JapanoramaJapanorama is a series of documentaries presented by Jonathan Ross, exploring various facets of popular culture and trends of modern-day Japan.

Each episode of Japanorama has a theme, around which Jonathan Ross presents cultural phenomena, films, music, and art that exemplify facets of Japan. The series is colorful in both its creative use of subject matter, and its use of bright colors that helps accent the action on screen rather than distract from it. Subjects were separated by eye catches that often featured the artwork of Junko Mizuno. Ross hosts each episode in suits so bright and stylised they could have been stolen from an anime character.

Fans have credited the series for the care that both Ross and the BBC have placed in its production. Time was given to delve into each subject, and Ross was able to interview various figureheads of culture and industry, including Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Oshii, Takashi Murakami, Takashi Miike, and Takeshi Kitano.

Japanorama consists of three series, each with six episodes (some of the episodes might be omitted in the playlist bellow). The first series was shown on BBC Choice in 2002, while series two and three were shown on BBC Three in 2006 and 2007 respectively. (Excerpt from en.wikipedia.org)

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    giulia de meo
  1. giulia de meo

    Hi, my name is Giulia and I work for Colos Magazine.
    Colors is a quarterly magazine owned by United Colors of Benetton, translated into 5 languages and distributed in 40 countries.
    Our next issue will be DANCE, and I would like to enter in contact with Junko, the Jpanaese Dancehall Queen I saw you've interviewd.
    Do you still have her contacts?
    Hope you can help me find her.
    All the best

  2. Cammo the Conqueror
  3. Cammo the Conqueror

    Err...I don´t want to be nasty but Giulia if that is a serious question I´m just a bit concerned about the quality of the magazine you work for. This series was made by a little broadcasting corporation called the BBC, not by this website. Maybe the BBC (BBC Three) could help you. Good luck, I think you'll need it.

  4. Lars
  5. Lars

    That was awesome.

  6. Samurai Canuck
  7. Samurai Canuck

    Cute, but not very accurate.

    "Ultraman" is really called "Utraman" in Japan, the "l" goes unpronounced.

    the "how to enter a room" segment is for tea ceremony only.

  8. Alissbert
  9. Alissbert

    oough, video has been blocked :'(

  10. creutzfeld
  11. creutzfeld

    BBC usually doesn’t have idiot presenters. I guess this guy is an exception. The whole series is just what this guy likes/dislikes about Japan. What a disappointment to see the world through the eyes of an idiot.

  12. bassick
  13. bassick

    oi jonathan ross is awesome. shit jokes by an uncle character. thats just his angle. hes the sorta guy you laugh at and with.

  14. albert_
  15. albert_

    Really great series. Ross is one of the best presenters.

  16. RRRoooos
  17. RRRoooos

    Jonathan Ross cant speak properly and look he made it into tv presenter LMAO pathetic

  18. Rob_TKO
  19. Rob_TKO

    You're wrong.
    "Ultraman" is really pronounced "U-Ru-To-Ra-Ma-N" or ?????? in Japanese.. So actually the entire "Ultra" part is "unpronounced" - to use your word. (Probably because it's made up of letters in the English alphabet and so one would not expect the same sounds to exist in the Japanese phonetic system. How odd!) You see, it's called Hepburn system of romanization. Try learning it, and the basics of the Japanese language, before giving free lessons.

  20. the_real_snow
  21. the_real_snow

    I personally enjoy his approach to this documentary, its entertaining and not dry like a lot of documentaries are.

  22. Faisal Alsaadi
  23. Faisal Alsaadi

    the only reason i watch this is because ross is funny, as if am watching it to learn about Japan.. get over yourself if you want nothing but information I suggest buying a book about Japanese culture and leave this to people who actually like watching ross

  24. QR Code ART
  25. QR Code ART

    Where is the playlist?!?

  26. GodmanEnki
  27. GodmanEnki

    Please, NO "mora, mora, mora"

  28. raghav anand
  29. raghav anand

    haha...you sarcastic twat!

  30. ToxicStacy
  31. ToxicStacy

    I got to where he says mora mora mora and had to stop

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