The Bridge

The Bridge

2006, Psychology  -   204 Comments
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The BridgeInspired by a New Yorker story, Jumpers, written by Tad Friend, director Eric Steel decided to train cameras on the Golden Gate Bridge over the course of 2004 to capture the people who attempted to leap off the famed structure, the site of more suicides than anywhere else in the world.

He also tracked down and interviewed the friends, family members, and eyewitnesses to further recreate the events leading up to the incident and to try to explain what led these people to want to kill themselves, especially at this specific site.

The documentary's primary subjects all struggled with mental illness, including severe depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders, and the documentary struggles to understand their illness while illuminating the anger and hurt of their loved ones. Available only in North America

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  1. The aftermath of a loved one's suicide is a lengthy and foggy road. The "what-ifs" never disappear and the thoughts of their future potential are a constant reminder of the pain that endures in the lives of those left behind. Nevertheless, those who choose to end their lives have usually been living in a forest of darkness for so long that they have completely lost their way and are unable to remember how good it feels to stand in the sunlight. Life is fragile and some are just too beautiful for this world.

  2. I am really grateful Eric Steel made this documentary. I was born and raised in San Francisco and had no idea so many people jump off. Many residents aren't informed of how big this issue is. Rest In Paradise to all of these beautiful souls.

  3. To those contemplating suicide, although I doubt there are many:
    Don't. Please, don't.
    It's hard, clawing your way out of depression. No matter who you are, how bad your depression is, it's hard. It's probably one of the hardest things you'll have to do. But please, don't kill yourself. Because you are amazing. YOU. You may not feel like it, or believe it. That's okay. Because I know it. I know you can do something good with your life, because I was able to. Sometimes you'll have your bad days when you want to curl up and die, but it can get better. So please, don't.

  4. can someone tell me if those jumps were real? and if they are how were they managed to b captured on film? is there a crew always on site documenting suicide jumps? pease someone inform.

    1. yes Darren they're real

  5. This was a moving documentary.

    I don't recall any of Gene's friends saying anything about him having received any care from a psychiatrist or therapist. Some of his friends (like the woman who said there was a message on the answering machine from someone offering him a job, and if only he'd heard it, maybe he would still be here) seem kind of clueless to what mental illness is. I appreciate that some of them seemed to want him to be relieved of his pain, but they sometimes spoke of him as if they all knew eventually he would kill himself. I kept thinking to myself, "Did anybody consider suggesting he see a psychiatrist??"

    In recent years, I've heard a couple stories of people who jumped/fell off the GG bridge and survived. I think one was a teen who was dared to do it or something. But I'm sure survivors are the rarity.

    A safety net will in fact be installed under the GG bridge to catch those who jump. Not sure when it'll be installed, but it's been approved by whatever local governments had to approve it. Unfortunately, that will only make people who are determined to go elsewhere.

    To all those in this documentary and not who have lost loved ones to suicide and to all those who suffer from mental illness and have contemplated or attempted suicide, I do hope you find support and some peace. I was diagnosed with clinical depression almost 20 years ago. Right now I'm at a very good place, but it's been a real struggle.

  6. A very moving and valuable piece of work. Constructed with empathy and understanding.

  7. I my messages keep getting lost. I wish you could call a suicide help line I have used it a lot. could you call a hospital or drive to one. you should not be alone tonight. I would want my kids to live for me. you need to know that the thoughts in your head are do to depression an are not the person who you are. promise to be there when your parents get back, forget the selfish not understanding people they can not know what depression is they are lucky I hope they can stay out of harms way. seems that they are looking for the attention. I want you to contact me in a few days or sooner.
    keep fighting and a hospital is not so bad I've had to go myself.JM

  8. Can the owner of this site stop deleting my comment please!!! This is important, @jackmax needs to know the kind of affect his words can have. I had decided not to jump off the bridge but then his mean words put me back over the edge. I am not even going to give this a second thought anymore, I am not looking for sympathy I am not even going to come onto this site again to look so obviously not looking for sympathy. I'm trying to save future people like me who are crying out for help only to get told that they are whiny and pathetic and attention seeking and bratty, saying that to a suicidal person WILL put them over the edge. Please please, owner of this sites I am begging you to let this post because people really need to know what kind of affect their words can have, if you delete this then no one will see how harsh it is to say "oh you just want people to feel sorry for you."

    1. The effect my words may have are one of two things

      1. I was wrong and you committed suicide, or

      2. I was right and you didn't commit suicide.

      and by your own admission number 2 is the way you went.

      You stated that "I am not looking for sympathy", which appear to be some what of a contradiction after reading your other posts. It appears that is what you are searching for otherwise you would not have played the poor me card as you have done.

      I have plenty of compassion for all that have an illness or medical condition that may end someones life prematurely. However I will not tolerate attention seeking parasites that take advantage of people and their compassion for those who do really need our help and support.

    2. Why are you so butt-hurt over the fact that this Steph person may get some attention from other posters to this forum? How does that hurt you in any way?? Do you have a life at all?? I did not read all of your rants because I have better things to do with my time, but it is obvious you put a lot of time into writing all these comments about Steph. Your logic eludes me. You say that anyone who talks about suicide beforehand is not going to actually do it. Did you watch "The Bridge"? One jumper named Gene constantly talked about suicide, so much so that his friends tuned it out, and he did actually take his own life. Also, you say she is "taking time away" from other people who may be serious about suicide, but by your own logic, those people would not be posting anything here. Please go find something positive to do with your life and stop being so hateful to someone you don't even know.

    3. You still here? :) If so, I'll try to provide you with some resources for combating depression, chat with you about that, or what have you, if the site admins don't mind.

    4. you are kidding it would appear that you have been suck in by Steph. The only part that seems to be true is the fact that some of our comments have been deleted however what you don't know is that she was the one that started deleting her own stuff prior to her last rant. there was about six to eight posts deleted by the Mods. There were other on here that had seen the conversation and how it panned out and they also started of with compassion, however by the end of the conversation they to had the same opinion as myself.

      if you were about 15 days ago you may not have the same compassion towards Steph as you appear to be displaying now.

      I find it quite funny the logical thinking seems to go out the window when someone pulls at the heart strings of people. The first thing we should do is evaluate the information at hand and then ask the right question to see if the person is telling the truth after that has been established only then should we proceed in our response.
      you will notice that a few people tried to help her to no avail, the reason being was that she was no less than an attention seeking whore.....

    5. why being so harsh? whore? You know nothing of this girl other than a few words. Do you respond this way to every one who claim to be near suicide? I followed what went on a few days ago, you jumped on her right from the start with your allegations. You might be right, she is looking for attention, most people near suicide do the same hoping someone will come with a life changing suggestion....and some say nothing and do it.
      I suggest if she bothers you, skip her cry for help.

    6. Sure sounds reasonable to me... I just figured, well, maybe, maybe not, about her being attention seeking, but what could it hurt to offer her a few good resources I know of, or to just listen to her a bit? I did follow that exchange two weeks ago and what you said about it is right... unfortunately. And if she came back now and it should so happen to turn out for sure she was just trolling, etc., I know I wouldn't feel stupid or used for having taken the chance on doing the decent thing. In THAT case, then you have what it is about the character of the other person... But if you look at her profile, she hasn't posted anything else, anywhere, ever since. And that suggests to me she likely was being honest, which is very worrisome, and is the main reason I decided to go ahead and respond.

    7. I considered that a doc on suicide may be followed by more than one person who has had enough of life for whatever reason. Most would read, most wouldn't write.
      "Keep your eyes open, your attention aware, someone on the way has something to tell you before it's too late. Maybe it was me'', as i wrote, one never knows especially about oneself.

    8. Knowing as much as I believe I do about your "philosophy of interconnectedness" (for want of a better way to put it, probably), it strikes me that there could be... an interesting degree of complexity in that last sentence. :) But I get you on a purely individual basis, too.

      Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I have pretty good instincts about depression, about the ability to sniff out whether or not that's actually what a person really is dealing with. This girl struck me as being legitimate, and I hope she comes back...

    9. That phrase was part of a message i sent to her when i first replied.
      Be it legitimate or not, since i cannot know for sure, i either ignore it or i participate with a helping hand (on my computer).
      I'm not much for calling bullsh*t on such thing.

