Jesus' Female Disciples: The New Evidence
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Jesus' Female Disciples: The New Evidence

2018, Religion  -   22 Comments
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It's the greatest story ever told. But did women play a larger role in this epic tale than we've been led to believe? Theologians Helen Bond and Joan Taylor believe so. In the provocative documentary Jesus' Female Disciples: The New Evidence, they travel from Rome to Israel to uncover the scope of female involvement in the saga of Jesus. What they find could reshape the history and practice of Christianity.

Women play bit roles in the widely accepted history of Jesus. They are not represented among the twelve disciples. They are often portrayed as prostitutes or unassertive onlookers. The most pronounced religious iconography rarely captures them as equals in strength and size to their male counterparts.

In a warehouse outside of Jerusalem, the researchers first attempt to piece together physical evidence that speaks to the existence of Mary Magdalene, one of the key devoted followers of Jesus who was also the first to witness His resurrection. Where did she come from? Did she have a greater significance to the story of Jesus than the Gospels indicate?

In northern Israel, they search for traces of Joanna, the wife of the steward to Herod who is vaguely portrayed as a crucial disciple in the Gospel of Luke. She was a wealthy woman who lived among the critics of Jesus. So, how did she become one of his most devoted followers?

The hosts also visit ancient catacombs where recent renovations have unearthed a series of wall paintings that could further redefine history.

Bond and Taylor are extremely appealing, good-natured and inquisitive hosts. They are respectful to the teachings of Jesus, even as they are eager to deepen the truths behind the official accounts of his life. Through every stop along their path, they probe deep beneath various passages of the Gospel to find evidence that women played as important a role as men in the founding of Christianity.

At its most basic level, Jesus' Female Disciples: The New Evidence is a riveting detective story which unfolds across a series of exotic and historical locales. From a wider perspective, their findings challenge our understanding of an ideology that has captivated billions for centuries.

Directed by: Anna Cox

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1 year ago

As usual they can not logic their way out of 2+2=4. No evidence or proper research or even a reasonable conjecture. The only reason this documentary is here is because it promotes an alternative history involving females. They want recognition without doing the work.... what else is new. could not stomach more than 15 minutes.

2 years ago

How can there be evidence of female disciples of Jesus when there's not even any evidence of Jesus Christ himself apart from the Bible?

Adam Spencer
2 years ago

Two women take a roadtrip and try to shoehorn modern feminist ideals into a couple of vague bible verses. Wildly speculative and shallow assumptions are made, and no real experts are consulted. I had to stop watching due to lack of substance.

3 years ago

Interesting documentary. Could have dug a little deeper... only scratched the surface, me thinks :-/ Loved the cinematography of the shots in Israel however :)

3 years ago

The Lazarus scene remembered me that some think that Magdalin came from Bethany and was Lazarus' sister.

3 years ago

Nothing new here; I get the impression that these women have not researched the subject very much. Also they make up a lot without evidence. For example they suppose Magdalin is poor while the gospel they quoted states she also donated the resources. In my opinion she must have been a rich woman.
Also there is her gospel, found among the dead sea scrolls, which show she had a very close relation with Jesus.
Furthermore, I think Magdalin was a nickname and not the place she came from.
These are some thoughts after the first twenty minutes.
I mean they are right, the females were very important, but that is already known for a long time.

4 years ago

The first and perfect Christian is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

4 years ago

Ι do agree with you that women played an important role in supporting the Jesus movement. As for Mary Magdalene, a pope hundreds of years later, connected the repentant whore with Mary Magdalene which is nowhere true in the bible. As for Emperor Constantine, in the Greek Orthodox Church, Constantine is equal and always mentioned with his mother, Eleni who visited Palestine and found the Holy Cross, where we have two pieces of the cross here in Cyprus. Unfortunately, women weren't considered equals just as after two thousand years, women are still not equal in the eyes of men.

4 years ago

Watched yesterday, taken down today.

4 years ago

The Nag Hammadi Scrolls, a large group of gospels, all copied from earlier text, some written during Jesus' time some written as early as 50 yrs. after his death, (none of course in the Bible) speak of Mary, Jesus' most beloved disciple.Some talking about Jesus the Rabi and his wife. The sad thing is that if it could be proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mary was in fact His most beloved disciple, or even A disciple, it woudn't change a thing in the eyes of the Catholic Church, or any religion that has Jesus at it's foundation. Most biblical scholars agree about many things that the Church (Catholic Church) refuses to acknowledge. The gospels that never made it into the Bible for instance. But of course it does make sense. In the Nag Hammadi scrolls James, Jesus' brother talks about one of His sermons where he tells them God is within you, become like a child. Well the Church certainly will not let that out. To find Heaven and be saved you need a church and a priest. What a thing. If I had a time machine that is the first time I would go to.

terence galland
4 years ago

Well of course without the Women there would not have been any Jesus, Disciples, or even Constantine himself........certainly food and drink(coffee) for thought??☕

Roma Fraser-Engler
4 years ago

Jesus Christ studied traveled and is a version of GOD Love Positive Quantum Physics . Culture Religion Christ would have been married at the age of 13 - Roman apparent version occupying new territory women are reduced wrongfully as prostitutes current book the Red Robe ones.These statements are made without prejudice are true based upon the best current written accurate document verified by GOD and are not allegations.Amen

4 years ago

Jesus never existed, so, who cares?