In the Shadow of the Moon
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In the Shadow of the Moon

2007, History  -   95 Comments
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In the Shadow of the MoonBetween 1968 and 1972, nine American spacecraft voyaged to the Moon, and 12 men walked upon its surface. They remain the only human beings to have stood on another world.

In the Shadow of the Moon brings together for the first, and very possibly the last, time surviving crew members from every single Apollo mission which flew to the Moon, and allows them to tell their story in their own words.

The definitive story of going to the moon, told by those who went. Between 1969 and 1972 an elite group of men achieved an incredible dream. They were, and remain, the only human beings to set foot on a planet other than our own.

These personal testimonies are interwoven with digitally remastered footage from Nasa film archives, much of it previously unseen and all of it hauntingly evocative of a bygone era. The result is an intimate and epic film which vividly communicates the daring and the danger, the pride and the passion, of this band of special young men.

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95 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Dex

    Most skeptics don't realize the Van Allen Belts aren't the " walls of death" had they studied, and researched, they would know this. It's HOW it was done. They went through the weakest points, and did it fast. No conspiracy, just people coming together to achieve a common goal.

    1. Frank

      Yeah right

    2. Frank

      @Moon hoax is fake. Correct mate exaclty like the Covid19 siutation. No matter what evidence you bring that the vaccine was not manufactured for Covid but Covid was manufactured for the vaccine.

    3. Frank

      The weakest point must be due to global warming

  2. SkipJamz

    To anyone that has any doubt whatsoever regarding our ability to put humans on the moon in 1969, you must watch the Mythbusters episode on it. It is very good and, in my opinion, provides irrefutable evidence that we did go there.

  3. Robert Powers Anderson

    "They were, and remain, the only human beings to set foot on a planet other than our own."

    the moon is not a planet

    1. Todd Bradley

      planet: "a celestial body moving in the sky, as distinguished from a fixed star, applied also to the sun and moon." - Random House Dictionary


      do you research first before making a fool of yourself

    3. Moon hoax is fake

      People denying the moon landings are ignoring facts, and keeping these stupid conspiracy lies alive. It makes no sense to educate them, they will deny anything proving them wrong. Had people done research, they would discover all these claims of fake moon landings are all nonsense.

  4. Sam

    Loved it, very touching. Went to moon to discover the Earth. Our precious "oasis of life".

  5. Alv Vassdal

    The best documentary I've ever seen about Apollo 11, and one of the best ever that combines subjects like history, science and - strangely enough - religion. The most powerful nation on earth used their best 3 people for the journey, and they came back, talking about God. Interesting to listen to what these men have to say, not only about walking on the moon, but also to be alive on planet earth.

  6. kiln1765

    In remembrance of the first man who walked on the moon Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

    1. Achems_Razor

      Absolutely! I agree! RIP Neil.

    2. Alv Vassdal

      RIP, also to those who died trying to make it possible.

    3. abnormalish

      Ok wait, watch this trailer again. It's so funny how liars always tell on themselves if you listen to them. The very first sentence you hear, Neil Armstrong say, "I made the moon my home for three days of my life, and I'm here to tell you about it. That's science fiction." LOL Does Neil Armstrong know what science fiction means? LOL Fiction means it's NOT true. I think they call that a Freudian slip. Forgive him, he's just an actor.

  7. Donald Edward Goodman

    LIARS, LIARS, LIARS! Only a brain like Kubrick, can pass-through the VAN ALLEN RADIATION BELT, and live to tell the tale. What these so-called-trips to the moon have been, are, placing satellites ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Placed there, by the New World Order for TRACKING IT'S CITIZENS. And giving the U.S. the ABILITY to shoot-down incoming missiles. Lord only knows "what else." Wake-up dammit!

    1. over the edge

      @Donald Edward Goodman
      of course you have concrete proof for this right? have you even studied the strength,type of radiation, how to shield from said radiation and the exposure time within the belt?

    2. Sam

      One would be a fool to believe that our governments and their "associates" ever give us the full picture but these few men were picked as they had "the right stuff", Neil Armstrong R.I.P was a total legend and this trip had a profound impact on their lives. I don't think they were picked for their acting abilities. I am searching always for "the beautiful truth" and this is one them.