    10. Yep, I read it the day you wrote it... and was pleased (though not a bit surprised) to see you jump to her aid so fast.

      I'm certainly not an expert on the subject of depression from anyone's perspective other than my own experience of it, but just little details in what she has said strike me as being things that it would probably be pretty difficult to fake from someone ONLY wanting attention... for example, like her very passionate remark down below about her "parents!!!" Where is Sherlock Holmes when you need him, I guess, but those three exclamation points indicate a couple of things to me that incline me to believe her.

    11. You have mentioned her remarks about her parents however you never mentioned the conflicting stories she had said about her parents why is that.
      It would appear that you have read her posts with rose coloured glasses on rather than reading them for what they were.
      We all have to be open to the fact that there are some out there that will use this and other sites to make themselves the centre of attention for their own gratification and my response to Steph was justified when we actually look at all the evidence of the complete conversation.
      I have gone through my emails to ensure that I had not over stepped the mark and I still believe that my responses were justified at that time and still are.

      if you really had concern for this person don't you think two weeks after the event is leaving you run a bit late considering she was saying that she had already bought her ticket to fly there. there is nothing like closing the gate after the horse has already bolted.
      From where I sit you wrote this to make yourself feel better about yourself and not at all for Steph as you have stated. If I'm wrong why wait two weeks?

    12. You followed the exchange two weeks ago yet your first time that you have shown any concern was yesterday how very compassionate of you.

      Would it have been more effective to actually had said something at that time rather than wait 16 days before you said anything.

      Would it be fair to say that it would appear that you wrote your reply to Steph for your own benefit rather than to give a helping hand to some one that was here to get the attention that she got.

      If you recall the conversation you should recall the Mods reply to her stating that they had not deleted her comments at that time and then she admitted that she had deleted her own comments. it was after that she started to rant and rave and then the Mods did a block deletion of about 10 to 15 posts which contained the evidence that showed us that she was playing a game with us on this extremely important subject.

      Why is it that when some one points out the flaws in someones statement on this subject they are the ones that appear to be wrong and not to person that is proven to be lying as was the case in this situation.

    13. Harsh oQ well if you recall the exchange as clearly as you say you will also remember that my first response was to inquire about a few conflicting details she had written and then after her reply is when I proceeded to provoke the truth out of her. and if you recall I told of an experience of one of my close friend that had killed himself and what effect it had on other that knew and were close to Rusty...

      I believe that we all must evaluate what is written here on this thread as you know we should all do on all other thread we chat on. As you followed and took part in the conversation you may also recall that others had tried to give the advice including yourself.
      If you recall she stated that she had spent $400 to fly there so she could jump..
      Tell me oQ currently from where in the US would she be coming from for her airfares to be $400 other than flying first class. I do take suicide very seriously and I know all to well the effect it can have but I will not bow to yours or anyone elses pressure to not express myself in the manner I see fit for any conversation I have on this or any other subject that I happen to be involved in.
      There were others that were in on the chat at the time that also came to the conclusion that she was not as genuine as she was trying to make out and the Mods got involved by her actions not any of ours.

    14. "I will not bow to yours or anyone elses pressure to not express myself in the manner I see fit for any conversation".

      I enjoy all your comments, it builds the character i have made of you and Grumpy. We are just a bunch of actors spitting words out of a framed photo. I like reading people on TDF and i write a lot less than i used to.
      On the internet it's easy to be swift like an arrow, out of physical reach by the opponent, reminds me of how fighting started. And then it went from arrows to drones. Will it one day be possible to kill someone via wi-fi on a forum?

    15. Cheers Az, iQ or oQ,

      I also like reading your views or comment on the many different subjects here on TDF and although we may differ in both our approaches and opinions on many things, that does not lesson the value I have of your opinion.

      The one thing that I have tried to do on this site and in life in general in to be honest in what I say and not let somebody's opinion of me stand in the way of what I think is right or fair.

      As you know I tried to explain my thoughts and opinions on this subject through an experience I had whilst serving in the defence force. I may not be the most articulate person on this site however, I believe that my direct approach is the best way to ensure that my message is clearly understood.

      and I see it like this
      If offend someone with what I have to say that's there problem and get over it.
      Due to the fact I don't really give a f*ck..

      If you think that I'm harsh on this site you should see me at my finest in real life.

    16. I would like to discuss the last part of your post but I don't think it would be the right forum to vent my opinion on what we should expect in the future when it come to kill or be killed.

      I think that ending your own life is a tragic waste in every way but I think that in the world we live in today people need to hear the truth more often and stop all this political correctness and tell it the way it is.

      I think the biggest problem we are face is every generation is getting softer and softer.
      I would like to know the suicide rate over in the third world countries compared to the first world countries.

      It appears they are so grateful they woke up today the last thing that they would ever contemplate would be suicide even though they would have more reason than any of us living in the countries we do.

  9. Just watched this movie. I did not realize that the GG is the place in the world where the most suicides take place. The city's latest decision to place protective netting around the bridge should remove this sad distinction.

  10. People commit suicide for many reasons.
    But, what gets me is... what does it say about our mental health service and support, that so many people cannot feel it is hopeless, that there really is no help for them out there. No Hope. That is what breaks my heart. Sad.

    1. I find my body going down hill, I have little or money each month as my retirement benefits dwindle in the first week I get paid, I have no friends, these things make me think of suicide.

  11. american people seems so cold... somebody cries her eyes off and you just dont too anything, and walk away?! or ur friend tell you that she want to kill herself , and i just talking him about suicide opportunities, like what the helll? seems that nobody really dont care.

    1. quit... suicide is a tragic thing. To place blame on "Americans" doesn't help. There are literally millions of us trying to bring this thing to the forefront. Blame is not a place you want to start with. Consider the message that Mr. Steel is trying to convey.

      ...suicide is misunderstood in all cultures. Let's not make it an "American" issue.

  12. Apples and oranges, MAllen.... apples and oranges. I just watched this wonderful documentary again after having seen it a while back. Very moving. The one clueless moment I have to point out is the lady who says something like "if only he had waited one day, there was a job opportunity for him at the video game store." I don't know if it is denial or lack of understanding. But someone who is that depressed is not going to suddenly turn around due to a possible job opening.

  13. I have little respect for anyone who wants to die when 3,000 people who died on 9/11 would give anything to be in their shoes.

    1. you are kidding right? Depression is a mental illness that causes people to want to die. 3,000 people died on 9/11 without that mental illness, so of course they would give anything to be alive. Someone with depression wants to feel alive too, it just isn't that easy

    2. You missed my point. I'm saying if the people who died on 9/11 had a choice to live at a cost of being depressed I'm sure many of them would not choose to jump off a bridge.

    3. i know i shouldnt encourage this clear ignorance but no body is perfect. What you fail to understand Mallen is that you dont have depression obviously. so how can you possibly know what being there is like. i dont wish deep depression on anyone but sometimes it has its benefits of reaching deeper understandings and sympathy.

    4. Trust me I have depression every time I read yours and everyone else's lame excuses to blame your lack of endurance of life's problems on a medical term that only recently was introduced.

      How do you think people from the 20s who lost everything in the big crash survived or the dust bowl? How about people who survived the holocaust? I have no patience for people looking for a reason to say they have depression unless you have an incurable cancer or your stuck in a wheelchair and even many of those brave individuals don't whine about being depressed they live each day to its fullest.

    5. I think you are misunderstanding the fact that depression is an actual disease.

    6. Only clinical Depression is regonized as a desease and it wasn't always it came about just like alcoholism, sex.and gambling I'm old school were a deseas is something you catch though a virus something you digest or from radiation not something weak people can't control. If you tree huggers had your way posting to much on a message board online would be considered a desease also.

    7. You are ignorant . It is recognized as a disease for a reason. Then in your eyes, being mentally disabled is not a real thing? Depression is not just some problem that 'weak' people can't control. Do some research on the subject and realize that IS an actual disease. Also, learn some grammar.

