Kill Me If You Can

Kill Me If You Can

2005, Crime  -   74 Comments
Ratings: 7.37/10 from 60 users.

Kill Me If You CanHold on to your seats, this story will blow you away. Kill me if you can is a docu-drama, which follows two boys (John and Mark), addicted to an Internet chat room.

There, they develop a close friendship, meet in real life, and hit it off. But what happens next is more shocking and extraordinary than anything you could ever imagine.

On the afternoon of July 16 2003, police arrest John for the attempted murder of his best friend Mark. What drove him to do it?

An incredible story emerges of how Mark has been recruited over the web to be a secret service agent by a spy mistress called Janet Dobinson. She promises him sex and riches if he passes an initiation test: to kill his friend John. The schoolboy is propelled into a world of espionage; his bland suburban surroundings become a landscape of mystery and intrigue.

But in court, facing charges of attempted murder, Mark finally learns the truth – Janet and a host of other people he met on the Internet are all fictitious characters invented by someone bent on manipulating his every move. But who would know enough to trick him into attempting murder?

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Cynthia Lyman
4 years ago

Sorry, but I take exception to the woman who suggests that teens should visit chat rooms as a way of 'discovering who they are.' I came of age in the 70s and am thereby totally old school; ours was a generation considered wild then and uber-tame now, an era when PC didn't even mean personal computer let alone politically correct. The Internet can be a handy tool for research and email, especially if you learn how to sift through the junk, but otherwise for young people it may as well be the wild, wild west, unregulated and dangerous and certainly not a place to learn about anything vital regarding self esteem. That ought to be the job of parents, older family members, teachers and mentors. Weep for humanity; this speaks volumes for the future.

8 years ago

I went to school with "John". It was crazy when he got stabbed because we live in a decent area and went to a nice school. He actually came back to school after the trial using the fake name and acting like nothing happened. There is no doubt he has mental issues and should probably be in an institution.

8 years ago

They should've stabbed each other to death. M*rons with nothing better to do.

9 years ago

Thanks for the link. WOW! I'm glad there were no chat rooms when I was a teen! I could have gotten into so much more trouble with a tool like that.

10 years ago

one of the best doc I have seen.

Jason Edwards
11 years ago

Thanks to all you people for ruining the film with your spoiler comments. I know the comments section is designed for talking about the film but some of the one liners brought nothing to the table except for ruining the ending.

Lack of courtesy or intelligence, not sure which.

11 years ago

Regardless of how he skated on serving 'Hard Time for the Crime' I have seen that People like HIM will later go on to do many crimes against others. Child Molesters/abusers work in the same way.
They first gain the trust of an individual and then start molding that person to do what they want. I would suggest even though he was just a teen, That this boy should be watched for a long long time even after his probation ends.
The second part is that some who lack a father figure in their lives will then try to dominate others with their POWER.

The real Problem today is the Kid's have no Positive influence towards growing up and applying what is right in life. Shows like (My 3 Son's, Father knows Best, Even the Rifleman as well as Family Affair) and many Others all taught how children were to deal with the many problems in life. Notice I cited mainly shows that were from Split Families.

All they have to view is FICTION, Vampires, X-BOX Games that are violent, Even the Disney show "CARS" is full of Violence. Children believe that is the way to interact with others.

Then we have the Worthless STATE of the Nation that places Parents in Jail for disciplining their children. Schools don't teach what the Parents Should teach. When whipping a child is called abuse is a joke. For those that are as old as I am and remember how we got our Butt's tanned for getting out of line. Today you just have to watch what kids do, Like Divorcing their Parents because it gets too tough at home. Personally as a Christian, I would rather discipline my Child then have God Kill them. Spare the Rod?