    3. PPSA

      Nonsense. The astronauts were protected from the radiation and in none of the missions that traversed the VARB did any individual astronaut receive more than 1.4 rads. The standard set by the United States Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radiation is higher than that--5 rem (50 mSv) per year. I won't dispute the stuff about the government tracking citizens, but whether or not that is true, it is completely unrelated to the fact that the passage of the Apollo astronauts through the Van Allen Belt was no big deal.

    4. Mandy

      Man landed on the moon, skeptics need better education on the subject. YouTube University is not a good place to get a diploma. Google moon hoax, and learn all the mistakes hoax believers make when the make their bold claims. The missions were tracked, the astronauts cannot just orbit the boo earth, that would have been exposed.

    5. Frank

      Lets ask the aliens they will show us how terribly far behind we are when it comes to space exploration. If aliens can visit us then man we are very far behind....or will you guys now say there is no aliens? If we landed on the moon great but the timing for me was just to convenient, war in Vietnam, social unrest.

  8. Nathaniel1987

    Our whole global network of communications would not exist if it weren't for satellites. Leaving the earth's gravitational pull is already the biggest hurtle. If everyone agrees that happened, then why not float frictionless across void space to the moon?

  9. Nathaniel1987

    Our whole global network of communications would not exist if it weren't for satellites. Leaving the earth's gravitational pull is already the biggest hurtle. If everyone agrees that happened, then why not float frictionless across void space to the moon?

  10. 2013ShelbyGT500

    Wow RayRay so you mean spacecraft and satellites don't exist after all? Dang and all of my friends who lost friends and relatives on September 11 were lying and all those people actually didn't exist?! Well then I hate to be the one to tell you this but actually our existence is all just a dream and me and you are just an imagination of ourselves!

  11. SFXkilla

    HAHAHA. My goodness I was just reading some of the comments. I still cant belive that people dont Think the americans landed on the moon. Ask yourself where were the people that left on the apollo missions going? Or do you not belive that the rockets launched were manned? They did go to the moon there is proof in the form of scientific experiments that can be seen by the apropriate instraments. But I supose there will always be a faith based section of the public that will belive whatever they are told regardless of evidence

    1. RayRay2012's not about faith based belief its about the biggest hoax every pulled on the Americian public before 9/11 that is. Those experiments you refer to were done in high earth orbit using arctic meteorites, How can you trust anything that Nasa or the US government has to say about the Apollo missions when they clearly staged the moon landing footage and everyone from President Hoover to the Astronauts involved lied about its authenticity. may be hard to admit but they folks have been lying to the general public for years and if you're willing to believe that will I hvw some star dust for sales Holla at me I'll give you a good price:)

    2. Brycce Krick

      only thing i can say about you people who don't think men walked on the moon... explain the reflectors placed there by apollo astronauts... also explain how we have moon rocks, lunar regolith, and hundreds of pounds of further proof that we put 12 guys on the moon.

    3. mickeythespook

      Also explain how we can see the lunar vehicle that is still on the moon? I know uncle Martin put it there.

    4. 2013ShelbyGT500

      If the americans didn't land there then why do the russians agree that we did? if humankind is so incapable then lets uh get rid of all this fake technology and start living like some of my amish friends, or however you think we should be forced to live.

    5. Donald Edward Goodman

      And I bet, you "believed" 2001 Space Odyssey was "real" too?

  12. Yannick Dierens

    Nice documentary!
    I just have one serious complaint: the text description above contains a big mistake: the Moon is not a "planet", it is a "moon"! NO man has ever set foot on another planet.
    Had to get it off my chest :)

    1. Guest

      your dead rite! also when armstrong said That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. it should have been quoted That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.

    2. Todd Bradley

      Well look at the big brain on Yannick! He paid attention to his 6th grade science teacher, when he should've learned to use a dictionary where he would read that the moon and sun are also "planets" in acceptable (albeit archaic) English, French, and Latin.

  13. Hamsterdam

    Please forgive my shoddy grammar in the beginning of paragraph 2. Mostly typos due to disability...but I usually correct those.

    Thank You.

  14. Hamsterdam

    Call the University of Texas Astrophysics Dept., ask them if you may arrange a visit to their observatory (they will allow it, as long as no classes or maintenance is taking place) Then ask the scientists to prove the moon landings to you.