    8. It's people like YOU who make me want to just do it, just kill myself. You sound just like my parents!!! Do u have any idea the emotional pain of being depressed and feeling as though someone has a gun to your head telling you you need to kill yourself because you are not worthy of being alive. I hate people like you because you don't understand and you make people like me feel bad for feeling the way we do. This is how you make me feel... If feeling this way is being WEAK and just not good enough then I really better kill myself now cuz I don't wanna live in a world with people like you who have no compassion, and don't you dare so you've been depressed or know what depression is! If u did you WOULD NOT be saying these things, trust me, mental diseases are NOT a joke... I have been living with this since I was little. Sean has it spot on and I am grateful for people like him who understand

    9. It feels like wearing a suit of armor made out of nothing but negative emotions, doesn't it? Like the only thing you can do is just lay down flat, since there isn't really any energy for doing anything else. Or you go through the day like a robot, feeling like you're faking whatever it is to be human... and not even caring much about that. Like why even bother? In a weird way, maybe that state of mind can actually provide some relief for a while, since while you're "not caring about anything" you're "not caring" about your depression as much, either.

      But you are unique, Steph. What you are feeling can only be similar to what anyone else has ever felt. There are just too many variables for it to be any different. You're immensely, even infinitely, precious, even if you can't see it right now. Not once in the whole history of the universe will there ever be another being just like you... Just try to think about the full significance of that for a moment, and let it bring at least a faint smile to your face. And there's something else I think you ought to know, that I'm speaking to you as someone who was able to overcome my own individual experience of it. And I believe you can, too, with the proper guidance and resources.

    10. What you fail to understand is the fact the actual point of despair that these people do understand. Depression is an inner demon that causes you to make decisions that a person without the disease would make. Sadly, for some, that decision is to take their own life. I have been there, I have felt so low that I wanted to end it all. It is a pain that is so unbearable that the only way these people saw fit to get rid of it is by doing something drastic. Luckily for me, I got help and am working on a path to recovery, but before you judge a person, you must fully understand why that person is/was the way that they are/were. Unless you have dealt with depression that was so severe that you considered taking your life, you will never understand that. And those people may choose to live at a cost of being depressed, but I promise you that, of those 3,000 people, not all 3,000 would survive depression without ending their lives. And I would bet my life on that.

    11. You weak individuals set a poor example to others who have real reasons to be deporessed. And don't try and paint me with a person who doesn't understand depression brush. If you knew my situation or my childhood not only would I gain your respect you would honor me and nominate myself to your highest honor and make me a spokes person for your pathetic cause. That's right pathetic. You sit there behind your computers and smart phones drinking java or an adult beverage whinnying about depression when a small child or 9/11 survivor has just been told they have an incurable cancer and they reply with a better outlook on life then most of you ungrateful individuals who want to use "depression" as a reason to justify your weakness to face life's chanlenges makes me want to stop reading your pathetic replies.

    12. You are right we don't know about your history but I'm going to guess someone didn't love you or treat you well and now all you do is sit at a computer and cause drama. I almost feel bad for you. But I don't. People with mental ill was are worth saving because they can be saved. You can't. There is no cure for ignorance and stupidity, both of which you suffer from greatly.
      "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -MLK Jr.

    13. Your ignorance astounds me. The brain is an organ just like the heart, lungs and kidneys. It is one of, if not the most vital organ in the body. Do you tell someone with cancer they're pathetic because their bodies failed? People choose mental illness as much as they choose to develop brain tumours. People who grow up in horrific circumstances and turn our ok are the lucky ones, because there are many who don't. You really should not be so quick to judge.

    14. Right on point!

    15. never mind.

      you wouldn't get the depth of my response and obviosly didn't get the problems people who take this route have from the film.

      ...and just a hint: it's not about respect, it's about pain.

  14. Powerful. Sad. Intimate. Solemn and somehow poetic work that touches the heart and reflects on our humanity and culture.

    The GG is an architectural masterpiece and so symbolic and beautiful. This movie is a reminder of how many have been failed in even the best attempts at building "bridges."


    I cannot grasp this! :(

    I could never walk past a person about to climb over that rail without going up to them to at-least put my hand on their shoulder & give them a kind & sincere smile & a gentle rub on the back. If they recoil & jump, so be it. But some, EVEN JUST ONE, may just breakdown & I would give them a hug (a warm prolonged hug).

    I would have to at-least try! It is our duty as humans to have compassion & love for strangers. Dogs show more love to a stranger than humans! But one is seen as 'odd' to give love, kindness & respect 'off the bat'. We live in a society where these basic human needs have to be earned. People have been screwed over & have been 'used' so much, they use this as an excuse not to try or to become 'involved'.

    Society is dying. The irony is that the people who walk past the jumpers & don't try to assist, are already dead! They just happen to be the 'walking & breathing' dead!

    The senior gentleman whom jumped at the beginning (in the baseball cap & green pullover) contemplated for a moment. As he jumps, you can see two people come into shot on the right of screen. They would have seen him prior to the jump as the were walking toward him, yet did not run up to him, call to him...... & as he jumps, if you pause the film, their faces don't even change expression as he jumps. Monsters!

    The photographer who saved that girl had to get his photos first, before helping. His instinct was to keep shooting before helping!? What if she had not hesitated? He would have said "there was nothing I could do." ...But he would of had a great series of shots that he could have exhibited at the San Francisco museum of modern art, while people wearing skivvies, Tommy Hilfiger sports coats and banker-wanker glasses, could swill their glasses of chardonnay, whilst proclaiming his 'Genius'!

    People like this are the truly 'dead'. Those monsters continue to roam, while the gentle, kind & lonely; leave :( ...& slowly-but-surely' they are becoming the majority.

    Love to you all.

    1. Totally agree with you PT Harding... How desensitized people
      can be is the reason I chose to live out in a small community out in the country. Too many "walking dead" in cities for my taste.

  16. I feel so sad for these people who decided to end their lives. I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. It hurts so bad sometimes. I don't know why I'm still alive. I used alcohol to escape off and on for over 10 years. I quit when it didn't work anymore and made me feel even wose. I've always been too chicken to kill myself. But at the same time I'm also afraid of living/ I'm 61 now. I think I'm at a point in life that I don't have a lot of enthusiasm anymore about anything. I have no real friends at all. I was always a loner and felt different and never fit in. I think the main thing I stay living for is my adult kids. I hurt them terribly one time when I had been drinking and explained to them how miserable I was. And that if I killed myself they should be happy for me that I wouldn't suffer this pain anymore. They all reacted the same and different too. I will never do that again. How sick was I at the time to do that! How selfish. It woke me up in some way. So I think they may have saved my life that day. Life is so painful. For some of us there is way more pain than there is joy. I try so hard to be positive but I still sit alone in my apartment. And have become a recluse. I don't like that I have not lived. I have missed out on life. I accept it reluctantly for most of the time. I have hope that I will live and experience life before I die. I'm not getting any younger and nothing has changed yet. I'm the only one who can change it but I guess I am not sure how to do that. I struggle with this on a regular basis. But I won't commit suicide because I can't and won't hurt my kids that way. I can't. And the bottom line is that I know suicide is so final. I'm not ready for that. My heart is heavy for all concerned in this documentary. I can't stop thinking about the one young man who survived and I wish I knew how he is today. He's so bright and handsome. I wish I could comfort him. Does anyone know of any updates for him? I would sure like to know. I hope he is alive and okay.

    1. His name is Kevin and yes, he's alive and apparently doing much better today. How about joining a support group? I'm a nurse and advise people that this could be a way to make some new and supportive friends, and get you out of the house. Best to you.

    2. Thank you.

    3. Reaching out to help others might be just the thing for you.

  17. i cannot imagine what these people each person experiences mental illness differently. we go to pity game to easy we need save these i think its important to understand saving a person is a form of control i am not say let the person jump. just sit there be listen show some empathy not sympathy its brutal its all u can do a break from the constant thoughts is a start.

    . i was deep in mental health issues for long time the internal guilty keep making go this way i was thinking up down i got to the point were i said to myself this is horrible i need to give myself a break over and over and one day i broke out. i know this is a rough subject i am starting to like myself others are just the icing on the cake. to people thinking this way i cannot imagine what you are going through if its that bad try tell someone that brings a second of light to you.

  18. Just so touching.. contact me before you try to leave this earth. You are special precious and loved!

  19. God have mercy on their souls. So sad.So very sad.

  20. I clicked on the Play button and got a message that this video does not exist. Tried the YouTube button, too, same thing.

