonable people will accept you for you and they are the only ones you should care about.

  95. What's with the redneck population in England worried about soon becoming a minority in their own country. 1st of all, nobody owns a country. 2nd, I'm so pissed with the White Superiority Complex.....wake up whities.
    3rd , its not like u'd be thrown in prison or everything material u own be taken if u become a minority.
    4th & final - A person (irrespective of gender, heritage, age, blah blah blah) gets residency or citizenship of a country, he/she becomes that much part of the country as a family who's lived there for centuries.

  96. the blue eyed people did not get it. the exercise is not about painting all whites as racists, it was about showing them how it feels to be discriminated against for such a ridiculous reason such as eye or skin color. i believe we all have racist (to an extent) feelings because its human nature to stick with those who are the same as you. however it should never get out of hand like it did in Americas first 150 years.

    this is coming from a white conservative American by the way

  97. Large group of pakistanis*

  98. I was set upon by a large pakistanis because i was white.
    I was on my own. Its happend twice in 5 months. And theres similar reports in my local paper weekly. It isnt just blacks or asians anymore, it all depends what country, what area, what town. in my town, halifax, yorkshire, england, white is slowly becoming a minority. put it this way, i bet that young black lad in the audience hasnt been set upon by a large group of white males purely because he was black, this old bitch needs to do some research, its not the sixties anymore.

  99. wow...idk what to think part of me says this is immoral and another says well so is racism. im Arabian and ive had racist comments thrown at me from every race there is, its human nature to pick on the different if an Asian kid is being made fun of by a few black kids, a small amount if any will stand up for the Asian because they will then be picked on with the Asian and its better to keep that power that u know u was torture for me at alot of points i hated going many days but as you get older you realize the harsh realities of living in a world were this takes place, its all primitive in nature its all just animals protecting there own its like a bunch of dogs picking on the runt it always happens, i think i just talked myself into whose side im on :)

  100. I think a lot of people misunderstand the idea behind this exercise. There is a HUGE difference between interpersonal racism and INSTITUTIONAL/CULTURAL racism. I don't think this experiment is about showing that only white people can have racist views. It's about the fact that both British and American societies there are embedded views that permeate in social media in national and private institutions, and that effect people on a deep, subconscious level. It effects the ways minorities view themselves and how they are viewed by the majority. It's not about one group having a monopoly on hatred or discrimination, it's about the degree which one's life's course is dictated by this. In the end this experiment is meant to show the extraordinary impact a lifetime of discriminatory treatment against a group would have on people's psychology, attitude, behavior, etc. A 1 day session has people furious, crying, argumentative, and righteous...imagine how much damage a lifetime of discrimination would cause.

  101. I see what shes trying to do and it could work if she knew that the evil (white) blue eyed people were racist and the poor oppressed (black) brown eyed people werent. But shes taking volunteers off the street that think they are going in for a focus panel and accusing them of being hate filled racist that are tearing the world apart. The only way I see this working is if she had people she knew for a fact as being racist in there.
    But admit it or not EVERYONE is racist, some more then others but WE ALL have it in us. And if you deny this your not only racist but your a liar. I have met more black racist then whites, but for some reason most blacks are given a pass and looked upon as defiant and standing up against something not racist.

  102. So only whites can be racist? Listening to her it seems like only the evil white person can be racist and make everyone else feel inferior. Another guilt-ridden white hag trying to over apologise for some people being racist.

  103. As a mixed race of Black, Hispanic and Italian, but predominantly looked at as Black, I started recognizing racism at 8yrs old. I was called a nigger on occasion by white children who felt the need to control me or place my mind where theirs was, I guess? I was always so happy and had high spirits, maybe they wanted to bring me down a notch to be at their controlled level? Something like this learned at such a young age affected my thought dynamics and chemistry initially when encountering other races. It seemed if I was unhappy, they felt more at ease. Or maybe they just wanted my attention?

    I have been discriminated against in the work place on very subtle levels. Having a sells job in college, I didn't get many sells leads from the counselors because we didn't communicate as 'buddies'. I never accepted the way they would expect me to be as a young 'Black' man and I didn't conform to their ignorance and expectations of me. At a young age, instead of confronting it, all I practiced was withdrawing from them. It wasn't 'til one day an older 50yr old Black man was hired. An ex military, a counselor now, who showed me how the game was being played. I never knew the 'secret' that I could make so much money at work. He was giving me lead after lead, so now I was on a level playing field with my co-workers.

    Other than that, I remember little things like getting on crowded public transportation and it seemed like sitting next to me was a very noticeable last resort for people. I was a skinny, shy and friendly high school kid. I felt like people were intimidated by me. My teacher in my AP History class said in front of the class as he was giving an example about something, "don't people get intimidated by you?" I had no idea how to respond and just said ya I guess so. Being so young and not knowing what to do, I took this as a sign that I must be tough, these people are giving me a self image of being mean or a thief or bully it seemed, anything intimidating. I didn't know, but it didn't make sense to me, so once again, I would withdraw, not accepting the self image society around me so willingly gave me. I just listened and watched for years and years.

    I instead looked at people as so ignorant and stupid, while I said nothing, only listened and watched. Now I have a college education, many experiences later, and I have learned so much from people watching, interacting and now having been through so much in 29yrs. I realize that people only give what they have. If they're ignorant, that's all they can give, etc. I am very rich in experience and knowledge on humanity and human nature. MY experiences have served me well. I always kept a positive self image and attitude and no matter the outside influences, I picked and chose those images of myself that most closely matched what I wanted for my life despite outside influences.

    Because of my attitude, my mind and self image are very rich. It has been a difficult but rewarding path and I am very fortunate in every area of my life. I am only fortunate because of my attitude and how I interpreted racism and other things in life, simply as a reflection of the person who has it, nothing more.

    I take charge of my life and control my mind, that's all I have control of, not other people's opinions, experiences or thoughts. Unless of course I interact with them.
    If they are open to me, they get nothing but my best, if they're ignorant, I ignore them or teach them in the human way. This is done with understanding until I am understood and they understand, what a great outcome, at least for the moment.

    Racism and other ignorance is the beholders shortcomings and limitations, it's sad for them, they're truly the sufferers in the end. It's unhealthy for the human spirit.

    I love Jane Elliot! When you look deeper, she truly has compassion for humanity and wants to see us all have an eye opening understanding of ourselves and others at the very least. What a great woman for conducting these experiments for so long to educate humanity all over the globe. Education is the key for progress on any subject and in all of life's wonders!

  104. She was quite a genius realy. Zamato didnt get it, and is ignorant apperantly.

    "Being discriminated against for being fat is no different than black discrimination. “But you can choose to be fat!” And you can choose what skin color you have thanks to advancements in plastic surgery. Sorry, black people can bitch about racism no more than a fat person can bitch about being bullied."