    See they were chosen for an important, and a it turned out, very revealing one as well. Imagine this, on the Apollo 11 Mission (the first manned landing) Several mirrors were placed at specified locations. Now, heres where the U of T becomes involved. They bounce lasers off of those mirrors daily to detect any movement toward, away, side to side...what have ya. Well they happen to use a telescope to align this laser with those mirrors, and alignment is verified when the beam bounces back to the observatory. Go ahead doubters, go on down there, as a matter of fact, they love having the moon landing doubters visit. The discovery they made by the anyone of knowledge in this group, is that the Moon is swinging like a bell from the last major meteor hit it took.

    Sheesh, Ive known this since 1978, have any of you Astrophysics "geniuses" taken even a basic Astronomy class? Many of you sound as if you come from the school of "seems right to me, therefore, fact, now when's nascar on?" Just never approach Buzz Aldrin with "moon hoax" statements....he will kick your old as he is, he's done it before.

    1. abnormalish

      I didnt understand why, I thought it was Armstrong who punched that guy for doubting he went to the moon. If I were the astronaut who went to the moon, and people were doubting me, the crazy conspiracy kooks, why would I get mad and punch that kook? I landed on the moon, I know what I did, I was there. Am I here to make you believe me? I might laugh at him but if I didnt actually do it, I might get mad at him if he was making too much sense and about to expose me as a fraud. If I know I did it, why would I waste my time on a kook, risking an assault charge. I think it's illegal to punch a kook.

  15. Intbel

    When one accomplishes a great feat when has that feat not been repeated?

    It is strange that there has not been another moon landing.
    Maybe we were warned off?

    We are told of the "Dark side" of the moon.
    A sphere has only two sides - an outside and an inside.

    I have many questions ...

    1. Jim Maurer

      The moon landing was repeated. There were 6 Apollo missions that landed on the moon, Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, & 17. Twelve people walked on the moon.

      Also, there is no "dark side" of the moon, except for an album by Pink Floyd. There is a far side and a near side. The moon is tidally locked and the same "side" always points towards earth.

      Maybe a 6th grade elementary school science teacher could answer your questions.

    2. Yannick Dierens

      If you have questions, you should look for answers. And they're very easy, and easy to find.
      Why hasn't it been repeated (assuming you mean after the multiple Apollo missions that visited the moon): you need an awful lot of money, and there is no scientific reason to do it again. The moon is basically a giant rock. And we know pretty much everything about it (they took samples for a total of almost 400 kg, and there are not that many distinct types of moon rock). An important reason for the moon missions was the Cold War hysteria. So back then they had two reasons (science and politics), now there are none, so there's no point in going back and wasting (tax) money.

      I looked up the 400 kg (382 kg to be exact) so I wouldn't write rubbish. It was easy, you should try it sometimes. Also, making a dumb statement about the two sides of a sphere isn't elevating the level of your comment. Technically the moon isn't even a "sphere", it's a solid "ball".

    3. lex lexich

      c'mon it was almost 50 years ago!!! i think it was high time we went there again, and i dont think that any of the extensive modern real scientific research was done up there, i mean think about it they landed like 7 times or so with CARS for christ sake, and 50 years later we dont have a moon base of any kind for some space research or something... it doesnt make any sense to me... what is more, the materials from those landings (pictures and movies) are like they were taken 100 years ago, poor quality black and white, while they should be state of the art for that time, meaning crystal clear color movies and pix, i dunno

  16. buzz the astro-not

    Well Jack1952@ if? they do get a chance to go to the moon, and land, making video footage with clear facemasks, and showing each other getting out of the landing craft, and then haveing all of the modern technology, to send us the immediate footage live back to earth, well then there wouldnt be any reason to question would there. But since that will not happen in the future and they made the drastic mistake of not doing those things clearly so there wouldnt be a future questioning of the event, then we that call ourselves skeptics, will have to keep on searching and questioning these "unquestionable events".

  17. leo g.

    tell you what,to reach the moon with 60's technology,was not a problem,and achieve a huge technological advance,all ok for mankind. But our poor natural satellite became a junkyard...question...who is gonna do the clean up?

  18. jack1952

    I wonder if we can actually ever definitively prove that man landed on the moon. If someone goes there in the future, will there be those who claim hoax again.

    I know how the unbelievers feel though. When I was young, I went on a trip to Florida. Walking along side of the ocean, I couldn't resist tasting the water to see if it was salty. To my surprise it was. To my mind it was a conspiracy theory put to rest. I was only 12 though.