  21. As someone who has attempted to take their own life before, I understand what these people went through. I am, however, undergoing treatment for depression and I've come to realize that even if YOU don't believe you need to be on this earth, someone else does. Whether it be a parent, sibling, friend, coworker, partner, or even a total stranger; there is someone. Although the recovering journey is a winding road and may be dark at times, its worth it. I promise. If you were looking for a sign not to take your life, this is it. You aren't alone in this. You never will be.

  22. I tried to commit suicide in the 80s so I understand the depth at which you drop in order to consider throwing yourself off a bridge.
    I know many people poo-poo the idea of suicide and condemn it, but believe me, unless you've been in those shoes, you really don't know what you're talking about. I know very well.
    I have this film at home and left a message on the website to contact me for anyone who is contemplating it. This is so I can just be a voice to people and an ear. I don't condemn or judge, even though I am now a Christian, but I fully "get" why people want "out" and I still would like to offer myself to anyone who might want to leave this world early so I can be an anonymous friend. I'm in England, I am now almost 50 but was 21 when I tried to kill myself and am glad I survived. My wife recently left me after 23 years, I now live with my young kids, which is a blessing, but life ain't always smooth and I still ponder those days, though not with the same determination.

    If you need to talk, friends. just email me at (sorry, no addys or personal info allowed,,,moderator) If you need an ear, I'll be it.

  23. sorry you did;nt know lisa,,but i can tell you for the stay at marin general made her worse,,please ladies,,if you where in there you;d never be the same,,to bad you could'nt understand her,and those meds killed her

  24. putting anyone into marin general ptsch ward,,is insaneity,,no wonder she killed herself..they do things in that hospitol is crazy,,and mom you did;nt love your daugther if you put her there how could you??

  25. Gotta wonder how many jumps this documentary inspired.

  26. I am sad - because I have been there, in that dark, hopeless place. I have compassion for their friends and family who are still so desperate to understand why. It is no-ones fault. I am sure that if they are able to see their loved ones from the other side, they would know what hell really is. It isn't fire and brimstone. It is the million tears shed by them. It is the endless guilt and sorrow felt by their loved ones. and I am sure that, given the oppurtunity - like that young man who survived, they would try to make different choices. But that dark place is bottomless. When you are there reason does not exist. My advise for the families and friends, move on, live your life. Be happy and celebrate their lives. Let them be at peace knowing you are at peace.

  27. I have watched this doc twice. I am so fascinated by the beautiful older woman who is connected to Gene. She just seems so amazing in a spiritual way. I would love to know if she is some sort of teacher. Does anyone know her name?

    1. Her name is Caroline Pressley, South San Fran, CA

  28. I see the bridge everyday on my commute home--good lord, and I cannot stop looking at it. I keep imagining the folks in this doc.
    I think of Gene mostly--because we saw way into the angst/hesitation then final resignation. I keep wondering what gives one the strength to pull themselves over that railing.
    We all have days of melancholy and watching this puts those days in REAL PERSPECTIVE.

  29. Let me give a hint to all the Evangelical Christians posting under this doc: Your pressure to try and make people believe things they don't, and your consequential condemnation when they fail to believe what you do is a part of our society that can lead suicidal people to feel even WORSE.

    Please, if you are an Evangelical Christian, and you know someone who is depressed, DON'T assume that your preaching about Jesus will help someone.

    Human empathy can do more for people than you think. Jesus doesn't have to be a part for it.

  30. crying the whole doc :((( I feel there pain... It s hard to live with this emptiness inside I have it to I fight but I m scared that one day I ll do like they did... but I m a happy person love to live love to travel but the feelings sometimes just overcome can t explain its cem unbalance I know but even if you know u don t know how to solve it.. and piles are not the answer... hope for the best... think positive and fight day after day... dieing is easy so take life like challenge that you have to win so that you don t f** up this like everything else !!! peace

  31. antoinette the comment you posted below seems a bit insensitive to the situation.
    For those consider suicide I agree with Froilan. The Lord PROMISES he will never put more on us than we can bear- with that if you are going through a lot the Lord knows your strength more than you may know- i have been put through the test thinking this is impossible to get through. I promise it will get better JUST KEEP LIVING. If you need help with resources go to local churches. I am apart of True Vine Ministries in West oakland Ca. It may seem corny but Jesus is always there and he will help you if you just call on his name. He also tells us through the word of God that he will Never Leave us nor Forsake us- he will never turn his back to you and will never be unavailable or to busy. We have a great God and do me a favor if you are on the brink of giving up TRY JESUS call a Church, visit a Church, Get prayer, pray for yourself- even if you only call on Jesus' name... God bless you all

    1. I am respectfully disagreeing with you, that the Lord doesn't give us more than we can bear. This is NOWHERE in scripture. The verse cited is often used out of context, because it is talking about temptation, not circumstances. Scripture actually says the exact opposite.... In the world we WILL have tribulation, but take heart, for HE has overcome the world. People who are at the end of their rope don't need to hear that God is heaping more and more on them, because He knows they can handle it; obviously, in light of this subject, they can't. What they need to know is that He will carry them through it, and like everything else in life, it is a choice to continue on or not.

  32. If people choose to commit suicide please don't come do it here. As a native San Franciscan that pays taxes it is not fair for us to have to pick up the bill just because they think jumping from The Golden Gate is something special.

    1. Yeah, someone who is committing suicide is really thinking about you and how much taxes you pay. It's a tourist attraction. As much money as is spent scooping bodies out of the water, SF makes 10 times in tourism. If it really sticks in you craw that much move out. Or deal with it.

    2. Please, seriously think about what you're saying before posting on sites like this.

    3. Nice to know that your life is so full and perfect. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by those poor lost souls. Ahhhh! but it seems one would need a soul to understand that concept. Unbelievable!

  33. To all who feels the same way as those people who jumped off the bridge, please try Jesus. Talk to him. . . Tell Him all the hurts and the heaviness that you have in your heart.

  34. ok here we go my name is david ,hi Shawna i can tell u that i know how u feel when u say that u have thought of killing your slef more than once i have thought that very thing.But i can also tell u that it get's better,iam going to step out and tell u that i just came out to some of my family and close friend's,some were very up set,even go as far as too tell me that i should go right than and kill my self,i only tell u this too show u that no matter how bad it get's there's alway's some one and i mean this u never have to worry that there's no one to talk too u can alway'stalk to me iam a great listener.........THIS IS MY E-MAIL (Edit by moderator, no emails allowed) PEACE LOVE TO ALL

  35. I lost my mother, father, and my best friend all this year ....

    1. I just read your post and was wondering how you are getting along.
      I suffered a terrible loss last year.
      It still feels so awful!
      I go on grief chat lines for my pain, and they really have helped.
      Reading other people's experiences with grief, and comforting them somehow made me feel a little better.

    2. Hi CK, I'm in Australia, but I am sending you love & a big warm hug across the oceans friend. I'm 6'2"... so I won't squeeze too hard.

  36. My social anxiety disorder and its agoraphobia will strangle my soul. Until it does, I will remember that it is not always bad. Not at all.

  37. One of the comments from a lady in the doc was: " For most of us the sun comes out."

    How true, and how sad for those who don't experience it.

  38. some people cant go day by day without feeling like they are in a prison. the families and friends in this video were supportive of their loved ones & their decisions to end their lives. get help if you are thinking of jumping, the world has so much to offer:)

  39. @ self-existent: Comment on your comment is from a fellow antitheist, Hitchens fan, btw.

  40. wow. the entire time through the doc, i had moments of anxiety, holding my breath & sat in disbelief as people jumped. my heart is so heavy for those who are suffering with ANY issue that could lead them to suicide. i wish for everyone that is suffering to seek any medical, spiritual, emotional, mental attention or support to help them take steps towards recovery, stability, strength or whatever it takes. my prayers go out to the friends and family of those who took their life & to those living in the struggle.

  41. amazing docu - very well done and the film of the bridge was gorgeous.

  42. I suffer from depression... If I lived by that bridge I would've jumped too. Sadly, I feel like I have a lot to live for, first step of recovery. I guess....

    1. I suffer from depression too. Last year, I almost died from a pulmonary embolism. I realized how lucky I was to be alive and even though depression still gets the best of me some days, I am here today and not dead. For some reason, I am meant to be here. I refuse to turn my back on this amazing gift I was given. My best friend also passed away from cancer in 2007- a few months before her 18th birthday. She would've given ANYTHING to just leave the hospital or go back to school. I live each day for her, even when life gets hard.
      If you ever want to talk, email me.


