The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

2004, Mystery  -   47 Comments
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The Bermuda TriangleThe Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean in which a number of aircraft and surface vessels are alleged to have disappeared in mysterious circumstances which fall beyond the boundaries of human error, piracy, equipment failure, or natural disasters. Popular culture has attributed some of these disappearances to the paranormal, a suspension of the laws of physics, or activity by extraterrestrial beings.

A substantial body of documentation shows numerous incidents to have been inaccurately reported or embellished by later authors, and numerous official agencies have stated that the number and nature of disappearances is similar to any other area of ocean.

First part of the video talks about Flight 19, the American aircraft that went missing after flying over the Bermuda triangle. This was just slightly after the end of World War II. Few other cases were also discussed. Using the lastest technology, these researchers will go down into the bermuda triangle to film and investigate.

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47 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Anne Jones

    1. If this place is so dangerous, why do ships and planes keep going there? I would have thought it would be a place to avoid.

    2. Why didn't the 4 other pilots do or say something? Re flight 19. Once they realized they were in trouble, if all 5 planes had flown in different directions, at least 1 would have reached land and the mistake could have been sorted out.

    1. John Smith

      So four crews should have died to satisfy your curiosity?

  2. Bhupendra more

    is this possible that this place is deepest place of earth then inner core have more gravity force and direct contact with them because there are no cover of other layers so that can not less that gravitational force and attract that aeroplanes and ships which is not same as other place like normal place where we live

  3. Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Video about the Bermuda Triangle doesnt exist? I see what you did there...

  4. Chandara Khlaing

    Wow! So the research team stopped their investigation after concluding that those planes were not Flight 19? What happened to the flight crash investigator that came from the UK? I am pretty sure his prediction on the crash site might be helpful in finding Flight 19.

  5. mahoy

    in our riligion book is written that god throne was in water when he was build the earth.So as a result of that this amazing triangle is the god throne and I believe in every thing in that book. by the way Iam muslim (sona)

    1. L0LAW0NKA

      There's no need to post it three times. And expecially not when you mispell "RELIGION" each time.

    2. Achems_Razor

      Fixed it for you.

    3. Alessa Leon

      God's Throne is above the Heavens according to Islamic believes not on Earth, so you probably mean the devil's throne when he got thrown out.

    4. Mike Smith

      my comment can not be empty.

  6. Nighood1

    very interesting and intruiguing and wold love to experience it for myself...

    1. Bilal chaudry

      This is a merical by good.... I think so if somebody go in barmuda triangle then the strong waves of sea will float them here and there then they dead because god have some secrets that he will shown at the end of the earth I believe in gooodd.... And I am Muslim Quran hadees also said this barmuda have a big human being he is disappear by godd..... Godddd.... Reveal him at the end of the earth

  7. Daniel Laiu

    This documentary confused me. :) It seems like BBC run out of proper specialists. I hope I could understand something about bermuda triangle by watching this comedy about flight 19...

  8. issue23

    Argh, it keeps jumping between scenes! Can't watch it unfortunately. Heh-ho... it'll have to remain a mystery to me!

  9. praggi

    it might be a site for illegal activities , being protected by big goons

  10. rtiom

    I think its pretty ridiculous. I'm very sure this mystery can be solved or has already been solved. But I think if it wasn't for capitalist pigs trying to make money from everything the answer would become public knowledge and close the lid on this b.s. For example they could send out a expedition to spend a full year out there, and have a few sources monitor the team. Have different monitoring and data recording equipment set up to cover all possible angles of the experiment. Make it a reality show for crying out loud lol. I guarantee you'll get to the bottom of this.

    1. swagerlina

      i agree

  11. Phan Pharith

    oh should i believe in the Bermuda Triangle???????? it seem to be impossible to believe about. i hope one day i can see it real and i will believe that......

  12. aasim

    its just a stupidity we think about. and the doc was just to report what may have happened to f 19 not about why it happens and what was the fate of rest which was lost in that triangle... i dint expect such an idiotic documentary from BBC.

