Inside LSD

Inside LSD

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Inside LSDCould LSD be the next drug in your doctor's arsenal? New experiments have a few researchers believing that this trippy drug could become a pharmaceutical of the future.

Outlawed in 1970, the street drug developed a reputation as the dangerous toy of the counterculture, capable of inspiring either moments of genius or a descent into madness.

Now science is taking a fresh look into this psychedelic world, including the first human LSD trials in more than 35 years.

LSD’s inventor Albert Hofmann called it medicine for the soul. The Beatles wrote songs about it. Secret military mind control experiments exploited its hallucinogenic powers.

Can it possibly enhance our brain power, expand our creativity, or cure diseases? Other documentaries on this topic: Hoffman’s Potion and The Beyond Within.

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  1. LSD is the most incredible psychedelic that exists (in my opinion) to mankind. My lone experience with LSD was the single most profound (thus far) moment of my life. I came back through the door in the wall with a greater and more profound appreciation for life, as well as nature. There is so much beauty in the world... it's like that quote, "If we could see the MIRACLE of a single flower, our entire lives would change." Well, it certainly allowed me that gift, even though for years I have always held a close connection with beauty, and nature, as well as the things unknown, and unseen. Granted my dosage was relatively small, at 50 mg (nothing near the otherworldly doses of 300+mg back in the sixties). I remember a great sense of clarity even before I dropped acid in Seattle. I told my close close dear friend (who supplied me the drug and would be my other self throughout the experience; my tripping buddy). I AM changed from the experience, certainly. It was profound as they come. I had this beauty coursing through me, I could literally feel the universe pulsating, radiating its energy through my body and soul... the complete disintegration of my ego was the most beautiful, even though the ego was wanton to give in to the Universe. I looked at myself in the mirror, too. What I saw was disheartening, profound, but really, a different side of myself, which is why so many (I believe) fear looking. But nature! Oh...nature is the most beautiful place to be. So calm, serene, peaceful...a place where, above all else, one really grasps a sense of the divine...the Universe, God, whatever you want to call it. It is all that is, and all that shall ever be. That eternal circle, the rhythm of life! So beautiful. So wonderful, esp. in the morning when I saw the colors radiating that love. There is so much beauty in the world, from simple things. Stopping to look at the roses, the colors makes so much more sense nowadays, even though it was a very beautiful thing to notice before I dropped. One gains a deeper insight, an appreciation into the divine...MUSIC. Oh, music is like nothing else. The Floyd accompanied me throughout the experience, along with a lesser-known artist R/D. I definitely wish to drop again. I don't know when, or where, or how. I think I'll just...know what time is the right time. Hell, I might never take it again. But I definitely want to go back, on a higher dosage. Or maybe not. One thing's for sure, though: Set and setting are vitally important.

    1. Believe me when I tell you, it was undoubtedly, 50 mcg, not 50 mg. MIcrograms are an expression of millionths of a gram.. If you had consumed 50 mg. (milligrams), you would not have "been here" writing your comment..Most likely a psychiatric hospital...

    2. Yes each has their own path like different leaves of the same tree. Some people micro dose very frequently others do full trips. I myself sensed by your knowledge of logo you may have tripped more than you let on. Well I m a senior tripped 50 years as now best. Know the right pace for me!

  2. its a journey to know ur self better. its a ride to the inner part ur memories, soul and feelings. After lsd, u will never forget a smell, a face, a touch, a sound, that reached u during the efects. Never for the rest of ur life, bad or good.

  3. the most important thing of all to remember on acid..

    DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. have fun because life is short and you deserve it no matter what people might say.

    1. I'd take it seriously. I just wanna take psychedelics to see how my soul looks like.

  4. I would not advise LSD to people who usually spend alot of time on their own or tend to keep their 'feelings' to themselves. When tripping you will begin to experience the breakdown of your ego (the very thing that walls your inner emotions about yourself, the world, sex and love).

    LSD will make you feel very exposed to the rest of the world, as Jim Morrison said.. "you just gotta ride the snake" otherwise paranoia will eat you alive and perpetuate into a state of complete isolation, fear and ridicule. The state of hell as many call it where you belive you can see into the souls of everyone around you.

    I would advise LSD to people who are very pre occupied with other things in life and whose minds are rarely troubled from all the issues of the world and are highly comfortable with their sexuality. Adolescents or even most young adults are not necessarily this way and will be most vulnerable to the flip side when coming to terms about the universal truths. This is my own personal experience of both the good and the bad, perhaps even the ugly at times.

    Safe Journey.

    1. Again I say. That's your Trip. Mines om

  5. I have never done the stuff but I think that it shouldn't be used as any kind of medicine, sad state when LSD is being considered for use but Marijuana is treated as the devils drug by the government.

  6. I feel like the effects of LSD are very mental and sort of fun, there's almost like a layer of distortion over your vision. DMT, however, is VERY physical and overwhelming. I think what makes it so intense is how long it lasts. Just try to imagine learning all there is to know about life and creation (and not just as we know it) within 5-7 minutes. My first trip moved me so much that all I could say was "that... was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life" then I just sobbed.:)

  7. Nice documentary - I enjoyed my fair share of trips. I miss them but I also think that my time has passed. My mind was strong enough to maintain control. Even when blown away, I always knew deep down inside that it was the trip and not real. But now as I push 50 I don't think my body could handle the trip again - one never knows though and if the timing was right I would go for it.

    My search was intended to find long term effects of excessive (500+) trips and yes, this was good chit man! I learned how to hallucinate and control the trip and lead it to where I wanted to go with it. But life has been cruel in the last 10 years or so and I have reached an anti-social place. I am a little agressive towards "***holes" and members of society that take pleasure in using their power to try and destroy peoples lives and careers. I have experienced extreme anxiety and major depression. The panic attacks are wicked while the low's take me to a level that I never knew existed in one's own mind.

    With this said, I have to wonder if something back in the day may have caused my mind to reach this point or if I just got older and no longer have the desire to allow ***holes to be ***holes and keep my mouth shut!

    Just looking for answers, but also enjoy reading about the trips. I never had a bad trip - ever! But like I said, I knew I was tripping. I did some f'd up **** while being wasted and did get into some trouble, but I would have got into trouble anyway - I just happened to be tripping when I made the decision to take that step.

    1. Myself at 62 with a 1000+ trips and as 'normal' as any other earthling.
      Doors of perception to heaven and hell.
      Would like to communicate and share about ***holes that destroy our happiness for I had similar freak-outs.
      Anyhow it's 2.13 and I am off to dreamland. Chow for now.

  8. if DMT is stronger than than LSD then it must be a pretty intense trip

  9. It has seemed that LSD was a discovery of the ages. The haman race becoming colourful and knowledgeable about life, as would probably only occur in dreams. But this is all just a smoke screen it seems, having taken LSD numerous times it does not come close to God being my Creator, and His creative finger having touched my life.

  10. never had a bad LSD trip...always good. no flash backs, nothing. just euphoria.

  11. I'd say DMT > LSD for most purposes. LSD is more intellectual, DMT more spiritual, if i'm not completely off.

  12. The people in DMT forums suggest that having acceptance of death experience can help with the bad trips. It's easy to say.. but interesting

  13. I remember that tv commercial with the little kids, the one kid saying LSD causes chromosome damage."

  14. Never had real LSD i wish but its just canty find it around here DMT though and thats just WOW

  15. Supercool documentary, saw it so late it was morning, and i couldnt stop.

  16. It's all in the quality or purity of the substance, its dosage and frequency of usage. Too bad us slaves of this "democratic" system we live in have no freedom to obtain and use the stuff in a controlled and safe manner.

  17. I have got no regrets about all the LSD that I took when I was younger, it opened my mind & made me a better person I think.

    1. Likewise, Gary.

  18. Good luck with the movement to get it legalized, the government doesnt care about the quality of peoples lives if they did THC would not be illegal today, if something can help millions of people why are we not using it to treat people?

  19. Acid woke me up in my early 20's, changed the way I think, feel about myself, the world, unexplainable. It was very important to me becoming myself, by allowing me to look at myself.

    Acid also drove me insane for over a month.. the last time I took it... completely insane and delusional.. I almost died because I could not eat or drink water for many reasons. I was hearing voices that convinced me I could not do so many things vital to life or else family and friends would die, their souls would be owned by darkness for eternity and all this other crazy s***.

    I think drugs, especially LSD and other hallucinogens, open you up to all else besides this physical world we keep a grasp on day to day. And no matter who you are , how mentally stable or strong you think you are, you are always at risk of being tricked by the bad or developing schizophrenia... there are a lot of ways to look at it.

    I do not regret taking it.. even tho the last time it changed my life for the worse.. I am so happy I had the experience I did the second time I took acid.. death of ego, nirvana, being one with "god"/yourself.. so amazing words cant describe. But living in a "real" life hell.. well that was no fun either.