    2. Your a good soul ! god bless You !

    3. you do have a lot to live for. i've never felt those feelings that you just wrote. feeling of ending my life/killing myself. i'm glad that you realize you are WORTH LIVING. continue to find modify and build on your purpose in life, even when it may seem like there is none, trust me there is. (even speaking with a counselor may help here and there). nonetheless i RESPECT you for being able to share your true feelings with us.

  43. Very sad. Two of my family members committed suicide. It is very hard for the family to understand.

  44. Yeah, I've known 8-people take their life since 2008. (one a murder suicide).
    These are 1st or 2nd degree connections (ie. 30+ year family friend, his business partner--and unfortunately our friend found him--gunshot.

    My best friend took his life. Someone I NEVER EVER EVER thought would do so. Literally, he's not even a friend I would put on a "list" of people in my life I should worry about and listen closely to the things they say .

    Loving/doting father, (grown adult)--talked to his parents at least once a week. As kids, would close his social calendar if some 3rd cousin he never met was passing through town. Literally as teenagers, was that "mature" to skip parties and see family (he didn't even know).

    Was in Real Estate investment, (double digit millionaire) when economy collapsed, so did his business. Very weird, I've talked to a Therapist, was told that Gunshots are typically spur of the moment decisions. I'm POSITIVE my friend's was as he was buried on Mother's day. Had he taken even 5-seconds to determine when he'd be buried, he would not have done it. This I am convinced. (at least not have done it when he did).

    This Doc, has helped me. I guess it's because I don't feel so "alone" as someone suffering a loss like this. It's weird, we were friends for 28+ years, never one time did we argue or "get mad" at each other. "They Say" stages of Grief include "Anger" at the person lost. Have yet to feel that emotion, eve though his death caused me to go on "Sabbatical" for 2009 from "Major Depressive Disorder"

    My only wish is that people will be more opened minded and treats "diseases of the brain" the same way and sympathy as Cancer, Heart Disease, etc.

    Sorry, just had to post this here---not trying to bait for condolences--long past that..just that for people who disagree with the Moral/Ethical complications of filming someone''s last desperate moments, I find it in a way "therapeutic"

  45. I don't fully understand how this documentary is ''thought provoking'', just some people killing themselves. Good way to ruin the good time the tourists were trying to have.

    1. Well watching people commit suicide is thought provoking surely?? did it not make you think , to empathise etc ??

    2. I guess I did think I will never jump off a bridge.

    3. Also that is rather crass way of looking at it.

    4. In response to: "I don't fully understand how this documentary is ''thought provoking'', just some people killing themselves. Good way to ruin the good time the tourists were trying to have."

      Judging by your comment you seem to be the kind of person they are killing them selves for. In fact most people in this doc seem similarly cold and calm when talking about their "friends". No wonder they did not help them nor stopped them. They probably made it worse. What would help a lot is a whole lot of emotion, warmth and love. Breathing in life into them. Because when they do it, there is not enough of it in them. They need life. Your comments is dead. So are most of the people in this doc.

    5. @DD, I don't agree with your comment at all. I think the friends and family members are courageous in their ability to speak on the topic and assist the filmmaker in illuminating an issue that most people don't understand at all. Mental illness is just that, an illness. Just as with some terminal illnesses, there is often not much loved ones can do, but watch watch the other person suffer. Often when a loved one dies from the protracted illness, there can be a sense of calm or relief. It's not insensitive or selfish. It's part of the process of living and life. I applaud them all for their strength.

      I completely disagree with @mantid, and wonder if they actually watched the entire piece, or made an attempt to understand. I can only hope that their callous comment was just a failed attempt at a joke.

  46. - very sad, very interesting and makes you realise what a gift life is

  47. A call to every soul who feels trapped or alone: You are going to be ok. This too shall pass. Hold on and He'll get you out.

  48. I read somewhere that the director wanted to discourage suicide with this movie. Is it just me or is this movie incredibly triggering? I cried the whole way through and I want to kill myself so bad right now.

    1. Hi Verie, I only just came across your comment. Are you okay? My name's Joanne and I live in England-you can always talk to me. I'm on facebook and email etc Even if you dont reply please know that feelings do pass, even if they are overwhelming and you dont feel like they will xx

    2. its only triggering if you already feel that way inclined - please get help if u feel this way - suicide is a permanant soultion TO A TEMPORARY PROBLEM

  49. Is it just me, or in the first 4 videos none of the people being interviewed seem to take suicide seriously, i mean in the manner of trying to stop someone or help them.

  50. That's a powerful thought provoking doc. I like the dignity it affords those throughout, it's the first bunch of depictions I've seen of this nature - that are respectful to both victims and families.

  51. Incredible documentary about such a taboo subject. Thought provoking. May be awhile before we have any real answers though...

  52. Wow, pretty hard to watch this one at times.
    My health issues give me pretty much daily physical pain, and over the last 20 odd years I've been ill I've had a 'taste' of what depression feels like. It doesn't surprise me that a lot of people who haven't felt how intense an emotional feeling it is don't understand it. I'll take physical pain over mental pain anytime, the physical is much easier to handle.

  53. this is so sad!! i pray for those who are going through suicidal feelings. i wish i could have been there before those people jumped...i would have started screaming and telling them not to do it.

  54. This is sad, depression affects a lot of people. At the time of doing such an act, you feel hopeless, a burden to others and most of all in your own emotional hell that imprisions you. My son is bipolar, he has great highs and huge lows. We keep a constant conversation as to where he is at any given moment, its always obvious to me because of his behavior but we keep it up front and up for discussion all the time. My brother was bipolar, he was mostly in the depression mood rather than manic. He self medicated with street drugs for many years. He died in his sleep 3-09-06 from damage the drugs had done to his heart. I suffer from M.D.D-major depressive disorder. Not being able to sleep or function outside of the house is a sucky exsistance. But I wait, I know a happy moment will show up eventually, so I live for those moments, I also cant have my parents loose 2 kids. I tell myself the statistics of suicide and how it makes other family members 25% more likely to do it themselves. Sometimes I spend the whole day convincing myself why I shouldnt instead of letting why I should win out. To live in this sort of mental battle and feeling worthless sometimes wins.

    1. @ kelliekareen
      I feel a strong empathy with your comment. I have family that struggle with mental illness, I deal with physical illness constantly. Not being able to sleep or function outside of the house is a sucky existence most of the time. I draw a lot of inspiration from the way that my brother continues to fight on, and also a lot of pride in the strength he shows. I can see that you too have that inner strength and huge love for your family. Strong, caring, decent people like my brother and yourself, help me get through my harder times. Thankyou.

  55. So sad,there are people giving up their lifes so easily,,,,Our lifes are just a tinny spec in this Universe ,and still,why to give up on fighting in this life? there is always something to fight for...always !And we need to help those kind of people,,,not to filmed them -_-'...

  56. So sad, there are some people who give up their life so easily,,,our lives are just a tinny spec of time in this universe,,,and still why would you give up fighting?,,,this kind of people need our help.There is always something to fight for...always !

  57. Yes, worth watching. It is sad, but I love the older lady who's grandson killed himself and her perception on life. I wonder how much the coast guard, the police and others spent $$$ dealing with the mess left over.... as opposed to what it would cost to provide the proper healthcare system to identify and treat folks as early as possible. The sad truth is the bridge is an option to end the pain. Gawd knows we don't need mental health centers or any system to treat all our 1st world nation, that'd cost too much and possibly help someone not jump.

  58. I have seen this doc before. I was it linked on the skyway bridge website in Florida. Very good and sad doc.

  59. Can I not watch this in full screen?!

  60. Sadly, depression, mental illness, and suicides are facts of life. I don't think it cruel or unusual that a filmmaker documented this process. It's not callous from my perspective. As someone familiar with depression and suicidal thoughts, I find this documentary to be compassionate and well done.

  61. Excellent documentary and extremely well done. A sad story that needed to be told and if it saves just one life, then good-on-ya!!

  62. You should NOT be horrified by this documentary. It was VERY good. I had contemplated suicide many, many times. This film made me go hug my mother and tell her how sorry I was for EVER thinking that way. I thought i was a burden to her, but my gosh, i didnt realize how much pain i would have put her in. Now i know. How sad those that did this didnt realize what i did.