  19. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Heartbeat of 144 during launch hahah ... god these old people are so cute talking about their super exciting adventure :)

  20. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Great docu. I have a bunch of friends in and around NASA, through connections from Singularity University. I am myself a software and electrical engineer. It certainly seems plausible although completely ridiculous that we landed on the moon. We surely had all the available technology at that time and it was just a matter of organizing it and ensuring it was executed perfectly. NASA accomplished this with mind-boggling efficiency if you ask me ... imagine giving airforce pilots step by step instructions on how to rewire a malfunctioning circuit in the middle of a space flight hahaha. Truly one of the finest accomplishments of the United States. There are some strange things surrounding aspects of the moon landing, but those are typically not what the conspiracy theorists focus on. The conspiracy theorists are mainly still trying to understand gravity and radiation.

    1. abnormalish

      Yeah, it went off without a hitch right? NASA loves to pat themselves on the back. I watched the last two Apollo missions on the NASA site and they love to celebrate and tell each other what a great job they did. I wonder why they used the exact same footage in each one. Both parties were the exact same footage too, passing out cigars etc. The acting was appropriate for the seventies too. Must be why it reminded me of a 70's movie. I took a few notes because some of the stuff was so flabbergasting. They said, "This is the first time ever in history since the bible that man has achieved immortality." Pretty arrogant if you ask me. How did landing on the moon make anyone immortal?

      I watched a TED talk, and they guy giving the lecture was to prove that the moon landing. He mentioned the stars not being in the dark sky. I don't remember his point but the absence of them makes perfect sense. Any astrologer or sailor would look at the stars and be able to tell exactly where on earth they were. They had to photoshop that proof out. NASA has become the photoshop expert. When there is a photo that is questionable, take it to NASA. I thought they were space travel experts. Yeah but they take good pictures to, now, but not in 1969. Look how fake all the pictures are on their site. They dont even try to hide it now. dummies

  21. lordyonetimes

    the van allen radiation belt, please look that up leo g. I'm not here to argue because that dilutes the issue and of course space shuttles have been built, people have every right to question this topic and you have every right to question them, sayin things like 'jurrasic park is a conspiricy to cover up cloning a jfk/osama bin laden super soldier' just makes people sound like the type of idiot thats too stupid to question what they've been told

  22. leo g.

    after reading all comments,80% belongs to the royal world club of sceptics,if so the space shuttle is a hoax,space station too also cape canaveral is a giant screen to project the epic movies about space exploration......!!!!!attention ground control.....we are in trouble//////wrong planet

  23. lordy one times

    How did that peace of cr*p moon lander attach it self to the command module in mid orbit at hundreds of miles per hour, some kind of hardcore magnetic LEGO. Seems like typical American BS to me.

    1. Brycce Krick

      you do not understand the concept of "relative velocity". let me clear it up for you:
      if i am travelling at around 7-8 KM/S and another spacecraft has just released me going the same speed, without any air resistance to slow me down both craft will continue at their current speed RELATIVE to each other, meaning they will not drift apart and all that is needed to connect the two craft is to line up the docking adapters and propel the craft together. this is pretty simplified and you should be investigated further. also, the LM was "dead in the water" so to speak, it had no crew, so it stayed in position while the C/SM turned around and docked with it. the things they used to hard dock was pretty simple, and was easily within 60's tech. the C/SM and LM were also pretty much THE most advanced things around, short of the biggest, best and most powerful supercomputer (which neither the LM or C/SM were, by an astronomically wide margin), so it was not a piece of crap. there is no way to use magnets to dock thousands of kilograms of metal together, as the force required would throw off the gimbals, which used big metal blocks to orient themselves. much of the things i have said have been simplified, so please add a mental "citation needed" note to any facts you deem necessary.

  24. Tom

    Just astonishing how we went to the air then to the moon in just 60 years. Brave men.

  25. monkeynino

    Great documentary ! As a European it makes me fond of the US and of all humans because you accomplished something amazing by working together rather than fighting each other. Shame that in the past few decades the US has lost its ways and is in such turnmoil. Hope the future brings the best out of a country with such potential. As a friend told me, dont get mad at americans, they come from a country which is going through puberty !