    1. I had something similar happen to me on a couple hits of some bad acid. Thank God it only lasted eight hours!

      I can't really describe the experience, other than to say that the entire world took on this kind of amber cast, and seemed to be pulsating. There weren't any hallucinations involved; just this almost painful nervousness, accompanied by an overwhelming sense of impending doom. It was like you say: "being in hell". If I would have had a gun I would have gladly blown my own head off to stop that buzz!

      We know it was actually the acid, and not just me; because my wife and one of our friends both took it and had the same response; only not as bad because they each only took one hit. The guy we bought it from took some (don't know how much), and they found him a week later hanging in his garage.

      It was blotter acid (paper squares) cut out of a sheet, with alternating pictures of a heart (for love) and an Egyptian Ankh (symbol for life). So, it was "love" - "life" - "love" - "life". And I'm here to tell ya; if you survived this $hit, that was exactly what you took away from it... an increased love for life!

      Any of the other acid I've ever taken, I would gladly take again. Fun stuff! Mushrooms, Peyote... Yeah, any day! But I don't trust dealers like I used to, that's for sure!

    2. and DMT experience? i have done a fair share of LSD and never had a bad trip. sounds awful though.

    3. That's been my experience too, Amy. I had many positive LSD experiences, and one very negative one that scared me away from tripping for 20 years.

    4. thats called overdo, once you are awake no need to awake yourself further... been there, though... lsd is for controled use only (needs preparation both mental and environmental)

  20. i hate that whenever i try to explain these concepts to people they're reply is "i dont care, i am happy with life". my reply is "you dont know happiness, you only know a very bad excuse".

  21. My thoughts are.....the reason why they made this drug illegal was more because it woke people up, and let them see that they were being controlled by puppet masters.
    Like Believing in the American have to be asleep to believe it.

    I have done LSD and find it broadened my horizons of learning.
    If the USA government was so into making sure our brains are kept safe, why do they put sodium fluoride in the drinking water...and then brainwash us into believing that it is good for us.

    Sodium fluoride is the active ingredient in rat poison.

    1. Sodium fluoride is deadly in large amounts and harmless in small amounts, kinda like alcohol, opiates, hell you can even overdose on pure water if you drink too much. There is nothing wrong with sodium fluoride, it is too simple of a molecule to do anything to our thoughts.

      -The Organic Chemist

    2. Sodium fluoride is not used to fluoridate water, hexafluorosilicic acid is. When you go to the dentist and they give you a fluoride treatment, they use sodium fluoride, a completely different chemical. Sodium fluoride, when dissolved in water, dissociates into sodium and fluoride ions. Hexafluorosilicic acid does not, and therefore has completely different effects on the body. Also, the dentist tells you not to eat or drink after using fluoride, to prevent you from swallowing it. Why would you want to DRINK an uncontrolled dose, or any amount for that matter?

    3. HF is inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry is centred on carbon based moleules.

    4. -fox news d-bag^^

  22. very good doc, i would say accurate, in terms of experience of lsd. more research should be done, as it has helped cure addictions and people with other health issues (like the man with the severe migraines).

  23. LOL, I liked the Flow people.

  24. Irony everywhere indeed!!!.

  25. Thanks for fixing that Vlatko.

    I was thinking 3 personalities, lost count at 7.
    Who's been taking too many drugs?.

    (formerly theWatcher)

  26. As to the content of the doc; Pretty good stuff not new info for me but cool none the less. I do dislike the way too trippy dippy types that appear a few times in the film though. The lady who says "I know that I am a creative and artistic person. I just can't do it though." Hint to you, when you are incapable of creating anything artisticthat means you are not artistic. My saying that I believe that I am capable of flight but I just can't do it makes about as much sense. And I have seen allot of people tripping out none of them flailed around on their back gasping and moaning. I guess people are still capable of keeping up their act while they are dosed.

  27. This is just my personal expirience. When I did my tripping I did so with 5-7 close personal friends. We would typically start in the late afternoon and come down around dawn. We set up a camp site in woods we were familliar with. Having people I completely trust with me in a free yet familliar environment eliminated any anxiety in the expirience. Also the timing was key. The late afternoon and evening on summer and fall days was best. That way by three hours in, close to peak time, the colors of the setting sun were present. Then night time for the heavy rolling. The darkness, only cut by a campfire and occasionally a lantern, allowed for an external sensory deprivation inwhich we could allow our minds to go where ever it pleased. And finally the dawn would come with the colors and the wild chirping of the birds to end-cap the expirience as we came down. Again I recomend the Fall, especially in the north with the leaves in full fall coloring. I also would say of all of the types of chemical I tried, Mescalin was the most visual and etherial trip of all. Be safe if you try it and relax if ya want to enjoy it.
    To those who keep recommending a "guide"; Why in the world, when someone wants to have an introspective expirience, would they want a "guide"? Someone to explain what they are feeling? How could this "guide" know? That guidance will twist and manipulate the expirience right out of the persons controll. For instance; once one of my friends began to have a negative trip. The rest of us Started to complain that the trip was ending so soon, that we felt virtually no effect at all anymore. Even though that was not true after 5 minutes of this talk our friend felt zero effects anymore and avoided the "bad trip". The mind is open but also impressionable when tripping, so why let some "guide" controll your expirience for you?

  28. correction.

    "any attempt at a constructive conversation seemingly futile."

    oh yeah, “Good job Vlatko, your are truly doing a great job. Keep up the good work.”

  29. give me a handful of proper Es and a party all day long.... the only thing you'll connect with on acid is the nut house

    1. you have no idea what you are talking about, NONE.

  30. @ whomever it may concern.

    It seems some people have enough Ego for a couple of personalities, making any constructive conversation futile.

    On that note I think I will keep all my future comments on opinion to. "Good job Vlatko, your are truly doing a great job. Keep up the good work."

  31. That is a sweet thought. Good connecting with people seeking beauty and inner peace. So many beautiful people out there. See you around the universe/universes. Peace

  32. another good way to enjoy psychedelics is in the woods/fields in front of a sound system under the stars

  33. zac you would probably love the benefits to be gleaned from Meditation. Just some time to be peaceful and alone. The fact that, what was once legal, and is no longer so, is enough to make me say okay to finding the inner beauty and peace through living in harmony with life, (as much as I can in these times). I think we are all seeking something beautiful and there are many others with there own reasons for wanting to open up to truth. I found for me the best way as an adult is spiritual (not religious), but just getting a close to a less ego centered life is full of gifts that are freeing. What was good years ago is now something else. Sorry to go on, just hope you will see that you are fine, circumstances, and the world around us is no longer a big playground. I hope your life is filled with real wonder, peace and much ease.

  34. I have taken it twice each time resulting in the same feelings of confusion and fear. Im not saying people can not take good from it im saying for myself it was hours of me trying to get away from that feeling of the unreal. There was a total rush of energy and a bombardment of thoughts and feelings and could definatly never come acustom to its afects

    1. I agree completely.

  35. @king george
    Forget nature Gurus or anything else for that matter. I had a time from hell on acid 20 yrs ago in a wood with good friends around me, if this stuff turns bad nothing is going to save you. I had had some fun times on it before this. I can honestly say that i dont think i was ever the same again after this 'trip'. I'm not against drugs as such but my advice for anyone would be stay well away from this one, you cant explain in words how bad bad is until you've been there on lsd.

    1. Very true my friend. This drug is unpredictable on so many levels and theres just about nothing you can do to 100% ensure a "good trip"

  36. Dig it. Control and over thinking are traps. Interesting you bringing up fear of death, I don't really see death as an end, at any rate the body will fall away and that is fine. I do have an inate sense that the driver i.e. consciousnes keeps movin on. I don't do things I used to to bring about the freedom, so I can absoutly say that at a point we can begin see with out the extra push, but now and then it is a very refreshing awakening. It is easy to get lost at times and nice to know how to find the way back.

  37. Matthias, you are right on about not getting it in a book. A good look at the Merry Pranksters and Kesey and the rest of the family is in the DVD, "Timothy Leary's Last trip." I was 6 years old and accompanied my Mom and Dad to the Fillmore West to see the Grateful Dead and sat up in the balcony while they had the acid test. They had old couches up there and about five of us kids got to get major contact highs while everyone had a great time below. We all got to join in the daisy chains. What an amazing and powerful feeling of being one. I remember the cops at about 6am when everyone was crashed, they were going all around the floor and stuffing their pockets with roaches. What a magical time, it was like watching the world wake up, and become delighted and free.

  38. Oh, and one more thing--

    If you want to have some idea what LSD is like, (though its not like reading any book or seeing any film will be able to give you a complete understanding of the experience), I highly suggest "The Electric Koolaid Acid Test" by Tom Wolfe. It is one of Wolfe's ealirer novels (maybe his first I'm not that familiar with his work) where he follows Ken Kessey and the Merry Pranksters in their adventures across the US while on their bus tour. He must have spent a great deal of time with them because I have to say Wolfe is pretty close, or at least the closest I have seen any artist come to accurately portraying the LSD experience, especially the group LSD experience. Don't watch "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and think LSD looks fun because Johnny Depp is interacting with hallucinations and eating acid while snorting mescaline and smoking opium.