  63. I'm horrified at this documentary!!! Just horrified that a filmmaker and crew can sit and watch such tragedy, such heartache, such sadness and do NOTHING to stop it!! Who does this? And worse profits from it? What kind of monsters do this? For what purpose? Has the suicides on this bridge lessened since this film has been viewed? Holy crap people, does anyone have any moral gumption at all anymore? I get that society needs to be aware of the problem of suicide jumpers, but why didn't these guys make the same movie, filming from one end, and another crew member on the bridge at the same time with a cellphone a flag anything???? Maybe not all of the jumpers could have been spared but one would have been better than none. The point of this doc would have still been made, but these filmmakers could have tried to intervene at the same time, and perhaps saved one of these lost souls. I just don't get that. Why didn't they atleast try to help one of these people during their 1 year of filming.....It seems a little f'ed up to me.

    1. that goes to show how ignorant you are they called the police before each person jumped the minute they saw any signs of someone going to jump they called they had the cops on speed dial. FACT. the film wasn't supposed to show you how many they saved. when people really want to die there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. it was a good film to help people see signs they would have never thought of. they did a lot of editing also you didn't see half of what they saw.

    2. yeah, yeah, of course

    3. Because they would just go somewhere else and kill themselves anyway. Most of these people admitted to planning it for a long long time, and some even tried it before. Besides, what is the cameraman going to do way down at the bottom of the bridge anyway? Yell?

    4. While I don't condone profiting at the expense of someone's life, isn't it fair to say you can't save everyone? And truthfully, would as many people watch this and would be aware of it if it was just footage of people being sad and on a bridge? No... From an artistic standpoint, that is the point of a documentary film: to detach yourself from the situation you're covering and just get raw, brutal, happy, disgusting and, sometimes horrifying facts. But, nonetheless, Maybe the Government should hire people to just stare at the people on the bridge, and if they look "suspicious", arrest them...that's stupid. It's not rational to think it can be done. It's paranoia. I think this is a question of whether or not we want to start "babysitting" (and I don't use that work lightly) people who clearly need someone to listen to them. Sad. But you can't expect everyone to be the hero all the time. We're only human.

    5. Completely agree...

  64. This can't put into words how it makes you feel. I started crying uncontrollably, and never stopped until it got over, and i'm still sobbing now. At the end, when he jumped, my heart sank and I started crying harder than ever. I know what it feels like to be suicidal, and I know what a failed suicide attempt feels like. Thats why this film had such a strong and emotional impact on me. I never expected to see actual suicides in this film, and I think its what some people need to see in order to get through their own emotional and suicidal problems. It may not make a whole lot of difference, but it will impact them in some way.

  65. Thank everyone here for their comments...all of them. It is nice to see everyone stimulated and what points intrigue them, provoke them and also cause debate...and even if it was not core to the director's vision of the program, even a religious debate and a outcry of people tired of religious debates, all stemmed from watching this and reading and responding. Bravo to your willingness to watch and make the time, effort to actually comment.

    BTW@one point reading these I burst into laughter,I believe it had something to do with, lol, the things suicides hate most is morons...I have no clue why, but this tickled me and I think it was funny as hell. And yes, I have been extremely suicidal, but no, I did not think about morons as a primary reason, but yes, morons really are the hardest part of real and engaged living except I would give them more credit as stubborn and willfully ignorant, also taking pride in their limited views as a value that oddly, less knowledge gives them somehow greater insight. Whether this is achieved by shunning any idea or belief in any intelligent design, to Jesus, to Allah, to psychology, to athiesm, to classical reason, ect...ect...ect..

    I despise being privy to the words that belong to a person sporting a sort of old Hollywood hack mentality where what is known and worked for them their whole lives should be the only choice and stimulate us all and yet the act is stale unless we stay within limited margins of what this hack will tell you IS entertainment. Like an aging star, go home, wipe off the makeup and make room for another view or at least if you carry some weight in Vegas still, share the stage with a different act...Lord, or not Lord, help us, get a grip and fight nicely children. There are plenty of words for us all, I am sure we can share w/out directing them to specific people and arguing in the TCM channel's viewing of the epic movie, "Religion vs Science and Athiesm" which is followed by a episode of "Lost Chld Stars, Judy Garland's Tragic Story"

    Old entertainment, expand views what God is, what a ridiculous statement that the young man believing God saved his life mean's that he was favored by a diety above that the best you can attribute to omnipotence and omniscience? Or on the other side, since I take no real side, does the concept that some people don't need a God make you uncomfortable, if so, say so. Ask them why and how they came to and can exist in this conclusion.

    Science and Athiesm, ask if any agnostics or religously affiliated commentators can give you a real answer to question not posed as a last word of sarcasm. Can they redefine what they believe to your views you think they hold of God? Does either group show any interest in how they came to be the opposing view holders?

    Also, lastly, this goes for anyone both w/experience in being suicidal and those who condemn it though they have not felt suicidal. Exchange questions, to find out why they believe as they do, both of your camps.

    Do this first. Then this approaches something closer to debate and less like that same old movie of comments that really piss suicidal people off-- the moron's words.

  66. Wow, that was intense. I don't think I was expecting to see up close footage of anyone's suicide from beginning to end. When they showed the first guy, I just started sobbing uncontrollably. It's hard to imagine what each person's reasoning is, yet I can relate as I remember having feelings like these as a teenager. It was emotional watching people pass by as the person was getting ready to jump- some not reacting, some trying to help- and wondering what I would do in that situation.

    I was surprised by the complacency of some of the friends and family interviewed. I expected others to comment on this but no one has. Didn't anyone else think that? I had a friend call me and say she was suicidal and I drove over to her house immediately and then went to her entire shift at work with her. What's up with "He asked to come over but I just wanted to be alone" or "make sure you have identification on you so they can let me know?" What kind of reaction is that to "I'm thinking of suicide" ??!!

  67. life is a gift of Allah and we should thank to Allah that he has given us such a precious gift. So we should take care of it . suicide is not the way to escape from problems and frustration. no one here in this world without deficiency, we all are deficient at some extent. we should create tolerance and sympathy with each other thus we can overcome many problems. we should think of our locality who z in trouble, why he is in trouble, may be your little help create much difference. Hope you will act upon on my advice.
    yours sincere friend Muhammad Ayaz.
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    1. >> life is a gift
      Not to everyone. Those with severe mental illness live a thoroughly tortured existence. You cannot begin to understand it unless you have been there yourself or are close to someone who is living it. You are not understanding why people resort to suicide.

  68. VERY good film by the way.

  69. Please stop with the God comments, it doesnt help. Nothing will happen to people who commit suicide that wont to people who dont. Of course no one should do it but saying its a sin is just ignorant.

    1. PaulT . . . you need to do a little homework before waxing philosophically; some religions espouse that suicide IS a sin. Also, I see you've already committed suicide and COME BACK. That's how you know nothing different happens to those who commit suicide versus those who don't ! BTW, I have lost 6, (that's right - SIX) people in my life to suicide, so, I take all of this to heart!.

    2. Paul, I agree completely. If this were a documentary on Cancer Patients, no one would say it's a SIN to die that way. Depression (and all mental illnesses are a defect of the Bran---no different than having Caner or Heart Disease.

  70. being born is suicidal, when the agreement is made to come back to the earthly experience.

  71. This documentary is truly beautiful and artistic. It is not a religious, anti or pro suicide campaign so ignore any comments titling it otherwise. It does not glorify suicide, however it allows the viewer to enter the most secret, intimate, and private last moments of the victims' lives. Everyone should watch this, one of the most innovative documentaries I have seen all year.

  72. Shut the f@#$ up about religion.

  73. I hate it when people say "I don't understand why people kill themselves, people who kill themselevs are crazy...everyone has problems...i have problems too and will never do that...etc".

    Once you contemplate suicide, it becomes an obsession, I don't care how little your problems may be, when you start thinking of ending your life, nothing continues to matter to you, even if you win the lottery or get your "dream job", things just lose meaning and everything seems like a "pointless lie", even if your problems get solved, the idea of suicide stays in there and just comes back. it really becomes an obsession and your mind just drives you to do it.

    so stop putting comments like "why would anyone commit suicide", as not everyone in this world is following your logic, and especially don't say it to a person who is suicidal, because he will actually have another stronger reason to do it as suicidal people hate morons more than anything else.

    my point is, if you have never contemplated suicide, good for you, but shut up because you really, really can't possibly understand how the mind of a suicidal person is functioning, the whole chemistry of their brain is changed.