    So you are encourage people to do plastic surgery to fit in in society, cause they are black? wow, you are more racist than i thought, its very exspensive too. You didnt get the point that was made in this documentary.

    If your born with black its not a choice, its biology and genetics. If your born without a leg, its not choice its bad luck. However, you have to live with it every day and experience the limitations in life because the missing leg is preventing you to live like a normal 2 legged person. Therefore your argument about a fat person get discrimminated is retarded, even if its the same discrimination it doesnt matter. The fat person can stop the discimination if he wants, and the one legged cannot go to a gym to get a leg growing.

  105. Well, I'll try to look at the practical side of life. Screwed up economy (blame who you will), so I guess the best alternative of getting off state or Federal dependence would be to holler loud, (really loud) that you are a victim of discrimination, sexism and all the other politically correct "I am a victim of society" acronyms. Pay me (and my attorney) some big bucks. thank you. LOL

  106. That bitch is a piece of work all right. Hopefully she'll be dead soon. Black on white crime FAR outweighs white on black crime. Maybe she should do an experiment teaching blacks what it's like to be white. Maybe they would get their $h1t together.

  107. Obama may not have the black vote this time around.
    Well, there is always OJ?

  108. Anyone ever "pull" a white race card?
    Nah, not going to happen.
    Need those black votes.

  109. Ok first off this whole discussion causes me to want to vomit. Yes people racism does exist. Yes anyone from any race could potentially be racist. Am I a racist? to the whining white apologists on here most probably I am. Neither I nor any member of my family at any time in history owned a slave. I will not be held accountable for any ones actions but my own. I have friends of many cultures and nationalities with widely varying skin tones. I hate the hip hop culture vehemently as do I hate the "La RAZA" culture and the white supremecist culture and many others. For that I will likely be labled a racist. So be it. In my eyes however I tend to agree with a close friend of mine from South Africa (yes he is profoundly black, as I like to tell him). He states that to him the patronizing babying of entire races and the overlooking of ever growing antisocial behaviors as "the product of their oppression" is by far a more racist way of seeing things than the average person who tends to steer clear of the dude that looks like fiddy cent". Call me whatever, I pity you. You must really hate yourselves to so willingly embrace some bogus claim that you by virtue of your race are intrinsically racist. Man if that statement isn't completely insanely hipacrytical I don't know what is.

  110. Black people consider getting a job "selling out to whitey". They think white people owe them a living because of slavery.

    The Mexicans keep streaming into this country and having 15 kids in each family (oh, we're Catholics, so we can't use protection) so they can outnumber the whites and take over through voting. That's why the politicians leave the border porous, it would upset their Spanish-speaking constituency.

    The Asians are smarter, but they don't breed like rabbits like the Mexicans, so they're not really that big a threat.

  111. Im not white and lived in Australia for 12 years there were few incidents of racism which i experienced but i think its common for Aussies to face racism as well in other countries. It was a great place and i have so many friends there and some fond memories.

  112. It was a great documentary and to a certain extent i do agree with Jane Elliot. Im sure there was willful deniel by few in the blue eye group specially the old blonde lady, and some were really ignorant even to understand the exercise. Racism does exists but unlike old days its now most common with people who are uneducated and illitrates whether they are whites or blacks and in any society.

  113. I really wish people would stop saying "white people" when they actually mean "some white people in America".

    Also, I don't buy that it's completely impossible for a white American to have experienced discrimination simply because most of the people running the country are white. Is a kid who gets bullied for being white in a predominately non-white neighborhood going to unwedge his boxers and go, "Well, at least the mayor kind of has my skin color!"? Personally, I think he's more likely to feel that he's being treated unfairly based on his skin color.

  114. This was a interesting documentary, racism indeed is a illogical and counterproductive conditioning.

  115. Racism is another word for a way of thinking. Group think. Power group think. Me vs. them. Fear. Ego. Greed. It doesn't need to be colour or race. No one actually knows how they personally would react to being the target of hate or oppression of any sort. So no one should be quick to judge anyone else's experience. Most of us have to get over our own egos. But remember the oppressed can easily become the oppressors. So if you are oppressed now; watch out because you might become what you hate. Just be tolerant. Then watch out for manipulation by people who get rich by dividing humanity with propaganda.

  116. Did anyone notice the swastika's painted on the floor? 6m07s

    This makes me think the people running this show are the real racists.

  117. That black lady was with a doubt the racist there. Or the most ignorant. One of the two. Either or the only one who truely wasn't racist was the red haired younger kid, and the girl in the blue eyed group who said she was a victim of racism before. Racism can change one racist, that black lady clearly shows it. Being a racist to people who were racist toward you or ignorant to reality doesn't make your racism justified. In fact it proves you are weak and believe in what the oppressor has to say. I completely disagree with this study and about 90% of the people in it. It just goes to show a racist uprise similar to Hitler's could happen again.

  118. No matter what this woman's intentions were, her approach is unethical. This type of psychological manipulation of people would never withstand scrutiny by any Institutional Review Board for psychology experiments at any U.S. university. I can appreciate her idea and intention, but nevertheless, her actions are wholly inappropriate and unethical.

  119. There is no such thing as race. there is just an illusion that there is such a thing.

  120. The blonde lady in the back is such a cunt.

  121. Finally, its my opinion, but anyone who thinks that white people are the only racists is, to me, a racist on some level or, at the very least, extremely naive. There exist power groups in other societies who don't exactly think white people are god's gift.

  122. And maybe we should all remember how weak and afraid of the power group people are. We should remember how easily we are divided. We should remember all the people who have been tortured, murdered and imprisoned for their ideas and beliefs as well as for their skin colour. How many people were willing to stand up to save any of them. We consistently FAIL as a society to act as a group to prevent injustice. If we cant stand up to the criticism doled out by an American "bitch" what on earth can we stand up to.

  123. Racism is just one manifestation of a our way of thinking about minority groups or individual people who don't fit in with the majority or the power group. Maybe you could call it "power group think". Its the way people who think they fit in treat people who don't fit in to the majority for ANY reason. We should not limit this to racism. The problem for some is colour. For other its gender. It could be height, confidence level, attractiveness, wealth, education or it can be ideas or, in fact, anything we can point a finger at. When was the last time you ridiculed someone for having an idea that doesn't go along with your "group think" and made them feel bad. You cant see ideas so its not as bad as having skin of a different colour in any society. But everyone should be aware of how they treat others on the basis of differences. We are stupid if we think its only colour when people abuse each other every day on the basis of differences of all kinds. All you need for a group is three. And you only need two to make a majority.
    And for the guy who says this woman is a "bitch" and America is full of them -- well maybe bitchy American women is another group we can all point a finger at and love to hate. We can change the group we point fingers at but, really, its all the same thing.