  39. @Ann Clark

    I would just like to say worrying about your environment and trying to control everything just seems completely against the liberating effect psychadelics can have. I use to read comments like that all the time and go to great lengths to make sure the lighting was right or the music was appropriate though in the end it never seemed to do anything but make me worry about whether i was in control or not. When you learn to not fear the unpredictable no matter what it is it will not matter about your environment being threatening or not. And if you start having a bad trip do not worry, it will not last forever. Having said that, psychedelic drugs really make you appreciate the moment. No matter if its good or bad you are going to experience every passing moment in a very direct and intense way. If you have a bad trip just remind yourself it is because of the drug and do not fear it. Do not accept it nor reject it. Just embrace whatever experience you are having and do not try to run from it. I assure you if you keep this mentality you will be much better off. Do not worry about the biological or neurological causes for the distortion in thought or perception. Do not try to rationalize the experience and do not try putting it into words. It really is something sacramental in this sense (and no I am not the slightest bit religious). Do not over think the experience or try to plan ahead like you will be able to for see what things will be like. Sure, do not drop a hit of acid and go to work or something, but do not feel threatened by the possibility of something unforeseen happening.

    1. Having taken over 1000 trips in the last forty years, i have never had more than a moments 'bad trip'! Bad trips are just media hype! if 250,000 people had a great trip last wekend, and one had a bad trip, which would the media report on? its true that a bad trip teaches you the most!

    2. Some people are just not capable of being able to step back and look at themselves. That sense of self, once lost, causes them to panic and buck against the flow. Ride the snake and feel the zen...everything is.

  40. @To anyone who tries

    I have done LSD, Mushrooms and other various psychadelic drugs many, many times. I don't really see the need to anymore. I have to say taking LSD alone should not be the only way you experience. LSD for me and my friends always was a way to connect but without the normal interaction directed by a bunch of different ego's coming together. Hallucinogenic drugs can have tons of different effects, but the thing it does almost every time I ever did it, was dismantle the ego. Socializing may sometimes be difficult, or different to say the least, but to do it alone and meditate in some introspective journey seems like a waste. Ken Kessey and the Merry Pranksters (the guy who traveled across the US in a bus full of hippies in the 60's) criticized Leary for using LSD and sitting in a dark room to meditate. The Pranksters used LSD to come together as a group and really experience life while under a chemical which disrupts the "natural attitude". They wished to connect without the aid of the ego, to over come their usual self-defensive ways and insecurities by trusting each other and themselves. LSD is strong, and small doses are best advised. Despite what many people believe it wont 'disconnect' you from reality, it will present reality to you in a way that you cant' run from it by hiding up in your head. By over-thinking things and indulging in day-dream thoughts its very easy to get lost and very difficult to again socialize with others while under LSD's influence. I think bad-trips come from people getting too wrapped up in their thoughts while under LSD's influence. Oh, and most importantly, psychadelics make you realize you are not in control of your life, in the sense that we cannot control the fact that some day will die. This may sound like spaced-out talk but its true. For all of you walking around thinking you can prevent death by going to great lengths to avoid the uncertain, that is all an illusion. We all die. We all could die at any moment. People have to face their mortality in this way under the influence of drugs like LSD whether they realize it or not. It often frightens people and they have no idea what their afraid of. But it can be a scary thing to realize your not in control and I'll admit many a time I found it frightening as well. The best advise is to not fear death and accept it as a natural fact. To not fear the unpredictable. To neither accept or reject anything. LSD is all about living in the moment. Do not let your inhibitions limit you and you'll be fine, going about the trip this way will allow you to experience a sense of freedom you never knew you had.

  41. Without a guide who has good experience I believe you are wise to take care of your nervous system. I have used shrooms with good results, I don't mind the minor GI distress when coming on as opposed to the amazing benefits after. I did notice a signifficent difference in "pure" LSD 25, liquid that we used while tabbing. I believe that it would be a worth while effort to get in touch with the man who is allowed to make and test his LSD, (in the video), from what I saw it looks very pure and very potent. I personally never experienced anything uncomfortable during the coming on process with LSD.
    I do wish to comment on a statement made above, that your subconscious mental processes are not the sum total for a bad trip. Yes! I agree that would definatly have an influence, however, in my experience, the vibes from certian people and places were very much a part of creating a positive travel plan. When you become sensitive to those needs you can take some pretty good precautions and basically set up your environment for a beautiful experience. But then again, a bad trip may be something we need to experience, I have been taught to back away from the ego part and just ride choppy waters when in a tight spot, so far so good.
    I will do some research regarding soil, climate, and as you mentioned possible contamination from rain, or water in certian areas, and there effects. I know many people who work closely with the earth and have a much better grasp on what could have caused you to lose your lovely mushrooms.

  42. @ Ann Clark

    I have wondered about that myself, some environmental issue I mean. But as far as I can tell the temp and humidity are still well within the correct range at different times of the year. The average temp in my area has only risen by a fraction of a degree, too little to distinguish with a regular thermometer. I suppose some pollutant could be the culprit, but its far past my ability to discover it if that is so. I could take a sample of the rain water that falls in my area, and check for ph and other factors. But I have no past sample to compare it to, and therefore cannot know if it has changed.

    These little jewels grew here for over 30 years. I remember my brother picking them when I was only like five years old and I am now thirty-eight. I have also talked to the local hippies, and they say it was present, in fact abundant, in this area as far back as the fifties. It shame really. Maybe I will try my hand at growing, but they do not offer the spores for the Large common psilocybe, which was the kind we used to pick, any where that I can find. All the adds for spore syringes are for the amanita muscaria, which I have no experience with and am some what afraid of. I have heard they have a whole different active compound called ibotenic acid and muscimol. At my age experimenting with new substances is just not that atractive to me.

  43. your subconscious is the bad trip so don't go blaming something else if it's to much to handle

  44. Such a gift, thank you for the information. Too bad some about Waldo's feild? Perhaps things will just come back, I wonder if environment issues are playing a part? Very Strange indeed.

  45. has a great community and a ton of good info on mushrooms. it can be a nice hobby to grow some at home. there is a very good video called "Let's grow mushrooms" which explains in great detail. I believe it is on youtube or on piratebay

  46. acid is great 4 playing games but i dont advocate the use of psychedeliks recreationally they lose their meaning n divinity. acid can giv u knowledge overload b4 uv experienced the knowledge so it may take years to have the experiences that equal the knowledge. trust urself and u wil kno wen ur ready to take anything. cud u wear a duck while you were sitting on it or wud u hav to get off the duk first. if u understand the mushrooms they r Amazing teachers. remember all these rugs r doing is opening up new perspectives on reality thru neuropathways in ur brain BOOM BHOLENAATH

  47. For some reason all the shrooms quit growing in my area. We used to pick garbage bags full, so many they would rot before we could consume or sell them all. We tried drying them but they lose so much potency, and I only liked the tea any way, eating the flesh of the shroom always made me sick. I have heard all kinds of excuses for why they stopped growing- the cows have been fed something to kill them, the jet stream stopped bringing in spores (LOL), we clear picked them all and none were left to reproduce. I don't beleive any of the above. I know it is not the jet stream moving or the cows being fed something because the jet stream thing just doesn't make sense and one pastor they stopped growing in was mine, and my cows eat home grown corn and hay same as always. I doubt the clear picking thing as well because many of the shrooms we picked had fully opened and had time to drop their spores. I have no idea why they went away, but I miss them. If anybody sees a shroom with an Alabama liscense plate, please tell him we miss him and want him to come home. If they ever come back I am making as many spore prints as possible, then I can push the little daisy any where I like.

  48. When I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I began tabbing acid by droping it onto saccrine tablets. I was 8 years old when I first dropped acid. My friend and I would tab until we began to trip, then life opened its doors to us and we went to the most beautiful place, amazingly it was right here, we had just never seen it. I saw sound, heard colors, and my entire body became a vehicle to transport my consciousness where ever I wanted to go. I realized many secrets, one being that by becoming pure within myself made it possible for me to leave pain and what causes suffering behind. I believe that the true reason we will not be allowed to have this gift legalized is it also opens one up to truth. We will no longer need the things we place so much importance on, as we will see and feel the beauty that is all around us. We will also know when people are playing us, and manipulating us, to gain things and control us, or think they do, actually the game is being played on them, for it is madness. This threatons the so called elite and also will be the end of their ability to control their ongoing game. I believe we are heading into a time where this vision will become our birth right and all will be seen as it really is, beautiful, playful,and erotic. Every thing that brings pleasure to us is here, and instead of putting constraints on what should be ours for the taking, we will no longer give energy to this madness, and thereby awaken the ability we have walk in love and light. For now, I am grateful to have the knowledge that was my gift at a very young age, it has sustained me and given me clarity amidst the rage that now plagues the minds of men. I see a time when we will awaken to this truth, and all will be one and beautiful again, we may choose to come back and do this trip over with the new found -wow- that belongs to all of us.