    1. Very valid points there x

    2. thank for saying this. you've articulated very well how i've always felt. it offended and angered me so much when people would react this way to me...

    3. This is why one shouldn't go around feeling sorry for oneself; it's a selfish and deadly habit. I'll agree once someone gets into this situation it's not easy to get out of, but people should be educated about how to practice good mental hygiene. It won't help everyone - some people may have a rational basis for suicide that is situational (not the same as a suicidal person who has everything going for them) - and some people may have pre-existing chemical imbalances - but many people, I think, start out perfectly fine and get into a downward spiral simply because of the attitudes they have.

    4. You actually made me get a couple of tears in my eyes now.. Spot on and "simple" words..

      Either one "gets it", or not...
      And "badly" enough, the only ones that gets it - is "us"....
      (Us that has been there in one way or the other..)

  74. How unfortunate that the selfish religious agenda had to show up here and start yet another conflict.

    Very sad documentary.

  75. @Pip

    THANK YOU!!! I'm disgusted at the lack of respect shown indirectly here in the comment section of this doc.

    All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for being so utterly indulgent in your own ego. Resulting in religious debate whilst almost completely ignoring the incredible tragedy portrayed in such a delicate fashion in this documentary.

    Rest in Peace to all whom it concerns, and especially Gene, because I can relate.

  76. I don't care about the religious views of any of you. I read the comments about this documentary to see if it was worth watching. All of your comments were useless. just letting you know.

  77. Being the friend of a boy who jumped off a building a little over a year ago, watching this was emotional. Hearing the stories, relating to the emotion, it was ll slightly overwhelming. Being the survivor of a suicide attempt as well, it makes me have mixed emotions. I am young, he was very young. I can't find myself saying that I was ever angry. I've been to that dark place. I understand. There are always other options, but in the moment... it just seems like there's none. People say to pray. The fault in this piece of advice is the fact that praying does not work for everyone. It goes the same for therapy, and medication. We all have different coping mechanisms. It's a matter of the person finding what works for themselves. This is an extremely powerful film and quite an eye opener. I've been to this bridge countless times and the next time I go, I will be sure to take a moment and really take in what this bridge means to all the different people who encounter it.

  78. life is awesome ;) just try to enjoy, but ultimately its everyones own choice. there is help to get for depression etc.. gr8 doc tyvm.

  79. When people exert their faith to God I say power to them. Those who have different faiths or none at all, whatever gets you through your day is all that matters. Some people will say "I never looked for God in my life and I'm fine" but a lot of people never looked at suicide as the answer to their life either.
    If others need to have faith in something to have a purpose in life then let them. Many Christians feel joy in sharing their religion because a lot of them feel like it is what helped guide their life to be a more positive one. I have heard many peoples stories about how they became Christians and some feel that by having that faith their life improved drastically. They are not trying to convert every person, sometimes people just want you to feel that same happiness. The same way you may not understand why they have such faith in God they may not understand how you cannot.
    Personally, I have experienced a great depression where I felt like death would be the answer, and then I remembered that God gave me this life and has a plan for me, I just don't know about it yet. It was my faith in God that kept me going. Now maybe I wasn't as depressed as those who jumped off the bridge and that is why I'm still alive today. Whatever you may think, I thank God. Others who are not religious and surpassed their suicide attempts, maybe they thank friends. Why can't we just let people have faith in what they want to have faith in without talking people down.

    Maybe because I am Canadian and am used to seeing many different cultures and religions all around me that I am accepting to different faiths and opinions. I don't shut down other peoples beliefs I just keep my own and if people want to understand further why I act the way I do, I'll let them know.

  80. This doc was extremely heart felt for these poor souls. I have a new found understanding for victims of suicide and mental illness after watching it. I just found out this morning that one of the most kindness, most friendly & sweetest classmates of mine, took her life by way of the Golden Gate sometime ago. It was a deep sadness I felt hearing this news and researched how people could do this. Thanks to this documentary, I have a slight understanding of them wanting to be set free....

  81. I'm happy for Kevin, I really am, but I don't know how he can think "God" truly saved him.
    What about all of the others that actually die from the jump? Where was "God" then? Did he only care for Kevin?

  82. this is true art.
    thank you

  83. Why was this comment section blown into a religious debate... again?

    Can we just watch the documentary without going into some ridiculous arguement that has nothing to do with anything?

    Someone said one thing about THEIR OWN views on god and here we are debating his existence once again.

    tl;dr Shut up and watch the doc. It has nothing to do with god or religion.

    Anyways on topic. This doc was ridiculous. Watching all the people walk by and then just out of no where that older guy decides to jump. I was distracted while I was talking to someone and when I glanced back I was thrown back a little.

    Also I enjoyed the very beginning. The bridge seemed to lead right into the cloud as if it was leading you into the unknown or death.

    It was definitely something that rattled me. It's hard to watch knowing you can't stop it.

  84. So this is America's way of erasing their mentally ill??

    1. What the eff are you talking about ??

  85. so sad...

  86. I'm American by birth, but I've married a Filipina, and we live and work currently in Korea! It's a small world. My wife says I have a "Filipino heart" which is a big compliment as I love the people of the Philippines dearly. They're my favorite people of all my travels (China, Korea, Europe, etc.), but I should also say I've never met an African I didn't love as well! The African Christians have a passion that is second to none, I just haven't made it to that continent yet. I have some American Indian in me (just a touch), like many Americans, but I can trace my family line (names only basically) back to England 400 years.

    My kids are a nice Coacoa brown color and everyone from all countries say they look so pretty!

    I plan to head back to the Philippines in about 4 months and we'll live and teach there and I'll go back to school for my masters degrees in theology and something else I haven't decieded yet.

    I'll eventually pastor a church I think, as there are so many opportunities to do missions work and/or pastor there in the Philippines. My wife and I both like to do work with the tribes people. She helped do circumcision ministry and hardly ever ran out of men and older boys needing/wanting the operation --- yeah, she's held hundreds of willies, but all of them bleeding! She was the bandage lady.

    Not sure if I'd like to do that all day long, but it is a needed service. I think I'd rather be preaching and/or teaching myself.

    Peace to you! Glad I didn't kill myself when I was still single and depressed as it was only a year before nearly everything I ever wanted (family/ministry, etc) just started to fall into place.

  87. lol 'grand' to be sure Charles! (to be sure to be sure...) well, my father was from Waterford in Ireland, his family all came over the Irish Sea to Wales because of the potato famine, and they eventually settled in Abersychan, (there is a Gypsy settlement in Lower Race, about 3 miles from Abersychan, so I think there may be a bit of Irish Gypsy on my fathers side, anyway, he married my Mother - who is totally Welsh, so I am a product of the 2! wow didnt expect to be giving you genetic history then! anyway enough about me - from where do you hail? come to think of it, you could be from anywhere in the World....this Internet wigs me out sometimes Charles! Love Sade, ps I love the way you write...Im learning more from the comments than from the Documentaries!

  88. The funny thing is it's true! Those are real thoughts going through my mind at the time.

    I like your name, by the way. Are you welsh? You asked Razor that. My co-teacher is Irish here in my school. We get along grand!

  89. @ Charles B. what i find enlightening about you Charles, is the fact that in your first post, you actually made me smile! - its NO laughing matter, and yet you touched my heart with your self deprecatory (albeit black) sense of humour! high 5 Brother! I know where your coming from - Im with you - keeing it real XXX

  90. P.S. I also love my mom too much to hurt her like that. I attended my cousin's funneral, who probably killed himself on purpose with drugs, and watched his weeping mother and sobbing kids, and his distraut ex-wife and thought: "No. Never shall I kill myself on purpose." and my mind has never gone that way again.

  91. Sadie: Well, "Kevin" changed his mind on the way down and he lived to tell (giving God the credit), so I'm wondering if others did too, but just didn't make it.

    I'm not sure how many people that committ suicide really want to "succeed". I was suicidal in 2004 and thought: "A gun would be too unfair to my landlord. Jumping off the bridge might just leave me paralyzed. Overdose could leave me a vegatable. Car crashes are too dangerous to others. Knives hurt! Hum. Maybe I'll not committ suicide after all!"