  124. Ehh,i'm hispanic and I have to say nothing bothers me more than people who play the race card. That's not to say racism doesn't exist, i know it does because it's happened to me before. But you're always going to be discriminated against for something, whether you're too fat,too tall,too short,too old,whatever. It's not as bad as it used to be, so act like a normal,civilized person and eventually people will see that you're just another person. Victimizing yourself only aggravates the problem.

  125. Omg..."I'm not racist, I just didn't think black people bled."

    I can't believe when you have one person in the audience who honestly admits to finding it hard to accept other races, you can have the person sit beside her saying racism doesn't exist. That sort of willful ignorance...I just don't even know how you can bury ur head that far in the sand and still breathe.

  126. If you don't like my comment, scroll up and read wasteofoadoc's comment. He truly hit the mark on the head.

  127. speaking for all white people everywhere,

    i humbly apologize to you, sir or ma'am

  128. Some of you think you are anyway, kinda how this whole perpetual cycle got started.

  129. why would racism be a thought-process unique to caucasians?

    are we 'special'?

  130. keep it simple targgety and waste of a doc, do you really think im gonna read that?

  131. I have some issues with this experiment.
    The white girl with the brown eyes was alleged to stand up for the blue-eyed people because they were white as well.
    How can you justify that? Maybe irl she stands up for non-whites or people who are discriminated against.

    I am white, but I stand up against any form of bigotry, including racism. As much as I can anyway. But why should I undergo racism before I can fight racism? That's ridiculous at least.

  132. i dont think that people understand this experiment. The brown eyed people represent the people who have the power in society and the blue eyes represent the people who are the minority or the people who are being oppressed. Convert the brown and blue eyes into a race and the browns represent white people/the people with power; and the blues represent every other race in society/the minority. what she was saying is that white people have been socialized to beleive that they are the dominant race and that they have the power. The blue eyed whites have never felt what it was like to be discriminated against based on something that they couldnt change (their blue eyes). the excersize was supposed to let them know what it feels like to be a minority group or a group without power in society. when there was a flashback to the previous experiment where she made the one girl pretty much degrade herself pretty much represents what the dominant race views of minorities. the blue eyes repeatadely tride to bring up ways that they were discriminated against as white people by sayng they were picked on by their weight hair ect. they tried to relate this as being similar to being discriminated agains as if they were black. they didnt realize that there is a great difference because the white people can change their hair weight ect. and they will still be white, therefor they will still classify as the dominant race in society; and they wont face the things that other minorities have to go through. on the other hand a black person, for example can change their hair weight ect and they would still be classified as the less superior race in society.

  133. There is but one species of homo sapiens sapiens on this planet. That fact translates into one type of humanity. The human race has many variations due to locality, climate, adaptability and genetic mutations. The mapping of the human genome with specific and traceable genetic markings establishes this fact; that we all belong to one race. That race has populated the planet from its origins in East Africa. The skin color was that of indigenous African people. The indigenous people of Asia, India, Vietnam, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Australia and many other lands maintain their hereditary traits as people of African ancestry.

    We all care about our family members. We look out for them and offer assistance when we can. We care about our community (in general). We advocate growth, development and cohesiveness in that community. If we can be identified on the basis of skin color or some other peculiar characteristic, we often share and promote that commonality. To me, that represents normal human behavior.

    The -ist suffix that follows race in this regard is applicable to almost everyone on the planet. The problem, as I see it, arises when any group in power, uses that power to diminish the aspirations of other ethnically distinguishable groups. White supremacy, the idea that white people are superior to other people has produced racism. The BBC Documentary "Racism: A History" explores the origins of the attitudes of supremacy. Great Britain, with its colonies and former colonies, sits at the pinnacle of this behavior. Other European nations like Germany and Belgium followed suit as economics (profit) became the driving force for the inhumanity done by white people to non European people across the globe.

    A more disturbing fact is how the ideology of God, through religious teachings, was used to justify white peoples degradation of others. In the Christian religion, white people established themselves as the original homo sapien sapien. They created picture books to imprint impressionable minds with white images in all aspects of positive developments in civilization; even laying claims to the accomplishments of others (Egyptian) as the results of white ingenuity. The dark truths of white atrocities are omitted from history in order to hide the ugly facts from those who are the beneficiaries of global white supremacy.

    This is done to suppress feelings of guilt, remorse and shame in the consciousness of white children. To this end, the curriculum design in public school education paints a glowing picture of white accomplishments that all children, including non white children, are required to master. The objectives and goals promote an idea of white benevolence through its heroes and societies that must be studied in order for the concept of "civilization" to be understood based upon white oriented constructs.

    In the past, any attempt to demonstrate white superiority in science received intense publication. Articles, cartoons, journal writing,an assortment of published papers and books proliferated literate societies in many languages. The ideas were embraced by the populace and disseminated throughout western civilization. Stereotyping of other humans followed. Biases and bigotry became commonplace; entrenched to the point of becoming institutionalized. It remains in place today.

    When the science of genetics and DNA precision establishes an African origin of humanity, it receives little attention. It is not talked about in intellectual circles. Since the revelation in Time Magazine (1987), only two documentaries illuminate the facts: The Real Eve presented by The Discovery Channel in 2002 and The Human Family Tree presented by National Geographic in 2009. Both of these documentaries enrich to 2001 NOVA production entitled "Cracking the Code of Life". Why so little play? Why are their relativly few vectors emanating from scientific data that provides additional proofs of Darwinian concepts? The institutionalization of global white supremacy thwarts and inhibits the outflow of commentary and action.

    Jane Elliot tries to make blind people see. Sometimes, she works miracles but her efforts remain marginalized; a fringe experiment that can still be faulted by many in these posts.

  134. The most idiotic comment I've heard in this documentary is when one guy said he's also being discriminated because he is chubby...LOL...big the eyes of society at large he is a chubby "superior" white person instead of just plain white and "superior". Way to go dude thinking having a beer belly and being colored are the same thing.Marvelously patronizing.

  135. The blueys got off lightly on that one (i am a proud browney btw), i would have liked to see a much more raucus version like the clips of the Aussie's, but the liberal multicultural Brits bamboozelled the beligerent bitch and the experiment didn't really deliver the goods for me.

    Jane Elliot B- must try harder.

  136. I must say that some in the blue-eyed group are acting ridiculously. I have blue eyes. If I were there, I'm fairly confident I would accept the lesson and go along with it, knowing it was a temporary thing and potentially worthwhile.

  137. theres no such thing as white, theres no such thing as black, there are many 'races' all of which are variously different in appearance. the country you live/are born in has nothing to do with what 'race' you are, because boarders, beliefs and cultures are not 'racially' divided.

    also there are as many 'white' skinned 'races' as there are other 'races' put together, you cannot put Mediterranean, Saxon, Viking, Germanic, Celtic, Carpathian, Cossack, Semetic...etc all under one bracket any more than you can put all dark skinned people in one bracket, its' moronic. also reverse racism is not possible all racism is racist no matter who is the victim. no truly intelligent people are racist but almost all cattle are prejudiced against anyone who is any way different from themselves, its' a herd instinct, and it is present in all walks of life the world over.