    1. Sounds like God found you and opened your eyes and you just dont know it or refuse to acknowledge his presence. Thats awesome

    2. FYI
      Speaking with ethereal beings is a common hallucination/delusion that can come from using psychedelics or specific epileptic neural activity. It is caused by over stimulation of the temporal lobe. Scientists believe this area of the brain was created for "religious experiences" in order to protect our minds from chronic general anxiety and overbearing existential complexity from the persistent fear of death.

      ... Why fear death when: we live for ever ?

  49. I have taken LSD about 6 times over the course of 7 or so months. 2 or 3 of the trips were great, especially the first. The other three were increasingly bad, however, I would have good trips in between bad trips. I describe it to friends as more of a mind altering drug in that, like the documentary, you see things in different ways. I would recommend having either a trip sitter (a sober friend who can distinguish the effects and thoughts from reality) or someone who has serious experience and understanding of the drug. Music is great to accompany with, however I would suggest you use instruments instead of technology (T.V. Computer, and especially the radio (I have had very bad experiences with listening to the radio on LSD) The Grateful Dead seemed to be the only pre-recorded music that goes along with my trips). Just recently I had a awful/life changing trip where I thought I was seeing my friends as certain stages n my life or addictions and that I was experiencing an intervention. I soon called my mother and told her I was on it and my friends left. I then "freaked out" and the paranoia increased exponentially (I didnt trust my cell phone thinking that my calls were being filtered through some sort of government scheme to enslave drug users). The details of the experience could go on for pages. I tend to "over-analyze" everything and look for a deeper meaning. I ended up walking over to my next-door neighbor's house at 3 in the morning, thinking I needed a hospital and I had discovered a drug problem. My father passed away when I was 6 (due to alcoholism) and this neighbor did all he could to step in and help out during my childhood. He took me into his living room and convinced me that I did not need a hospital (he was right, of course). Prior to this night, I did not have faith in God and had a serious dislike for Christians. Looking back, I have come to think that he used a form of psychedelic therapy to bridge a relationship with God. Once again details could go on forever but to sum it up I returned home believeing that I met God and he helped me through a nightmare of a trip. I didnt sleep until late saturday night (I ingested around 9:00 or 10:00 friday evening). I woke up Sunday and brought myself to church with my mother and I proceeded to cry through the entire service, taking every hymn, sermon, and events and connecting them with my new born self. I then returned to college and tried to make extreme/radical changes in my life in attempt to leave my previous corrupt/sinful life as a Christian and environmentalist. About three days after not using cars, wearing shoes, digging into the Bible, (staying away from all drugs and alcohol) and other such extremes, I found it near impossible to be genuinely happy as a "perfect Christian". After searching for the happy medium of christianity and my former life of drugs and alcohol, I regained my sanity. I still to this day am confused with the events of this last trip of mine but I do believe in God.

    To sum it up, LSD will forever remain a mystery in my mind because of the way it affects different people in different ways (and the intense way it affected me). I will never use any drugs (especially LSD in fear of losing my sanity) in my life again because they only set me back from my goals and end up hindering my health in the long run. I only smoke pot when I am away from school instead of multiple times a day, every day. I do, however, think I have a drinking problem where I do not know when to stop and if I do, I will ignore it and do whatever possible for the next drink after I start.

    For those looking to experiment with LSD, do your research, have a trip sitter/guru, and go out into nature, STAY AWAY FROM TECHNOLOGY (it will only make the paranoia worse).

  50. Some people that comment here argue like little girls. Others use big words in an attempt to seem superior to the other person. Its very childish. One example is this...

    "Even more ironic to me when you say you are my Elder becuase you quantified my development as a human being based off two comments… =/"

    Now come on! Who talks like that? A kid with asperger's?

    Anyway, I have tripped many many times. Mushrooms gave me horribly bad trips all 3 times I tried it. i think its because I started to get very hot and sweaty, which made me feel sick. I ultimately threw up every time making it a miserable experience. Lsd was amazing! I have taken that at least 30 times, many times with several doses. Like some of the people in the documentary, it changes my life. I seen things for how beautiful they are rather than taking for granted all the things around us. I learned to forgive and move on very quickly. It gave me a sense of empathy for others. I also deeply analyzed myself and my life. I had the mind to sit and think about all the wrong things Ive done that have hurt other people, no matter how small. I know that I am much more selfLESS than I ever was before. In fact, I constantly notice how selfISH people are as a whole. Just about every day I notice things that people do that obviously affect others in a negative way. And they seemingly do these things with absolutely no thought at all about how it may be affecting others. I am very happy that I had the experiences I had while on lsd. It has no doubt changed the person that I am.

  51. @theWatcher
    Your comments are so inconsistent and incoherent it proves the case for these chemicals staying illegal.

    "Maybe its just semantics!."

    You clearly have reduced the conversation to using vague interchangeable terms. 'Just semantics' is undermining the very language we use!!
    Reducing it to pointless statements on how one object isn't completely 100% identical to another, which is so clearly off course from where you started the conversation with your first comment its pitiful.

    There is no point in communicating when you reduce the conversation to the degree you have. It shows you are just trying to avoid retracting what you say.

    I figured no one could possibly be saying something so obvious. Your question about the experience being the same still implies you don't understand how even though its the same chemical, the mind reacts to the change in a slew of different ways. This has to do with your mind and NOTHING to do with differences in mushroom or chemical.

    "An 1/8th of mushrooms is not always the same simple FACT.
    But it can be if you know what you are looking for."

    This statement clearly shows you have no idea what you are talking about. It shows further more than have no capacity to understand what has been presented in detail to you.
    It will be the same unless you know what you are looking for? In fact it makes so little sense it doesn't rise to the level of being right or wrong...your statement above is simply meaningless. Talk about semantics..

    JUST BECAUSE THE EXPERIENCE IS DIFFERENT DOESN'T MEAN DIFFERENT CHEMICALS. Yes, text shouting and repetition is clearly necessary now cause you can't get these simple concepts through your drug raddled skull.

    In fact now I know for sure these drugs need to stay illegal. It would be irresponsible to allow these chemicals to permeate such sensitive minds.

  52. take it on a hill, surrounded by nature with the one you trust the most.
    if you have a bad trip then, you where gunna snap one day anyway.

  53. 200 years after the enlightenment and still the average person chooses to conduct discussions in a way that favors wild, uneducated conjecture completely against the scientific grain, sometimes extending to the point of blatantly denying the facts.
    Is it just not cool to have an educated fact based discussion? No wonder these drugs stay illegal. 95% of the users don't have a clue to what they are using.
    Some of the nonsense touted above can written off by going to wiki (yes we are dealing with such basic information that wiki debunks most of these non-sense claims). One can go to the shroomery dot org and dmt nexus to shatter all the other diatribe that is spouted due to laziness. Pocourante culture is killing our chance for a sane future. Shame on all of you who are too lazy to learn about what you are putting in your bodies.

  54. @ toddy

    Second that on the fresh ones! I've always found them more visual.

    DISCLAIMER: Don't buy wet mushrooms from someone you don't know unless you can tell they were JUST picked (even then be skeptical.) Last thing you wanna do is eat some half-dried mouldy mushrooms.

  55. With all the technical distinctions made above, toddy will you please explain what you mean by 'fresh'? Cause when they are dried they are good for ever as long as you don't get it humid enough for mold. Since drying directly impacts psychedelic content. You say more potent so one must assume you mean dried. Which is an odd use of the term fresh...

    1. Please don't assume. What I meant by the term fresh was one that is just picked not dried. When you dry a mushroom it loses some of its psycoactivity.

  56. May I say when it comes to mushrooms, that fresh are more potent and pleasingly so. And a unique black pepper like after taste. ~:)

  57. @d.e.g.

    I hear you. We used to only do it in the woods mostly. Group of people out there all night having a blast. Concerts were good too but the whole crowd and being out in the open must have made us look like fools. After the concert this group of teenagers walking 50 feet and then stopping to laugh our heads off. Another 50 feet stopping to laugh our heads off. Sitting up in hotel rooms looking down on the streets below counting taxi cabs whenever we finally got back to the hotel. Making taxi drivers wonder WTF is wrong with these guys. Believe me every concert was the best one we ever saw. I like you have had my days with it and wouldn't do it today. But I do think it is an experience everyone who can handle it should try. Nothing like opening ones mind up to the possibility of anything. And I don't mean that to fly or kill etc. Just to have ones mind open to see everything in a very different way. Very different from our conscious thoughts.

  58. @theWatcher
    You are persisting in your incorrect logical unpacking of what is trying to be communicated to you. As well as inconsistently shifting what you are stating.