    Fortunately life got better, so in my case, I really didn't want to kill myself, and so I assume I'm not all that different. I'm exceedingly happy now and learned a valuable lesson: times change; just hold on and don't give up hope.

  92. extremely interesting, in uk we also have 'favourite' suicide jump spots, namely the 'Clifton Suspension bridge' - which is in bristol, Avon., and 'Beachy Head' on the South Coast. Both of these places are renowned suicide pots - with an absolute promise of death. I watched 'The Bridge' carefully, and could not see or hear any reference to how high it is - ie the distance fom the bridge to the water? - and whilst I am comparing these 3 places as suicide spots, I cannot help but assume the people that jumped from San Francisco may have believed that they may not die? - its just a thought. If they really wanted to end it, wouldnt they chose a place with a 100% death rate? Im just THINKING so dont have a go at me!

  93. @ Shawn: That is really an arrogant thing to say. If you're in too deep and at a dead end, and nobody is there to save you... and then still overcome the deep dark waters, who are we or you to judge or diminish other peoples faith or God, as a limitation of our own capacities? A truly disturbing movie... sadly we are not paying more attention to people around us.

  94. @ Brian V

    ditto. you couldn't have said it any better.
    Religion is not the only way out. Sure, people look up to a 'god' for inspiration. But do we really need to look to the heavens to be saved? I mean, ok, this world may be whacked up and crazy, but I'm sure there are more good things than bad. And I'm pretty sure that around us, are people that care. Whether they are our friends, classmates, workmates, family, or maybe even strangers.

    Suicide may end a person's misery, but it passes it on to the people that care about them..

  95. I get sick when people act like only god can help people... can't you people see that the way we live everyday with or without god, we treat each other like garbage? The amount of people who don't even care about anyone else but their family and themselves is astounding. Religion or not, it is a choice to love each other and to take care of each other. It is a duty, those are someone's kids, someone's sister or brother, maybe a parent. No compassion or empathy for others will be everyone's undoing, and its up to everyone to get involved and change that.
    To people suicidal, I just say, it's hard, I know, however you can BE the change you want to see, be that hand for someone else, that no one had given to you. Try and dedicate your life to others and increasing others' quality of life or choose to quit and be like everyone else who just didn't care about you. All you need is yourself to get better, its all a choice to love yourself and others, and to try and spread that message. It's hard but it is doable!!
    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, there is no rush.
    And the reason some people aren't depressed and don't understand why people get depressed, is because they don't think at all about how they live or their lifestyle in any critical manner, Ignorance is bliss after all.
    just a side note to all you religious people, you need to stop flexing your religious ignorance on all posts, the answer to everything isn't god, it is rational and critical thinking. This is a video about suicide, and you guys are debating religion? I would think your efforts would be placed in discussing how to help these people or something positive. WWJD? He would be ashamed of all you posers hating on others in His name.

    1. Dude . . you should have just left it at "WWJD"!

  96. Its funny because Atheists tend to know more about religion than religious people do about religion or Atheism.

    Hmmm , I wonder who is doing their homework and looking at all the evidence , in order to develop self-beliefs.

  97. @Citric

    Homosexuality is not anywhere near synonymous with religion. Alot of them are Atheist as well. And religion want them away.

    Not most Atheist. Sexuality is not a concern to Atheists. The hatred for them has been mostly enforced by the religious and they are responsible for alot of bad things that happen to the homosexual community.

  98. @Citris Drop:

    Pointless to debate? then don't bring it up.

    Because it seems you want to argue, am not interested, go to youtube to argue!

    But in passing, most religee's are required to get new recruits.

  99. @Achems Razor

    Funny you should accuse others of pushing their beliefs when I've seen you do the same in the comments section of every single doc I've watched on this site.

    Just because people do things like pray or mention God's name in your presence, it doesn't mean they're pushing anything on anyone. They are simply observing the traditions they value.

    Look, I'm not religious myself, but a ton of atheists can't understand that concept. What you're doing is the equivalent of saying "Sure, I'm ok with the existence of homosexuals as long as I never have to see evidence of it or be around them." Not how the world works.

    And furthermore, the fact that you and others feel the need to chime in to tell them they are wrong, foolish or somehow a bother to others is pushing your agenda; the same thing you accuse them of.

    When people leave posts honoring God, why do you feel the need to talk down to them or refute their beliefs? You aren't persuaded by their arguments, nor are they by yours. And no one "on the fence" is going to think, "You know, I've questioned the existence of God my whole life, but since Bob Nobody added 'I pray for X', I sure am convinced!"

    TL;DR verison:

    Politics and religion are pointless to debate, so let's just all shut up and mind our business while respecting the rights of others to believe what they wish.

  100. Truly Sad. Although not a definitive solution, in Montreal the Jacques-Cartier Bridge was also a popular jump-off spot, until in 2004 an anti-jump fence was installed on both sides along the whole span. This of course does not treat severe depression, but is definitely a deterrent for those looking for a quick exit.

  101. This is really sad, and although i dont understand...i can say what i know...and thats, that God is good and He woke you up for a reason this morning....your life is worth something to Him

  102. @Sarah_M
    He might understand if he was suicidal.
    At least he's happy enough to not want to kill himself! Albeit being cringingly ignorant.
    Happiness is a trade-off, it seems.

  103. @Steven
    Don't talk about what you could never understand.

  104. I think people that kill themselves are stupid, man everyone has problems

  105. @ Brandon:

    Me sensitive? Au-Contraire! just stating a fact!

  106. Achems Razor:

    You really think that posting a comment about ones beliefs is "pushing religion down peoples throats"? A little sensitive are we?

    Quit complaining and let people say whatever they please. You certainly don't have a problem doing the same.

  107. This doc cuts right to the bone. Riviting.

  108. Very sad But, I am glad someone had the courage to talk about Mental Illness. This is a real disease!!! Ppl should know longer be made to feel ashamed...May we all be Blessed ...No matter what we believe.

  109. A beautiful documentary.

  110. I hope everyone on here including all those in the video seek and find solitude in Santa this winter. Last Christmas he came to me in a dream and told me about Jesus and how he's lazy at the pole and smokes Crystal most of the day. Then I woke up cause I farted and it smelt like Droo ; )

  111. Drew:

    Right!... But as you notice comments on most Doc's, whether the Doc's are religious or not, the religious people most often first, seem to be pushing there religion down peoples throats.

    I am convinced that they are trying to accumulate brownie points to get into Heaven, by trying to convert as many people as they can!

    Of course some Atheists will try to refute them with Atheistic comments! Why not?

  112. Drew: I actually consider myself quite well balanced. Passionate about my faith, yes; crazy no. There's a lot of atheistic comments on these threads and I just wanted to provide discenting views and perhaps even "balance" somewhat.

  113. thats so weird...on here and any other comment box ie: youtube, metavideo etc. their is always the extremes when it comes to beliefs... its either the guy/girl that goes crazy about his faith ie: karenep and charles b. and then there is the other spectrum where its just the most hardcore bashing from the atheist ie: shawn who will just give it all he's got to try and show his/her point. personally im not on anybodys side, just wanted to point that out.

    btw great doc, thanks for the post.

  114. Thank you for posting this documentary.
    suicide is not an answer... unless your a pedophile, then by all means suicide is your only way out. if your not a pedo then there is always a better day, it might not look like that right now, but i tell you the truth when i say it will get better. life is not that hard, if your willing to end it all, take up bungee jumping or sky diving, road trip to vegas and put it all on black. if you have no worry about life you can definitly have some excitement.

  115. God is a childish fable. These people need help and reason. I'm glad to see the ones that found hope in say god, did. They need someone/thing to look up to.

  116. Almost too disturbing for words; I'm glad that at least that one boy lived and he gave God the honor for sparing him. "Father, please keep 'Kevin' safely in Your arms now and always. Amen."

  117. A good documentary and makes me reflect how grateful that Jesus has given me the peace that surpasses ALL understanding. Money cannot buy peace. I fear God to know that suicide will never be an option for me as the Lord says He will destroy me if I destroy this temple or my body which belongs to God. There is so much of blessings to eschew sin and to live a holy life. Sin does not bring blessings but a curse and great sorrow. The joy of the Lord is my strength everyday! This documentary was very sad but gave me much to think about my life in Jesus Christ!