Jim Morrison: His Final Hours

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Chernobyl HeartJim Morrison was one of the most famous rock singers in the world. He was also the ultimate sex symbol, but Morrison was at war with his own dark demons. Using archive footage, dramatic reenactment and interviews with his closest companions, this documentary details the last hours of Morrison's life and the gripping events that led to his tragic death in Paris.

Whether or not you are interested in The Doors and their music there is no doubt that lead singer and chief songwriter Jim Morrison was a fascinating guy. And there's no doubt that the official cause of his death - heart failure at the ripe old age of 27 - has been and probably will always continue to be the subject of some debate.

Having your life end in a tepid bath may be not glamorous, but it is riveting stuff compared to the account of the singer's final 24 hours as presented here. If we are to believe this documentary's account, Morrison spent his last few hours on earth strolling through the streets of Paris with a friend, doing some shopping, bringing some firewood up to his apartment, and taking in a Robert Mitchum film with his girlfriend, Pamela Courson.

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  1. Christinne

    Open Morrison's grave and see who's there....

  2. wald0
  3. wald0

    I loved Morrison's poetry, academia can be so snobby sometimes. I loved a lot of his music as well, mostly the poetry set to music. I didn't care for the few honky-tonk style blues peices they did (like L.A. Woman) but i loved stuff like Riders On the Storm, The End, the one about the snake with the history of the world written under his scales is really good but I can't remember the name, and many more. Morrison created vivid, flowing imagery in somber tones and colors which hinted at the darkness behind it all- his own lonely desperation as he slipped into a alcahol fueled madness.

  4. Timmy Suckmeister
  5. Timmy Suckmeister

    Good lord! I watched this on t.v. awhile back and was appalled at the doofus playing Jim Morrison. What an idiotic performance!

  6. Joseph
  7. Joseph

    God awful documentary. What is this, a 24 episode with ADD?

  8. Redkat21
  9. Redkat21

    Everything I've ever read and heard about The Doors said that they got their band name from Aldous Huxley's "The Doors of Perception" yet this documentary claims it was from a Blake poem. What?? And that's only one "fact" presented in this documentary that is contrary to what other sources claim. I'm confused.

  10. oQ
  11. oQ

    I think Val Kilmer is no longer fitting. But you are right not a big budget was given to the casting director.

  12. dmxi
  13. dmxi

    ..it ain't over 'till the (dead) fat guy sings !at least he had the class of dying
    as the captain of his own tub!

  14. Just
  15. Just

    Huxley named his book after a line in the Blake poem.

  16. Redkat21
  17. Redkat21

    That makes more sense now, thanks!

  18. Jack1952
  19. Jack1952

    The Doors are probably my favourite musical act. The darkness of Morrison's lyrics and vocals set against the beauty of the music of the rest of the band were unique when they arrived on the music stage of the sixties. Pop music had never before seen the ugly side of sexuality expressed so overtly. Beautiful people were expected to have beautiful thoughts. Morrison, in spite of his sexual appeal, exuded the worst aspects of sexuality and negativity yet the music itself was quite often light and almost carefree. Optimistic desperation.

    Jim Morrison is a great example of how a person can be intelligent but not very smart.

  20. dmxi
  21. dmxi

    if you like the doors then you would love 'joy division'(if you're not too old for post-punk/new wave>smirk<) as they created a new sound out of thin air & are the most influential band without mainstream attention.the lyrics excell J.M. by far which culminated in the suicide of the singer/poet due to epilepsy.

  22. Jack1952
  23. Jack1952

    Jim Morrison would have known this as Blake was a huge influence.

  24. Pysmythe
  25. Pysmythe

    Man, you had me searching all over the net this afternoon for info about this band... Videos, articles, tribute-sites, lyric-sheets, all of it. I vaguely knew something about them from back in the day (because a couple of my friends were really into that scene then), but not anything to speak of, really. I must say, you're right, this chap seems to have been one hell of a lyricist... Not too sure how much of his darkness I could stand on a regular basis, though. But I did bookmark that film ('Control') about him to watch later on.

    Sure turned out he really meant what he was saying, didn't it?

    As far as Morrison goes, I'll say this much for him, that even though I loved reading before I ever found out about him, he did help make that activity seem positively cool to me, being as young as I was... Finding out about his influences, reading the poems he wrote outside of the band, etc. And once I found out where the name of the group came from, I went and read Huxley's book, and from there a lot of other stuff of Huxley's, essays, BNW, things like that. Hell, I even went and learned a little something about the whole Dionysus (and Artur Rimbaud) thing he had going, on my own and not by way of any formal instruction, which I imagine he'd probably find pretty damned funny and cool enough in its own right... So, a very bright guy, I guess is what I'm saying, despite all his phuckups, who helped expand my horizons a little bit, at least. Anyway, that's my takeaway from him, even more than the music, probably.

  26. whoowee
  27. whoowee

    Ian Curtis did write amazing heart felt lyrics but his suicide was not just driven by epilepsy. He was a selfish, complicated man, he was not purer than pure, his lifestyle also contributed to his demise.

