Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite

Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite

2020, Conspiracy  -   17 Comments
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A conspiracy-minded documentary on one of the most scandalous stories in recent memory, Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite challenges the mainstream narrative surrounding the convicted pedophile.

A roster of confounding questions remains after Epstein's reported suicide in a poorly monitored New York jail cell in August of 2019. His death leaves little closure to his many traumatized victims and raises suspicions about the high-profile figures who might find renewed protection in the wake of his passing. The documentary focuses a sharply critical eye on the global elite power structure and the role it played in shielding Epstein's heinous actions for decades.

The film briefly charts Epstein's ascension through the upper ranks of wealth and influence, including his early investment career at Bear Sterns, his curious relationship with industry magnate Leslie Wexner, and his eager involvement in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American financial history. At the center of Epstein's repulsive legacy, of course, is the pedophilia and sex trafficking pyramid scheme he lorded over for many years, a criminal enterprise that resulted in hundreds of victims and an untold number of enablers and co-conspirators.

Among those figures most consistently implicated in Epstein's illegal activities is none other than Prince Andrew. The filmmakers contend that this association is just the tip of the iceberg.

The structure of the film is built around a list of nearly four dozen questions related to Epstein's criminality and eventual death that have yet to find convincing answers. These include practical concerns such as the manner in which Epstein was able to grow his personal fortunes, how he was able to elude justice for decades, the inept security that allowed his death to occur unobserved, and the autopsy findings that were inconsistent with a ruling of suicide. The more fanciful queries raised by the film include the notion that the government might have manufactured the COVID-19 crisis as a means of diverting our attention from the Epstein saga.

Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite introduces legitimate concerns that should be of interest to us all, but a good chunk of the film might only appeal to viewers who have a taste for the most outlandish conspiracy theories.

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9 months ago

Maxwell gets 20 years behind bars for Pimping-To who? No names mentioned in the sham trial

Alonso Calderon
1 year ago

The mark of the beast is coming before the end of this century, hopefully I'm long gone before it gets here because it will be very difficult for me(an ally of Jesus) to survive in a system of the antichrist.

Jon Jonzz
2 years ago

The Democrats, Hollywood and Clinton's best buddy. He ran the Disneyland for Pedophiles

3 years ago

Why doesn't she just name the presidents, CEOs, professors etc. Now that would probably make the biggest story in history! So just wondering why she didn't tell all! What a hugely wasted opportunity!!

Jon Jonzz
3 years ago

Where are the pics of Bill Clinton visiting Epstein's Pedophile Island over 27 times!?? Now, that's a story the msm doesn't want to go near.

3 years ago

I thought some of the commenters might have been a bit harsh so thought I'd give a look see. Forced myself through 10min. This guy needs to do a lot more homework first. Then actually watch and learn from excellent documentaries before starting. Then practice speaking.

Various news and info websites carried as much or more detail and much better analysis (if any was needed) which was easy to follow from that detail.

If you want a more entertaining look at how Brits in power are controlled, see the Jason Statham film [The Bank Job] (2008). About the biggest bank heist in Brit history. A lot interesting things in the safe deposit boxes...

No doubt, photos and film the subject doesn't want seen (blackmail), is how many high ranking officials (incl. military) are controlled. One USA mil wife explained a fair bit about it in an interview which was viewable on you tube, or at least was when I saw it.

3 years ago

This is not good viewing. 5 minutes of googling Epstein will get you all the same info. This film fails to make any point, nor answer any of it's own plethora of meandering questions.

Mark Gaboury
3 years ago

This idiot can't make a pro documentary because he talks like a homeless person.

3 years ago

It is not a conspiracy-minded documentary to me. It is a very accurate analysis of all the facts, that the FBI should had take in consideration. Obvious they the government doesn’t want the case to be solved.
Please, don’t forget 9/11!
Keep looking for the truth and be alert!

Tom Pain
3 years ago

He was a stooge and an intelligence asset. He had immunity and cover as a result. He knew that. Where's Maxwell and ALL of the other adults who were involved on a day to day basis? Where are the thousands of DVDs, video tapes and photos that were confiscated from Epstein's property? There are no coincidences.

3 years ago

"Conspiracy theory" is a CIA meme created to discourage and ridicule further investigation into the JFK assassination and it is an inane mainstream media phrase constantly propagated to deride intelligent inquiry. It is absolutely idiotic to believe those in control do not actively participate in conspiracies against the masses for their own gain. It is as regular as breathing for them. And the CIA proudly assassinates, commits mass murder, tortures, starts coups and death squads, and lies about all of it to the public. Epstein worked for the CIA.

3 years ago

So I WAS interested in watching this, but had to cut it off in under 5 minutes because I prefer for people to use their words, the vulgar language was just too much, and so unnecessary.

Miss Jene
3 years ago

Perhaps Epstein paid guards/security to ignore him as he planmed out his suicide. Did he have the means from his cell to make it happen. He certainly haf the $$$$$$