    "I don’t see how they differ."
    You don't see how they differ cause you not paying close enough attention to the fact that we are speaking about entirely different matters.

    There is a huge difference between the effects and dosing of a specific chemical, the differences of chemical composition from one mushroom species to another, and the different ratios of the various chemicals relative to species.

    On every account you are incorrect.

    "...dozens of species of mushrooms with a whole range of affects and strengths"

    First you claim a difference amongst species due to differences in chemical composition...which was debunked by me in an earlier comment. Each species has basically the same number of the same type of psychoactive and functional chemicals. Which means each species's mycelium has the same capacity to produce anti-bodies and other medicinal chemicals in reaction to certain conditions.
    (by the way, an obvious strawman on your end as I never claimed that the "non-psilocybin part of the mushroom has no effect on your body at all") The mycelium has to be conditioned for anything of medicinal value in the way you are speaking of to be produced. It is a latent potential to react, not a storehouse of medicinal chemicals, your comment seems to imply a naivety concerning this distinction.

    Secondly and simultaneously you claim a difference amongst species due to ratios of the chemicals per species. This has been debunked in an earlier comment as well. In every conventional sense there is no difference in the quantity of chemicals due to species. (truly trace differences)

    It is clear from your statement you are specifically talking about species and the supposed 'whole range of 'affects' and strengths.' After debunking, you disregard your species argument and attempt to or accidentally semantically defuse the meaning of the words we are using to blur the lines of what you are even saying.

    From comment to comment, without notice, you are transitioning your focus from differences in quantity and composition of psychoactive mushrooms to the dosing of a specific chemical and its effects. Then back again!
    As stated very clearly in one of the earlier posts, one has to be very careful about speaking about dosing and the relative effects from such dosing (especially in terms of mushroom weight) for two reasons primarily:
    First the weight of mushrooms really doesn't make a conventional difference as its all about the amount of psylocybin. The larger the mushroom is the less potent it is per weight, this coupled with the humidity factor it becomes clear the weight of mushrooms makes really no difference to the quantity of the chemical and thus effects.
    Secondly, the psychoactivity depends nearly entirely on each person's chemistry so even measuring in the chemical weight of the psylocybin isn't conventionally accurate.

    "To the untrained eye it’s an 1/8th of ‘shrooms."

    This is like a fool who argues with an astronomer concerning the fool's beleif that there is no difference amongst the specks of light in the sky becuase he cannot distinguish. Just becuase an 'untrained eye' cannot discern the difference, doesn't negate the fact that there is indeed a difference.

    Finally, already covered mostly above but will wrap up on this error. Considering what you learned above concerning same basic potential mycelium possesses to react to conditioning, which includes but isn't limited to psychoactive effects. There then follows the conclusion that there can't be 'new active chemicals' that differ from one species to another.
    Assuming there is a chemical difference simply and only due to you having slightly different levels of comfort per experience implies a thorough naivety concerning the nature of such experience as well as naivety concerning the differences between psychedelic and deliriants on the one hand and all other psychoactive compounds on the other. It is simply in your head and you are projecting it's source as the chemical.

    I hope to have conveyed the facts in a clear enough way to cut through any ambiguity.

  59. @ Dai fully agree all the drugs I have taken have this same road

  60. lol Santa clause is red and white becuase of coca cola.
    A.Muscaria is not the simplest solution but a superfluous repetition of tired ideas.

  61. @psilocybin is psilocybin

    I don't see how they differ.

    "1/8th perfectly dry perfectly ripe mushrooms would have a different effect than 1/8th prematurley picked mushrooms that weren’t dried properly."

    "Firstly the batch of dry that you refer to would NOT have the same amount of the active chemical as ones still wet. As the psychoactive chemical increases directly proportional to how dry it is."

    To the untrained eye it's an 1/8th of 'shrooms.

    As for inactive ingredients maybe I should have put it in quotation marks "", as the "active ingredient" you are looking for is psilocybin because the effects you are looking for is a "trip".

    If you were looking for other effects then you could probably find new "active ingredient". That would make each species slightly differ.
    Mycelium have been used for all types of tonics and medicines for the brain, blood, lungs you name it, for longer than any "conventional medicines". So to say that the non-psilocybin part of the mushroom has no effect on your body at all I don't think is quite correct, weather it be physical or mental it can all effect your comfort, which always effects my experience.

    Again my main point being.
    If you know what your looking for (which it seems you do)in my opinion it is way easier to get what you want from mushrooms than a piece of paper, sugar cube or a candy.


  62. Ha, Ha, a lot of response to my query.

    On my post said "according to John Allegro" did not say I was convinced of his allegations. Nor am I convinced now.

    But must say there is a lot of interest in it, pro and con. google it.
    A lot of religious paintings and reference etc: portraying A.Muscaria,
    Why even Santa Clause is all red and white, a big mushroom (LOL)

    Put it this way do not kill the messenger, but will say religion will try everything in its power to keep its status quo. Except burning at the stake which is now passe.

    And you know, that would be the simplest solution as to why there is religion.

  63. @theWatcher
    It seems you have trouble following your own logical unpacking of what I am saying. i.e.
    "Although they all contain the same active chemical they are slighty different in their make-up of inactive ingredients.
    Although neglegible to some, still a different effect (some people have more sensitive digestive tracts others not so)."

    Firstly the batch of dry that you refer to would NOT have the same amount of the active chemical as ones still wet. As the psychoactive chemical increases directly proportional to how dry it is.
    Secondly, You are ignoring the meaning of the word inactive which invalidates the claim of having a different effect. You are incorrect in implying that sensitive digestive tracts somehow make inactive ingredients active.
    If one is eating wet mushrooms instead of drying there isn't a different effect, it is simply a waste.

  64. The Vatican wasn't involved in choosing the team that went through the scrolls, nor could they 'promptly pull him off'. He was losing respect from his peers and set off shortly after taking such a diametric position to ruin evacuation sites becuase he was convinced of a treasure that never turned up. By this time it seems he was a laughing stock by most intellectual groups informed on the topic.

  65. @psilocybin is psilocybin

    My comment was more on the comparison being made of Mushrooms and LSD.

    "They contain the same chemical and that chemical turns into the same chemical after the liver has done its job. Thereby by logic there could be no difference from one psilocybin mushroom to another except simple stuff like if it’s dried all the way (how dry the mushroom is does directly impact potency), and when its picked (the small aborts have the highest potency per weight while beyond aborts picked right before the cap opens up is when potency is peak (this is the same for ALL psilocybin mushrooms).
    If you are referring to the red speckled mushrooms they are not psilocybin and could be argued to be sub-psychedelic."

    But following this logic, discarding the different species. 1/8th perfectly dry perfectly ripe mushrooms would have a different effect than 1/8th prematurley picked mushrooms that weren't dried properly.
    Although they all contain the same active chemical they are slighty different in their make-up of inactive ingredients.
    Although neglegible to some, still a different effect (some people have more sensitive digestive tracts others not so).
    As for the red speckled they are often put into the "magic Mushroom" catagory even if it may be wrong.

    The rest of my point was, If you know what your looking for (which it seems you do)in my opinion it is way easier to get what you want from mushrooms than a piece of paper, sugar cube or a candy.


  66. @achems razor
    P.S. Modern scholarship isn't exactly in agreement with Allegro's work either.
    p.p.s. remember your name.

  67. @Achems Razor
    Terribly amusing how Achems razor is completely lacking in your comment. It is even more entertaining to observe that your comment is riddled with logical fallacies.

    Allegro's work has been cast into doubt and requires a lot more explanation (very tedious explanation in some respect) to explain away it's criticisms rather than apply Achems razor and to see that his scholarship was lacking. An argument that a mushroom cult existed, sure, though Allegro was blinded by the presupposition that Psilocybin mushroom use was a new world phenomenon. So he ASSUMED that it was fly agaric! For goodness sakes he claimed the mushroom cult was based off a profound visual ecstasy in which one could see heaven. This does not happen on fly agaric but does happen on Psilocybin. Achems Razor anyone? Provide one shred of evidence that dismantles the need for achems razor here. It cannot be found, he simply claims and defers to other incoherent scholarship that fly agaric was the fungus being eaten.
    Very important to remember the bit in 1956 where during a BBC interview his ego got a head of him and claimed to have found evidence that Qumran sect worshiped a crucified Messiah & suggests that Christians borrowed this story. After other scholars challenged hum publicly he retracted his claim and admits they were based on his interpretation rather than on text.

    I won't waste the time to point out all argumentation fallacies you managed to squeeze into such a small body of text.

  68. @do the research:

    It seems to me I said "supposed" did I not? Big difference. Read!

    And yes have done a lot of research, have many posts on TDF on that, but am not going to look for them.