  138. Wow. I'm white, and I think that the way most of the white participants in this documentary behaved was embarrassing. Sure Jane Elliot was unpleasant, but it's an experiment, she's acting! That's the whole point. The fact that they participants couldn't play along for just a few hours and that they lamented the ignominy of sitting on the floor and eating (gasp) sandwiches for lunch instead of a full buffet, demonstrates just how well they must have it in their everyday lives. The 'abuses' they claimed to suffer during this programme are absolutely nothing compared to the abuse and discrimination so many people continue to experience every day. I think that's what Elliot meant when she asked 'have you ever seen a lynching' although she didn't connect this to the discussion very well.

    The aim of the experiment was for everyone to learn something. Most resisted participating before they really even knew what the experiment was about and thereby refused to learn anything. Instead, they got aggressively defensive and mouthed off at the rest of the group as if they knew everything. How arrogant. And the man who described racism to buying a comment.

    I don't think the aim of the experiment was to say that all white people are racists, but to ask them to experience what it feels like to be in someone else's shoes for a day. While a lot of them were too stubborn to do this, their reluctance to participate just demonstrates their unwillingness to question their society and open their minds to other people's experiences. It's not overt racism, it's turning a blind eye, and is that any better?

  139. I think u should not be proud of things u didn't have a hand in, and do not be a sham as well.

    you know how dumb racism sounds to me, it's like if all short people started hating on tall people. but where is the margin that separated those two? we are all different shades of put a margin on that is just silly.

    if you want to hate on someone for being a different color go find a green man to hate on...and i hope he punch u in the face cause that's still wrong

    idea-ism, that's my Battle

  140. One of the weaknesses of her experiment is that she merely presume that people are racist, and then she proves this by dividing them based upon their eye color and establish a few rules that favored one group over the other. In the end her conclusions is the same as her first premise that people are racist. The problem with this experiment is that its circular, its setting out to assume what it proves rather than the other way around. Also, to have a better experiment she needs a control group, independent variable, and dependent variable. So far she only has the last two, so her experiment should easily be dismissed on that basis. Its quite plausible that during the experiment some people learned to become racist or prejudiced rather than having them to begin with. I'm surprised she did not take this as a possibility. She simply accuses them for being racist without realizing that her experiments could have possibly made them racists.

    While I do agree that racism still exists in an institutional form in which minorities are usually vulnerable economically, socially, legally, and financially, I think that the experiment is out of touch with our social reality; Its a form of racism that is related before the 50s when segregation and legal inequality is common. Right now we live in a society that is subtly racist, in forms of institutions that have latent assumptions about race.

    The experiments never included the problem of sexism or religious intolerance, which are also problems that perpetuate inequality and injustice.

    This is simply my opinion, I think the experiment is out of touch, and I think scientifically it is flawed since it lacked certain vital requirements. I think her whole logic is circular, which is why no one could really bend it down to begin with. I think the experiment would have had made some great points about what Jim Crow Law and Apartheid can do to you psychologically, but fortunately we no longer have those legal conditions anymore.

    I'm not denying that there is racism, I personally think her experiment needs more work. Also If you read about her online, her credentials and her experiments are being questioned by professional psychologists who find her methods to be unscientific and crude. I personally think her experiment in the 60s is great, but right now we need a better experiment that exposes subtle rather than created racist attitudes.

  141. The setup for this experiment has some real weaknesses which limit its effectiveness as a teaching tool. The situation is very artificial, and there appears to be little incentive for anyone objecting to their treatment to not simply leave.
    It was instructive however, to see how reflexively the whites in the experiment resisted the idea that they or their counterparts might be racist. They also were quite indignant at the relatively benign level of abuse they received in a setting they knew to be artifical. They could have said "Oh well, its just an experiment. I'll just roll with it and see what happens." They also resisted the first hand experiences recounted by some of the balck particpants to the point of being dismissive in some cases. Just the mere suggestion they might be racist caused some serious cognitive dissonance.
    For those not from the US, the fact that the woman concentrates on white/black racism may seem strange. But I think it is rooted in her more uniquely American experience and having lived through the Civil Rights movement period in the 1960s. Her original experiment on 3rd graders after MLK's assassination is pretty legendary here, and I can remeber being shown it in at least a couple of Social Sciences courses when I was younger.
    Remember that the American Civil War was fought primarily over the question of black slavery, and that it occurred a relatively short time ago. And within the last 50 years, many states were segregated, balck denied the right to vote, and were subjected to random and state sponsored racial violence. I'm not sure there are too many similar experiences in the modern world.

  142. this makes my blood boil, saying that there is no racism against white people, fu^k that i live in australia and im not a racist i used to live in the uk and ever since i was born i have been rasied to accept everyone for who they are not what they look like. now i have been abused by aboriginal people for being white, ive been called a white pasty cunt.... list gose on i havent said anything back just shrugged it off but she cannot say that there isn't rasim against white people BECAUSE THERE IS!!!! when i visited japan i got quite a bit of flak for being white as well,"round eye peace of sh^t" i know exactly how it feels to be racially abused this old hag needs to travel and see what really happens

  143. To bryan who said "America is a white society because it was colonized by Americans. People of other race are welcome to leave."

    Did you think about the people the Americans pushed off their land and killed? What if the original owners of the land told you to leave? Would you give up and leave or would you try and fix the problem? I'm sure you wouldn't leave. These people want to live where they are but change is essential for life.

    I can't say I'm perfect either but your argument is flawed.

  144. This documentary pissed me off a lot.

    It's quite obvious that as a result of this woman's experiences she has crystallized an idea of what racism is and means to her life. She accepts it as a uniquely white phenomenon, how profoundly ignorant. Racism not specific to whites. She wrongly thinks that because she observed racism in her lifetime, specifically because the civil rights movement of the 60s took place during her formative adult years, that racism affects only specific minority groups within society. She made no remark to the effect that we all share biases, each of us, in this entire film.

    She made no contribution to any truly educated person in this documentary and only succeeded in reinforcing the social norms of our current "politically correct" system.

    As a white male I will point out the forms of not even social, but actually institutionalized by law discrimination I have to deal with in our current social structure:

    I do not have a support organization funded by my university specifically for my gender, which lobbies on behalf of my gender to pressure professors in their grading. But every major university in Canada and the United States does have a Womens' center that serves this expressed purpose. I have personally observed a representative of one of these centers lobbying on behalf of a female student who had an abortion in her 1st semester, and then subsequently claimed her bad grades were a direct result of this abortion. Because of this factor (something that could influence her performance but is completely beyond the scope of the university's control or standards of fair grading) the womens center program coordinator lobbied all her profs to "relax their grading standard."

    I would also note that women already make up more than 50% of the student body and that marker is rising every year, yet women-only scholarships continue to be offered through these centers on behalf of the university.