  26. Pacha

    yourboycal said
    "This would reduce the number of people who deny the moon landings by a very large scale. Mind you there will be a few hardcore ones left who will doubt..... But of course Your boy Obama had other plans, and cancelled that shit. Its okay though because nasa said they were so far back on that mission it would’ve taken them till atleast 2030?s to get back to the moon. Why? who cares. They already spent billions on the project , and want to focus on mars and other planets."
    It seems pretty ovbvious to me that the whole thing is a smokescreen. Nobody's been to the moon and it will probably be a very long time before they ever do.
    And Obama cancelling it? Give me a break. Obama is a puppet.
    He has no power. That isn't news by the way.
    Can't believe i just spent the time to type that actually.

  27. yourboycal

    You know i was hoping the 2018-2020 timeline of sending back to the moon again would clear up the conspiracy theorists . This time we would request HD camereas all around that ship , streaming live on the internet and tv. atleast 50 HD cameras with every possible filter for all the differnt light problems in space. so there is no excuses this time . Every single second of the whole mission live on HD camereas for the world to see. Then once we land of course a continued feed of the other apollo sites and there gear =D .

    This would reduce the number of people who deny the moon landings by a very large scale. Mind you there will be a few hardcore ones left who will doubt but there numbers will be far to small , that hey will question them selfs eventually . But of course Your boy Obama had other plans , and cancelled that shit . Its okay though because nasa said they were so far back on that mission it would've taken them till atleast 2030's to get back to the moon. Why ? who cares. They already spent billions on the project , and want to focus on mars and other planets.

    I ask you would the moon not be the best place to test ships before they go to mars? i would sure the hell like to see a few runs back and forth on the moon with mars ship to see if she can handle it . But thats okay we will forgive them even for that . I was just hoping we could bring the world and espically the americans together on this topic. Such a historic leap for man kind . So big on the scale of "WTF"S" that its such a shame so many people divided on it . If i was president i would do my best to stich back this wound which clouds the pride of a country and try unite people . One issue at a time =p . Good luck team!

  28. dj

    I thank you both for being understanding .
    Best wishes !

  29. WTC7

    @ dj,

    I accept your appology wholeheartedly and would kindly ask you to accept mine, because my comment above (& a couple of others which were rightfully removed) was far from being a nice one - got a bit upset, but that can't be an excuse.


  30. Pacha

    I wasn't offended Dj but thanks.
    You shouldn't stop posting though. A bit of lively debate and abuse always cheers my day. :)

  31. dj

    In the past few days I have made some very rude comments in the forum .
    For this I'm truly sorry . I shouldn't let someones opinion bother me to a point that
    I say the types of things I said . Please forgive my rudeness I was very much out of line .
    I'm an old man that can get a bit crazy to say the least .

    @pacha I'm very sorry for offending you . Please except my apology .
    @WCT7 Please also except my apology , i had no right to say what I said ,
    I am truly ashamed of myself .
    @everyone else , I also apologize to you .

    I will not be posting again just to keep myself from ever repeating this mistake .

    Thank you all !

  32. WTC7

    @ dj

    Your unfounded arrogance goes beyond any words. From which f***ing hole in the US are you coming from? Have you ever crossed the border of your country? Have you ever seen any other part of this planet? Americans (from the US) are a danger to this world because of f***ing ignorant people like you. And yes, I'm from one of those place that got f***ed by your air forces since you didn't dare come to the ground, you mf!

  33. dj

    You must be from the part who's as*** got saved. Europe is so screwed up from your socialism you don't know what it's like to have real freedom. As far as iraq ? if a leader of a country pay families to to target Americans , then it is time eliminate that threat, and so we did. Go hug a tree in the name of socialism. Don't worry about protecting yourself, America will do it for you. I just wonder how many freedoms you would have if your country had to put together a real army. Don't seem you would have much wealth left for your socialist programs.

  34. Pacha

    @ dj
    I am of this earth, just like you.
    The difference between us is that you've been brainwashed into believing that you have a right to be where you are and you feel that gives you the right to go starting wars wherever you feel like.
    Lets get something straight here. I do not have my head stuck up america's ***hole and I do not want, nor will I ever ask for your protection.
    Take a step back for a moment and think about all the innocent children who've been murdered in Iraq over the last few years.
    America is a nation of psychopaths who justify murdering large numbers of innocent people in the name of freedom.