Final note: United States is #1 for having more people in Jail/Prison. 1 out of 5 people have a family member in Prison/Jail. This is caused from high Divorce Rates and children doing as their parents do as it seems to be the Accepted thing in life. I raised 3 Beautiful Daughters with a firm hand and I am proud of my kids, Even WHEN they got in trouble because they learned how to interact with others in a non-violent way. i.e. we had the Internet but NO X-Box type devices. Our Neighbors were different and sadly a few of their children are dead some in jail and can't hold a relationship together. No I don't solely blame x-box either. But there is more in life then also being on American Idol as a ONLY GOAL in life.

jp jackson
11 years ago

That guy John is a very dangerous individual. It boggles the mind that he got off so lightly.

11 years ago

wow, never saw that coming. fascinating and of course unfortunate.

11 years ago

Seriously how come no psychiatric evaluations have been done? or even mentioned??? Amazing documentary really strange and I can't quite believe that Mark could be so stupid, a lot of the messages were actually laughable

11 years ago

Mark is a total id**t , what astounds me is the fact that no mention of psychiatric testing was done on either boy, though they clearly displayed not normal behaviour.
Astounding that someone could be so st*pid

11 years ago

What a complete m*ron Mark was - There seems to be no mention of psychiatric assesments which is very concerning , clearly both boys has psychological issues

11 years ago

wow just wow! this story is so crazy! how could someone be that dumb though to fall for that?they say because mark was young,because of his age but come one! how could you think that was all real! even though john is a physco sick person that was actually pretty brillant for him to keep that up! he should become a writer he would probably be the best their is lol. i hope that they are doing better now,hopefully

11 years ago

who's the director of this docu-drama ?

11 years ago

How mother f--king idiotic do you have to be to believe stuff like that on the internet. Surely Mark had some sort of mental disorder or something of that kind to believe such far fetched stories. Likewise with John, who plots their own death? And blowjob? AND WANKING ON WEBCAM.

Jesus Christ. /rage

11 years ago

sabina, finally an intelligent comment!
you re moving in the right direction. seems to me john wanted to get cot the whole time:
1. its obvious he purposely mispelled the word, since he is described as a bright kid.
2. maybe i listend to Sgt.Pepper too often but...MYBYE... MY BYE... as in "my goodbye".
3. we mite want to erase the contents of your pc before or after the stabbing (if it was possible) if we didnt want to get cot, wouldnt we john?

;) we know you're watching us john, busting a gut laughing

11 years ago

the moral is: learn to spell :))

11 years ago

Pretty twisted, interesting doc. Like others who have commented here, I would like to have seen a less whimsical summing-up from the lawyer at the end! John's motives could have been analysed much more. Mark's gullibility is momentous! I would recommend it though, as something compelling to watch.

11 years ago

It is obvious to me, that John was afraid to say that he had gay maybe bi thoughts. I think he brought Mark to oral sex etc and that is something which is not really mentioned. I think John was afraid to explain his gay thoughts. It is a tragedy, but i believe it is a big part of that all.

11 years ago

I think "John" showed all the signs of a brooding sociopath. Why in gods name he wasn't psychoanalyzed is beyond me. If they had been adults, "John" would most certainly have been reprimanded to the fullest degree. And "Mark" is just an example of a brooding gullible idiot. Poor schmuck.

11 years ago

Damn ... that's some gullible kid.

Deshana Bennnett-Daley
11 years ago

does anybody else c the gay underlying issue? he forces his friend to do 2 very sexual things thats something that needs to be addressed in therapy

11 years ago

i hope this isnt going to be scary. i'm going to lock my doors first.

11 years ago

That was really weird..

I agree with the judge however, because if you think about it, what benefit to society would we have by putting either of them in jail? The event itself was punishment enough, one losing his innocence to the deepest form of betrayal, the other almost losing his life. Incarceration would only overwhelm them and make it even harder for them to move on with their lives.

11 years ago

Strange But I think I may have put them both in jail, Obvious there not going to learn from just getting banned from the net, come on I bet there using the internet and people would be stupid to think dif!

11 years ago

I'm more outraged and astonished by the last things that lawyer said than I am about the whole story! And that's saying alot!