    -As a white male who wishes to work in the public sector I will face the real prospect of being denied jobs not because of my performance or skills, but solely because of my sex/and or race. As with gender specific or race specific scholarships, merit has nothing to do with it. Sometimes it is blunt enough that official policy will actually label on applications "women and visible minorities will be given preference" hows that for a parallel to this documentary's "brown eyed only" sign.

    I graduated with a 97% average from school and attained scholarships, but I could not attain the biggest, which were reserved for minority specific demographics. I will point out that one scholarship in particular (40,000) was restricted to Pakistani students. I will further note that Pakistani students from my school applied. I bear them no ill will, but let me be clear: we came from the same social area, the same neighborhoods and had the same education. The only difference between us were two: I had better marks, I was white. As a result of these two factors I could not apply for the largest scholarships and had to settle for smaller ones. The question was entirely decided by race. And this bitch in this documentary (she termed herself right) has the arrogance, ignorance and unnerving belief in the quality of her own opinion to say I have never experienced discrimination?

    I would also like to point out that while I am pro-choice a female gets 100% of the decision to keep a baby or not. Despite this, with the baby being half the male genetic material, the male gets absolutely no say over the termination of a pregnancy (by law, it was taken to court) and furthermore is expected assume financial responsibility for a child and its mother in the event she chooses to have a baby. So while a woman may free herself from any financial consideration (as if often the case) through abortion, a man has no say in the matter.

    Alimony continues to be an issue. Only 3% of alimony awards go to men even though the employment of men and women is now equal. In addition to paying alimony, sometimes life time alimony, males must often pay a version of alimony suited to the former wife's "normal lifestyle." This means if you were a good enough provider to take your wife on vacations that after a divorce you can be ordered by law to continue to pay for her vacations, to pay for her to live in the manner to which she is accustomed. Many have termed all of this "male slavery," and prudently point out that it was once done on the basis that women did not have the skills required to seek employment or the educational opportunities. But wait, this remnant of the ecclesiastical court system has no bearing on the third millennium, when women make up 50% of the work force and more in some fields--yet it persists nevertheless.

    In the private sector men do not enjoy the same paternity rights extended to maternity leave for women. They have made inroads into the public sector.

    The list goes on and on.

    But of course all these grievances are beneath the notice of our "politically correct" mainstream society in which everyone is considered a transgressed against minority, save the white male. I'll point out the while male is the only demographic being actively discriminated against by law as well.

    This documentary is absurd and in 80 years from now people will look back on this period and cringe that we let such things go on, and moreover be accepted these views as "academic" and "proper"

    White people unequivocally accept racism exists and that often som white people have a part in it. What I will not accept is the suggestion that only whites have bias or ideas about race and whites are never discriminated against. You'd have to wear social blinders to inhibit that kind of thinking. The suggestion that a white person is "in denial" simply because they do not accept the label of being intrinsically racist as a result of being white is absurd and criminal. Problems associated in race will never be dealt with in our current "politically correct" societies, whose label often does not properly denote the heavy influence "political correctness" plays on exacerbating these problems. For example, I have no problem admitting that serial murder is almost an exclusively white male crime and has been proven so based on statistics and case histories. In the same vein of thought I will not back down (when it is supported by the same statistical evidence) that black people in the United States commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime. If that makes you uncomfortable reflect on this, do you feel the same way when I cite the above accepted statistics regarding white serial murder?

    Lets look at Manitoba, Canada. Here the province's native population is only 7% of the overall population, but makes up 50% of the prison population. Is anyone prepared to seriously suggest that "whites in racial denial" and "racial prejudice in the judicial system" are the sole factors for this number? Or can we have a serious discussion about race and social problems in order to work to solving those issues for the entire community.

    To be black is not to be aggrieved no more than to be white is to be superior. Some horses are so far behind in the race they actually think they're leading and this woman who made this crude experiment is a perfect example of this metaphor.


  145. Dreighen I am deeply interested in what you have to say but I am unable to grasp your point based on your comment. Could you please elaborate?

  146. Someone said earlier:
    "people who play the game are indeed SELLOUTS"

    It's easy to say that on the outside.

    Only when you are faced with a truly challenging situation (involving your family?) can you understand why anyone would "play the game."

    Life is not a movie and you often have to take a less honorable route to protect the ones you love.

    Do you think black slaves were sellouts for not always fighting back hundreds of years ago? They "played the game" because they were confronted with life or death situations with them and their families.

    Luckily I live in Canada in a shitty part of town where people get stabbed for making racist comments.

  147. J is not right, just another ignorant generalization...he couldn't be further from the truth. As well as this Allan, do you both live in boxes? Or under a rock perhaps.

  148. J is on the right track. I heard a quote of a black woman say " the olny time your race or gender doesn't come into a question is when your a white man". Tell that to Marshall Mathers. The reason us white men arn't as often subjected to racism on personal levels is because we are not trying to be a part of a culture that we did not create for ourselves. But on the rare occasions when this does happen, you better believe his race is attacked without any fear of repercussions.

  149. Solution = Assimilation. Make love not war. The world is a melting pot in its early stages, get used to it people! (Yes, that includes the Caucasians)

  150. What about green eyed people?

  151. This old bitch is not right. Any black can move into a white neighborhood without any problems,but let a white person move into a black neighborhood and see what happens. They would be KILLED!!!!! And it's white people that are the minority in this world now, not blacks or any other race. And their is just as much racism if not more on the black and mexican side.

  152. Everyone can be provoced to do silly or dangerous things. When provoked enough, you can get anything out of people.

  153. This is a very interesting topic. I think bottom line is if there ways are not our ways, we tend to be uncomfortable or maybe inferior to them. That’s just a small part of a vast array of circumstances leading to the same conclusion. We are not comfortable when our bubble is invaded. Am I racist? I don't know, I've heard a lot of different examples in here and all are true points. I think one of the questions we should ask ourselves is how do we arrive to that point where we question our racial issues. Am I racist? Instantly I would say no, just for the fact that I live in a small town in northern Canada, where you grow up and got school nothing changes then you start to see the bigger world and things start to change (communication has made our world smaller) I went to school with Indians (now called natives) there was no discrimination right from primary, through secondary.

    Our town was (white) they lived on the red, that just the way it was. As I became an adult I left the small town and ventured into the cities, I worked with all types of people all walks of life never had a problem with anyone, I guess I didn't know you were supposed to I think people can pick up on the vibe a person sends out and I was genuine I suppose. I was raised to tread people how I’d like to be treated, and I guess it just stuck with me. I’ve had a few times vie had confrontations of a type of abuse towards me, some serious.