  13. fardeen

    there is a place near bermuda triangle you can listen the sound of barking dogs

  14. Mike

    this sucked... and why is the bermuda triangle the most "romantic" of the oceans great mysteries? It would suffice to say 'the bermuda triangle is still a mystery.'

  15. partha

    hi hesus
    so u disagree about my comments. I like ur comments.
    But I am not sattisfied. So pls tell me about real cause of this mystery.

  16. sasidhar

    i always fascinated about the Bermuda triangle since my childhood.i even wrote a story on Bermuda triangle.

    this is a good doc. but it mainly deals with the vanishing of f-19 planes.then again the conclusion of these planes is not proven its just the best hypothesis possible(or available).

    many planes have been missed since then. but this doc concentrates only on the disappearance of f-19.though these plane may have started the mystery, the same thing happened to many planes which were thought to be lost just like f-19.its ridiculous that none of these planes were mentioned.
    the most convincing part is that of methane hydrates.sinking of ships seem to be believable

    one good aspect is that the researchers followed scientific approach throughout the doc.

  17. Hier

    *EDIT TO REASON TWO* This is with the exception of the seismic gas test featured within the short 5 minute demonstration within the documentary.

  18. Hier

    Due to the offset of the sound, and video quality, this documentary may drive a sane person nuts! But this was only the beginning of a series of difficult conclusions throughout the whole documentary.

    Firstly, the briefness of something that has been a mystery for hundreds of years was rather startling. I did not expect BBC to run such a short documentary at all, but they did.

    Secondly, the information provided within the documentary has not be proven as fact, only the best interpretation via the researchers best judgement. Yet the narrator continued to phrase "it is now known." continuously, making it rather annoying when there was no facts actually discovered within the whole documentary itself.

    Lastly, there was no prior follow up towards the previous expeditions conducted by the featured researcher and the other associates involved. We have virtually no background of previous information collected from these independent studies of the anomalies/mysteries of the Bermuda. This makes the documentary feel defaced in a most unpleasant way.

    Aside from the negatives of the documentary however, it did provide some points of interest that some viewers may find appealing and/or intriguing enough to quell ones curiosity. It is understood that films like these are educational non the less, but it is in my sole opinion, that this specific documentary fails to uphold the true mystery that veils itself around the title; The Bermuda Triangle.

  19. Hesus

    @ Partha

    I have to disagree with you there. I have sailed across the Atlantic just this summer and basically covered a large part of Bermudan Triangle avoiding a big cyclone. Instead of 900 miles we had to do 1400+. Compass did not get confused though there is a difference between true north and magnetic north but that is common knowledge. The deviation is about 5 degrees. Radio worked. Biggest disturbance in radio waves by far is propagation from the sun (solar flairs) which made it sometimes difficult to communicate. Propagation was not limited to Bermudan triangle but was a constant throughout the crossing.

    The most logical explanation imo are seizmic farts releasing a huge amount of gas and sinking ships.

  20. Kareem Toyin

    I will love to watch the bermuda triangle and other documentry. Pls send them to my e-mail

  21. Ariadne Ann

    lol, that was like totaly informative!! It sooo blew my mind!

  22. Steven

    This documentary should be renamed, "What We Think Happened To Flight 19" not "The Bermuda Triangle", what a waste.

  23. Partha

    Powerfull magnatic rocks such as Magnatite and Elamanatite rocks responsible for this mystery.
    Continentel drift theory of earth tells that the world continents was a only one big continet. But the moving of plate seperated the continents. The Plate tectonic theory tell us that the separation of this area is happend for diverging plate of america and africa. For this constructive movement of plate liquid lava comes from below earth surface. Magnatic rocks such as magnatite and elamanatite rock present in the lava as liquid form and when the lava comes solid the rocks navigate his postion as same as true north of earth. But Drifting of continents the position of rock is changed from the previous position and also the magnatic north is differnt from the true north. So in this area compass read the false navigating position and radio activity or radar reading does not work for powerfull magnetic power and also the differnt magnatic dip. So when ships,crafts and boats goes to this area the compass, radar,radio activity does not work properly and they choose they wrong roout and fell into the hazard area like thunderstrom or dangerous gulf stream at atlantic sea atlast they are demolish and hide into the deep ocean floor of atlantic.