11 years ago

Bizarre indeed! What a strange tale. Something's wrong with the dismissive 'lads will be lads' attitude that was evident in the documentary, though. These are 2 deeply troubled-even delusional kids (one of them suicidal!) in desperate need of help. Unfortunately, I see a booby hatch in these boys' future. One was prepared to murder the other because the spy-mistress (who was allegedly the queen's agent) told him to. That's a hair's breadth away from hearing voices coming from the toaster, donning the cliched aluminium foil helmet & setting out on a mission to slaughter the evil alien agent who is cleverly disguised as an 84 yr old church bingo lady! The 'victim' turned out to be a variety of dodgy characters; he engineered his own sexual assault & his own murder (he almost died!)

Forbidding them from seeing each other won't even prevent them from further contact: they'll simply go online from a friend's home or public setting (like a library or community centre) & the folie a deux will resume.

11 years ago

Bizarre. Good chance there will be a sequel in the years to come as I think there are some deep seated issues here that are in most probability going to arise again. This reminds me of the boys who kidnapped and killed a toddler. Seems to me biological instincts at the most basic level have become befuddled. Parents should be wary of the harm that other children can inflict on their children.

11 years ago

Sounds like John, though intelligent, is a bisexual schizophrenic -- as a result of his dysfunctional upbringing (father leaving, multiple step fathers, etc). He will likely have demons to live with his entire life.

Sieben Stern
11 years ago

those boys don't need jail - they need a better education :/

11 years ago

"Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 49 minutes)" but this sentence is not lit up. How do I proceed to watch this?

11 years ago

Edit, didn't see this docu yet. Really interesting docu:P

But it looks kinda old as in, this will really never happen again xD

11 years ago

This documentary looks very familiar...It's still very interesting.

11 years ago

The world of today ruins the view on young people. You can't do anything fun anymore:S

11 years ago

We couldn't possibly have all been this completely ignorant, gullible & just plain stupid when we were young. Could we? As a teen I believe I was adventurous & perhaps some what impressionable but I still had a functioning brain & was able to reason to a certain degree of clarity. Of course all things sex are all consuming for a teen age boy. Is this just another example that this generation really is living in a fantasy world due to computers & video games? Life & death is a game? There are no real consequences for our actions?

@Ozyxcba1 You make a good point with your statement.

His Forever
11 years ago

I'm glad that both boys survived this experience and will get another chance at life. I wonder what will become of both of them?

11 years ago

That's unbelievably mind baffling. I can not fathom what I just seen/heard.

11 years ago

Wow what a story.

11 years ago

Mind Blowing "There is a large safe at the bottom of the ocean and only a 14 year old boy can open the door" the 16 year old must be borderline retarded to believe a story like that

11 years ago

brilliant, a documentary with a hint of laugh your ass off comedy!!! 100%

11 years ago

Weird stuff, internet or no, and age not withstanding, the issue should be the pure gullibility of simpletons.

Geoffrey Grekin
11 years ago

I totally disagree with this lawyer's assessment of John at the end of the short-doc claiming
"I put all this down to the problems of adolescence."

I disagree totally, I think John's a Psychopathic individual, who clearly feeds off the manipulation of others, and this will continue long after adolescence. I do agree he will probably be successful, and instead of manipulating people on coatrooms he will find another outlet for his jollies.
'MYBYE' he will become a CEO executive when he grows up.

Alternatively, Mark is Gullible ordinary teenager, who has probably/hopefully grown as a result of his manipulation and loss of innocence.

Crazy story though.. lol

11 years ago

This is why parents should stop thinking of their children as mature adults and letting them alone to do whatever they do.
I can say with authority, that kids in chat rooms are amazingly nieve and, well, stupid...and it is clear their parents do not take an interest in their computer conversations.
There are a lot of bad parents in the world. One wonders why adults have children if they have no intention of maturing them.

11 years ago

Based on the summery I have one thing to say, WTF?