    My point being I guess I was very naive to the whole racial or ethnic thing, a lot of things transpired through the years and I never reflected on them till later on in life, a few egg. Our family was on a trip down through the states and we take long ways around to take in the sites so on and so forth, we stopped at a restaurant to grab a bit to eat, sat down, laughing joking amongst ourselves we hadn't noticed the whole place had gone quiet, until we quit talking and glanced around, everyone was black, we still didn't give it any thought, and didn't until we a while later, anyhow , the waitress came up to us and instead of asking what we wanted to eat, asked us where we were from, we replied Canada, well once we said that, everyone was fine, they all started talking, and the waitress was chatty Cathy after that.

    Ok enough about my “I’m so holy and good”. FF a few years vie been from one end of our vast country to the other seen and worked with all walks of life (being a property manager) and dealt with all walks of life. And vie found that it’s all in your own attitude, and how you react to each circumstance. The owner let us break our teeth in Saskatoon with 115 apartments of drunks and drug addicts and dealer’s welfare recipients and a handful of retired folk.

    We over excelled turned the whole place around without evicting a single parsons. Sometimes we manipulated sometimes it was just common sense egg man downstairs couldn’t pay all his rent, so he did work for me, stuff that I would have hired out, everyone’s happy. Suspected drug dealer, hallways always gratified up so I went to his apartment told him he had 24 hours to clean all the walls in the second floor wall or he was out, he mouthed back it wasn’t him, blah, I shot strait, I said I know what you do, I know who you let in, you have 24 hours. He was Spanish, it was clean in less than 6 hours, never had a problem with him again always said hello in passing, I never turned my nose up at him, and he respected me for not being ignorant or using profanities, I treated him like I would want to be treated. There were a lot of cases like that, but not one used the racist card. So we cleaned the place up, and filled it with tenants(half full when we arrived) and 6 months later we got reviewed as did the place, he sold it(owner) big bonuses and all that crap, then said we could got any of his places he had. We liked the east coast so opted for the high-rise in Halifax.

    It didn’t work out that way he got more reports and seen how we worked well with people(crap)So he gave us another big bonus if we would go to Calgary, we said no, so he gave us the money and sent us there anyways, he told us the other P.M's were retiring. We got there and found out, they were running away the place was killing them, they told us to run, they were supposed to stay and train us for a month, they stayed 2 days, and we never seen them at all. First weekend an African man was killed on the front lawn (ethnic war from rival tribe) so that was a treat.

    First day Jamaican woman beat me with her cane because of something that had nothing to do with me wasn’t resolved, same woman lived above us, and would continuously tap her cane on the floor, same woman, while I was leaning out a bit over my balcony, poured hot grease on me (burnt arms). Same woman came in the office with her cane again (very hard to understand her accent) and started canoeing me again had to put a chair between her and I, picture a lion and tamer, except she(the lion) had the whip. I finally figured out that the power flickered and the coin laundry had eaten her 1.25 I promptly refunded out of my own pocket her money. I guess the previous PM told her tough luck. So for 1.25 she turned into a fine woman that never caned me again. An Italian woman tried to offer me some soup.

    I politely refused, As I had no idea what she was trying to feed me, she was very mad, and spoke allot of swears (in Italian) to me, a few days went by when a friend of hers came down and asked me why I didn’t want her soup, and it insulted her, I told her I didn’t sepal the language and had barely an idea what she was saying. I told her to tall the lady to ask me again, that I was probably busy that day. 2 hours later I was eating what you call rigatoni, still not sure whets in it besides pasta and lots o spice (ring of fire) anyhow, the lady loved me, and because she loved me all her buddies now loved me, as well as I ate rigatoni once a week (I don’t like it so it always got flushed).

    Then there was the Muslim holy man I offended by trying to give him a check for the infest accumulated on his security deposit. man I though he was going to blow a gasket, and I heard a few Muslim words which I don’t think were holy, by law I have to give it to him, it took a week or for him to settle down, and understand that the infidel wasn’t try to cause him to sin, Something I learned I was infidel, anyhow I was very patient with him, and it paid off, he would talk to me now instead of yelling. Then there was the east Indians and there cockroaches fertility and such, they encourage it, found that out when there apartment flooded, WOW wasn’t ready for that one, even in the fire alarm.

    The Russians and their kids in the garbage, is hard not to insult them when you’re telling them that one. Then the Africans (fresh from Africa) 0 English, decided to plant there garden in the living room, they were very good caterers (what a mess. Then the east Indians and there curie every night at 5 (not allot of happy tenants on that floor. Every walk of life we delta with and the outcome was an award for the highest resident satisfactory achievement, we won them all over without a single incident. Now we fast forward to 9/11 and the events there after what started me thinking was there was allot of news coverage about the racism towards the Muslims, which at that point I could understand, then one night they had a big panel of a mixed group of kids and a handful of highly educated professors of some degree (just people who like to hear the pro. or the Dr.) as you address them. Anyhow I was hearing allot of good points on both sides (Muslim kids being bullied) and the others not knowing if there classmate was the next (I do this for my country) type of person.

    They had it live, and also you could post questions via the internet where they would ask it live. So I sent an Emil. the question was for the Muslim kids, I asked What would you do, and where would your loyalties lie if the country you were living in went to war against the country you and your friends and family were born in, and with the continued attacks you seen many of your race killed, then one day on CNN you see your whole entire family dead (grandpa grandma, a few uncles, aunts, cousins, and then your father, who went back to support his country. Where would your elegance lye then? I sent the email and waited for the question to be aired. They never aired it, all the while they were still asking for questions via email, or phone. So I called and told the question to the operator, they handed me over to one of the pro. Or Dr. (after a lengthy wait I might add) he came on and said that that question would ad (for a lack of word I would understand) fuel to the fire.

    So I was angered by that, they didn’t even give them the chance to answer it. It was a weighty question that deserved an answer. So after that I started paying attention a bit more, to say our rights (as Canadian) and what I noticed was that we were losing them. My wife’s grandfather told me on more than one occasion that if the new then what he knows now. He wouldn’t have fought for the freedom we have, just to watch the respect and honor of our country go down the tubes. We honor our veterans at our legions and when we enter the door we take our hats off in honor of those who gave their lives, but now civil rights have come in and you can where turbines in there, They didn’t respect our culture, but we cannot enter a musk without taking our shoes off, we do because we respect their culture, same with our Royal Canadian mounted Police, Once we rode with our distinguished hats , now have changed our culture to adapt to turbines, yet in India, you have to be of idiom blood to even get in the police force, we respect that, we don’t try to change that. Threes many examples, motorcycle helmet, the list goes on.

    Canadians (on a whole) are pretty passive people, but vie noticed in the past little while, were starting to get a little fed up with things like taking the Christmas tree out of parliament because it might offend someone, Wow that part of our heritage. So what happens is a seed gets planted and it gets watered by other incidents, like when I call to get help with my Internet because I don’t understand some technical part of it, 9/10 times imp talking to a fellow, that more than likely knows how to fix the problem, but I can’t understand him, my poor father, just hangs up the phone, and says I don’t know what has saying, I don’t think any of its racism , I think its frustration and we react by stacking up a big pile of what each culture has done to us. Now when it comes to a white person against a white person we adapt to the character or nature of that person or group of people, like rich guy, poor guy, they all get lumped into one thing or the other, countries as well. I'm fallen asleep here and I forgot what the heck we were talking about. Heehaw.