    Anyway Jesus Christ, was a mushroom "according to John Allegro" in his book, "the sacred mushroom and the cross" a lot of research done in that book, after all he was the one deciphering the dead sea scrolls for the Vatican until he came apon the fly agaric, the soma, the "mana" from heaven. The Vatican promptly pulled him off of course.

    Guess what? the religee's where all bent out of shape because of his book,
    Hmmm is that why you attacked me maybe, EH?

  69. @scott
    =D Its super enjoyable to pluck those little ones; especially ironic considering the average mushroom user's eyes glaze over in anticipation over some fat n' opened (late) stem and cap. Though some strains are funnier to gawk at than others, like the 'albino envy' strains LOL. It really does look like male genitals.

  70. @ psilocybin is psilocybin

    I have to agree. Psilocybin containing mushrooms though they vary to some degree in potency it is negligible.

    Using a term like 'aborts' makes it seem like someone's had they're hands in the mycelium! Let your rhizomorphs be strong.


  71. Please guys actually do some research before you make outrageous claims .
    @Achems Razor
    Please read chapter seven of:
    'Food of the gods, a radical history of plants drugs, and human evolution' Terence Mckenna 93
    In which the Amanita THEORY was debunked. In fact, no actual evidence that any religion was started from Amanita at all, in fact it seems to ONLY have been a late replacement once the tradition entered past its crescendo and deteriorated. Moreover it's argued far more eloquently that in fact these cults and traditions actually were using Psilocybin.

    Mind you Gordon and Valentina Wasson (who started this theory) made brilliant arguments that indeed SOME mushroom was used in the Soma Cult for example, but his theory that it's Muscaria is back up basically by speculation. It gets to the point of Wasson presupposing all mushrooms references are muscaria. Even though Wasson knew that its extremely well known that ecstatic experiences off of any Muscaria is extremely unreliable. Even having tried and never having an ecstatic experience himself, instead of looking for other more feasible candidates he simply assumed there was some special way to prepare the type he presupposed. None has ever been found. Quoting from the book "This overemphasis of Amanita Muscaria has haunted efforts to understand Soma ever since."
    Wasson described that he fell into a deep sleep, such a deep sleep that even shouts could not rise him, and that one time while sleeping he had vivid dreams, this is it. Then the Author describes his own experience with it as being 'one of nausea, salivation (not salvation), and blurred vision. As well as occasional twitching, saliva dripping out of the mouth. He wasn't aware of music being played, felt unusually quiet inside, he says he felt very stoned. Things seemed unfamiliar but everything looked exactly how he knew it to be. The author then goes on and says psychedelic is too broad a term and that it wasn't 'truly psychedelic'. Also he says he was ataxic and euphoric. (meth is euphoric, but who says that visionary, so this means nothing)

    This simply does not hold up in any way,shape, or form to the hyper-ecstatic visions described in the early religious texts, in fact it does describe Psilocybin induced states pretty well though. Beyond this muscaria has a highly toxic compound and the other compound is described as merely an emetic and a sedative. The author concludes before going piece by piece through Wasson's contradictions by saying "..the rapturous visionary ecstasy that inspired the Vedas and was the central mystery of the Indo-European peoples as they moved across the Iranian plateau could not possibly have been caused by Amanita muscaria".
    Before trying to correct someone, consider doing some more than superficial research.

  72. Shrooms, Gave religious epiphanies, namely "Amanita Muscaria" the red speckled ones in the bronze ages, supposed to be a religion starter.

    Literature galore on them.

  73. All i have to say is that once you know the truth about our world and humanity.Make your own conclusion and trust your inner self in order to make a better world.
    peace and love everyone.

  74. @theWatcher
    All psychedelic mushrooms that are psilocybin and Psilocin mushrooms do the same thing. The strains have been proven to have nearly no effect on relative potency. Secondly, these strains are not like Cannabis strains where each strain contains different levels of over a hundred different psychoactive chemicals. They contain the same chemical and that chemical turns into the same chemical after the liver has done its job. Thereby by logic there could be no difference from one psilocybin mushroom to another except simple stuff like if it's dried all the way (how dry the mushroom is does directly impact potency), and when its picked (the small aborts have the highest potency per weight while beyond aborts picked right before the cap opens up is when potency is peak (this is the same for ALL psilocybin mushrooms).
    If you are referring to the red speckled mushrooms they are not psilocybin and could be argued to be sub-psychedelic. In fact if you analyze the slang terminology mushrooms or mushies they across the board refer to psilocybin.

  75. @Quetzalcoatl
    Your claim about some consistent relationship between shaman and patient seems ignorant of the vast array of differing cultures. Few of them did in fact follow the tradition you speak but at the same time many shamanic and non-shamanic traditions indeed stretching back thousands of years had the 'patient' use the drug. Completely invalidating the dichotomy you are trying to create. Though I am inclined to agree with you on shrugging off all attempts to use these chemicals as 'party drugs'.

  76. I think the effects and strengths of mushrooms or "shrooms" are tough to compare to LSD as there are dozens of species of mushrooms with a whole range of affects and strengths.
    About the only comparison is that they are Hallucinogenic.
    Sure there are the more common species, but if you never taken them before you would never know.

    I would choose the shrooms everytime, always seemed cleaner and more natural(apart from a little stomach cramp)
    I find you have a better chance of knowing what your getting,and you can take lower "test" doses.
    Less of the russian roullette.

    As for the best time and place, I think that is down to the individual.
    If you don't like being alone do it with good friends.
    If your OK with being alone go out in the woods or hang out with yourself.
    If neither bother you then go out in the woods with your friends.
    If you don't like the woods, stay away, you get the idea.
    I think the most important is a safe setting, based on the personal preferences.

    the only comment I have on any post is

    “Happiness not real unless shared.”
    -Christopher McCandless, R.I.P

    If there is one common thread between Hallucinogenics, it is the ability to see/feel the connection of everything.
    If I am truly connected to all then I am never alone.
    No need for the Ego to prove it to someone else.

    Not a critisism as I know this is just a quote, just an observation.


  77. There seems to be one aspect of all this that the above comments have appeared to neglect and that is that up until the 1960's mushrooms and other plants were only ingested as a sacrament, not for recreational purposes.
    If you are looking for a good time do not do psychedelics. If you are sincerely soul searching, the plant spirits will call to you.

    For thousands of years a person seeking guidance or healing would seek out a shaman. The shaman did the mushrooms not the patient. The plants connect the shaman to the spirit world or the divine or god or whatever you want to call it and help the patient to recover a lost item or tell them why they are sick. Psychedelics are serious work, not a recreational pastime.

    My two cents.

  78. before my first trip i asked my father about it and he told me. everyone should do it once in there life. so i did. its to bad you can never get that first time back. it was the best. well that was 25 years ago now. and i can't feel good about passing the same suggestion as my father did. because now-a-days you can't trust what your going to get.
    shrooms were not the same for me. no trails and colours.

  79. What awesome comments, thanks for sharing your stories guys I had a great time reading them!!

  80. @Psinet
    "Don’t try and tell people how to trip, mate. If nothing phases you on LSD, then why must you be alone?"

    Please read what has been posted firstly. Secondly the purpose of being alone is to avoid distractions and obstacles created by the social function of the mind i.e. the ego & all the analytical aspects of social functioning. As Tim Leary put it, all 'games'. I say VERY clearly this is to stay in trance (first comment) as well as to eliminate any suffering during the psychedelic state (second comment). Moreover it is as if you didn't read what I said at all based on your question. (loaded question as I never said I 'must' be, its a very rational choice made to make the most out of the time.)

    "Well, as your Elder (I can tell your age and stage of development), you are ordered to go back to the place where you got all that smug pride and start all over again until you learn to wish peace and happy travels on everyone."