  24. RipCurrent

    Good, neat film, but it was just more about Flight 19 rather than about the science and the hundreds and hundreds of other incidents that have occurred there. It should be re-named to "What Happened to Flight 19?"

  25. Scotia

    This explanation doesn't ring true and sounds like a cover up lie. Did the aircraft that went in to look for flight 19 and also disappeared along with all the craft that have vanished since also get confused and think they'd flown in entirely the opposite direction and no longer trusted their compasses or superior officers? They must have been aware that there was another group of islands a bit like Florida Keys. I think there's something else causing the phenomenon and this doc is an attempt to put the mystery to bed!

  26. biggwiggz

    Boy was this some bulls***! Apart from the spacial disorientation theory nothing in this film is clear about what happenened to Flight 19. It doesn't even answer convincingly what happened to the ships or vessels went missing.

  27. micky

    good point karen!

  28. Kara

    Wow, so the Triangle spews greenhouse gases? So global warming is all the Triangle's fault...

  29. Jesse James

    This was a very good documentary about in the Bermuda Triangle mysteries. It's not true that there is always a logical and simple explanation for these happenings.
    The problem with this documentary is that it is missing a lot of good things that was in it when I watched it on Cable TV.
    I was in the US Army “Rangers” for over 30 years, and I know the mindset of Officers (Be it Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines) over the years. They will go by the "BOOK" 1st, then individual thought, and last what an underling says.
    Thare are a lot of things they could have done to get a true north for a Course, but did not! They followed the leader!

  30. Karen Yurkewich

    If everyone gets confused, why don't they erect flag poles on the uninhabited islands and then people would have a marker to reset coarse by?

  31. JC

    It has always struck me as comical when a ship or airplane lost at sea is described as having "vanished" or "disappeared" as if there's some sort of grand mystery as to where they went. Did they slip into another dimension? Were they eaten by some giant sea creature long believed to be extinct? Did an alien mothership beam them aboard? The world of conspiracy documentaries will never be sure, because that would take all the fun out of it. Sinking is just so pedestrian.

  32. Cyril

    mystery of bermuda = pilots disorientation , LOL

  33. sarah

    it was really informative and well researched thank u for sharing the myth

  34. Vlatko

    Not a problem Charles.

  35. john d

    Hey Charles... I missed that bit - did they get the numbers off the planes? was it them?

  36. charles

    Great! It does skip an impotant part, but the sound and visual lag is ok if you just listen. At last I know what happened to flight 19. It was worth watching. Thanks, Vlatko!

  37. john d

    This skips and leaves sections out at important times for me? is this happening for everyone else? annoying

  38. Eldora Witless

    the audio is out of sync with most of the documentaries on the Internet.
    Wonder why. I cannot pay attention to the doc when I am noticing the lipflap.


  39. deboq

    A good mysteries kinda stuff from one of the first mystery documentaries subject. There's nothing new but yet a very good refreshing on the subject matter's thou.

    Or rather one would say, it's an old school stuff..!!

    A good one's for the beginner's to start with, concerning the 'World of Mysteries' that we live in..!!

    Well, anyway it's a good (update) mysteries...Thank you..!!

  40. eyepopping

    this was a very good doc. on behalf of the bbc. and yes it is kinda spooky to read or hear abou tthe things that happen in the old bermuda triangle, but in a way its always comforting to hear that their is always a logical and simple explanation for things. and its crazy how a bunch of bubbles could sink a ship and how wind speed could set a plane way of course but i wonder do these things happen today? with our state of the art satellite surveilance and global positioning systems.. who knows..