  154. Too hungry at the moment to elaborate use the crystal ball for now.

  155. Dreigen.... that's wonderful... care to elaborate? Or should we just use our crystal balls?

  156. I think a lot of you missed the point completely...

  157. Triad

    Seems you missed the point regarding my throwing racist jibes at "le Frenchy." on the other discussion. The thing is he accused me of being racist against the French quite arbitrarily. I had used the "toady" to describe his adoration for Jesse Ventura. Toady means person who flatters or defers to others for self-serving reasons; a sycophant. There are some much more funny and rude connotations.

    Having been accused of being racist I just ran with it. For sh1ts and giggles. He had been rather rude and obnoxious and I responded in kind. He actually attacked you also on another of his giant misunderstandings. You chose to put him straight. I chose to rip the p1ss.

    I believe that everyone is racist to one degree or another but I am certainly not a racist in it's strictest and most commonly over used and abused notion. So yes I am well aware of the definitions of racism. But I do not consider myself a racist. Do I hate the French? No, but I don't like them much either. At least those I have had experience of.

    So anyway hopefully now you have a better understanding of me you can look upon those other posts in a new light.

    PS: Jeremy Clarkson stole that line from Grounds-keeper Willy. Pretty much all jokes are recycled. Nice to see you're a fellow fan of Top Gear though :)

  158. @ yavanna
    Definition of racism according to wikipedia:

    Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.[1] Or, on the opposite side, racism can be described as the belief that a certain race or races portray undesirable characteristics..

    Does that get on your goat?
    The British and French generally hate each other. Are they racist? Answer: the british and french that do hate each other for race reasons, Are racist..

    Its funny really..
    After reading your racist comments on
    Dec 2012 end of the world doc.
    You threw racist remarks at 'le frenchy'
    Surprised to see you commenting on here of all places haha..

    And as for calling him a surrender monkey...
    Stop stealing Jeremy Clarksons lines...

  159. BS gibberish VVank!

  160. Give respect, all you white racist to the Intelligent Lady as at least she have realized the graveness of the sin committed by her own race. & she's bearing(jesus spirit) that burden for herself... by trying to vindicate her people from the wrath she see before handed. Repent you blue eyes, Or no matter what u do the gates of heaven shall be closed......

  161. BBC,
    It is obvious that you're a hatred person.You better say that"me BBC,can truly love anyone,all the time",probably this will make sense.Myself i have no problem loving others.Love means:Caring,helping,understanding,entertaining and unity.The big issue with racism,hatred and division come from way back from the TOWER OF BABEL,go read about that and you'll understand why we are still divided.IT IS NOT TOO HARD,FIRST OF ALL,BY STARTING WITH YOU,OPEN YOUR HEART TO OTHERS,THE SAME AS EVERY SINGLE HUMAN.THEN LOVE AND PEACE WILL PREVAIL.LET ALL THE GOOD FIGHT EVIL,SO THEN EVIL WILL HAVE NO PLACE ON EARTH HERE.

  162. Faith,

    Is living in a dream world,

    no one can truly love anyone, all the time.

  163. who's still in bread...i mean pier bread these days?

  164. Here what my friend Paramananda says about the issue of racism: "Deep inside each of us is this seed of exploitation: the desire to be Number One. That’s what makes us grab what we can for ourselves, even at the expense of others. It’s there in all of us.

    “Me first” is the cause of all our “isms” and the problems they bring about. Racism comes from someone thinking, “My race comes first.” Sexism: “My sex comes first.” Animal slaughter: “The gratification of my appetite comes first.” It’s this consciousness of “I-me-mine” that keeps us stepping on others and has locked the world into a nosedive.

    This consciousness of I-me-mine is a spiritual problem, and no amount of material rearrangement will solve it. Our pickets will fail. Our protests will fail. Until we learn to change the world inside us, we’ll never change the world outside."

    I'd like to see some documentary movies with genuine spiritual content - content beyond religious dogmas but with theistic education. What I've seen so far on this site are views of Monotheism or A-Monotheism (Atheisms). BTW, the world 'religion' [religio]has wrongly emerged as a plural, but is not intended to be so, just as words like 'love' or 'compassion' have no plural. When people have genuine spiritual education they naturally abandon racism. Thank you to Vlatko for the service of providing all the other movies.

  165. Thank you Jane, I have always said that when things get tough people's true colors show....white people (and i am one) are pre-conditioned to assume that they are superior....believe me when you're alone with your white friends and they are in their comfort zones...their true colors show and it isn't pretty :(

  166. No such thing as racism, "racism" is a word made up by blacks during the civil rights movement. The only thing that exists in modern times is stereotypes. Blacks cry racism because they are 10x more likely to rob a car or a convenience store, or because they are 10x more likely to enjoy fried chicken. Its a stereotype people, get over it, we all have them. White people are 10x more likely to commit white collar crimes and dance poorly. Asians are 10x more likely to be bad drivers. Mexicans are 10x more likely to be illegal immigrants. GET OVER IT, ITS NOT RACISM, ITS YOUR STEREOTYPE. WELCOME TO BEING HUMAN.

  167. Okay, we were just kidding, in all seriousness, this was a great documentary...for the most part, many white folks really dont know what its like to face racism on a day to day basis, unless they were the only white person on an Indian reservation. Thats the one thing this doc didn't expose, which was reverse racism, it truly exists yet we the majority of victims of racism won't talk about it. But thats another story, and oh ya...people who play the game are indeed SELLOUTS, cause they would rather be white than their real color because they're ashamed...

  168. I agree with racist chris :)

  169. I think you are all racist! :)

  170. What an absolute disgrace. This whole experiment is based on the assumption that all whites are racists which is complete and utterly nonsense.

    It also refuses to acknowledge the victimisation complex which shines through from certain members.

    Interesting experiment, glad I watched it but don't agree with it - at all!

  171. you can't judge a man by the color of his skin but you can judge him by the color of their teeth

  172. It's funny reading these comments how people still don't get what was being put forth. As a white man I understand that I can't possibly recognize all the subtle ways in which people are alienated the same as I can't imagine what subtleties a woman must fend off in a room full of men. Guys don't have to grab their crotches & drool after a woman before it's obvious he's sexually attracted to her. It could be a look in the eyes, a softening of the voice, checking his language.... My point is, just as in this case there are extremely subtle energies that we put out into the world based on past understandings & what we're taught. Be it in the school or the school yard. I don't think white people have enough experience being on the recieving end of rascisim to understand all the extremely subtle ways in which it is perpertrated. Just sayin.