    Though I can perfectly understand how the statement you are referring to could of been taken out of context and thus avoided all together, allow me to explain: I was simply giving a 'shout out' to those who have spent hours in meditation, complimenting their work and discipline. Moreover to the happy travels part I am referring to the clear increase in intensity when one isolates oneself and meditates in the psychedelic state.
    Beyond me clearing this up for you, I find it ironic you post what you do in way you have done so. Appealing to emotion and having a 'holier than thou' attitude in response to what you saw as 'smug pride', even more ironic to me when you say you are my Elder becuase you quantified my development as a human being based off two comments... =/

    The irony you have presented with your comments lead to the conclusion that one should take a piece of one's own advice and checks one pride.
    Regardless brother, you might consider learning meditation and actually looking up the sheer number of psychotropic substances (@ your authoritative comment "I have taken all the drugs")
    From a 2004 source, Paul Gahlinger, M.D., Ph.D.
    Just talking about illegal or commonly unknown legal (where in most cases the legal status is somewhat ambiguous) substances for the sake of argument
    72 Opiates
    50 Opium derivatives
    32 Hallucinogenic substances
    8 Depressants
    11 Stimulants
    17 Temporary listings of substances subject to emergency scheduling
    3 immediate precursors
    These however are just categories, for example in the Amphetamine group (this includes MDMA) there are 91 substances. (ALEPH-7; 2-Br-4, 5-MDA; 3C-BZ; MDOH;METHYL-MMDA-2;4T-MMDA-2; Willing to bet you didn't know any of these were even drugs)
    In the Phenethylamine group there are 86 compounds (well knowns like 2C-B, and the very visually appealing and still legal 2C-T7). Including more that you have never heard of (2C-G-N; 4-TASB; 4-T-TRIS)

    Peace and fair travels to who have their pride in check! =P

  81. "Happiness not real unless shared."
    -Christopher McCandless, R.I.P

  82. I did LSD about five years ago with a good friend. It was cool. I saw some funny shit and we had some strange and very deep conversations. A few years later I did mushrooms and this was a total nightmare. I became totally paranoid. For example I was completely confident that I could read peoples minds. Obviosuly I was reluctant to believe this at first, but the "evidence" was just so overwhelming!? It took me several days to fully accept that what I had experienced was not supernatural powers, but simply a very bad trip that lastet for hours. This is perhaps what is most difficult to understand about tripping: how can something be SO real, when it is clearly just a product of your imagination?
    Here is my point: The first time I was with a good friend, the second time I was with some people that I did not really connect with. So I recommend doing it together with people you really trust and not with people who you just happen to hang out with. Do not underestimate the power that bad/different social-vibes can have on your party :-)
    Some people above argue that it is better to do it alone. I have never tried that, but to me it seems a little sad to trip alone. It is nice to share it with somebody - but not just anybody.

  83. That will be far to abstract a reference for most, so here is the less abstract version.

    There is a book of Great Wisdom. Everyone should read it.

    Title: "If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him."
    Author: Sheldon Kopp

    Here's an extract:

    The Eschatological Laundry List.
    1. This is it.
    2. There are no hidden meanings.
    3. You can't get there from here, and besides there is no place to go.
    4. We are already dying, and we'll be dead a long time.
    5. Nothing lasts!
    6. There is no way of getting all you want.
    7. You can't have anything unless you let go of it.
    8. You only get to keep what you give away.
    9. There is no particular reason why you lost out on some things.
    10. The world is not necessarily just. Being good often does not pay off and there's no compensation for misfortune.
    11. You have the responsibility to do your best nonetheless.
    12. It's a random universe to which we bring meaning.
    13. You really don't control anything.
    14. You can't make anyone love you.
    15. No one is any stronger or any weaker than anyone else.
    16. Everyone is, in his own way, vulnerable.
    17. There are no great men.
    18. If you have a hero, look again; you have diminished yourself in some way.
    19. Everyone lies, cheats, pretends. (yes, you too, and most certainly myself.)
    20. All evil is potentially vitality in need of transformation.
    21. All of you is worth something if you will only own it.
    22. Progress is an illusion.
    23. Evil can be displaced but never eradicated, as all solutions breed new problems.
    24. Yet it is necessary to keep struggling toward solution.
    25. Childhood is a nightmare.
    26. But it is so very hard to be an on-your-own, take-care-of-yourself-cause-there-is-no-one-else-to-do-it-for-you grown-up.
    27. Each of us is ultimately alone.
    28. The most important things each man must do for himself.
    29. Love is not enough, but it sure helps.
    30. We have only ourselves, and one another. That may not be much, but that's all there is.
    31. How strange, that so often, it all seems worth it.
    32. We must live within the ambiguity of partial freedom, partial power, and partial knowledge.
    33. All important decisions must be made on the basis of insufficient data.
    34. Yet we are responsible for everything we do.
    35. No excuses will be accepted.
    36. You can run, but you can't hide.
    37. It is most important to run out of scapegoats.
    38. We must learn the power of living with our helplessness.
    39. The only victory lies is in surrender to oneself.
    40. All of the significant battles are waged within the self.
    41. You are free to do whatever you like. You need only face the consequences.
    42. What do you know for sure...anyway?
    43. Learn to forgive yourself, again and again and again and again.

  84. @To Anyone Who Tries

    Don't try and tell people how to trip, mate. If nothing phases you on LSD, then why must you be alone?

    You wish Peace and Happy Travels to "Those who tame their concentration and can handle being alone (emotismugacon)".

    Well, as your Elder (I can tell your age and stage of development), you are ordered to go back to the place where you got all that smug pride and start all over again until you learn to wish peace and happy travels on everyone.

    Oh, and if you see the Buddha on the road, kill him.

  85. I have taken all the drugs. If I hadn't stopped taking all the drugs there would have been none left for anyone else - anywhere. DMT, LSD, Salvinorin, Psilocin, Harmalines, Mescalin, Ibogaine - you name it. Many, many times.

    Do not listen to anyone when they try and tell you about psychedelics. Ignore everyone. Just know that it is natural, we have been doing it for at least 10,000 years and many animals also do it.

    Be human, be free. If you want to be alone - be alone. If you wanna be with freinds - be with freinds. Just don't think you have to do anything, just because someone told you so - and tried to tell you its the "proper" way to trip. They are just talking out loud about themselves. There is no proper way to trip, just like there is no proper way to live.

    Psychedelics have enriched my life and expanded my mind. But be warned. Pride is the killer. You may not even know how proud you are. But if you want to know about just how much you dont know........then take the Red Pill.

    And forgive yourself for being human.

  86. @Paul those who will have issues doing it alone should not be doing it at all. Terrence McKenna also said that the orange DMT was pure n-n-dmt. Now the entire community knows that is impossible as the orange isn't pure free base n-n-dmt but a combination of that and n-oxide-dmt extracted with D-limonene. Pure n-n-dmt can ONLY be white- Yet this 'Guru' went around saying otherwise. Though his life was a respectable one, bringing him into the conversation like 'what he says goes' is silly. Need I remind you he said that what you came across on DMT was either ALIENS, DEAD PEOPLE, or FUTURE PEOPLE (lol)...most wouldn't consider this a realistic explanation of what is going on during such an experience. Also Terrence only had a little experience going into the clear light, which is why he likes DMT over others.

    To the point now, if one learns to hold non-conceptional concentration then nothing at all (work up meditative stability) can bring on a bad trip. Literally only reacting conceptually to what is going on can bring on a bad experience. Loops and nightmares that are referenced above simply show a lack of control over the thought process. (the environment makes no difference once you have decoupled your mind-system from environmental decoherence using meditation, as in I have had buddies arrested while on max dose LSD and had no stress at all due to abiding in detached concentration). If this seems hard to you then don't take it. If you are unable to control your thoughts and concentration when you are not tripping then don't even waste your time tripping, you must complete the first step..gaining meditative stability.

    @those who compare mushrooms to LSD
    LSD is more consistent concerning dosing per person. As in from a physiological perspective, 500 micrograms effects everyone pretty much the same regardless of their makeup. It really maxes out after 500 micrograms with very very subtle increases in length of time after the 500 micrograms mark has been hit. (that is an average of 20 hits now a days, though pure stuff is still going it isn't the norm)
    WHILE on the other hand mushrooms are dependent on that person's chemistry. As in one person can take 2 grams and have a stronger experience then someone else taking a quarter of the same batch. So those who didn't get much out of the mushrooms have the chemistry to not be sensitive to it, so they need more. While Scott for example has the inverse chemistry so a smaller amount is much more profound.
    To sum up, one can compare the phenomenology of lsd and mushrooms but this is about it, dosing and relative strength of dosing works so different between the two chemicals they cannot be compared in that sense.
    p.s. LSD and Mushrooms are very calm compared to full doses of DMT, as the DMT community says 'DMT makes LSD look like tap water'.
    Peace and happy travels to those who tame their concentration and can handle being alone =D.

  87. I've taken acid many times as well as mushrooms. I've had both good trips and bad ones. One thing about acid for me, was that once I had my first bad trip, every trip after that was exactly the same, so I quit. Mushrooms on the other hand, as long as I didn't take too much, opened my mind to things I never knew. I once saw god on mushrooms. Not a humanoid being as religion portrais god, but as a radient divine energy that permeated everything around me, and it was SO clear at the time, that I was literally seeing god. I honestly believe that if every person on earth had one GOOD trip, on lsd or shrooms in there life, there would be no more war. My suggestion to first time users, is to take it with no more than two GOOD friends (you all have to take it or it causes problems in the group), and you should surround yourselves with nature. Literally be in the woods, if you follow those rules, you will become one with the universe, you will realise that there is a divine power, maybe not intelligent, but divine nontheless. P.S. Bring orange juice, and DO NOT smoke pot with it, for acid many times brings out the paranoia effect in marijuana. Also, Drinking alcohol with it is pointless and dangerous, because you CAN'T get drunk while tripping, it just doesn't happen, and you can drink a gallon of vodka and not feel a thing, but you CAN give yourself alcohol poisoning.

