Natsuki: The Movie

2018, Society  -   3 Comments
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Natsuki is an avid smoker, a punk rock enthusiast, a gifted hair stylist by trade, and a global YouTube superstar. Natsuki: The Movie peeks behind the curtain of internet celebrity, and delivers a raw and confessional tale of a life in transition.

He might have over 20 million views from eager online audiences around the world, but Natsuki largely leads an isolated existence of routine and tireless work. His YouTube persona is an alternate reality. On this online platform, he is outspoken, lively, and eccentric. But this stands in stark contrast to his daily grind. He maintains an exhaustive work schedule in the Japanese beauty industry - 15 hours a day, six days a week - and he's starting to sense a mid-life weariness due to his lack of travel experience and outside stimulation.

The film accompanies him as he attempts to cleanse and reinvigorate himself by embarking on a much needed European vacation. He's armed with an unusual bucket list itinerary, including stops at Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, and the grave of Sid Vicious. He wants to sky dive and consume a genuine fish and chips meal by the sea. Things don't go exactly as planned during the trip, but that's part of the fun.

During his adventures, we get an authentic feeling of Natsuki's easygoing humor, his openness to new experiences, and his unique and awe-struck view of unfamiliar environments. He also sets out to test the scope of his fandom. Will random Londoners recognize him on the street? The filmmakers update his YouTube subscribers through every step of his journey, which takes the trip to unexpected and spontaneous directions.

The film is a celebration of our need for outside stimuli. Natsuki gives his online viewers a taste of life in a distant part of the world through his blog, and it is through that same platform that he investigates another region of the world for himself. He returns from his trip refreshed; his adventures have imbued him with a renewed creative energy.

Natsuki: The Movie is a charming portrait of a playful and searching personality.

Directed by: Chris Broad

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3 Comments / User Reviews

  1. justranda

    I hope you can learn to take more vacation time... I have traveled the world with work & for adventure but there’s no place like home. I hope you can see how fortunate you are to have your wife by your side! Enjoy your notoriety but stay grounded with what really matters. ♥️ You’re an artistic soul. God bless & live healthy. 😊

  2. Urban dweller

    Really enjoyed! Continue reaching for your dream. Although I think it's probably at home with family and friends. Japan is not a place to escape from. It was really something that you were recognized even by one person not having done any current YouTube videos!

  3. Tatjana

    Hi Natsuki :) From here in Australia..Gold Coast Queensland. You made me laugh..Your very interesting. Hope you find happiness in your heart and not looking for it outside yourself. You would love the sea sand and sky here...if you find peace with the ocean. take good care and stop smoking hehehehe..