  173. Excellent! Forced me to take a double look at myself too.

  174. I didn't give this doc my full attention and was left a bit confused and nonplussed. Doubt I`ll bother to watch it again. I don't see how this woman can behave how she does and not get decked. A deeply unpleasant woman.

    It did touch upon what I will term as "reverse racism" though and for once I can say to the commenter "FACT" that there is some truth in your "facts." Racism isn't the province of the whites.

    It really gets my goat when people confuse racism with colour prejudice however. For example. The British and French generally hate each other. Are they racist? Colour has got jack all to do with racism.

  175. Bryan
    February 13th, 2010 at 09:26

    America is a white society because it was colonized by Americans. People of other race are welcome to leave

    Forgetting that someone already lived there first, till our white ancestors nearly cleared them all out with their genocide? I guess you are forgetting that white people arent the only ones who colonized it. Waves of Spanish and Asians sailed in and were exploited cause of their hard work ethic. Cant deny they had the right idea for building a country though...slavery gets thing done, and fast! look at the pyramids!

  176. I dont believe its quite fair that white people always get the image of the evil slave owner, when in fact every race is guilty of taking slaves at one point or another through history, even black people, who took Indians as slaves over 1000 years ago.
    And yes racism still exists today, but a lot of it is really just ignorant stereotyping, not the lynch mobs and hate crimes we had pre-hippy era...and to be honest, i dont find stereotypes that hard to live with, sure as hell beats the noose.
    I think that us white people know, that once the asians make their move, and become dominant society...they are gunna hold us down while everyone gets a turn at raping us...all because of our "sweet and innocent" racist grandparents :P Time machines....use em if you got em white people.

  177. People hate people who are living stereotypes. People sometimes are racist against their own race. Smart people look down on the dumb and the rich on the poor. We are all guilty of looking down sometimes with hate to a group. Not just relating to race.Racism is just a very large part of a bigger problem which separates all sorts of different groups.

    At any rate this lady is not helping. She is practicing and promoting racism, thinking she is above it.

  178. America is a white society because it was colonized by Americans. People of other race are welcome to leave.

  179. Shugga has got it bang on with this: "...saying that the only way to battle racism is to have white folks feel what racism is, is in itself a racist notion." Old-school techniques like these are what may be responsible for creating a blind and toothless world.

  180. Why doesn't every race just be proud of themselves?

    Every race is unique, special in their own way and that makes this world an interesting place to be in. This documentary depicts a one way street of racism (this is socially accepted) - white on black ( proof in the film that you just saw ). Would it rather not be fair to show both sides of the coin? My reference is not only to the film, but to life in general. Is it not fair to see all the angles before one decides on a probable coarse of action?

    As an logical, scientific human, I feel that this doc is leading the audience, result is dismissal of data.

    I can understand the experiment (good idea!), but to be fair, one should do the same with other races and merge the data...this is a bit one sided, is it not?

    I would rather have a picture on how blacks, purples, oranges, Indians, Boers and Maori races react... as to the one that we saw were white people are the only devils.

    Science and logic is fair, and I think that all docs should see the world from a human perspective and not discriminate whatsoever. It would surely draw reaction if I pictured only the Indians/blacks as racist, would it not?

    Keep it fair guys..that's way I watch these!

  181. @Shugga

    I completely agree!
    "A Class Divided" showed how universal it is to behave 'superior' whatever it's based on..
    This documentary lacks one essential element: she doesn't reverse the roles...
    Now the 'lucky' group never got confronted with how easy it was for THEM to become biggot.


  182. @Shugga

    Hahaha XD Absoluut mee eens shugga :D
    Zal niet meer gebeuren ;) Wel leuk om een andere nederlander tegen te komen hier, die ook nog eens hetzelfde over de situatie denkt :)


    Hahaha XD I absolutely agree shugga :D
    Won't happen again ;) Nice to see a fellow dutchmen here, that also thinks the same about this issue :)

  183. Fact: Rascism still exists in the UK
    Fact: it iis extremely subtle
    Fact: blue eyed white teacher should be shot
    Fact: black people are pink underneath
    Fact: black people CAN change the system
    Fact: playing the game means selling out = STOP SELLING OUT
    Fact: I'm black and I'm a rascist is possible
    Fact: all people have a little discrimination devil lurking inside...think about the one nationality that pisses you off..see there it is discrimination
    Fact: the cure to killing the little devil = CONVERT TO ISLAM
    Fact: black in white out (he he he he couldn't help myself)
    Fact: i love white people
    Fact: i love black people
    Fact: i love green people :)

  184. @Nielsch

    GVD, de laatste plek op aarde waar geert nog niet genoemd was, en jij moet ff :) Zullen we het hierbij laten en ervoor zorgen dat die idioot tenminste niet hier de boel vervuilt?


    GVD, the last place on earth where I didn't hear about Geert Wilders, and you bring him up, let's call it at that and make sure the simpleton doesnt get mentioned here again.

    geert Wilders is indeed a social AND mental retard, but the support he gets speaks volumes about our country, and the way it's headed.

  185. Awesome docu! She's really harsh, and a true bitch, but revolutionary in her way of approaching this problem.

    We have the same situation in Holland, where muslims are demonized in the same way that happenend to jews in WW2 by a racist retard in our government :( There's so much hate and violence towards this 1 group, it makes me sad and fearfull of the future we all share.

  186. To be a racist person,it means that you have a little evil in you.So if you learned it from your parents,it's clear that they taught you evil.If you have love,then you're not a racist because love doesn't have boundaries.You cannot say that you're a loving person and hate a person from a different race.

  187. the blonde old white lady who never shuts up near the back, is clearly in denial, and what makes it worst, she says shes a teacher lol... so she will teach the pupils her ways, and the pupils will teach there own children... what a nice system we have

    kill the shepard and the sheep will fall

  188. The experiment's effects aside, but saying that the only way to battle racism is to have white folks feel what racism is, is in itself a racist notion.

    This might be a very effective experiment, but it's contradictory and racist in itself.

  189. I'm white and I completely agree with her. White people cannot even imagine what people of a different skin color are going through in a "white society". We can only try to understand and fight the myth we've be preconditionned to believe in - the one of white race superiority.

  190. This is nauseating to watch, total emotional manipulation of people.

  191. I'm an old white Amer male with blue eyes who has spent the last 30 years in Asia so I have experienced some racism here
    but far less than I experienced in the US, my country of birth. I lived the first 30 years in the US so I had ample
    opportunity to have dealings with Amer women like the instructor in this video. This can be an unforgetable memory
    if you happen to encounter them in primary school as I did.
    I do not believe this woman is playing some kind of role for
    her students benefit but simply revealing her true character,
    that of a total Bitch. Believe me there are 1000's like her in the US.

  192. I am not racist, I hate everyone equally. That old lady rocks, hahahaha

  193. that was a smart exercise and she is so right....