    @ tony the tiger
    you're dead right about the cannabis thing.
    my friend said to me in 1989 that if the media and government were so strongly against ecstacy, that probably means its really good and we should try it.
    So we did, and we saw that it was good. and we tried it many more times. and we had a lot of fun. and we did not die :)

  35. dj

    yes pacha , your freedom really is irritating , because you do not deserve it .
    What part of the world are you from anyways , the part who's ass they kicked or the part who's ass they saved ?

  36. tony the tiger

    whats funny to me is how easy it is for believe to believe what we are taught in the first place and how hard it is to let go of. it always reminds me of how the DARE officer came to my school and told me of all the dangerous of the terrible drug marijuana!! how it would lead me to other harder drugs and ultimately kill me. something made me believe them, even though they should no proof, except their "official" statements. which basically is another term for governement approved propaganda. well i smoke, i loved it, and im still alive and well.

    hmmm seems the government can and does lie. thank God i wasnt one of those idiots that is so caught up in the lies and their own ignorance to see the truth. people are so ignorant to the truth that they actually think they are smart when they can quote lies. its really amazing. so when people have to brin power to question something, that other obviously dont have the brain pwoer to question, they are ridiculed. But take a look at history and you will see that all people when they revealed the truth to idiots, were ridiculed. Sometime people want to remains ignorant. i do not believe we landed on the moon becuae it makes no sense that astronauts can go through that kind of radiation so easily with the proper protection, not only that we have such crappy video, there is video of inside the spacecraft on Apollo 11 that is in color, but for some reason there was only black and white video on the moon??

    and dont give me the "it was 1969" response, becuase they were supposedly landing on the moon!! so they obviously had some amazing technology. plus we never decided to go back?? really?? people say we dont need too?? our scientist still cant decide on whether marijuana can be used as medicine even though it is being used every day and peoples lives are being prolonged and made better becuae of it. so you expect me to believe that had we truly gone to the moon we would have explored it enough to abandon it. and if you are wondering what weed and the moon have to do with each other, its simple.

    when you find out someone to be a liar in one case you question them on everything else. if they are telling the truth there will be no question that cant be answered, and the facts will be in there favor. just like keeping weed illegal is all about enslaving people and taking there money for "the cause" so was the moon landing. and yes jfk, 911, Oklahoma city bombing, the fed. just check the facts from all sides and use your head. using common sense its not hard to see the truth, but if you dont want to believe it you will continue to lie to yourself, just like you were programed to do.

    1. Brycce Krick

      dude, mirrors. on the moon. placed by apollo astronauts. Hundreds of pounds of Moon rocks, regolith and other such things show without a shadow of a doubt, that we landed on the moon.

  37. Kurrrt

    Also watch Jose Escamillia's "Moon Rising" on google video, shows some better details of how they did the fake landing, (The reasons were all the structures, crushed domes, ufo's (2), thats why there's a Hollywood version) and also shows the real authentic landing, etc. Andrew Stac did the moons color.
    Hey this is a good video, quality sharp picture for a youtube. I'm diggen this top documentry place better than cable.

  38. WTC7

    Hi Achems Razor,

    No need to joke about it, really :-). If I come to a conclusion that contradicts my own belief, well, what the heck, that's life :-), and let's move on

  39. Achems Razor

    There you go, WTC7. knew you would see the light! (LOL)

    Just joking!

  40. WTC7

    Watched the doc and, hmmmm, I must say that it made me actually believe we were on the Moon... No scientific explanations about how it was possible, I wouldn't understand those anyway. Simply by carefully observing these guys talk about their experience made me believe it

  41. JoeyC


    Yes, very irritating. Like when they saved Britain's ass in two World Wars, and liberated France (mostly collaborators) from Nazi occupation. Or those irritating ones who flew food and supplies during the implemenation of the Marshall Plan?

    How about the Americans who have welcomed the poor and devastated of all nations for 200 years because their nations had become so corrupted and enfeebled?

    Or those irritating Americans who lead the world every year in charitable donations?

    I know the US has done some nasty stuff and tourists can be boors, but really, pot shots like yours are childish.

    Plus, Columbus was Jewish.

    Happy Shavuot!

    1. BuzzBeak

      ..Sigh, Britain saved herself in both World Wars- Have you heard of the Battle of Britain? Not taking away the fact defeat Germany would have taken a lot longer without American help- (and near on impossible without Russian)

      I know your comment is a year old but irks me every time I see this fallacy- US was one of many nations at D-Day!

