HummingbirdIn the beautiful coastal city of Recife, Brazil - a world capital for sex tourism - a couple of determined women decided they would try to break the cycle of domestic violence and get kids off the streets. Hummingbird goes onto the streets and sees the harsh reality these kids face and shows how these programs help break the cycle, giving people a chance.

After reading an article about the child sex trafficking industry, Holly Mosher began to research this little talked about problem. During that search, she came across two remarkable programs that work directly with street children in the beautiful coastal city of Recife, Brazil - a worldwide hub for sex tourism.

Hummingbird goes onto the street to see the reality of these kids, and then goes into the programs to see just how these high risk kids can be helped. Although the recovery process is slow - it can be successful. (Excerpt from

Directed by: Holly Mosher
Ratings: 7.14/10from 7 users.

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  1. eaglenebula

    What do you say to something so disturbing and inspiring? I wish that everyone thought the way the hummingbird does. You can't get to the end of any road if you don't start stepping, and every little bit gets you that much closer to your goal. I have been told my dreams of a world full of love and peace are unrealistic more than once, but to give them up would be just that, giving up. Watching this documentary has added to my resolve. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. knowledgeizpower

    very inspiring of those very sensitive things to talk about but this happens more than people care to think about...beautifully made film this really touched me omg...peace

  3. Michelle

    these facts make me sad

  4. Happygoluca

    So inspiring! The people who run these projects are the real heros in the world! Revolutionaries, even. What amazes me is the way celebrities are revered for nothing. Fame and superficialities are what seem to be important to a lot of people. I wish we lived in a world where solidarity, altruism and respect were held with more regard. Where strength of character was upheld as important. Where morals and ethics existed in practice.

  5. Mazzy

    The street children of Recife sniff glue much like the kids in 'Children Underground' sniff paint. The children in 'Hummingbird' are exposed to a brilliant community program exclusively for the homeless and prostituted population. I have never seen anything like this in America. I am in awe of the people who keep this program running.