Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen

Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen

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Blessed by a natural poise, beauty and elegance, the Duchess of Cambridge has brought new interest and scrutiny to the royal family. She is now the Queen in waiting, but that reality is far removed from her previous life. Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen explores this invigorating figure, and how she might redefine the global perception of British royalty in the 21st century.

Kate Middleton's ancestry is deeply rooted in service to the country. Her great-grandfather was a coal miner who toiled underneath the palace, and her father was a distinguished officer in the Royal Air Force. The film characterizes her family life as happy and normal. Kate likely inherited her common touch from her impressive lineage; in spite of her superstar status, the people seem to respond to her sense of approachability, authenticity and compassion. For the first time in many decades, they feel their royal representative is an honest reflection of themselves.

She and her husband Prince William have successfully injected a healthy dose of vitality and youth to the ancient monarchy. She has provided her husband with the blessing of children, and a sense of stability and giddy companionship. But even the loftiest heights come with unique sets of challenges. "There are two roles for a future queen," observes one of the film's many knowledgeable interview subjects. "One is to produce heirs, and the other is to learn how to one day be queen."

As she adjusts and is being groomed for her potential future as Queen, she has come under unprecedented media scrutiny. This conundrum has only become more feverish in the social media age. The filmmakers make a strong case for the groundwork she's laid during this initial stage of her new life, including her work with charities, her manner of speaking to the masses, and her performance as a spokesperson for the concerns that face the common citizenry.

Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen is an entertaining portrait of one of the most widely recognized figures of our time, and an intriguing speculation on how she might shape the identity of the royal family in the years to come.

Directed by: Vance Goodwin, Adrian Munsey

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4 years ago

she totally lacks class and intelligence..

b fearn
b fearn
4 years ago

When are we going to get over this Royalty crap???