    2. DRA2010

      Sorry, BuzzBeak, but it just isn't so. The brave pilots of the RAF may have distracted Hitler and the Nazi's long enough that they launched "Barbarosa" instead of "Sea Lion", but it was the massive American ship building campaign (of both cargo ships and their military escorts) that prevented the U-boats from doing the same thing to the UK that the Royal Navy did to the Jerries in WW1 - starving the civilian population to the point of surrender.

      There are a growing number of documents that are now being declassified that demonstrate how thoroughly illegal (abrogation of various neutrality acts passed by the American Congress) Roosevelt's actions were in his support of Churchill. Not that I can blame Churchill's action in either war - the deceptions he pursued as 1st Sea Lord in WW1 and his actions as PM in WW2 were just those of a patriot doing whatever was necessary to defend his homeland.

      ps - I agree w/you about "Overlord" - the Commonwealth armies not only invaded 3 beaches to the 2 assigned to the US, but early on, they had to go up against SS and Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions whilst the Yank's only faced occupation troops (VolksGrenadiers).

    3. BuzzBeak

      ps - I understand why you made the comment, Pacha was being an id**t.

  42. Pacha

    JoeyC said; Columbus never crossed the Atlantic.

    Well we know that he did though because we've been putting up with irritating americans ever since.

  43. JoeyC

    Columbus never crossed the Atlantic.

    It was too far--there would not have been enough food on ship to support all that crew.

    Mid-Atlantic currents way too strong, going NORTH EAST(!)would have forced Columbus to Greenland.

    Columbus had NO WAY of determining longitude. It didn't exist.

    Columbus' dairy has too many mistakes of star postitions to be accurate.

    To date, no landing spot in the New World has ever been identified when there should have been many artifacts left by Columbus's crew.

    To date, no University will undertake a search for landing site. Coincidence? They don't want you to know the truth!

    Columbus is supposed to have reached Southern Florida, yet there is no mention in his dairy of karaoke, gay nightclubs, or Jimmy Buffett. How can this be?

    Also, Napoleon was really Queen Mathilde of Norway, Shakespeare was a gay tavern owner, George Washington DID travel to the moon, and Santa Claus briefly worked for the C.I.A. in the Fifties.

    The purpose of these ridiculous theories is to discredit conspiracy theories in general, most of all 9/11 Truth and JFK. I hope it worked and you will all now complain to the writers of history books to omit Columbus's discovery of America. Oh, and the moon landing.

  44. Rob

    LOL. I see the natives are restless. I love reading the comments for some of these docs. Some make me seriously suspect emotional and psychological disorders are much more rampant than I had originally thought.

  45. jimbo

    A quote from the description: "They were, and remain, the only human beings to set foot on a planet other than our own."

    The Moon is not a planet. It is a moon.

    Thank you.

  46. Aran Islands

    Great doc. Those astronauts were awesomely brave guys that now seem so down to earth.

  47. Eff

    Hey watching _you you can profile me as a sarcastic satirist survivalist who is wise to government deception. COME AND GET ME! I come LOADED! With barrels of INK!

    After checking out several youtube moon hoax sites I am convinced that the world was DUPED! The multi-billion space program has filled the pockets of Americans and Russians alike. (Illuminati and corporations).

    Going through the Van Allen radiation belt would be like micro-waving sliced bacon. Moon rocks came from the Antarctic. And yeah! Some moon clips show wires hooked to astronauts. Sounds like the Capricorn One movie (1978) is worth a peek as well as the Aussie movie: The Dish.

    Pacha, keep me informed?
    Perhaps the CIA will give us adjoining cells.... Time for me to BLAST OFF!

  48. Ed

    that was one of the best docs ive ever seen. nice one vlatko.

  49. Pacha

    @ watching_you

    tell me something i don't know

    @ eff.

    Aha! The old tin can trick eh? A very cunning use of sixties technology.

  50. watching_you

    all comments are collected and used for psychological profiling with the results added to a vast database that aslo tracks the origin by ip and mac address of the poster - this information wil be used by government agencies in law enforcement to track offenders al over the world - social networking is slowly connecting all information to all people and is becoming widely accepted due to technological advances of exciting new applications that are being used to bribe those out of their own will and destiny

  51. Eff

    Radio transmission between Earth and Moon was easily accomplished using 2-tin cans. The difficulty was unravelling that large ball of waxed string!