  88. I'm in the same boat as Dai on this one.

  89. @ toddy and Bffinnster

    I find it interesting how many people think that mushrooms are a tame experience by comparison. I've run in to a lot of people that say that. Personally I have had much more profound experiences using mushrooms. Not trying to argue or anything. It's just fascinating to me.

  90. @ d.e.g.

    This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. I have taken acid many times alone. These were by far my most profound experiences on the drug.

    While a concert experience with friends can definitely be a fun place to trip, this will in NO WAY guarantee a good trip. I have often found loud and chaotic settings induce anxiety. Avoiding anxious and distracting situations is key.

    Also, LSD, like other psychedelics, (though I find LSD much more abstract than mushrooms for example) opens a window to your inner self. Some of us are more familiar with that self. Some will be very scared indeed of what they find.

  91. I agree with toddy, start out with a low dose of shrooms. If this puts you in the same ball park as dai, STOP taking hallucinogens. I used to take LSD frequently with no ill effects, and have never met anyone with any long term negative side effects.

    It's all abut set and setting. Period. The best trip in the world will be destroyed by a visit from the Man. Trip out in the woods? Maybe on my own fenced in compound, or with a handler that can take care of any situations that might arise. I crossed an international border flipping on acid once, my id photo was talking to me as I flashed it to the agent. The best night of my life.

    If you have a sense of humour and adventure, try it. If you are a paranoid tight-ass, keep drinking alcohol exclusively!

    Peace and love to all my fellow psychonauts!

  92. LSD is a most wonderful and could be frightning at the same time. "It will change your life forever." You will never look at things the same way again. Don't worry that could be a good thing. You can smell colors, taste music, and other interesting experiences. I reccomend that if you chose to do it go into the woods and experience nature in all its splendor and you'll see it in a new light. I have personaly done it a quite a few times, do I plan to do it again I will say whole heartedly OH YEAH!! The last time was a couple of years ago and I do look forward to when I can find it again. I would reccomend any one interested to try mushrooms first. They are like a walk in the park while acid is trying to cross the expressway.

  93. Burning Dan is now dead of a drug overdose.

  94. To anyone who tries

    I had the trip of my life at sixteen in 1970.
    It was LSD 25 and about 2500 mcgs. I lost control when my parents discovered I was stoned and I tripped the whole night with my parents who thought they were losing a son to madness.
    I came down after about a ten-hour trip.

    It was the most profound experience I have ever had. I actually saw the colored auras of both parents. I saw my life spread out before me in a kind of roller coaster with its ups and downs.
    I saw writings that were giving me messages but I could not understand the language. The letters were unlike anything here on earth. There was so much information flashing through my mind at such high rate of speed I could write volumes. I remember most of what I was to this day...just as though I'd taken a trip to Europe...make that every continent on earth and the universe too.

    Would take LSD again? If a doctor prescribed it, you bet, I would definitely take it again.

  95. I just read what someone else said and I disagree whole-heartedly. NEVER, EVER take LSD "alone!" ALWAYS have someone the TRUST, that has experience to explain what you ar e feeling. Otherwise, you could very well have a "bad trip!" NEVER take LSD alone! Not ever! However, being at a concert, with lots of others around, won't hurt you, as long as your "friend" is there to explain what you are experiencing. Like I said above, you wouldn't want your Mom to see you THAT high!......Peace

  96. I took acid when it was still "legal." 1968-1970. They were called "white-flats," purple-double/domes," "Orange-sunshine." I think I liked white-flats the best. I hear people saying things like "I saw patterns" or "colors" I think those guys were nuts. I heard one dude thought he was an "orange" and jumped out a window! Bull crap!HE WAS ALREADY AN ORANGE! It was super for having sex though. I mean you could go and go forever. Strong, almost violent orgasms. But the one thing I disliked most, was the KNOT I'd get in my stomach. Of course, I have no idea how "pure" what we took those days really was, or wasn't? You'd be up all-night, that's for sure. I remember one time, we were coming back from 1970 New Years Eve at Winterland. Mike Bloomfield was there. Jefferson Airplane too! I was supposed to meet my Mother at the San Francisco airport; but when we got inside, there was SO MUCH LIGHT...I had to leave and have someone else pick up my Mom. I was TOO stoned. I remember the first time I took it, my face HURT the next day, because we laughed all night.
    Anyway, I don't think I'd want to do it at my age. (61) It's ok of you want to try it, but it's not for me anymore. I guess you could say, I out-grew it? These guys taking about doing "constructive things" are just kidding themselves. You cannot "focus" when you're on that stuff. I don't believe that. Mescaline is about the same. Commit murder? Nah, I doubt that. You'd have to be "capable" to "commit murder first," before you could do that. IMPO it is NO GOOD to do ANYTHING constructive whatsoever! Pot makes you more paranoid than LSD does.
    If you wanna "meet God" then go ahead and try. The best thing to do on acid is go into the woods. Like say to Ben Loman, Big Basin, or Big Sir. Something like that. Other than that, rock-concerts are great! But for doing "great things?" STAY STRAIGHT.

  97. Why don't they just look at all brilliant research Tim Leary did in the 60s? It's still valid research, don't let the politics of Tim Leary cloud his work. I think all these scientist, in the shadows of some dim lit university lab, need to invest in some lobbyists, or at least get more engaged in the political processes so they can push the research ahead. Tim Leary and Robert Anton Wilson have a couple extraordinarily in depth books covering LSD, and the effects LSD has on the human nervous system. Leary argued that psychedelics in a stable set and setting could, under the supervision of qualified psychologists, alter behavior in beneficial ways not easily attainable through regular therapy. The fact that this is not in regular use today is pure politics. The government (CIA/NSA) know very well what the effects are of LSD, that is why it's an illegal Schedule #1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act, and that is also why it will probably remain that way until we get rid of this tsarist occupation government. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, and that is just a 5th circuit activator ( according to Leary's 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness). LSD is the 7th circuit activator, that pretty much means were f--ked as far as research on it's medicinal uses is concerned. But hey, you never know right?

  98. @"anyone who tries", above
    I have done both, and there is no guarantee that being alone and undistracted will result in a calm and peaceful trip. Terrence McKenna, something of an Hallucinogen Guru and certainly an experienced expert, says the same. The setting is very important, and yet the trip is within, to the unseen and the unknown. Probably the fellow in the movie put it best, that the one thing you can count on is "an adventure," but even so there is the pernicious problem of "not getting off," as the informal users have put it.

  99. While most of the comments here will surely tell you how great LSD is and how it will benefit your mind , i did a "fair ammount" of lsd between 15 and 20 years ago and it still has negative effects today,I also have "lost" alot of friends who who went a little too far in believing the hype surrounding this "medicine for the soul".While it might be good in the short term , it has long lasting effects that will take years to fully understand.

  100. The first time I took LSD was the first time I saw the world for what it was, I had long hair but I chopped it all off cause its dirtiness was amplified when I looked in the mirror. I highly recommend to anybody considering doing it NOT to take it though because as they said you are playing chemical Russian roulette with your mind and body. Mushrooms are a lot safer you can grow them in your closet and get similar effects off something that grows naturally (don't do more than an 8th). I like the scientists could solve the hardest problems and had all the answers to the hardest questions in life while taking hallucinogenic drugs, it was like all the knowledge of the world that I had learned came back to me at once with an explosion of thoughts running through my head. I've had a few bad trips but it was because people I didn't trust showed up in the middle of it and ruined it for me, but when I came down and the sirens ringing in my head went away I felt like a trillion bucks!

  101. Thank you for a great doc. Now we should all tune in turn on and drop out.

  102. Lets look at soome facts LSD lets you see that you are one with all things & thats not good for the war machine that needs to keep people in fear so they will keep killing brown peoples for profit.

  103. Well at least am sane, according to the hollow mask thing (LOL)

  104. Its amazing to see all these 'illegal' drugs have so many benefits. Cannabis helps chemotherapy patients through the nausea, Ibogaine helps cure some harder drug addictions such as Heroin, and LSD has been shown to help Alcoholics.
    Isn't time we throw away the shackles of fear and moral panic?

  105. From personal experience, I can say that acid can forever change your understanding of yourself and the world - in a good way. It can also really ruin your day with nightmares that arise from the darkest corners of your twisted mind.

    I've experienced it both ways. No matter what, it's always an adventure.

  106. I always advise to do it alone, away from any social interaction. The social function of the mind acts as an obstacle, so no need to keep this portion of the brain prepped due to being around others. If one is alone, calm, and focused then one can engage the experience to the degree of as Tim Leary put it 'a phantasmagorical multidimensional television tuner'. Beyond the increase of control over the experience due to lack of distractions and such; the only way to get to sustained deep trance (where really amazing truths manifest) is to isolate oneself and turn your awareness to the 'charioteer of awareness'. Everything will be consumed by untainted awareness, leaving nothing left. Wonderful!

  107. Its funny seeing people on LSD. I'd only ever try it if one of my friends took LSD with me and another friend taped the whole thing. ^^