  28. dmxi
  29. dmxi

    i'm really chuffed that you took the time to look into 'joy division'
    & hope that you enjoy their artistic outlet.the film is based on his wives (deborah curtis) recollections (touching from a distance-great read even if you're not into the music) which doesn't glorify the man as she gives a true account of the turmoil she suffered due to his dis-loyalty & manic depressive out-bursts but the film treats this subject quite superficial. no wonder, as the director (anton corbijn,became famous via the pics he made of JD & later U2,depeche mode,etc.)
    was a fan & friend of the band,so it doesn't wonder.
    anyway,the bands music helped me through difficult times & gave hope which a lot of people can't grasp as they find the whole concept of the albums too dark & gloomy,but for me it was as if 'ballard',burroughs' or 'bukowski' wrote the soundtrack of my life,uplifting & colouring condemnation.....i hope you find the beauty between the lines as i did.
    after you viewed 'control' i emphasize you to watch '24 hour party people' which gives a different (comical) view of the band & the whole manchester music scene + how the legendary label 'factory' functionend.......hilariously beautiful.also the documentary 'JD-under review'which you can find on you tube.

  30. dmxi
  31. dmxi

    i know,i just wanted to keep it short but nice to see you know the story.

  32. Pysmythe
  33. Pysmythe

    I thought you might like hearing that. I guess I spent about two hours checking out one site after another yesterday. One of the first that came up (joydivision dot homestead) has all of his lyrics and I read about 5 or 6 songs of those straight off. I also found that '24 Hour' film, too, but I thought I'd watch 'Control' first, since the actor portraying Ian got a lot of praise from the reviews, and I think even his bandmates liked it for the most part. You know, it's a funny thing... Back when I was young I had close friends who were really into the punk and post-punk scene, right as it was first happening, but I almost always turned my nose up at it... I was kind of an elitist, musically speaking, more into prog-rock or more mainstream, superficial things, half-hour guitar solos, concept-albums, and sh*t like that. Technical virtuosity, but never stuff you'd be likely to hear on the radio. But over the last several years (at my age!) I've started to develop a real appreciation for those bands, their styles and their messages, ESPECIALLY in light of what is (usually) supposed to pass for music these days. I think there's really a lot to be said for it, and... better late than never, I guess.

    ( Lol, it just occurs to me what kind of a huge laugh those friends would get, seeing how late I am coming to this party. )

  34. Pysmythe
  35. Pysmythe

    Youtube blocked the content here...

    edit- I just looked on my free movies site, and they don't have it, either.

  36. dmxi
  37. dmxi

    JD were spectacular live, as ian curtis performed as if his life was depending on it,unlike morrison,whom understood is own aura &
    knew how to work the audience.ian was often compared to jim due to their range of deep vocal resonance & their substantial in depth lyrics.
    where do live that you tube blocks access to the links?maybe i can help & feed you links?

  38. Pysmythe
  39. Pysmythe

    Pennsylvania, U.S. I got that "this video contains..." message.

  40. dmxi
  41. dmxi

    what is being blocked?the documentary link i supplied or do you have no access to JD doc's in general via the tube?

  42. Pysmythe
  43. Pysmythe

    Just the particular doc link you supplied. I didn't check youtube yet for other possible links to it that might work.

  44. DrJack37
  45. DrJack37

    Good film, but---5:00 in: "Far more important than The Doors' music was Morrison's looks." NOT. Not even "back then" unless you were first of all writing for industry stroke magazines. It was even Doors' managers who skipped over Jim's wish to be "James Douglas" Morrison on his books so that (as usual) they could make more money---this didn't just "happen" as film implies. I saw The Doors in April 1970 (40:00 in) in Boston and there, too (as in later New Orleans) Morrison shot 2 cases of beer and then smashed a hole in the stage with the mike-stand. Then he kept faking that he was going to hurl it like a spear into the audience and enjoyed watching everybody scatter....Last, this film misses a more fatal cause of death than his drinking: a simple damaged artery in his thigh which eventually caused a blood clot that in Paris went to his lungs and heart. Peace to your wild soul, Jim!

  46. Tony Loscalzo
  47. Tony Loscalzo

    Other than a death wish, lack of self-control, feelings of failure, egotism, self-pity, hatred for his parents and a bad case of urresponsibilty, he was a quite a guy.
    He would have been better off if he looked like Danny Devito.

  48. Terry Beaton
  49. Terry Beaton

    He was another narcissistic mystic. So many are!

  50. Pysmythe
  51. Pysmythe

    AND a drunk...
    Like Mussorgsky. :)

  52. revron
  53. revron

    well,by all accounts,he was a real p*ick,too.suicide,the ultimate narrciscist's way out.

  54. Lyrik Engel
  55. Lyrik Engel

    wow...never thought anyone would be able to do a boring documentary on Morrison but here I am. This is awful

  56. rocketmahn
  57. rocketmahn

    I liked it!

  58. fender24
  59. fender24

    Watch the movie with val kilmer! much better :P

  60. fender24
  61. fender24

    OliverStone said it best....when you have to condense a person's life, a legend at that, into two measly hours you must take the highlights.

    I enjoyed it. It's not accurate, never was meant to be, its not a documentary but It's Entertaining yes. we all know he was crazy and i think val kilmer did great, he looks pretty much like jim as well. IMDB ranks it 7.1, that's good.

  62. Eric Lawson
  63. Eric Lawson

    Good Job !! Good to know the facts !!!I think his girlfriend should have been charged with negligence !!1

  64. Kimberly
  65. Kimberly

    So, his friend never took him to see a doctor, even after all of the issues that day? I find that a bit odd.

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