  52. Eff

    PS: America's next greatest challenge is landing a man in Canada's Arctic. Now that would be FAR OUT!

  53. Eff

    They put man on the moon while we still had black and white television, otherwise it would have been filmed in colour: at studio-9 Hollywood... and the puppet strings would have stood out better!

    The Russians have actually gone to the moon, deciding there was nothing there to brag about except for the large waste of money in getting there....

  54. WTC7

    @ The Omega Man

    "You people do understand that moon landing conspiracy theory has only one purpose—to discredit other more legitimate conspiracy theories. Don’t you? So that when someone brings up evidence of real conspiracies, scoffers and propagandists can say “Oh you’re just a conspiracy nut, like those moon landing wierdos”. Get it? Stop being your own straw man."

    That can mean that the 911 conspiracy is to discredit the Moon landing conspiracy and the JFK one, for example. Which conspiracy, in your opinion, would then be anything else than covering for another conspiracy? What is a legitimate conspiracy? What kind of argument about anything is this, Omega?

  55. Pacha

    thanks Epicurean_Logic

    I wasnt trying to start up the conspiracy stuff there.
    Just curious.

  56. Achems Razor

    Good Stuff! @ Vlatko:

    Thanks for adding the doc. one of my favorites.

  57. normal

    What i would like to know is if we did go to the moon, and have space suits that can shield against that kind of radiation.
    Then why didn't the people who had to clean up after Chernobyl get to use them so they did not have to get sick or die....
    And no i don't believe that man has ever stepped foot on the moon. or ever will anytime soon

    1. abnormalish

      That's a great question. Would have been nice for someone to see their crisis and say, hey, we have something that will help you. I'm not a scientist, I dont know if it was even the same kind of radiation but focusing on our own planet makes sense, but we could try it anyway.

  58. Epicurean_Logic

    @ pasha

    'How did they send live tv signals 240,000 miles? I’m no expert but that seems like quite a task back in 1969.'

    As long as you beam the signals in the right direction or more specifically at an exact point, in this case the receiver, the informaton in the analog signal sent as 1's and 0's will travel at the speed of light until it 'hits' something.
    you may have heard that tv signals broadcast from the earth in the 60's, have now left our solar system and are flying at the speed of light through the galaxy( i'm afraid it's i love lucy for the entire galaxy). its a similar idea, and of course they are incomming in this moon signals case.

    'And something else I’ve always wondered, if they needed so much fuel to get there, why didnt they need the same amount to get back?'

    well, in brief once you move in a vacuum newtons 1'st law states that you will move in a straight line forever unless compelled to do otherwise. so once space flight has started its like a car in neutral rolling down a gentle slope you just keep on moving along. I hope that analogy makes sense. Most of the fuel is needed to escape the earths gravity after that its almost a freeroll.

    O.K. you can now go and write a paper on this in less that 10'000 words on the physics of space flight. But seriously i try to explain it in simple ideas and i just know that some Physics nerd is gonna read this and totally burst my bubble and it will be awful and...

  59. mJy hEeSaUrSt

    Didn't Neil Armstrong just yesterday upbraid congress to send men back to the moon and not abandon future expiditions? I think Obama wants to can NASA or something. It would be odd to plead for something that never happened. Let's hope they do go back again at least for a few more good rocks and videos.

  60. The Omega Man

    I was going to say "Cue the moon landing conspiracy fruitloops in 3...2..1...", but they're already here. Yeah guys, its all a conspiracy by NASA to cover up the truth---that the Earth is really flat.

    You people do understand that moon landing conspiracy theory has only one purpose---to discredit other more legitimate conspiracy theories. Don't you? So that when someone brings up evidence of real conspiracies, scoffers and propagandists can say "Oh you're just a conspiracy nut, like those moon landing wierdos". Get it? Stop being your own straw man.

  61. eireannach666


    I cant answer the first one the second one has to do with escaping the earths gravitational pull. Im sure you can put that together.Takes more energy

  62. Pacha

    I've only watched half of this so far but I've got a couple of questions for anyone who cares to answer.
    How did they send live tv signals 240,000 miles? I'm no expert but that seems like quite a task back in 1969.
    And something else I've always wondered, if they needed so much fuel to get there, why didnt they need the same amount to get back?